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External Positioning We have increased the external positioning of AIESEC in Ukraine at all levels of the organization through powerful branding, constant and high quality internal and external visibility of our activities, regular research and analysis of our target audiences. A strong understanding of AIESEC Brand by our members ensures high quality of information which is delivered to external environment, making sure that all entities are effectively capitalizing on external positioning to enhance their performance.

Activities contributing to this National Priority 

Increasing visibility: 1. Initiate/participate in different external events to promote ourselves amongst our target audiences  Take part in youth national initiatives and national projects made by youth organizations 2. Increase our media presence using opportunities at PR occasions 3. Build long-term partnerships with media 4. Capitalize on 60th Anniversary 5. International promotion of Ukraine (to ensure people are motivated to come and go for Exchange) Conducting research and analysis: 1. Conduct researches of our key target audiences to identify their needs; 2. Conduct researches of our key competitors; 3. Strengthen interconnections between Exchange, Communication and Talent Management areas; Branding: 1. Develop and pack our products according to Brand XP:  Organize external events in our projects to make selling easier; 2. Constantly run brand audits to be able to evaluate our positioning; 3. Brand education 4. Align our position activities according to the global trends.

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Quality of Talent Management processes Our processes and structures in Talent Management area evolved enabling us to grow significantly in membership and enhance quality of AIESEC Experiences we provide with help of structured recruitment and induction processes, diversification of members’ backgrounds, growth in number of Exchanges after LR, leadership education and development.

Activities contributing to this National Priority: 

Effective and efficient recruitment and induction processes;

 

   

Ensure structured induction and TR stage for people from pocket recruitments; Increase quality of membership:  Joining the organization;  Current membership (development and education of members, establishment and usage of educational partners); Leadership education and development:  Increase leadership training and development (education in coaching and mentorship);  Increase leadership positions (number and quality); Increase number of Exchanges after Leadership; Position ourselves better among youth (link to external positioning); Increase education and understanding of out product (AIESEC Experience); Capitalize on membership of LCs (especially from Intro –LR).

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Exchange Management Our understanding of supply and demand management supports the diversification of our members and TNs and allows us to leverage on country to country and LC to LC cooperation, enabling us to effectively deliver a higher volume and quality of Exchanges. The internal positioning and promotion of our exchange opportunities to members ensures more complete AIESEC experiences are lived.

Activities contributing to this National Priority:          

Country to country, LC to LC cooperation; Exchange efficiency (supply and demand management); Account management Internal positioning/promotion of X and Ukraine (to raise the image of the country in the network); Diversity management: pocket recruitments; Cooperation with universities (TNs and EPs); Both sides projects (TN and EP); Customer Relationship management (CRM system); Legality of Exchanges; Market research (choosing relevant issues, signing matchable forms).

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UA National Priorities 08-09  

AIESEC Ukraine approaches, and focuses to achieve growth and results in reachin 2010 goals

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