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Things to avoid in your web design A perfect website is something every company aspires for as today websites are the best marketing and advertising tool for any business irrespective of its nature and its services. Nonetheless, a decent website is one which attracts many readers every now and then and as long as it provides sense and acts useful people will return to the website in the future for further references. A bad website is something that turns out to be annoying and drives away all its viewers. In fact the rating of the website goes down as readers are capable of voting against the website in general surveys and feedbacks.

When it comes to developing a good design, it is important to have fair knowledge about what people hate the most when it comes to websites. This will help you exclude certain aspects of the website and create a good website. As websites stand out as good marketing tool, flashy headers can be quite attractive as it draws the attention of most readers. However every time viewers end up clicking on the website, the header gets restarted. Thus what looks really attractive can turn out to be annoying over a period of usage as it obstructs the contents of page and makes it harder for people to focus on the contents to seek what they are looking out for.

Most designers tend to love their designs and go overboard during its creation. It is nice to have attractive flashy headers, but is it necessary to assault viewers? Of course not if you consider to take a poll regarding this matter. This doesn’t create a good marketing tool; it in fact turns out to be the de-marketing tool. Some of the factors which can annoy its viewers are mentioned below; 1. Background music: Unless you are designing a website for a radio channel or sell music CD’s and DVD’s, no one is bothered about attractive background music running constantly in a website. After a point this is certainly annoying. 2. Huge Font size: If the website targets people with visibility disabilities, then there is a point in creating websites with huge fonts. Else it stands out as shouting and people do not like it when message is translated to them in shouting. 3. Small Font size: If you want your message to spread all across the world, it needs to be heard. That doesn’t mean shouting as mentioned above is the best solution. Your message should be spoken at a reasonable volume. So try to maintain a website with a decent font size and not go overboard or stay too cautious during its creation. 4. Overlapping layers: Layers are useful when message are displayed up to its point. Unnecessary layers for meaningless statements annoy viewers a lot. Persuasion is always better than brute force. 5. Pop up Windows: Popup windows can be blocked by add-on tools available in the internet. Important information can be obstructed and neglected by readers while reading due to these popup windows. Try to avoid incorporating them with your website and put your important information at the center of your website.

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Things to avoid in your web design