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A Quick Look on the Features of BASEstation Fuel Truck OBC BASEstation on board computer (OBC) is a device mainly used for petroleum delivery fleets. This is a truck mounted computer used for the complete asset management. It is reliable with all trucks systems. It acts as complete product reconciliation between fuel loaded and delivered. BASEstation Fuel truck OBC is specifically designed for oil delivery fleets. This is a truck mounted computer and back work affiliation device that are designed and built by the expert designers and engineers. The expert engineers have made this device indispensable for fuel delivery automation and management. BASEstation in cab computer is a system that comes with water resistant 1.2 WinCE device, is provided with color and bit screen show, Compact Flash, wise card and magnetic card readers and USB host or device port. Application software package is custom-designed making it adjustable to an oversized sort of applications. It is nonobligatory and internal wireless equipment for HSPA or EVDO networks. Internal GPS permits BASEstation to be used for vehicle navigation, AVL-Automatic Vehicle Location and placement based on the permission given by the systems for fuel delivery security. The BASEstation fuel truck OBC system is enabled with 256 MB of Flash as well as 256 MB of DDR SDRAM. 2USB device ports are also available. The better connectivity is ensured with 2.1 Bluetooth and WIFI 802.11b/g/n. As they are built in odometer signal conditioner they provide the best result. For better proficiency 6 Button Capacitive Touch Keypad and 6.5� TFT Color Display with Touch screen are also available. Additionally they are expandable with internal SD card socket up to 4GB maximum. You will get the most effective result by victimization their internal wireless information modems which has HSPA or EVDO or DSP Radio. Telephone and hands free voice calls additionally provided by the station for the emergency cases when you are working with this fuel truck OBC devices.

A Quick Look on the Features of BASEstation Fuel Truck OBC