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Have you really given much thought to protecting your baseball field from the harsh year round weather conditions? Because our game changes so slowly over the generations (mostly, a good thing)… baseball field maintenance tends to stay the same. To ensure that your field is well-maintained, you should opt for field tarps and covers for moisture maintenance as well as protection for longer periods. But, why are we still using the same old cheap tarps that break down easily, covered with … anything we can think of from concrete blocks to tires and stakes that bend and disappear etc. etc. Yes, they still assist you in maintaining and preserving your infield. But todays tarps will save you time, future maintenance and are deigned to get on and off the field quicker…awesome when the rains come during play. If you have not decided on the type of field tarp or cover to use, you might want to see todays options. If you don’t know exactly where to purchase your choice modern field covers and spot tarps, you should read on. Basic Infield Tarps & Base Covers This is a 6 ounce 2 sided polyethylene with a white & silver side. It is really light and comes with a free ground stake set. Basic and least cost, but an upgrade over what you may be using. It can be used as square spot covers for the bases, rectangular for bullpens and coaches boxes. Round baseball tarps are for pitcher’s mound or your homeplate areas. This cover is both water and mildew resistant and most importantly, quite affordable. Its price ranges from $179.99 to $999.00 on, depending on the size you choose. (Call us for any custom sizes too – 800-487-7432.) Collegiate Grade Field Covers & Baseball Covers These 14-ounce covers assist in protecting the critical parts of your infield. If you don’t mind paying for a quality cover that you won’t need to keep replacing, you should consider this cover. It comes only in royal blue and comes with free anchor stakes. It is also weather, water, and mildew resistant. You can get this in 3 sizes ranging from $359.99 to $799.99 on as of this writing.

Full Field Tarp Covers This tarp protects your infield from the negative effects of a rainout as well as for complete protection over the long off season. It possesses pull handles and brass grommets within every 10 to 12 ft. This baseball field tarp is not only water resistant, it is also UV stabilized which means that it can’t rot. It is available in four different sizes and each size is quite affordable for a one time purchase. The price of this field tarp ranges on the size that best suits your size of infield. When you buy on, you can even request the correct roller cores for each. Buy what pro baseball buys! Field Saver Weighted Hemmed Area Tarps Welcome to the 21st century! These awesome tarps are made and fabricated in the USA and feature the highest quality virgin materials and require no stakes, sandbags, or weights. Premium 18 oz. vinyl is the standard weight. This means that what used to cost extra is now what every ballfield gets So, longer lasting, easier handling‌ all to prevent premature cracks and abrasions of the lesser thickness so you get another 2-5 seasons, no matter the climate. It also has great mildew & chemical resistance and can be used at all levels of play. Your baseball field is naturally exposed to all sort of things, especially harsh weather conditions. This reveals the need for field protection. When you protect your field, it saves you both future cost and avoidable stress.

Weighted & Hemmed? What’s That About?

If you place weights around the perimeter of your tarp, then fold over the edges and double stitch sew the entire perimeter… you now have the quickest way to get a tarp on or off your field. Think of not only doing this twice each practice… how about when the sky opens up and you are trying to get a game in! Aha, did I just hear a light bulb explode in your head. Yeah, I know… me too when I first met the brilliant engineer who figured this out. 2 guys on and off the field in less than 1 minute. It’s a rain delay instead of a washed out and rescheduled game! You don’t need to worry about how to get these covers at prices to fit your budget…you can be confident by just visiting to explore other options and purchase any one you choose with no stress… it what we do and have been doing online since 1999. Please Stop In!

How To Protect Your Baseball Field… For Your Own Sanity  

Have you really given much thought to protecting your baseball field from the harsh year round weather conditions? Because our game changes...