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The best technologies provide the best solutions. Beginning in 2010, the leading suppliers to the global rubber processing market will operate as HF MIXING GROUP. Harburg-Freudenberger, Farrel Corporation and Pomini Rubber & Plastics Srl have come together as a single entity. HF MIXING GROUP can look back over 150 years of engineering tradition. All of the significant innovations for the rubber processing industry, such as the invention of the Banbury® Mixer, the development of intermeshing rotor systems with fixed and variable rotor centers (VIC™) and tandem technology, originated within the companies of HF MIXING GROUP. HF MIXING GROUP offers the most comprehensive network of production plants, sales and service locations as well as representatives all over the world. As a unified company, HF MIXING GROUP has established a number of customer centered priorities: • Shortest

response times by local contacts operating efficiency by mixing room automation systems • Maximized machine availability • Best of Products • Highest

These priorities lead to our mission – your maximum success. We want our customers to have the best we can offer. This means you can select machines and key components across the companies of HF MIXING GROUP to best suit your needs. This is a revolution within an evolutionary industry.

Your team of HF MIXING GROUP

In good company

The companies of the HF MIXING GROUP – Harburg-Freudenberger, Farrel and Pomini – introduced innovative products and solutions to the market from the very beginning and are the leaders in mixing technology.

Harburg-Freudenberger With the manufacture and sale of kneading machines, Hermann Werner and Paul Pfleiderer laid the foundation for a new era in rubber processing. The “MASTICATOR“ kneading machine developed in 1900 quickly became a global standard. Independent sales agencies were set up in England, Austria and the United States along with branches in London, Paris, Moscow, Saginaw and Berlin. Werner & Pfleiderer’s further research and development quickly enhanced the growing reputation for technical excellence and high efficiency.

Farrel The long and rich history dates back to 1840 and epitomizes the Industrial Revolution in the United States. In the 1850’s, the Farrel Foundry began production of chilled iron rolls, a crucial component in rubber processing. A rubber calendar order from Henry B. Goodyear provided Farrel with valuable experience and opportunity. Through the merger of Birmingham Foundry and Farrel Foundry emerged the Farrel Corporation. In 1916, the revolutionary Banbury® Mixer was invented by Fernley H. Banbury, which is still today considered a standard in the tire industry.

In Freudenberg 1986, “Krupp Elastomertechnik“ was formed after Krupp took over “Werner & Pfleiderer Gummitechnik” and merged with the rubber and extrusion technology located in Harburg.

As the industry grew, Farrel was at the forefront of developments and innovations for the world’s most demanding tire and rubber companies. In 1963, the continuous mixer (FCM™) was developed and introduced to the thermoplastic processing industry. Another milestone was the acquisition of Francis Shaw of England, expanding the range of products by offering the Intermix®, a series of intermeshing technology mixers invented in 1934 by Rupert Cooke of Francis Shaw.

In spring 2005, L. Possehl & Co. mbH acquired the entire company from ThyssenKrupp Technologies. Under the new name, ”Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH“, the company continued to be successfully and maintained its full product range.


The Harburg-Freudenberger Chronicle 1879: Founding of Werner & Pfleiderer in Stuttgart with the “MASTICATOR“ kneading and mixing machine 1969: Werner & Pfleiderer acquires Homrich 1986: The focus of Werner & Pfleiderer Gummimisch technik is the Freudenberg location 1989: Acquisition of Midwest Machine Works Inc./USA 1996: Founding of Krupp Elastomertechnik GmbH 2005: Acquisition by L. Possehl & Co. mbH

The Farrel Chronicle Pomini The company was founded by Luigi Pomini in Castellanza/ Italy in 1886 and began by reconditioning knitters and machines used in cotton manufacturing. The key factor for Pomini’s growth was the development of the mechanical sector. In 1949, Pomini began manufacturing machines for the rubber and plastic industries.

1850: Farrel Foundry begins production of chilled iron rolls 1916: Banbury® Mixer developed and patented 1997: Acquisition of Francis Shaw and its associated product lines, including the Intermix® 2002: Acquisition of Skinner Engine Mixer Business

In the following years, Pomini’s success grew in Italy and abroad. In 1968, Pomini ventured into the system business by producing and delivering a complete mixing room. In 1984, Pomini acquired Giustina, a manufacturer of roll grinders. In 1988, Pomini was aquired by Techint Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale Spa.

2009: Acquisition by Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

The company’s main activities were the manufacturing of rolling mills for the steel industry, high precision grinding machines and machines for the rubber and plastic processing industry. In 1987, Pomini released the VIC™ principle – an innovation in intermeshing mixing systems. Pomini introduced the first twin screw dump extruder in 1995 which has become a standard in the tire industry.

1886: Founded in Castellanza/Italy

The Pomini Chronicle

1984: Acquisition of Giustina, manufacturer of roll grinders 1988: Pomini becomes a subsidiary company of TECHINT 2007: Pomini Rubber & Plastics Srl is aquired by Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

Focused competence

The HF MIXING GROUP is a full subsidiary of L. Possehl & Co. mbH, Lübeck/ Germany. At our corporate locations, each company provides comprehensive services for modern mixing room technology.

Our range of products and services • High performance mixers in tangential and intermeshing designs • Single screw- and twin screw dump extruders • High performance mixing mills • Strip cutting machines • Hydraulic rubber bale cutters • Control and automation systems • Laboratory internal mixers and mills • Complete mixing room systems

Banbury® Mixer Farrel is the originator of the Banbury® Mixer. The Banbury® continues to be the top choice for tire producers and primary compounders around the world. Multiple stage mixing operations require rapid ingestion of feed materials and excellent dispersion capabilities for masterbatch mixing and optimum heat transfer for final applications. Drawing from the three companies within HF MIXING GROUP, the largest variety of rotors is offered to meet specific customer requirements.

The product range of HF MIXING GROUP is unique. HF MIXING GROUP is the leading manufacturer of tangential and intermeshing mixing systems for technical rubber goods and silica based compound processing for the tire industry.

FCM™ Continuous Mixer The Farrel FCM™ is based on a proven intensive mixing concept for processing efficiency, extreme versatility, dependability and profitability. Intensive material shear is performed by kneading between the rotors and chamber wall and by the rolling action of the material itself. The FCM™ is adept at processing polyolefin based compounds with high levels of mineral fillers, additives and color masterbatches, polymer-elastomeric blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing with the lowest processing temperature.

The Intermix® The Intermix® is a performer in both rubber and plastics applications and is ideal for technical rubber goods products as well as tire compounds. The PES5 rotors of the Intermix®, with unique intermeshing nog geometry assure even distribution and dispersion of material ingredients. The rotor configuration, along with optimized water passages, creates an enhanced material flow, optimized cycle times and fewer mixing passes for heat sensitive materials. Another technical highlight is the VIC™ which provides an additional and unique processing parameter. The VIC™ principle allows for adjusting the clearance between the rotors during the mixing process.

Tandem Technology The successful introduction of tandem technology to the tire industry is a quantum leap. In virtually every step within the mixing room, there is significant potential to improve quality and efficiency through tandem technology. We believe in the future, tandem technology will be the new standard in many areas of the tire industry.


The Advise™ Automation System With the Advise™ System, HF MIXING GROUP offers all possible options for process control and mixing room optimization. By improving small process steps along the way, significant improvements to the overall process and final product will result. The hardware and software we use are world class products with global support developed for industrial use. We consistently update these critical features to meet the ever-changing security parameters, such as those required for compliance with EC regulations. Downstream Equipment For discharge units, also referred to as downstream equipment, HF MIXING GROUP offers reliable and wellengineered mixing mill technology, single screw dump extruders and Convex™ conical twin screw dump extruders. Conical twin screw extruders are characterized by solid construction with coupled gears for the synchronization of screws and single drives enabling a very compact design. Mixing Room Systems HF MIXING GROUP possesses the technical processing expertise for supplying complete mixing room systems. Competent and practical engineers prepare specifications, budget and capacity plans as well as full turn-key installation services and support during the start-up process. Research and Development Research and development play an essential role in all HF MIXING GROUP companies. All important innovations such as the introduction of the Banbury® Mixer, the development of intermeshing rotor technology, the development of VIC™ and tandem technology come from within HF MIXING GROUP. We have close relationships with universities and other research institutions. Within this context, various projects supported by the European Union have been completed such as SATPRO and ROTOR. HF MIXING GROUP is actively engaged in the sector of friction materials, thermoplastic elastomers and specialty

products with renewable raw materials as fillers. Our activities within these areas often result in innovative approaches to process engineering. In our research and development centers, we not only conduct our own R&D projects but, the centers are available for our customers. We offer the opportunity to test equipment prior to purchase, process customers’ recipes under actual operating conditions and determine requirements for improving mixing operations. Beyond that is the opportunity to conduct analytical testing in the adjoining laboratory. Our research and development centers are world class facilities.

Secured future

With the merger to the HF MIXING GROUP, we set the course for a better future – a future that concerns not only profitability, but the quality of all our services. Solely due to the expertise of HF MIXING GROUP, we are able to provide our customers with proactive products and solutions. HF MIXING GROUP provides competence centers at each location for concentrated development activities.

As your partner, we provide you with more than equipment, we provide solutions. We are focused on development activities and bringing only the best ideas to our customers for both machines and control systems. The mixing room automation is of great importance for us. In our opinion an intelligent concept will not only release a significant potential for the process, but also for performance analysis in the mixing room, preventive maintenance and much more.

HF MIXING GROUP can meet all of your mixing room needs. Harburg-Freudenberger will concentrate on the manufacture and development of intermeshing mixers as well as control systems. Farrel will focus its expertise on tangential mixers and Pomini will direct their resources to twin screw dump extruders and VIC™ machines. It is clear to us that a new machine series will be developed from the best features of our existing equipment lines.

Machines and control systems have to be universally linked. This concept is significantly advanced in the automotive industry. We see that maximizing reliability, by decreasing or eliminating unscheduled equipment downtime, is as important as developing product innovations.

The new series of the HF MIXING GROUP:

We are working to eliminate unscheduled downtimes. We want the machine to forecast the wear condition on the basis of the actual load and to signal problems before they occur.

• Banbury®,

tangential mixer (N series)

• Intermix®,

intermeshing mixer (E series and VIC series)

• Convex™,

twin screw dump extruders

• Advise™,

mixing room automation system


Partnership We want to communicate with you regularly and keep you informed of our latest developments. We need your feedback and suggestions. Only through an open dialogue can optimal products and solutions be created. We offer you: • A

worldwide locally based network of contact persons and service locations • Maximum • Short

proximity to customers

response times

• Conferences as forums for discussions about mixing and development activities • Practical

workshops for education and training

Local support

HF MIXING GROUP offers the most comprehensive network of technically competent sales and service personnel all over the world. You have to position yourself locally in order to meet your market requirements. We have achieved maximum proximity to customers for minimum response times when problems do arise.

Benefit from our network Our main locations are Freudenberg (D), Rochdale (GB), Ansonia (USA), Castellanza (I), Topeka (USA) and Barcelona (E). Our service and contractual partners can be found in Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia (Thailand), India, Russia, Iran, Australia. Through inspections, we can provide recommendations for rebuilding, upgrade options and general advice for improving the quality of your products. Based on comprehensive data and a wealth of experience, HF MIXING GROUP is better able to forecast wear of your equipment to eliminate unscheduled downtimes.

Even if we are not on your site, fast remote diagnosis, troubleshooting, software updates and much more can be administrated by modem connection. This will provide our customers the most efficient and reliable control system which will gain significant importance in the future. We want to keep your production processes running. In case of emergency, experts are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

HF MIXING GROUP – your solution partner.


Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

Farrel Corporation

POMINI Rubber & Plastics srl

Asdorfer Straße 60 · 57258 Freudenberg · Germany

25 Main Street · Ansonia · CT 06401 · USA

Via Leonardo da Vinci 20

Postfach 11 80 · 57251 Freudenberg · Germany

Tel.: +1 203 736-5500 · Fax: +1 203 736-5580

21053 Castellanza (VA) · Italy

Tel.: +49 2734 491-0 · Fax: +49 2734 491-150

Tel.: +39 0331 743-111 · Fax: +39 0331 743-204 Farrel Ltd. Queensway Castleton PO Box 27, Rochdale Lancs OL11 2PF · UK Tel.: +44 1706 647 434 · Fax: +44 1706 638 982





Harburg-Freudenberger Machinery

Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH

(China) Co., Ltd.

57258 Freudenberg

266101 Qingdao, China

Tel.: +49 2734 491-0

Czech Republic Farrel Sales Office Líbeznice, Czech Republic 250 65

Tel.: +86 532 88 70 62 36/62 38

Tel.: +420 283 980 601

North America

Great Britain Farrel Limited

Farrel World Headquarters

Rochdale – UK,

Ansonia, CT 06401 USA

Tel.: +44 1706 647 434

Tel.: +1 203 736 5500


HF Rubber Machinery, Inc.

King Enterprises

POMINI Rubber & Plastics srl

Topeka, Kansas 66608-0250 USA

Peking 100004, China

21053 Castellanza (VA) Italy

Tel.: +1 785 235 2336

Tel.: +86 10 6561 4080

Tel.: +39 0331 743111

Farrel Asia Limited Jurong 628341, Singapore Tel.: +65 6862 2877

HF Rubber Machinery, Inc. France Iran

Akron, OH 44313, USA

Harburg-Freudenberger (France) S.a.r.l.

Pariz Kala

Tel.: +1 330 864-0800

78800 Houilles, France

Teheran 15338, Iran

Tel.: +33 130 86 69 90

Tel.: +98 21 88753080

Farrel Midwest Sales Office Akron, OH 44333 USA


Tel.: +1 330 867 5777

Farrel Spain, S.L.


08940 Cornella, Barcelona

Farrel Southeast Sales Office

Tel.: +34 934 753232

Charlotte, NC USA Tel.: +1 704 813 0194

Croatia McCabe Engineering Pty. Ltd.

´ d.o.o. Harburg-Freudenberger Belišce

Farrel Southwest Sales Office

New South Wales, Australia

´ Croatia 31551 Belišce,

Deer Park, TX 77536 USA

Tel.: +61 2 49644166

Tel.: +385 31 516 800

Tel.: +1 281 930 1500

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