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As a Christian, why do I have a problem with the Da Vinci code? I mean, it is just a piece of fictional work, anyway, right? Yes, of course it is fiction. Unfortunately, however, the Da Vinci code is based on the some of the same Gnostic heresies that the New Testament specifically warns against and about (Col. 2:8-23, II Pet. 2, Jude 3-16). During the first century A.D., practically immediately after the death of Jesus Christ, false teachers were propagating Gnosticism, which indicated that Jesus Christ wasn't really human, didn't really die for our sins, and that all we needed for salvation was special knowledge from God. Paul, Peter, and Jude all dealt with heretical teachings, Gnosticism included, because they saw that it was a threat to the first century church and to the stability of the Christians then. If Paul, Peter, and Jude had felt that Gnosticism was simply a fun, fictional fairy tale, perhaps they would not have been as adamant and angry when they wrote the above-mentioned passages. Go ahead. Read the above-mentioned passages. Note the anger in their writings. It simply emanates from the page. It is like they are telling you they are burning mad and they are screaming, their language is so harsh. If Gnosticism were a lame, fictional creation over which God passes little judgment, why the harshness, why the anger? Anger and harshness because Gnosticism is one of Satan's cleverest attempts to discredit the death of Christ. You see, Satan knew that he had lost he battle for mankind when Jesus Christ rose from the sealed tomb and appeared before believers for 40 days. The only hope (if it can only be called a hope) for Satan at this point is to take as many with him to Hell as he possibly can. You see, with the death and subsequent resurrection of the Son of God, Satan has lost all hope of power. He knows he is destined for Hell, for an eternity in isolation from God and in eternal torment. What greater satisfaction than to take potential children of God into Hell with him? And what better way to do it, than to say that Jesus never really died. That it only looked like He died. That He wasn't really the price for our sin. That Jesus simply brought knowledge to earth for mankind to find (perhaps the first post-Christ New-Age religion). So what we have today with the Da Vinci code is this renewed idea, this renewal of thought that Jesus didn't really die, that He just came to bring knowledge. Although the books and movies are all supposed to be just fiction, many who read and watch them may have a seed of doubt planted that asks, 'what if it really didn't happen?', 'what if Jesus didn't really die?'. Jesus Christ specifically instructs us not to create stumbling blocks or entrapments for others. When we write, read, or disseminate harmful fiction like the Da Vinci code, we are creating an opportunity for someone to stumble. Luke records the words of Jesus: "It is impossible but that offenses (the Greek means stumbling blocks or entrapments) will come: but woe unto him, through

whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend (cause to stumble) one of these little ones" (Lk. 17:1-2, words in parenthesis mine). We must make very effort to guard the world from the tactics and wiles of the devil, and the Da Vinci code is one of his greatest and most effective deceptions. Beware that you do not needlessly cause someone to stumble, to fall away from the Word of God because you want to read or watch some fictional story devised by Satan. Note: Scripture references are from the KJV. You have my permission to reprint and distribute this article as long as it is distributed in its entirety, including all links and copyright information. © Sean Mize 2006

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==== ==== Download The Da Vinci Code Here, ==== ====

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