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The Lucky One Written by Nicholas Sparks To Download You copy please click here U.S. Marine Logan Thibault carries a picture of a woman he'snever met because it brings him good luck. But when he sets out to find the woman, he is met with unexpected circumstances surrounding his new love and his shrouded past. Though not Sparks’ most original tale, the story flows well and narrator John Bedford Lloyd delivers a solid performance. Lloyds deep bass tone is perfectly suited for Thibault, a manly man if ever there was one. Lloyds supporting characters are rich and interesting in their own right, some speaking in comical Southern drawls, others with a raw reality. The final result is quite touching without much over-the-top sentimentality on Lloyds part.

------------------------------------------------------ For years Nicholas Sparks has been happily pumping out love stories on a yearly basis. His body of work has made him one of the most recognizable authors out there. The Lucky One is one of his better books in a while and shows just how Nicholas Sparks has grown as a writer. Fans of his work will enjoy it save for a few slight hitches. The Lucky One focuses on Logan Thibault. While serving in Iraq he comes across a photo of a beautiful woman. As soon as that happens his luck begins to change. In moments where he should've died he lives. In the poker games he has with his buddies he's suddenly winning. Things turn in his favor. His friend comes to the conclusion that the photo must give him luck. After he's done serving in Iraq, he eventually decides to find this woman. His search leads him to North Carolina where he meets the woman in the photo. A woman named Elizabeth. The love that blossoms isn't without its own little secrets and dangers, however, and Logan and Elizabeth will both discover that. One of the things Nicholas Sparks has been able to do really well is create good characters. The characters really come into their own and show their personalities. Sparks does a great job because each chapter is from a different point of view. This makes it easier to get to know the main characters throughout the novel. Each chapter begins with a number and the name of the character whose eyes we are seeing through. This lets the focus really narrow in on character thoughts and motivations. It brings the characters to life a lot more. The story is also fairly well paced, each and everything falling into place rather well. If there was anything bothersome about the story it would be the book's final moments. After such an intense build up the final moments fly by in a flash. There's nothing wrong with a swift climax. It's how it all comes together that makes little sense. The final chapter, and the epilogue might take a reread just to make sure you didn't miss anything. It doesn't stop The Lucky One from being a great read. It keeps up the momentum for the most part. While the ending doesn't fall flat, it's hard not to desire a little more after such a strong build up given the actions of the characters throughout.

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