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The book Think and Grow Rich, mentions a story about a man who did an amazing thing and then quit before finding the desired result. This man had a gold mine and had some initial success in digging for gold. Then he ran into difficulty where he was no longer finding gold. Therefore, he sold off his equipment and quit. The people who bought the equipment and the mine hired an engineer who helped them determine where to go, and in 3 feet of digging, they found gold. The reward was there, the action was taken, but no advice was sought, and when there was a difficult time, rather than persevere he quit. His decision was proven the wrong one when the person he sold it too found the vein of gold that was just three feet from where he stopped. What we have here is a lesson on life from the book Think and Grow Rich. This lesson is that we have to continue working on something even though it seems like we are approaching failure. Some people see failure and quit, those who push on past the failure go on to magnificent success. Once you have your dream and start working on it, you have to stick with it. This is what the book Think and Grow Rich proclaims, that Napoleon Hill interviewed over 500 successful men and they all told him that their greatest success had come just one-step after defeat. So you see that the majority of people quit when they think they see defeat, While those we call successful continued on through defeat and through failure and soon reaped the reward that perseverance provides. The book Think and Grow Rich warns us that failure is a trickster. This trickster has a mean sense of irony and cruel cunning. It takes great delight in causing people to fail especially right when they are meet with their success. Those that keep pushing, keep working, keep on keeping on, and are the people who meet with great success. It may seem hard to defeat failure, but it can and has been done many times. The book Think and Grow Rich has many examples of other epic failures and those that quit and stayed quit never made it into the book to be interviewed as they had faded into ignominy, while those who continued became famous for finding their riches. The question here is which path will you choose? This is a hard truth that the book Think and Grow Rich reveals, that success takes work and that work takes perseverance. For you to achieve success you will need to be wary of the trickster called failure. When you see failure looming seek advice, seek assistance, never quit. To do so admits to the whole world that you are not worthy, the good book mentions that once you put your hand to the plow you must keep going, to look back is to attract failure. Be Blessed

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==== ==== Download Think And Grow Rich Here, ==== ====

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