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Stephen King really needs no introduction. Bursting onto the scene in the seventies with Carrie quickly propelled him to instant stardom, and the subsequent movie adaptation of Carrie cemented his position as the Master of Horror. Nowadays Stephen doesn't like being branded a 'horror writer' because he sees himself as just simply 'a writer.' Given the release of the last half dozen or so books you'd have to agree that he doesn't always write horror. With movies such as The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile spawning from his books it's clear to see his talents are far more diverse that the horror story. Although, I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of his earlier works. I still love his recent novels because, to me, it shows how he has matured as a writer and I'm a believer that a writer has something new to learn every day. Every day is a school day. I think it is such a shame his mother wasn't around to see how successful he is. She sometimes went without food just so she could send him some money while he was in college. It really shows how dedicated she was that he do well. Although she knew about the publication of his first novel, it's just unfortunate she couldn't stay with him to share in his success. There are a lot of literary writers and critics who don't like Stephen King's work, only because they think he's just after the money. As a writer, any writer, that's an insult. Writer's write simply because they enjoy the work, they enjoy the creative process and get a kick out of following the characters and finding out what happens at the end. I know plenty of writers who aren't making millions with their work but they still love to tell a story. The Stand is probably King's most loved piece of work, detailing the end of the world through a super-flu. Most stories nowadays involve an asteroid or climate change leading to spectacular changes in weather and natural disasters. The great thing about The Stand is it revolves around normal people like you and I who find themselves in abnormal circumstances. 99% of the world's population have died from this superflu called Captain Trips leaving the few survivors to brave it out in the new post-apocalyptic world. However, they aren't the only things walking the Earth. Randall Flagg, the prince of evil, gathers his followers in the west while all those on the side of good flock to Mother Abigail. Sooner or later the two sides must meet in what can only be described as a gripping cllimax. Stephen's use of imagery in the book is among the best ever used and will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

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