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Again, if we start from the premise that ideas, and all qualiadelia, are living, and that they have found in our human brains a fertile home, and that they extend far beyond our consciousness, then perhaps at times they may have wish to save one or another of us from disaster. Alas, ideas and such have but little power to manipulate the physical world without our help. Therefore, it is a rare occurrence for the qualiadelia out there to marshal its forces and intervene on behalf of some lucky individual here on this earth. When this happens it may even be nothing short of miraculous, and hence the expression we have "angels watching over us." Our rituals create portals through which ideas can exert their influence on us, and - through us upon the physical world. If we are to encourage the angels, then, let's look to our ritualing. However, the portals by which we move toward ideas, and they toward us - our rituals - can also leave us at the mercy of demons. Not all ideas are good ideas, and whatever may motivate qualiadelic life forms may not be at all in the best interests of human well-being. From individual to individual, and from community to community, our customs and symbols invite qualiadelia into the world. When an individual becomes fixated on an idea, it may act as a lightning rod for qualiadelia, and the same is true for our communities. If the idea is negative, like fear or paranoia, then we and our culture may find ourselves haunted by demons. Take, for instance, the idea of criminal justice. Justice usually relies on punishment, but it can also be based on the idea that offenders must try to repair, as far as possible, the harm they have caused others. Punishment is a negative idea, and there is little reason why qualiadelia would want to come to the aid of a system of justice based on punishment. Punishment, research shows, diminishes precisely the fertile environment - the brain - in which qualiadelia has an interest. And it effectively creates a criminal underclass. Ultimately, these are not the people who will help ideas perpetuate and evolve. Punishment creates a culture of qualiadelic demons. On the other hand, education, job programs, and encounter groups that help inmates examine and rewire emotions such as anger, and such behaviors as violence, are proven to reduce the number of criminals who return to jail. Such healthy ritualing attracts positive qualiadelia cultivating the mind and returning productive people to our communities. Such "restorative" justice, which is common in traditional societies, creates portals for qualiadelic angels. Ideas have found a fertile environment in our brains, but this doesn't mean they can (or they even desire) to help out individuals in our personal problems, much less the travails of entire communities. If most ideas are busy living out their existence in dimensions far outside our

consciousness, we need to attract them. Perhaps they do desire to help us, but they may never even notice us unless we move toward them in our rituals. All ritualing is a move toward qualiadelia, but if we continue to follow old routines, stale habits, and monolithic traditions, no new ideas are going be attracted to us. Angels and demons are, perhaps, old ideas, but they represent the potential energy waiting to pop up into our own world from the unknown dimensions beyond our consciousness. Be Qualiadelic. Be Conscious. Change the routine.

Tony Brussat has a Master's degree in Rhetoric and Communication. He is a registered nurse in the field of behavioral health. Please visit and learn more about being qualiadelic. Join the mailing list for more articles about the Qualiadelic Experience.

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