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First and foremost, I have to admit that I super enjoy James Patterson. That being said, Private was alright. It wasn't 9th Judgment good but it was good. I do not feel like I wasted my time. In fact, I would like Patterson to start an entire Private Investigation series that features Jack Morgan...why not? I was really sketchy at first - What's up with the NFL scandal and why is it even in this book? You know how sometimes, when you find that you're bored with a book, you start to skim paragraphs and you get the feeling that you'd rather have a needle stuck in your eye than to keep reading - I was almost there! One of my favorite authors and I almost had to say enough; but, Shelby Cushman's murder and the Schoolgirl Killer kept me reading - that and Jack Morgan himself. The entire book is built around Jack and whether or not he really is a man of good, moral character. As he solves his cases, I find that he reflects on his life - past, present and future - all simultaneously and all the time. Jack also has reoccurring dreams that will not allow him feel a sense of peace or closure. He really is a tortured soul. ...The fact that someone is calling him EVERY SINGLE DAY only saying, "You're Dead" certainly does not help! Nonetheless, this guy has drive and determination - guts too. I have to admit he was very confident and showed some really big kahunas in how he handles the Noccia Crime family - that's for sure. He thinks before he acts - a trait people do not exhibit very often. It's almost like he's playing chess with his own life... Ah... but he has a good support system, "No better friend, No worse enemy" is how this guy thinks. He's definitely a ladies man and he doesn't even have to try... but is it time for him to settle down? Maybe quit chasing those dragons? FYI - in the end (ironically), the NFL scandal and the events surrounding this particular case is what made the book excellent! Click Here for more great book reviews. Don't see a book you want to blog about? Email us and we'll upload it!

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