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In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill there are principles and steps that are laid out for you to discover as you read that will lead you to the success you desire. Desire, that word is so misunderstood, and yet it is the first clue given in the book and repeated frequently. That is the first key; desire, true burning desire is not hope, not optimism, and definitely not wishing, but a determined expectation that you will accomplish what you have set your mind to regardless of the cost. Now that is where people get scared away, when they hear that there is a price to pay for success. When people hear that there might be a sacrifice to make to achieve a goal, they tend to go in the opposite direction. This is both selfishness and a fear of success. Think and Grow Rich is both a concept and a method for achieving success, and there is a price. To choose to desperately hold on to what you might have even if it is nothing is just sheer unbridled egocentricity. To maintain a situation because it is what you have even if it is not what you want is conceit, and to refuse to exchange value for something you desire is pure selfishness. To fear giving up what you have, even if it is an exchange for the better is fear of success. We pay a price for everything we do; you must realize that there is no escaping this fact. You have to pay a price in effort to achieve something, and you must pay a price whenever you take an action. If you sit and do nothing you pay a price of lost opportunity, and you lose what little you do have. If you are not willing to get out of your chair and go get a glass from the cupboard, and fill it with water from the sink then you will continue to go thirsty. No amount of wishing is going to make your thirst go away nor will it somehow make the water appear in your mouth so you can drink it. You will have to expend some effort to achieve your desire. Are you beginning to see that you must make an effort, that you must be willing to expend some physical energy in order to think and grow rich? To think and grow rich requires you to have a desire and to do something. Do you want to be rich? Become an engineer, they make good money, become a lawyer they make better money. If that is still not rich enough for you, then become an entrepreneur, start your own business and make as much money as you can imagine. Nevertheless, you will have to do something, you will have to pay a price, and you will have to expend energy and effort. Action when combined with your desire is the formula for your success. In this manner and no other, can you think and grow rich. Be Blessed

Ralston Heath recently retired from 25+ years of active duty. Now that his life is his own again, he is working to share with the world all he knows. Check him out on his blog True Happiness and

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