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Choo Thomas went to heaven 17 times, hell 2 times and Jesus Christ visited her 10 times. The humble and not very educated lady shares her testimony in her book, Heaven is so real. Jesus instructed her to write this book and it has changed the hearts of many people across the whole world. Because of her knowledge of scriptures, she supports her testimony with the Bible thus making it authentic and difficult to doubt. She explains the reality of heaven and gives hope to all believers to press on towards the goal. One of the most painful moments she experienced was when she visited hell and found her mother, father and step mother burning in the flames of fire. These were very good people serving God but unfortunately, they died without giving their lives to Jesus Christ. Choo's challenging testimony, heavenly dances and songs she learned from the Holy Spirit are worth noting. She explains that in heaven the only job is to sing and praise the Lord. This calls for practice for those who are on earth and have the desire to go to heaven. The most powerful songs, according to Choo, are those whose foundation is from the Holy Bible. Choo concludes with the urgent call for all the Christians to embrace the Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ because He is coming soon to take those who have believed in Him. The AntChrist is also working hard to get many followers to go with to hell.

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