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I was on a trip recently with all my buddies when one day, after all the fun we had had and were relaxing on the bed all over each other, one of my friends started to narrate on of the supernatural incidences happened with his friend. Some of us believed him, some of us teased him, some of us heard him just for fun while some just didn't want to say something silly in the moment and offend 'them'. I can't say whether I believed him completely or discarded the existence of some supernatural energy fully but I can say, on behalf of my group that was present then, that we could not ignore him as he was narrating the incident. We were curious, throughout the story, what was next store for us. Also, we were filled with a feeling of 'someone is watching us and gonna harm us'. No one, that night, woke up in the middle to attend the nature's call till the sun rose. But, by then, I had successfully found the topic for my page. So after some research on this, I present you my case. What The Believers Say? Some scientists, who do not deny the supernatural existence, say that In the universe, there are a total of 36 co-ordinates around us. Yes, the same x, y, z- co-ordinates that we all have learnt in our mathematics class. They argue that a normal person can sense only four co-ordinates out of the total 36 co-ordinates. So, it might be possible that in the other co-ordinates do these 'ghosts' reside. They also say that some creatures like dogs, owls, crows and others can sense other co-ordinates and thus are often considered as the harbinger of certain things to come. Well, its a valid point and it's well taken. Also, some scholars and religious pundits argue that there is always a both side of a coin available to balance out the forces. Like, if you believe in good, you believe in evil. If you believe in heaven, you also believe in hell. Similarly, if you believe in God, you have to believe in Ghosts too to balance out the powers. What The Critics Say? Amidst this, there is bunch of other scientists who discard the above said theory disdainfully and says that it just the human mindset and a person see what he believes. So, if a mortal believes in ghosts, he would attribute his failures or any irregularity of things happening in his life to that what he calls a 'supernatural' or 'ghost'. They say nothing like 'ghost' and its all in the psyche. Again a valid point and is also taken.

Conclusion Thus, no consolidated conclusion can be carried out. So, the people who have experienced the 'Paranormal activity' anytime in their life would continue to believe in them along with the folks who believe in them. While for others, they would dismiss 'Ghost' even if they come across one thinking its some wiseguy's trick. BELIEVE IT........or NOT!!!

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