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Dan Brown has emerged as a master of exhilarating thriller tales. Several doctorates, fascinating historical excerpts and learned speculation formed the foundation of his book "THE DA VINCI CODE". Leonardo Da Vinci was million light years ahead of his times. His eminent artwork carried hidden secrets and encrypted messages those were intelligently disguised from plain sight. Leonardo was a member of a European secret society founded in 1099- "The Priory of Sion". This society included renowned personalities like Sir Issac Newton, Victor Hugo, Galileo. The truth about this society revealed in 1975, in Paris' Bibliotheque Nationale where parchments were discovered named "Les Dossiers Secrets". Leonardo was dedicated to preserving the truth which he encoded in his paintings like Monalisa, Virgin Mary, The Last Supper. Dan's most powerful assertion and the soul of the story revolves around Jesus' life and His disciples. Amongst which one of them was "Mary Magdalene". The character of Mary suffered defamation due to her strong bonding with Christ. Mary was among His close disciples who preached His teachings and was regarded as "Apostle of Apostles". Dan provides an ancient writing excerpt to support his claim of their relationship which says - Jesus kissed Mary on her mouth, which envied other Apostles. The Last Supper was painted in a manner which wrapped the secrets of Christ' life. In The Last Supper the person sitting on the left side of Christ is no other than Mary Magdalene, Her body is inclined to Christ creating a shape of V or M letter which indicates female or Mary. Dan refers to paintings depicting, after the crucification, for the first time Jesus appeared before Mary Magdalene. The grieving Mary was delighted to see Jesus again and was about to touch Him in eagerness. Jesus promptly denied her and explained that He is in a state of trance and that He hadn't reached His "Father" yet. Holy Grail of The Last Supper is supposed by Dan as the symbological angel bore in Mary's womb. She is regarded as the sacred feminine who along with Christ carried secret bloodline descendent. The book states, after Christ's crucification Mary was deported to France by her well wishers. She held the blood of Christ in her womb, which is symbolized by the grail, used to collect His holy blood during crucification.

Dan refers to a painting which portrays a female washing Christ's feet with oil using her hair. This is an ancient ritual performed during a matrimony. Dan tries to prove that Christ was in a sort of matrimonial relationship with Mary. Though Dan provides with many historical evidences yet his book has been scrutinized by many and his claims are completely discarded. People find his book anti-christian and fictional. Another school of thought confronts him by highlighting some instances and excerpts. They claim Mary of being a prostitute who changed her course of life when influenced by Christ' extreme kindness. Moreover the excerpt which says Christ kissing on the Mary's mouth is a page of a document with incomplete sentence with the word "mouth" actually missing from it. The context of Les Dossiers Secrets and Priory of Sion were written much later than Leonardo in history. The legend of Holy Grail is always identified as Jesus' cup from the Last Supper which may have many legendary forms but was never a Christ' descendent. Though this book has been declared as a best seller and Dan as a fine writer but there is a major section of society which declares his book and him anti-religion, it clearly hurts religious sentiments of many. A son may think what all his father has ever taught him was wrong and now the truth is altered which alters the life of many. As an individual I still think my voyage is incomplete as the shore is still a horizon away. The enigma holds - THE DA VINCI CODE remains encoded!

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==== ==== Download The Da Vinci Code Here, ==== ====

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