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Barx Active Instructor Application Package

Barx Active is a dog inclusive health and fitness community, committed to helping people to live an active life, with their dog by their side.

Barx Active was developed by Physiotherapists and dog owners, Karen and Dan Uden, who discovered that traditionally, dog owners face a dilemma: If they walk or run their dog frequently, this is great for the dog, but it means that the human will lack variety and a strength component in their workout If the human goes to the gym for strength and variety, their poor dog stays at home.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole� Roger A Caras

Crucially, people just don’t have the time to do both. Approximately 36% of Australians are dog owners, making this a very important problem to solve. Barx Active was subsequently created, and now there are more options for people who want to be active, with their dog by their side.

Barxercise sessions are outdoor group fitness classes, for people and their dogs.

Barx Hikes are beautiful wilderness day hikes that are, of course, dog friendly

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag” WH Auden

Having run some successful businesses in the past, Directors Karen and Dan are aware that a business will only thrive if all involved are achieving their goals and living their passion. It is therefore crucial to solve the problems that you are likely to face in your fitness career.

At Barx Active, we like to do things better. With us:

You have unlimited access to a mentor. Your mentor will build your experience, abilities and confidence - and we’re not just referring to an instructor like you. Your mentor will be a Masters qualified Physiotherapist with extensive experience working within the fitness industry.

You have a whole new audience. We recruit clients from a whole new catchment. You do not have to compete with other fitness professionals when you are marketing directly to pet shops, vets, dog groomers and dog lovers.

These are the main problems that fitness professionals face:

You want freedom and to ‘be your own boss’, but you are aware that you would be much more successful if you had a mentor.

It’s a very crowded fitness world out there. It is difficult to build your own client list with the sheer volume of personal trainers, gyms and instructors out there.

You may be brilliant at your fitness work, but if you are not effective at running the business side of things, you will fail.

We take care of a lot of the business clutter for you. Enough said. Spend more time in the great outdoors doing what you love.

The competitiveness, ego and pretension within the fitness industry can negatively affect your job satisfaction.

And there is one more thing…you can bring your dog to work with you! (Plus at least half of your clients will wag their tails vigorously the moment they see you!)

Concept: Barx Active is a dog inclusive

Position Applied For:

Barxercise Group Fitness Instructor

health and fitness community,


Barx Personal Training Instructor

committed to helping people to live an active life, with their dog by their side.

Qualifications Required:

Certificate III in Fitness

Certificate IV in Fitness (preferred

‘Barxercise’ sessions are outdoor group fitness sessions for people

Selection Process:

and their dogs, run by Barx Active.

Audition and Application

If your audition and application to become a Barx

In these sessions, the humans

Active Trainer are successful, you then need to obtain

have fitness challenges to

the Kit, and complete the Course. You will then be

complete, and the dogs have their

licenced to run ‘Barxercise’ outdoor group fitness

own tasks to complete as well.

sessions in your chosen suburb. The Instructor Package:

The Barx Active Instructor Package incorporates 3 parts: 1) The Kit

a. Equipment Kit

– portable fitness

equipment, yours to keep

b. Marketing Kit

– brochures, posters,

c. Uniform Kit

business cards – tshirt and singlet in

your size

2) The Course

– Fitness for Humans and

Canines Certification (1 and a half days)

3) The Launch Program – Mentoring and assistance to get your Barx

business up and running

Please discuss with us opportunities to supplement your Barx Active group fitness business with • Dog friendly Personal Training • Barx Hikes

Barx Active Instructor Application Form 1) Your details Name: _________________________________ Address: ________________________________ Email: ___________________________________ Mobile: __________________________________ 2) Your background Please attach a copy of your CV Include your qualifications, fitness industry experience, and any canine experience (including dog ownership history). You can email this to us separately to this form if required. 3) Proposed Location In which Suburb do you wish to run Barxercise sessions? ________________________________ If you have a particular park/venue in mind, please list: _______________________________

“I could think of no better training partner than a dog� K Finnin

4) Payment Total package cost $________________________ If your application is successful, please provide us with your preferred payment method. Please note that unfortunately your place in the Instructor Course cannot be confirmed until payment has been made. Direct deposit (please use your name as the transaction description) Paypal Credit card Please return completed form, together with any attachments in person to a Barx Active Representative, or scan and email to enquiries@


22 Lipton Dve, Frankston, Victoria, Australia 3199






Barx Active Instructor Booklet  

An informative brochure providing an outline of the process for becoming an Instructor with Barx Active