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Where your money goes

Where your money goes

Colin (right) and his family at Jason’s wedding

Thank you! We’re so grateful for every penny that you donate. Over the next few pages you can see a snapshot of the projects you’re helping to fund…

World-class cardiac care Our large grant to Barts Heart Centre is helping cardiac patients receive cutting-edge care. Consultants have recently developed the innovative use of Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD), a kind of pump which is fitted to replace the work of the heart. Used to treat heart failure, the LVAD takes blood from the left ventricle and pumps it around the body when the heart can’t do this itself.

How the device works 1 Batteries to provide power 2 Cable connecting the device to the batteries 3 Left Ventricular Assist Device 4 System controller to run the pump and

provide messages and alarms to help operate the system.

The pump is powered by a battery pack that must be worn at all times and is usually used as an interim measure. But consultants at St Bartholomew’s Hospital are the first to use the LVAD in a long-term way.


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What the doctors say... “Our aim is to show that this can be done for an acceptable cost in carefully selected patients. We are delighted that Colin has done so well and has recently been on holiday to Sardinia. We have now treated 3 patients and we hope for more holiday snaps!” Dr Simon Woldman, Director at Barts Heart Centre 04

How the procedure helped Colin Colin was the first patient in the UK to have this procedure as a long-term measure. In Spring 2019, he was admitted to St Bartholomew’s Hospital with heart failure. Having previously battled with cancer and Hodgkin’s Disease as well as undergoing several pacemaker procedures throughout his life, Colin’s heart was failing and the treatment options to prolong his life were limited and risky. Consultants at Barts Heart Centre recommended that Colin undergo the LVAD procedure. As a way to give back for this life-saving care, Colin’s stepson Jason and his fiancée generously asked guests attending their wedding to donate to Barts Charity instead of giving them presents. So far they’ve raised over £600, including a kind donation from Colin’s wife, Carol.

“Before the LVAD operation I was at death’s door and could hardly walk or go upstairs. Now, although I am still in training to get back to a fitter self, I can go upstairs and walk for a couple of hours, even if it is slow at this stage. I am eternally grateful to Barts Charity – your charitable input to kickstart this whole process will help a lot of people who are desperately ill. I’ve been the lucky recipient of your generosity. I feel so much better, I’m speaking from the bottom of my heart. I have been so lucky with the team here, they show amazing dedication and it’s been a team effort. The equipment is world-class.” Colin, cardiac patient

We need your support to fund projects like this. To donate please visit bartscharity.org.uk/donate or call 020 7618 1720. 05

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Barts Charity Extra - Winter 2019  

Barts Charity Extra - Winter 2019