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Stop-Snoring Testimonials Stop-Snoring Testimonials

I absolutely love this device! Sometimes I take it out in my sleep but most nights I sleep the night through without waking. I have apnea and used a CPAP which I also took off in my sleep. This is comfy and just my favorite. I am recommending this to all snorers. - Shirley in Oklahoma -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece Well, finally I got something that works painless than all the rest. The mouthpiece really works. I don’t snore when I use it, and it took me 2 or 3 days to get use to using it. It’s the best on the market as far as I know. I should know — I’ve bought almost everything that is out there. I would recommend it to everyone who snores a lot. - Richard in Toronto -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece I have had one of these devices for two years until my dog ate it in January. I found it to be extremely effective and more importantly very ‘non-invasive’ for me personally. Night time without the devise is not a happy time in our house as the snoring has returned and everyone, including my wife, is very cranky as a result of the many interruptions to her sleep. Peace and quiet has returned! I have a new one and it is working just as before. Your product is brilliant! - John C. -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece

Good Morning Snore Solution by MPowRx prevents me from grinding my teeth at night. I have several expensive, custom-made mouthguards for this purpose and MPowRx is the only device that I use consistently. Unlike the others, it is soft and does not have an unpleasant medical taste. I truly believe that MPowRx offers an effective and preferable alternative to other mouthguard-style anti-grinding devices. - Taryn M. -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece Just wanted to say thank you. IT WORKS! Four nights now and no snoring. My husband is ecstatic and I feel more rested. At Last! - Jackie, a satisfied ex-snorer -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece Dr. Dort’s anti-snore invention is a work of genius. I have ordered a second unit to keep on the shelf in case I lose the one I have now. I make an audio recording of myself each night, and I can tell you that as long as the appliance is in use, I do not snore, and my episodes of sleep apnea are eliminated. What an improvement over CPAP! All in all, this is an ingenious solution for anyone with chronic sleep apnea. This remarkable product should be given more publicity. Thank you!


- Thomas, Indiana -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece

Since purchasing the Good Morning Snore Solution, my husband and I can now fall asleep together. I am so please with how it works. I no longer have to listen to his snoring for hours before finally falling asleep. Thanks for this great product. We BOTH appreciate it! - Keri, Wetaskiwin -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece

I really snore(d) a lot, according to my family. I tried an elastic jaw-positioning thing that didn’t work at all. I tried those sprays and they didn’t work at all. I tried the adhesive nose strips, but the problem is in my throat (not my nose). My dentist advised against a mouth guard for jaw position because of the possible adverse bite effects and general discomfort. Your very simple product worked perfectly from the first night. Thanks for inventing this. - Jo Van Volkinburg -Used the Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece

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Stop-Snoring Testimonials  
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