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Property Management and Sales Our property management team is responsible for marketing and selling all repossessed properties and is widely experienced in this area. The team Acenden works with a number of external parties to set the price for each property shortly after it is taken into possession. The properties are then cleaned and cleared before a bespoke marketing strategy is agreed. Our external asset and property management partners are constantly monitored and evaluated. Our property sales teams visit properties frequently, acting as "secret shoppers" to gather market data to help maintain performance. We believe we have one of the lowest property holding periods in the UK market.

Cash bond Administration The cash bond administration team provides a range of services to over 35 special purpose vehicles, covering cash movements, priority of payment calculations, portfolio performance reporting and financial statement preparation. The detailed analysis of Acenden Mortgages cash movements enables the correct allocation of money to a range of ledger balances which are then distributed to the appropriate third parties according to predefined priorities.

Portfolio reporting covers extensive stratification tables, arrears levels, repossession sales performance and prepayment ratios. All the above analyses are prepared, reconciled, reviewed and published within a few days of each relevant reporting period, using a range of in house developed data banks and reporting tools.

Management Information Management information is central to our approach to servicing. We capture and utilize comprehensive data on a continuous basis to evaluate the performance of the loans and portfolios we manage, as well as to review the level and quality of activity we employ to service portfolios.

Use of Management Information is cultural within the business. An extensive and comprehensive range of key performance indicators and monthly reports are used to manage processes on a daily basis including, but not exclusively, covering collections, loss mitigation, litigation and properties in possession processes, customer services, and payment processing and corporate areas. Rich and accurate, the data and reporting we give to clients provides them with a unique insight into the performance of their portfolio.

Property Management and Sales