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I was looking for a way of including everyone on the course on the cover. I felt it would be unrepresentative to choose one person’s work - we are a group with a huge variety of artistic approaches, it wouldn’t have worked. Eventually I decided to use a photograph of the palm of each student’s hand and create a mosaic from the images. The result is a distorted landscape of unidentifiable skin which on the surface is fairly ugly. However it is also a collective portrait of this moment in our lives. We are at a turning point, coming towards an end, regardless of what we plan to do next. Our hands will become more weathered with time (through artistic practice or through simply being alive). I suppose this is a way of immortalising this point in our lives. Vida O’Riordan - Cover Designer

Barton Peveril College is delighted to present the first exhibition of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. This full time Level 4 course provides a challenging experience in which students research many working methods and techniques along with art theory and history. Pathways chosen on the course reflect the real way in which students prepare for the critical nature of their chosen university course or career path.  Students in the 2013 cohort have produced a rich and diverse show of Final Major Projects which clearly illustrates their talent and tackles issues such as the environment, the subconscious, the devices used by the pioneers of film, the architecture of monuments and memories created by literature. The work reflects the extraordinary energy and attitude required to succeed in the arts. Students are progressing to highly competitive degree courses and are able to compete with the best applicants for creative jobs. We hope you enjoy the show!  Joel Horner - Course Leader Foundation Art and Design Diploma

Course Leader: Joel Horner

Graphic Design

Tutors: Dave Horwood

Product Design

Lynne Milton Photography

Lorna Miller Textiles

Kate Reynolds Moving Image

Toby Saville Fine Art

Technician: Rachel Reynolds Textiles

Catherine Ablard Photography

As a photographer, I am interested in exploring the surface of an image and treating it as an art form as much as the photograph itself. I enjoy finding new ways of working with photography. 07882 158265

Amie Aspinall

Photography Forever developing. Forever white. 07946 441519

Tom Bailey

Illustration I started off producing graphic design/ illustration based work, where I use a variety of media; mainly inks, spray paints, and watered-down acrylics. Most of this illustration work was based in graffiti art styles and typography. Now, however, I am mainly focused on 3D work - I use the laser cutter to make 3D pieces - although these are still strongly founded in my previous graffiti style and typography work. 07747 095147

Nathan Benham

Graphic Design I have found my main interests in art include my passion for using Photoshop and capturing photographs. I am particularly interested in urban architecture, decay, and their relation to abandonment. I have developed my digital skills greatly and have found a new interest in the laser cutter which I have also been able to combine with my Photoshop work. I have found much inspiration from artists widely known and not but I find Matthias Haker’s photography, on decay in particular, to be inspirational for its distinct and effective style. I also have a great interest in concept art. 07504 674649

Holly Bostock Fine Art

As an artist, my particular style has changed over the course of the year however I do not like to define myself into a particular area. I feel now I have found a niche in textile art. I find the use of thread and collage materials interesting. My art can be conceptual and I am continuously thinking of new ideas. When drawing, I like to work in a loose manner, as I feel a messy style resonates my own personality. Themes for my work can be personal and sometimes political. I am heavily inspired by the world around me. 07774 325259

Sophia Brinkley

Photography On Foundation Art my practise has been concerned with traditional photographic techniques. I have explored the use of liquid light and darkroom skills to create mixed media photography.

07545 224490

Georgie Carr Fine Art

My main focus is portraiture and the body. I use the emotional state of myself or the person I am studying to determine the style of the finished outcome. I usually leave my portraits incomplete by smudging them outwards or whitewashing parts of the face. This is more symbolic to me than a finished, perfect piece. I have also found a love for a more free way of working, using illustration to create mono prints or doodles that are personal to me and my unspoken thoughts. I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any consideration. 07896 218728

Luke Champion Illustration

My work is all about the message. Though I do believe in an element of skill within art, as an illustrator my task is to depict facts, opinions and statements. As most of my work is related to either political, ethical or social issues, I like to create bold iconic imagery that instantly gets to the point. I also try to reinforce my statements with facts and figures I obtain through my contextual research. 07557 303632

Mel Clements Fine Art

I am interested in historical craft as a form of art. The techniques I like to use are embroidery, felting, stitch, knit and crochet. I like my work to have a sense of mystery and confusion about it so that it makes the viewer think, but I also like to incorporate my more traditional techniques and mediums.

Molly Comper

Illustration I create work that reflects who I am and how I feel. Current state of mind: Grungy. 07521 991015


Cromwell-Dismore Textiles

Since having the freedom of choice in materials and topics within our pathways, I began looking at unconventional materials to use within fashion garments. As my textiles theme within is ‘Environmental Juxtapositions’, looking at the contrast between man-made subjects and natural forms, I was able to come up with various starting points from architecture and natural organic subjects. 07818 119661

Steph Dalley

Illustration I’m very much interested in portraiture and mainly work in biro to produce drawings, as this allows flexibility in the way I work. Artists such as Sarah Hingle have inspired me to work with different materials such as water colours and textured wallpaper. The portrayal of personality within my work is important and I feel that by adding different mediums, this helps convey a certain mood and express a variety of emotions. 07502 457039

Georgina Enticott Textiles

During my time on Foundation Art I have developed a skill for free machine stitch. I have always had an eye for detail and throughout the course I have created art work consisting of fine detail and texture. Claire Coles is a textile artist who works with free machine stitch and textured papers to create stunning, intricate wallpaper designs. She has inspired me with my current pieces of work. Many of my designs are floral-based: this is a subject matter with which I have always enjoyed working.

07834 494798

Laura Foreman Textiles

My work throughout this project has been bright, colourful and eyecatching to show the way in which I see the beauty of flowers. Installation meeting textiles is my chosen method for creating work. 07972 766007

Luke Freegard

Moving Image With my work I have been experimenting with film and trying to manipulate the style of the footage using various programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut. Currently I am working on rotoscope and animation.

Daisy Gardner Fine Art

I make art that incorporates film, fine art, sculpture and photography. I begin all my work with the notion of the human form as a building block; the nature of the body is a vast topic to explore and one that holds my interest currently. I would state my ideas as highly conceptual - the finished product isn’t necessarily the most treasured outcome of my work. My ideas often include very personal elements to them, allowing me to subtly engage and resonate with my audience whilst manipulating certain emotions or positions. 07927 710290

Ryan Garner Fine Art

Medium and materials are essential aspects to my work. When I look around I rarely see paint; it’s the everyday things that I find have most potential for creating something that excites me. Simple methods such as natural decay and weathering that in time will create a unique surface and texture, when highlighted upon gives something that I can keep looking at as if it has a life itself and is ever- changing. Life is my core influence; it’s the real emotions and experiences that I use to create an outcome that to me is honest and real and that I feel I put a part of myself into. Process is also an interesting subject, especially when I want to express a piece of art - then the course of action is just as relevant and important as the final product.

Libby Gunner Textiles

I am predominantly a textile artist, but explore textiles from a fashion/costume perspective. My current project is concerned with capitalism, greed and the machine age of the 1920s. I am exploring negative attributes of our capitalist society through the visual vehicle of Art Deco and the Flapper era. My aim is to beautify items associated with the machine age and make them aesthetically pleasing pieces of art. I am also focusing on themes that reoccur in The Great Gatsby to inspire my work. I use unorthodox and conceptually exciting objects within my work to challenge perceptions and push boundaries of what is considered beautiful or grotesque. 07944 291292

Beth Griffiths Textiles

As a textiles student it’s great to experiment with new, previously unexplored techniques and textures. I have tried to portray this through my workings and my final exhibition pieces to show my personality and myself as an artist. I’m still experimenting with styles and different ways of working and look forward to this expanding my knowledge and my skills at university. 07805 190566

Emily Hamblin

Graphic Design In my work I use a lot of quotes as I am interested in the hidden meaning behind the saying. I use a lot of different graphic techniques such as typography which is mostly hand rendered. 07990 516192

Tiffany Hurst

Animation As an artist, I identify as an animator. My passion is bringing my imagination to life, mainly through stop motion, hand drawn 2D or rotoscoping (the methods I find most rewarding). Timing background music effectively is also something very important to me. Recently, I have been experimenting with mixed media in order to create a more unsettling yet immersive atmosphere for a much darker narrative, exploring aspects of adult -orientated animation. My influences include the work of animators and directors such as Satoshi Kon, Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro, for their fantastically weird and surreal settings and story lines. 07929 982357

Beth Janaway Illustration

I am interested in the advertising and marketing aspect of design. I enjoy controversial adverts and hope to further my interest whilst at university. Claes Oldenburg’s work has inspired me as I particularly like food advertising. 07703 398272

Chris Knight

Moving Image I am an animator and a film-maker. However, I am also interested in painting, drawing and collage. My films use a combination of traditional techniques and digital software. 07786 531756

Katy Liu

Animation Animation and film has fascinated me for many years. I experiment with a variety of materials and techniques in my animation, including stop motion and rotoscoping. 07724 597472

Abi Lowther

Fine Art

I mainly like to use acrylic paint for my work with a lot of water, but I also enjoy sketching. Recently I have added ink, watercolour and monoprints too, trying to create as many layers as I can to my pieces. What I mostly like to look at is the human figure, and I experiment with different painting techniques and photographs, as well as the paper I am using, to see what works best. 07554 133632

Loreena Maguire

Photography Even though I have experience in fine art, surface textiles and design, I found that the best way for me to convert my transient ideas into physical outcomes is through photography, and, more recently, film-making. My subject matter of choice is the human body: using the figure to represent characters from the stories of my childhood or just expressing an emotion. I like to incorporate elements of the fantastical or the surreal, inspired by the work of Corinne Day, Andy Julia, Tim Walker and Brooke Shaden, as well as PreRaphaelite paintings, music, literature and concepts purely from my own imagination. 07882 472214

Holly Martindale

Graphic Design My interpretations of graphic design have changed a lot over the year and my style of work has developed into creating installation or 3D pieces that combine with graphic design. I have become very interested in incorporating tools such as the laser cutter or chisels to create typography. I have also developed my print-making skills and enjoy lino printing with the use of the laser cutter to create some very detailed prints that I design with the use of Adobe Illustrator. Designers such as Why Not Associates have influenced my designs along with a variety of sculptors. 07825 773909

Rebecca Milles

Photography I focus on creating and capturing meaningful photographs which often hold symbolism. Colour is a significant part of my work. Throughout Foundation Art I have particularly enjoyed experimenting with projections on the human body. I am currently looking at ways of presenting images with a cultural element in a collage/ installation format. 07758 461108

Sophie Newport


Foundation Art has allowed me to gain a different perspective to my art work and to truly express myself without restrictions or boundaries. My main passion is for textiles; I love to explore innovative structures and combine them with colourful surface print, various textures and exciting materials to creating interesting textile art pieces. 07935 434779

Vida O’Riordan 3D

One thing leads to another. 07724 195359

Jennie Owen

Moving Image In my work I love to combine elements of fine art, moving image and photography to create art that is colourful and exciting. Currently, I have become interested in projection and have decided to mix this with my previous interests, as I find that using mediums of art that are new to me both challenging and inspiring. 07845 671857

Katie Phillips 3D

I’m still figuring it out.

Eron Sahota 3D

Artist and future architect. Entwined. 07984 685487

Luke Shears

Photography I began Foundation Art as a film maker and that has now manifested into the medium of photography. Photography helps me capture the moments that mean something special to me whether it’s nature or portraits. Developing an eye for composition and colour I can capture the world the way I see it. 07972 764514

Rebecca Shears

Photography Since being on Foundation Art I have found my love for the darkroom once again. I have been given the opportunity to experiment a lot using liquid light in interesting and exciting ways; creating pieces of work I never even thought possible. A lot of my work leading up the exhibition has been experimental: double exposures and over-lays of negatives. I honestly feel Foundation Art has given me the chance to make images I’ve always wanted to create. My exhibition will show the relationships and similarities between us and nature, and that will be reflected through printing hands and faces onto pieces of trees. 07837 345114

Tom Stone

Graphic Design I like to push my design work by switching media as often as I can. The way I see graphic design is being adaptive to any creative job with an obsessive but concise manner. I absorb everything around me from personal music to street advertisement to gallery exhibitions. During Art Foundation I have found a way to tap into art that means something to me; I translate how I feel into designs I am producing, whether that be in 2D, 3D or moving image. Other than environmental influences I would say I admire Modernism, Futurism and designers using innovative technology. I am currently enjoying Moritz Waldemeyer’s work with Hussein Chalayan using mirrors and lasers. 07769 176541

Sophie Street Textiles

As a textile addict, I love working with tactile, exciting materials and surfaces. Creatures and plots appear in my work and I generally produce pieces which relate to the state of mind that I am in or the music I’m listening to. Taking influences from the world around me and the creative people who inhabit it, I find that my style develops and grows so that I am not restricted to any specific media. 07866 531843

Sophie Talbot-Weiss Illustration

From a very early age, certainly before I could write a sentence, I started drawing. To me this was the best way for me to communicate and express myself. This early fascination in art has guided me in almost everything I do and ultimately is how I would like to earn a living – doing something that I am passionate about. During my Foundation Art year I have focused on developing my drawing skills through studying and practising illustrations. 07714 014433

Charlotte Tose Illustration

I believe art and literature are two of the pillars that uphold our entire cultural society, and in my work I aim to combine and explore these two concepts; namely the values we place upon them, and whether such esteem is justified. My work is installationbased: although I originally worked in illustration, I found my work took on more life when brought into 3D form.

Emily Whittingham Animation

As an artist, I would personally describe myself as quirky and unusual, along with a big healthy dose of diligence. So it won’t surprise you that I love producing fantasy and gothic artwork, cartoons and illustrations. I also enjoy drawing nature, portraiture and the human figure. I take a lot of inspiration from favourite films, artists and books but will turn to the real world to help get it just right. The world of animation is relatively new and exciting for me, and I love the thought of being able to bring my ideas fully to life‌literally. My main tools of the trade are paints, pens and pencils. 07815 558407

Naomi Williams

Graphic Design The main aspect of my art work has always been graphic design within which I create many digital pieces. More recently, however, I have ventured into 3D installations. I like to use contrasting materials together such as nails and thread as I feel this has more symbolism and meaning. Rather than my work having an unfinished look to it, I like to have a highly resolved piece of work at the end; a whole, if you wish. 07891 638632

Phoebe Withers Fine Art

It’s a cliché, but I’ve always loved art. I think art is a subject that is taken for granted and can sometimes be belittled. Foundation Art is about being surrounded by like minded people; the course is so comfortable, exciting and inviting. I draw because I can and I paint because I want to. I’m exploring the world of fine art portraiture and I also keep a foot in illustration. If anything, Foundation Art has taught me to be confident with my art work and to not assume where it’s going to take me. 07747 694892

Kelly Wong Textiles

I love using different techniques but the ones I particularly use are machine embroidery, painting and drawing. I normally combine these to create textile art pieces or fashion garments. I work in a very detailed and decorative way to produce realistic approaches. Currently I am using these techniques to create illustrative drawings in stitch. 07413 832153

Catherine Ablard Amie Aspinall Thomas Bailey Nathan Benham Holly Bostock Sophia Brinkley Georgie Carr Luke Champion Melissa Clements Molly Comper Hannah Cromwell-Dismore Stephanie Dalley Georgina Enticott Laura Foreman Luke Freegard Daisy Gardner Ryan Garner Elizabeth Gunner Bethany Griffiths Emily Hamblin Tiffany Hurst Bethany Janaway Christopher Knight Kathryn Liu Abigail Lowther Loreena Maguire Holly Martindale Rebecca Milles Sophie Newport Vida O’Riordan Jennie Owen Katie Phillips Eron Sahota Luke Shears Rebecca Shears Thomas Stone Sophie Street Sophie Talbot-Weiss Charlotte Tose Emily Whittingham Naomi Williams Phoebe Withers Kelly Wong

BA(Hons) Photography & Spanish – Roehampton University BA(Hons) Editorial & Advertising Photography – University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham Gap Year BA(Hons) Graphic Arts – Winchester School of Art Gap Year Gap Year BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting – UWE Bristol BA(Hons) Graphics Art – Winchester BA(Hons) Costume Design – Arts University of Bournemouth BA(Hons) Illustration – University of Brighton Fashion Work Experience and Short Courses BA(Hons) Illustration – Arts University of Bournemouth BA(Hons) Retail Management – Bournemouth University Full Time Employment BA(Hons) Animation – Southampton Solent University BA(Hons) Moving Image – Brighton University BA(Hons) Fine Art – Winchester University BA(Hons) Costume Design – Wimbledon College of Art BA(Hons) Textiles for Fashion & Interior – Cardiff Metropolitan University BA(Hons) Graphic Design – Winchester School of Art BA(Hons) Animation – UCA Farnham Gap Year BA(Hons) Film Production – Arts University of Bournemouth BA(Hons) Animation Production – Arts University of Bournemouth BA(Hons) Fine Art – Winchester School of Art Gap Year BA(Hons) Graphic Arts – Winchester School of Art BA(Hons) Photography – Arts University of Bournemouth BA(Hons) Textiles – Arts University of Brighton BA(Hons) Sculpture – Camberwell College of Art BA(Hons) Fine Art – Central Saint Martins Internship BA(Hons) Architecture – Brighton University Photography – Career Photography – Career BA(Hons) Graphic Design – Camberwell College of Arts BA(Hons) Fashion & Textile Design – Winchester School of Art BA(Hons) Camberwell College of Arts BA(Hons) English & Sociology – Exeter University BA(Hons) Animation – UCA Farnham Graphic/Web design – Career BA(Hons) Fine Art – Winchester School of Art BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Technology – Arts University of Bournemouth

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Thanks Finally, the students of FAD would like to thank their friends and families for their ongoing support during the year. We are also grateful to the tutors for their patience, guidance and enthusiasm: they have been an inspiration to us all with their boundless knowledge. An additional thanks goes to Joel Horner for his determination when overcoming the problems he has been faced with, and conquering them on behalf of the students. And lastly, to our dedicated technician, Rachel, without whom this year would not have been possible. From the first Art Foundation, the Class of 2013, thank you!

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