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“I never say I think. I always say, I feel. From my core. From my soul.” - PATTY PERREIRA




Patty Perreira’s Design Lof t in Venice, California

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Savant in Silver / Black Enamel / Vintage Blue (AR)


A Depth Of Vision Bill Barton and Patty Perreira innovated the art of seeing at some of fashion’s most iconic brands. In 2007, these eyewear legends set off on their own journey, coming together to create Barton Perreira. Their vision was clear. An independent brand that sees things differently, taking the time to invest in craftsmanship that produces nothing less than the finest eyewear in the world. The Cour tier (55) Champagne / Gold / Bottle Green (AR)


“From the beginning, the dream of Barton Perreira was to make products without compromise. And we have.” - BILL BARTON


Natural Insight Bill Barton began his career as an optician, learning the intricacies of the eyewear industry and the value of human connection. These experiences informed his tenure as CEO of Oliver Peoples, leading and driving remarkable growth, before moving on to transform the eyewear industry toward a more authentic future with the creation of Barton Perreira. Patty Perreira’s intuitive style and storied designs have been the centerpieces of collections ranging from Vera Wang, Prada, Miu Miu, Paul Smith, and for over eighteen years, Oliver Peoples, where she redefined what eyewear means to the modern world. Fearless, soulful and endlessly versatile, her intuition guides every move.


“We chose pieces that are going to withstand the test of time as a classic, while also very much being steps ahead of the current moment. Each piece needed to be what I like to call the ‘answer.’ Barton Perreira sunglasses immediately ticked all the boxes of what a number of our Bond looks required – and across a variety of settings and circumstances in the story, they were indeed the answer. - Suttirat Anne Larlarb, Costume Designer for NO TIME TO DIE “We’re thrilled to integrate the Barton Perreira brand into such an iconic franchise and are excited for viewers to not only see the collection come to life in the film, but to also have the opportunity to purchase the styles. James Bond embodies many things Barton Perreira represents – style, innovation, design and affinity for high quality luxury items – and we’re proud to see him in our frames.” - Patty Perreira, Co-Founder and Designer at Barton Perreira

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Bar ton Perreira x 007 - The Joe in Black 21

Abov e : T h e B a r t o n P e r r e i r a x J o e 0 0 7 i n s c r i b e d t e m p l e . On Right: The Barton Perreira x 007 Joe & Norton.


“Our eyewear is timeless. Each frame is a work of art that becomes part of who you are.” - PATTY PERREIRA

Driven by a fearless commitment to artistry and integrity, Barton Perreira and Fear of God share many core brand ideals, including the guiding principle to always do things the right way, for the right reasons.

B a r t o n P e r r e i r a x F e a r o f G o d f e a t u r i n g t h e F G B P. 2 0 2 0 . 12

T h e F G B P. 2 0 2 0 i n M a t t e E c r u

“In design, one of the hardest things to land is simplicity. One of the hardest things to create are solutions that aren't obtrusive." -JERRY LORENZO FOR WWD



Ab o v e : T h e F G B P. 2 0 2 0 i n M a t t e E c r u . O n L e f t : T h e F G B P. 2 0 2 0 i n M a t t e K h a k i .


The FGBP.2020 Matte Ecru

“The perfect pair of glasses, like clothing, allows you to be appropriate and sophisticated for a variety of occasions. I think versatility, freedom and effortlessness are at the root of design." -JERRY LORENZO FOR THE ROBB REPORT


Barton Perreira New Yor - 42 E 66th Street 18

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Lono & Domino

“Our artisans in Japan have a relentless devotion to craft. They take pride in what they do, and there’s so much integrity in everything they bring to life.” - PATTY PERREIRA


EVERY CURVE, ANGLE, DETAIL, POLISH, EVERY PAIR. Process to Perfection Meticulously crafted by hand in Japan, a single pair of Barton Perreira frames takes weeks to refine. Distinguished for their passionate attention to each one-of-a-kind detail, Japan’s leading artisans ensure every facet of Barton Perreira eyewear is brought to life with precision and virtuosity. The relationship between design and manufacturing is a true partnership, unparalleled in the industry.




An innovative process that creates raised graphic patterns on the outer edges of the lens. The results are stunning when paired with specialty nylite lenses. It’s a texture that you can not only see but feel.

“The engineering has to be flawless. Our frames have to be built entirely by hand. One touch, and you instantly get it.”

WEIGHTLESS FITS The titanium made in Japan is the finest and most lightweight in the world. Barton Perreira uses Japanese titanium with no composites to construct the most durable frames available today.


Constructed with the finest grade Japanese acetate and titanium, every pair of Barton Perreira eyewear fits like a tailored suit. To accomplish this, the frames are wired with an adjustable foundation to align perfectly with your face, while maintaining its shape. Unlike most designers who focus on the object first and foremost, Patty Perreira creates for the face, bringing an unprecedented level of customization to every angle.

INTRICATE MIXED MEDIA TECHNIQUES Layers of laminated acetate transform these styles into a complex construction of zyl and titanium, offering an updated look that combines two traditional methods of building eyewear.

The spectrum of innovations are endless. HAND-ETCHED FILIGREES


An intricate process where detailed patterns are etched into the titanium components of the frame. Like much of the manufacturing process, this must be done entirely by hand to meet our standards.

Patty Perreira’s creative expression drives her exploration of colors, patterns and acetate combinations that push boundaries. Her bold color palette is synonymous with Barton Perreira.



A hand-dipped staged process that takes days to perfect. The result is a stunning gradient of color across the outside face of the lens. Additionally with innovation being a core brand pillar, we are excited to be one of the first companies to launch a new backside AR coating called “VIOFF” debuting in our SS2020 collection. This technology offers superior protection from UV light that reflects into the iris compared to traditional backside AR coatings.

Barton Perreira offeres signature cloisonné and foil-print technology. This process must be done by hand to achieve the high gloss enamel finish and precise placement of patterns.


The Harmonia Rose Gold / Cherr y Moon Mirror for SPECTR 40

RESPONSIBLE LUXURY Since inception, Barton Perreira has been committed to crafting eyewear using the highest quality materials, derived without harmful chemicals. This includes using plant-based acetates, with cellulose obtained from wood and cotton, for an environmentally friendly resin. Barton Perreira is proud to stand against fast-fashion and the waste it creates. Their timeless eyewear is intended to be worn season after season, ensuring a lifetime of use.“Like all my collections, I truly believe in creating a style that outlives trends and can remain timeless for years to come,” says designer Patty Perreira. Looking ahead, Barton Perreira is driven to expand on their sustainable initiatives. In an effort to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, Barton Perreira will deepen its commitment to the environment, by providing consumers with cleaning cloths and shopping bags made of recycled materials.


Spring / Summer 2020 - The Galore & Savant

Ab o v e : T h e O g d e n M a t t e B l a c k On Right: The Alvar Silver


Bar ton Perreira collaborated with ar tists Craig Stecyk and Susanne Melanie Barry in a series of screen prints.

Bar ton Perreira collaborated with ar tist Kenton Parker to create packaging with his signature ibrant Starburst artwork.


Spring / Summer 2020 - The Rourke in Tornade Gradient

Bar ton Perreira Kansas City - 421 Nichols Road

“My designs are fused with innovation and inspired so much by nature. My love for Jamaican sunsets and the flow of the deep, blue sea encapsulates all of the beautiful angles and natural curves of the face.� - PATTY PERREIRA

The Arlequin in Gold / Rasta / Smokey Topaz

Spring / Summer 2020 Sun Collection

Ab o v e : T h e C h o u p e t t e B l a c k / N o i r ( A R ) . Right: The Escapade Heroine Chic / Gold / Julep (AR ).


Ab o v e : T h e K a h u n a i n V o g u e . On Left: The Aerial in Harper's Bazaar


Ab o v e : T h e T u c k e r i n B l a c k / V i n t a g e B l u e ( A R ) & Khaki / Vintage Gre y (AR). O n L e f t: Barton Perreira x Giovanni Ribisi collaboration featuring the Ribisi for Autmn/Winter 2013.


“You love it when people choose your eyewear. No matter who they are. But when icons gravitate to Barton Perreira, there’s a real sense of pride.” - BILL BARTON



R YA N G O S L I N G In the Gilbert


SAMUEL L. JACKSON I n t h e Tr u m a n


BRAD PITT I n the Caine


LADY GAGA In the Quimby


S A N D R A B U L LO C K In the Dalziel


ROBERT DOWNEY JR I n t h e We l l e r


ALI WONG In the Mystere






LOGIC I n the Aalto


JENNIFER LOPEZ I n th e Breed Love


POST MALONE I n th e Beauregard


Le f t a n d R i g h t : Pa t ty Pe r re i ra ’s L o f t i n Ve n i ce, C A


“I love the way Warhol transcends design into art, or how early Porsches played with the curvature of glass to create fascinating lines. There’s so much beauty and movement in the world. I find inspiration everywhere.” - PATTY PERREIRA The Marquee in Gold / Crimson Red Enamel / Smokey Topaz (AR)

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Marquee Crimson / Red Enamel / Smokey Topaz (AR) 51

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Solitaire Frose / Rose Gold 52

The Vanguard Havana with Vintage Blue Lens (AR)

Ab o v e : B a r t o n P e r r e i r a x A l b e r t M a y s l e s s h o t b y Te r r y R i c h a r d s o n . On Right: The Mahina in 4SEE magazine.


Spring / Summer 2020 - The Lamora in Tokyo Tor toise







T h e B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a h e a d q u a r t e r s o p e n s i t s d o o r s.

B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a o p e n s i t s f i r s t r e t a i l l o c a t i o n i n A s p e n , Co l o r a d o.

Barton Perreira collaborates with Chloe S evigny X Opening Ceremony capsule collec tion launches.

Pa t t y Pe r re i r a c o l l a b o r a t e s w i t h Giovanni Ribisi on signature s u n g l a s s e s.





B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a l a u n c h e s i t s c o l l e c t i o n in luxur y retailers: Bergdor f Goodman, N e i m a n M a r c u s, B a r n e y s N e w Yo r k & S a k s Fi f t h Ave n u e.

Pa t t y Pe r r e i r a b e c o m e s a m e m b e r o f t h e C F DA .

B a r t o n Pe r re i r a o p e n s i t s s e c o n d re t a i l l o c a t i o n i n N a s hv i l l e, Te n n e s s e e.

B a r t o n Pe r re i r a d e s i g n s “G o o d m a n” i n h o n o r o f B e r g d o r f M e n’s 2 5 t h A n n i v e r s a r y.








B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a o p e n s i t s f l a g s h i p re t a i l l o c a t i o n i n N e w Yo r k C i t y.

T h e M i n t & S e r f X B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a S c a r f Co l l a b o r a t i o n .

Bar ton Per reira collaborates with ar tist Craig Stec yk to create exclusive artwork.

Bar ton Per reira launches diamond sunglasses with jewelry designer, Spinelli K ilcollin.





Pa t t y Pe r r e i r a d e s i g n s t h e Wi n e t t e i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h C F DA fo r Fa s h i o n Ta r g e t s B re a s t C a n c e r.

B a r t o n Pe r r e i r a c e l e b r a t e s i t s tenth anniversar y with a specialty c o l l e c t i o n , “ T E N .�

B a r t o n Pe r re i r a a n d M a rc o l i n s i g n a d i s t r i b u t i o n a g re e m e n t fo r n e w g l o b a l t e r r i t o r i e s.

Artist, Kenton Par ker collaborates to design a limited edition cloth and case for Bar ton Per reira.





Barton Perreira collaborates with menswear designer Robert Geller.

Barton Perreira joins the James Bond franchise, as the eyewear partner in the film, NO TIME TO DIE.

Ab o v e : T h e S y r i n x S a n t o r i n i S a n d a n d S e v e r i n e T e a l G r a d i e n t



Barton Perreira collaborates with artist Sage Vaughn to create cleaning cloths made from recycled plastic bottles.

Bar ton Per reira collaborates with l uxury menswear designer and create o f Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo.


Ab o v e : T h e S p i n e l l i K i l c o l l i n a n n u l e t s i n 18kt gold with black diamonds. On Right: Barton Perreira x Spinelli Kilcollin collaboration featuring the Kuma Amber


Above: T h e S o l s t r e s s i n B l a c k , L e o p a r d & O b x l o o d . On Left: Alyssa Miller in Camille.


“We only prototype 5% of what Patty designs. She’s prolific. Her breadth. Her versatility. Her feel for color, materials, and lenses. She makes it look easy.” - BILL BARTON

Patty Perreira’s illustration for Bar ton Per reira Ten




B A N K S ( AW 2 0 1 0 )

ENDORA (AW 2018)

GALORE (SS 2020)


Embolden your look in the statement-making Banks. Made with zyl acetate, these glasses have a strong silhouette.

T h i s ca t - e y e st y l e is de s i g n e d wi t h an en t i c i n g co m b i n a t i o n o f ti t a n i u m an d ac e t a t e to cr e a t e a lo o k th a t is c o n t e m p o r a r y an d cr e a t i v e .

Edgy elegance and interplay of metal and acetate radiate in this ‘60s throwback to fearless style. Handcrafted in ultra-thin acetate and titanium with intricate filigree detailing.

This classic silhouette features a vintage -inspired keyhole bridge, hand-carved acetate, and a lens shape that suits most face shapes.

ROURKE (SS 2020)

DOMINO (SS 2020)

H E A L E Y ( AW 2 0 1 9 )

NINA (SS 2018)

Deep originality and understated dynamics enliven this salute t o T h e S m i t h ’s p i o n e e r i n g b a s s i s t .

Sterling design and a touch of mystery exude a timeless sense of intrigue and adventure.

Held to the highest standards of craf tsmanship, these frames have architectural and industrial elements.

Thick rims coupled with a power ful cat-eye creates a bold silhouette. A definitive frame that exudes confidence.

D U F F Y ( AW 2 0 1 9 )

EIGER (SS 2019)

NORTON 46 (SS 2012)

S TA X ( S S 2 0 1 7 )

Crafted from hand-carved zyl acetate, this pronounced d-frame s h a p e i s c l a s s i c a n d c o m p l e m e n t a r y.

Angular lenses convey a sense of strength while the sleek style e n s u re s t h e s e f ra m e s wo n’t ove r p owe r yo u r f a ce.

A keyhole bridge provides an established feel, while the round lenses add a natural element.

Chunky acetate takes a rectangular shape, resulting in a bold and balanced frame.





B O L S H A ( AW 2 0 1 8 )

DOMINO (SS 2020)

J O E ( AW 2 0 1 7 )

Sweeping curves and audacious glamour invite you to always make an entrance.

Designed to fit almost every face shape, this look is sculpted and defined.

Sterling design and a touch of mystery exude a timeless sense of intrigue and adventure.

Thick acetate frames create a pronounced silhouette and square lenses contribute to the masculine effect.



K ALUA (SS 2019)


Heightened luxury and immaculate construction beautifully harmonize in this glamorous silhouette. Handcrafted in ultra-thin acetate and lightweight titanium with intricate filigree detailing.

This universally flattering style is complete with thoughtful detailing, like intricate filigree etching at the double bridge and signature Barton Perreira engraving at the temples

Designed with chunky acetate arms and a strong titanium foundation, these modern frames are sturdy and bold.

This style is timeless, but it is the uncompromising attention to detail and a dedication to superior construction that guarantees these frames will stand the test of time.

C O LT R A N E ( A W 2 0 1 6 )


SYRINX (AW 2019)

T U C K E R ( AW 2 0 1 9 )

These wearable frames showcase a keyhole bridge that gives an element of distinction.

A modern aviator silhouette that is both prominent and stylish. A slim brow bar elevates the look and keeps this distinctive style wearable.

Thick, hand-carved zyl acetate and titanium corewiring guarantees unparalleled structure and durability.

This style showcases a unique shape that creates intrigue while the keyhole bridge adds a touch of tradition.


Spring / Summer 2020 - The Solitaire in Sulcata Tor toise / Gold 116

“When you’re an independent brand, it’s intense. It’s emotional. It’s our gut feeling. This is what we believe.” - BILL BARTON

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Marquee in Gold / White Enamel / Smokey Topaz (AR) 65

Bar ton Perreira Aspen - 525 East Cooper Avenue


An Independent Lens There’s a reason no other luxury boutique eyewear brand has been revered across the industry, featured in the world’s leading retailers, and celebrated for artistry and innovations in every collection. Barton Perreira was born out of independence and intuition. In this industry, freedom is unprecedented, and it’s what allows Barton Perreira to show the world a more beautiful view.

Spring / Summer 2020 - The Escapade in Heroine Chic / Gold / Julep (AR) 67


Our Partners Barton Perreira is proud to be featured by purveyors of luxury around the world, including: Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Mr. Porter, Harvey Nichols, Isetan, Elyse Walker, Maxfield, Liberty London, and many more. The Catroux featured for Bergdorf Goodman



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