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THE BARTON EXPERIENCE Barton challenges you to think boldly about your future. Our general education courses focus on students achieving learning outcomes in written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking. These skills are what employers are looking for when hiring new graduates. Barton’s liberal arts education gives you a skill set, which serves as a core foundation from your first career until retirement.


Core Principles YOU ARE HOME Barton naturally and intentionally presents new opportunities and challenges that allow you to grow, respond, and increase selfawareness. We walk with you as a supportive family while you identify, understand, and persevere through the daily demands of college and beyond.

YOU HAVE A PLACE AT OUR TABLE By recognizing your unique story, potential to succeed, and distinctive goals, we foster intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development through intentional experiences, inside and outside the classroom.

WE LEARN TOGETHER Our community delivers student learning, inside and outside the classroom, with high expectations and deep meaning. We believe this student-centered, collaborative learning environment inspires you to develop, succeed, and persist at Barton College.

WE SERVE THE GREATER GOOD The Barton Experience is supported by integrated programs, services, and experiences designed to actively engage the discovery of self and place in the world. Active engagement in these experiences forms insightful and ethical leaders prepared to serve the greater good.

YOUR PURPOSE, OUR PASSION The comprehensive Barton Experience, driven by caring, committed, and innovative faculty and staff, defines success through your discovery of purpose and where it can be engaged in our communities. Your journey guides our daily work.

HOME The Barton Experience is centered on you, and it begins the moment we meet you. From that first question about majors to your first visit on campus, from your first night in the residence hall to your first mid-term exam, from your first Lighting of the Luminaries to your first Day of Scholarship, you’ll soon realize that we are with you every step of your college journey. Summer Orientation, Welcome Weekend, and First Year Seminar are just the beginning of your Barton Experience. Just wait until your first tailgate at the soccer and lacrosse games, or your first Rise Against Hunger packaging event, or your first Day of Service! New friends made in class, encouragement provided by professors, and support offered from residence hall staff will remind you that you are “home.”

“I chose Barton because I had an instant connection as soon as I walked through the doors of Harper Hall to receive a tour. The warm welcome was exactly what I was searching for. I love Barton because I have formed so many lifelong friendships here with alumni and students. Barton is truly one big family.” Chesney Brown Junior, Business major Mount Olive, North Carolina

YOU ARE HOME Visit to learn more about your your new home.

PLACE At Barton, we meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. Your personal and academic goals become our goals as we help you plan the best path to achieve your aspirations. There are lots of opportunities for you to follow your specific interests. Want to run for a student government office? Maybe you’d like to plan a Disciples on Campus retreat. You could serve as an orientation leader welcoming new freshmen to campus or lead campus tours as a Barton ambassador. Interested in traveling abroad to study for 10 days or an entire semester—is London calling? Or perhaps Italy or Ireland? You might be the next up-and-coming actor to step into the spotlight at Barton, so why not try out for the spring theatre musical? Or maybe you’ve honed those debating skills and are ready to compete in the annual NCICU Ethics Bowl competition. Whatever you choose, you will find your place at the table, and you will shine in your role.


Clubs and Organizations on campus, not counting the one you may start.

A PLACE AT OUR TABLE Visit to learn more about your living choices at Barton.

LEARN With a focus on academic excellence, Barton professors engage you in meaningful learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. You may participate in a spirited ethics discussion in Philosophy class or find yourself trekking through a wetland to gather organic samples for Biology lab; you may create a business model for a new social media company in your Social Entrepreneurship class or observe the behavior of a ring-tailed lemur, serval, ocelot, or lion in captivity during a field trip to the Conservators Center; you may delve into the College Archives to research a 1960s presidential decision for your Honors Program project or help curate the spring Artist-in-Residence’s gallery exhibition. Whatever classes you choose, you will critically question the norm by researching, dissecting, analyzing, pondering, and finally coming to conclusions that bring the answers fully into focus. You will be challenged to stretch your mind — to consider the facts and opinions from all angles — as you delve into your academic major. The result is a broadened awareness of the discipline you have chosen for your career and a confident preparedness as you step into that professional workplace.

WE LEARN TOGETHER “The Whitehurst Family Honors Program engages students in service, culture and community life, while they are enrolled in an academic program that fosters intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry. ” Gerard Lange Associate Professor of Art and Director, Whitehurst Family Honors Program

SERVE To serve the greater good, you first need to understand what brings meaning and purpose to your own life. By engaging in programs and activities to discover more about yourself, you will learn how you can also make the biggest impact on others. Through diversity and inclusion programs, emotional intelligence discussions, and programming offered by Life Matters and a variety of campus organizations, you’ll gain a stronger sense of self as well as a broadened respect for others.

Serving others in our community begins during your Orientation service projects and continues into the fall semester with Barton’s annual Day of Service in the surrounding Wilson community. You also may choose to serve by participating in a home-rebuild for hurricane relief during your Spring Break, stocking the local food pantry, tutoring at-risk students in an afterschool program, reading to third graders at the nearby elementary school, or checking blood pressures at the YMCA. These are just a few of the opportunities where you could serve the greater good during your Barton Experience.

WE SERVE THE GREATER GOOD “Barton has allowed me to be a community leader in a variety of ways. The students, faculty, and staff are all very connected, and it always feels like a family atmosphere! ” Micah Clemons Sophomore, Mass Communications Greenville, North Carolina

Barton | ALUMNI

PURPOSE Your purpose is our passion, as we boldly lead you toward academic and personal success. The Office of Student Success offers peer and online tutoring, time management and oral communication coaching, resume review and mock interview workshops, professional career day fairs and Career Trek with potential employers. Already thinking about graduate studies? Barton offers four master’s degrees: Nursing, School Administration, and Elementary Education, as well as a 3+2 M.B.A. in Strategic Leadership that will allow you to graduate with a B.S. and an M.B.A. in just five years. The BB&T Free Enterprise Education Lecture and the Wilson/ Barton ThinkTank are just two examples of opportunities to engage with local and regional professional leaders. Internships, education practicums, and field placements offer real-world experience where you can put theory into practice while building relationships with employers. And, did you know that 95% of Barton’s graduates are employed full time or in graduate school within six months of graduation? The Barton Experience will provide the tools you need to complete your degree of choice while helping you develop a strengthened sense of ethical leadership and purpose.


Barton’s graduates are employed full time or in graduate school within six months of graduation

YOUR PURPOSE, OUR PASSION Visit to learn more about your living choices at Barton.


M • C O MU N


•C A M P






EXPERIENCE: BULLDOG PRIDE You’ll quickly find that there’s a balance of study and play during your Barton Experience. Getting physically involved in intercollegiate or intramural sports will keep you moving on the courts and on the fields. Twenty-two NCAA DII programs provide diverse athletic competition at Barton, and the Office of Student Activities offers a plethora of intramural sports for those who just want to have some fun after classes. More of a cheer leader for your group? Then, you’ve probably heard that we take rooting for our beloved Bulldogs to a new decibel level, whether it’s in the “Doghouse” or at the Athletic Complex. And, don’t forget the 50 clubs and organizations you could consider joining. Choose between Greek, social, service, and academic groups to participate in during your Barton Experience. Don’t recognize a group you are interested in joining when you arrive? Then, we’ll help you begin a new group. Just get involved!

Visit to learn more about athletics at Barton and for information on clubs, Greek life, and intramurals on campus.

EXPERIENCE: AFFORDABILITY “Our Financial Aid experience was awesome! We always spoke with people that cared about our needs. We were able to secure work-study jobs on campus that made the cost even more affordable. Barton worked hard to make my daughter’s education affordable for us and everyone was so proactive throughout the process.” onna Richards D Barton Parent



What if you could make your out-of-pocket costs for a private education — one centered specifically on YOU — about the same (or sometimes less!) as a large, public school? We think you can — and that’s why Barton is committed to Affordability Plus.


Total Gift Aid in ’16/’17




What’s Affordability Plus? It begins with affordability – Barton’s commitment to keep net cost (the actual dollars you pay out of pocket) within a workable range for you and your family. We help you in two important ways. First, every effort is made to keep annual costs comparably low — in fact, the College’s percentage increases over the past four (4) years have gone steadily downward, in spite of rising cost-of-living changes. Second, by supplementing federal and state financial aid funds with generous scholarships and need-based assistance, Barton makes sure our distinctive education is affordable to a wide range of families.

Average Freshman Aid Package (without loans)





The result? Ninety-eight percent (98%) of Barton students receive assistance. The average financial aid award is more than $23,216 (not including loans) — even more for families with higher need! Barton offers generous merit scholarships (up to $25,000), additional endowed scholarships for students who fit specific donor criteria, and need-based grants, which may lower your cost even more. Don’t forget the “Plus”! At Barton, you benefit from a host of distinctive advantages and powerful outcomes:

Average Freshman Tuition Room and Board (without loans)




Barton Students Awarded Aid

* Based On Fall 2017 Full-Time Freshmen

• 97% of Barton seniors have one high-impact learning experience (internship, field placement, servicelearning, undergraduate research), and 85% have two or more, compared with the region’s average of 82% and 61% respectively; • Barton seniors are 23% more likely than peers at other institutions to discuss academic performance with faculty; • 95% of Barton’s 2016 graduates were employed full-time or in graduate school within six months of graduation as compared to the national average of 82%. It’s no surprise that U.S. News & World Report ranked Barton in the top-ten Regional Colleges in the South for Best Value. Let us show you how affordable a Barton education can be!

EXPERIENCE: SUCCESS You’re not going to college just to have a good time. There’s a purpose and a goal, and Barton will help you reach that goal. “Becoming a critical care transport nurse....whether you transport patients in a helicopter or in an ambulance....isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. It takes time and experience. Most important, you have to have a strong foundation of knowledge to build on, and that’s what Barton gave me. I felt extremely prepared as a new grad. Barton’s nursing program not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge, the professors worked extremely hard to instill professionalism in each of us. I’ve had many compliments from colleagues since graduation regarding Barton’s reputation as an outstanding nursing program.” Hillary Manning, Class of 2006 Critical Care Transport Nurse

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The Experience That Makes The Difference. Located in Wilson, N.C., Barton is a great place to call home. The ideal college town would feature comforts and conveniences — but without all the chaos, congestion, or crime. That’s Wilson! And Barton provides a vibrant campus in this thriving community of 50,000 residents. A gigabit city, Wilson is located in one of the fastest growing and most recognized regions in the country, only 35 minutes east of Raleigh and within an hour of Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Barton students appreciate the city’s restaurants, shopping opportunities, festivals, and other unique diversions. What else awaits you in Wilson? A historic downtown, unique shops, museums, galleries, lakes, trails, and some of the friendliest people in the Southeast.

Contact us to plan your personal tour! 252.399.6317 • • 800.345.4973


Wilson, NC

Washington, D.C. - 4 hrs. Richmond, Va. - 2 hrs. Raleigh, N.C. - 35 min. Wilmington, N.C. - 2 hrs. Nags Head, N.C. - 2.5 hrs. Boone, N.C. - 3.75 hrs. Charlotte, N.C. - 3.5 hrs. Myrtle Beach, S.C. - 3.5 hr.s Augusta, Ga. - 4.5 hrs. Orlando, Fla. - 8.5 hrs.

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