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Welcome to the March edition. March is one of our favourite months, not only do we celebrate a birthday but there are always new signs of life in the garden. Also the promise of longer days after the clocks go back leading hopefully to warmer times ahead. For many people, this winter has seemed particularly long and difficult but we hope that as the vaccinations continue to roll out we are on the home stretch. Even though it has been wet and cold, we still have to get out every day with our ‘boys’ and you can read how they get on in It’s a Dog’s life. Whatever you do this month, we sincerely hope that you all stay well. If you enjoy our monthly magazine the best way you can support it is to give a call to the businesses listed within. Please do your best to support local businesses this year.

Gary & Sally

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Local History

Lost Bournemouth

I’m not a fan of the word ‘timeless’. People use this to suggest that a landscape is never changing, yet everything changes even if only subtly. Take any townscape, where buildings come and go, churches become supermarkets, and despisers of carbuncles have an ‘IMAX’ in their sights. When I wrote my second book, ‘Lesser Known Bournemouth’ (2019), I was keen to record some of the buildings that the town had lost as well as others that had found ingenious new uses, so not just the place of worship that became a cathedral of shopping, but also the fire station that became a live music venue and so fort rth. t

‘Lesser Known Bournemouth’, published November 2019. (Courtesy of Roving Press)

One church you won’t find today is Holy Trinity, formerly in Old Christchurch Road (18691981) facing Glen Fern Road. An unusual Romanesque-style church with a later addition of a stand-out brick tower, it was


nicknamed the ‘Rocket Church’ and it was easy to understand why from photographs.

The aptly-named Grand Hotel in Fir Vale Road, which was demolished in 1962.

Holy Trinity church showing off its new tower in 1957

Sadly, the church burned down but not before Wimbledon tennis champion Virginia Wade’s father had been added to the list of vicars (1942-47). Virginia, incidentally, was born in the town in ’45. Mrs Steve was born the same year: It was a good year. In the same part rtt of town once stood the aptly-named Grand Hotel in Fir Vale Road: Grand by name and grand by nature. South Western House resides on the site today, the hotel having been demolished in 1962. As photos testify fy, y this had been one of Bournemouth’s largest hotels. People needed places to stay. They also needed to get here. Back in the days before polluting vehicles clogg gged g up roads, holidaymakers packed trains with suitcases.

Bournemouth West station was the terminus of the old Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway in Queens Road which disgorged excited visitors from 1874-1965, including a young Mrs Robert rts. t The old railway hotel still exists t’other side of road (apart rtments t today).

Bournemouth West railway station, fondly remembered by Mrs Steve.

A lot of folk will tell you that ‘Bournemouth has no history ry’ y (I beg to diff ffer) f or that the modern resort rtt start rted t with a chap called Tregonwell who built the first house, c.1810-12 (I concur: Today’s Royal Exeter Exx Hotel). It wasn’t the very ryy first building though as there was cert rtainly t already a pub, the Tapps Arms, renamed the Tregonwell Arms, which stood at the junction of Old Christchurch Road and Post Offi ffice fi Road (1809-85).

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The latter road name makes sense as the pub doubled up as the town’s first post offi ffice fi for a while. ‘Just off fff to post a letter love’ (cough, cough).

The long lost Southbourne Pier, which was demolished in 1909.

The Tregonwell Arms which predated the ‘First House’ and lasted until 1885

Oh, and the history ry, y well, let’s not forget that as Bournemouth prospered and grew it swallowed up other, older districts, thereby acquiring its history ry. y I’m sure you all know that when Bournemouth first emerged it was as a convalescent retreat for invalids, but reinvention as a fully-fledged resort rtt would soon follow. If you have this ambition though you need to provide facilities for all those visitors, so the improvement commissioners got to work, building a pier for perambulation, oh, and the railway arrived (1870). There are, of course, two piers today, but one of those lesser-known stories involves the town’s third and long-lost pier, that of Southbourne (1888-1909) which was badly damaged by storms and then demolished.

list all the well-to-do who graced the fledgling resort rtt with their presence, but I will single out the naturalist Charles Darw rwin w (180982) as he leads us to another little bit of ‘Lost Bournemouth’. He rented the thatched Cliff fff Cottage for a month in September 1862 to aid his son’s convalescence aft fter t a bout of scarlet fever.

Another place for the visitors to go was the Winter Gardens. The first incarnation resembled the Cry rystal y Palace, an immense glasshouse, which became a popular classical music venue (1893-1935) with a capacity of some 4,000. Cliff Cottage where Charles Darwin stayed in September 1862.

This site is occupied today by a rather larger construct, the BIC. Darw rwin w was a famous chap by the time of his visit having published his ‘On the Origin of Species’ three years earlier in 1859. The first Winter Gardens, which resembled the ‘Crystal Palace’.

Rather regrettably this was replaced by a brick construction, which itself was demolished in 2006. Bournemouth’s reinvention attracted the rich and famous for this greenfield resort rtt always aimed high, a destination for the genteel rather than the riff ff-raff f fff (one reason the railway arrived relatively late in 1870 was the fear that easy access might encourage the hoi-polloi to start rtt rocking up in increasingly large numbers). I don’t have room to

lease mention t is maga ine

Take care & stay safe folks. Steve Roberts Steve Robert rts’ t first book, ‘Lesser Known Christchurch’, was published in August 2015, by Dorset book specialist Roving Press. His second book, ‘Lesser Known Bournemouth’, was published in November 2019. For more information visit the publisher’s website www ww ww. w rovingpress.co.uk or the author’s website www ww ww.steverobert w rts.org.uk t (Twitter: @SRChristchurch) All Photographs courtesy of Bournemouth Library

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Mike Neville Under the spotlight in this months ‘Meet the Locals’ article is Mike Neville who has had a fascinating career in the army and in policing. He settled in New Milton on retirement. Mike was born and raised in Bolton in Lancashire. Whilst attending the local Grammar School he joined the army cadets which set him on his early career path. At the age of 16 he enlisted in the Junior Leaders unit of the Royal Armoured Corps at Bovington in Dorset. It was almost inevitable that Mike would have ended up in the army as he was the fourth generation of his family to serve in the armed forces. Mike’s adult service in the army was with the Royal Military Police. He was posted to Munster in Germany and to Northern Ireland. After leaving the army in 1988, Mike joined the Metropolitan Police. After training at Hendon, he was posted to Clapham as a probationary constable. Whilst serving as a beat officer Mike


became an instructor in the army cadets. As an officer he commanded a detachment. This was extremely helpful as it enabled him to get to know the local youths and their parents on his beat and for them to know him. It meant that Mike was not just ‘another copper’ but was one who was clearly seen to be working for the benefit of the local community. It enabled him to defuse tensions in the local community. Mike became a trainee Detective Constable, still based at Clapham. It was here that he and a colleague ended up dealing with a string of armed robberies at banks and post offices. They were carried out over a wide area of London by the same gang. Often there were CCTV images of the suspects but at that time, these were not being shared across the whole of the Metropolitan Police, just to the police units nearest the crime scene. Mike and his colleague managed to arrest and successfully prosecute the gang

who were responsible for at least 132 robberies. Mike realised that the system the Metropolitan Police had for managing the CCTV images of suspects needed to be overhauled. In 2006 he set up a dedicated unit that was tasked with reviewing CCTV footage from hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras in the capital. Mike became aware of police officers who were exceptional at recognising suspects from CCTV and other images. In 2009, in the USA Professor Richard Russell was studying a condition known as prosopagnosia where people have great difficulty recognising faces, sometimes even their own in a photograph. Russell heard that there were individuals at the other extreme of the scale and carried out test on them and found that they were about 90% accurate in their recognition of faces. As a result, Russell wrote an academic paper about those with this extraordinary skill and named them ‘Super Recognisers’. UK based psychologist Josh Davis wrote his dissertation on forensic analysis of CCTV footage. His paper was

ike receivese menda tion for inc629841 reased detecor tionse-mail 20To 12 M s com through Cgary@princepublica CTV adver call: 01425


combined 4,500 positive identifications. Mike’s unit was called on to assist in numerous other cases such as the 2018 Salisbury incident where Russian agents attempted to murder a former Russian secret service officer and his daughter using a poison called Novichok. They have also assisted foreign police forces with their investigations.

Mike and daughter Isabel at the War Memorial

concerned with the problems of misidentification and how poor some witnesses and police officers were at identifying suspects filmed on CCTV. Mike Neville contacted him and they worked together to study the Super Recognisers in his unit. Davis subjected the officers to a series of facial recognition tests. Those that performed well were asked by Mike to carry out further identifications of individuals from CCTV images. Mike was then a Detective Inspector running the Metropolitan Police Circulation Unit which was able to handle CCTV images of suspects in a far more professional way, enabling more identification to be made. In 2011 there was widespread rioting and looting in London with copy-cat offences in other parts of the country. The Met. Police

started to analyse over two hundred thousand hours of CCTV footage recording the events. The advanced computer facial recognition software that the Police were using at that time identified one suspect. A single Super Recogniser identified over a hundred and ninety. It was then that the Metropolitan Police started take note of the Super Recognisers. Since then, this area of police work has grown in acceptance. In 2013 Mike, by now a Detective Chief Inspector was asked to set up a dedicated unit with 6 Super Recognisers based at New Scotland Yard. By 2016 Super Recognisers were responsible for 2,500 identifications in criminal cases that led to a conviction or caution. All other forms of forensic science made a

In 2017 Mike retired from the Metropolitan Police and set up his own company called Super Recognisers International. They employ people from all walks of life who have the ability to always remember a face. They are asked to assist clients such as airport security, large public event security and private companies and individuals. They are also contracted by police forces around the world. Mike continues to serve as a Colonel in the Army Cadets. After teaching himself to play the flute he gradually became more involved in the national training of army cadet bands and currently organises over 80 cadet music units. Mike has managed to combine his long association with Freemasonry and his great interest in history. He has written books on Freemasonry links to historic crimes. He also runs Jack the Ripper historical walks in London taking clients to the locations of the infamous murders and recounting what happened there. We wish Mike a long and happy retirement. If you would like to find out more about Super Recognisers visit their website at www.superrecognisersinternation al.com There is a link to the national association that will enable you to take a test to see if you have the skills needed to be a Super Recogniser.

Mike on German TV documentary

Nick Saunders

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Bedouin culture, camel rides, fast four-wheel drive rolling over the dunes, hot air balloon rides, sandboarding & quad biking. It has traditional souks & markets, fragrances, fashion, jewellery & more, there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained whilst shopping in the Malls with skiing, aquarium, underwater zoo, ice rink, cinema, flight simulator experiences and many restaurants. Outside you have the Marina area which is amazing too with yacht/ speedboat trips or take a leisurely Dhow cruise or experience the XLine, steepest & fastest zipline through the city flying high an awesome thrill over the Marina, everywhere is so clean, very safe, and easy to get around, hop on hop off buses day & night, taxis, monorail & metro. Relax on the beautiful beaches or for some mountain adventure head to the scenic town of Hatta on the outskirts of Dubai with spectacular views & thrilling mountain biking trails. Dubai offers guaranteed yearround sunshine with a 6-hour 45 -minute flight direct from the UK and the time difference is only 4 hours ahead of us, which is brilliant.


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Holistic Health by Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer BSc, PGDipSc, MChiro, PhD

Gut Instincts to Boost Your Health So, you have maintained spatial-distancing and frequent hand washing, but want to get some easy tips on supporting your own immune system? You may have heard a lot recently about the importance of gut health. There is a very good reason for this. It is often said that:

70% of Your Immune System is in your Gastrointestinal Tract (i.e. your gut ).

Boosting gut health is a very logical place to start. Again, our DREAMS mnemonic is handy here.

Drink and Dietary Measures

No surprises here, water is best: it is central to all cellular processes. Inadequate fluid intake can cause constipation. Herbal teas, sparkling water, or vegetables containing high amounts of water are great to hydrate. Limit alcohol and caffeine as they can disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Avoid sweetened / flavoured carbonated drinks as these can lead to dehydration and can contribute to osteoporosis. The foods you eat can either promote or disrupt the balance of the good and bad bacteria found in the gut (your microbiome). Avoid processed foods. They contain additives to increase their shelf-life (inhibiting bacterial degradation). Introducing these additives to your beneficial bacteria is likely to be detrimental. Adding fibre-rich foods will help promote to the good bacteria in your gut. Vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, pulses and nuts provide fibre, which helps regulate your gut and provide antioxidants.

Rest and Relaxation

Stress impacts your whole body, especially your digestive and immune systems. The classic indications are the development of ulcers or IBS, but many of us feel stress in our gut first. Stress responses decrease your gut efficiency, slowing down digestion and immune function. Stress management techniques like adequate sleep and meditation help both digestive and immune functions.


Movement is key, as it helps your digestive system’s motility. A 30-minute walk, a few days a

week, can promote gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system function.

Alignment and Adjustments

Yep, you guessed it, your posture (especially while seated), can have a big impact. This could explain why many people find their digestion and immune function improves with chiropractic.

Motivation and Mental Health

The gut is so important it is often referred to as your second brain! The central nervous system (CNS) has a strong connection with the gut in the context of health and disease. Interactions between your CNS and the gut microbiome are complex and bidirectional. Changes in the relationship between the gut and CNS are linked with gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. A healthy gut, with diverse microbes, is vital for normal brain function and emotional behaviours. The microbiome is vulnerable because it interacts with potential pathogens, through the food we eat. Bacteria found in the gut stimulate your immune cells (T‑‑cells), to distinguish between your body’s own cells and potential invaders. When there is an imbalance in your gut, such as an over-growth of “bad” bacteria, your immune system is weakened, often to the extent of triggering autoimmune reactions.

Support and Supplementation

A good quality probiotic is very helpful here. Probiotics are found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, miso, kombucha and yoghurts containing live and active cultures. These are foods that contain beneficial bacteria to give your digestive health the help it needs.

Go with your gut – It is more intelligent than you think! Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer BSc, PGDipSc, MChiro, PhD

Medical Researcher

Published Scientist

Doctor of Chiropractic


Wellness Expert

PAIN RELIEF IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY... Whole Body, Whole Life, Personal, Holistic Care from Top to Toe

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Your Questions Answered

Thank you very much for all the enquiries that I have received this month. I very much appreciate how interested you are in legal matters. Here are just a few of the matters that have concerned you this month. My Mum and I have always been very close and there has only ever been the two of us. I have read that if Mum loses mental capacity I will not be able to speak on her behalf about her care and medical treatment without having a lasting power of attorney in place. Is this the case? Yes I am afraid so. No matter how close you are to the person you are caring for should always have a lasting power of attorney in place for health and welfare as well as property and financial affairs particularly if your mother is now getting on a little. Without such a document there is always a risk that the organisations with whom you might deal in the future may well proceed to organise care, treatment or a nursing home for Mum in the event of her ill health without considering your wishes My Dad has had a stroke and is not able to get out of the house at the moment. I appreciate it takes a long time to make a lasting power of attorney in relation to property and financial affairs. Is there anything I can do whilst the lasting power of attorney is being made and registered?

Yes. Dad could ask his bank to appoint a member of his family as a third party on his accounts. Some banks may require Dad to visit and so this will be difficult. Some banks will allow you to take a form away for Dad’s signature. An alternative is to make a general power of attorney which is a


short instantaneous document lasting for a shorter period allowing an attorney to act on Dad’s behalf normally until the lasting power of attorney has been registered My husband has to move into a nursing home as I am no longer able to look after him. I am worried that I may have to sell our home in order to pay the nursing home fees. I am sorry your husband has not been well. As you are continuing to live in your home then the value of it will not be taken into account as capital belonging to your husband when deciding how much he has to pay for his own nursing home fees. The value of your home is completely ignored whilst you are living there and so no-one will be able to make you sell it. You do need to take advices about the steps you can take to preserve your home in the event of you dying before your husband or you moving into long term care. I wish my partner to be able to live in my house after my death but I do wish to leave the house to my children. Can that be done? Yes, it can be done. You need to have a specific clause in your Will confirming those wishes. The clause in the Will would normally provide for your partner to be responsible for the outgoings on the house after your death. You can also include provision in the clause for the remarriage or cohabitation of your partner. At Dixon Stewart we are happy to help you with all the above matters and many more so do get in touch if you need any help on enquiry@dixonstewart.com or by calling Helen Stewart on 01425 279222

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The New Forest’s Premier Bathroom & Tile Showroom EST 1998 With over 60 displays, here at Coastal our team boasts an impressive 70 years combined experience working within the Bathroom and Plumbing industry. We have talented designers, knowledgeable fitters and an unparalleled range of bathroom products and tiles that means we can design the perfect bathroom for your space using our impressive 3D photorealistic Design Software. Left: 3 D image of Mr B’s Bathroom in Beaulieu

A luxurious space which Mr B said: “Our bathrooms were designed by Tara and we are over the moon with the result. The products and the tiles she chose for us work perfectly and the whole process from design to supply was seamless. I can’t recommend Coastal enough! Right: The Finished Project

isted Shortl KU eB for th ailer Ret 2020 Year. of the

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Chicken Curry

1lb of diced leg of chicken 1 large onion 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 cloves of garlic 1 bag of fresh coriander 1/2 pint of either coconut milk in a carton ,or from a tin. The solid block type should be melted gently so as to not burn it 1/2 a pint of chicken stock 1 tablespoon each of ground cumin, coriander, turmeric and garam masala and curry leaves. 1 teaspoon of ground cardamom 1 tablespoon of whole coriander and cumin seeds Salt/cracked black pepper

This is for four people but could feed more with added side dishes Add all of the dry ground spices and curry leaves to the chopped chicken, and place in the fridge. I like to do this at least an hour before cooking to allow them to permeate the meat. Heat the whole spices in a dry frying pan, keep them moving by gently swirling them. When they are ready they will start to pop – at this point, put into the bowl. Slice the onion, and melting the coconut oil in the frying pan, slowly cook for 3 minutes. Add the chopped garlic to the onions when they are soft, season with a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of pepper. At this point turn up the heat and add the chicken. Stir gently for about 5 minutes so as the spices do not catch, then add the coconut milk and chicken stock and stir again until it comes to the boil. At this point you can either leave to simmer in the frying pan, or put into the ovenproof dish and bake for about half an hour on 180c. While this is cooking you put on the rice. A fool proof method to cook rice is to measure the rice out into a mug the rice and however much rice you have, add twice as much water, and a pinch of salt. Bring the rice to the boil, put on a lid and turn down low. Cook for 10 minutes, or until the water is gone, then turn off and leaving the lid on allow to steam for the last 10 minutes of cooking. This way you should get fluffy wonderful rice – for curries, I always use basmati as it has by far the nicest flavour. Once ready, take the curry out of the oven, or off the hob, and add the chopped fresh coriander and serve in warm bowls. We like this curry with rice, poppadums, warm naan bread, mango chutney and raita.

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‘Just My Luck’ by Adele Parks

‘Shadowplay’ by Joseph O’Connor

For fifteen years Jake and Lexi have played the same six lottery numbers with their friends, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes. They have all sat and discussed how they would spend the cash, the possible outcomes and the usual hopes and dreams for a big win. Then one weekend, the group is divided, someone hides the truth and the numbers come up. Jake and Lexi now have a winning ticket worth a huge, life changing amount of money, but their friends will do anything for a piece of it.

Set in 1878, around the Lyceum Theatre in London. This novel follows three real life characters, Henry Irving, Ellen Terry and Bram Stoker, the author of ‘Dracula’, in a reimagining of their lives, their art and their friendship.

Adele Parks explores life, love, friendship and betrayal with her hallmark cast of wholly unlikeable characters. I found this story quite uncomfortable reading, but it is well written and delivered with Parks’ usual style and pace. Definitely one to discuss with a fellow book lover.

This is a well written, fascinating look at the relationship between the three characters and their tempestuous lives. O’Connor catches the essence of the Victorian era, the whiff of greasepaint and the subtle desperation of an emerging writer.

‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig

It’s detailed and obviously researched to the nth degree, delivering such a believable setting and version of three historical figures that you actually care about what happens to these larger than life characters. Published by Vintage ISBN 1784709158

Published by HQ ISBN 0008284695

What if you could choose another life? What if you could go back and change a decision, right a wrong or undo a past regret? Nora Seed finds herself somewhere between life and death, in a midnight library where every book contains a version of an alternate life. What if she was an Olympic swimmer, a rock star, a wife? All of these variations are explored in Matt Haig’s mind-bending novel of alternate realities. It’s a life affirming trip into possibilities and embracing the chance to find out what could have happened if different choices were made. This is unusual but I do enjoy a time travel/alternate reality story. It raises questions about the definition of a good life, success and what makes you happy. Published by Canongate Books ISBN 1786892731



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01425 524033 OUR KITCHEN TRANSFORMATIONS UTILISE YOUR EXISTING CABINETS PROVIDING A BRAND NEW LOOK FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST • 100’s of styles and colours to choose from • Less hassle time and cost • 6 Year guarantee on all doors • Replacement worktops • Replacement doors • Most work completed in 2-3 days BEFORE


www.solentt.com Makeover your kitchen for up to 50% less than the cost of a new one

Visit our new Showroom at 92 Old Milton Road New Milton BH25 6EB

New forest fires & Home Improvements

Stoves Fires Fireplaces Twinwall svstems

Pumice linings Flue Linings Surrounds Chimnevs

Interior & Exterior Renovations & Alterations


Showroom 01425 837480 Charlotte 07411 468810 Lee 07835 480575

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Relax... Your Home is Safe in Our Hands

Full c from over ju st

£20 .0 a mo



All plumbing and heating works undertaken by our own experienced engineers including, gas appliance service and breakdown, boiler replacements, renewables, whole heating system and bathroom installations.

Service Plan - From Just £20pcm

This includes 24/7 emergency plumbing & heating labour cover to the whole property and a thorough boiler service every year.

Water Softeners

The new forest is known for being a hard water area and limescale build up effects all your appliances and water fittings, leaving them looking dirty and not working efficiently. Installation of a water softener will eliminate limescale, leaving things looking and working at their best.

Large enough to cope with anything small enough to care Please call us on

01425 614607 505759


Your Business is Safe in our Hands With our Professional and Friendly service Hope Jones Chartered Accountants have been helping local businesses for over 70 years. Call us for free initial consultation to see how we can help you. Weekend and evening appointments and home visits are available on request. Our experienced staff can help you with: • Self Assessment Tax Returns • Limited Company Accounts and Taxation • Business Start Up Advice & Company Formation • Book Keeping • Payroll

T: 01425 612696

• PAYE, CIS and VAT Returns • Management Accounts and Cash Flows • Inheritance Tax Planning • Personal Tax • Auto Enrolment

E: hopejonesnm@btconnect.com

Dunlop House, 23a Spencer Road, New Milton BH25 6BZ (free on-site parking)


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Equity Release

atwoods LTD

Incorporating G C Stevens

Independent Financial Advice

For over 20 years we have been advising on how to access equity from your property Purchasing a second property In-home nursing care Reducing inheritance tax Clear an outstanding mortgage

Home improvements Topping up your income Helping your children/ grandchildren buy a house

It’s important to select the right scheme. We offer an initial consultation, usually conducted over the phone, followed by a meeting at your own home without charge. We will then recommend the scheme that suits you best. This is a lifetime mortgage/home reversion scheme. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration. After the initial consultation if you wish to proceed there will be a fee for advice which will depend upon your circumstances – typically £500. We will also receive commission from the lender when the case is completed.

Your local contact is John Masters on 01425 621148 or 07768 006669 john@atwoodsgcs.co.uk www.atwoodsgcs.co.uk Atwoods Ltd and its trading style GC Stevens Financial Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Postal address: 6 High Street, Bookham, Surrey KT23 4AG

Cohabiting Couples The UK has more than 6 million cohabiting couples, the fastest growing family type in the UK. Cohabiting couples often assume that moving in together as a couple creates similar rights and responsibilities as marriage (mythbusting common-law wife/husband), but this is not the case.

Did you know: If one cohabiting partner dies without leaving a will, the surviving partner will not automatically inherit anything owned solely by their partner?

Did you know: An unmarried partner cannot make any claims in their own right for property, maintenance or pensionsharing, even if they remain at home to care for the couples children?

If these issues are a concern to you, please get in touch. We are experienced cohabitation solicitors and we offer a friendly and informal service.

Did you know: Cohabiting partners cannot access their partner’s bank account if they die?

heppenstalls.co.uk 01425 610078 | 01590 689500 enquiries@heppenstalls.co.uk

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Dir ty Ber tie! Like many people, walking our two dogs during the past year has been a welcome distraction plus affording us daily exercise. It seems with Bernese Mountain Dogs that you have a ‘problem for all seasons’. In the summer, we have to walk them early in the morning and late at night to avoid the heat of the day and in the winter there is MUD. I take a fairly relaxed view about mud – not so Gary who is always most concerned about taking them anywhere we know will be wet underfoot. When it is frosty we can go to the common( although Bertie loves a splash in the stream), but when it is wet the only real options are on


the beach. Highcliffe Beach is a favourite spot as it serves two walks, a leisurely stroll for Bugle with a cup of coffee mid point and the chance for a zoom for Bertie. There are always plenty of dogs around to play with and he dashes in and out of the sea which keeps him relatively clean. After all, sand just brushes off right? (Fortunately we have a good vacuum!) The other option is Barton Beach but recently that has become an opportunity hitherto unexperienced for MUD. Our first dog used to love running in and out of the bushes on the cliff face and finding the muddiest ditch possible when chasing rabbits – it seems that Bertie is the same. On a wet and windy morning we were walking along underneath Pebble Beach when he crashed off into the undergrowth after some scent or other. A short while later he reappeared, happy but very dirty! His legs were completely black and he had straw on his face. Never did a

puppy look so pleased with himself! Fortunately, we were able to walk him home rather than put him in the car and on arrival the hose was taken out to wash him down, followed by ‘rub a dub dubs’ with a selection of towels. He really enjoys this and so I am sure he gets muddy on purpose! Whilst Bertie is off launching himself into any available water source, clean or dirty, Bugle looks on with a smug air knowing that he will be allowed back in the car as he stays nice and clean!

Sally Prince

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For all your hearing needs

Also now available:

Micro Suction ear wax removal To make an appointment or for further information please contact us Christchurch Hearing Centre, 351 Lymington Road, Highcliffe

T: 01425 272771/272719 E: enquiries@hearingaid-centre.co.uk W: www.hearingaid-centre.co.uk

Windows • Doors • Conservatories Fascia, Soffits and Cladding

Stylish A+ Rated Products - Replacement Conservatory Roofs Over 40 Years Experience • Local Family Business • Professional, Friendly Service

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Inspected and rated

5 Stuart Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 5JS Nursing care

Residential care

Dementia care

Respite care

Call us 01425 689799 visit www.highcliffe.care

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Mr Peter Willy | Mr Matthew Leadbitter | Mr Alistair Bunting Mr Paul Gaisford | Mrs Joanna Dorsett

DentalPractice BDA Good Practice Member

Dorset’s only accredited practice for nervous and anxious patients Dental implants Invisalign® invisible braces 3D CT scanner Cosmetic and general dentistry Teeth whitening Dental hygienist services

We also offer: Dental plans Interest-free finance available Ground floor with disabled access Modern facilities

Hoburne Dental Practice, 104 Saffron Drive, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 4TG.

Tel: 01425 277245 or www.hoburne-dental.co.uk Please be reassured that we are open for all appointments and are strictly adhering to COVID – 19 guidelines, keeping you safe at all times

Elodie Stewart PODIATRY



Foot Pain Isn’t Normal! Don’t suffer in silence. The health of your feet can be critical to your mobility and have a direct relationship with your general well-being. We cater for all your footcare needs such as: ■ Nail cutting ■ Cracked Heels ■ Corns and Calluses ■ Verrucae ■ Ingrowing Toe Nails ■ Fungal Infections ■ Foot pain ■ Diabetic Foot Care

To book an appointment in the comfort of your own home call Elodie on 01425 839 321 or 07800 962454 lease mention t is maga ine

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Local History

The George Inn and The Wheatsheaf Inn

There has been a George Inn and a Wheatsheaf Inn in the village of Milton for over 200 years. The George Inn is first mentioned in a bill submitted to the parish in 1797. Other parish records show that the choir of St Mary Magdalene Church were paid in beer which was provided on alternate Sundays by the two inns. From the 1813 records we can see that Mrs Elizabeth Dawkins at the George and Mr Clemming at the Wheatsheaf were charging 2 shillings and 6 pence for five pots of beer each Sunday.

parish doctor. He later died of his wounds. The coroners court rtt was heard in the Wheatsheaf Inn. The Christchurch Times of Saturday 27th March 1886 report rted t that the George Inn was used by the coroner to hold an inquest in March 1886 to investigate the death of George Biddulph who had lost his life whilst working on the construction of the railway line from Brockenhurst to Christchurch. Sadly, this was not the only casualty in the construction of the railway line.

Both were coaching Inns and were at the very ryy heart rtt of village life in Milton. They were also places that could be used for public business such as parish meetings and in some cases, court rtt hearings.

Anthony and Sheila Carr were the last landlords of the George. They sold up in October 1999, stating that lack of patronage forced their hand. The new owners refurbished the building and inside created small offi ffices. fi It then became the George Business centre. I am unable to find a record of when the Wheatsheaf Inn first opened for business. But the earlier mentioned 1813 bill for beer provided to the church choir does give some indication that the Inn has been in business for well over 200 years. The current Wheatsheaf Inn is made up of two adjacent buildings consisting of the original and the neighbouring grocers shop. As can be seen in this photograph.

George Pub Milton Village C 1900

Before the Magistrates

On 3rd of June 1825 James Read, a smugg ggler g was shot by customs offi fficers fi during an incident on the beach at Naish when 60 smugg gglers g tried to overpower 6 customs offi fficers. fi Read was brought up to the village, taken to the poor house at the back of the George Inn and attended by the

The original George Inn can be seen in this photograph which was taken from the village green looking across the Lymington Road. This was pulled down in 1905 and rebuilt in redbrick. On the side of the building facing the main road are two bricked up doorw rways. w On the terracotta tiled lintels above the doors can be seen 1905. Looking up at the top of the building the coat of arms of Pool are visible. They are ornately carv rved v in brick. This is because the Inn was owned by Marston Brewery ryy of Poole when it was rebuilt.

The Wheatsheaf Inn and Grocers shop

From left ftt to right is the Wheatsheaf Inn, the grocers shop, at the time of this photo run by a Mr Chipperfi rfield. fi Next door is a cobbler’s shop, then the blacksmith’s forge, the blacksmith’s house and the 1905 George Inn.

The grocers store was run from Victorian times through to 1966. The last proprietor of what was then called Milton Stores was a Mr Robinson. When he died the shop was sold to the Wheatsheaf, probably to the brewery ryy and incorporated into the Inn eff ffectively f doubling the size. At the rear of the Inn is a building that has been used as a stable block and later a motor garage. It is still in existence. It ceased being used as a vehicle garage when the Wheatsheaf Garage moved to a purpose-built garage site on the other side of Church Lane. That site is now used as a plumber’s supply shop. The car park of the Wheatsheaf was formerly the site of the first post offi ffice fi in Milton. This was in existence from 1834 to about 1950, when the Post Offi ffice fi moved to a new building across the road. The original Post Offi ffice fi was used as an Estate Agents until being pulled down in the mid-1960s. It is probable that from the 18th century ryy through to the 1930s the two Inns would have played a great part rtt in the every ryy day lives of the local residents and workers. They were a place for the workers to relax and unwind aft fter t the labours of the day had come to end. They were a place to exchange gossip and find our which employers were hiring and at what rates.

Hospital Sunday Parade

This was where dealers and hawkers would have off ffered f items for sale to make a little extra money. They were a centre for welfare. These were prevalent in rural areas where there was less access to the pawn broker that was normally found in towns. Court rtt records tell us of a John Parker of Milton who was steward to the George Inn benefit club in 1825. Pubs or Inns would oft ften t run a coal club or a clothing, boot and shoe club. Men would pay into them and when there was enough money to buy in bulk at a discount the club would pay out and the coal or other goods shared out. There was oft ften t a ‘Halfpenny Club’ in rural Inns. Typically, these clubs would be paid into by agricultural labourers at 1/2d the first week, then 1d the next and so on in increments of 1/2d.

When the collected sum got to an agreed figure, perhaps 28s. 8d then the pay-out would be 28s to every ryone y and the landlord who organised the club got the 8d diff fference. f It was a way of making sure labourers had some form of savings that did not get frittered away on beer or cider. These two buildings have been at the centre of local Milton village life and are an import rtant t part rtt of our local heritage.

Nick Saunders Nick Saunders is a local historian who would be pleased to hear from any reader who has information relating to local history ry. y In addition he would be interested to see any postcards or photographs of our district. Tel: 01425 618549

01425 899050 07710 033317 17A STATION RD. NEW MILTON BH25 6HN




ing c

ar r t s rt r c st rs in t is di fic lt ti ll


*T&Cs ap pply y.


r ngin rs av PP and ill c n r t t g v rn nt g id lin s


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n y Ru Fa m il e S in c



Your Local Garage Door Experts * Trusted family business for over 30 years * Supply, installation & servicing * Also fitting front entrance & side doors * Emergency repair service * No compulsory service tie-ins Contact our expert team for a free, no obligation estimate.

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New Forest Based Planting and Soft Landscaping Specialists. Have your dream garden created by an RHS Chelsea Gold medal winning team leader

Hedge Trimming Landscaping Lawn Mowing Garden Maintenance Borders Weeded & Dug All Garden Waste Taken Away Turfing Call Alistair Today on: 07443 450025 01425 611805

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Hard/Soft Landscaping Fencing & Decking Planting / Selection Hedging Hand Drawn Designs Garden Maintenance Lawn Repairs/ Relaying Plus, much More!

Your Dream Garden Is A Call Away

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Hedge, Garden & Tree Services NPTC Qualified p Over 10 Years Experience

Hedge Trimming Ex pert

Discounted Rates for over 60’s Reliable & e rvic Fr iendly Se

Tree & Hedge Cutting Service ■ Regular Maintenance

■ Mowing

■ Garden Clearance

■ Planting

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Lockjaw (7) South American Mammal (5) Synthetic (13) Tight-Lipped (3) Emphasise (9) Obsesses (6) Lethal (6) Water Sport Obstacle (9) Regret (3) Perk (6-7) Genuine (5) Mixed Continents (7)

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Tribal Emblem (5) Heat Adjustment (13) Top Part of Fraction (9) Infected (6) Meadow (3) Creative Style (4-3-6) Chemistry (7) Revelation (3-6) Amount for Breakfast (7) Debris (6) Additional (5) Acquired (3)

Across:1.Tetanus 5.Llama 8. Thermoplastic 9. Mum 10. Reiterate 12. Besots 13. Deadly 15. Waterjump 16. Rue 18. Fringebenefit 20. Legit 21. Eurasia Down: 1. Totem 2. Thermosetting 3. Numerator 4. Septic 5. Lea 6. Artsandcrafts 7. Alchemy 11. Eyeopener 12. Bowlful 14. Rubble 17. Extra 19. Got


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S C DECORATORS A family run business with over 20 years’ experience We are experts in: ■ Internal & External painting ■ Wallpapering ■ Hand painted Kitchens & Furniture ■ All aspects of Painting & Decorating We can also provide these services: ■ Plastering ■ Tiling ■ Wood Floors & Carpets ob We are fully insured and waiting to do a great jo transforming your space. For your Free no obligation quote call Stuart on:

07702 121734 / 01425 280019 s.c.decor@icloud.com S.C Decorators

FFg O tin ora c 20ll % e d a

Read our reviews on Trustpilot

Choose a local, trusted Electrician!

We are registered to the NICEIC and OLEV approved contractor scheme.

ALL ELECTRICAL WORK UNDERTAKEN Including: Extra lighting / additional sockets / fuse board upgrades / fault finding / inspection & testing

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No call out charges Free quotes Free electrical advice

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Lions Club of New Milton

Graham Fulford Charitable Trust

1953 Conquest of Everest

1969 Conquest of The Moon

ATTENTION ALL MEN Aged Over 40 Prostate Cancer Screening Home-Testing Kit Available Now Visit Lions Club of New Milton website at www.newmiltonlions.org.uk


Prostate cancer kills around 11,800 men in the UK each year and around 47,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. There is currently no national screening programme. The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust (GFCT) was set up by Graham Fulford to promote awareness of Prostate Cancer following the diagnosis of a close friend who died at the age of 58 and a close family member who died in 2007 with prostate cancer after a valiant fight. Since 2004, GFCT have been involved in testing over 100,000 men and conducting over 154,227 tests (as at 22 January 2021). Consequently, there have been over 2,050 known cancers identified that otherwise may not have been discovered. The Lions Club of New Milton ran a face-toface prostate cancer screening event in March 2019 when 300 men attended the New Milton Community Centre. This identified 34 men (11.3%) at risk.

The Lions were unable to repeat the event in 2020 and cannot again in 2021. Therefore, in conjunction with the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust, the Lions Club of New Milton has facilitated, via its website, the ability to order a simple home-testing kit to detect the possibility of prostate cancer.

Early detection increases the chance of a complete cure. If you live in the New Milton, Lymington, Brockenhurst, Sway, Lyndhurst, Boldre areas, or somewhere between, please visit the Lions website www.newmiltonlions.org.uk and follow the link to the Prostate Testing page to order your home-testing kit. There is also an explanatory video of the simple procedure.

Garage doors and awnings Up and over • Roller • Sectional • Side hinged Any size, style and colour Electric or manual • Supplied and fitted Repaired and serviced

Advance Shutters Ltd

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Castle Wheelers Cycling Club

Castle Wheelers developed from the Council's 1-hour circular Health Ride from Highcliffe Castle in 2017. A group of 'leaders' and competent cyclists formed a Community Club under the CyclingUK scheme with the aims of cycling further and quicker to the myriad of interesting places in our unique and beautiful area. Our committee plans and publishes rides for Wednesdays and Fridays weekly in advance, for rides of 20-30 miles return on average, sometimes longer


or shorter depending on weather and venue type. Although fitness through cycling is our main theme, the demographics of Highcliffe and around, have resulted in a very strong social bond among our members. We don't focus on hammering out massive miles at race-pace, we offer sensible distances at reasonable speeds, with leaders, trained first-aiders and mechanical help on hand. Venues are generally chosen to offer a comfortable and interesting stop for 'lifesupport' (coffee & cakes!), and during the year we organise special events like 'Ticket to Ride' and Christmas

Lunch, Late Summer Event on water, trips involving steam-trains, theatres and charitable fundraising (NHS in '20). The awful Covid19 situation dented our numbers in '20, but we were still able to arrange about 100 rides within the then-current guidelines, often in 6's and even 2's! We will be looking for new members this year and CUK allow us to have limited numbers of 'guest riders' to experience what we do. Annual membership fees have been held at £10 since '19, representing the best value in terms of exercise and friendship.....anywhere! If you doubt that, have a look at www.castlewheelers.uk then contact our Membership Sec. Louise on castlewheelers34@gmail.com

To adver se call: 01425 629841 or e-mail gary@princepublica ons.co.uk


• Gas Boiler Servicing and same day repairs • Full central heating system up-grades • Gas Appliance installations and repairs • Bathroom/shower installations including tiling • Landlord Safety Checks • LPG

Free estimates and advice T: 01425 622138 M: 07710 451565 E: info@pablake-heating.co.uk W: www.pablake-heating.co.uk

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Nature on your Doorstep Dear March – Come in – How glad I am – I hoped for you before – Put down your Hat – You must have walked – How out of Breath you are – Dear March, how are you, and the Rest – Did you leave Nature well – Oh March, Come right upstairs with me – I have so much to tell – By Emily Dickinson This is what we have all been waiting for, and what a wait it’s been. All those long hours indoors will hopefully be over as the days grow longer than the nights and we can all enjoy the sunshine again. March weather can vary tremendously, but fingers crossed, you will be reading this in balmy conditions. Lucky for us southerners, spring arrives a little earlier on our coast. Nature is busy, frantically busy

and the sound of the dawn chorus gets gradually louder. Listen out for the song thrush and blackbirds and our friendly neighbourhood robins if you are up early. Of course, it’s usually the males that sing to attract the females in the hope of romance and a mate, but female robins occasionally


enjoy a little duet. The other sound you may be lucky to hear is the sharp shriek of urban foxes, used to attract possible partners with their caterwauling serenade. Other birds move a lot during this period, waders and wildfowl moving north and migrant birds returning from their African winter. Look out for sand martins over gravel pits and reservoirs and little wheatears on the coast. Butterflies will begin to emerge on warm days, peacock, comma and small tortoiseshells are usually the first to spot after their winter hibernation.

boxing as part of their mating ritual. The expression, ‘mad March hares’ is a catchy phrase, but they aren’t mad, just excited about spring and all it’s potential. Hares are larger than rabbits with black tipped ears and longer legs. They can breed at any time of year, but we can witness their antics more during lighter evenings. Unlike rabbits, hares do not raise their young in burrows but in ‘forms’, small hollows in the hedgerows where they will hide is disturbed.

The first wildflowers will also be emerging in woods and hedgerows: violets, wood anemones, sorrel and lesser celandines. Early snowdrops and daffodils will continue to brighten our days. Hares are a great sight at this time of year, leaping and

To adver se call: 01425 629841 or e-mail gary@princepublica ons.co.uk

P. Marsh Electricals & Household Maintenance (Kitchen & Bathroom Refits)

Part-P NICEIC registered Electrician Testing and certification of electrical systems Periodic Inspections / Electrical Reports Fault finding and repairs Fuseboard upgrades Full / partial rewiring New Installations Sockets and lighting Showers and pumps Power to sheds and garages Security and outdoor lighting

Beautiful homes deserve


Shutters & Blinds Call us FOR YOUR FREE SURVEY

01425 837 556

General household maintenance from a dripping tap to a full kitchen/bathroom refit

01425 511 954 07592 096 659 pmarshelectricals.co.uk Based in Barton-on-Sea

t. 01425 837 556 m. 07542 500 825 e. hello@newforestshuttersandblinds.co.uk newforestshuttersandblinds.co.uk




•Drives •Patios •Static Caravans

•Lodges •Decking •Garden Walls

Fully insured and service with a smile!


for a free quote call 07749 389035 / 01425 615368 email john-boy7@live.co.uk


Gas Safe Registered Engineer

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Railway Club of the New Forest meet on Friday 26th March via Zoom - Mike Walshaw presents “The Swanage Railway” Visitors contact the website for details arrive from 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start. www.railwayclubofthenewforest.org Highcliffe 'Castle Wheelers' community cycle club welcome competent new members! Exercise, enjoyment...and cake! www.castlewheelers.uk/CastleWheelers@mail.com MANDALA BOOK GROUP We are a small friendly group of local book lovers who meet to discuss contemporary fiction of all genres and the occasional classic and non-fiction book. We enjoy a lively debate and take turns to research the book/ author/ topic each month. We meet by Zoom (currently) at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of the month. Our next book is “The Bookshop” by Penelope Fitzgerald on 15th March. INTERESTED? Call Katrina on 01425 611393. Highcliffe Art Fellowship. Reminder for March. Mixed media Zoom demonstration by Chris Forsey. On 28th April Jem Bowden will be giving a Zoom demonstration. Further details on our website- HighcliffeArt.info. New members welcome.


RSPB NEW FOREST LOCAL GROUP The New Forest local group of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are hosting an on-line Zoom talk at 7.30pm on Weds 10th March. Their guest speaker will be award winning photographer and author James Lowen who will talk about the "Wildlife of the Pantanal," the largest wetlands on Earth encompassing Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Currently all indoor and outdoor meetings are suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. For any further information, please email NewForestGroup@RSPB.org.uk or visit the Group's website www.rspb.org.uk/groups/ newforest. Admission to on-line meetings for non-members is currently £5.00 per event.

The Arts Society New Milton The March 2021 talk is: Truth and Ornament in Architecture by Prof. Colin Davies. This talk takes place via Zoom on Thursday 11th March at 10.30am. The link will be sent out in good time. New members and visitors are welcome. For more information please contact Chris Davies on 07768 648604 or Membership Secretary Wendy Hazell on 07766 073096. Thank you. Becton & District Rotary Club. We are a re-formed modern Rotary Club serving the wider New Milton area and providing potential members with an informal, low cost, flexible and friendly way to be a member of Rotary International. We strongly believe in Service Above Self and strive to support communities where there is a need. Our door is always open to community minded individuals from any sector of the community who may wish to become members. If you would like further details or a discussion with an existing member then please contact Larry Anthony, secretary@bectonrotary.org.uk

To adver se call: 01425 629841 or e-mail gary@princepublica ons.co.uk

With 42 combined years of roofing knowledge and know how, you can be assured your roof will be in good hands. No job is too big or small. We cover anything from new roofs to single tile repairs, guttering, soffit and facias, moss removal, flat roofs, conservatories and lead work. We are offering a like for like price match on genuine quotes so why not contact us for a free quotation? T: 01425 612227 M: 07482733607 E: info@simsroofing.co.uk 6 Ashmore Avenue New Milton, BH25 7AY

Still working and adhering to current Government safety guidelines

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Local, professional family business, established over 25 years ago. Offering a friendly & reliable service, always at the highest standard. FREE COMPETITIVE ESTIMATES & ADVICE GIVEN WITHOUT OBLIGATION For more information contact Chris Payne

T: 01590 750063 M: 07501 636064

www.payneandsons.org.uk payneandsonsdec@gmail.com


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H 2 CLEANING SERVICES Electrical & general household repairs carried out to a high standard


Window Cleaning Service Conservatory Valet Soft Wash/Moss & Algae Control Roofs & Walls High Reach Gutter Clearance Sof t Fascia & Gutter Cleaning Professional Drive & Patio Cleaning Local, Regular & Reliable

Local, reliable and trustworthy, fully insured, Part P approved, over 20 years experience

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Tel: 01425 275104 or 07973 192860

simon@fixedconnection.co.uk www.fixedconnection.co.uk 10 Wellington Avenue, Highlife, Dorset, BH234HL


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e pureh2ocleaningservices@gmail.com

Kitchens Designed, Supplied & Fitted Fitted Bedroom Furniture Staircases & Bannisters Internal & External Doors Bespoke Made Units Timber Framed Structures Traditional Cut Roofs For all your carpentry requirements in the New Forest and surrounding areas in Dorset and Hampshire. Fully insured qualified craftsmen with over 25 years experience.

Call Richard on 01425 627337 or 07780 695565 for a free, no obligation quote or advice www.rjw-carpentry.co.uk

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Still working and adhering to current Government safety guidelines





01425 621444 www.newmiltonmotorservices.co.uk


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D G ROBERTS Painter & Decoraator

For all your Innterior & Exterior Decorating • Over 35 years Exxperience • FREE Quotationss T: 01425 672553 M: 07762 093425 E: davidroberts164@btinternet.coom Mark is now working at Trevor Shaws Hair Design in New Milton and is offering a

20% discount

to all new clients on their first visit. Call 01425 623863 for an appointment.

GUITAR LESSONS in Barton on Sea

with highly experienced teacher

Nick Minnion

lues, olk, a , Rock, Country - lectric Acoustic • Beginners to Advanced an o and armonica Tuition Also

Call or text NOW to arrange a 1:1 lesson

T: 01425 837758 M: 07434 412672 E: nick@secretguitarteacher.com


A High Quality Local Housekeeping Service For all your Domestic Cleaning Requirements Holiday Home Management • End of Tenancy • Builders Cleans

Intelligent cleaning by people who care Jacki (H) 01425 619618 (M) 07880 544234 (E) jackipeters@btinternet.com

Burwood, St Johns Rd, Bashley, New Milton BH25 5SB

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