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SUmmER 2017 Retail Catalog


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Clothing Jewelry Accessories Fabrics Artwork Musical Instruments Herbal Remedies Oils Skin Care Soaps

Traditional Print Elastic Princess Dress C-W075 $69.90

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Traditional Print Dashiki/Pant Set C-U160 $79.90

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Make a Difference When you experience the culture yourself

Making a Difference

These orphan children in Congo each receive regular help with groceries and other needs paid for from your purchases with You.

Everything is great. I am particularly happy about the meals that will be provided to orphans in Africa. ~ Patrick in new Orleans, LA

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Get A Better Look! Get a closer look at your favorite garments with runway videos at . You will get a much better sense of the texture, fit and feel! Simply look up the item you want and scroll down to see a video.

If you are unhappy with anything you order for any reason at all (or even for no reason), you can return your item(s) for a full refund or exchange: whichever you choose. All returns must be undamaged and returned within 30 days of your purchase for a complete refund. Clothing must not be soiled or laundered. Personal care items can not be used. We do not pay shipping costs for returns.

What’s Inside



Clothing.............................................. 4 Children Clothing.............................. 38 Men’s Clothing.................................. 40

Accessories & Jewelry Accessories...................................... 43 Jewelry............................................. 52 Bracelets.......................................... 58

Fabrics Fabric............................................... 64

Musical Instruments Music Instruments............................ 68


Artwork............................................. 72

Oils, Incense, Burners & Oil Bottling supplies Packaging......................................... 82 Fragrance Oils.................................. 84 Oil Index........................................... 86 Oil Burners.................................... 104 Incense.......................................... 106

Personal Care

Herbal Remedies........................... 108 Personal Care................................ 112


Soaps............................................ 130


Best selling design

Superior quality

Best Price for Him & Her

Thailand Dashikis




Light Blue


“You are the best!!! Delivery was quick and dashikis are perfect!!” ~ Nancy in Ocala, FL The Best-Selling Dashiki Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 52” bust and 33” length. Hats not always included. Made in India. C-U912 $13.80 each

Black Blue Dk.Brown Fuchsia Orange

Gold Green Natural Orange

Pink Purple Red Turquoise

White Yellow

Plus Sizes

Superior Quality Dashiki For the best fit and highest quality design choose these dashikis. Still at an affordable price for anyone! 100% cotton. Fits up to a 54” chest. Made in Thailand. C-U922 $19.90

Black Blue Burgundy Fuchsia

Gold Green Lime Purple

Red White/Purple White/Blue Yellow

Sm, Med, Large Sizes

Blue Green

Other colors: Black/Green (2X only) Orange Red Yellow (1X and 2X)

Plus Size Roomy Dashikis Choose from 1X, 2X or 3X. Check our website for current stock in all colors. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U932 $19.90

Orange Purple


Blue (MD & SM)

Traditional Print Dashiki - 3 Sizes Comes in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Made in Thailand. C-U918 $19.90

How to save the most

5 Get 6

traditional print dashikis in assorted colors. Pre-packaged assortments vary. C-U912S6 $79.90

$13.32 each (in a set of six)

Get 12

traditional print dashikis in assorted colors. Pre-packaged assortments vary. C-U912S $69.00

$11.50 each (in a set of twelve)

Available colors change regularly

Get 6

superior quality dashikis in assorted colors. Pre-packaged assortments vary. C-U922S6 $109.90

$18.32 each (in a set of six)

Get 12

superior quality dashikis in assorted colors. Pre-packaged assortments vary. C-U922S $199.00

$16.58 each (in a set of twelve)

Available colors change regularly

There’s a lot more to discover This catalog shows 900 products. Our website shows over 2,500. There are also 50-150 new product arrivals each month. To get the full experience, visit us.

“ quick and efficient. Love how they treat me as a new customer.” ~ Racine in Charlotte, NC


Even more variety


Heart of Africa Dashiki Light Blue

ONE SIZE One size fits up to a 54” bust and around 33” length. Made in India. C-U919 $19.90

Colors: Blue Burgundy Dk Green

Gold Lime Lt Blue

Pink Red Yellow

Dark Green

SIZES - SM, MD, LG, and XL. C-U936 $23.90

Colors: Black/Blue Black/Gold Black/Lime Gold

Lime Plum Purple

PLUS SIZES NEW Available in 1X, 2X, and 3X. Comes with two pockets. 100% cotton. Made in Thailand. C-U939 $23.90

Colors: Blue Orange

Purple Red

Red Other Colors: Gold Light Blue Pink

Traditional Print Elastic Heart Dashiki Fits up to 60” bust. 32” length. Made in India. C-WS863 $23.90


Dark Brown Other colors: Blue Orange Pink Red Yellow


Other Colors: Dark Brown Dark Green Fuchsia Lime Black

Traditional Print Sleeveless Short Dress Fits up to a 40” bust. 34” length. 95% polyester/5% spandex. Made in China. C-WF950 $35.90

Other colors: Green Lt Blue Purple

Traditional Print 2-in-1 Dress/Top 100% Rayon. Elastic bust fits up to 42” and 29” length. Made in India. C-WS481 $27.90

Traditional Print Jumpsuit 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 30” bust. 41” length. Made in India. C-U149 $19.90


Ultimate quality fabric


Other color: Black/Green


(MD only)



Traditional Print Luxury Dashiki Fits up to a 52” bust and 32” length. Comes with kufi. Made in India. C-U921 $23.90 $19.90

Other Colors: Black/ Blue Green Gold Black/Red Green

White/ Blue

Traditional Wax Print Dashiki Fabric has a shiny waxy coating to it. Fits up to a 56” chest and 34” length. 100% cotton. Hat fits 22” circumference. Made in India. C-U931 $19.90

Black/Red Traditional Wax Print Dashiki: SIZES Comes in SM, MD, LG. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U938 $19.90

Making a Difference Powder Blue


Other colors: Fuchsia

Gold Yellow White


Traditional Print Long-Sleeve Dashiki Available in SM, MD, LG, and XL. Comes with two pockets. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U940 $23.90

Light Blue

Other Colors: Blue Fuchsia Gold Lime Maroon Orange Purple Red White

Congratulations! The students shown below with their teacher Lorrin have now graduated from Good New school in Zambia. All of the students shown completed all seven grades of school. Most have truly excelled and moved on to 8th grade in other schools. Your purchases from You have helped to pay for the expenses of Good News school for many years.

Traditional Elastic Dashiki Fits up to a 42” bust and around 32” length. Made in India. C-WS851 $19.90





i de

a M

ri f A

Other color: Blue Blue

Other Color: Black/Blue


Other colors Black Blue Orange Pink Yellow


Light Blue Traditional Print Short Dress Fits up to 42” bust. 34” length. Up to 42” waist and hips. Made in India. C-WF949 $39.90

Kenyan-Made Traditional Print Dashiki Fits up to a 56” chest. 33” long. Made in Kenya. C-U161 $23.90

Traditional Print Pants 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 38” waist. 26” inseam. 40” length. Has drawstring to tighten waist. Made in India. C-U154 $19.90







Other colors Green Orange Red Fuchsia Traditional Print Short Set Dashiki fits up to a 48” bust. Shorts fits up to 36” waist. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS816 $39.90

More colors: Burnt Orange Green Mustard

Black Traditional Print Long Skirt Fits up to a 30” waist. 36” length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS827 $19.90

Other colors Orange Pink Red

Yellow Traditional Print Short Capri Set Comes in sizes Sm, MD, and LG. Made in China. C-WS817 $35.90 $27.90

Traditional print for any occasion Other Colors: Dk Brown Fuchsia Lime Mustard Orange Pink Purple Red Teal White Yellow



Other Colors: Dark Brown Orange


Red Blue

Traditional Print Maxi Skirt Generous, full and thick fabric makes a stunning impression. Traditional Print Elastic Skirt 34” elastic waist. 41” long. 100% Fits up to 36” waist by 40” long. 100% cotton. cotton. Made in India. Made in India. C-WF907 $39.90 C-WF906 $59.90




Dark Brown


Other Colors: Dark Green Fuchsia Lime Natural Violet Yellow

Pink Red

Other colors Black Yellow

Traditional Print Pant Set Comes with Dashiki top and pants, 95% polyester/5% spandex. Made in China. Regular Size C-WS819 $39.90 Plus Size C-WS834 $43.90

We absolutely love our purchases. ~ Andromena in Winter Haven, FL


Traditional Print Wrap Skirt 50” wide by 39” long. Wraps around your waist, Thick and durable fabric. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF905 $39.90


10 Other colors: Blue Green Lt Blue Lime Purple Orange Red White Yellow


Traditional Wax Print Drummer Hoodie Fabric has a waxy shiny coating. One size fits most; 44” chest and 31” length. Made in India. C-U935 $19.90

Express yourself

Other colors: Black Blue Fuchsia Gold Green Red Lime Natural Traditional Print Hoodie Purple 100% cotton. Made in India. Orange Turquoise Regular Size One size fits most; 56” chest White and 31” length. C-U923 $19.90 Yellow King-Size One size fits most; 62” chest and 35” length. C-U925 $23.90


Other colors: Black Green Orange Red


“I love your company. Everything was perfect.” ~ Lydia in Louisville, KY

Lime Traditional Print Pocket Pants One size fits most; fitting up to a 36” waist. 23” inseam. 37” length. Made in Thailand. C-U155 $19.90


Other colors: Black Blue Pink Red Yellow

Traditional Print Stretch Pants One size fits most; fitting up to a 42” waist. 30” inseam. 43” length. Made in China. C-WF939 $39.90

Other colors: Blk/Blue Blk/Grn Blk/Org Blue Green Orange Red Turquoise

Pink Traditional Print Stretch Skirt Comes in LG and XL. Made in India. C-WS865 $23.90


Orange Other colors: Pink Red Yellow Blue Traditional Print Stretch Tank Top Comes in S/M and L/X. Made in India. C-WS867 $19.90


Burgundy Other colors: Black/Blue Blue Dark Green Gold

Lime Orange Pink Purple Red

Heart Of Africa Pants 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 36” waist. 26” inseam. 40” length. Drawstring to adjust waist. Made in Thailand. C-U159 $19.90


Traditional Short-Sleeve Dress Shirt Comes in 5 sizes. All sizes are a lot smaller than normal. Exact sizes are shown on website. 100% cotton. Made in Thailand. C-M077 $19.90

Other colors: Black/Blue (MD only) Black/ Fuchsia (MD only)

“Thank you, I received a lot of compliments on my outfit.”

Blue Burgundy Fuchsia Gold Lime Orange Purple

Red Turquoise Yellow Red

~ Valerie in Delaware

Making a Difference Other colors: Blue (1X/2X & LG/XL) Lt.Blue (1X/2X & 3X/4X) Purple (LG/XL only) White (SM/MD only) Future African artisan in training with his paper creation. Your purchases from you helps to pay for schooling for hundreds of children in Africa.

Red (1X/2X & SM/MD only) Over-Sized Traditional Hoodie Poncho Comes in SM/MD, LG/XL 1X/2X, 3X/4X. Made in India. C-U929 $35.90




White/Black (Size 12 only)

Traditional Print Luxury Skirt Set Make a bold statement with this traditional print top (with zipper on back), head wrap, and mermaid skirt (with elastic waist and zipper). Comes in sizes from 12 to 26. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS833 $119.90



Discover something new Other colors: Blue Fuchsia Green Light Blue Orange Red White/Green White/Pink Yellow

Other colors: Blue Orange Red Yellow Pink

Black Red Traditional Print Parachute Jumpsuit Fits up to a 38” bust. 45” length. 100% cotton. Made in China. C-WF951 $39.90


Traditional Print Fitted Babydoll Dress Fits up to a 36” bust. 33” length. 95% polyester/5% spandex. Made in China. C-WF952 $39.90


Everything was excellent. The clothes were gorgeous. I will be ordering some dresses and more skirts in the next few days.


~ Valerie in Birmingham, AL Yellow


Traditional Print Sleeveless Dress Free size fits up to a 48” bust with a 56” length. 95% Polyester/5% spandex. Made in China. C-WF876 $29.90

Diamond Print Long Skirt 96% polyester/4% spandex. Made in Thailand. Comes in SM, MD, LG and XL. C-WF957 $27.90


Other colors: Blk/Mst Blk/Prp DkBrown DkGreen Fuchsia Gold Lime LtBlue Orange Red

Yellow Traditional Print Blouse & Pants Set Beautiful traditional print pant set with blouse, pants and head scarf. 3 sizes. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF947 $47.90

Other colors: Black/Purple Black/Red Green Light Blue Orange Yellow

Other colors: Black Green Purple Red

Dark Green

Traditional Print Party Dress 3 sizes. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF936 $19.90


Traditional Print Wrap Dress Dress wraps around and is tied off with attached cloth straps. Comes with head scarf. Wraps around up to 54” bust. 54” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF938 $59.90

Dark Green


Other color: Burgundy White Made in Africa

Traditional Print Elastic Princess Dress Elastic bust fits up to a 40”. 53” length. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana, West Africa. C-W075 $69.90

Other colors: Black/Purple Black/Red Blue Dark Brown Dark Green Fuchsia Gold Lime Light Blue Orange Yellow Black/ Mustard Traditional Print Princess Skirt Set Beautiful traditional print skirt set with blouse, wrap skirt and head scarf. 3 sizes. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF946 $59.90

You is the best! Great customer service, quick ship and good prices. Most important the support given to many. I love the new items added regularly!!! ~ Sandra from Mills River, NC


Cultural favorites


African Print Pant Set: Turquoise Comes with top, pants, and head scarf. 55% cotton/ 45% viscose. Made in India. C-WS887 $39.90

Lime w/Red Stars Other colors: Blue Cosmic Blue/Lime/Orange Lime Pinwheel Lime Triangles Red Feathers

African Print Skirt Fits up to a 32” waist and the length is 30”. C-WF963 $39.90

Love it! Thank you so much! African Print Wrap Dress Fits up to a 46” bust and 47” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS837 $59.90

~ Erin in Nashville, TN

Making a Difference

Lime Other color: Red

A part of each purchase from You goes to help support a school in a very poor area of Zambia. The teacher shown here is helping his students at this school. Layered African Mud Print Skirt Set: Beautiful mud print skirt set with blouse, wrap skirt and head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF953 $79.90


African Print Long Skirt - Blue & Brown 39” long and fits up to 30” waist. Comes with 56” matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS886 $39.90

African Print Long Skirt - Lime/Orange 39” long and fits up to 30” waist. Comes with 56” matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS885 $39.90

African Print Long Skirt - Pink & Green 39” long and fits up to 30” waist. Comes with 56” matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS884 $39.90

Making a Difference

These kids from a very poor area of Congo. Your purchases from You helps them with extra food on a regular basis. Thanks for being a part of something so important to so many people.

African Print Long Skirt: Purple/Yellow 40” long and fits up to 30” waist. Comes with 56” matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS888 $39.90

African Print Long Skirt: Green/White 40” long and fits up to 30” waist. Comes with 56” matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS889 $39.90


Make an impression


Gold George fabrics

Black Red The Best-Selling George Skirt Set 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47” bust and 46” drawstring waist. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W950 $49.00



Graceful George Skirt and Jacket Set 100% viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust, waist, and hips. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W956 $79.90

Sophisticated George Pant Suit 100% viscose. Fits up to a 46” bust and 42” waist. Made in India. C-W951 $49.00

George Fabric Color Chart



Dark Fuchsia Lt Blue Brown

Orange Purple



White/ Silver


African Queen George Dress Set 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47” bust and 48” waist. Plus size also available. Made in India. C-W953 $79.90

Availability Changes

See to see available colors. (Available colors may change without notice.) Colors


Shimmering George Kaftan 100% viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust and is 53” long. Made in India. C-W952 $39.90

Color Options

Any garment that you purchase will basically be the same as those shown; except gold embroidery, which varies slightly on George garments.



Black Blue Dark Brown Fuchsia Light Blue Lilac Lime Maroon Navy Purple Red White/Silver







x x


x x x

x x

x x x x x x x x x x


x x x

x x x

x x x x



Light Blue Other colors: Chocolate Mustard Olive Purple Red

Other colors: Black Purple

Fashion Queen Dress Set 100% polyester. Comes in free and plus sizes. Includes dress, jacket, and crown. Made in India. C-WF621 $79.90

Ultimate Diva Gown Set Fits up to a 46� chest with a 58� length. Comes with head scarf. Has sash to tighten midriff. 100% Polyester. Made in India. C-WS804 $47.90


Making a Difference Getting the perfect photo is a lot of work. Brice from You delivers food to three carefully selected orphan homes in Africa. He is shown here with some of the kids from one of these orphanages in Brazzaville, Congo.



Lilac (Size 12 only)

Lime (Size 12 only)


Turquoise (Size 12 only)

Butterfly Lace Flower Skirt Set 100% polyester. Top is slightly tapered for a figure- flattering look with back zipper and eye/hook closure. Comes in sizes 12 to 26. Made in Thailand. C-WF439 $99.90


Feel the Luxury


Other colors: Black/Pink Burgundy Maroon Navy Other Colors: Red Black/Pink Dark Brown/Lime Navy/White Orange Red

“It was a perfect fit and very comfortable! I love the colors as well. It was perfect for the occasion. I wore it to celebrate Black History Month at my church.” Black/ Mustard

~ Timyra in Lansing, MI

Batik Short Kaftan Fits up to a 62” bust. 39” length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS725 $19.90


Navy/ White

Batik Poncho & Pant Set 65% Cotton / 35% Rayon. Made in India. C-WS482 $59.90

Other color: Beige Light Blue Lime Navy Pink Other colors: Black/Blue Black/Pink

Other colors: Black/Mustard Black/Pink Navy/Pink Orange Pink


Batik Palm Tree Skirt Set Top fits up to a 70” bust. 34” length. Adjustable wrap skirt is 37” high. 65% cotton/ 35% rayon. Made in India. C-WS485 $59.90 $55.90

Blue/Yellow Tie Dye Jumpsuit 100% rayon. Comes in SM/MD and LG/XL. Made in India. C-WS822 $35.90


Tie Dye Summer Dress 46” length. Fits up to 48” bust. Made of 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS783 $19.90

Premium mudcloth fashion Colors also available (See chart): Four Color Cowrie Shell Green Tie Dye Indigo Blue Multi-Strip Pattern Plain White Rust White/Black

Hand made in Mali

Colors also available (See chart): 4 Color Chiwara Cowrie Shell Pattern Colors also available Animal Bird Black/Brown Chiwara Cowrie Four Color Lion Rasta

Hand-Made Mudcloth Wrap Skirt This skirt was made using natural dyes and muds. No two are alike. 100% cotton. One size fits all. Hand wash. Made in Mali. C-W150 $75.90 each



Made in Africa

Black/White King-Size Mud Cloth Dashiki fits 54” chest and has a 36” length. Short sleeve length can vary. Made in Mali. C-U148 $69.90

Choose Your Basic Color or Design Here

Designs shown are just samples. No two pieces are exactly alike. Colors shown below will be the color you receive, but the patterns shown on the fabric vary. Colors available shown next to Item or check online at




Cowry Shell



Four Color


Grand Bubu Mud Cloth Robe Each garment is completely unique and different. No two are alike. One size fits all. Made in Mali. C-M200 $119.00

Colors also available (See chart): Avocado Brown Rust

“I love this dress, and I wear it well. I bought it in olive, and the picture does not do it justice. I want them all!!” ~ Addae Ama in Philadelphia, PA

Animal: These pieces will have an animal print on them. Cowry Shell: These will always have a cowry shell pattern. Design: Each have unique images Pattern: These pieces will have a consistent pattern on them. Four Color: Always 4 colors. Multi-Strip: Strips of different fabric are put together.





Black/ White




Elegant Hand-Painted Mudcloth Dress 100% cotton. Fits up to a 46” bust and 53” length. Made in Mali, West Africa. BB-1099 $59.90 each


Made in Africa



Summer comfort for any size Other Colors: Blue Fuchsia Gold Green Orange Red


Blue Other Colors: Purple Red

Other Colors: Dark Brown Fuchsia Red

Purple Fuchsia Green

Traditional Print Open Kaftan Open in front. Fits up to 52” bust. 51” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF916 $19.90

Traditional Print Elastic Kaftan Made in China. C-WS848 $27.90

Floral Batik Kaftan Fits up to a 62” bust. 54” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS898 $23.90






Blue Divine Queen Kaftan Fits up to 60” bust. 52” length. 100% polyester. Matching head scarf. Made in India. C-WS843 $23.90

Purple Korhogo Kaftan Fits up to 62” bust, 51” length. Comes with matching head scarf. 100% Viscose. Machine wash in cold water. Made in Indonesia. C-WS797 $23.90 $19.90

Dark Green

Making a Difference

This is Moses from Zambia. He works a tremendous number of hours organizing and assisting doctors and medical teams. They bring very needed healthcare to remote parts of Africa. Your purchases from You helps to pay for most of Moses’s salary for this work.

Other colors Black Blue Lt Blue Lime Mustard Red Yellow


Other colors: Black Blue Dark Brown









Majestic Leopard Print Kaftan Fits up to 60” bust. 52” length. Matching head scarf. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS842 $23.90 $19.90

Traditional Print Kaftan Color borders may vary from photo. 100% rayon. Fits up to 80” bust, waist, and hips; 55” length. Made in India. C-WF304 $23.90

Drawstring Elephant Kaftan One size fits up to 60” bust, 52” long. 100% viscose. Made in India. C-WS343 $19.90

How to


save the most Get a set of 4 kaftans for only $8.75 each

Other colors: Blue Red Turquoise


Pull-String Kaftan - Batik Made in India. C-WS266 $19.90

“I love the dress and the person I bought it for loved it also the quality was good.” ~ DeAnna in Kansas City, MO

Set of four kaftans Get a prepackaged set of 4 assorted kaftans. Assortments all vary in each package. C-WS775S $70.00


22 Red


Other colors: Blue Green Orange Purple


Other colors: Blue Brown Fuchsia Green Purple Yellow

Purple Green

Fuchsia Traditional Print Elastic Kaftan Elastic bust fits up to a 52” bust and 51” length. Comes with matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in China. C-WS840 $35.90

African Giving Tree Kaftan Fits up to 68” bust. 51” length. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS811 $23.90

Purple Flower Power Kaftan Fits up to a 62” bust. 54” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS899 $23.90

Purple Other color: Lime

Orange Other color: Gold


Blue Blue Traditional Print Draw-String Kaftan Fits up to 48” bust. 53” length. 100% viscose. C-WS751 $15.90

Decorated Traditional Print Kaftan Fits up to 58” bust; 51” length. Made in China. C-WF888 $27.90

Waves Of The Nile Kaftan Fits up to 60” bust. 52” length. Matching head scarf. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS847 $23.90 $15.90

Kaftan savings $19.90 or less Other colors: Blue Dk.Brn Fuchsia Gray Green Orange Yellow


Other colors: Blue Light Blue Red Pink






Draw-String African Woman Kaftan Fits up to a 56” bust. 46” length. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS882 $15.90

Draw-String Good Luck Elephant Kaftan Fits up to a 56” bust. 46” length. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS883 $19.90

Royal Palace Draw-String Kaftan Fits up to 60” bust. 53” length. Drawstring in midriff. 100% viscose. Made in India. C-WS790 $15.90

How to

save the most

Get a set of 12 kaftans for only $16.50 each

Other colors: Blue Orange


Golden Queen Kaftan Fits up to 66” bust. 53” length. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-WS810 $23.90 $19.90

Get a pre-packaged set of twelve assorted kaftans. Assortments all vary in each package. Some kaftans not shown in this catalog. C-WF499 $198.00


Bold statements


Other colors: Blue Burgundy Gold Green Lime Orange Pink Red


Light Blue

Traditional Print Long Elastic Skirt 32” waist and 38” length. Made in India. C-WF889 $23.90

Best ER SELL Other colors Pink Yellow


Traditional Print Black Leggings Made in China. C-WF904 $15.90

Blue Black






Orange Pink


Traditional Print Long-Top Pant Set Made in China. C-WF932 $39.90

Other colors Red Yellow

Traditional Print Baby Doll Dress Dress fits up to a 42” bust. 35” length. 100% rayon. Made in China. C-WS818 $35.90

Other colors Black Green Purple Red Yellow

Made in Africa


Kenyan-Made Traditional Print Hoodie Fits up to a 54” chest. 31” long. Made in Kenya, Africa. C-U162 $23.90

25 Blue

Other colors Black Blue Lt Blue Lime Orange Red White Yellow

Pink Red

Other colors: Lime Mustard Orange Purple Red

Other colors: Black Fuchsia Purple White

Light Blue Tropical Fashion Dress 43” length. Fits up to 42” bust. 65% cotton/35% rayon. Made in India. C-WS493 $19.90

Embellished Baby Doll Dress Fits up to 34” bust, 30” empire waist, and 35” long. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS455 $23.90


Alluring Traditional Print Halter Dress 100% rayon. Fits up to a 56” elastic bust and 46” length. Made in India. C-WF117 $29.90


Pink/Gray Green Cotton Pant Set - String-Tied One size fits most; fitting up to a 52” chest, 34” shirt length, 54” drawstring waist, and 28” inseam (42” hip to hem). Made in China. C-WF175 $35.90

“I really enjoy the products, and so do my customers! ” ~ Christine in Detroit, MI

Other Colors: Blue/Pink Olive/Blue

Tie Dye Romper Adjustable shoulder straps. 100% rayon. Made in India. Available in MD/LG and LG/XL. C-WS823 $19.90


Dresses to keep you cool


Long Fitted Rasta Dress Fits up to a 50” chest with a 59” length. 95% viscose/5% spandex. Made in India. C-WF948 $39.90

Rasta Sundress Fits up to a 50” chest with a 50” length. 65% Cotton 35% Polyester. Made in India. C-WS476 $39.90

Orange Traditional Print Long Sundress 55% cotton/ 45% rayon; Fits up to a 54” bust and 48” length. Made in India. C-WF226 $29.90




Lime Red Other colors: Turquoise Purple White


I love African Imports. Besides customer service being second to none, the products are A+ quality. ~ Alexis Rasta Dress Comes in LG and XL. 95% cotton/5% polyester. Made in China. C-WS414 $27.90




Orange Other color: Pink

Traditional Print Elegance Dress A stretch top that adheres to your figure. Fits up to 36” bust and 46” in length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WF908 $27.90


Other colors: Beige Lime Orange Purple Yellow


Traditional Print Baby Doll Dress Fits up to 38” bust. 37” length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WF775 $23.90

Making a Difference Other colors: Fuchsia Red

Traditional Print Cotton Sundress 55% cotton/ 45% rayon; hand wash. Fits up to a 54” bust and 39” length. Made in India. C-WF225 $23.90





One group of orphan children in Congo who your orders buy groceries for.

Blue Traditional Tribal Print Kaftan Made in India. C-WF672 $19.90


Other colors Red Yellow

“The quality and colors were amazing; they exceeded my expectations.” ~ Reinaldo in Clearwater, FL


Fine embroidery


Navy/Blue Black/ White



Other colors Burgundy Orange Purple

Black/ White Pink

Black/Red Embroidered Summer Dress Fits up to a 54” bust. 44” length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS747 $23.90 $19.90

Batik Baby Doll Sundress Fits up to a 40” bust with a 32” length. Elastic bust. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS782 $23.90 $19.90

Mint Green Maroon/ Purple


Batik Poncho Pant Set 65% Cotton / 35% Rayon. Top fits up to a 78” bust and is 28” in Length. Drawstring elastic waistband pants fit up to a 40” waist and are 38” in length. 22” inseam. Made in India. C-WS700 $49.90


Black/ Orange


Navy/ Turquoise


Other Colors: Black/Mustard Black/Red Burgundy/White Maroon/Blue


Other Colors: Black/Lime Black/Teal Black/White Maroon/Beige


Short Batik Princess Dress Fits up to a 50” bust. 38” length. 65% cotton. 35% rayon. Made in India. C-WS494 $23.90 $19.90

Maroon/ Turquoise



Sleeveless Batik Umbrella Dress Fits up to a 44” bust and 43” length. 65% cotton/ 35% rayon; hand wash cold. Made in India. C-WS781 $23.90

Kente fashions


Style #2

Style #2

Style #1

Kente Dashiki: Style #2 Fits up to 52” bust/chest measurement. 31” length. Comes with matching hat. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U920 $19.90

Kente Pant Set Comes in two vivid and colorful patterns. It is a complete fashion statement with hat, dashiki, and pants that are made from 100% cotton. Made in India. C-U168 $39.90

Kente Wrap Skirt #1 Adjustable wrap skirt with 2 straps. 47” wide by 37” long. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS828 $23.90

Other colors: Orange Red Blue Kente Dashiki #1 Comes in SM, MD, LG, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X. Made in India. C-WF954 $19.90

Skirt #2 C-WS800 $23.90

“We couldn’t be happier about the two outfits we ordered. The customer service was excellent. Thank you for everything.” ~ Rose in Brownsville, TX






Other colors: Light Blue Fuchsia

Green Black


Kente Dashiki #1 For men and women. 100% cotton. Comes in SM, MD, LG, XL. Made in India. C-U927 $19.90

Kente Dashiki #2 For men and women. 100% cotton. Comes in XL only. Made in India. C-U928 $19.90

Other colors: Blue Dark Green Mustard/Purple Orange Turquoise

Black Embroidered Tie-Dye Dashiki Fits up to a 58” chest with a 33” length. 100% cotton. Made in Gambia, C-U103 $35.90

Embroidered Tunic 100% rayon. Comes in SM, MD, LG, XL. Made in India. C-WS849 $29.90

Other color: Red Purple

Green Empress Draw-String Dashiki Fits up to 62” bust. 32” length. 100% viscose. Made in India. C-WS803 $11.90

EVERYTHING was received and great! I purchase your products because of the quality AND because of what purchasing will accomplish and provide to our brothers and sisters in Africa! ~ Juanita from Tuano, VA

Shawls and ponchos Gold

Sequined Knit Poncho 41” long. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WS858 $39.90 $35.90



Fishnet Lace Open-Weave Poncho 46” long. 100% polyester. Made in China. C-WS859 $19.90

Metallic Trim Boat-Neck Poncho 25” long. One size fits all. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF913 $29.90 $27.90

Other colors: Gold Silver

Other colors: Beige Burgundy Navy

Black Houndstooth Turtleneck Poncho C-WF920 $29.90





Black Metallic Fringe Poncho 100% polyester. Made in China. C-WS793 $15.90

Black & White Fringed Shrug 100% polyester. One size fits most. C-WF879 $19.90 $15.90

Multi-Colored Crochet Poncho One size fits most; 31” long. Made in China. C-WS794 $19.90 $15.90

Spotted Gold Poncho C-WF926 $19.90

Other colors: Beige Black

Gray Flower Poncho 70” x 30”. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-WF845 $27.90



Skirts and pants






Red Tie Dye Harem Pants Loose fitting and light, these pants would bring comfort on the hottest of days. 100% viscose. One size fits most; fitting up to a 36” waist. 30” inseam. 45” length. Made in India. C-WS415 $19.90

Nepalese Pants 38” length. 25” inseam. 32” waist. 100% cotton. Made in Nepal. C-WS852 $29.90 $27.90



Animal Skirt: Black & White 36” length and 46” wide. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS714 $19.90

Gray Exotic Flower Pants One size fits most; fitting up to a 30” waist. 25” inseam. 37” length. Made in India. C-WF868 $15.90 $9.90

Black Gaucho Pants 100% cotton. Made in India. 43” length. 28” inseam. 38” waist. Made in India. C-WS850 $27.90 $19.90

33 Green

Fuchsia African Print Flared Skirt Made in India. C-WF830 $23.90

Geometric Long Skirt Fits up to a 40” waist. 38” long. Head scarf included. Made in India. C-WF915 $23.90


Other Color: Blue




“My customer was thrilled!” ~ Christine in Storm Lake, IA


Brown Elephant Long Skirt 100% cotton. Adjustable wrap skirt is 42” in length by 50” wide. Made in India. C-WF842 $19.90

Ombre Wrap Skirt 50” long x 39” tall. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF779 $19.90


Tops, tunics, dashikis


Dark Green

Blue Lt. Blue

Purple Other colors: Fuchsia

Lime Light Blue Orange

Red Yellow

Tie-Dye Tunic Top Give your wardrobe a classy kick with this Tie Dye tunic top. Fits up to a 72” bust. 65% Cotton/35% Rayon. Made in India. C-WS449 $19.90




Painted Flower Dashiki Fits up to 63” bust and 39” in length. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-WS734 $19.90

Other colors: Black Burgundy

Gray Light Blue Natural

Senegal Made Traditional Print Dashiki Fits up to 56” bust. 34” length. Comes with two pockets. 100% cotton. Made in Senegal. C-U165 $39.90


Save the most Other colors: Black Mustard White

Orange Set Of 6 Assorted Dashikis Designs vary and change regularly. May not match photo exactly. 100% viscose or cotton. C-WF701 $71.90(Only $23.96 each)

Heavy Cloth Chiwara Dashiki One Size fits up to 58” bust and 33” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WF747 $39.90

Cross Blouse Available in SM and MD. 100% polyester. Petite. Made in India. C-WF784 $7.90

Wrap skirts


Other colors: Black/Blue Blue Gold Lime Purple

Other colors: Ivory Purple


Kente/Mud Print Wrap Skirt 47” wide by 37” long. Wraps around your waist. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WS801 $23.90

Traditional Wax Print Wrap Skirt 38” length and 51” wide. Made in India. C-WF911 $39.90

White Purple



Zebra Stripe Long Skirt & Head Wrap Made in India. C-WS755 $23.90

See how it feels Runway model videos for most clothing lets you know the full experience better.

Peacock Long Skirt 100% cotton. Adjustable wrap skirt is 42” in length by 50” wide. Machine wash in cold water. Made in India. C-WF841 $19.90



Pure African experience

Everything on these two pages is made in Africa Blue Elephants

More Colors

Blue Village

Listed Below!

Blue Drums Each of these sets is completely hand-tailored in Africa. Brocade is a thick polished cotton fabric with interwoven designs that is worn for formal occasions in Africa. These are impossible to find elsewhere and will set you apart from anyone else.

Made in Africa

White C-W520

Made in Africa

African Print Dashiki & Pants Hand tailored African print pant set from Gambia for both men and women. 100% cotton with extra embroidery. C-U138 $59.90

Making a Difference

Made in Africa

Other colors: Black Indigo Lime Multi Orange Purple

Ruffled Sleeve Brocade Skirt Set Own the look of African queens with this traditional ruffled sleeved skirt set. 100% cotton brocade. Fits up to a 46” bust. 62” x 45” wrap skirt. Made in Senegal. $79.80

Plum C-W508

Other colors: Ivory Safari Mustard Chiwara Multi Fish/Birds Mud Print Org/Olv Elephants Orange Village Red Elephants Reggae King Symbols Of Africa White African Culture White Safari

Red C-W528

White............... C-W520 Black............... C-W519 Lime................ C-W507 Orange............ C-W512 Purple............. C-W523 Royal Blue...... C-W527 Yellow............. C-W509

Dark Brown C-W525

$79.80 each

Red Tie Dye Long Dress 100% cotton. Fits up to a 50” bust and 57” length. Made in Senegal. C-W001 $39.90

This school in Kasama, Zambia provides education support to 200 school going orphans and vulnerable children. The school also provides meals for over 400 orphans each day. Your purchases with You help to pay the costs of this food and schooling.

Dark Green

100% Made in Africa

37 Black

Orange Other colors: Black Blue White





Black Made in Africa

Made in Africa

Traditional Print Long A-Line Skirt With elastic waistband. Made in Ghana, West Africa. C-WF924 $59.90

Made in Africa

Traditional Print Dashiki/Pant Set Made in Ghana, West Africa. C-U160 $79.90

Other colors: Black Blue Burgundy Light Blue Navy Olive Red

Other Colors: Black Blue Orange Purple Red White

Traditional Print Draw-String Pants 100% cotton. One size fits most; fitting up to a 44” waist. 30” inseam. 44” length. Made in Ghana, West Africa. C-U156 $39.90

Dark Green



Purple Made in Africa

Traditional Print Umbrella Dress One size fits up to 52” bust. 47” length. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana. Hand wash in cold water. C-WF912 $79.90

Made in Africa


Traditional Print Harem Pants Made in Africa. C-U158 $39.90

Made in Africa

Traditional Print Wrap Skirt Has two straps to tie off. 43” wide by 44” long. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana, West Africa. C-W076 $59.90

“All of the clothing we buy from you is of great quality. This skirt set sold as fast as we put it out in the store and we have already reordered. Beautiful!!!”

~ St. Margaret’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN


38 Culture for kids

Other colors: Black (MD only) Fuchsia (MD only) Gold (MD only) Orange (MD only) Red (MD only) Turquoise (MD only) White/Blue White/Green White/Orange White/Purple White/Red

Blue (MD only)

Green (MD only)

Traditional Print Elastic Child Dashiki Comes in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Made in Thailand. C-C007 $19.90


Black Other colors: Brown White

Girl’s Embroidered Brocade Set Comes in different colors. C-C072 $39.90

“The order was complete, the shipping time was speedy, and the dashiki shirts are good quality. We have students wearing them in our school production of Lion King tomorrow! Your telephone customer service was also amazing. Thank you for providing this product at an affordable price.” ~ Ann in Ft Wayne, IN

Light Blue Navy/ White



Purple Maroon


Black Children’s Tie-Dye Summer Dress 100% cotton. Made in India. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL. C-C003 $19.90 $15.90

Other colors: Black/Red Red Black/Purple (Sm & LG only) Children’s Batik Dress 100% cotton. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL. Made in India. C-C006 $19.90 $15.90

39 Green





Other colors: Black/Turquoise Fuchsia Maroon Purple Blue (SM & MD only)

Green (SM & MD only)


Red (MD only)

Orange (MD & LG)


Children’s Traditional Print Dashiki Each dashiki has a stand-out design. 100% cotton. Unisex. Comes in three sizes: SM, MD, LG. Hand wash cold water with like colors, line dry. Made in India. C-C002 $15.90

Culture Bracelet Full Size J-B263 78¢ each or $7.80/dozen.

Children’s Dashiki & Shorts Set Fun and Stylish for Kids! Comes with dashiki and shorts. 100% cotton. Hand wash. Comes in 3 sizes: SM, MD, and LG. Made in Thailand. C-C917 $23.90 Rasta Beaded Bracelet: Child Size BB-982 $1.98

African Beaded Wide Leather Bracelet: SM BB-980 $5.90

Thick Embroidered Tuareg Bracelet: Small BB-0081 $1.98



Fit for a king

Lt Blue



Other color Blue

Black Other colors Beige Black Blue Brown Chocolate Dk Green Gray Ivory Lilac Lime Mustard Olive

Regal Dashiki Fits up to a 52” chest. 36” length. 55% cotton/45% polyester. Comes with kufi. Made in India. C-M078 $29.90

Made in Africa


White/ White

Full Length Brocade Dashiki Pant Set Fits up to a 60” chest, 58” shirt length, 54” drawstring waist, and 27” inseam. Made in Senegal. C-M923 $75.90

White Embroidered Travelers Dashiki Fits up to a 50” chest. 35” length. 55% cotton/45% polyester. C-U151 $29.90

41 Green



Kente Pant Set #1 Comes in Free and Plus sizes. Made in India. C-U163 $39.90


Kente Pant Set #2 Comes in Free and Plus sizes. Made in India. C-U164 $39.90

Ivory (Free-Size only)

White/Gold (Pictured without BouBou)

Made in Africa


White (Free-Size only)

Black (Free-Size only) Men’s 3 Piece Pant Set 100% polyester; hand wash for best results. Available in Regular and Plus size. Kufi hat is 22” in circumference. Made in India. C-M051 $39.90

White/White Other colors: Dark Brown Light Blue

Blue Lilac Mustard Purple


Dark Green Sky Blue

The Ultimate Hand-Made Grand BouBou Fits up to a 56” chest, 39” shirt length, 54” drawstring waist, 31” inseam. Kufi fits a 24” circumference. Boubou has a 106” chest and 54” length. Hand-made in Ghana or the Gambia. C-M211 $129.90



Classics for Men Avocado


Light Blue




Other colors Dark Green Lime Maroon Mustard Sky Blue Wine Made in Africa

Hand-Made Brocade Suit Made with luxurious cotton brocade that has detailed embroidery throughout. Embroidery varies slightly. 100% brocade. Fits up to a 56” chest, 50” drawstring waist, and 25” inseam. Made in Africa. C-M450 $69.90



Blue Ankh Design Pant Set Shirt fits up to 56” chest. 39” length. Drawstring Pants have 29” inseam and 42” length. Fits up to 56” waist. Comes with matching hat. 55% cotton / 45% polyester. Made in India. C-M071 $49.90

Other colors Black Dark Brown



My order was perfect. I received additional orders and gained new customers. I was truly appreciative of what your company does for your wholesalers to make us look so professional . ~ James in Lincolnton, GA

Brocade Pant Set: Kente & Ankh Drawstring pants with a 31” inseam and 43” length. Fits up to a 42” waist. The loose and flowing shore fits up 54” chest and 37” waist. A matching hat completes the look. 55% cotton/ 45% polyester. C-M080 $55.90



Satin Scarves 13” X 60” 13” x 60”. Made in Korea. C-A952 $4.78 $3.98 each


Set of Twelve Satin Scarves C-A952A $23.90 $19.90 ($2.32 each)

Pink Abstract Zebra

White Also available: Blue Dark Brown Fuchsia Natural Black Navy Orange Pink Purple Get Instant Elegance with Pashmina Sky Blue Scarves

• • • • • • • • •

29” x 69”. 100% viscose. Made in India or China. C-A962 $9.90

Blue Abstract Zebra Yellow Abstract Zebra Blue Butterfly Brown Leopard Spots White Leopard Spots Brown Peacock Purple Peacock Brown Pyramid/Leopard Black Tiger Stripes

• • • • • • • • •

Brown Tiger Stripes Gold Tiger Stripes Beige Zebra Stripes Fuchsia Zebra Stripes Gold Zebra Stripes Navy Peacock Purple Zebra Stripes Red Zebra Stripes White Zebra Stripes

Set Of 4 Satin Religious Scarves C-A188S $19.90




Black Other colors: Orange Dark Green

I Heart Jesus Scarf 60” x 20”. 100% polyester. Made in Korea. C-A975 $3.90 each or $39.00/ dozen

Red Elephant Printed Pashmina Shawl/ Scarf C-A965 $13.90



Poly-Satin Striped Scarf Silk Jacquard Fringe Scarf C-A171 $3.90 70” x 12”. 100% silk. Made in China. C-A976 $9.90 each

Mustard Purple Red White



Other colors: Black

Blue Brown Gold

I Love Jesus Scarf Show your love for Jesus with this stylish scarf. 39” x 39”. 100% polyester. Made in India. C-A158 $5.90

Other colors: Black

Brown Red

I Love Jesus (Choir Music) Scarf 38” x 39” Made in China. 100% Polyester. C-A168 $5.90

Other colors: Fuchsia Red Black

Button Scarf Wear it three different ways. As a shawl (as shown), as a skirt or as a scarf. 61” x 20”. 100% acrylic. Made in China. C-A220 $11.90


44 Accessories C-A985 Alpha Kappa Alpha (Pink) Alpha Phi Alpha (Black) Iota Phi Theta (Brown) Kappa Alpha Psi (Red) Omega Psi Phi (Purple) Phi Beta Sigma (Blue) Sigma Gamma Alpha Kappa Alpha Rho (Blue)

Kente Scarves/Table Runners Approx. 12” x 44”. Made in India. C-A928 $9.90 each African-Made Kente Scarf/Table Runner #1 Approx. 12” x 44”. Made in Africa. C-A925A $11.90 Fraternity and Sorority Sashes C-A985 $29.90

Kente is considered a royal and sacred cloth in Ghana. It is often called ‘the cloth of Kings’.

Style 4 C-A928


Money savers

Style 1

While they last, save over 20% on these kente cloth scarves/ table runners. These lower priced scarves are exactly the same as the others, but with slightly lighter printing on one side. It’s so close that it is not really even noticeable, They are different enough to save you a bunch of money if they can work OK for you though.

Bow Tie Style 3 C-A921

Kente Bow Tie $7.90 each Style 1 C-A916 Style 2 C-A917 Style 2 C-A917Y (Yellow) NEW Style 3 C-A921 Style 4 C-A918

Kente bow tie Style 1 C-A916

Style #3


C-A927E $7.90


C-A930E $7.90

Set of 12

C-A929E $79.00

Style #2 (yellow) C-A926E2 $7.90


Kente Cumberbund $19.90 each Style 1 C-A911 Style 2 C-A912 Style 4 C-A913

Style 1 C-A920

Kente cumberbund Style 2 C-A912 Kente Ties Choose your favorite or get them all. This kente tie gives you that accent of Africa that will capture attention anywhere. 100% cotton, best if hand washed. Made in India. $9.90 each

Style 1 $9.90 C-A920 Kente Kufi Hat Style #3 C-A897 $6.90

Kente Kufi Hat Style #4 C-A898 $6.90

Kente Kufi Hat Style #1 C-A899 $6.90

Style 2 $9.90 C-A923 Style 2 Yellow $9.90 C-A923Y NEW

Style 3 $9.90 C-A924

Style 4 $9.90 C-A919

Kente originals

Blue & White w/ White Crest

Kente & Purple w/ Gold Crest

Red & White w/ White Crest

Black & White w/ Gold Crest


Hand Spun Kente Fabric Sheet Hand woven in Ghana. 100% cotton. 67” X 18”. C-A227 $79.90

Woven Sash: Class Of 2017 C-A960 $23.90

Solid Kente

Kente & Multi w Gold Crest

Kente & Black Kente & Blue Black & White w/ Gold Crest w/ Gold Crest w/ White Crest Woven Kente Sash 100% cotton. 60” x 4½”. Hand woven in Ghana for the authentic look of Africa. C-A125 $23.90 each

Black & White C-A907 $19.90 Made in Africa

Kente Beauty-Bow Tote Bag Made in Ghana. 20” X 17”. C-A615 $39.90

Made in Africa

Kente C-A908 $19.90

Made in Africa

Ashanti Necktie Hand-spun Kente fabric decorated with the Ashanti Golden Stool. Tie is 56” long. 100% cotton, best if hand washed. Made in Ghana. $19.90 each

Kente Laptop Side Bag Authentic hand-woven kente cloth. 12” X 15”. Made in Ghana. C-A621 $39.90 $29.90

Colors Of Ghana Kente Purse Hand made in Ghana with kente print fabric, and hand crafted wicker handle. C-A614 $47.90 Made in Africa


Compliment your look


Other Colors: Burgundy Fuchsia Red


Blue NEW Yellow Orange New

Other colors: Black Burgundy Turquoise Purple Red

Other Colors: Black Fuchsia

Traditional Print Beauty-Bow Tote Bag C-A616 $39.90

Price Special

Traditional Print Wicker Handle Bag 17” wide by 16” tall. C-A617 $47.90 each


Get 2 pieces in 1

Tribal Print Wicker Handle Bag Completely hand-crafted in Ghana. 16” wide by 14” tall. 100% cotton. C-A620 $47.90

Red A-M103

Leather Wallet & Change Purse Set 7.5” x 4.5” purse with a 3” x 3” coin purse. C-A172 $17.90

• Giraffe Warriors - Black (Pictured above) - Burnt Orange

Deluxe African Print Hand Bags - Assorted 15” wide x 14” high with lining and pockets. C-A210 $35.90 $27.90


Hard Phone Case - Dashiki iPhone 6 cover comes in Black or Red. A-M103 $27.90 $19.90 Samsung Galaxy S7 A-M104 $27.90 $19.90

Leather African Safari Coin Purse 4.75” x 3.5”. Made in Kenya. Designs may vary. C-A173 $7.90

Small Leather Gye Nyame Travel Bag C-A619 $19.90

Small Leather Tuareg Neck Purse C-A108 $23.90 each

Quilted Kitenge Cloth Coin Purse 5.5” long. Made in Kenya. C-A178 $7.90 each

Small African Print Travel Bag: ASSORTED C-A212 $9.90 each


Travel Bag folds neatly into its small cloth bag.

Pink/Burgundy A great travel bag that can fit into a small pouch when not in use. Very convenient and you can pull it out and unfold it if you need it. 15” x 16”. 100% polyester. Made in Zambia. C-A632 $9.90

Batik Tie: White/ Orange C-A623 $9.90

Kente Tie: Blue/ Green/Mustard C-A624 $9.90

Kente Tie: Pink/ Black/Gold C-A626 $9.90

Money Saver

Black Tie-Dye Hand Bag - Assorted Color/ Design C-A182 $19.90 $15.90

Tie-Dye Tote Bag - Assorted Color/ Design C-A181 $19.90

Peace Bag 13” X 12”. 100% rayon. Made in India. C-A214 $9.90 each

“I have sold half of what I had ordered already and are requesting more.” ~ Brenda in Ogdensburg, NY Medium Leather Tote Bag Large Leather Bag 20-24” made out of 14”-18” tall. Made in Niger. C-A023 $43.90 real leather. Strap is 28” long. Colors vary. C-A022 $55.90

Rasta Handbag 14” x 14”. Made in India. C-A211 $15.90


Ethnic hats


Leather & Mud Cloth Kufi Hat Intricately hand crafted, this kufi hat blends the authenticity of mud cloth that you crave with the sleek appeal of leather that you love. Medium: 21”. Large: 22”. C-A041 $23.90

Mud Cloth Baseball Caps Many has adjustable clasp and strap in back of hat. Made out of mudcloth, dyed and woven to perfection. Made in Mali. C-H140 $19.90


Black and White

Knitted Kufi Hat 21” circumference. Made in China. C-H040 $5.90

Embroidered Kufi Hat Approx. 22-24” circumference. Made in India. C-H452 $9.90

Other colors: Black Silver Red

Mud Cloth Dress Hat: Men Keep your head warm and look formal with this mud cloth dress hat for men. Made of 100% mud cloth cotton. Made in Mali. C-A143 $19.90

$1.98 Special Dark Green

Other colors: Ivory Natural Navy

Small Knitted Cap Fits 18” circumference. 100% rayon. C-A226 $2.98 $1.98

Sequined and Braided Crowns 100% nylon. One size fits all. Made in the USA. A-04 $29.90 each

Price Special



Wool Kufi Cap 100% wool. 3 sizes. C-H046 $19.90 $15.90

6” wide

How to

save the most

Only $9.92 each in dozens $11.90 for a single scarf.

True African mudcloth Sashes and table runners

Scarves have hand-braided fringes accented with West African trade beads.

Hand-Woven, Hand-Painted Mudcloth Scarves - 6” These are one of the best-selling items in this catalog. You can own several and have a new look every day. Hand-braided ends are decorated with West African trade beads. 6” wide and 50”-60” long. Hand-painted in Mali, West Africa with designs that symbolize prosperity, royalty, and more. C-A200 $11.90 each

The Best-Selling Mudcloth Scarves from Mali - 9” These table runners or scarves can be used on the table, or as a scarf or belt. Approx 50”-60” long and 9” wide. Available only as an assortment. Made in Mali, West Africa. C-A202 $19.90 each

49 9” wide

How to

save the most

Only $16.58 each in dozens $19.90 for a single scarf.

Mudcloth bags

Small Mud Cloth Tote Bag 12” X 9”. C-A004 $23.90 each

Mud Cloth Handbag with a button C-A184 $27.90 each

“I delivered the mudcloth hat to a very enthusiastic customer! I know there will be a repeat order soon.”

Black Mud Cloth & Leatherette Design Bag 17” x 17”. Made in Mali. C-A052 $57.90

Mud Cloth Beaded Bucket Bag 11” X 11”. Made in Mali. C-A016 $31.90 each

Good things happen when you buy African products

When people here purchase African made items, countless people in Africa are able to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

~ Patricia in Stafford, VA

Small Mud Cloth Handbag (Button) C-A179 $23.90


50 Pink

Set Of 5 Large Canvas Shopping Bags C-A245 $29.90

Set Of 6 Beaded Bohemian Market Bags C-A241 $59.90

Deluxe Royal Elephant Tote Bag C-A183 $15.90

Other color Lt. Blue

Purple Set Of 4 Elephant Handbags C-A221 $39.90

Other colors: Dark Green Light Blue

Royal Elephant Tote Bag 14” x 14”. 3” wide cloth strap with pocket for cell phone. Made in India. C-A154 $15.90 each

Other colors Black Pink Purple Blue Golden Elephant Handbag 14” x 13”. 40” strap. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-A243 $11.90

Other colors Black Burgundy Pink Purple Red

Burgundy Elephant Tote Bag 14” x 13”. 40” strap. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-A244 $11.90

Elephants On Parade Tote Bags - ASSORTED 14” x 13”. 40” strap. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-A242 $11.90




Traditional Print Sun Hat 17� diameter. Made in Ghana. C-H044 $27.90 Kente Sun Hat 17� diameter. Made in Ghana. C-H043 $27.90

Get it fast!

Braided Cowrie Shell Belt: Dark Brown C-A236 $3.90

Braided Cowrie Shell Belt: Black & Blue C-A234 $3.90


Other color: White

Cowrie Shell Belt: Black C-A239 $3.90

Glass Bead Nylon Belt C-A240 $3.90

Braided Double Cowrie Shell Belt: Black C-A238 $5.90

Three-Row Cowrie Shell Belt C-A931 $15.90

Braided Cowrie Shell Belt: Blue C-A235 $3.90 Cowrie Shell Belt: Natural C-A237 $3.90


African Jewelry




J-E325 Authentic Fulani Earrings Totally authentic hand-made Fulani earrings. Available in different sizes in gold or silver. Unique hooks may be difficult. Made in Mali, West Africa.

J-E310 J-E310 Gold ¾” J-E300 Gold 1½” J-E320 Gold 1¾” J-E325 Gold 2” J-E329 Gold 2¼”

J-E311 $11.90 $15.90 $23.90 $35.90 $39.90

Fulani Gold Twist Necklace J-N651 $29.90

Fulani Silver Twist Necklace J-N652 $29.90

Fulani Gold Twist Necklace: XL J-N642 $39.90

Fulani Silver Twist Necklace: XL J-N648 $39.90


J-E311 Silver ¾” J-E301 Silver 1½” J-E326 Silver 2” J-E328 Silver 2¼”

$17.90 $31.90 $39.90 $59.90


Fulani Silver Twist Bracelet J-B176 $9.90 $7.90

Fulani Gold Twist Bracelet J-B090 $9.90 $7.90

Tuareg Flat Black Etched Tuareg Round Blk-Etched Bracelet Bracelet J-TB010 $9.90 J-TB009 $9.90

3-Tone Metal Twist Bracelet J-B261 $7.90

Tuareg Bangle - Etched J-TB024 $9.90

Silver Twist Bracelet J-B672 $5.90 $3.58

How to

save the most

Silver Bracelet J-B669 $3.90

Six Lustrous Agate Earrings You can’t get more authentic than wearing agate earrings made out of volcanic rock from Africa. Made in Mali. Set of Six Agate Earrings J-SET4 $31.90

Set of 6 Gold Fulani Bracelets J-Set295 $55.90 Tuareg Silver Earrings - Red Jewel J-TE040 $13.90

3-Tone Metal Plate Bracelet J-B695 $7.90

Silver & Copper Metal Twist Bracelet J-B667 $7.90

$1.98 Special

XX-SM Fulani Gold Ear/ Nose Rings - Pair J-E106 $3.90 $1.98

African originals

Everything on these two pages is made in Africa




Comes in assorted colors. Ultra-long African Festival Necklace Unbelievably crafted from recycled glossy paper. So solid you would never know. Made in Kenya. 44” long. J-N665 $5.90 $5.58

A. Cut & Polished 100 Shells M-B402 $7.50 1 Kilo M-B405 $79.90


Maasai Beaded Choker Necklace 10” long. Made in Kenya. J-N660 $3.90 each or $39.00/dozen

Ghana Trade Bead Necklace Also perfect for crafting your own jewelry. 43” long. Made in Ghana. J-N615 $29.90 See matching bracelet on page 60

“I really enjoy the products, and so do my customers!” ~ Christine in Detroit, MI

Cowrie Shells A

Other colors: Gold Lilac Orange


B. Uncut & Polished 100 Shells M-B403 $7.50 1 Kilo M-B406 $79.90

Bone Pendant Necklace & Earring Set J-S436 $9.90 $7.90

$1.98 Special

Djembe Drum Necklace: Small J-N001 $3.90

Djembe Drum Necklace: Large J-N0015 $5.90

Set of Six Single Cowrie Shell Earrings Made in Africa and USA. J-SET204 $15.90

Africa Pendant Necklace: Leather African Map Black Rasta J-N638 $3.90 J-N626 $5.90

Set Of 6 Afrocentric Bone Earrings Pairs J-Set283 $15.90

Bone African Rasta Pendant Necklace J-N633 $3.90

close up Christmas Bead Necklace ASSORTED J-N654 $3.90 $1.98

Africa Pendant Necklace: Africa Pendant Necklace: Black Map Solid Black J-N625 $5.90 J-N609 $5.90


Get noticed



Set of 6 Wooden Earrings Each has an ethereal, elegant look that goes with anything. J-SET37 $15.90

Onyx & Ivory Bone Necklace & Earrings J-S464 $15.90

Massive Bone Pendant Beaded Necklace Set J-S309 $15.90

Antique J-S507

Red Bead J-S495

Ivory J-S509

Earth Goddess Necklace Set J-S468 $19.90

Blue Beaded Necklace Set w/Elephant J-S506 $7.90

Dk Brown J-S508

Blue Bead J-S494

Elephant Totem Necklace Set $7.90

African Native Beaded Bone Necklace J-N076 $7.90

Black Bead J-S493



Sundial Pendant Necklace & Earring Set J-S477 $15.90

Bone Necklace Set: $7.90

Maasai Empress Choker Set: Black J-S479 $23.90 Red J-S480 $23.90

Bone Set Made in India. J-S850 $11.90 $7.90

Maasai Goddess Necklace J-N614 $15.90

Making a Difference

Snacks for orphans in Congo that your purchases are paying for.

Bone Sun Totem Pendant Necklace J-N629 $3.90

Bone Necklace and Earrings: 2-Tone J-S492 $7.90


Other colors: Brown Green Light Blue Purple Red Royal Blue Yellow

Other colors Green J-S482 Red J-S483

Turquoise J-S484 White J-S485

Made in Africa


Maasai Black Beaded Tai Fringe Choker Made in Kenya. J-N656 $19.90

Multi-Beaded Pendant Necklace Set Black J-S481 $7.90 each

Black Maasai Choker & Earring Set J-S470 $13.90

Traditional Maasai Choker & Earring Set J-S469 $13.90

Cowrie Shell Jewelry Set Necklace is 12” long, earrings are 2” big, and strands of beads with cowry shells are 2.5” long. Made in India. J-S832 $11.90

Tribal Turquoise Beaded Necklace Set J-S311 $15.90

Other colors Black J-S499

Other color: Blue J-S497 $7.90

White J-S500 Bone Necklace & Earrings: Antique J-S498 $7.90

4-Color Bone Temple Necklace Set J-S510 $7.90

Black Bone Elephant Necklace 23” Diameter. Earring 2” drop. J-S345 $19.90

Tribal Bone Necklace Set: Antique Dark Brown J-S511 $7.90 J-S512 $7.90

Double Totem Necklace Set: Black Bead J-S496 $7.90

Discover more in life Find African proverbs and much more online One who causes others misfortune also teaches them wisdom. Advice is a stranger; if he’s welcome he stays for the night; if not, he leaves the same day. Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. Beaded Temple Set Necklace 22” long. Earring 2.5” drop. J-S378 $19.90

Turquoise Round Necklace & Earring Set J-S319 $7.90



Red Queen Nefertiti Ruby Sun Necklace Set Made in India. J-S360 $19.90

Brass and Copper Jewelry Set Made in India. J-S962 $15.90

Other color Turquoise

Imperial Pendant Necklace & Earring Set J-S476 $15.90

Woven Brass Necklace & Earrings Set J-S964 $13.90

Other colors Orange & Gold J-S502

Turquoise & Gold J-S503 Brass Tri-Metal Necklace & Earring Set J-S362 $15.90

Red Multi-strand Beaded Necklace J-N078 $5.90

Teal & Gold Multi-Beaded Necklace Set J-S501 $7.90

Brilliant Copper Choker Set J-S940 $13.90

Set of Twelve Brass, Copper, and Silver Earrings J-SET18 $49.90

Multi-Color Bead Necklace Set - ASSORTED J-S504 $7.90

Black J-S248 Red J-S247 Beaded Breastplate Set Made in India. $15.90 each

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save the most

Set of Seven Jewelry Sets Get one set free when you order the other six. Get seven sets shown here (J-S247, J-S362, J-S363, J-S940, J-S962, J-S964, J-S476:Red). Sets may vary slightly. J-SET16 $47.70

(Only $13.62 each!)

Set of Twelve Small Brass Earrings Made in India. J-SET40 $27.90 $19.90

Mystical Ankhs



Silver Ankh Full Jewelry Set J-S459S $29.90

Ankh Cuff Gold J-B070 $13.90 Copper J-B072 $13.90

Silver Engraved Elephant Long Cuff J-B269 $9.90

Engraved Spiral Long Cuff Golden J-B271 $9.90 Silver J-B272 $9.90

Set of 12 Metallic Ankh Earrings Made in India. 4 copper, 4 silver and 4 gold-colored earrings. J-SET115 $49.90 Pair of Gold J-E102 $9.90 $7.90/pair Pair of Silver J-E103 $9.90 $7.90/pair Pair of Copper J-E104 $9.90 $7.90/pair

Tribal Sun Long Cuff: Golden Brass J-B254 $9.90 Silver J-B255 $9.90

VIP Long Cuff Silver J-B276 $7.90 Golden J-B275 $7.90

Golden Engraved Long Cuff J-B268 $9.90

Elephant Spirit Animal Long Cuff Golden J-B273 $9.90 Silver J-B274 $9.90

Twelve Bone Necklaces Made in India. J-SET8 $27.90

Super Special

Set Of 12 Assorted Cowrie Shell Earrings J-Set55 $29.90

Set Of 12 African Elephant Bracelets J-Set248 $19.90

Set Of 12 Striped Africa Necklaces J-Set236 $15.90 $9.90

Set Of 12 Turquoise Elephant Bracelets J-Set237 $19.90



Your own African jewelry market All jewelry on these two pages is made in Africa

Black Elephant Hair Plant Fiber Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B610 $3.98

Made with hand-carved animal bone. Genuine Bone Adjustable Bracelets Designs will vary. Made in Kenya. J-B600 $4.90 each

how to

save the most Set Of 12 Assorted Bone Bracelets J-B609 $98.00

Silver Elephant Hair Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B685 $7.90

Woven Tuareg Bracelet J-B260 78¢ or $3.90/dozen. Small Size Bracelet BB-443 78¢ 19¢ or $1.90/dozen

Kitenge Wave Bracelet: ASSORTED J-B684 $3.90 each

Thick Banded Embroidered Tuareg Bracelet Made in Mali. J-B270 $1.39 each or $13.90/ dozen

Set Of 6 African Leather Bracelets Adjustable up to 12” long. J-SET242 $27.90

Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelet J-B696 $1.39

African Beaded Wide Leather Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B674 $5.90

Wide Kitenge Bracelet ASSORTED Made in Kenya. J-B689 $9.90

Maasai Beaded Leather Bracelet 8” long. Made in Kenya. J-B683 $7.90

Trade Bead Leather Bracelet 8” long and 1.5” wide. Made in Kenya. J-B682 $7.90

Maasai Leather Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B690 $7.90

Beaded Leather Kenyan Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B293 $4.78 each


Maasai beadwork tells a story about the wearer. Colors represent marriage, children, and more! (All bracelets come with different colors and designs of beaded work.)

Round Rasta Maasai Beaded Bracelet Made in Kenya. J-B634 $4.90 each or $98.00/dozen Maasai Beaded Bracelets Assorted Made in Kenya. J-B635 $4.90 each or $98.00/dozen Child Size BB-657 $2.98 $1.98


Kenyan Bead Necklace - Assorted Colors J-N073 $19.90 each



Made in Africa

Traditional Maasai Wedding Necklace 23” long and 5” in diameter. Made in Kenya. J-N610 $35.90


Large Hoop J-N645 $3.90 each or $39.00/dozen

Tear Drop J-N647 $3.90 each or $39.00/dozen

Small Circle J-N646 $3.90

Large Tear Drop J-N644 $3.90


“Order arrived promptly!! More beautiful than pictured!”


Maasai Beaded Earrings Made in Kenya. J-E601 Sm/Med 1-2” $7.90/ pair Large 2-3” $9.90/pair

~ Wanda in Chicago, IL Maasai Beaded Bracelets - Flat Clip-On Made in Kenya. J-B636 $3.90 each or $39.00/dozen Large Round Maasai Hoop Earrings J-E602 $7.90

Over-Sized Rasta Beaded Arm Bracelet J-B676 $5.90 $4.98

Beaded Bracelets Assorted Each bracelet comes with different colored beading. No two are alike. Made in Kenya. J-B637 $3.98 each


Bracelets and Cuffs


Ghana Trade Bead Bracelet Made of authentic glass beads. J-B628 $5.90 each

Kitenge Swirl Bracelet: ASSORTED J-B680 $3.90

Kitenge Choker: Assorted J-N649 $7.90 each

Paper Beaded Spiral Bracelet J-B675 $3.90

Ghanaian Large Chevron Bead Bracelet J-B678 $15.90 $9.90

Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Rasta J-B073 $3.58

Multiple Cowrie Shell Bracelet Made in India. J-B330 $3.90 each or $39.00/ dozen

Nigerian Leather Bracelets $3.58 $2.98 each or $14.90/ dozen Pink J-B288 Yellow J-B211

Cowrie Shell Bracelet: Black J-B074 $3.58

Single Cowrie Shell Leather Bracelet J-B315 $1.39 each or $13.90/ dozen

Set Of 4 Assorted Cowrie Shell Bracelets J-SET281 $11.90

6-Strand Beaded Bone Bracelet Made in India. J-B621 $7.90 $3.35

Rasta Bead Shoelace Bracelet J-B698 $1.39

Cowrie Shell Bead Bracelet - ASSORTED J-B699 $1.39

Beaded Clip Bracelet: ASSORTED COLORS Made in Kenya. J-B691 $5.90

African Beaded Wood Bracelet - ASSORTED COLORS J-B697 $1.39

$1.98 Special

Zebra C-A604

African Bead Shoelace Bracelet J-B700 $1.39

Leather Hair Band Approx 14� long. Made in Kenya. $9.90 $1.98 each


Brass & Copper Elephant Bracelet J-B957 $7.90

Mystical Stone Silver Cuff J-B158 $9.90

Long Brass & Copper Wrist Cuff 3½” wide. Made in India J-B922 $13.90


Wide Band Silver Cowrie Shell Bracelet J-B960 $8.78

Gold Tone Elephant Cuff J-B055 $7.90

3-Stone Silver Cuff J-B185 $9.90

2-Tone Wrist Cuff J-B312 $7.90

5-Stone Silver Cuff: Large 4” high and 6” long J-B187 $13.90 $11.90

Painted Brass Cuff: Elephants 3” wide. Made in India. J-B142 $15.90

Cowrie Shell Cuff Gold J-B177 $11.90 Silver J-B178 $11.90 Copper J-B179 $11.90

Elephants On Parade Cuff Golden J-B277 $9.90 Silver J-B278 $9.90

Brass & Copper Elephants On Parade Cuff J-B279 $9.90

Set Of 3 Magnetic Copper Bracelets J-Set285 $7.90

Temple Cuff - Silver J-B311 $7.90 3-Tone J-B201 $7.90

“My customers are loving the orders they have placed and I love the products!”

~ Kiyana in North Charleston, SC

Turquoise Stone Cuff J-B252 $9.90

Brass Cuff: Trumpeting Elephant J-B219 $15.90

Cowrie Shell Silver Cuff J-B184 $11.90


62 how to

All new!

save the most Set Of 6 Assorted Metal Cuffs J-SET296 $39.90

Silver Agate Cuff J-B304 $9.90

2-Tone Long Elephant Cuff J-B305 $9.90

Mystic Long Cuff: Golden Brass J-B209 $9.90 Silver J-B210 $9.90

Sunflower Cuff: Golden Brass J-B204 $9.90 Silver J-B205 $9.90

Silver Goddess Cuff J-B318 $9.90

Supermodel Cuff Golden J-B319 $7.90 Silver J-B320 $7.90

Royal Silver Long Cuff: Stone Black J-B206 $11.90 Turquoise J-B207 $11.90

Copper Elephant Cuff J-B323 $7.90

Copper Royalty Cuff J-B324 $7.90

Silver Empress Cuff: Turquoise J-B202 $11.90 Red J-B203 $11.90

Rigid Cuff Golden J-B307 $9.90 Silver J-B308 $9.90

Flower Cuff Golden J-B309 $7.90 Silver J-B253 $7.90

Wrist Band Golden J-B299 $7.90 Silver J-B303 $7.90

Golden Hanging Chain Long Cuff J-B314 $11.90

3-Tone Goddess Cuff J-B317 $9.90

Turquoise Stone Spiritual Cuff J-B321 $7.90

Copper Temple Cuff J-B322 $7.90


Silver Cuff J-B326 $7.90

3-Tone Princess Cuff J-B327 $7.90

Royal Palace Silver Cuff: Golden Glamor Cuff J-B338 $7.90 Black Stone J-B335 $11.90 Silver Glamor Cuff Red Stone J-B336 $11.90 J-B339 $7.90

Tribal Elephant Long Cuff: 2-Tone J-B200 $9.90

Healing Stone Cuff J-B341 $9.90

Elephant Cuff Golden J-B195 $9.90 Copper & Brass J-B196 $9.90 Golden Brass & Copper J-B197 $9.90

Golden Cuff w/Orange J-B342 $7.90

9-Stone Agate V-Cuff J-B208 $7.90

Golden Cuff w/Turquoise J-B354 $7.90

Turquoise J-B337 $11.90

Studded King Cuff J-B328 $11.90

Silver Cuff w/ Beads Black J-B349 $7.90

Studded Queen Cuff J-B329 $11.90

Golden Cuff w/Woven Metal J-B346 $7.90

Strap Cuff Golden J-B347 $7.90 Silver J-B216 $7.90

Large Silver Cuff w/ Stone J-B348 $11.90

Silver Cuff w/Pink J-B344 $7.90

Silver/Brass/Copper 3-Tone Cuff J-B028 $9.90

Silver Cuff w/Orange J-B343 $7.90

Golden Cuff w/Copper Elephants J-B352 $9.90

Engraved Floral Cuff: Golden J-B198 $7.90 Silver J-B199 $7.90





* Authentic * hand spun * hand painted * hand woven

Full-Sized Authentic Mudcloth Full size pieces are 45” x 63”. Each piece is made from nine individual hand-woven strips making each piece one-of-a-kind. Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F050 $47.90 each

Giant-Size Authentic Mudcloth Approx. 5’ x 7’. Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F130 $59.00

Choose a particular piece of Mudcloth from a photo Pick the exact piece that you want. M-F051 $53.90

Mudcloth Color and Design Choices 4-Color


Cowry Shell





Plain Rust

Plain White



Giant Size Mud Cloth Painting These X-Large paintings are dramatic. Approx. 63” x 45”. From Mali, West Africa. Each painting has a different scene. No two are alike. AC-M520 $49.90

Tie Dyed Mud Cloth - Assorted Colors 45” x 66” Made in Mali, West Africa. M-F052 $47.90 each

Tie Dye colors: Blue Purple Green Red Orange

Plain colors: Black Orange Blue Purple Green Yellow Indigo

Korhogo Painting: X-Large Approx. 66” x 44”” AC-M330 $55.90 $39.90 each

Korhogo Cloth Painting 38” x 24” AC-M300 $39.90 $29.90

African brocade

Gray Pink Purple

White Yellow


Antique Indigo Fabric 60” x 36”. 100% cotton. 48” x 36”. 100% cotton.


M-F161 $69.90 M-F162 $59.90

Indigo Hand Spun Fabric 60” x 42”. Made in Mali. M-F160 $55.90

African Brocade Fabric Most brocade is produced in Guinea. Brocade fabric comes in 30 yard pieces only. 45” wide. M-F105 $159.00 per bolt ($10.60 per yard)

Antique Indigo Fabric - Design Sizes vary from approx. 36” to 45” wide and approx. 56” to 63” long. Made in Mali. M-F163 $69.90 each

Kuba cloth

Each piece of kuba cloth is unique and is hand made in Congo.

Baoule Fabric

Premium Kuba Cloth Approx. 45” x 63” Choose your own. M-F171 $79.90 each Baoule Fabric M-F180 $79.90

Asoke Fabric Medium 20”-28” wide and 55”-72” long. M-F154 $119.90 each Small 15”-22” wide and 35”-40” long. M-F153 $67.90 each

Kuba Cloth - Long Skirts Sizes vary from 20”-28” wide and 9 ft.-14 ft. long. M-F150 $318.00

When I received my indigo mudcloth, I was blown away by how beautiful it was I almost don’t want to give away the gift that I created out of the mud cloth.

Hand Woven Nigerian Asoke Fabric Each piece of Asoke Fabric is unique. No two pieces are the same. Made in Nigeria. M-F090 $59.90 Asoke Fabric - Choose Your Own Piece M-F091 $65.90

~ Asleigh in Salem, OR


African print fabrics


12 yard bolts $71.90 each 44” wide x 36 feet long ($5.98 per yard)


T-2093 Orange











T-2355 Blue





I did make a skirt out of the fabric I bought from you guys it is beautiful I wore this for a fashion show couple weeks ago. ~ Kareen from Tuscon, AZ

Money saving slightly damaged 12 yard bolts $39.90 each 44” wide x 36 feet long ($3.32 per yard)

All of the fabrics shown below come with minor damages or imperfections. They are almost perfect, and you save a lot of money for a working around normally small problems areas.

T-5004 NEW

T-5006 NEW

T-5007 NEW

T-5008 NEW

T-5009 NEW

T-5010 NEW

T-5011 NEW

T-5012 NEW

T-5013 NEW

T-5014 NEW

T-5015 NEW

T-5016 NEW

T-5017 NEW

T-5018 NEW

T-5019 NEW

T-5020 NEW

T-5021 NEW

T-5022 NEW

T-5023 NEW

T-5024 NEW

T-5025 NEW

T-5026 NEW

T-5027White NEW

T-5028 NEW

T-5029 NEW

T-5030 NEW

T-5031 NEW

T-5032 NEW

T-5033 NEW

T-5034 NEW

T-5035 NEW

T-5036 NEW

T-5037 NEW

T-5038 NEW

T-5039 NEW

T-5040 NEW

T-5041 NEW

T-5042 NEW

T-5043 NEW

T-5044 NEW

T-5045 NEW

T-5046 NEW

T-5047 NEW

T-5048 NEW

T-5049 NEW

T-5050 NEW

T-5027:Blue NEW T-5027:Red NEW

8 new designs


6 yard bolts $39.90 each 44” wide x 18 feet long ($6.66 per yard)



























T-4211 NEW

T-4212 NEW

T-4214 NEW

T-4215 NEW


T-4216 NEW

Traditional Print brocade fabric T-4217NEW

T-4218 NEW

T-4219 NEW

George fabric

6 yard bolts $47.90 each 44” wide x 18 feet long T-4141 ($7.98 per yard)

T-4141 Black

T-4141 Fuchsia

Traditional Print Economy Fabric 6 Yards NEW Save money with economy fabric. T-4221 $27.90

Burgundy Gold Gray Ivory Peach Purple

Red Royal Sky Tang White Yellow

Black Blue Light Blue Purple

Red White

Sample Assortment Colors available: Black Pink Red

Authentic George Fabric Each panel is 36” wide. Only sold in 8 yards. Made in India. M-F400 $79.90 per 8 yard piece ($9.98 per yard)

Fat Quarter Yard Fabric 5 Pack You get 5 different African prints in each pack. Perfect for crafts and 100 different ways. Exact fabrics in each pack vary. You get 5 pieces each 22” x 18”. T-2000 $15.90

Photo is representative only and may not reflect actual available fabrics.



Music Instruments

African D’Jembe drums A

The biggest selection anywhere!

A. The Original and Authentic D’Jembe (Pronounced Jem’Bay) drums in all sizes. Easy for anyone to learn. Handcarved and hand-strung for quality and the real African experience. Approx. 23” tall. 13” diameter. Check online to see what countries our D’Jembe drums are available in: Full-Sized D’Jembe Drum Approx. 23” tall. 13” diameter. M-M010: Senegal $198.00 each Ghana $198.00 each

Choose your own

Pick Your Perfect D’Jembe Specific drums are now shown online. See every angle of your drum - it’s almost as good as shopping in the African marketplace! M-M011 $198.00 (Senegal and Ghana) (Oversized shipping costs are approx. $35.00 per full-sized drum.)

M-M010: Senegal


Quality Assurance Drums are made in remote bush areas of Africa. Each drum is a unique creation with unique qualities. No drum is totally perfect, but your drum is checked for: • Head ring tightness • String tightness • Level and even head • Sound quality • No holes in heads • No imperfections in wood base and bowl • Fist-size sound openings between base and bowl


Other sizes for... any sound, any age




B. Large/ Medium Approx. 19”-21” tall, 11” diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M013 $138.00

C. Medium Approx. 16”-18” tall, 10” diameter. Made in Senegal. M-M014 $98.00

D. Small/Medium 13”-15” diameter.Made in Senegal. M-M015 $79.90

E. X-Small 6½”-8” tall. From Senegal. M-M018 $23.90 each

For M-M014, Oversized shipping costs may apply on multiple drum purchases.

D’Jembe Tsink Tsink Shakers Made in Senegal. M-M003 $7.90 each

Mud Cloth & Canvas D’Jembe Drum Bag 24” tall, 16” diameter upper opening, 9” diameter base opening. All styles vary and can’t be specified. D’jembe drums with extra large bases will not fit in this bag. M-M009 $59.90

“..I love the D’jembes I get from you..African workmanship is great!!! Ty.” ~ Victor in Sacramento, CA Goatskin Drum Heads True goatskin drum heads with fur to make or repair your own drums! 27” x 27.” Made in Senegal. M-M001 $39.90



Discover new rhythms

Easy-to-play instruments that give you African artwork at the same time

“ABSOLUTELY love it.” ~ Sheila in Boston, MA

Each drum is carved from a solid Dembu log

Set of three Dundun Drums Three drum set gives you the full range of tones for a great range of music. Large dundunba drum is 25½” tall and 15½” in diameter. Medium sangban drum is 22” tall and 12” in diameter. Small kenkeni drum is 18” tall and 11” in diameter. Made in Senegal. Comes with 2 drum sticks. M-M030 $790

Bougarabou Drums - Set of Three Bougarabou drums produce a deep, resonant bass and crisp highs. Made in Senegal. M-M060 $580 (Oversized shipping averages $72 for set of 3 drums.)

(Oversized shipping costs are approx. $72.00 for a set of three Dunduns.)

Fulani Hats

C-A047 $27.90

Straw Wicker Rattles - Bambara M-W090 $2.38 each

Sakara Drum 9” wide. M-M055 $19.90

Free Drum Lessons

Don’t Know How to Play?

The Trademark Hat of the Fulani People Made in Mali. 14” Original Fulani Hat C-A047 $27.90 18” Large Fulani Straw Hat C-A046 $39.90

C-A046 $39.90

No Problem! Learning the D’Jembe was never so easy! Get all the basics or get a free DVD with any drum purchase. Just ask for: Item # V-140

“Thank you for providing exactly what I requested and really good quality products.” ~ Joseph in Sunset, LA


Hand made from Lenke wood and calabashes in West Africa. Balafons may need tuning to have accurate tones on all keys.

Extra Small: 11” long - 6 Keys M-M220 $29.90 each

Kalimba Gourd Thumb Piano 71

Small: 13”-18” long - 7-8 Keys Made in West Africa. M-M215 $39.90 each Kalimba Gourd Thumb Piano Made from a calabash with burned designs on front and back. For kids or adults. 3” x 7.” Made in Burkina Faso. M-M142 $15.90 each

Medium: 19”-24” long - 10-12 keys M-M210 $34.50 (Oversized shipping charge of $10.00 on medium, large, and full balafons.)

Kalimba Approx. 3.5” x 7” long. Made in Kenya. M-M140 $15.90

$1.98 Special

Tic-Toc Drum Safari Pencil M-610 $1.98 each

GanKeKe Bell Large 11” long M-M161 $35.90

Safari Animal Tic Toc Drum 10-12” long. Made in Kenya. M-M122 $4.98 $3.98 each

Maasai Tribe Tic Toc Drum M-M121 $4.98 $3.98

Malian Kora: Large M-M101 $19.90

Isikuti Guitar 20” x 7”. M-M028 $15.90 each

Tic Toc Drum 13” High and 3-4” Diameter. Made in Kenya. M-M120 $5.90

Nyatiti 8-String Guitar 17” x 13”. M-M027 $15.90


72 African art

“I just wanted to express my joy for the superiority and quality of all the products from MOTHER AFRICA.” ~ Sylvera in Covington, GA

Senegalese Mahogany Mask 21-24” A-WC323 $43.90 each

Nubian Face Mask 24” - 26” tall. A-WC059 $27.90 each African Hanging Mask 18” tall. A-WC713 $19.90

Senegal Miniature Mask 7-8” A-WC102 $7.90 $5.90 each Senegal Miniature Mask 9-10” A-WC107 $3.99 each

Medium Ghana Fang Mask Symbol Black 15”-20” tall. A-WC967 $23.90 each

Making a Difference

Medium Ghana Fang Mask - Metal/Wood 15” to 20” tall A-WC966 $23.90 each

Cameroon Painted Clay Mask Approx 3”-4” wide x 4”-5” long. No two are alike. Made in Cameroon. A-M604 $11.90 $5.90 each

Made in Africa

In a very poor neighborhood of Brazzaville, Congo, your purchases from You pays for much needed groceries for over 300 orphan children. A few of them are shown here with Brice who has worked with You for about four years with these children.

Miniature Guro Mask 5-6” Hand carved traditional home decorations from Ivory Coast. A-WC101 $5.90 each

Hand carved treasures


Maasai Masks

Maasai Masks give your home that touch of mystery and ethnicity that you’ve always wanted. Completely hand-carved in Kenya, and handpainted. Made in Kenya.

Set Of 2: Ashanti Fertility Idols 8” tall. Made in Kenya. A-E022 $11.90/pair

Thinker Statue On Stool 10-12” tall! Comes in black or brown. A-WC333 $39.90


5-6” Maasai Mask A-WC600 $7.90 each

Makonde Pregnant Body Mask A-WC051 $99.90

Black & White Wood Zebra - 5” A-WC021 $5.90

Wall Hanging Profile Carving 12” tall. A-WC708 $39.90

Lion Gazelle





Dark Wood Animal Choose from elephant, giraffe, lion, panther, and rhino. 4”-6” wide and 3”-7” tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC695 $11.90 each

Water Buffalo Set Of 5 African Animal Wood Carvings A-WC656 $7.90

15-16” Maasai Mask A-WC609A $29.90 each




Light Wood Animal 3½”-4½” wide and 2”-3½” tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC697 $7.90 $3.90 each or $39.00/dozen

Set Of 4 African Animals: assorted From 2” to 4” high. A-WC701 $29.90 $19.90



Regular Size


People Giraffe/ Elephant Zebra


Banana Leaf Wall Hanging Wall hangings from Kenya are available in assorted designs as shown. 16” long x 4” wide. A-P230 $5.90 $4.98 each

Extra Large

Genuine Banana Leaf Paintings Available in assorted designs unframed as shown. Approx. 12” x 9” Hand-made in Kenya. A-P200 $5.90 each 8½” x 11” Set Of 6 A-P206 $19.90

Giant Size Banana Leaf Paintings Approx. 16” x 10”. A-P210 $7.90 $6.78

Get them all and save! The full set of 5. A-P230S $27.90 $19.90

Set Of 12 - Banana Leaf Greeting Cards A-P220 $27.90 $15.90

Exclusive Design: Egypt Chess Set Board is 13.5” X 13.5”. Pieces range in size from 2” to 3.5” tall. A-M152 $69.95

Soapstone Coaster Set - ASSORTED Assorted designs. 6 coasters and holder in each set. A-S618 $9.90 each set

Banana Leaf Figurines

Handcrafted art straight from Africa, perfect for a gift, inventory in your shop, or just as a wonderful addition to your home. Made from banana leaves in Kenya.

You get: 60 cards and envelopes Less than 17¢ per card

Banana Fiber Mobile A-BL620 $7.90

Set Of 4 Ornaments Get a set of 4 colorful figures that measure 7” high. Hang anywhere to add a fun Africa vibe. A-P258 $23.90 $15.90

“The products are just what I expected. I will definitely be a return customer.” ~ Marilyn in Baytown, TX

Set of Sixty Cards Anytime you send one of these colorful cards you give a piece of African inspired beauty. 6” x 4.25”. M-965A $19.90



African Key Chains


M-662 $2.98 each Maasai Beaded 3” long. Made in Kenya. M-633 $2.98

Approx 4-5” long. M-652 $3.98 $3.58 each

M-631 $3.98

M-L014 $2.98

M-637 $3.98 $3.58

M-650 $3.58 $2.98 or $14.90/dozen

M-640 $3.98 each or $19.90/dozen

M-630 $3.98 $3.58

M-658 $3.98 each

M-647 $2.98

How to

save the most Set of 30 Key Chains 1½”-3” long. Combinations vary in this set. Made in Africa. Only $2.66 each. M-100 $79.90

M-645 $3.58

M-646 $3.90 $3.58

M-L013 $2.98 each

M-643 $3.58 $1.39 each

M-642 $2.98

M-638 $3.98 $3.58 M-636 $3.98 $3.58 African Whistle M-661 $2.98

M-660 $3.58 each

M-141 $3.58

How to

save in sets Set of 6 Key Chains 1½”-3” long. Combinations vary in this set. Made in Africa. Only $5.96 each. M-099 $17.98

Set of 6 Bone Africa Design Key Chains M-098 $15.90



Hand woven fans

Fan: Malian Multi-Colored 16” long 9” wide. Made in Mali. M-W084 $5.90 each

Burkina Faso’s Answer to Decor Styles vary. Each is hand made in Burkina Faso or Ghana. 16” Hand-Woven Fans. M-W082 $11.90 each or $119.00/dozen

African Kente Leather Folding Fan When folded, it measure 10” long. When unfolded, it is 14” long. Handle made of leather with leather thong to hold together. Kente pattern may vary. Made in Ghana. C-A622 $19.90

Fertility Idol Fan Statue Attached to this statue is a wicker fan to keep you cool on hot days. 14” tall. No two are alike. Made in Ghana. M-W086 $29.90 each

Annie Lee Dolls

Round Multicolored Fans Made in Nigeria. Each is approx. 13” long. M-W083 $5.90 each

“The customer service and products are superior. I have very happy customers.” ~ Jessica in Memphis, TN

Making a Difference

How to

save the most Set Of 5 Girls Night Out Dolls M-D149S $59.90 $29.90

African Cloth Doll Clothing styles will vary. Hand-made in Senegal. The size is 6-8” M-D120 $5.90 each

Gorgeous Green M-D140 $7.90

Pleasurable Pink M-D146 $7.90

Captivating Cream M-D144 $7.90

Polka Dot M-D147 $7.90

Glamorous Gold M-D145 $7.90

Meet Jeremy and Dorcas. They are shown here with a frozen chickens for them and for a large group of similar kids. These chickens were paid for through your purchases with You.


Giraffe Mask Made in Kenya. 14” tall. A-WC604 $23.90 8” tall. A-WC604S $11.90

Zebra Mask 14” tall. Made in Kenya. 14” tall. A-WC602 $23.90 9” tall. A-WC602S $11.90

Kenyan Hand-Carved Cane Shipping canes requires oversized shipping. Normally costs $10-$12 to ship each cane by UPS or FedEx. A-WC640 $29.90 each

Abstract Ebony People Statue 8” - 9” tall. A-E619 $9.90

Ebony Drummer Ebony Drummer MD SM 7” tall. A-E629 $13.90 8” tall. A-E631 $15.90

Life-sized giraffes

8” Wood Giraffe A-WC699 $7.90

18” Giraffe A-WC620 $23.90 Five Foot Giraffe A-WC627 $198.00

Four Foot Giraffe (pictured above) A-WC625 $158.00

Three Marching Giraffes 12” tall. A-WC624 $24.00

Giraffe Couple 8” A-WC110 $15.90

11”- 12” Giraffe A-WC621 $11.90

Giraffe Couple 12” A-WC622 $23.90


Authentic additions to your home


Beaded Handle Wooden Salad Set 12” long. Made in Kenya. A-WC694 $9.90 $7.90/set

Bone Handle Wooden Salad Set Made in Kenya. Approx. 12” tall A-WC674 $9.90/set

Wooden Animal Salad Sets - Small Hand crafted in Kenya. Approx 8” long. A-WC672 $3.00 $5.90/ set

Banana Leaf Nativity Display A-P261 $29.90

Find more online

Twisted Bone Handle Wood Salad Set 12” long. A-WC673 $9.90

Wooden Salad Sets - Pair 11” long. Comes in zebras or giraffes, but none can be specified. Made in Kenya. A-WC670 $5.90/pair

Bone African Animal Letter Opener A-WC692 $5.90 $3.90

Horse Hair Fly Swatter M-680 $15.90 each

Manger Scene Hand-crafted banana leaf Manger Scene of Jesus’s birth. 4” high. A-P270 $9.90 $7.90

Safari Letter Opener Made in Kenya. Approx. 10” long. A-WC690 $3.58

African Letter Opener A-WC691 $3.90 $3.58

Discover more about African Art at /africanart.asp 12”x18” African American Stick Flag FL-A036 $9.90 each

African American Flag FL-A035 $19.90

Flag of the African Nation Combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. You can use this as a wall hanging, or for a porch display. It is durable, but it is not intended for long term use in wind or on a flag pole. FL-A035 $19.90

53 African country flags Each flag is 3’ x 5’ and priced at just $19.90 each. Visit our website or ask for any African country. item# FLAG + Country Name $19.90 each Jamaican Flag FL-Jamaican $19.90


4”x6” African American Stick Flag Available in regular only. FL-A037 $3.90 each

Regular FL-A036

79 Bottle Cap Truck A-M611 $15.90 $11.90 Kente Design Table Set #1 Comes complete with an 87” X 42” table cloth, six 17” X 13” place mats, six 14” X 12” cloth napkins, and one cloth place mat holder. Hand-crafted completely in Senegal. M-F305 $79.90

Bottle Cap Elephant 9” x 4½” A-M609 $23.90 $15.90

Bottle Cap Motorcycle 9” wide x 5” tall. Made in Kenya. A-M605 $29.90 $19.90

Maasai Warriors AC-B224

Bottle Cap Car 7” x 4” A-M610 $15.90 $11.90

Batik Paintings

Batik Painting: Elephant Family Colors of background may vary. AC-B212 $7.90 $5.90 each

Bottle Cap Airplane 8” wide x 7” long. Made in Kenya. A-M606 $29.90 $17.90

Nubian African Princess Market AC-B222 AC-B223 $7.90 each separately

Drum Dancers AC-B221

Set of 4 Hand-Painted Batik Paintings 10” x 16”. Photo shows set of 4, but the individual Batik paintings may vary. AC-B225 $29.90 $27.90/set of four

“200% satisfied with everything thank you! ” ~ Carol in Nebraska

Area Rug - Lion 5’ 2” x 3’ 7” F-904 $43.90 Area Rug - Zebra 5’ 2” x 3’ 7” F-907 $43.90 Area Rug - Mother + Baby Leopard 5’ 2” x 3’ 7” area rug. F-902 $43.90

Black Panther Area Rug 3’ 7” x 5’ 2”. F-905 $43.90

Giant-Sized Elephant Rug 3’ 7” x 5’ 2”. F-906 $43.90

100% polypropylene. Stain and fade resistant. Surged all around to protect edges. 3’ 7” x 5’ 2”. Made in Turkey. Oversized shipping costs may apply on rugs.

Making a Difference Meet some of the kids from Saikolo school who your purchases with You helps to provide with some basic needs. Kuba Cloth Pillows Each measure 13” wide x 13” high. No two are alike and none can be specified. Made in Congo. M-F202 $79.90 each


Art that impresses


Brown Carved Village Elder Stylised Women 12” A-WC614 $19.90 “Pegele” Statue Approx. 20-22” tall. A-E130 $19.90 $13.90

$1.98 Special African Spear: Short Blade Approx.64” - 65” Long. Blade is 16” long. Handle is approx 25” long. Long point is 29” long. Made in Kenya. W-S066 $49.90

African Spear: Long Blade Approx.75” - 76” long. Blade is 25” long. Handle is approx 28” long. Long point is 29” long. Made in Kenya. W-S067 $49.90


KARIBU WELCOME - Wooden Wall Plaque 19” long. Made in Kenya. A-WC714 $29.90

Dramatic Wall Hangings


Ebony Skeleton People 13-14” A-WC630 $3.90 each Mini Ebony Skeleton People 7”-9” tall. A-E616 $2.98 $1.98 each

Set Of 2 Maasai Stick Figures 12” tall. Without a base. A-WC676 $11.90 $7.90

Dogon Granary Door 12” x 16” A-WC033 $59.90



African Safari Shield: Assorted Animals 24” x 14” W-123 $55.90 Kenyan Maasai Shield Made in Kenya. Regular Size approx. 22” x 12” W-121 $55.90

W-121 Medium Size approx. 20” x 15” W-122 $53.90 Zulu Shield 24” long. Comes in brown, black, and white. W-124 $49.90

Maasai Family Stick Carving 8" tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC637 $9.90 $7.90

Maasai Family Stick Carving: Large 12” tall. A-WC669 $13.90

Wooden Dogon Window/Door 11” x 7” A-WC032 $39.90

New South African art

“No Evil” Monkey Wood Plaque 12” X 11”. Made in South Africa. A-WC057 $35.90

African Woman & Baby Wood Plaque Measures 19” x 9”. Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC062 $39.90

Elephant Wood Plaque 13” X 10”. Made in South Africa. A-WC064 $29.90

Cheetah Wood Plaque Measures 15” X 7”. Made in South Africa. A-WC055 $27.90

African Tree Climber Wood Plaque Measures 10” x 18”. Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC067 $39.90

African Woman Working Wood Plaque Measures 11.5” x 5”. Made in South Africa. A-WC063 $39.90

2 Elephant Wood Plaque 16” X 11½”. Made in South Africa. A-WC054 $29.90


Old Man Africa Wood Plaque Measures 10” x 13”. Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC066 $35.90

Africa Animals Wood Plaque 12” long X 10” wide. Made in Kenya. A-WC053 $29.90

Meet the artist. Sebastiao in South Africa hand carves and polishes these wood carvings as his lifetime work.

Set Of 2 African Dancers Plaque Measures 13” x 12”. Hand-carved piece of art from South Africa. A-WC060 $29.90 Each



Package your own products 8 oz.

4 oz.

16 oz.

32 oz.

4 oz.

Set of Twelve 8 oz. Clear Jars P-446 $23.90 Set of Twelve 4 oz. Clear Jars P-445 $19.90

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Jars and Lids M-183J $19.90

Set of Twelve 32 oz. Plastic Containers P-403 $6.98

Set of Twelve 16 oz. Plastic Containers P-400 $5.80

1 oz.

8 oz. Set of Twelve 8 oz. Plastic Containers P-401 $5.58

Set of 100 1 oz. Plastic Containers P-402 $7.98

4 oz.

High Quality Thank You Bags 100 bags P-131 $15.90 1,000 bags P-130 $70.00

Set of Twelve 4 oz. Plastic Spray Bottles with atomizers for body mists and more. P-420 $29.90

Set of Twelve Premium Plastic Double Wall Jars 4 oz. with Black Lids. P-440 $31.90

½ oz.

2 oz. Set of Twelve ½ oz. Sample Jars P-410 $7.90

2 oz. White Plastic Jars Set of Twelve P-441 $11.90

Labels Metallic Gold Rectangular Labels 10 sheets - 80 per sheet. ½” x 1¾” P-105 $9.90 Metallic Gold Circle Labels 10 sheets - 63 per sheet. 1” in diameter P-106 $9.90 White Rectangular Labels 10 sheets - 80 per sheet. ½” x 1¾” P-108 $9.98

Set of Twelve 8 oz. Clear Set Of 12 Plastic Wide-Mouth Jars with Cap Shaker Jars - 8 oz. P-449 $23.90 P-451 $19.90

Plastic Bottles 16 oz.

100 2” x 2” Weatherproof Matte Square Labels P-111 $9.90

8 oz.

100 2” White Glossy Circle Labels P-113 $9.90 60 4”x1¾” Weatherproof Rectangle Labels P-114 $9.90

1 Lb (16 oz.) Plastic Bottles Set of 12 O-209 $7.90 Plastic Bottles with black flip caps. 8 oz. P-421 $19.90

8 oz. Plastic Bottles Set of 12 O-213 $9.90 Set Of 12 Flip-Top Spout Caps P-448 $3.98

Roll-on Top Bottles




⅓ oz. Textured Roll On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-201 $3.80 Set of 144 O-201G $76

A. 1 oz. Roll-On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-207 $15.90 Case of 288 O-207CASE $260 (0.90 each) B. ⅛ oz. Dram Bottles with Roll-On Tops Set of 12 O-208 $7.90 Set of 144 O-208G $67.90 ⅛ oz. Dram Fancy Roll-On Bottles Set of 12 O-211 $7.90 Set of 144 O-211G $67.90

Black Yellow

Pink Blue

Purple Green

Colored Glass Oil Bottles ⅓ oz. with Roll-On Tops - Choose one color (not mixed) O-232 $9.90 per dozen ⅓ oz. Roll-On Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-202 $7.80 Set of 144 O-202G $78.00 Set of 864 O-202CASE $390.00 Extra shipping cost of $35 for full cases of bottles

12 Colored Glass 1Dram Roll-On Bottles Choose from black, blue or red Set of 12 O-234 $9.90

Boston Round Bottles

1 Dram (⅛ oz) Glass Bottles Set of 144 O-210 $26.00 Set of 12 O-210dozen $5.90

Upscale Dram Roll-Ons - Set Of 12 O-224 $15.90 ¼ oz Bottle/Luxury: Set Of 12 Gold Caps O -217 $8.98 $5.90 Silver Caps O-218 $8.98 $5.90

1 oz. Amber Round Bottle Set of 12 O-220 $19.90 4 oz. Amber Round Bottle Set of 12 O-221 $29.90 1 oz. Plastic Bottles Set Of 12 O -216 $7.90 4 oz. Bottle With Dropper Cap - Set Of 6 O-219 $9.90

⅓ oz. Silver Spray Bottle One O-215 $5.90 Set Of 25 O-215S $79.90 ⅓ oz. Gold Spray Bottle One O-214 $5.90 Set of 25 O-214s $79.90

4 oz. Boston Round Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-206 $17.80 Case of 128 O-206CASE $140.00

2 oz. Clear Glass Bottles with Caps Set of 12 O-212 $13.80 Case of 240 O-212CASE $199.90

1 oz. Clear Glass ½ oz. Bottles Bottles with with Caps Caps Set of 12 Set of 12 O-204 $8.80 O-203 $9.80 Set of 144 Set of 144 O-204G $88.00 O-203G $98. Case of 288 O-203CASE $178.00 ($0.60 each)


84 Fragrance Oils

Set of the most popular oils 2 sizes to choose from ⅛ oz. Bottles $19.90/set of 12

¹/³ oz. Roll on bottles $45.00/set of 12

Pre-packaged sets of 12 oils

All the variety you need at a price that can’t be beat! Set of 12 Newest Oils

Bath & Body Works: Hello Sugar (W), Creed: Millesime (U), Creed: Royal Mayfair (W), Dior: Homme Sport (M), Gucci: Guilty Platinum (M), Gucci: Guilty Platinum (W), Louis Vuitton: Turbulences (W), Michael Kors: Midnight Shimmer (W), Michael Kors: Sexy Blossom (W), Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W), Ralph Lauren: Love (W), Victoria’s Secret: Intense (W) ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramSample $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12B $45.00

Set of 126 Dram Oils

Don’t miss out on anything when you get this set of 126 fragrances. Get a sampling of every fragrance you crave with this fun opportunity! Set of Oils Includes 126 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! O-126drams $190.00

Set of 12 Best Selling Essential Oils

Set of 24 Newest Oils

Al-Rehab: Golden Sand (M) Type, Angel: Muse (W) Type, Atelier: Grand Neroli (M) Type, Bath&BodyWorks: Winter Candy Apple Type, Bond No.9: New Haarlam (M) Type, Calvin Klein: Eternity (W) Type, Carolina Herrera: Africa (W) Type, Creed: Imperial Millesime (U) Type, Diesel: Bad (M) Type, Elizabeth Taylor: Gardenia (W) Type, Issey Miyake: Noir Ambre (M) Type, Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type, Marc Jacobs: Decadence (W) Type, Michael Kors: Turquoise (W) Type, Nautica: Voyage Sport (M) Type, Paco Rabanne: Olympea (W) Type, Rag & Bone: Amber (U) Type, Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type, Tom Ford: Cafe Rose (U) Type, Tory Burch: Love Relentlessly (W) Type, True Religion: Drifter (M) Type, Very Sexy: Platinum (M) Type, Victoria’s Secret: Paris (W) Type, Yves Saint Laurent: Supreme Bouquet (W) Type ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramnew $ 19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE24B $89.90

Clove, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon, Myrrh, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Patchouli Dark, Rosemary, Tea Tree O-12dramess1 $27.90

Set of 12 Most Beneficial Essential Oils

Aniseed, Citronella, Lemongrass, Orange, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pine, Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Thyme, Ylang Ylang O-12dramess2 $27.90 Oils in this set are available individually! Just check online or call us and ask for more details! Oils in all sets shown may change slightly at any time without notice.

“I have already sold most of oils and in need of more soon. Thanks so much for the excellent quality of everything.”

~ Cassandra in Marietta, GA

We do not offer finished products. What we do is custom fragrances through duplications, creations, or modifications created and manufactured in our facility for use in finished products. Product names, brands, and other trademarks or trade names featured or referred to within We are the property of their respective holders. These holders are not affiliated with We, our products, our website, nor do they sponsor or endorse our materials. The use of these trademarks or trade names in no way indicates any relationship between We and the holders and is used only for descriptive identification to convey the aroma being purchased. Every effort has been made to properly identify and attribute trademarks or trade names to their respective owners whenever possible and/or practical.

The most popular oils in sets of 12

Top 12 Best-Selling Oils

Ambar White, Baby Powder (W), Barack Obama (M), Black Woman (W), Beyonce Heat (W), Egyptian Musk, Issey Miyake (M), JPG: Le Male (M), Micheal Kors (W), Michele Obama (W), Patti LaBelle (W), Pink Sugar (W) ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramtop12 $ 19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12 $45.00 1 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12oz. $79.90

Top 12 Women’s Oils


Top 12 Romance Oils

Angel (W), African Musk Green (M), Beautiful (W), Black Man (M), Black Woman (W), Egyptian Musk, Eat It Raw, Lick Me All Over, Love Spell (W), Michael Kors: Sexy Amber (W), Pink Sugar (W), White Diamonds (W) ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramromance $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12romance $45.00

Top 12 Black Icons Oils

Baby Powder (W), Black Woman, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue (W), Egyptian Musk, Michael Kors (W), Michelle Obama (W), Michael Kors: Sexy Amber (W), Perry Ellis 360 (W), Patti LaBelle (W), Pink Sugar (W) Type, White Diamonds (W) Type ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramWomen $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12women $45.00

Barack Obama (M) Type, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Halle Berry (W) Type, Sean John: I Am King (M) Type, Jay Z: 9 IX (M), Michelle Obama (W) Type, Mary J Blige: My Life (W) Type, Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W) Type, Patti Labelle (W) Type, Queen Latifah (W) Type, Rihanna : Reb’l Fleur (W) Type, Usher (M) Type ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramicons $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12icons $45.00

Top 12 Men’s Oils

Top 12 Fruit Oils

Top 12 Designer Oils

Set of 12 House Oils

African Musk Green (M), Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M), Anucci (M), Barack Obama (M), Cool Water (M), Ed Hardy (M), Issey Miyake (M), I Am King (M) Sean John, JPG: Le Male (M), Kush, Polo: Black (M), Polo: Red (M) ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramMens $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12men $45.00 Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M), Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Cool Water (M), Issey Miyake (M) Type, I Am King (M), JPG: Le Male (M), Michael Kors, Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Perry Ellis 360 (W) Type, Pink Sugar (W), Polo: Red (M), White Diamonds (W) Type. ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramDesigner $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12designer $ 45.00

Apple Fantasy, Black Cherry, Black Coconut, Coco-Mango, Cherry, Cucumber Melon, Jamaican Fruit, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, Strawberry Butter, Watermelon. ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramfruit $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12fruit $45.00 ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramhouse $19.90

Set of 12 Discontinued Oils ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12Discontin $29.90

Top 12 African Oils

African Musk Green (M), Blue Nile, Barack Obama (M), Black Woman (W), Black Woman: Unique (W), Black Musk, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Musk: Clear, Michelle Obama (W), Patchouli Classic, Red Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood Egyptian ⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-12dramAfrican $19.90 ⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-SE12African $ 45.00

Biggest money saver sets Set of 48 Oils

A perfect bundle to round out your oil stock ⅓ oz. bottles O-SE48 $179.90

⅓ oz. bottles all labeled and have roll-on tops Oils in all sets shown may change slightly at any time without notice.

Set of 96 Oils

Instant inventory! Save a bundle while getting all the oils your customer’s crave! ⅓ oz. bottles O-SE96 $359.90

Set Of 200 Best Selling Oils Set Of 126 Fragrances Dram (1/8 oz)

⅓ oz. Bottle Set O-200SET $600.00

⅛ oz. Bottle Set O-126dramS $190.00


Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite


⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

30 new

⅓ oz. - $4.50 8 oz. - $33.90

1 oz. - $7.90 1 lb. - $57.90


4 oz - $19.90

O-A72 Al-Rehab: Golden Sand (M) Type O-A73 Angel: Muse (W) Type O-A74 Atelier: Grand Neroli (M) Type O-B26 Bath&BodyWorks: Winter Candy Apple Type O-B93 Bond No.9: New Haarlam (M) Type O-C26 Calvin Klein: Eternity (W) Type O-C51 Carolina Herrera: Africa (W) Type O-C83 Creed: Imperial Millesime (U) Type O-D59 Diesel: Bad (M) Type O-E63 Elizabeth Taylor: Gardenia (W) Type O-G52 Gucci: Guilty Platinum (M) Type O-G53 Gucci: Guilty Platinum (W) Type O-I37 Issey Miyake: Noir Ambre (M) Type O-L56 Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type O-L55 Louis Vuitton: Turbulences (W) O-M92 Marc Jacobs: Decadence (W) Type O-M91 Michael Kors: Sexy Blossom (W) O-M93 Michael Kors: Turquoise (W) Type O-N30 Nautica: Voyage Sport (M) Type O-N29 Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type O-P96 Paco Rabanne: Olympea (W) Type O-R55 Rag & Bone: Amber (U) Type O-R56 Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type O-T45 Tom Ford: Cafe Rose (U) Type O-T46 Tory Burch: Love Relentlessly (W) Type O-T47 True Religion: Drifter (M) Type O-V59 Very Sexy: Platinum (M) Type O-V58 Victoria’s Secret: Intense (W) O-V60 Victoria’s Secret: Paris (W) Type O-Y18 Yves Saint Laurent: Supreme Bouquet (W) Type A Abercrombie & Fitch: Fierce (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A573 1 oz. O-A571 4 oz. O-A574 8 oz. O-A578 1 lb. O-A57L Abercrombie & Fitch: Northeast (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A653 1 oz. O-A651 4 oz. O-A654 8 oz. O-A658 1 lb. O-A65L

8 oz. O-A328 1 lb. O-A32L African Musk : Clear (M) ⅓ oz. O-A423 1 oz. O-A421 4 oz. O-A424 8 oz. O-A428 1 lb. O-A42L African Musk Green (M) ⅓ oz. O-A103 1 oz. O-A101 4 oz. O-A104 8 oz. O-A108 1 lb. O-A10L

Addict (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A263 1 oz. O-A261 4 oz. O-A264 8 oz. O-A268 1 lb. O-A26L

Al-Rehab: Golden Sand (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-A723 1 oz. O-A721 4 oz. O-A724 8 oz. O-A728 1 lb. O-A72L

African Gold ⅓ oz. O-A323 1 oz. O-A321 4 oz. O-A324

Allure: Sport Extreme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A603

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-A601 O-A604 O-A608 O-A60L

Ambar ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-A123 O-A121 O-A124 O-A128 O-A12L

Ambar White Type ⅓ oz. O-A253 1 oz. O-A251 4 oz. O-A254 8 oz. O-A258 1 lb. O-A25L Amber Romance (W) Victoria Secret ⅓ oz. O-A403 1 oz. O-A401 4 oz. O-A404 8 oz. O-A408 1 lb. O-A40L Angel (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A303 1 oz. O-A301 4 oz. O-A304 8 oz. O-A308 1 lb. O-A30L Angel (W) Thierry Mugler Type ⅓ oz. O-A133 1 oz. O-A131 4 oz. O-A134 8 oz. O-A138 1 lb. O-A13L Angel: Muse (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-A733 1 oz. O-A731 4 oz. O-A734 8 oz. O-A738 1 lb. O-A73L Anucci (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A463 1 oz. O-A461 4 oz. O-A464 8 oz. O-A468 1 lb. O-A46L Apple Fantasy ⅓ oz. O-A173 1 oz. O-A171 4 oz. O-A174 8 oz. O-A178 1 lb. O-A17L Aquolina: Pink Flower (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A693 1 oz. O-A691 4 oz. O-A694 8 oz. O-A698 1 lb. O-A69L Aramis: Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A663 1 oz. O-A661 4 oz. O-A664 8 oz. O-A668 1 lb. O-A66L

Aramis: Voyager (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A703 1 oz. O-A701 4 oz. O-A704 8 oz. O-A708 1 lb. O-A70L Armani: Acqua di Gio (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A183 1 oz. O-A181 4 oz. O-A184 8 oz. O-A188 1 lb. O-A18L Armani: Acqua Di Gioia (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A643 1 oz. O-A641 4 oz. O-A644 8 oz. O-A648 1 lb. O-A64L Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A383 1 oz. O-A381 4 oz. O-A384 8 oz. O-A388 1 lb. O-A38L Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A393 1 oz. O-A391 4 oz. O-A394 8 oz. O-A398 1 lb. O-A39L Armani: Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A613 1 oz. O-A611 4 oz. O-A614 8 oz. O-A618 1 lb. O-A61L Armani Code: Summer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A503 1 oz. O-A501 4 oz. O-A504 8 oz. O-A508 1 lb. O-A50L Armani Code: Ultimate (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A563 1 oz. O-A561 4 oz. O-A564 8 oz. O-A568 1 lb. O-A56L Armani: Eau D’Aromes (M) ⅓ oz. O-A553 1 oz. O-A551 4 oz. O-A554 8 oz. O-A558 1 lb. O-A55L Armani: Sun Di Gioia (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A683 1 oz. O-A681 4 oz. O-A684 8 oz. O-A688 1 lb. O-A68L

Aromatics Elixir (W) Clinique Type ⅓ oz. O-A343 1 oz. O-A341 4 oz. O-A344 8 oz. O-A348 1 lb. O-A34L Ashanti Precious Jewels (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-A353 1 oz. O-A351 4 oz. O-A354 8 oz. O-A358 1 lb. O-A35L Atelier: Grand Neroli (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-A743 1 oz. O-A741 4 oz. O-A744 8 oz. O-A748 1 lb. O-A74L Avon: Black Suede Leather (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A623 1 oz. O-A621 4 oz. O-A624 8 oz. O-A628 1 lb. O-A62L Azzaro: Chrome Legend (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-A583 1 oz. O-A581 4 oz. O-A584 8 oz. O-A588 1 lb. O-A58L B Baby Phat Dare Me (W) Type ⅓ oz O-B573 1 oz. O-B571 4 oz. O-B574 8 oz. O-B578 1 lb. O-B57L Baby Phat Fabulosity (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B433 1 oz. O-B431 4 oz. O-B434 8 oz. O-B438 1 lb. O-B43L Baby Phat Goddess (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B203 1 oz. O-B201 4 oz. O-B204 8 oz. O-B208 1 lb. O-B20L Baby Powder: Classic

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-B103 O-B101 O-B104 O-B108 O-B10L

Baby Powder: Clear ⅓ oz. O-B833 1 oz. O-B831 4 oz. O-B834 8 oz. O-B838

1 lb.


Balenciaga: Florabotanica (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B863 1 oz. O-B861 4 oz. O-B864 8 oz. O-B868 1 lb. O-B86L Barack Obama (M)

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-B473 O-B471 O-B474 O-B478 O-B47L

Bath & Bodyworks: Beautiful Day (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B443 1 oz. O-B441 4 oz. O-B444 8 oz. O-B448 1 lb. O-B44L Bath & Body Works: Hello Sugar (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B743 1 oz. O-B741 4 oz. O-B744 8 oz. O-B748 1 lb. O-B74L Bath & Bodyworks: Sexy Dahlia Rush Type ⅓ oz. O-B943 1 oz. O-B941 4 oz. O-B944 8 oz. O-B948 1 lb. O-B94L Bath & Body Works: White Citrus (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B843 1 oz. O-B841 4 oz. O-B844 8 oz. O-B848 1 lb. O-B84L Bath & Body Works: White Citrus (W) ⅓ oz. O-B903 1 oz. O-B901 4 oz. O-B904 8 oz. O-B908 1 lb. O-B90L Bath & BodyWorks: Winter Candy Apple Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-B263 1 oz. O-B261 4 oz. O-B264 8 oz. O-B268 1 lb. O-B26L Beautiful (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B113 1 oz. O-B111 4 oz. O-B114 8 oz. O-B118 1 lb. O-B11L Bebe: Glam (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B453 1 oz. O-B451 4 oz. O-B454 8 oz. O-B458 1 lb. O-B45L

Bebe: Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B233 1 oz. O-B231 4 oz. O-B234 8 oz. O-B238 1 lb. O-B23L Be Delicious (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B293 1 oz. O-B291 4 oz. O-B294 8 oz. O-B298 1 lb. O-B29L Bentley: Azure (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B253 1 oz. O-B251 4 oz. O-B254 8 oz. O-B258 1 lb. O-B25L Bentley Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B973 1 oz. O-B971 4 oz. O-B974 8 oz. O-B978 1 lb. O-B97L Beyonce Heat (W) Type

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-B553 O-B551 O-B554 O-B558 O-B55L

Beyonce: Heat Kissed (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B413 1 oz. O-B411 4 oz. O-B414 8 oz. O-B418 1 lb. O-B41L Beyonce: Heat Rush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B613 1 oz. O-B611 4 oz. O-B614 8 oz. O-B618 1 lb. O-B61L Beyonce: Heat Seduction (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B923 1 oz. O-B921 4 oz. O-B924 8 oz. O-B928 1 lb. O-B92L Beyonce: Midnight Heat (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B753 1 oz. O-B751 4 oz. O-B754 8 oz. O-B758 1 lb. O-B75L Beyonce: Pulse ⅓ oz. O-B653 1 oz. O-B651 4 oz. O-B654 8 oz. O-B658 1 lb. O-B65L Beyonce Pulse Summer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B723 1 oz. O-B721 4 oz. O-B724 8 oz. O-B728

1 lb.


Top 12 Best-Selling Oils

Beyonce: Rise (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B913 1 oz. O-B911 4 oz. O-B914 8 oz. O-B918 1 lb. O-B91L

O-B10 O-B47 O-B51 O-B55 O-E10 O-E25 O-E26 O-I10 O-M34 O-P17 O-P38 O-W10

Beyonce Ultimate Elixir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B583 1 oz. O-B581 4 oz. O-B584 8 oz. O-B588 1 lb. O-B58L Beyonce Wild Orchid (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B183 1 oz. O-B181 4 oz. O-B184 8 oz. O-B188 1 lb. O-B18L

Black Is Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B883 1 oz. O-B881 4 oz. O-B884 8 oz. O-B888 1 lb. O-B88L Black Love (W) ⅓ oz. O-B133 1 oz. O-B131 4 oz. O-B134 8 oz. O-B138 1 lb. O-B13L

Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type ⅓ oz. O-B303 1 oz. O-B301 4 oz. O-B304 8 oz. O-B308 1 lb. O-B30L

Black Orchid (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B993 $5.00 1 oz. O-B991 $9.90 4 oz. O-B994 $23.90 8 oz. O-B998 $37.90 1 lb. O-B99L $63.90 $3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Black Soul (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B593 1 oz. O-B591 4 oz. O-B594 8 oz. O-B598 1 lb. O-B59L

Black Coconut ⅓ oz. O-B153 1 oz. O-B151 4 oz. O-B154 8 oz. O-B158 1 lb. O-B15L Black Code (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B343 1 oz. O-B341 4 oz. O-B344 8 oz. O-B348 1 lb. O-B34L

Black Sugar (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B983 1 oz. O-B981

Black Woman

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-B513 O-B511 O-B514 O-B518 O-B51L

Bleu De Chanel (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B793 1 oz. O-B791 4 oz. O-B794 8 oz. O-B798 1 lb. O-B79L

Black Musk ⅓ oz. O-B803 1 oz. O-B801 4 oz. O-B804 8 oz. O-B808 1 lb. O-B80L

Black Butter ⅓ oz. O-B693 1 oz. O-B691 4 oz. O-B694 8 oz. O-B698 1 lb. O-B69L

4 oz. O-B984 8 oz. O-B988 1 lb. O-B98L

Black Woman: Unique (W) ⅓ oz. O-B733 1 oz. O-B731 4 oz. O-B734 8 oz. O-B738 1 lb. O-B73L

Black Man (M) ⅓ oz. O-B393 1 oz. O-B391 4 oz. O-B394 8 oz. O-B398 1 lb. O-B39L

Black (W) Kenneth Cole Type ⅓ oz. O-B283 1 oz. O-B281 4 oz. O-B284 8 oz. O-B288 1 lb. O-B28L

Black Ice (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B143 1 oz. O-B141 4 oz. O-B144

Baby Powder Classic Barack Obama (M) Black Woman (W) Beyonce Heat (W) Egyptian Musk Ed Hardy Type (M) Ed Hardy Type (W) Issey Miyake (M) Type Michelle Obama (W) Patti LaBelle (W) Type Paris Hilton (W) Type White Diamonds Type (W)

8 oz. O-B148 1 lb. O-B14L

Billionaire Boyfriend (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B873 1 oz. O-B871 4 oz. O-B874 8 oz. O-B878 1 lb. O-B87L

Black Cherry ⅓ oz. O-B243 1 oz. O-B241 4 oz. O-B244 8 oz. O-B248 1 lb. O-B24L



Blue Nile ⅓ oz. O-B123 1 oz. O-B121 4 oz. O-B124 8 oz. O-B128 1 lb. O-B12L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Blue Seduction (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B483 1 oz. O-B481 4 oz. O-B484 8 oz. O-B488 1 lb. O-B48L Bobbi Brown: Bath #IV (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B703 1 oz. O-B701 4 oz. O-B704 8 oz. O-B708 1 lb. O-B70L

why you love it

“These fragrances are amazing. My customers love Black Woman and Baby Powder. I love them all.”

~ Irma in University City, MO


Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite


⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted Bump & Grind ⅓ oz. O-B673 1 oz. O-B671 4 oz. O-B674 8 oz. O-B678 1 lb. O-B67L

Choose your own perfect size

The bigger the bottle – the bigger your savings

⅓ oz. bottle 200 drops

1 oz. bottle = three ⅓ oz. bottles

4 oz. bottle = twelve ⅓ oz. bottles

1 lb. bottle = fortyeight ⅓ oz. bottles

Body by Victoria’s Secret (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B373 1 oz. O-B371 4 oz. O-B374 8 oz. O-B378 1 lb. O-B37L

Bond No.9: New York Musk (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B893 1 oz. O-B891 4 oz. O-B894 8 oz. O-B898 1 lb. O-B89L

Bombshell Diamonds (W) V.Secret ⅓ oz. O-B773 1 oz. O-B771 4 oz. O-B774 8 oz. O-B778 1 lb. O-B77L

Bora Bora (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B333 1 oz. O-B331 4 oz. O-B334 8 oz. O-B338 1 lb. O-B33L

Bond No.9 (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B813 $5.00 1 oz. O-B811 $9.90 4 oz. O-B814 $23.90 8 oz. O-B818 $37.90 1 lb. O-B81L $63.90

Boss by Hugo Boss (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B353 1 oz. O-B351 4 oz. O-B354 8 oz. O-B358 1 lb. O-B35L

Bond No.9: New Haarlem (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-B933 1 oz. O-B931 4 oz. O-B934 8 oz. O-B938 1 lb. O-B93L

Boucheron: Jaipur Saphir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B953 1 oz. O-B951 4 oz. O-B954 8 oz. O-B958 1 lb. O-B95L

Bond No.9: New Haarlem (M) Type (Fragrance For Men) O-B93

Other Bond Fragrances Bond No.9 (W) Type Bond No.9: New York Musk (W) Type

O-B81 O-B89

O-B191 O-B194 O-B198 O-B19L

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-C471 O-C474 O-C478 O-C47L

Bvlgari: Mon Jasmine Noir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B963 1 oz. O-B961 4 oz. O-B964 8 oz. O-B968 1 lb. O-B96L

Cartier: Must De Gold (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C243 1 oz. O-C241 4 oz. O-C244 8 oz. O-C248 1 lb. O-C24L

Burberry Brit (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B563 1 oz. O-B561 4 oz. O-B564 8 oz. O-B568 1 lb. O-B56L

Bvlgari: Rose Essentielle (W) ⅓ oz. O-B173 1 oz. O-B171 4 oz. O-B174 8 oz. O-B178 1 lb. O-B17L

Cartier: Oud & Rose (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C893 $5.00 1 oz. O-C891 $9.90 4 oz. O-C894 $23.90 8 oz. O-C898 $37.90

Burberry Brit: Red (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B823 1 oz. O-B821 4 oz. O-B824 8 oz. O-B828 1 lb. O-B82L

Bvlgari Soir Type ⅓ oz. O-B383 1 oz. O-B381 4 oz. O-B384 8 oz. O-B388 1 lb. O-B38L

Burberry: Body (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B713 1 oz. O-B711 4 oz. O-B714 8 oz. O-B718 1 lb. O-B71L

8 oz. bottle = twentyfour ⅓ oz. bottles

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

Burberry: Mr Burberry (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B523 1 oz. O-B521 4 oz. O-B524 8 oz. O-B528 1 lb. O-B52L Burberry Sport (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B603 1 oz. O-B601 4 oz. O-B604 8 oz. O-B608 1 lb. O-B60L Burberry Sport (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B323 1 oz. O-B321 4 oz. O-B324 8 oz. O-B328 1 lb. O-B32L Burberry the Beat (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-B423 1 oz. O-B421 4 oz. O-B424 8 oz. O-B428

C Calvin Klein: Downtown (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C823 1 oz. O-C821 4 oz. O-C824 8 oz. O-C828 1 lb. O-C82L Calvin Klein: Endless Euphoria (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C883 1 oz. O-C881 4 oz. O-C884 8 oz. O-C888 1 lb. O-C88L Calvin Klein: Eternity (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-C263 1 oz. O-C261 4 oz. O-C264 8 oz. O-C268 1 lb. O-C26L

Burberry: Touch (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B463 1 oz. O-B461 4 oz. O-B464 8 oz. O-B468 1 lb. O-B46L

Caribbean Salsa : Bath & Bodyworks Type ⅓ oz. O-C643 1 oz. O-C641 4 oz. O-C644 8 oz. O-C648 1 lb. O-C64L

Butt Naked ⅓ oz. O-B273 1 oz. O-B271 4 oz. O-B274 8 oz. O-B278 1 lb. O-B27L

Carlos Santana Type (M) ⅓ oz. O-C423 1 oz. O-C421 4 oz. O-C424 8 oz. O-C428 1 lb. O-C42L

Butter Flower ⅓ oz. O-B503 1 oz. O-B501 4 oz. O-B504 8 oz. O-B508 1 lb. O-B50L

Carolina Herrera: Africa (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-C513 1 oz. O-C511 4 oz. O-C514 8 oz. O-C518 1 lb. O-C51L

Bvlgari: Man In Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-B193

Carolina Herrera: Good Girl (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C473

Cartier: Vetiver Bleu (U) Type ⅓ oz. O-C313 1 oz. O-C311 4 oz. O-C314 8 oz. O-C318 1 lb. O-C31L Casmir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C123 1 oz. O-C121 4 oz. O-C124 8 oz. O-C128 1 lb. O-C12L Chanel: Boy (U) Type ⅓ oz. O-C493 1 oz. O-C491 4 oz. O-C494 8 oz. O-C498 1 lb. O-C49L Chanel: Chance Eau Tendre (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C603 1 oz. O-C601 4 oz. O-C604 8 oz. O-C608 1 lb. O-C60L Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C973 1 oz. O-C971 4 oz. O-C974 8 oz. O-C978 1 lb. O-C97L Chanel: Coco Noir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C693 1 oz. O-C691 4 oz. O-C694 8 oz. O-C698 1 lb. O-C69L Chanel N° 5 (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C183 1 oz. O-C181 4 oz. O-C184 8 oz. O-C188 1 lb. O-C18L Chanel N° 19 (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C583 1 oz. O-C581 4 oz. O-C584 8 oz. O-C588 1 lb. O-C58L

Chanel: Vive (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C253 1 oz. O-C251 4 oz. O-C254 8 oz. O-C258 1 lb. O-C25L Cherry ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-C173 O-C171 O-C174 O-C178 O-C17L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

China Musk ⅓ oz. O-C133 1 oz. O-C131 4 oz. O-C134 8 oz. O-C138 1 lb. O-C13L China Rain ⅓ oz. O-C543 1 oz. O-C541 4 oz. O-C544 8 oz. O-C548 1 lb. O-C54L Chloe: Love Story (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C983 1 oz. O-C981 4 oz. O-C984 8 oz. O-C988 Chloe: Roses De Chloe (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C943 1 oz. O-C941 4 oz. O-C944 8 oz. O-C948 1 lb. O-C94L Chopard: Midnight Spell (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C213 1 oz. O-C211 4 oz. O-C214 8 oz. O-C218 1 lb. O-C21L Chrome (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C193 1 oz. O-C191 4 oz. O-C194 8 oz. O-C198 1 lb. O-C19L Chrome: Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C273 1 oz. O-C271 4 oz. O-C274 8 oz. O-C278 1 lb. O-C27L CK: Red (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C903 1 oz. O-C901 4 oz. O-C904 8 oz. O-C908 1 lb. O-C90L CK: Red (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C913 1 oz. O-C911 4 oz. O-C914 8 oz. O-C918 1 lb. O-C91L Coach Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-C443 1 oz. O-C441 4 oz. O-C444

8 oz. O-C448 1 lb. O-C44L

1 lb.

Coach: The Fragrance (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C753 1 oz. O-C751 4 oz. O-C754 8 oz. O-C758 1 lb. O-C75L Coach: Leatherware (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C323 1 oz. O-C321 4 oz. O-C324 8 oz. O-C328 1 lb. O-C32L Coach : Legacy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C653 1 oz. O-C651 4 oz. O-C654 8 oz. O-C658 1 lb. O-C65L Coach: Love Blush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C923 1 oz. O-C921 4 oz. O-C924 8 oz. O-C928 1 lb. O-C92L Coach: Poppy Flower (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C613 1 oz. O-C611 4 oz. O-C614 8 oz. O-C618 1 lb. O-C61L Coco Chanel (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C783 1 oz. O-C781 4 oz. O-C784 8 oz. O-C788 1 lb. O-C78L Coco-Mango ⅓ oz. O-C163 1 oz. O-C161 4 oz. O-C164 8 oz. O-C168 1 lb. O-C16L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Coconut Passion: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C593 1 oz. O-C591 4 oz. O-C594 8 oz. O-C598 1 lb. O-C59L Cool Water (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C143 1 oz. O-C141 4 oz. O-C144 8 oz. O-C148 1 lb. O-C14L Cool Water (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C453 $3.90 1 oz. O-C451 $6.90 4 oz. O-C454 $17.90 8 oz. O-C458 $29.90 1 lb. O-C45L $47.90 Cool Water Frozen (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C523 1 oz. O-C521 4 oz. O-C524 8 oz. O-C528


Cotton Candy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C793 1 oz. O-C791 4 oz. O-C794 8 oz. O-C798 1 lb. O-C79L Creed: Aventus (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C283 1 oz. O-C281 4 oz. O-C284 8 oz. O-C288 1 lb. O-C28L Creed: Aventus For Her (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C463 $5.00 1 oz. O-C461 $9.90 4 oz. O-C464 $23.90 8 oz. O-C468 $37.90 1 lb. O-C46L $63.90 Creed: Himalaya (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C763 1 oz. O-C761 4 oz. O-C764 8 oz. O-C768 1 lb. O-C76L Creed: Imperial (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C963 1 oz. O-C961 4 oz. O-C964 8 oz. O-C968 1 lb. O-C96L Creed: Imperial Millesime (U) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-C833 1 oz. O-C831 4 oz. O-C834 8 oz. O-C838 1 lb. O-C83L Creed: Millesime 1849 (U) ⅓ oz. O-C203 1 oz. O-C201 4 oz. O-C204 8 oz. O-C208 1 lb. O-C20L Creed: Original Santal (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C343 1 oz. O-C341 4 oz. O-C344 8 oz. O-C348 1 lb. O-C34L Creed: Original Vetiver (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C373 1 oz. O-C371 4 oz. O-C374 8 oz. O-C378 1 lb. O-C37L Creed: Royal Mayfair (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C363 1 oz. O-C361 4 oz. O-C364 8 oz. O-C368 1 lb. O-C36L Creed: Royal Oud (U) Type ⅓ oz. O-C873 1 oz. O-C871 4 oz. O-C874

NEW Favorite Fragrance Spotlight!


Creed: Imperial Millesime (U) Type

Opens with a top notes of fruit and sea salt. Middle notes include lemon, bergamot, iris and mandarin orange. The base includes musk, woody and marine notes. O-C83 Other Coach Fragrances:

Creed: Aventus (M) Type Creed: Aventus For Her (W) Type Creed: Himalaya (M) Type Creed: Imperial (M) Type Creed: Millesime 1849 (U) Creed: Original Santal (M) Type 8 oz. O-C878 1 lb. O-C87L Creed: Royal Princess Oud (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C383 1 oz. O-C381 4 oz. O-C384 8 oz. O-C388 1 lb. O-C38L Creed: Silver Mountain Water (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C223 1 oz. O-C221 4 oz. O-C224 8 oz. O-C228 1 lb. O-C22L Creed: Sublime Vanille (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C293 $5.00 1 oz. O-C291 $9.90 4 oz. O-C294 $23.90 8 oz. O-C298 $37.90 1 lb. O-C29L $63.90 Creed: White Flowers (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C773 1 oz. O-C771 4 oz. O-C774 8 oz. O-C778 1 lb. O-C77L Cucumber Melon ⅓ oz. O-C303 1 oz. O-C301 4 oz. O-C304 8 oz. O-C308 1 lb. O-C30L

O-C283 O-C463 O-C763 O-C963 O-C203 O-C343

Curve (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C153 1 oz. O-C151 4 oz. O-C154 8 oz. O-C158 1 lb. O-C15L Curve (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C663 1 oz. O-C661 4 oz. O-C664 8 oz. O-C668 1 lb. O-C66L Curve: Chill (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C623 1 oz. O-C621 4 oz. O-C624 8 oz. O-C628 1 lb. O-C62L Curve Crush (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C563 1 oz. O-C561 4 oz. O-C564 8 oz. O-C568 1 lb. O-C56L Curve Crush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-C573 1 oz. O-C571 4 oz. O-C574 8 oz. O-C578 1 lb. O-C57L Curve Soul (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-C403 1 oz. O-C401 4 oz. O-C404 8 oz. O-C408 1 lb. O-C40L

“This is an excellent fragrance, everyone who smells it buys it. My customers love it!!!” ~ Jihad in Jacksonville, FL


Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite


⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

Why Oils? 1. You get more for your money. A little bit of oil goes a long ways. The perfume oils normally last much longer than the perfumes. Most colognes and perfumes are made with only about 15% oil. The pure oils give you a lot more fragrance for a lot less money. 2. You can make your own signature fragrances. You can mix different oils together to get the perfect scent just for you. D Dark Amber ⅓ oz. O-D393 1 oz. O-D391 4 oz. O-D394 8 oz. O-D398 Dark Baby Powder ⅓ oz. O-D253 1 oz. O-D251 4 oz. O-D254 8 oz. O-D258 1 lb. O-D25L Diamond Princess (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D163 1 oz. O-D161 4 oz. O-D164 8 oz. O-D168 1 lb. O-D16L Diesel (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D173 1 oz. O-D171 4 oz. O-D174 8 oz. O-D178 1 lb. O-D17L Diesel: Bad (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-D593 1 oz. O-D591 4 oz. O-D594 8 oz. O-D598 1 lb. O-D59L Diesel: Red Kiss (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D483 1 oz. O-D481 4 oz. O-D484 8 oz. O-D488 1 lb. O-D48L Dior: Ambre Nuit (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D553 1 oz. O-D551 4 oz. O-D554 8 oz. O-D558 1 lb. O-D55L Dior: Blooming Bouquet (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D423 1 oz. O-D421 4 oz. O-D424 8 oz. O-D428 1 lb. O-D42L Dior: Homme Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D583

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-D581 O-D584 O-D588 O-D58L

Dior: Homme Sport (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D563 1 oz. O-D561 4 oz. O-D564 8 oz. O-D568 1 lb. O-D56L Dior: J’adore (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D453 1 oz. O-D451 4 oz. O-D454 8 oz. O-D458 1 lb. O-D45L Dior: J’Adore Lumiere (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D573 1 oz. O-D571 4 oz. O-D574 8 oz. O-D578 1 lb. O-D57L Dior: Miss Dior (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D463 1 oz. O-D461 4 oz. O-D464 8 oz. O-D468 1 lb. O-D46L Dior: Sauvage (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D493 1 oz. O-D491 4 oz. O-D494 8 oz. O-D498 1 lb. O-D49L DKNY : Love From NY (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D313 1 oz. O-D311 4 oz. O-D314 8 oz. O-D318 1 lb. O-D31L DKNY My NY (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D433 1 oz. O-D431 4 oz. O-D434 8 oz. O-D438 1 lb. O-D43L Dolce & Gabanna (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D133 1 oz. O-D131 4 oz. O-D134 8 oz. O-D138

1 lb.


Dolce & Gabanna (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D263 1 oz. O-D261 4 oz. O-D264 8 oz. O-D268 1 lb. O-D26L Dolce & Gabbana: Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D503 1 oz. O-D501 4 oz. O-D504 8 oz. O-D508 1 lb. O-D50L

1 lb.


Dolce & Gabbana:Velvet Patchouli (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D473 1 oz. O-D471 4 oz. O-D474 8 oz. O-D478 1 lb. O-D47L Donald Trump (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D323 1 oz. O-D321 4 oz. O-D324 8 oz. O-D328 1 lb. O-D32L

Ed Hardy Type (W)

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-E263 O-E261 O-E264 O-E268 O-E26L

Ed Hardy: Born Wild (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E343 1 oz. O-E341 4 oz. O-E344 8 oz. O-E348 1 lb. O-E34L Ed Hardy: Born Wild (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E353 1 oz. O-E351 4 oz. O-E354 8 oz. O-E358 1 lb. O-E35L

Dolce & Gabbana: Floral Drops (W) ⅓ oz. O-D543 1 oz. O-D541 4 oz. O-D544 8 oz. O-D548 1 lb. O-D54L

Donna Karen: Black Cashmere (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D403 1 oz. O-D401 4 oz. O-D404 8 oz. O-D408 1 lb. O-D40L

Dolce & Gabanna: Gentleman (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D303 1 oz. O-D301 4 oz. O-D304 8 oz. O-D308 1 lb. O-D30L

Donna Karen: Cashmere Mist (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D363 1 oz. O-D361 4 oz. O-D364 8 oz. O-D368 1 lb. O-D36L

Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D513 1 oz. O-D511 4 oz. O-D514 8 oz. O-D518 1 lb. O-D51L

Donna Karen: Liquid Cashmere (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D533 1 oz. O-D531 4 oz. O-D534 8 oz. O-D538 1 lb. O-D53L

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D273 1 oz. O-D271 4 oz. O-D274 8 oz. O-D278 1 lb. O-D27L

Double Black (M) Type(Polo) ⅓ oz. O-D193 1 oz. O-D191 4 oz O-D194 8 oz. O-D198 1 lb. O-D19L

Ed Hardy: Love & Luck (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E403 1 oz. O-E401 4 oz. O-E404 8 oz. O-E408 1 lb. O-E40L

Dragon’s Blood ⅓ oz. O-D333 1 oz. O-D331 4 oz. O-D334 8 oz. O-D338 1 lb. O-D33L

Ed Hardy Love & Luck (W) ⅓ oz. O-E283 1 oz. O-E281 4 oz. O-E284 8 oz. O-E288 1 lb. O-E28L

Drakkar Noir (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-D123 1 oz. O-D121 4 oz. O-D124 8 oz. O-D128 1 lb. O-D12L

Ed Hardy: Love Is... (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E553 1 oz. O-E551 4 oz. O-E554 8 oz. O-E558 1 lb. O-E55L

D & G Light Blue: Dreaming (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D383 1 oz. O-D381 4 oz. O-D384 8 oz. O-D388 1 lb. O-D38L Dolce & Gabanna Rose The One (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D283 1 oz. O-D281 4 oz. O-D284 8 oz. O-D288 1 lb. O-D28L Dolce & Gabanna Sicily (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D443 1 oz. O-D441 4 oz. O-D444 8 oz. O-D448 1 lb. O-D44L Dolce & Gabbana: Velvet Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-D523 1 oz. O-D521 4 oz. O-D524 8 oz. O-D528

E Eat It Raw ⅓ oz. O-E423 1 oz. O-E421 4 oz. O-E424 8 oz. O-E428 1 lb. O-E42L Ed Hardy Type (M)

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-E253 O-E251 O-E254 O-E258 O-E25L

Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers Type (M) ⅓ oz. O-E313 1 oz. O-E311 4 oz. O-E314 8 oz. O-E318 1 lb. O-E31L Ed Hardy: Hearts & Daggers Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-E323 1 oz. O-E321 4 oz. O-E324 8 oz. O-E328 1 lb. O-E32L

Ed Hardy: Love Is... (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E563 1 oz. O-E561 4 oz. O-E564 8 oz. O-E568 1 lb. O-E56L Ed Hardy: Skulls & Roses (M) ⅓ oz. O-E443 1 oz. O-E441 4 oz. O-E444 8 oz. O-E448 1 lb. O-E44L

Ed Hardy: Skulls & Roses (W) ⅓ oz. O-E453 1 oz. O-E451 4 oz. O-E454 8 oz. O-E458 1 lb. O-E45L

Escada: Born In Paradise (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E523 1 oz. O-E521 4 oz. O-E524 8 oz. O-E528 1 lb. O-E52L

Ed Hardy: Villain (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E393 1 oz. O-E391 4 oz. O-E394 8 oz. O-E398 1 lb. O-E39L

Escada: Cherry In The Air (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E493 1 oz. O-E491 4 oz. O-E494 8 oz. O-E498 1 lb. O-E49L

Egyptian Lavender ⅓ oz. O-E603 1 oz. O-E601 4 oz. O-E604 8 oz. O-E608 1 lb. O-E60L Egyptian Musk

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-E103 O-E101 O-E104 O-E108 O-E10L

Egyptian Musk: Clear ⅓ oz. O-E543 1 oz. O-E541 4 oz. O-E544 8 oz. O-E548 1 lb. O-E54L Elizabeth Arden: Always Red (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E613 1 oz. O-E611 4 oz. O-E614 8 oz. O-E618 1 lb. O-E61L Elizabeth Taylor: Gardenia (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-E633 1 oz. O-E631 4 oz. O-E634 8 oz. O-E638 1 lb. O-E63L Ellen Tracy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E303 1 oz. O-E301 4 oz. O-E304 8 oz. O-E308 1 lb. O-E30L Emporio Armani Diamonds (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E273 1 oz. O-E271 4 oz. O-E274 8 oz. O-E278 Envy (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E213 1 oz. O-E211 4 oz. O-E214 8 oz. O-E218 1 lb. O-E21L Escada: Agua Del Sol (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E623 1 oz. O-E621 4 oz. O-E624 8 oz. O-E628 1 lb. O-E62L

Escada: Especially Pink (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E463 1 oz. O-E461 4 oz. O-E464 8 oz. O-E468 1 lb. O-E46L Escada: Joyful (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E573 1 oz. O-E571 4 oz. O-E574 8 oz. O-E578 1 lb. O-E57L Escada: Ocean Lounge (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E293 1 oz. O-E291 4 oz. O-E294 8 oz. O-E298 1 lb. O-E29L Escada: Sexy Graffiti (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E483 1 oz. O-E481 4 oz. O-E484 8 oz. O-E488 1 lb. O-E49L

1 lb.



Fragrance Spotlight!

Este Lauder: Pleasures Intense (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E593 1 oz. O-E591 4 oz. O-E594 8 oz. O-E598 1 lb. O-E59L Estee Lauder: Sensuous Nude (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E413 1 oz. O-E411 4 oz. O-E414 8 oz. O-E418 1 lb. O-E41L Eternity (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E123 1 oz. O-E121 4 oz. O-E124 8 oz. O-E128 1 lb. O-E12L Eucalyptus ⅓ oz. O-E173 1 oz. O-E171 4 oz. O-E174 8 oz. O-E178 1 lb. O-E17L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Euphoria (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E223 1 oz. O-E221 4 oz. O-E224 8 oz. O-E228 1 lb. O-E22L Eva Longoria: Eva (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E333 1 oz. O-E331 4 oz. O-E334 8 oz. O-E338 1 lb. O-E33L F

Escada: Turquoise Summer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E583 1 oz. O-E581 4 oz. O-E584 8 oz. O-E588 1 lb. O-E58L

Fahrenheit (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-F103 1 oz. O-F101 4 oz. O-F104 8 oz. O-F108 1 lb. O-F10L

Escape (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-E113 1 oz. O-E111 4 oz. O-E114 8 oz. O-E118 1 lb. O-E11L

Fantasy Type (W) Britney Spears ⅓ oz. O-F163 1 oz. O-F161 4 oz. O-F164 8 oz. O-F168 1 lb. O-F16L

Escape (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E143 1 oz. O-E141 4 oz. O-E144 8 oz. O-E148 1 lb. O-E14L

Fire & Ice (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-F133 1 oz. O-F131 4 oz. O-F134 8 oz. O-F138 1 lb. O-F13L

Estee Lauder (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E243 1 oz. O-E241 4 oz. O-E244 8 oz. O-E248 1 lb. O-E24L

Flower Bomb (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-F253 1 oz. O-F251 4 oz. O-F254 8 oz. O-F258 1 lb. O-F25L

Estee Lauder: Modern Muse (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-E533 1 oz. O-E531 4 oz. O-E534 8 oz. O-E538

Flower Bomb: Rose Explosion (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-F283 1 oz. O-F281 4 oz. O-F284 8 oz. O-F288

Escada: Agua Del Sol (W) Type

Let your spirit soar with this summery, celebratory fragrance for women. Made with a sparkling fruity floral blend of mandarin, Asian pear ice cream, frozen raspberry sorbet, Italian citrus peel and pink pepper. O-E62 Escada: Born In Paradise (W) Type Escada: Cherry In The Air (W) Type Escada: Especially Pink (W) Type Escada: Joyful (W) Type Escada: Ocean Lounge (W) Type Escada: Sexy Graffiti (W) Type Escada: Turquoise Summer (W) Type 1 lb.


O-E52 O-E49 O-E46 O-E57 O-E29 O-E48 O-E58 G

Forbidden Fruit (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-F183 1 oz. O-F181 4 oz. O-F184 8 oz. O-F188 1 lb. O-F18L

Gingerbread ⅓ oz. O-G313 1 oz. O-G311 4 oz. O-G314 8 oz. O-G318 1 lb. O-G31L

Frankincense ⅓ oz. O-F123 1 oz. O-F121 4 oz. O-F124 8 oz. O-F128 1 lb. O-F12L

Gingersnap ⅓ oz. O-G323 1 oz. O-G321 4 oz. O-G324 8 oz. O-G328 1 lb. O-G32L

Frankincense-Patchouli ⅓ oz. O-F233 1 oz. O-F231 4 oz. O-F234 8 oz. O-F238 1 lb. O-F23L

Giorgio 273 (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G103 1 oz. O-G101 4 oz. O-G104 8 oz. O-G108 1 lb. O-G10L

Frank & Myrrh ⅓ oz. O-F113 1 oz. O-F111 4 oz. O-F114 8 oz. O-F118 1 lb. O-F11L

Giorgio Armani: Profumo (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G513 1 oz. O-G511 4 oz. O-G514 8 oz. O-G518 1 lb. O-G51L

Frankincense & Myrrh: Spirit and Soul ⅓ oz. O-F223 $5.00 1 oz. O-F221 $9.90 4 oz. O-F224 $23.90 8 oz. O-F228 $37.90 1 lb. O-F22L $63.90

Giorgio Armani: Si (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G403 1 oz. O-G401 4 oz. O-G404 8 oz. O-G408 1 lb. O-G40L

why you love it “I’ve gotten a big response for the samples given and already I have requests for bigger sizes and other products.” ~ Paula in Fayetteville, NC


Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite


⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

What is the difference between oils that you burn and oils that you wear?

There is no difference in the oil itself. Some oils are popular for burning, because people like that fragrance in their home - you can think of cherry or frankincense. Other oils are most popular as perfumes. A person may not want to smell like cherry, and may not want their house to smell like Chanel #5. But a person can wear cherry and can burn Chanel #5 if they want to. Girlfriend (W) Patti Labelle Type ⅓ oz. O-G203 1 oz. O-G201 4 oz. O-G204 8 oz. O-G208 1 lb. O-G20L Givenchy: Dahlia Divin (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G423 1 oz. O-G421 4 oz. O-G424 8 oz. O-G428 1 lb. O-G42L Givenchy: Gentlemen Only (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G413 1 oz. O-G411 4 oz. O-G414 8 oz. O-G418 1 lb. O-G41L Glow - J. Lo (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G183 1 oz. O-G181 4 oz. O-G184 8 oz. O-G188 1 lb. O-G18L

Gold Sugar (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G363 1 oz. O-G361 4 oz. O-G364 8 oz. O-G368 1 lb. O-G36L Grey Flannel (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G123 1 oz. O-G121 4 oz. O-G124 8 oz. O-G128 1 lb. O-G12L Gucci II Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-G253 1 oz. O-G251 4 oz. O-G254 8 oz. O-G258 1 lb. O-G25L Gucci: Bamboo (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G473 1 oz. O-G471 4 oz. O-G474 8 oz. O-G478 1 lb. O-G47L Gucci: Guilty (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G333 1 oz. O-G331

Making a Difference

Abbie (far right) is shown below with people from her village in Kapembwa, Zambia. She works here helping with education and has taken in several vulnerable children who she is caring for. Abbie is from Trinidad and is partially supported by your purchases from You.

4 oz. O-G334 8 oz. O-G338 1 lb. O-G33L Gucci: Guilty (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G283 1 oz. O-G281 4 oz. O-G284 8 oz. O-G288 1 lb. O-G28L

Guess: Night (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G463 1 oz. O-G461 4 oz. O-G464 8 oz. O-G468 1 lb. O-G46L H

Gucci: Guilty Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G343 1 oz. O-G341 4 oz. O-G344 8 oz. O-G348 1 lb. O-G34L

H&M: Caribbean Crush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H373 1 oz. O-H371 4 oz. O-H374 8 oz. O-H378 1 lb. O-H37L

Gucci: Guilty Black (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G353 1 oz. O-G351 4 oz. O-G354 8 oz. O-G358 1 lb. O-G35L

Halle Berry (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H253 1 oz. O-H251 4 oz. O-H254 8 oz. O-H258 1 lb. O-H25L

Gucci: Guilty Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G373 1 oz. O-G371 4 oz. O-G374 8 oz. O-G378 1 lb. O-G37L

Halle Berry: Closer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H313 1 oz. O-H311 4 oz. O-H314 8 oz. O-H318 1 lb. O-H31L

Gucci: Guilty Intense (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G383 1 oz. O-G381 4 oz. O-G384 8 oz. O-G388 1 lb. O-G38L Gucci: Guilty Platinum (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-G523 1 oz. O-G521 4 oz. O-G524 8 oz. O-G528 1 lb. O-G52L Gucci: Guilty Platinum (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-G533 1 oz. O-G531 4 oz. O-G534 8 oz. O-G538 1 lb. O-G53L Gucci: Made To Measure (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-G433 1 oz. O-G431 4 oz. O-G434 8 oz. O-G438 1 lb. O-G43L Guerlain: Insolence (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G443 1 oz. O-G441 4 oz. O-G444 8 oz. O-G448 1 lb. O-G44L Guess: Girl (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-G393 1 oz. O-G391 4 oz. O-G394 8 oz. O-G398 1 lb. O-G39L

Halle Berry: Exotic Jasmine (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H333 1 oz. O-H331 4 oz. O-H334 8 oz. O-H338 1 lb. O-H33L Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H263 1 oz. O-H261 4 oz. O-H264 8 oz. O-H268 1 lb. O-H26L Halle Berry Reveal (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H273 1 oz. O-H271 4 oz. O-H274 8 oz. O-H278 1 lb. O-H27L Happy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H103 1 oz. O-H101 4 oz. O-H104 8 oz. O-H108 1 lb. O-H10L Heavenly Shine: Victoria’s Secret (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H293 1 oz. O-H291 4 oz. O-H294 8 oz. O-H298 1 lb. O-H29L Hollister: Wave (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-H393 1 oz. O-H391 4 oz. O-H394 8 oz. O-H398 1 lb. O-H39L Hot Water (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-H283 1 oz. O-H281

4 oz. O-H284 8 oz. O-H288 1 lb. O-H28L Hugo Boss Dark Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-H123 1 oz. O-H121 4 oz. O-H124 8 oz. O-H128 1 lb. O-H12L Hummer: Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-H353 1 oz. O-H351 4 oz. O-H354 8 oz. O-H358 1 lb. O-H35L Hypnotic Poison (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-H113 1 oz. O-H111 4 oz. O-H114 8 oz. O-H118 1 lb. O-H11L I I Am Juicy Couture (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I353 1 oz. O-I351 4 oz. O-I354 8 oz. O-I358 1 lb. O-I35L I Am King (M) Sean John Type ⅓ oz. O-I193 1 oz. O-I191 4 oz. O-I194 8 oz. O-I198 1 lb. O-I19L I Am King Of Miami (M): Sean John ⅓ oz. O-I213 1 oz. O-I211 4 oz. O-I214 8 oz. O-I218 1 lb. O-I21L I Am King of the NIght (M) Sean John Type ⅓ oz. O-I203 1 oz. O-I201 4 oz. O-I204 8 oz. O-I208 1 lb. O-I20L I Love Juicy Couture (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I363 1 oz. O-I361 4 oz. O-I364 8 oz. O-I368 1 lb. O-I36L Intimately Beckham (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I173 1 oz. O-I171 4 oz. O-I174 8 oz. O-I178 1 lb. O-I17L Island Hawaii: Michael Kors (W) ⅓ oz. O-I153 1 oz. O-I151

4 oz. O-I154 8 oz. O-I158 1 lb. O-I15L

4 oz. O-I274 8 oz. O-I278 1 lb. O-I27L

Issey Miyake (M) Type

Issey Miyake: Sports (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I263 1 oz. O-I261 4 oz. O-I264 8 oz. O-I268 1 lb. O-I26L

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-I103 O-I101 O-I104 O-I108 O-I10L

Issey Miyake (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I243 1 oz. O-I241 4 oz. O-I244 8 oz. O-I248 1 lb. O-I24L Issey Miyake: A Scent (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I223 1 oz. O-I221 4 oz. O-I224 8 oz. O-I228 1 lb. O-I22L Issey Miyake: Expedition (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I333 1 oz. O-I331 4 oz. O-I334 8 oz. O-I338 Issey Miyake: Gold Absolute (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I313 1 oz. O-I311 4 oz. O-I314 8 oz. O-I318 1 lb. O-I31L Issey Miyake: Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I233 1 oz. O-I231 4 oz. O-I234 8 oz. O-I238 1 lb. O-I23L Issey Miyake L’eau Bleue Type ⅓ oz. O-I133 1 oz. O-I131 4 oz. O-I134 8 oz. O-I138 1 lb. O-I13L Issey Miyake: L’eau D’Issey (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I343 1 oz. O-I341 4 oz. O-I344 8 oz. O-I348 1 lb. O-I34L Issey Miyake: Noir Ambre (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-I373 1 oz. O-I371 4 oz. O-I374 8 oz. O-I378 1 lb. O-I37L Issey Miyake: Nuit D’Issey (M) ⅓ oz. O-I323 1 oz. O-I321 4 oz. O-I324 8 oz. O-I328 1 lb. O-I32L Issey Miyake: Pleats Please (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I273 1 oz. O-I271

Issey Miyake Summer (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-I303 1 oz. O-I301 4 oz. O-I304 8 oz. O-I308 1 lb. O-I30L Issey Miyake Summer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-I163 1 oz. O-I161 4 oz. O-I164 8 oz. O-I168 1 lb. O-I16LJ Jaipur (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J643 1 oz. O-J641 4 oz. O-J644 8 oz. O-J648 1 lb. O-J64L Jamaican Fruit ⅓ oz. O-J133 1 oz. O-J131 4 oz. O-J134 8 oz. O-J138 1 lb. O-J13L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Jamaican Me Crazy ⅓ oz. O-J333 1 oz. O-J331 4 oz. O-J334 8 oz. O-J338 1 lb. O-J33L James Bond 007 (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J373 1 oz. O-J371 4 oz. O-J374 8 oz. O-J378 1 lb. O-J37L Japanese Cherry Blossom (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J543 1 oz. O-J541 4 oz. O-J544 8 oz. O-J548 1 lb. O-J54L Jasmine ⅓ oz. O-J143 1 oz. O-J141 4 oz. O-J144 8 oz. O-J148 1 lb. O-J14L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Jasmine: Romance ⅓ oz. O-J343 1 oz. O-J341 4 oz. O-J344 8 oz. O-J348 1 lb. O-J34L Jay Z 9 IX (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J173 1 oz. O-J171 4 oz. O-J174 8 oz. O-J178 1 lb. O-J17L

Jay Z: Gold (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J503 1 oz. O-J501 4 oz. O-J504 8 oz. O-J508 1 lb. O-J50L Jay Z: Gold Extreme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J553 1 oz. O-J551 4 oz. O-J554 8 oz. O-J558 1 lb. O-J55L Jay Z X (M) Rocawear Type ⅓ oz. O-J203 1 oz. O-J201 4 oz. O-J204 8 oz. O-J208 1 lb. O-J20L Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J223 1 oz. O-J221 4 oz. O-J224 8 oz. O-J228 Jennifer Lopez: Forever Glow (W) ⅓ oz. O-J493 1 oz. O-J491 4 oz. O-J494 8 oz. O-J498 1 lb. O-J49L J. Lo: Glow After Dark (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J253 1 oz. O-J251 4 oz. O-J254 8 oz. O-J258 1 lb. O-J25L Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow (W) ⅓ oz. O-J233 1 oz. O-J231 4 oz. O-J234 8 oz. O-J238 1 lb. O-J23L Jimmy Choo (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J303 1 oz. O-J301 4 oz. O-J304 8 oz. O-J308 1 lb. O-J30L Jimmy Choo: Exotic (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J483 1 oz. O-J481 4 oz. O-J484 8 oz. O-J488 1 lb. O-J48L Jimmy Choo: Flash (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J453 1 oz. O-J451 4 oz. O-J454 8 oz. O-J458 1 lb. O-J45L Jimmy Choo: Illicit (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J593 1 oz. O-J591 4 oz. O-J594 8 oz. O-J598 1 lb. O-J59L

93 Gucci: Guilty Platinum (W) Type

(Fragrance For Women) O-G53 Other Gucci Gucci II Type (W) . .....O-G25 Bamboo (W) ..............O-G47 Guilty (M) . .................O-G33 Guilty (W) ..................O-G28 GuiltyBlack(M)............O-G34 GuiltyBlack(W)............O-G35 Jimmy Choo: Illicit Flower (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J683 1 oz. O-J681 4 oz. O-J684 8 oz. O-J688 1 lb. O-J68L Jimmy Choo: Limited (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J423 1 oz. O-J421 4 oz. O-J424 Jimmy Choo: Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J583 1 oz. O-J581 4 oz. O-J584 8 oz. O-J588 1 lb. O-J58L Jimmy Choo: Man (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J603 1 oz. O-J601 4 oz. O-J604 8 oz. O-J608 1 lb. O-J60L Jimmy Choo: Man Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J673 1 oz. O-J671 4 oz. O-J674 8 oz. O-J678 1 lb. O-J67L Jo Malone: Blackwood (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J653 1 oz. O-J651 4 oz. O-J654 8 oz. O-J658 1 lb. O-J65L Joop (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J103

Guilty Intense (M) ......O-G37 Guilty Intense (W) . ....O-G38 Guilty Platinum (M) . ..O-G52 Made To Measure(M).O-G43

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-J101 O-J104 O-J108 O-J10L

Joop (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J463 1 oz. O-J461 4 oz. O-J464 8 oz. O-J468 1 lb. O-J46L Joop! Homme Wild (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J563 1 oz. O-J561 4 oz. O-J564 8 oz. O-J568 1 lb. O-J56L Joop! Miss Wild (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J513 1 oz. O-J511 4 oz. O-J514 8 oz. O-J518 1 lb. O-J51L Joop: Splash (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J313 1 oz. O-J311 4 oz. O-J314 8 oz. O-J318 1 lb. O-J31L JPG (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J113 1 oz. O-J111 4 oz. O-J114 8 oz. O-J118 1 lb. O-J11L JPG: Kokorico (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J393 1 oz. O-J391 4 oz. O-J394 8 oz. O-J398 1 lb. O-J39L

why you love it “This is one of my favorite fragrances to wear. I always get compliments on how nice I smell when wearing it. I sell a lot of these as well.” ~ Augustine in Detroit, MI



Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite

⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

What is the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil?

Essential oils are made from plants and other natural products which are distilled to produce the oil. The process for this is sometimes very expensive. Essential oils are completely natural, but also normally more expensive, and not available for most fragrances. Designer named fragrance oils are never essential oils. You can have a Barack Obama fragrance oil, but there is no such thing as a Barack Obama essential oil. Fragrance oils are used to make perfumes, cosmetics, and flavorings. These will normally smell just as powerful as essential oils. They can be made to almost any fragrance, not just nature scents, and their cost is normally much lower than the essential oils. These give you more options, and a lot more for your money. JPG LeMale (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J153 1 oz. O-J151 4 oz. O-J154 8 oz. O-J158 1 lb. O-J15L JPG Summer (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J433 1 oz. O-J431 4 oz. O-J434 8 oz. O-J438 1 lb. O-J43L JPG: Ultra Male (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-J613 1 oz. O-J611 4 oz. O-J614 8 oz. O-J618 1 lb. O-J61L Juicy Couture Type ⅓ oz. O-J163 1 oz. O-J161 4 oz. O-J164 8 oz. O-J168 1 lb. O-J16L Juicy Couture Couture (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J443 1 oz. O-J441 4 oz. O-J444 8 oz. O-J448 1 lb. O-J44L Juicy Couture: Malibu (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J573 1 oz. O-J571 4 oz. O-J574 8 oz. O-J578 1 lb. O-J57L

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J473 1 oz. O-J471 4 oz. O-J474 8 oz. O-J478 1 lb. O-J47L Juicy Couture: Viva La Noir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-J523 1 oz. O-J521 4 oz. O-J524 8 oz. O-J528 1 lb. O-J52L K

4 oz. O-K344 8 oz. O-K348 1 lb. O-K34L Kilian: Back To Black (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K313 1 oz. O-K311 4 oz. O-K314 8 oz. O-K318 1 lb. O-K31L Kim Kardashian (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K203 1 oz. O-K201 4 oz. O-K204 8 oz. O-K208 1 lb. O-K20L Kim Kardashian: Fleur Fatale (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K333 1 oz. O-K331 4 oz. O-K334 8 oz. O-K338 1 lb. O-K33L Kim Kardashian: Glam (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K303 1 oz. O-K301 4 oz. O-K304 8 oz. O-K308 1 lb. O-K30L Kim Kardashian: Gold (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K213 1 oz. O-K211 4 oz. O-K214 8 oz. O-K218 1 lb. O-K21L Kim Kardashian: Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K253 1 oz. O-K251 4 oz. O-K254 8 oz. O-K258 1 lb. O-K25L

Kenneth Cole Type (M) ⅓ oz. O-K133 1 oz. O-K131 4 oz. O-K134 8 oz. O-K138 1 lb. O-K13L

Kim Kardashian: Pure Honey (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K323 1 oz. O-K321 4 oz. O-K324 8 oz. O-K328 1 lb. O-K32L

Kenneth Cole: Black Bold (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-K363 1 oz. O-K361 4 oz. O-K364 8 oz. O-K368 1 lb. O-K36L

Kimora Simmons: Golden Goddess (W) ⅓ oz. O-K243 1 oz. O-K241 4 oz. O-K244 8 oz. O-K248 1 lb. O-K24L

Kenneth Cole: Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-K353 1 oz. O-K351 4 oz. O-K354 8 oz. O-K358 1 lb. O-K35L

Knowing (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-K103 1 oz. O-K101 4 oz. O-K104 8 oz. O-K108 1 lb. O-K10L

Kenneth Cole: Mankind (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-K343 1 oz. O-K341

Kush ⅓ oz. O-K113 1 oz. O-K111 4 oz. O-K114

8 oz. O-K118 1 lb. O-K11L L Lacoste: L!ve (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-L443 1 oz. O-L441 4 oz. O-L444 8 oz. O-L448 1 lb. O-L44L Lacoste: Red (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-L503 1 oz. O-L501 4 oz. O-L504 8 oz. O-L508 1 lb. O-L50L Lady Gaga: Fame (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-L363 1 oz. O-L361 4 oz. O-L364 8 oz. O-L368 1 lb. O-L36L Lady Million (W): Paco Rabanne (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-L323 1 oz. O-L321 4 oz. O-L324 8 oz. O-L328 1 lb. O-L32L Lagerfield (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-L133 1 oz. O-L131 4 oz. O-L134 8 oz. O-L138 1 lb. O-L13L Lancome: La Vie Est Belle (W) ⅓ oz. O-L483 1 oz. O-L481 4 oz. O-L484 8 oz. O-L488 1 lb. O-L48L Lancome: Tresor (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-L513 1 oz. O-L511 4 oz. O-L514 8 oz. O-L518 1 lb. O-L51L Lavender ⅓ oz. O-L103 1 oz. O-L101 4 oz. O-L104 8 oz. O-L108 1 lb. O-L10L Lavender Fields ⅓ oz. O-L493 1 oz. O-L491 4 oz. O-L494 8 oz. O-L498 1 lb. O-L49L Lemon ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-L473 O-L471 O-L474 O-L478 O-L47L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Lemongrass ⅓ oz. O-L113 1 oz. O-L111 4 oz. O-L114 8 oz. O-L118 1 lb. O-L11L Lick Me All Over ⅓ oz. O-L253 1 oz. O-L251 4 oz. O-L254 8 oz. O-L258 1 lb. O-L25L Liquid Money (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-L403 Little Mix: Gold Magic (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-L523 1 oz. O-L521 4 oz. O-L524 8 oz. O-L528 1 lb. O-L52L Liz Claiborne: Lucky You (M) ⅓ oz. O-L533 1 oz. O-L531 4 oz. O-L534 8 oz. O-L538 1 lb. O-L53L Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-L563 1 oz. O-L561 4 oz. O-L564 8 oz. O-L568 1 lb. O-L56L Louis Vuitton: Turbulences (W) NEW ⅓ oz. O-L553 1 oz. O-L551 4 oz. O-L554 8 oz. O-L558 1 lb. O-L55L Love Spell (W) Victoria’s Secret Type ⅓ oz. O-L313 1 oz. O-L311 4 oz. O-L314 8 oz. O-L318 1 lb. O-L31L Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-L173 1 oz. O-L171 4 oz. O-L174 8 oz. O-L178 1 lb. O-L17L M Madagascar Spice ⅓ oz. O-M733 1 oz. O-M731 4 oz. O-M734 8 oz. O-M738 1 lb. O-M73L Mambo (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M133 1 oz. O-M131 4 oz. O-M134

Marc Jacobs: Decadence (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-M923 1 oz. O-M921 4 oz. O-M924 8 oz. O-M928 1 lb. O-M92L

8 oz. O-M138 1 lb. O-M13L Mambo (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M143 1 oz. O-M141 4 oz. O-M144 8 oz. O-M148 1 lb. O-M14L Mango ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-M103 O-M101 O-M104 O-M108 O-M10L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Mango Butter ⅓ oz. O-M693 1 oz. O-M691 4 oz. O-M694 8 oz. O-M698 1 lb. O-M69L Mania - Armani (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M193 1 oz. O-M191 4 oz. O-M194 8 oz. O-M198 1 lb. O-M19L Marc Ecko: Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M553 1 oz. O-M551 4 oz. O-M554 8 oz. O-M558 1 lb. O-M55L

Marc Jacobs: Dot (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M743 1 oz. O-M741 4 oz. O-M744 8 oz. O-M748 1 lb. O-M74L Marc Jacobs: Honey (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M633 1 oz. O-M631 4 oz. O-M634 8 oz. O-M638 1 lb. O-M63L Marc Jacobs: Lola (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M783 1 oz. O-M781 4 oz. O-M784 8 oz. O-M788 1 lb. O-M78L Mariah Carey Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-M253 1 oz. O-M251 4 oz. O-M254 8 oz. O-M258 1 lb. O-M25L

Marc Jacobs (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M703 1 oz. O-M701 4 oz. O-M704 8 oz. O-M708 1 lb. O-M70L

Mariah Carey: Dreams (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M643 1 oz. O-M641 4 oz. O-M644 8 oz. O-M648 1 lb. O-M64L

Marc Jacobs: Daisy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M843 1 oz. O-M841 4 oz. O-M844 8 oz. O-M848 1 lb. O-M84L

Mariah Carey Forever (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M403 1 oz. O-M401 4 oz. O-M404 8 oz. O-M408 1 lb. O-M40L

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M713 1 oz. O-M711 4 oz. O-M714 8 oz. O-M718 1 lb. O-M71L

Mariah Carey: Inseparable (W) Type ⅓ oz O-M513 1 oz. O-M511 4 oz. O-M514 8 oz. O-M518 1 lb. O-M51L

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream Forever (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M823 1 oz. O-M821 4 oz. O-M824 8 oz. O-M828 1 lb. O-M82L

Mariah Carey Luscious Pink (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M393 1 oz. O-M391 4 oz. O-M394 8 oz. O-M398 1 lb. O-M39L

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Hot Pink (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M573 1 oz. O-M571 4 oz. O-M574 8 oz. O-M578 1 lb. O-M57L

Mary J. Blige My Life (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M423 1 oz. O-M421 4 oz. O-M424 8 oz. O-M428 1 lb. O-M42L

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Sunshine (W) ⅓ oz. O-M683 1 oz. O-M681 4 oz. O-M684 8 oz. O-M688 1 lb. O-M68L

Mary J. Blige: My Life Blossom (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M453 1 oz. O-M451 4 oz. O-M454 8 oz. O-M458 1 lb. O-M45L

Mecca Musk ⅓ oz. O-M813 1 oz. O-M811 4 oz. O-M814 8 oz. O-M818 1 lb. O-M81L


New Fragrances Spotlight!

Michael Jordan (M) ⅓ oz. O-M233 1 oz. O-M231 4 oz. O-M234 8 oz. O-M238 1 lb. O-M23L Michael Jordan: Flight (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M493 1 oz. O-M491 4 oz. O-M494 8 oz. O-M498 1 lb. O-M49L Michael Kors (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M753 1 oz. O-M751 4 oz. O-M754 8 oz. O-M758 1 lb. O-M75L Michael Kors Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-M223 1 oz. O-M221 4 oz. O-M224 8 oz. O-M228 1 lb. O-M22L Michael Kors: Extreme Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M793 1 oz. O-M791 4 oz. O-M794 8 oz. O-M798 1 lb. O-M79L Michael Kors: Glam Jasmine (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M653 1 oz. O-M651 4 oz. O-M654 8 oz. O-M658 1 lb. O-M65L Michael Kors: Gold (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M503 1 oz. O-M501 4 oz. O-M504 8 oz. O-M508 1 lb. O-M50L Michael Kors: Gold Luxe (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M663 1 oz. O-M661 4 oz. O-M664 8 oz. O-M668 1 lb. O-M66L Michael Kors: Midnight Shimmer (W) ⅓ oz. O-M873 1 oz. O-M871 4 oz. O-M874 8 oz. O-M878 1 lb. O-M87L Michael Kors: Sexy Amber (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M603 1 oz. O-M601 4 oz. O-M604 8 oz. O-M608 1 lb. O-M60L

Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type O-L56

Nautica: Voyage Sport (M) Type O-N30

Similar fragrances: Nautica Oceans (M) Type ............... O-N17 Louis Vuitton: Turbulences (W) ...... O-L55 Michael Kors: Sexy Blossom (W) NEW ⅓ oz. O-M913 1 oz. O-M911 4 oz. O-M914 8 oz. O-M918 1 lb. O-M91L Michael Kors: Sexy Sunset (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M833 1 oz. O-M831 4 oz. O-M834 8 oz. O-M838 1 lb. O-M83L Michael Kors: Suede (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M593 1 oz. O-M591 4 oz. O-M594 8 oz. O-M598 1 lb. O-M59L Michael Kors: Turquoise (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-M933 1 oz. O-M931 4 oz. O-M934 8 oz. O-M938 1 lb. O-M93L Michael Kors: Very Hollywood (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M853 1 oz. O-M851 4 oz. O-M854 8 oz. O-M858 1 lb. O-M85L Michael Kors: Wonderlust (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M883

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-M881 O-M884 O-M888 O-M88L

Michelle Obama (W) Type

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-M343 O-M341 O-M344 O-M348 O-M34L

Michelle Obama: Renaissance (W) ⅓ oz. O-M723 1 oz. O-M721 4 oz. O-M724 8 oz. O-M728 1 lb. O-M72L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Miss Dior: Absolutely Blooming (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M893 1 oz. O-M891 4 oz. O-M894 8 oz. O-M898 1 lb. O-M89L Miu Miu (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M803 1 oz. O-M801 4 oz. O-M804 8 oz. O-M808 1 lb. O-M80L Money (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M113 1 oz. O-M111 4 oz. O-M114 8 oz. O-M118 1 lb. O-M11L

why you love it

“My customers love Beyonce Heat and Michelle Obama.” ~ Sam in Lansing, MI


Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite


⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

Paco Rabanne: Olympea (W) Type (Fragrance For Women) O-P96

Other Paco Rabanne’s Fragrances: Paco Rabanne: Aqua Invictus (M) Type.. O-P91 Paca Rabanne: Invictus (M) Type........... O-P90

Mont Blanc: Legend (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M583 1 oz. O-M581 4 oz. O-M584 8 oz. O-M588 1 lb. O-M58L

Nautica: Voyage Sport (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-N303 1 oz. O-N301 4 oz. O-N304 8 oz. O-N308 1 lb. O-N30L

Moon Sparkle (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-M263 1 oz. O-M261 4 oz. O-M264 8 oz. O-M268

Nelly Apple Bottoms (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N183 1 oz. O-N181 4 oz. O-N184 8 oz. O-N188 1 lb. O-N18L

Moon Sparkle (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M273 1 oz. O-M271 4 oz. O-M274 8 oz. O-M278 1 lb. O-M27L Moschino: Fresh Couture (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-M903 1 oz. O-M901 4 oz. O-M904 8 oz. O-M908 1 lb. O-M90L Myrrh ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-M283 O-M281 O-M284 O-M288 O-M28L N

Nicki Minaj: Exotic (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N243 1 oz. O-N241 4 oz. O-N244 8 oz. O-N248 1 lb. O-N24L Nicki Minaj: Gold (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N233 1 oz. O-N231 4 oz. O-N234 8 oz. O-N238 1 lb. O-N23L Nicki Minaj: Minajesty (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N223 1 oz. O-N221 4 oz. O-N224 8 oz. O-N228 1 lb. O-N22L

Nag Champa ⅓ oz. O-N113 1 oz. O-N111 4 oz. O-N114 8 oz. OF-N118 1 lb. O-N11L

Nicki Minaj: Onika (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N253 1 oz. O-N251 4 oz. O-N254 8 oz. O-N258 1 lb. O-N25L

Nautica Oceans (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-N173 1 oz. O-N171 4 oz. O-N174 8 oz. O-N178 1 lb. O-N17L

Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N203 1 oz. O-N201 4 oz. O-N204

8 oz. O-N208 1 lb. O-N20L

8 oz. O-O238 1 lb. O-O23L

8 oz. O-P598 1 lb. O-P59L

Nicki Minaj: Pinkprint (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N263 1 oz. O-N261 4 oz. O-N264 8 oz. O-N268 1 lb. O-N26L

One Million Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-O243 1 oz. O-O241 4 oz. O-O244 8 oz. O-O248 1 lb. O-O24L

Paris Hilton: With Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P823 1 oz. O-P821 4 oz. O-P824 8 oz. O-P828 1 lb. O-P82L

Nicki Minaj: Summer (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N213 1 oz. O-N211 4 oz. O-N214 8 oz. O-N218 1 lb. O-N21L

Opium (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-O113 1 oz. O-O111 4 oz. O-O114 8 oz. O-O118 1 lb. O-O11L

Patchouli Classic ⅓ oz. O-P553 1 oz. O-P551 4 oz. O-P554 8 oz. O-P558 1 lb. O-P55L

Oxygene (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-O123 1 oz. O-O121 4 oz. O-O124 8 oz. O-O128 1 lb. O-O12L

Patchouli & Myrrh ⅓ oz. O-P833 $5.00 1 oz. O-P831 $9.90 4 oz. O-P834 $23.90 8 oz. O-P838 $37.90 1 lb. O-P83L $63.90

Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-N293 1 oz. O-N291 4 oz. O-N294 8 oz. O-N298 1 lb. O-N29L Nina Ricci: Fantasy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N273 1 oz. O-N271 4 oz. O-N274 8 oz. O-N278 1 lb. O-N27L Nine West: Love Fury (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-N283 1 oz. O-N281 4 oz. O-N284 8 oz. O-N288 1 lb. O-N28L Nite Queen (W) ⅓ oz. O-N153 1 oz. O-N151 4 oz. O-N154 8 oz. O-N158 1 lb. O-N15L Nubian Musk ⅓ oz. O-N123 1 oz. O-N121 4 oz. O-N124 8 oz. O-N128 1 lb. O-N12L O

P Paco Rabanne: Aqua Invictus (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P913 1 oz. O-P911 4 oz. O-P914 8 oz. O-P918 1 lb. O-P91L Paca Rabanne: Invictus (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P903 1 oz. O-P901 4 oz. O-P904 8 oz. O-P908 1 lb. O-P90L Paco Rabanne: Olympea (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-P963 1 oz. O-P961 4 oz. O-P964 8 oz. O-P968 1 lb. O-P96L Paris Hilton (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P393 1 oz. O-P391 4 oz. O-P394 8 oz. O-P398 1 lb. O-P39L

Obsession Type (M) ⅓ oz. O-O103 1 oz. O-O101 4 oz. O-O104 8 oz. O-O108 1 lb. O-O10L

Paris Hilton (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P383 1 oz. O-P381 4 oz. O-P384 8 oz. O-P388 1 lb. O-P38L

One Direction: Between US (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-O253 1 oz. O-O251 4 oz. O-O254 8 oz. O-O258 1 lb. O-O25L

Paris Hilton Can Can (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P493 1 oz. O-P491 4 oz. O-P494 8 oz. O-P498 1 lb. O-P49L

One Million (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-O233 1 oz. O-O231 4 oz. O-O234

Paris Hilton: Tease (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P593 1 oz. O-P591 4 oz. O-P594

Patchouli Natural ⅓ oz. O-P103 1 oz. O-P101 4 oz. O-P104 8 oz. O-P108 1 lb. O-P10L

$5.90 $11.90 $27.90 $45.90 $75.90

$3.90 $7.90 $49.90 $93.90 $179.00

Patchouli Sweet ⅓ oz. O-P523 1 oz. O-P521 4 oz. O-P524 8 oz. O-P528 1 lb. O-P52L Patti Labelle (W) Type

Top 12 Best Seller ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-P173 O-P171 O-P174 O-P178 O-P17L

Paul Sebastian Type (M) ⅓ oz. O-P223 1 oz. O-P221 4 oz. O-P224 8 oz. O-P228 1 lb. O-P22L Peppermint ⅓ oz. O-P243 1 oz. O-P241 4 oz. O-P244 8 oz. O-P248 1 lb. O-P24L Perry Ellis (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P483 1 oz. O-P481 4 oz. O-P484 Perry Ellis 360 (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P163 1 oz. O-P161 4 oz. O-P164 8 oz. O-P168 1 lb. O-P16L Perry Ellis 360 (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P153 1 oz. O-P151 4 oz. O-P154 8 oz. O-P158 1 lb. O-P15L

97 Perry Ellis 360 Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P673 1 oz. O-P671 4 oz. O-P674 8 oz. O-P678 1 lb. O-P67L Perry Ellis 360 Black (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P683 1 oz. O-P681 4 oz. O-P684 8 oz. O-P688 1 lb. O-P68L Perry Ellis 360 Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P773 1 oz. O-P771 4 oz. O-P774 8 oz. O-P778 1 lb. O-P77L Perry Ellis 360 Blue (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P783 1 oz. O-P781 4 oz. O-P784 8 oz. O-P788 1 lb. O-P78L Pharrell Williams: Girl (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P813 1 oz. O-P811 4 oz. O-P814 8 oz. O-P818

1 lb.


Pink by Victoria’s Secret Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-P213 1 oz. O-P211 4 oz. O-P214 8 oz. O-P218 1 lb. O-P21L

8 oz. O-P698 1 lb. O-P69L Pink Sugar: Sparks (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P643 1 oz. O-P641 4 oz. O-P644 8 oz. O-P648 1 lb. O-P64L

Pink Sugar (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P423 1 oz. O-P421 4 oz. O-P424 8 oz. O-P428 1 lb. O-P42L

Pitbull Man (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P843 1 oz. O-P841 4 oz. O-P844 8 oz. O-P848 1 lb. O-P84L

Pink Sugar: Luxury (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P873 1 oz. O-P871 4 oz. O-P874 8 oz. O-P878 1 lb. O-P87L

Platinum (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P203 1 oz. O-P201 4 oz. O-P204 8 oz. O-P208 1 lb. O-P20L

Pink Sugar: Sensual (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P563 1 oz. O-P561 4 oz. O-P564 8 oz. O-P568 1 lb. O-P56L

Playboy: Miami (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P743 1 oz. O-P741 4 oz. O-P744 8 oz. O-P748 1 lb. O-P74L

Pink Sugar: Sparkle (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P693 1 oz. O-P691 4 oz. O-P694

Playboy: NY (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P703 1 oz. O-P701 4 oz. O-P704 8 oz. O-P708 1 lb. O-P70L

Playboy VIP (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P653 1 oz. O-P651 4 oz. O-P654 8 oz. O-P658 1 lb. O-P65L

4 oz. O-P294 8 oz. O-P298 1 lb. O-P29L Polo Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P303 1 oz. O-P301 4 oz. O-P304 8 oz. O-P308 1 lb. O-P30L

Pleasures (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P113 1 oz. O-P111 4 oz. O-P114 8 oz. O-P118 1 lb. O-P11L Polo Ralph Lauren (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P133 1 oz. O-P131 4 oz. O-P134 8 oz. O-P138 1 lb. O-P13L Polo Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P293 1 oz. O-P291

Polo Red (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P793 1 oz. O-P791 4 oz. O-P794 8 oz. O-P798 1 lb. O-P79L Polo: Red Intense (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P883 1 oz. O-P881 4 oz. O-P884 8 oz. O-P888 1 lb. O-P88L

why you love it “I wore this Patti LaBelle to work one day and the you should of seen the people that was stopping me trying to find out what I was wearing.”

Marked Down Closeouts

~ J. in Durham, NC

⅓ oz. - $3.58 | 1 oz. - $5.98 | 4 oz - $15.98 | 8 oz. $23.98 | 1 lb. $39.98 O-A51 Adidas: Extreme Power (M) O-A53 Adidas: Move (M) Type O-A54 Agent Provacateur: Fatale Pink (W) Type O-A52 Animale (M) Type O-A59 Anna Sui: Romantica (W) Type O-A37 Armani: Diamonds Intense (W) Type O-A47 Avon: Ultra Sexy Lace (W) O-A67 Axe: Gold Temptation (M) O-B64 Baby Phat: Luv Me (W) O-B63 Black Icon O-B85 Bon Chic (W) BCBG Type O-B76 Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance (W) O-C93 Calvin Klein: Shock (W) Type O-C11 Candies (W) O-C48 Chestnut Roast O-C73 Christian Audigier (M) O-C74 Christian Audigier (W) Type O-C71 Christina Aguilera (W) Type O-C43 CK IN2U (M) O-C70 CK: Eternity Aqua (W) Type O-C95 Clive Christian: No. 1 (W) Type O-C53 Cristalle (W) Chanel Type O-C63 Curve: Chill (W) Type O-C41 Curve: Kicks (W) O-D20 Deseo (W) Jennifer Lopez

O-D11 Desire (M) Type O-D34 Desire Dream Angel (W) VS Type O-D22 Diesel: Fuel For Life (W) Type O-D23 DKNY (M) O-E38 Ed Hardy: Villain (M) Type O-E43 Egg Nog O-E51 Ellen Tracy: Love Note (W) Type O-F20 Fancy (W) O-F32 Ferragamo: Acqua Essenziale (M) O-F27 Fergie: Outspoken Intense (W) O-H36 Halle Berry: Reveal The Passion (W) Type O-H38 Hanae Mori (W) Type O-H34 Heidi Klum: Shine (W) Type O-H19 Heiress (W) O-H30 Hot Night O-I18 Intimately Beckham (W) O-J26 J.Lo: Love & Glamour (W) Type O-J27 J.Lo: Love At First Glow(W) O-J38 Jennifer Lopez: Glowing (W) O-J35 Jennifer Lopez Love & Light (W) O-J29 Jennifer Lopez: Still (W) Type O-J53 Joop!: Jette Black (W) Type O-J32 Jordin Sparks (W) O-J18 JPG Ma Dame (W) Type

O-J28 O-J36 O-J24 O-J40 O-K26 O-K28 O-K23 O-K29 O-K22

JPG: Classique X (W) Type JPG: Cool (W) Type Jungle (W) Type Justin Beiber: Someday (W) Katy Perry: Meow (W) Type Kenneth Cole: Reaction (W) Kenneth Cole: White (W) Kenzo : Summer (W) Type Khloe & Lamar: Unbreakable (U) Type O-K15 Kiss Her (W) Type O-L45 Lady Rebel: Dance Queen Mango (W) O-L22 L.A.M.B. Gwen Stefani Type O-L41 Liquid Money (W) O-L23 Live (W) O-L14 Liz Claiborne (W) Type Oil O-M47 Madonna: Truth or Dare (W) O-M29 Magic Moon (W) Type O-M41 Mariah Carey: Lollipop Bling O-M43 Mariah Carey: Honey Bling O-M53 Mariah Carey: Never Forget O-M48 Mariah Carey: That Chick (W) Type O-M24 Midnight Fantasy (W) O-M56 Miss Boucheron (W) Type O-M67 Mont Blanc: Legend Femme O-M61 Moschino: Pink Bouquet (W) O-N19 Naomi Campbell: At Night (W) Type

Get a set of 12 discontinued oils in ⅓ oz bottles for just $29.90! (Check website for oils included in this set.) O-SE12DISCONTIN

O-N10 Nautica (M) O-O16 Ocean Dream (W) O-P63 Paris Hilton: Dazzle (W) Type O-P61 Paris Hilton: Passport Paris O-P54 Paris Hilton: Siren (W) O-P37 Phat Farm Premium (M) O-P19 Pinegreen Forest O-P75 Playboy: Play It Pin Up (W) Type O-P58 Prince 3121 (W) Revelations O-Q11 Queen Of Hearts (W) O-R28 Ralph Lauren: Rocks (W) O-S53 Selena Gomez (W) Type O-S52 Sex In The City: Kiss (W) Type O-S38 Signature (W) V. Beckham Type O-S68 Smoky Poppy (W) Type O-S41 Sunkissed Glow O-T10 Tommy Hilfiger (M) O-V26 Vera Wang: Glam Princess (W) Type O-V31 Vera Wang: Look (W) Type O-V25 Vera Wang: Lovestruck (W) O-V34 Vera Wang: Princess Night (W) O-W15 Watermelon Swirl O-W25 Womanity (W) Type O-Y11 Yves Saint Laurent: Elle (W)



Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite

⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted

Cutting Oils

Polo: Supreme Leather (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P893 1 oz. O-P891 4 oz. O-P894 8 oz. O-P898 1 lb. O-P89L

Help your oils last longer


Polo: Supreme Oud (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P853 $5.00 1 oz. O-P851 $9.90 4 oz. O-P854 $23.90 8 oz. O-P858 $37.90 1 lb. O-P85L $63.90 Power 50 Cent (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P533 1 oz. O-P531 4 oz. O-P534 8 oz. O-P538 1 lb. O-P53L Prada (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P453 1 oz. O-P451 4 oz. O-P454 8 oz. O-P458 1 lb. O-P45L Prada: Candy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P663 1 oz. O-P661 4 oz. O-P664 8 oz. O-P668 1 lb. O-P66L Prada: Candy Kiss (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P923 1 oz. O-P921 4 oz. O-P924 8 oz. O-P928 1 lb. O-P92L Prada: Infusion (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P713 1 oz. O-P711 4 oz. O-P714 8 oz. O-P718 1 lb. O-P71L Prada: L’Homme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P933 1 oz. O-P931 4 oz. O-P934 8 oz. O-P938 1 lb. O-P93L Prada: La Femme (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P943 1 oz. O-P941 4 oz. O-P944 8 oz. O-P948 1 lb. O-P94L Prada: Sport (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P863 1 oz. O-P861 4 oz. O-P864 8 oz. O-P868 1 lb. O-P86L President Obama: POTUS 1600 (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-P573 1 oz. O-P571 4 oz. O-P574 8 oz. O-P578 1 lb. O-P57L

Grapeseed oil 1 gal. $99.90

16 oz $17.90

16 oz $9.90 Di Propylene Glycol Cutting Oil Used with oils for burners and incense. 16 oz. (1 lb). O-DPG $9.90 Princess: Vera Wang (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-P463 1 oz. O-P461 4 oz. O-P464 8 oz. O-P468 1 lb. O-P46L Purple Rain ⅓ oz. O-P603 1 oz. O-P601 4 oz. O-P604 8 oz. O-P608 1 lb. O-P60L

$5.00 $9.90 $23.90 $37.90 $63.90

Q Queen Latifah (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-Q103 1 oz. O-Q101 4 oz. O-Q104 8 oz. O-Q108 1 lb. O-Q10L R Rag & Bone: Amber (U) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-R553 1 oz. O-R551 4 oz. O-R554 8 oz. O-R558 1 lb. O-R55L Rain Type ⅓ oz. O-R163 1 oz. O-R161 4 oz. O-R164 8 oz. O-R168 1 lb. O-R16L Ralph Lauren Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-R213 1 oz. O-R211 4 oz. O-R214 8 oz. O-R218 1 lb. O-R21L Ralph Lauren: Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-R533 1 oz. O-R531

4 oz. O-R534 8 oz. O-R538 1 lb. O-R53L Ralph Lauren Blue (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R343 1 oz. O-R341 4 oz. O-R344 8 oz. O-R348 1 lb. O-R34L Ralph Lauren: Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R523 1 oz. O-R521 4 oz. O-R524 8 oz. O-R528 1 lb. O-R52L Ralph Lauren: Pure Turquoise (W) ⅓ oz. O-R413 1 oz. O-R411 4 oz. O-R414 8 oz. O-R418 1 lb. O-R41L Rastafarian (M) ⅓ oz. O-R503 1 oz. O-R501 4 oz. O-R504 8 oz. O-R508 1 lb. O-R50L Rasta Woman (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R473 $5.00 1 oz. O-R471 $9.90 4 oz. O-R474 $23.90 8 oz. O-R478 $37.90 1 lb. O-R47L $63.90 Red Egyptian Musk ⅓ oz. O-R323 1 oz. O-R321 4 oz. O-R324 8 oz. O-R328 1 lb. O-R32L Rihanna: Crush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R543 1 oz. O-R541 4 oz. O-R544

Natural Grapeseed Oil Used with oils for skin. 16 oz. (1 lb) O-510 $17.90 1 gallon O-510G $99.90 8 oz. O-R548 1 lb. O-R54L Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-R563 1 oz. O-R561 4 oz. O-R564 8 oz. O-R568 1 lb. O-R56L Rihanna: Nude (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R423 1 oz. O-R421 4 oz. O-R424 8 oz. O-R428 1 lb. O-R42L Rihanna: Reb’l Fleur (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R373 1 oz. O-R371 4 oz. O-R374 8 oz. O-R378 1 lb. O-R37L Rihanna: Rebelle (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R393 1 oz. O-R391 4 oz. O-R394 8 oz. O-R398 1 lb. O-R39L Rihanna: Riri (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R513 1 oz. O-R511 4 oz. O-R514 8 oz. O-R518 1 lb. O-R51L

1 lb.


Rhianna: Rouge Love (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R493 1 oz. O-R491 4 oz. O-R494 8 oz. O-R498 1 lb. O-R49L River Of Honey ⅓ oz. O-R443 1 oz. O-R441 4 oz. O-R444 8 oz. O-R448 1 lb. O-R44L Rocawear: Evolution (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-R383 1 oz. O-R381 4 oz. O-R384 8 oz. O-R388 1 lb. O-R38L Romance (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R253 1 oz. O-R251 4 oz. O-R254 8 oz. O-R258 1 lb. O-R25L Rose Red ⅓ oz. O-R133 1 oz. O-R131 4 oz. O-R134 8 oz. O-R138 1 lb. O-R13L

$3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

Rhianna: Rouge (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-R483 1 oz. O-R481 4 oz. O-R484 8 oz. O-R488 1 lb. O-R48L

RSVP: Kenneth Cole (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-R293 1 oz. O-R291 4 oz. O-R294 8 oz. O-R298 1 lb. O-R29L

Rihanna: Rogue (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-R453 1 oz. O-R451 4 oz. O-R454 8 oz. O-R458

Rush by Gucci Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-R243 1 oz. O-R241 4 oz. O-R244 8 oz. O-R248


1 lb.

O-R24L S

Sandalwood: Classic ⅓ oz. O-S703 1 oz. O-S701 4 oz. O-S704 8 oz. O-S708 1 lb. O-S70L Sandalwood Egyptian ⅓ oz. O-S103 1 oz. O-S101 4 oz. O-S104 8 oz. O-S108 1 lb. O-S10L Sean John (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S733 1 oz. O-S731 4 oz. O-S734 8 oz. O-S738 1 lb. O-S73L Sean John: 3AM (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S713 1 oz. O-S711 4 oz. O-S714 8 oz. O-S718 1 lb. O-S71L Sean John: Empress (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S483 1 oz. O-S481 4 oz. O-S484 8 oz. O-S488 1 lb. O-S48L Seduction in Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S473 1 oz. O-S471 4 oz. O-S474 8 oz. O-S478 1 lb. O-S47L See by Chloe (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S573 1 oz. O-S571 4 oz. O-S574 8 oz. O-S578 1 lb. O-S57L Sex on the Beach (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S243 1 oz. O-S241 4 oz. O-S244 8 oz. O-S248 1 lb. O-S24L Sex on the Beach: Sweet ⅓ oz. O-S503 1 oz. O-S501 4 oz. O-S504 8 oz. O-S508 1 lb. O-S50L

Sexual Noir Pour Homme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S723 1 oz. O-S721 4 oz. O-S724 8 oz. O-S728 Sexual Sugar (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S643 1 oz. O-S641 4 oz. O-S644 8 oz. O-S648 1 lb. O-S64L Sexual Sugar Daddy (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S653 1 oz. O-S651 4 oz. O-S654 8 oz. O-S658 1 lb. O-S65L Sexy Little Thing (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S403 1 oz. O-S401 4 oz. O-S404 8 oz. O-S408 1 lb. O-S40L Signature (M) David Beckham Type ⅓ oz. O-S373 1 oz. O-S371 4 oz. O-S374 8 oz. O-S378 1 lb. O-S37L Somali Rose French (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S123 1 oz. O-S121 4 oz. O-S124 8 oz. O-S128 1 lb. O-S12L Strawberry ⅓ oz. O-S153 1 oz. O-S151 4 oz. O-S154 8 oz. O-S158 1 lb. O-S15L Strawberry Butter ⅓ oz. O-S363 1 oz. O-S361 4 oz. O-S364 8 oz. O-S368 1 lb. O-S36L Sunset Heat (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S343 1 oz. O-S341 4 oz. O-S344 8 oz. O-S348 1 lb. O-S34L

Super Model (W) Victoria’s Secret Type ⅓ oz. O-S453 1 oz. O-S451 4 oz. O-S454 8 oz. O-S458 1 lb. O-S45L Super Playboy (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-S583 1 oz. O-S581 4 oz. O-S584 8 oz. O-S588 1 lb. O-S58L Swarovski: Miss Aura (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-S663 1 oz. O-S661 4 oz. O-S664 8 oz. O-S668 1 lb. O-S66L Sweet Temptation (W) Victoria’s Secret Type ⅓ oz. O-S393 1 oz. O-S391 4 oz. O-S394 8 oz. O-S398 1 lb. O-S39L T Thallium (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T353 1 oz. O-T351 4 oz. O-T354 8 oz. O-T358 1 lb. O-T35L Thallium: Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T383 1 oz. O-T381 4 oz. O-T384 8 oz. O-T388 1 lb. O-T38L The One (M) Type - Dolce & Gabbana ⅓ oz. O-T253 1 oz. O-T251 4 oz. O-T254 8 oz. O-T258 1 lb. O-T25L The One (W) Type - Dolce & Gabbana ⅓ oz. O-T233 1 oz. O-T231 4 oz. O-T234 8 oz. O-T238 1 lb. O-T23L Tom Ford (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T393 $5.00 1 oz. O-T391 $9.90

Customer Favorite Feature

Rihanna: Crush (W) Type

Sensual woody notes pair with playful red fruits and pink musks to create an addictive floral oriental fragrance with an undeniably fun, feminine twist. O-R54 Other Rihanna fragrances Rihanna: Nude (W) Type Rihanna: Reb’l Fleur (W) Type Rihanna: Rebelle (W) Type Rihanna: Riri (W) Type Rhianna: Rouge (M) Type Rihanna: Rogue (W) Type Rhianna: Rouge Love (W) Type Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type 4 oz. O-T394 8 oz. O-T398 1 lb. O-T39L

$23.90 $37.90 $63.90

Tom Ford: Cafe Rose (U) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-T453 1 oz. O-T451 4 oz. O-T454 8 oz. O-T458

1 lb.

O-R42 O-R37 O-R39 O-R51 O-R48 O-R45 O-R49 O-R56


Tom Ford: Noir (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T373 $5.00 1 oz. O-T371 $9.90 4 oz. O-T374 $23.90 8 oz. O-T378 $37.90 1 lb. O-T37L $63.90

“I have been a customer for many years and always am happy with my purchases. The incense smells great and so do the oils. I get many compliments on both of these. The hair care products actually work. I am glad to have found your company and am pleased” ~ Brandie in Muncie, IN



Over 700 oils! Choose Your Favorite

⅓ oz. - $4.50 | 1 oz. - $7.90 | 4 oz. - $19.90 | 8 oz. - $33.90 | 1 lb. - $57.90 unless otherwise noted Tom Ford: Ombre Leather (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T443 1 oz. O-T441 4 oz. O-T444 8 oz. O-T448 1 lb. O-T44L Tom Ford: Orchid Soleil (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T433 1 oz. O-T431 4 oz. O-T434 8 oz. O-T438 1 lb. O-T43L

Oil Display Starter Kit Includes Top 12 Best Selling Oils (1/3 oz), 48 1/3oz. Glass Roll-On Bottles, Barack Obama (M) - 4oz., Egyptian Musk - 4 oz., Michelle Obama (W) - 4oz., Black Woman (W) Type - 4 oz., Oil Display - Holds 92 (1/3 oz.) Bottles, 1 Custom Sheet Of 80 White Labels O-405 $198.00

Tom Ford: Velvet Orchid (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T343 1 oz. O-T341 4 oz. O-T344 8 oz. O-T348 1 lb. O-T34L Tommy Girl (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T113 1 oz. O-T111 4 oz. O-T114 8 oz. O-T118 1 lb. O-T11L Tory Burch (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T423 1 oz. O-T421 4 oz. O-T424 8 oz. O-T428 1 lb. O-T42L Tory Burch: Love Relentlessly (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-T463 1 oz. O-T461 4 oz. O-T464 8 oz. O-T468 1 lb. O-T46L

Set of 96 Oils + Wooden Display O-404 $359.90

True Religion (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T293 1 oz. O-T291 4 oz. O-T294 8 oz. O-T298 1 lb. O-T29L True Religion (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T303 1 oz. O-T301 4 oz. O-T304 8 oz. O-T308 1 lb. O-T30L True Religion: Drifter (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-T473 1 oz. O-T471 4 oz. O-T474 8 oz. O-T478 1 lb. O-T47L

Oil Display - Holds 92 (1/3 oz.) Bottles P-303 $59.90

Truly Pink - Vera Wang (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T213 1 oz. O-T211 4 oz. O-T214

8 oz. O-T218 1 lb. O-T21L

8 oz. O-U168 1 lb. O-U16L

Truth Calvin Klein (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T183 1 oz. O-T181 4 oz. O-T184 8 oz. O-T188 1 lb. O-T18L

UR Usher (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-U173 1 oz. O-U171 4 oz. O-U174 8 oz. O-U178 1 lb. O-U17L

Tupac (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-T263 1 oz. O-T261 4 oz. O-T264 8 oz. O-T268 1 lb. O-T26L

Usher (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U113 1 oz. O-U111 4 oz. O-U114 8 oz. O-U118 1 lb. O-U11L

Tuscan Blood Orange (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-T363 1 oz. O-T361 4 oz. O-T364 8 oz. O-T368 1 lb. O-T36L

Usher (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-U133 1 oz. O-U131 4 oz. O-U134 8 oz. O-U138 1 lb. O-U13L

Twilight Woods Type ⅓ oz. O-T403 1 oz. O-T401 4 oz. O-T404 8 oz. O-T408 1 lb. O-T40L U Unforgivable (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U103 1 oz. O-U101 4 oz. O-U104 8 oz. O-U108 1 lb. O-U10L Unforgivable (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-U123 1 oz. O-U121 4 oz. O-U124 8 oz. O-U128 1 lb. O-U12L Unforgivable Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U153 1 oz. O-U151 4 oz. O-U154 8 oz. O-U158 1 lb. O-U15L Unforgivable Black (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-U203 1 oz. O-U201 4 oz. O-U204 8 oz. O-U208 1 lb. O-U20L Unforgivable Night (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U193 1 oz. O-U191 4 oz. O-U194 8 oz. O-U198 1 lb. O-U19L UR Usher (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U163 1 oz. O-U161 4 oz. O-U164

Usher V.I.P. (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-U183 1 oz. O-U181 4 oz. O-U184 8 oz. O-U188 1 lb. O-U18L Valentino: Uomo (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V503 1 oz. O-V501 4 oz. O-V504 8 oz. O-V508 1 lb. O-V50L Vanilla ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-V113 O-V111 O-V114 O-V118 O-V11L

Vera Wang (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V193 1 oz. O-V191 4 oz. O-V194 8 oz. O-V198 1 lb. O-V19L Vera Wang (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V183 1 oz. O-V181 4 oz. O-V184 8 oz. O-V188 1 lb. O-V18L Vera Wang: Be Jeweled (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V373 1 oz. O-V371 4 oz. O-V374 8 oz. O-V378 1 lb. O-V37L Vera Wang: Love Struck Floral Rush (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V323 1 oz. O-V321 4 oz. O-V324 8 oz. O-V328

We does not offer finished products. What we do is custom fragrances through duplications, creations, or modifications created and manufactured in our facility for use in finished products. Product names, brands, and other trademarks or trade names featured or referred to within We are the property of their respective holders. These holders are not affiliated with us, our products, our website, nor do they sponsor or endorse our materials. The use of these trademarks or trade names in no way indicates any relationship between We and the holders and is used only for descriptive identification to convey the aroma being purchased. Every effort has been made to properly identify and attribute trademarks or trade names to their respective owners whenever possible and/or practical.

101 1 lb.


Versace (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V133 1 oz. O-V131 4 oz. O-V134 8 oz. O-V138 1 lb. O-V13L Versace : Blue Jeans (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V273 1 oz. O-V271 4 oz. O-V274 8 oz. O-V278 1 lb. O-V27L Versace Bright Crystal (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V403 1 oz. O-V401 4 oz. O-V404 8 oz. O-V408 1 lb. O-V40L Versace: Dreamer (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V433 1 oz. O-V431 4 oz. O-V434 8 oz. O-V438 1 lb. O-V43L Versace: Dylan Blue (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V563 1 oz. O-V561 4 oz. O-V564 8 oz. O-V568 1 lb. O-V56L Versace: Eros (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V513 1 oz. O-V511 4 oz. O-V514 8 oz. O-V518 1 lb. O-V51L Versace: Eros Pour Femme (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V493 1 oz. O-V491 4 oz. O-V494 8 oz. O-V498 1 lb. O-V49L Versace: Oud Noir (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V463 1 oz. O-V461 4 oz. O-V464 8 oz. O-V468 1 lb. O-V46L Versace Pour Homme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V443 1 oz. O-V441 4 oz. O-V444 8 oz. O-V448 1 lb. O-V44L Versace: Red Jeans (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V283 1 oz. O-V281 4 oz. O-V284 8 oz. O-V288 1 lb. O-V28L Very Sexy (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V173

4 oz. O-V474 8 oz. O-V478 1 lb. O-V47L

4 oz. O-W164 8 oz. O-W168 1 lb. O-W16L

Very Sexy (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V163 1 oz. O-V161 4 oz. O-V164 8 oz. O-V168 1 lb. O-V16L

Victoria’s Secret: Love Pink (W) ⅓ oz. O-V523 1 oz. O-V521 4 oz. O-V524 8 oz. O-V528 1 lb. O-V52L

White Coconut ⅓ oz. O-W243 1 oz. O-W241 4 oz. O-W244 8 oz. O-W248 1 lb. O-W24L

Very Sexy Now (W) Victoria Secret Type ⅓ oz. O-V293 1 oz. O-V291 4 oz. O-V294 8 oz. O-V298 1 lb. O-V29L

Victoria’s Secret: Paris (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-V603 1 oz. O-V601 4 oz. O-V604 8 oz. O-V608 1 lb. O-V60L

Top 12 Best Seller

Very Sexy: Platinum (M) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-V593 1 oz. O-V591 4 oz. O-V594 8 oz. O-V598 1 lb. O-V59L

Victoria Secret: Rose Caramel (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V573 1 oz. O-V571 4 oz. O-V574 8 oz. O-V578 1 lb. O-V57L

Victoria’s Secret: Angel (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V303 1 oz. O-V301 4 oz. O-V304 8 oz. O-V308 1 lb. O-V30L

Viktor & Rolf: Spicebomb (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V533 1 oz. O-V531 4 oz. O-V534 8 oz. O-V538 1 lb. O-V53L

Victoria Secret: Angel Gold (W) ⅓ oz. O-V353 1 oz. O-V351 4 oz. O-V354 8 oz. O-V358 1 lb. O-V35L

Vince Camuto (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V363 1 oz. O-V361 4 oz. O-V364 8 oz. O-V368 1 lb. O-V36L

1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-V171 O-V174 O-V178 O-V17L

Victoria’s Secret: Bombshell (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V453 1 oz. O-V451 4 oz. O-V454 8 oz. O-V458 1 lb. O-V45L Victoria’s Secret: Forever Blushing (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V483 $5.00 1 oz. O-V481 $9.90 4 oz. O-V484 $23.90 8 oz. O-V488 $37.90 1 lb. O-V48L $63.90 Victoria’s Secret: Intense (W) NEW ⅓ oz. O-V583 1 oz. O-V581 4 oz. O-V584 8 oz. O-V588 1 lb. O-V58L Victoria’s Secret: Lemon Escape (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V413 1 oz. O-V411 4 oz. O-V414 8 oz. O-V418 1 lb. O-V41L Victoria’s Secret Love Is Heavenly (W) ⅓ oz. O-V473 1 oz. O-V471

Vince Camuto (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V393 1 oz. O-V391 4 oz. O-V394 8 oz. O-V398 1 lb. O-V39L Vince Camuto: Capri (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-V543 1 oz. O-V541 4 oz. O-V544 8 oz. O-V548 1 lb. O-V54L Vince Camuto: Eterno (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-V553 1 oz. O-V551 4 oz. O-V554 8 oz. O-V558 1 lb. O-V55L Vintage Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type ⅓ oz. O-V233 1 oz. O-V231 4 oz. O-V234 8 oz. O-V238 1 lb. O-V23L W Wet Kisses Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-W163 1 oz. O-W161

4 oz. O-Y124 8 oz. O-Y128 1 lb. O-Y12L $3.90 $6.90 $17.90 $29.90 $47.90

White Diamond Type (W) ⅓ oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 1 lb.

O-W103 O-W101 O-W104 O-W108 O-W10L

White Linen Type (W) ⅓ oz. O-W113 $5.00 1 oz. O-W111 $9.90 4 oz. O-W114 $23.90 8 oz. O-W118 $37.90 1 lb. O-W11L $63.90 White Musk (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-W213 1 oz. O-W211 4 oz. O-W214 8 oz. O-W218 1 lb. O-W21L White Tea & Ginger (W) B&BW Type ⅓ oz. O-W223 $5.00 1 oz. O-W221 $9.90 4 oz. O-W224 $23.90 8 oz. O-W228 $37.90 1 lb. O-W22L $63.90

Yves Saint Laurent: Manifesto (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-Y133 1 oz. O-Y131 4 oz. O-Y134 8 oz. O-Y138 1 lb. O-Y13L Yves Saint Laurent: Mon Paris (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-Y173 1 oz. O-Y171 4 oz. O-Y174 8 oz. O-Y178 1 lb. O-Y17L Yves Saint Laurent: Supreme Bouquet (W) Type NEW ⅓ oz. O-Y183 1 oz. O-Y181 4 oz. O-Y184 8 oz. O-Y188 1 lb. O-Y18L Z Zara: Black (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-Z113 1 oz. O-Z111 4 oz. O-Z114 8 oz. O-Z118 1 lb. O-Z11L

X XOXO Luv (W) Type ⅓ oz. O-X103 1 oz. O-X101 4 oz. O-X104 8 oz. O-X108 1 lb. O-X10L Y Ylang Ylang ⅓ oz. O-Y103 1 oz. O-Y101 4 oz. O-Y104 8 oz. O-Y108 1 lb. O-Y10L Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium (W) ⅓ oz. O-Y143 1 oz. O-Y141 4 oz. O-Y144 8 oz. O-Y148 1 lb. O-Y14L Yves Saint Laurent: Kouros Silver (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-Y153 1 oz. O-Y151 4 oz. O-Y154 8 oz. O-Y158 1 lb. O-Y15L Yves Saint Laurent: L’Homme (M) Type ⅓ oz. O-Y123 1 oz. O-Y121

I love your company, product and customer service. You will always be my number one source for fragrance oils guaranteed. ~ Jasmine in Las Vegas, NV



Essential Oils

These oils are 100% steam-distilled fragrances that take days of impeccable work to create. To enjoy just one drop of lavender essential oil, you would have to steam distill 20 lavender flower heads. Find out how each of these essential oils can bring healing through aromatherapy at Ajowan 1 oz. O-A631-E $9.90 4 oz. O-A634-E $23.90

Citronella 1 oz. O-C811-E $9.90 4 oz. O-C814-E $23.90

Juniper Berry 1 oz. O-J631-E $23.90 4 oz. O-J634-E $63.90

Patchouli (Light) NEW 1 oz. O-P971-E $17.90 4 oz. O-P974-E $47.90

Tangerine 1 oz. O-T411-E $13.90 4 oz. O-T414-E $29.90

Aniseed 1 oz. O-A711-E $9.90 4 oz. O-A714-E $23.90

Clementine 1 oz. O-C991-E $9.90 4 oz. O-C994-E $23.90

Lavender 1 oz. O-L181-E $15.90 4 oz. O-L184-E $35.90

Peppermint 1 oz. O-P401-E $13.90 4 oz. O-P404-E $29.90

Tea Tree 4 oz. M-263 $39.90 16 oz. M-263LB $99.90

Basil 1 oz. O-B161-E $9.90 4 oz. O-B164-E $23.90

Clove 1 oz. O-C671-E $13.90 4 oz. O-C674-E $29.90

Lemon 1 oz. O-L461-E $13.90 4 oz. O-L464-E $29.90

Pine 1 oz. O-P951-E $9.90 4 oz. O-P954-E $23.90

Thyme 1 oz. O-T331-E $9.90 4 oz. O-T334-E $23.90

Bergamot 1 oz. O-B311-E $17.90 4 oz. O-B314-E $47.90

Eucalyptus 1 oz. O-E201-E $9.90 4 oz. O-E204-E $23.90

Lemongrass 1 oz. O-L191-E $9.90 4 oz. O-L194-E $23.90

Pink Grapefruit 1 oz. O-P501-E $19.90 4 oz. O-P504-E $53.90

Wintergreen 1 oz. O-W281-E $19.90 4 oz. O-W284-E $53.90

Blood Orange 1 oz. O-B221-E $9.90 4 oz. O-B224-E $23.90

Fennel 1 oz. O-F351-E $15.90 4 oz. O-F354-E $35.90

Lime 1 oz. O-L281-E $15.90 4 oz. O-L284-E $35.90

Rosemary 1 oz. O-R361-E $19.90 4 oz. O-R364-E $53.90

Ylang Ylang 1 oz. O-Y161-E $23.90 4 oz. O-Y164-E $63.90

Camphor 1 oz. O-C231-E $9.90 4 oz. O-C234-E $23.90

Fir Needle 1 oz. O-F341-E $13.90 4 oz. O-F344-E $29.90

Litsea Cubeba 1 oz. O-L541-E $13.90 4 oz. O-L544-E $29.90

Spearmint 1 oz. O-S691-E $9.90 4 oz. O-S694-E $23.90

Carrot Seed 1 oz. O-C351-E $19.90 4 oz. O-C354-E $53.90

Frankincense 1 oz. O-F331-E $17.90 4 oz. O-F334-E $47.90

Marjoram 1 oz. O-M861-E $27.90 4 oz. O-M864-E $69.90

Cedarwood 1 oz. O-C501-E $13.90 4 oz. O-C504-E $29.90

Geranium 1 oz. O-G501-E $17.90 4 oz. O-G504-E $47.90

Mandarin 1 oz. O-M761-E $17.90 4 oz. O-M764-E $47.90

Celery NEW 1 oz. O-C841-E $17.90 4 oz. O-C844-E $47.90

Ginger Grass 1 oz. O-G451-E $13.90 4 oz. O-G454-E $29.90

Myrrh 1 oz. O-M771-E $17.90 4 oz. O-M774-E $47.90

Chamomile NEW ½ oz. O-C855-E $59.90

Grapefruit (White) NEW 1 oz. O-G541-E $19.90 4 oz. O-G544-E $53.90

Orange Sweet 1 oz. O-O181-E $9.90 4 oz. O-O184-E $23.90

Jamarosa Root 1 oz. O-J621-E $9.90 4 oz. O-J624-E $23.90

Patchouli - Dark 1 oz. O-P511-E $17.90 4 oz. O-P514-E $47.90

Cinnamon Leaf 1 oz. O-C391-E $13.90 4 oz. O-C394-E $29.90

How to

save the most Set Of 6 Top-Selling Essential Oils ½ oz. bottles Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender 40/42, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary O-SE6TOPESS $35.90

Essential Oil Blends

How aromatherapy can change your life.

Mental Clarity 1 oz. H-043-1 $9.90

Stress Relief 1 oz. H-040-1 $9.90

Sensuality For Her 1 oz. H-046-1 $9.90

Breathe Clearly 1 oz. H-049-1 $9.90

Breathe Easy 1 oz. H-044-1 $9.90

Sleep Soundly 1 oz. H-041-1 $9.90

Sensuality For Him 1 oz. H-047-1 $9.90

Cold Season 1 oz. H-050-1 $9.90

Immune Booster 1 oz. H-045-1 $9.90

Pick-Me-Up Energy 1 oz. H-042-1 $9.90

Cold Combat 1 oz. H-048-1 $9.90

Headache Away 1 oz. H-051-1 $9.90

New possibilities


with essential oils

Confidence Spray – 2 oz. M -E010 $9.90 Happiness Spray – 2 oz.

M-E011 $9.90

Mosquito Repellent Spray – 2 oz. M-E012 $9.90

Eczema/Psoriasis Healing & Soothing Butter – 4 oz.

M-E007 $11.90

Lemongrass Deep Moisturizing Cream – 4 oz. M-E008 $9.90 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shimmer & Shine Hair Serum - 2 oz. M-E009 $13.90

Anti-aging & More Stress Relief Spray – 2 oz. M -E004 $9.90 Mental Clarity Spray – 2 oz. M -E005 $9.90 Aphrodisiac Spray – 2 oz. M -E006 $9.90

Essential oils for Natural Detoxification Blood Orange Juniper Berry Citronella Pine

The Difference between essential oils and body oils

Lavender Age Defense Moisturizer – 1.5 oz.

M-E001 $15.90

Mandarin Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 1.5 oz.

M-E002 $15.90

Sore Muscle Cream – 6 oz. (Money saving super size)

M-E003 $15.90

Everything was perfect. I sampled product from the start up kit and have already received several orders. I’ve already placed another order. ~ Wardell in Chicago, IL


104 Oil burners Electric oil burners, easier and safer with adjustable light BEST ER SELL

Blue Red



The most asked for electric oil burner!








Get the Fragrance Without the Candle! Get customers to buy more oil burners and more oils by using these electric oil burners! Laws don’t allow you to burn candles in most shops, so you can use these electric burners as a great sales motivator. Beautiful etched glass make these oil burners stand out and draw customer attention. 5” tall. Made in China. O-145 $13.90

Night Lights Price Specials





Electric Night Light Burners 5” tall. Made in China. O-142 $15.90 $11.90





Electric Night Light Oil Burners Just plug it in and enjoy the fragrance of your choice. 5” tall. Made in China. O-143 $19.90 each


Each set comes individually boxed with candle and oil included

“Bought 36 went real fast,will order more.” ~ Argusta in Freeport, IL

st LOwe e pric

The #1 Best-Selling Oil Burner! No more confusion, each set includes a burner, oil and candle. Colors and exact designs vary. Size and basic appearance match those shown. 4” tall. Made in China. Porcelain Oil Burner Set O-116 $3.90 each

Touch Lamps



Electric Touch Lamp Oil Burner 6.5” tall. Made in China. Available in Green and Purple. O-171 $27.90 Rose: Touch Lamp Oil Burner 5” tall. Made in China. O-140 $25.90

Bouquet: Touch Lamp Oil Burner 5” tall. O-163 $27.90

Electric City Lights Oil Burner 8” tall. Made in China. O-172 $39.90 $29.90

Price Special

Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles 3.5”-4” tall. Made in Egypt. O-120 $5.90 each

Egyptian Glass Oil Burner Each one is 7” tall and decorated with 14K gold. O-119 $19.90

Large Glass and Wood Oil Burner 6¾” tall. Made in China. O-154 $35.90 $29.90

Replacement Parts

Electric Oil Burner Light Bulbs Set of Three Light Bulbs O-102 $9.98

Replacement Glass Dish for Oil Burners 4.5” to 5” wide. O-101 $4.00 each Replacement Glass Dish for Night Light Oil Burners Use for O-143. O-104 $4.00 each

Black Red


Electric Curved Glass Oil Burner O-173 $15.90

Tea Light Candles for Burners Set of 10 O-100 $2.98 per box

Oil Burners


Body Mists

For your moods, feelings, Incense helps you to feel good, connect with yourself; practice more self care and compassion; and experience more of what life has to offer. Incense helps you remember the past. You can experience aromatherapeutic healing qualities through smell and sight at the same time. Use incense when you want: • • • • •

• • • • •

Cool Water Egyptian Musk Jamaican Fruit Kush NEW Lavender

• Michelle Obama NEW • Pink Sugar NEW • Pleasures

• • • • •

Less stress Less anxiety Less depression Less physical pain Less insomnia

Scented Incense Bundles Less than 2 cents per stick!

Set of 12 of 4 oz. Body Mists Surround your senses with the light, sweet fragrances of body mists. M-270 $39.00 • Baby Powder • Barack Obama NEW • Black Man NEW • Black Woman NEW

More creativity More mental health More energy More sexual desire More mental focus

Get Top 12 packs of incense bundles for only $19.89! This includes one bundle of each fragrance. You’ll get 12 bundles for the price of 10! M-900 $19.89 Set of Top Six Classic Incense Bundles M-890 $19.90 Set of Six Fruit Incense Bundles M-880 $19.90

White Ceremonial Sage Use fragrant sage leaves to purify the air in your home, ward off illness, headaches, fever and toxins. 4 oz. Bag M-P146 $19.90 The Many Ways You Can Use White Ceremonial Sage: • • • • •

Saging your home White Sage Tea Soothing White Sage Bath White Sage Steam White Sage Potpourri

Want the individual Fragrances?

Choose your favorite for only $3.98 per bundle (85-100 sticks per bundle). Individual Choices:


How to make your own incense

• • • • • •

Frank & Myrrh M-873 Egyptian Musk M-893 Frankincense M-883 Kush M-895 Barack Obama M-881 Rastafarian M-882

• • • • • • • • •

Black Coconut M-861 Blue Nile M-862 Coco Mango M-863 Honey Vanilla M-864 Jasmine M-865 Rain M-866 Eat It Raw M-851 Lick Me All Over M-852 Mango Butter M-853

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pink Sugar M-854 Rose M-855 Strawberry M-856 African Musk M-891 Baby Powder M-871 Cherry M-892 China Musk M-872 Egyptian Vanilla M-894 Jamaican Fruit M-884 Lavender M-874 Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday BB-0079 Patchouli M-885 Patti Labelle M-875 Sandalwood M-886 Sex on the Beach M-896 White Diamonds M-876



Make Your Own Incense... Supplies Here!

Unscented Incense Sticks High-quality plain incense sticks. Made in China. M-902 Get 100 sticks for $2. Get 1000 sticks for $10. Get 10,000 sticks for $87.90 After incense is dry, package it in incense bags. Incense Bags with Zip lock 3” x 12” 100 bags P-116 $5.90

2” x 12” 1,000 bags P-115 $47.90 Mix 2 parts DPG with 1 part fragrance oil before soaking the sticks.

Nag Champa Incense Fifteen gram size. Twelve sleeves per box, 15 sticks per sleeve. 180 sticks total. Made in India. M-932 $27.90 per box

DPG - Di Propylene Glycol Cutting Oil Petroleum based cutting oil for incense and oil making. 16 oz. O-DPG $9.90 per lb.

Set Of 12 Curved Wood Incense Burners Incense not included. M-924 $13.90 Vented Wood Incense Burners 12” X 2.5”. Made in India. M-912 $9.90 each or $49.50/dozen

Scented Incense Bundles Less than 2 cents per stick!

Set Of 12 Wooden Incense Burners 10”-10.5” long. Made in India. Comes in a set of twelve. M-911 $13.90 per set

Making a Difference Kids at Makwati School had a sports day and played many events and played games like soccer.

Incense Starter Kit Set of 30 bundles of incense sticks. Between 2,500 - 3,000 incense sticks,100 incense bags, and 12 incense burners. X-122 $119.90


108 All Natural Herbal Remedies

Increase your energy - Aphrodisiacs

Ghanaian Woman Back Tonic Made from a combination of roots and barks from Ghana West Africa. Used by woman in Ghana as a General Tonic and harmonize for the female biological make up. 100% natural. 16 oz. H-064 $35.90

Jamaican Wood & Root Tonic “Wood Root Tonic”, used traditionally in Jamaica as a household remedy and general tonic for the blood, body and nerves. Increases most male and female libido. 16 oz. H-022 $29.90

“My co-worker loves the Her Honey. It’s a hit for me as well.” ~ LaShundra in Cordova, TN 4 oz.

13 oz.

Black Seed Honey Booster Made from a powerful blend of manuka honey, royal jelly, black seed oil, and other all-natural herbs. 12 oz. M-550 $23.90

Organic Gourmet Maca Root Powder 2 oz. M-P306 $15.90

For Positive Mental Attitudes

Beta Carotene Butter Helps prevent aging and skin disorders, enhance immunity, protects against toxins and cancer formations, colds, flu, and infections. 4 oz. M-P153 $9.90 13 oz. M-P154 $25.90

4 oz.

African Manback Tonic This male pick me upper is made with a variety of natural roots and herbs from the Caribbean and Africa. Traditionally used for all weaknesses in the male reproductive system, spine back and nerves. 16 oz. H-024 $35.90

14 oz.

Chamomile Butter Chamomile calms the mind and eases fear, anxiety, anger, worries and tension. 4 oz. M-P159 $9.90 14 oz. M-P160 $25.90

4 oz.

Gourmet African Bird Pepper: This pepper has dozens of health benefits. 2 oz. M-P276 $5.90

14 oz.

Neroli Butter It is most commonly used to help insomnia and panic attacks. Also treats mature or sensitive skin and heal broken capillaries. 4 oz. M-P157 $11.90 14 oz. M-P158 $29.90

Healthy weight loss & detox


32 oz. Economy Size!

Herboganic Black Seed Bitters 16 oz. H-034 $39.90

“Thanks for great products!�

~ Alicia in Adamsville, AL

Ashanti Weight Loss & Energy Tonic Used to rid the body of inflammation, excess fat and water, curb the appetite, and to supply energy. 32 oz. H-025 $39.90

Herboganic Moringa Bitters Moringa Bitters is an excellent antioxidant and is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that promotes good eye health, increased energy levels, and a healthy immune system. 16 oz. H-035 $39.90

Black Seed Bitters Detox Beverage Detoxify and cleanse your body with this healing drink from Ghana. This powerful beverage is made with black seed oil - a healing ingredient. H-063 $39.90

Black Seed Oil Capsules Black seed oil has has many antioxidant properties, which can help to keep your skin youthful and clear. Includes 90 capsules. M-558 $27.90

Organic Flax Seed Oil Cold pressed, pure and unrefined flaxseed oil. For weight loss and lowering blood sugar. Shake well. Helps control cholesterol and blood pressure 16 oz. M-P192 $19.90

Koromantee Corkscrew Bitters Traditionally used to clean out the stomach, intestines and colonic area. 16 oz. H-023 $29.90

Low Sodium Himalayan Salt In Shaker Jar 4 oz. M-P169 $9.90 $7.90


Diabalance Herbal Blood Sugar Balance M-564 $27.90 $19.90

Hawaiian Healing Noni

More secrets to health

Find All-Over Healing with 100% Pure Noni Grown in the lush, tropical jungles of Hawaii, Noni juice has been used for centuries for its far-reaching health benefits.

32 oz. Bottle

16 oz. Bottle

16 oz. Bottle M-541 $35.90 32 oz. Bottle M-542 $47.90

100% Noni Goji Juice Get all the benefits of noni juice with the added nutrients of Goji berries. 32 oz. M-544 $47.90

100% Noni Powder Capsules Hawaiian Noni is considered a strong blood purifier, and cleanses the body of harmful bacteria. 50 Capsules. 517 mg. M-559 $27.90


For healthy teeth


African chew sticks

For that White Smile You’ve Always Wanted Used as a substitute for the toothbrush in Africa. The chewing action keeps gums healthy, cleans food from the teeth and freshens the breath. Comes in six flavors: Herbal Essential Toothpaste M-P375 $3.90

Neem Advance Toothpaste M-P129 $3.90

• Cherry • Peppermint • Grape

• Strawberry • Vanilla • Plain

Sample Bag Get a sample bag with two of each flavor! 12 sticks total. M-171 $11.98

African Chew Sticks Approximately 50 sticks per bag. M-170 $23.90 Get six pounds for the cost of five. One pound of each flavor. M-170A $119.90

African Chew Sticks

Neem Essential Toothpaste 6.5 oz. Fluoride free. M-P354 $3.90 each

When Africans came to the US, they brought the tradition of using chew sticks with them. Many older people are finding themselves in their 80’s with healthy gums and cavity free teeth, and they are using nothing but chew sticks to take care of them!

Natural Tea Tree Whitening Toothpaste M-P267 $7.90

Neem Mouthwash - 12 oz. Full of beneficial properties for teeth! M-P262 $19.90 Neem Licorice Toothpaste Naturally sweet, soothing and breath-freshening with a hint of mint. M-P261 $13.90

“I especially love the toothpaste. I really don’t wake up with “morning breath”

- Sonia in Edgewater Park, NJ

Natural Tea Tree Whitening Mouthwash 12 oz. M-P269 $11.90

Making a Difference A nurse checks a baby’s temperature at a medical clinic in Chipwa, Zambia.



Comforting wellness boosters M-488




African Hibiscus Healing Tea Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), native to Africa, is highly cherished for its refreshing, healing, and antioxidant qualities. It is said to help lower cholesterol, aid with Type 2 Diabetes, and reduce high blood pressure 20 Bags M-488 $7.90 100 Bags M-489 $23.90

Gourmet Black Seed: Black Seed Cleansing Herbal Mint Tea Tea 20 tea bags. M-496 $19.90 30 tea bags. M-485 $23.90

Asian Lemongrass Medicinal Tea 20 Bags M-492 $7.90 100 Bags M-493 $23.90

“Very nice tea....I love making “Me Time” baskets and putting this tea in as a part of the contents.”

- Dorothy in Covington, TN

African Red Bush Rooibos Tea for Your Skin and Senses Get the benefits of rooibos in a teacup or in a bathtub! Rooibos has natural antioxidants that help delay the aging process, and drinking a cup of rooibos before bed can ensure a restful sleep, and cure headaches. It contains no caffeine. 20 bags M-480 $7.90 100 bags M-487 $23.90

Exotic Mango Nutritional Tea 20 Bags M-494 $7.90 100 Bags M-495 $23.90

Try them All Healthy Teas Sampler Set

18 Tea Bags. M-500 $15.90

• • • • • •

Chinese Antioxidant Green Tea 20 Bags M-490 $7.90 100 Bags M-491 $23.90 Mango Tea Green Tea Lemongrass Hibiscus African Red Black Seed Cleansing

Experience the difference









For Weight Loss, Cholesterol & More!

For Blood Pressure & Weight Loss

Enhance your Energy

African Mango 600 mg. 60 caps H-027 $19.90 $15.90

Green Coffee Bean 400 mg. 60 caps H-028 $23.90 $19.90

Ultra Test 90 capsules H-060 $35.90 $19.90

Raspberry Ketone Ultra 60 capsules H-061 $19.90 $11.90

Heart Health

Female Enhancement 60 Capsules H-039 $19.90 $11.90

Caralluma 60 capsules H-062 $19.90 $15.90

Fish Oil 1300 mg. 60 caps H-033 $15.90 $11.90

Forskolin 250 mg. 60 Caps H-037 $19.90


112 Personal Care “I am very satisfied with using these products for my hair care regimen. I can definitely tell the difference in the appearance of my once thinning hair.� ~ Diane in San Jacinto, CA

Best-Selling 100% E PUR

4 oz.

Or ga

Money Saver

Premium Blend Black Jamaican Castor Oil This new super potent castor oil adds garlic and onion oils to improve circulation to the scalp; remove toxins; and to strengthen hair roots. 4 oz. M-P277 $23.90

Economy Grade Black Castor Oil Hair growth is not the only advantage of Black Castor Oil. It is also used for medicinal purposes such as skin care and everyday aches and pains. This versatile oil has a variety of uses. 4 oz. M-P379 $11.90



16 oz.

Black Jamaican Castor Oil For generations, Jamaicans have been using castor oil as their home grown remedy for hair care and restoration; as well as for skin care, medicinal purposes and everyday aches and pains. 4 oz. M -P221 $19.90 1 lb. M-P221LB $49.90

Coconut M-P332 $15.90


Xtra Dark M-P294 $15.90

Original M-P293 $15.90

Argan M-P296 $19.90

Tea Tree M-P297 $15.90

Amla M-P295 $19.90

Black Jamaican castor oil The ultimate remedy for hair loss


Dr. Natural’s Ultimate Hair Grow This shea butter enriched treatment strengthens roots, promotes hair growth, conditions and restores. 4 oz M-P122 $7.90

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo 8 oz. M-P298 $15.90

Jamaican Black Castor Conditioner 8 oz. M-P302 $15.90

Jojoba Butter Balm For Thinning Hair Get fuller hair with this all natural balm composed of jojoba oil, olive butter, black seed oil, shea butter and more! 4 oz. M-P130 $23.90

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo M-P349 $7.90

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Conditioner M-P353 $7.90

African Shea Butter Shampoo/Conditioner 12 oz. M-P233 $7.90

Almond-Amla-Olive Braid & Scalp Butter Almond oil butter infused with amla, rosemary and olive oils for maximum softness, shine manageability and growth. Nourishes and revitalizes hair and scalp. M-P377 $23.90

Organic Coconut & Papaya Shampoo M-P366 $7.90 $6.98

Organic Argan & Black Seed Shampoo M-P365 $7.90

Certified fair trade

Children Shea Shampoo & Body Wash Extra gentle, contains a blend of shea butter and virgin coconut oil. 16 oz. M-P216 $13.90

Guaranteed to be made in safe and humane working conditions with higher wages. The cost is slightly higher but your purchase helps to improve life for people in Africa.

Glycerin Hair Repair 8.5 oz. Made in the US. Kosher 100% Glycerin. M-411 $9.90

Brush-In Hair Color Touch-Up: Black M-P374 $5.90 $4.98

Personal Care

Hair care


Black Castor & Tea Tree Hair Pomade M-P242 $7.90

Black Seed & Aloe Vera Pomade 4 oz. M-P241 $7.90

Jojoba Oil & Jasmine Pomade 4 oz. M-P245 $7.90

Indian Hemp & Rosemary Pomade 4 oz. M-P244 $7.90

Indian Herbal Hair Pomade 4 oz. M-P180 $7.90

Olive Oil & Lavender Pomade 4 oz. M-P246 $7.90

Brand Name Money Savers

Coconut & Moroccan Argan Hair Pomade 4 oz. M-P243 $7.90

$1.98 Specials

Herbal Hair Growth Accelerator 1 oz. M-P258 $23.90

Herbal Hair Tonic 2.64 fl. oz. M-P106 $9.98 $7.90

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm A drink of moisture for your lips. 0.25 oz. M-249 $1.98 each M-249C $151.68 for a case of 96 ($1.58 each)

Fade Out Cream 1.05 fl. oz. M-P102 $6.98

Shea Butter Lip Balm Made with a soothing blend of shea butter and lanolin. 0.25 oz. M-199 $1.98 each M-199C $151.68 for a case of 96 ($1.58 each)

Sulfur8 Kid’s Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 7.5 oz. M-P319 $7.58 $1.98 or $19.80/ dozen

Shea Butter Sheen Spray 14 oz. M-952 $7.90 $6.98

Sulfur8 Kid’s Detangling Spray 12 oz. M-P320 $7.58 $1.98 or $19.80/dozen

Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer 12 oz. M-951 $7.98 $5.98

Sulfur8 Kid’s Hair Pudding 14.4 oz. M-P321 $4.79 $1.98 or $19.80/dozen

Pure Tea Gro Hair and Scalp Treatment 5 oz. M-955 $11.90 $7.90

Natural deodorants

Herbal Deodorant 1.75 oz M-P165 $7.90

Aloe Vera Natural Deodorant 2.65 oz. M-P185 $9.90

Herbal Tea Tree Deodorant 1.7 oz. M-P255 $15.90

Dr. Natural’s

Dr. Natural’s Healthy Hair Pomade Made with natural herbs, oils, and vitamins that nourish your hair to a healthy and natural shine. Enriched with coconut oil and shea oil. 3.5 oz. M-P148 $9.90

116 115

African Natural Deodorant Mist 8 oz. M-P184 $7.90

Making a Difference

Gael Ibaru is in the dark t-shirt. We think the world of him. He listens well and remembers any teaching. He is 4 years old and goes to school but Brice from You is the main person taking an interest and checking up on him. Daniel Bantu is on the left in orange and white. His father died and lives with his mom. Daniel is also 4 and attends a school but Brice is his main encourager also. Both of these boys in Congo are helped with food and encouragement because of your purchases from You.

Dr. Natural’s Shampoo and Conditioner in One! Enhanced with coconut oil, avocado oil and aloe. 8 oz. M-P121 $7.90

Dr. Natural’s Superior Locking Gel For centuries, the Maasai have used natural ingredients to lock their hair. Use these same natural ingredients to maintain your locks naturally. 8 oz. M-P147 $9.90

Personal Care


Vitamin E oil

16 oz.

Vitamin E oil Vitamin E oil is full of antioxidants and natural moisturizers to heal and protect your skin! Vitamin E is famous for healing the effects of psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks, and fine lines and wrinkles. 1 oz. M-320 $15.90 $13.90 4 oz. M-321 $47.90 $27.90 16 oz. M-322 $119.90 $75.90

4 oz.

1 oz.

Grape Seed Oil

Grapeseed Oil Full of natural vitamins and antioxidants, this oil softens hair and leaves it shiny. It also often and repairs skin. Can be used as a cutting oil for fragrance oils or in incense making. Made in South Africa. 16 oz. O-510 $17.90 1 gallon O-510G $99.90

Hemp Seed Oil 4 oz.

Virgin Hemp Seed oil All natural skin healing and moisturizing. Perfect carrier oil for fragrance and skin care products. 4 oz. M-P347 $7.90 16 oz. M-P347LB $19.90

16 oz.

Healing Aloe Vera

4 oz.

4 oz.

16 oz.

Aloe Vera Natural Oil Aloe gel contains over 75 nutrients, along with 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins 4 oz. M-235 $7.90 16 oz. M-236 $19.90

Baobab oil

1 oz.

4 oz.

Africa’s Secret Treasure Organic Virgin Baobab oil Baobab oil is filled with anti-oxidants and vitamin C and is endowed with essential fatty acids. Dramatically improves your skin. 4 oz. M-357 $55.90 $39.90 1 oz. M-356 $19.90 $13.90

1 lb.

Aloe Butter A rich, luxurious butter that’s a creamy white color with a light, clean Aloe scent. 4 oz. M-233 $13.90 14 oz. M-234 $35.90

1 Gal.

Natural Body Butter Rejuvenate and nourish your skin without feeling greasy. Add fragrances, butters, or colors to this base to make it as personal as you want it to be 1 Pound M-148 $23.90 1 Gallon M-149 $139.90

Skin care solutions Wrinkle Removing

117 Skin Clearing

Emu Oil

Tea Tree Oil 4 oz.

16 oz.

16 oz.

Try the top 10

Natural Healing Oils Sampler Set Moisturize your hair and skin. Heal split ends. Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Karanja Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Emu Oil. ½ oz. X-020 $29.90

Health Giving

Macadamia Nut Oil

Emu Oil is a famous Aboriginal medicinal oil with extra large doses of Vitamin E and A to soften and heal skin. It also eases muscle aches and joint pain. Oleic acid is a famous anti-wrinkle agent. One of Australia’s most famous healers. 4 oz. M-P163 $59.90 16 oz. M -P164 $159.90

Tea Tree Oil fight away acne, irritation, and enjoy clear skin with Tea tree oil. Organic nutrients fight harmful bacteria and prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, and insect bites. From Australia. 4 oz. M-263 $39.90 16 oz. M-263LB $99.90

Super Healer


Avocado Oil gives you numerous benefits from culinary to cosmetics. A moisturizer high in Vitamins A, D, and E, plus potassium and other minerals. Readily penetrates and softens even the most dry, damaged skin with no greasy residue. 4 oz. M-P259 $5.90

Marula oil used in beauty rituals in Africa for generations is now used in cosmetics in the west. A potent and nourishing moisturizing oil for women and a potent massage oil for babies. 4 oz. M -P187 $59.90 $39.90

Avocado Oil

Marula Oil

Softening Sweet Almond Oil

16 oz.

Macadamia Nut Oil with antioxidant properties can help decrease your risk for prostate, cervical, breast, lung and stomach cancer. It can also be applied to the skin to soften and reduce inflammation and irritation. 4 oz. M -P111 $7.90 $6.98 16 oz. M -P112 $19.90 $17.90

Almond Oil that work to heal and nourish skin and hair. Effective no matter how sensitive your skin. Can be used alone or with fragrance. 4 oz. M -P108 $7.90 16 oz. M -P109 $19.90

Personal Care



African Formula

All Genuine African Formula are made with traditional African herbal remedies, herbal medicines, and other natural beautifiers.

DermaClaire Natural Fade Cream 2 oz. M-P358 $17.90

Gator Balm 4 oz. M-P313 $19.90 $15.90

Elephant Balm Analgesic Ointment 2 oz. H-036 $11.90

Nine Herbs Detoxifying Bath Formula 8 oz. M-P312 $11.90

Therapeutic Massage Oil 8 fl. oz. M-P330 $19.90

SuperGrow Hair Gel: Regular Hold 4 oz. M-P356 $11.90

SuperGrow Hair Gel: Extra Hold 4 oz. M-P309 $11.90

Hair Thickening Shampoo 8 oz. M-P336 $15.90

Let-It-Grow Conditioning Shampoo 8 oz. M-P308 $11.90

Bio-Pure Anti-Cellulite Bath & Body Soak M-P357 $11.90

Let-It-Grow Moisturizing Rinse 8 fl. oz. M-P329 $11.90 $9.90

Look and feel younger


All natural anti-aging

Skin Care by MADINA Anti-Aging Moisturizer M-P378 $9.90

Sore Muscle Relief Cream 5.5 oz. M-P161 $23.90

Collagen Care Anti-Aging Gel M-346 $13.90

Anti-Aging Kit Kit includes: • Anti-Aging Wonder • Moroccan Argan Oil • Collagen Care M-P254 $55.76 20% savings! Purchase separately for $69.70.

Shea Anti-Aging Wonder Made with a precise blend of the self-regenerating and healing ‘Oma (super grade of Shea); this product exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates cellular activity, and swiftly rejuvenates new cells. 4 oz. M-310 $23.90 Age-Reversing Mango Face Cream 4 oz. M-380 $15.90 $11.90

Argan Oil 4 oz.

Beautifying Moroccan Argan Oil This rare Moroccan oil regenerates and renews skin cells making your skin softer and more supple, more toned, and more resistant to pollution. 4 oz. M-P166 $33.90 $29.90 16 oz. M-P166lb $79.90 $75.90

“Great Product. Love it. I have very dry skin and it works well to keep my skin free of the dry feeling.”

- Virgina in Bradenton, VA

16 oz.

Argan Cream - 4 oz. Nourish your skin and senses with this refreshing argan cream. Smooth over face and/or body to experience softer, clearer, and more youthful skin. M-P352 $11.90 each

Personal Care


Your skin. Our passion.

Pure African Black Soap This soft black soap does wonders for irritated, sensitive skin that needs gentle healing. 6 oz. Made in Ghana. M-P937 $3.98

Green Tea and Tea Tree Face Cream For a tighter, toner, more even complexion, this cream is bursting with face-friendly ingredients. M-P181 $15.90

Golden Creamy Shea Butter Shea Butter is superior to other butters because it contains a rich amount of fatty acid. 13 oz. M-P917 $19.90 $15.90

Coffee Butter Improves blood circulation which improves the removal of toxins, impurities, and fat. 7 oz. M-P924 $23.90

Set Of 6 Afrikan Republic Shea Butters Get a set of six 1 oz. containers of different scents of shea butter. M-P948 $19.90

Black Love Butter 4 oz. M-P183 $15.90 $13.90

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 4 oz. M-P909 $17.90 $11.90

Golden Creamy Shea Butter 25 oz. M-P923 $39.90 $27.90

Emu Oil 2 oz. M-P938 $35.90 $29.90

Unrefined Cocoa Butter 7 oz. M-P901 $23.90

Shea Butter - Lavender Vanilla 1 oz. M-P910 $7.90 $3.90

Shea Butter & Silk Lotion 8 oz. M-P925 $15.90

Mango Butter 8 oz. M-P902 $23.90

Shea Butter - Patchouli 1 oz. M-P911 $7.90 $3.90

Dead Sea Mud 8 oz. M-P927 $15.90

Black Jamaican Castor Oil 2 oz. M-P939 $15.90

Avocado Butter 8 oz. M-P903 $23.90 $19.90

Shea Butter - Lavender 1 oz. M-P912 $7.90 $3.90

Shea Butter - Vanilla 1 oz. M-P929 $7.90 $3.90

Golden Shea Butter Cream 8 oz. M-P904 $23.90

Shea Butter - Vanilla Ylang Ylang: 1 oz. M-P913 $7.90 $3.90

Shea Butter - Black Cherry 1 oz. M-P930 $7.90 $3.90

Virgin White Shea Butter: Unscented 8 oz. M-P905 $15.90 Virgin White Shea Butter: Vanilla 8 oz. M-P907 $19.90 $15.90 Shealoe Butter : 4 oz. 3.5 oz. M-P908 $19.90 $11.90

Golden Creamy Shea Butter 13 oz. M-P917 $19.90 $15.90 Golden Creamy Shea Butter 7 oz. M-P918 $9.90 Shea Nut Oil 2 oz. M-P920 $9.90 $7.90 Jojoba Oil 2 oz. M-P921 $15.90 $9.90 Organic Aloe Butter 8 oz. M-P922 $35.90 $19.90

Whipped Shea Butter: Unscented 4 oz. M-P931 $19.90 Whipped Shea Butter: Frank&Myrrh 4 oz. M-P932 $19.90 Shea Butter - Coconut 1 oz. M-P933 $7.90 $3.90 100% Virgin Organic Argan Oil 2 oz. M-P934 $19.90 $15.90 Calendula & Sunflower Cream 4 oz. M-P936 $15.90

Argan Cream 4 oz. M-P940 $11.90 $9.90 Baobab Cream 4 oz. M-P943 $11.90 $9.90 Tea Tree Night Cream 3.5 oz. M-P944 $11.90 Cocoa Butter Cream 3.5 oz. M-P945 $9.90

Egyptian black seed therapy



4 oz.

Get Clear, Firm Skin with Black Seed Cream This all-natural cream made with essential black seed oil leaves your skin toned, firm and smooth. Enhanced with shea butter to soften skin, while black seed oil controls excess oils and ensures an even skin tone. Fades dark spots and age spots, while firming loose, sagging skin. 2.82 oz. M-269 $5.98

Black Seed Lotion Essential Black Seed oil deeply absorbs into your skin and moisture. 8.45 oz. (250 mL) M-P223 $7.90

16 oz. Black Seed Beauty Collection Kit includes: • Black Seed Soap • Black Seed Oil • Black Seed Cream M-P264 $17.90

“I really can’t say enough this oil is truly amazing! I wash with African black soap and then use this oil to moisturize. My skin has never looked better you and you can experience this too. Youth in a bottle!” ~ Robin in Hopewell Junction, NY

1 oz.

1 oz. M -266 $9.90 4 oz. M -267 $23.90 16 oz. M -268 $59.90

Pure Black Seed Oil

Discover the 2000-year-old skin care secret of black seed oil. This oil softens skin and is very effective in clearing acneprone skin and soothing irritated skin. Black seed oil contains a high vitamin and mineral content, which make it an amazing skin treat. Heals dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.


Natural moisture for hair and skin is only the beginning

4 oz.

4 oz.

16 oz.

Wrinkle-Reducing Pure Jojoba Butter Smooth and soften your skin. Purifies the skin while it moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and lighten scars. Made in Mexico. Jojoba Butter 4 oz. M-P170 $17.90 $15.90 16 oz. M-P171 $47.90 $43.90

1 gallon

16 oz.

Jojoba Oil Heals lines, wrinkles, and irritations. This can also clear oily or acne-prone skin, or relieve dry scalp. Also helps unclog hair follicles to promote hair growth. 4 oz. M -230 $29.90 16 oz. M-231 $79.90 $75.90 1 gallon M-232 $399.90 (8 lbs.)

Personal Care


Discover the Diva within

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment DD-119 $5.90

IBC Black Soap Facial Wash 1.7 oz. DD-104 $15.90

Coffee Butter Cream 2.5 oz. DD-102 $15.90

Acne Abolisher 4 oz. DD-100 $39.90

Acne Abolisher 4 oz. DD-100 $39.90

Luxuriously whipped pure shea butter. 3 oz. DD-106 $23.90 $19.90

Miraculous mineral content for ultimate skin health. 4 oz. DD-112 $11.90 $9.90

Black Jamaican Castor Oil 8 oz. DD-118 $29.90

Pure African Shea Butter 100% pure African shea butter. 6 oz. DD-107 $19.90 $15.90

Jojoba Cream Anti-aging. 4 oz. DD-113 $11.90 $7.90

Healthful Hair Conditioner 16 oz DD-108 $15.90

Tea Tree Night Cream Anti Acne night cream. 4 oz. DD-114 $11.90 $9.90

Natural Hair Pomade 8 oz. DD-101 $11.90 Coffee Butter Cream 2.5 oz. DD-102 $15.90 I’ve Been Carded! Face And Body Cream 5 oz. DD-103 $15.90 I’ve Been Carded! Black Soap Facial Treatment 1.7 oz. DD-104 $15.90 Radiance Building Black Soap 16 oz DD-105 $15.90 Whipped Shea Butter

Health Full Shampoo All Natural Shampoo. 16 oz DD-109 $19.90 Argan Oil Cream Skin softener. 4 oz. DD-111 $11.90 $9.90

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment DD-119 $5.90 Pure African Black Soap 6 oz. DD-120 $3.98 Desired Diva: Vitamin E Cream 3.5 oz. DD-121 $9.90 $7.90

Liquid Black Soap 8 oz. DD-115 $15.90 $7.90 Black Jamaican Castor Oil 2 oz. DD-117 $15.90 $11.90

Black Seed Cream

“The service I receive when ordering from your company is second to none. I’m completely satisfied and look forward to my next order.”


For skin and hair

Neem Kit

4 oz.

~ Antonio in Suffolk, VA Kit includes: • Neem Oil • Neem Butter • Neem Advance Soap M-P265 $19.90

16 oz.

Neem Oil For sagging skin and dark spots Neem oil gives you complete body wellness, and a multitude of uses! Just use a few drops of neem oil in your lotion or on your skin to heal any skin ailments you may have. Made in India. 4 oz. M -316 $9.90 16 oz. M-317 $27.90

Neem Butter Neem in a butter! Made in USA. 4 oz. M-P218 $7.90 $5.90

Coconut oil


Nature’s perfect ingredient

You Need Coconut Oil If... • You want soft, silky smooth skin • You want to regulate your metabolism to encourage weight loss • You want luminous ,clear skin. • You want a healthy alternative to fatty cooking oils • You want to age-proof your skin • You want to heal stretch marks and scarring • You want a beneficial massage oil • You can use coconut oil as a healthy and delicious replacement for butter or fat; sauteed vegetables, roast sweet potatoes, add to smoothies or mix into cereal.

4 oz.

NOTICE: Virgin coconut oil is different from hydrogenated coconut oil. Hydrogenated coconut oils are deodorized and diluted with harsh chemicals and bleaches. Only pure virgin coconut oil gives you the benefits listed.

16 oz. 4 oz.

Organic Coconut Oil RBD 4 oz. M-P307 $5.90 1 lb. M-P307LB $15.90

100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil This soft creamy oil moisturizes skin while fighting away wrinkles, blemishes, and chronic eczema. You can also substitute your regular cooking oils with virgin coconut oil for an increased energy level, a natural resistance against viruses, and weight loss. Imported from Philippines. Certified Organic. 4 oz. M-220 $15.90 16 oz. M-221 $39.90

Skin healing Karanja oil

Skin & hair beautifying Babassu oil 4 oz.

Karanja Oil Karanja oil is pressed from the seeds of the Pongam Tree in India. Can be used for eczema, skin ulcers, psoriasis, and dandruff. Great as a natural pest repellent. Made in India. 4 oz. M-P217 $11.90

16 oz.

Babassu Oil It has protective, soothing, softening, moisturizing, and conditioning properties. The oil penetrates the skin quickly without a greasy residue. 4 oz. M -P299 $9.90 16 oz. M-P299LB $27.90

Giant Money Saver Size Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54 oz. M-224 $59.90

“I love the Organic Coconut Oil!” Coconut Moisturizing Oil 9 oz. M-223 $11.90

- Teresa in Goldboro, NC

Healing for hair, Skin softening skin & mind Extra Virgin Olive oil Passion flower oil 4 oz.

1 oz.

Passion Flower Oil Passion Flower oil soothes stressed, dry, and aging skin. It also helps to ease the symptoms of eczema. Calms nerves and helps hair growth, and softens dry, damaged hair. 1 oz. M-P114 $11.90 4 oz. M-P115 $39.90 $33.90

4 oz.

1 lb.

Olive Hair & Body Oil Nourish and soften your skin and hair with this 100% virgin olive oil hair and body conditioner. 4 oz. M-P350 $4.98 1 lb. M-P350LB $13.90

Personal Care

124 Refined Mango Butter For all-over softness, wrinkle reduction, and decreased signs of aging. 4 oz. M-240 $13.90 $11.90 14 oz. M-241 $35.00 $29.90 Cocoa Butter For stretch mark and scar healing and relief from eczema and psoriasis 4 oz. M-245 $11.90 14 oz. M-246 $29.90

African Cocoa Butter

South African Olive Butter

South African Mango Butter

Avocado Butter

Avocado Butter For Softening and Calming Severely Dry, Irritated, and Sensitive Skin. 4 oz. M-350 $11.90 14 oz. M-351 $29.90

16 oz.

8 oz.

Raw Mango Butter Unprocessed,unrefined mango butter has natural emollient properties; high oxidative ability; wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponifiable; an extract that softens the skin and reduces scars. It also has a protective effect against UV radiation. 8 oz. M -242 $7.90 16 oz. M-243 $11.90 32 oz. M-244 $19.90

32 oz.

Dead Sea salts


Scented Dead Sea Salts Ocean Mist


Olive Butter For healing and softening damaged hair and split ends. Full of antioxidants that fight aging signs. 4 oz. M-238 $9.90 14 oz. M-239 $27.90 $25.90

10 lbs. M-166

55 lbs. M-167

Dead Sea Salts BEST SELLER! Enriched with beneficial minerals and vitamins to give you fresh, radiant skin. Famous for its effectiveness in healing acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis and muscular pain. Made in Israel. 1 lb. M-165 $9.90 10 lb. Bag M-166 $29.00 ($5.80 per lb.) 55 lb. Bag M-167 $109.50 ($3.98 per lb.)

Soak Away Sickness and Stress 100% natural. 1 lb. M-P119 $13.90

Lavender Fields

The Purest Bath Crystals 1 lb. Coarse Grain M-P107 $13.90 1 lb. Fine Grain M-P133 $13.90


Egyptian Musk

Taking Bathing to a Whole New Level Sink into a nice hot, therapeutic bath with these dead sea scented bath salts. Scented with essential oils that are made to soothe, revive, and relieve stress. Set of Four Scented Dead Sea Salts M-153S $19.90 (Only $2.48 each!) Scented Salts also available separately. M-153 $7.90 each

4 oz.

1 lb.

Face Rebeautifying Dead Sea Clay For the ultimate mud mask. The Dead Sea has high levels of magnesium, potassium, sulfate and calcium; works miracles for your skin. 4 oz. M-P266 $9.90 $7.90 1 lb. M-P266LB $27.90 $19.90

Coffee butter


fights cellulite

“Easily spreadable! I like how it feels on my skin, not greasy at all. I love the smell, very light scented.” ~ Marilyn in Green Acres, FL Skin Toning Coffee Butter The caffeine content in this butter works to minimize cellulite, and reduce puffiness in the skin. This moisturizing butter smells like a mocha latte and feels even better on your skin! 3 oz. M-365 $23.90 $17.90 9 oz. M-366 $59.90 $49.90

9 oz.

For radiant eyes

Coffee Eye Butter - 1 oz. Fight away puffiness and dark circles with this healing coffee eye butter. M-P260 $19.90

Money saving sets! Save on the most popular butters!

Three Healing Oils for Total Skin Renewal

Sale Price Regular wholesale price $61.70

Yours for only $39.90 Set includes: • 4 oz. Shea Nut Oil • 4 oz. Jojoba Oil •4  oz. Virgin Coconut Oil

Firming Moroccan Mud This rare mineral clay moisturizes skin while drawing out impurities for an instant skin makeover. 4 oz. M -360 $13.90 16 oz. M -361 $33.90

Healing Oils Wellness Set Get the most effective skin care oils in this all-inclusive set. Reduce signs of aging, soften your skin, and enjoy clear, radiant skin. Save over 15% on each oil when you purchase this set. X-027 $39.90

Get all of the best-selling skin healers

African Skin Care Sampler Kit This kit lets you sample all the products to find out which products are best for you! A great get more customers. Give out samples and you’re get more sales!

Your set includes: 1/2 oz. of mango butter, pure refined shea butter, neem oil, yellow shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, shealoe butter, 2 bags of South African red tea, 1 oz. Sherpa pink Himalayan rock salt, 1 oz. natural black soap, 1 oz. liquid black soap, and 1 oz. dudu-osum herbal shampoo. X-025 $19.90

Yours for only $19.90 Body Butters Sampler Kit Soften, soothe and enjoy Africa’s greatest skin treatments with this body butter set. Includes the very best selling body butters we have, plus you save on each butter when you get this set! X-026 $59.90 $49.90

Personal Care

126 Natural Nut Oil

Customer Favorite Say goodbye to dull, dry skin with shea nut oil. Extracted directly from the nuts of the shea tree, this oil quickly clears skin of blemishes, reduces fine lines, and softens. Even better, it can be used as a deep cleaning conditioner, hot oil treatment, and as a cooking oil. From Mali. 4 oz. M-225 $15.90 16 oz. M-226 $39.90 12 lbs. or more $33.26/pound

4 oz.

16 oz.

Three-in-one skin rejuvenator

Amonche Shea Butter Cream

Amonche Shea Butter Cream : 4 oz. This Amonche Cream is a natural cream that will moisturize your skin with shea butter, pure honey, aloe vera, lime juice, and lemon juice. M-P174 $5.90

Shea Butter Face and Body Cream Nourish your skin with this creamy shea butter lotion. This cream will moisturize while healing crow’s feet and stretch marks. 4 oz. M-342 $4.78 each

3 Healing Butters Cream Get the benefits of Cocoa, Shea, and Mango butter. Three in One Butter Cream. M-341 $4.78

Shea Aloe Butter

Shea Mango Butter 4 oz.

Oatmeal & Vitamin E Lotion 12 fl. oz. M-P331 $7.90

14 oz.

Healing SheaMango Butter Get quick results with softer, smoother skin. Diminishes scars, stretch marks, the effects of psoriasis and eczema. From West Africa. 4 oz. M -372 $9.90 14 oz. M-373 $25.90


Price Special

M-P335 Dudu Osun 100% Pure Shea Butter It’s the lowest price you’ll ever get on packaged shea butter. 7 oz. M-P335 $13.90 $5.90

The Best of Both Worlds - Shea Butter and Aloe Combined! This butter is 100% pure shea butter and pure aloe butter. The perfect combo of Africa’s finest power healers! 4 oz. M -370 $9.90 14 oz. M -371 $12.90

Shea Butter Kit The most powerful skin healer on earth. The fastest selling shea butter products. M-P249 $31.58 Save $4.00

B. B. Shea Butter and Aloe

Vera Lotion A rich, moisturizing body butter lotion enriched with aloe for healing and skin perfection. 12 oz. M-163 $9.90 $7.90

A. Shea and Mango Butter Lotion This sinfully rich shea butter formula also includes nourishing jojoba oil and vitamin E to leave your skin outrageously silky and toned. 8 oz. M-345 $11.90 $7.90

100% Pure Shea Butter


“I am a small business owner and definitely going to order more Shea Butter from you.”

- Joanna in Minnesota

Shea Butter in a Calabash Order shea butter in a calabash to maintain the freshest shea butter possible. Weights vary from 25 to 70 lbs. per calabash. Call or check online for available sizes. Calabashes are often cracked during shipment from Africa to the states. This is normal and does not affect the freshness of the shea butter. M-183C sold by weight at $11.90 per lb. $9.80 per pound when you order 50 lbs. or more! Calabashes come cracked. Extra oversized shipping costs of $10 per calabash

Available in • unscented white • unscented yellow • fruit • floral Yellow Unfiltered, Raw Shea Butter 4 oz. Jar M-182 $7.90 each

Untouched and unmelted in a plastic bag



One Pound Bags of Raw Unmelted Shea Butter The color of shea butter varies, but both white and yellow are exactly the same in effectiveness. This shea butter has never been melted. Each bag contains 16 oz. by weight (which is more than 16 oz. volume) M-183 $15.90 per bag, or 12 bags for $159.00 ($13.32 per lb.)

Personal CareYellow

128 Packed and Labeled Shea Butter Choose either white or yellow Shea Butter


White White


Yellow 7 oz. M-185 $9.90

12 oz. M-186 $15.90

Yellow 28 oz. M-187 $27.90

All container sizes remain the same (e.g. 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz), but product weights are shown (e.g 7oz, 12oz, and 28 oz) to comply with labeling standards.


Creamy Shea Butter! Yellow



4 oz. White



7 oz. Yellow M-178 $9.90

14 oz. M-179 $15.90

25 oz. M-219 $27.90

White M-172 $9.90

M-173 $15.90

M-174 $27.90

16 oz.

Shea Butter - Filtered, Organic It has been put through clay filters to make it smoother, more spreadable, and to remove any natural impurities. 4 oz. Shea Butter M-192 $13.90 13 oz. Shea Butter M -193 $31.90

Bulk Savings


You Need Shea Butter If... • You want unbelievably soft, smooth skin • You want to rid your skin of ash, chapping, or discoloration • You crave silky, shiny, soft hair • You want to maintain youthful, vibrant skin • You want to clear away stretch marks • You want to rid yourself of pesky dandruff • You want to relieve muscle aches and pains • You want to firm aging or loose skin • You suffer from dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis • You want a natural diaper rash treatment for babies • You want strong, healthy nails and cuticles • You want to prevent thinning or brittleness in the hair • You want to heal scarring or liver spots

4 oz. Creamy African Shea Butter: White 1 Gal M-198 $95.90

Refined White Shea Butter Perfect for shea butter blends. No odor and almost pure white. Not as potent as raw shea butter. 4 oz. M-180 $7.90 $3.90 13 oz. M-181 $11.90 $7.90

Buy more, Save more


“I love love love the shea butter and so will my customers. Thank you so much for getting the order here quickly. I’ll be ordering more soon.” ~ Debbie in Tallahasee

Whipped Shea Butter! Yellow



5 oz. M-216 $11.90

55 lb

25 lb

Containers of Raw Shea Butter: 55 lb. case Get the best price on yellow shea butter anywhere! Only $7.90 per lb. when you order it in this convenient 55 lb. case. 100% pure African shea butter. Made in Ghana. White M-194 $434.50 Yellow M-195 $434.50




9 oz. M-217 $19.90

20 oz. M-218 $35.90

Shea Butter: 5 Pound Block M-183B $59.90

African Shea Butter: 25 lb Case Only $8.78 per lb. when you order it in this convenient case. White M-176 $219.50 Yellow M-177 $219.50 Creamy African Shea Butter: Yellow 1 gallon (116 oz.) M-191 $95.90

Yellow 1 gallon

White 1 gallon

Shea Butter - 1 gallon (110 oz.) Choose either white or yellow. 110 oz. M-183G $95.90

Making a Difference Set of 12 Sample Jars of Shea Butter 1/2 oz. Size Jars. M-184 $15.90

Meet the 6th grade class at Good News school in Zambia. This schoolroom may not look very good by US standards; but it is far better than many others. Your purchases from You help pay this teacher (Lorrin) and for the other expenses of this school.

Personal Care


Pure African black soap “I am extremely pleased with the order received. The timeliness in which it was received, the quality of the product, the appearance of the product, packaging, and not least, the professionalism of the staff all were excellent! - ”

~ Nancy in Phoenix, AZ

The response to this soap is unbelievable. See over 100 customer testimonials at

Black Soap Gel

West African Black Soap Paste 100% Natural African Black Soap for Face, Body and Hair. This natural black soap is hand-crafted in West Africa using centuries-old techniques. Made with extra palm oil, palm kernel oil and plantain leaves, this soap is famous for relieving the effects of acne and removing blemishes. It is also an effective hair shampoo, preventing dry, itching scalp and dandruff. Made in Ghana. Ingredients: palm oil, palm kernel oil and plantain leaves.

16 oz. M-S493

8 oz. 16 oz. 1 gallon (128 oz.) 5 gallon (640 oz.)

M-S492 $7.90 (98¢/oz.) M-S493 $13.90 (88¢/oz.) M-S494 $79.90 (62¢/oz.) M-S495 $318.00 (50¢/oz.)

Other fragrances:

8 oz. M-S492

Pink Grapefruit Strawberry Peppermint

Egyptian Musk

1 gallon (128 oz.) M-S494 $79.90

5 gallon (640 oz.) M-S495 $318.00

Aroma Therapy Black Soap Gel - 8 oz. Ingredients: Pure African Black Soap containing palm kernel oil, palm oil, roasted cocoa pods and plantain leaf ash, fragrance M-P348 $7.90 each

Natural African Black Soap Paste - Aloe 16 oz. M-S488 $15.90

Pure African black soap

Hand made in West Africa. The ultimate skin nourishing experience. Made with healing ash, roasted cocoa pods, and plantain skin (a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron).

• M  any Africans swear by black soap for treating eczema and psoriasis.

• Gives a deep clean.

• The same women use only black soap on their babies, as its purity makes it gentle for babies’ sensitive skin.

• No artificial ingredients • F  or centuries, Africans have used black soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues.

• W  omen in Africa will use black soap during pregnancy and afterwards to keep them from getting stretch marks.

• Black soap can also be used as a hair shampoo.


Choose your size

M-S520 Choose any size

M-S520 Choose a size below ½ lb. 1 lb. 2 lbs. 3 lbs. 4 lbs. 5 lbs.

$7.90 $13.90 $23.90 $33.90 $41.90 $49.50

(98¢ per oz.) (84¢ per oz.) (74¢ per oz.) (70¢ per oz.) (66¢ per oz.) (62¢ per oz.)

6 lbs. 7 lbs. 8 lbs. 9 lbs. 10 lbs.

$59.40 $69.30 $76.00 $83.70 $91.00

(62¢ per oz.) (62¢ per oz.) (60¢ per oz.) (58¢ per oz.) (56¢ per oz.)

Take a natural African approach. This African black soap is soft and exudes a natural, earthy smell. It’s ideal for your hands, face and body. It can even be lathered up and used as a shampoo. Hand made in Ghana, with Roasted Cocoa Pods, Plantain Skin, Ash, Palm Oil, Water. Available in all sizes shown. The more you buy, the more you save. M-S520

Scented Natural Black Soap 5 oz. $5.98 each

Money Saving Special

Most Popular

Get the healing power of natural black soap with the extra luxury of essential oil fragrances.

Unscented M-S483 $5.98



Cucumber Melon


Tropical Mango


Refreshing Lemongrass


$5.98 each

Raw Natural Black Soap Bars Pack Of 2 bars Made from raw shea butter, black soap, and water. Very light fragrance added. Each bar approximately 5 oz. 2 bars. Made in Ghana. M-S509 $5.98

Raw Natural Black Soap Bar Its gentle natural ingredients make it effective for people with damaged or sensitive skin. Hand made in Ghana. 6 oz. M-S514 $3.58 each

I love the black soap! The order was perfect! ~ Susan in Stow, OH


132 100% ORGANIC

Save when you order 6 or 12 bars of soap

Made with a fragrant blend of natural aromas and healing African ingredients

African Black Soap This all natural African black soap will cleanse and nourish your skin with the healing powers of shea butter and black soap. 5 oz. M-S301 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Honey and Black Seed Soap Honey and ground black seeds were combined with a touch of Apricot Oil. 5 oz. M-S306 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Raw Shea Soap with Soy Milk, Frankincense, and Myrrh Surround yourself with the seductive aroma of frankincense and myrrh. 5 oz. M-S307 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Lemongrass and Tea Tree Soap Great for Oily or Acne Prone Skin! 5 oz. M-S309 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Coconut and Papaya Soap This coconut and papaya soap will soothe and renew your skin with its high vitamin and mineral content. All-natural. 5 oz. M-S310 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Patchouli & Buriti Soap Spicy, sweet Patchouli essential oil is known in aromatherapy for its beneficial effect on oily or maturing skin and hair. 5 oz. M-S314 $7.58 or 6 for $7.08 each or 12 for $6.32 each


Shea Butter Soap with Lavender and Wildflowers 5 oz. M-S302 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Mango Butter Soap 5 oz. M-S303 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Soap 5 oz. M-S313 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Goats Milk and Chai Soap 5 oz. M-S311 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Olive & Green Tea Soap with Avocado A great way to heal stretch marks! 5 oz. M-S304 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Carrot and Pomegranate Soap Rich in beta-carotene. 5 oz. M-S312 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Cocoa Butter Soap with Chocolate 5 oz. M-S308 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Peppermint and Aloe Soap with Baking Soda 5 oz. M-S305 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

“Perfect & very fast- love nubian soaps.� ~ George in Montreal, Canada


134 Lotions, body washes, & hand creams Lotion 13 oz. $19.90

Most Popular Hand Cream $10.78

Also sold separately

Body Wash 13 oz. $15.90

M-S301 M-137 M-537 M-737

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Raw Shea Butter Soap 5 oz. M-S307 Lotion 13 oz. M-131 Body Wash 13 oz. M-531 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-731 Bath & Body Oil 8 oz. M-831

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78 $19.90

Honey and Black Seed Soap 5 oz. M-S306 Lotion 13 oz. M-136 Body Wash 13 oz. M-536 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-736

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Mango Body Butter Soap 5 oz. Lotion 13 oz. Body Wash 13 oz. Hand Cream 4 oz.

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

M-S303 M-133 M-533 M-733

Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver Soap 5 oz. M-S313 Lotion 13 oz. M-126 Body Wash 13 oz. M-526 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-726

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Lavender and Wild Flowers Soap 5 oz. M-S302 Lotion 13 oz. M-132 Body Wash 13 oz. M-532 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-732

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Coconut and Papaya

Coconut & Papaya Deodorant M-P360 $19.90

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Deodorant M-P361 $19.90

Honey & Black Seed Natural Deodorant M-P136 $19.90

Soap $5.98

Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Bath Kit Get the Raw Shea soap, lotion, hand wash, and hand cream all in one. M-P197 $49.90 African Black Soap Soap 5 oz. Lotion 13 oz. Body Wash 13 oz. Hand Cream 4 oz.

African Black Soap Deodorant M-P359 $19.90

Raw Shea Butter Massage Oil M-831 $19.90

Soap 5 oz. Lotion 13 oz. Body Wash 13 oz. Hand Cream 4 oz.

M-S310 M-128 M-528 M-728

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Lemongrass & Tea Tree Soap 5 oz. M-S309 Lotion 13 oz. M-129 Body Wash 13 oz. M-529 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-729

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Olive and Green Tea with Avocado Soap 5 oz. M-S304 $5.98 Lotion 13 oz. M-134 $19.90 Body Wash 13 oz. M-534 $15.90 Hand Cream 4 oz. M-734 $10.78 Goats Milk and Chai Soap 5 oz. Lotion 13 oz. Body Wash 13 oz. Hand Cream 4 oz.

M-S311 M-127 M-527 M-727

$5.98 $19.90 $15.90 $10.78

Patchouli & Buriti Soap 5 oz. Lotion 13 oz. Body Wash 13 oz. Hand Cream 4 oz.

M-S314 M-125 M-525 M-725

$7.58 $23.90 $19.90 $6.99

Shea Butter Conditioner 8 oz. M-P189 $13.90

“Love, love, love Nubian Heritage soaps. I love the fact that it’s organic and does not break me out because my skin is very sensitive to certain soaps.” ~Alexus from N. Richland Hills, TX

Money saving sets $47.90 for the set ($3.98 per bar)

Top 12 Most Popular Soaps

The Ultimate Wholesale Soap Collection Get the top twelve best-selling soaps of all time in this all-inclusive set. Twelve best-selling soaps M-S002 $47.90 Soaps included in this set change regularly

69.90 for the set ($4.98 per bar)

All 14 Nubian Heritage Soaps

Get all Fourteen Nubian Heritage Soaps and Save! Enjoy fourteen all-natural nubian heritage soaps M-S300S $69.90

$109.90 for the set ($3.66 per bar) Soaps may vary.

Top 30 Most Popular Soaps

The All-Inclusive Set! Win over new customers with this set of only the best-selling soaps. This kit gives you all you need to attract more customers and make more sales instantly by selling high-quality, AfricanInspired soaps. Soaps may vary. M-S001 $109.90

Save the Most

$299.90 for the set (Save more and sell more)

Set of 12 Top Selling Soaps - Case of 72 bars 6 bars of each best seller. M-S003 $299.90

Save $31.10

Set Of 10 Lotions - 13 oz. Each bottle is 13 oz. Only $16.78 each (in set of 10) M-139 $179.90 $167.90


Save $19.20

Set of 10 Nubian Heritage Body Washes Each bottle is 13 oz. Only $12.98 each (in set of 10) M-530 $64.90





his on t


Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Soap The clean of African black soap meets the rich moisture of shea butter and the healing power of aloe vera. 3½ oz. M-S202 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Black Soap with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E Excellent for face, hands, and the whole body. 3½ oz. M-S201 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

“I have had nothing but smiles when my customers receive their orders”

Three in One Body Butter Soap Butter Up for Beautiful Skin. Made with shea, mango, and cocoa butter. 3½ oz. M-S206 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

~ Cherlyn in Sumter, SC

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Soap 3.5 oz. M-S228 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Argan & Mongongo Soap 3.5 oz. M-S227 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Activated Charcoal Soap 3.5 oz. M-S229 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Neem Oil Advance Soap 4.4 oz. M-S214 $3.98

Blue Nile Beauty Soap This soap is great for year round use, being an excellent source of skin moisture and natural cleanser. 3½ oz. M-S205 $3.98 $3.58 or 6 for $1.65 or 12 for $2.98 each

Black Seed Soap 3½ oz. M-S213 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Antibacterial African Black Soap 3½ oz. M-S222 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Papaya Soap Captures the goodness of Papaya and Green Tea together with shea butter to give your skin the nourishment. 3½ oz. M-S215 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Save when you order 6 or 12 bars of soap




hi on t

Oatmeal and Vitamin E Soap Moisturizes your skin with natural anti-aging properties. 4¼ oz. M-S414 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Honey and Almond Soap 4¼ oz. M-S404 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Egyptian Musk Black Soap 4¼ oz. M-S401 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

African Black Soap with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E 4¼ oz. M-S406 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Soap 4¼ oz. M-S405 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Revive and Heal

Papaya Soap with Sweet Almond Oil Tropical scents of papaya with this new fragrant soap made with natural extracts. 5 oz. M-S417 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Eucalyptus Soap with Lemon Grass Eucalyptus and lemon grass help to clear the mind and relieve stress. 5 oz.M-S418 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Strawberry Soap with Jojoba Butter Natural strawberry extract gives you a fragrant shower. Enriched with jojoba butter for moisturizing properties. 5 oz. M-S416 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Sunaroma Organic Patchouli Soap 8 oz. M-S420 $6.98 or 6 for $6.52/bar or 12 for $5.82/bar



Miracle soap Tightens and softens skin at the same time. Available no where else. Once you experience it, you will never want to live without it again. It holds moisture in for additional skin health; and leaves you with fresh feeling skin instantly. It’s amazing...instantly. The moment that you finish washing with this, you will feel the difference. Test it yourself: Before you wash, rub your face lightly to compare the before and after feel of your skin. 4 oz. M-S100 $11.90 8 oz. M-S102




1 lb.

Miracle Soap - 4 oz. M-S100 $11.90

The ultimate discovery for clear skin

Miracle Soap - 8 oz M-S102 $19.90

Miracle Soap - 1 lb. M-S101 $29.90

Raw Black Soap

Most Popular Size Is perfect for face, body, and hair. 6 - 8 oz. M-S217 $7.90

West African Shea Butter Soap Combines the benefits of shea butter with the natural power of black soap. 8 oz. M-190 $5.90 $4.98

All natural remedy for facial blemishes

Black Soap - Natural Blemish Remover Use to remove blemishes from your face. Just apply to face and skin. Ingredients: African Black Soap with tea tree essential oil and African coffee M-P376 $19.90

8 oz.

“The order was perfect. I am very excited with my new business and it is taking off greatly. ” ~ Shirley in Chicago, IL

Black Soap Smoothing Formula Smooth your skin and clear away blemishes with this exfoliating formula. Made from a powerful blend of Africa’s most healing natural ingredients like cocoa pod powder, argan oil, tea tree oil and African coffee. 8 oz. M -S470 $13.90

Dead Sea Skin Secrets

139 Save $8.00!

These soaps combines genuine Dead Sea mud or salt with a pure vegetable base to provide a truly natural cleansing experience. Best of all, it is 100% natural. Experience the Dead Sea Difference. Designed thoughtfully, developed naturally, manufactured responsibly. No animal testing. Made in Jordan.

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Shea Butter & Argan Oil Soap 7 oz. M-S704 $7.98 each

Dead Sea Mud Soap 7 oz. M-S701 $7.98 each

Dead Sea Salt Soap 7 oz. M-S702 $7.98 each

Blackberry Pear Shea/Argan Soap 7 oz. M-S705 $7.98 each

Lavender & Argan Soap 7 oz. M-S703 $7.98 each

Eucalyptus Shea/Argan Soap 7 oz. M-S706 $7.98 each

Lemon Sage Shea/Argan Soap 7 oz. M-S707 $7.98 each

Vanilla Oatmeal Shea/Argan Soap 7 oz. M-S708 $7.98 each

Margo: Neem & Vitamin-E Soap Cleansing Grapefruit 3½ oz. M-S532 $3.58 $2.98 or Contains apple fiber, an effective exfoliant that removes dead skin $14.90/dozen cells. 5 oz. Black Soap M-S651 $4.78 $3.58

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Set Of 6 Dead Sea Minerals Soap Get the six best sellers and save $8.00. M-S700 $39.90

Tea Tree Soap 3½ oz. M-S226 $3.98 $3.58

Natural Amonche Soap Made in Ghana. 5 oz. 150 grams. M-S507 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each Case of 48 bars M-S507C $79.60

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save the most Set of 6 Essential Palace Lotions M-347 $49.90 Save $9.50 Black Castor Lotion M-P367 $9.90

Egyptian Musk Lotion M-P369 $9.90

Moroccan Argan Lotion M-P371 $9.90

 lack Seed Lotion B M-P368 $9.90

 oringa & Neem M Lotion M-P370 $9.90

Stress Relief Lotion M-P372 $9.90





White Diamond Black Soap 5 oz. M-S452 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Pure African Black Soap 2.8 oz. M-S221 $3.58 each

Milk Whitening Soap 3½ oz. M-S220 $5.98 or 6 for $5.58 each or 12 for $4.98 each

Baby Powder Black Soap 5 oz. M-S451 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Cocoa Butter & Black Seed Soap: 5 oz. M-S353 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Dead Sea Mud Shea Butter Soap 5 oz. M-S355 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Virgin Coconut & Goats Milk Soap 5 oz. M-S354 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Mysore Sandal Soap Extra large bar infused with robust sandal fragrance. 5.3 oz. M-S537 $5.98 $4.98 each

Mango & Shea & Oatmeal Black Soap 5 oz. M-S356 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Egyptian Musk Black Soap 5 oz. M-S461 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.32 each

Liquid Soaps A.



#1 most popular liquid black soap


Black Soap Body Wash This olive oil enhanced formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and purified. Virgin Coconut Oil moisturizes while Shea Butter heals worn-out skin keeping you refreshed and ready to face each day. 8 oz. M-S110 $6.98 each

A. Shea Butter and Honey Black Soap Body Wash and Shampoo This hand-crafted liquid soap is made from pure honey, shea butter, osun extract, aloe and other natural ingredients 8 oz. M-S114 $7.90 each

C. Peppermint Liquid Soap Peppermint Essential Oil is blended with other natural ingredients to create this astonishingly effective black body wash. 8 oz. M-S107 $7.58 each

The complete treatment

B. Lavender Liquid Black Soap Lavender Essential Oil is blended with other natural ingredients to create this astonishingly effective black body wash. 8 oz. M-S108 $7.58 each

“This soap was made with customers order this every order I place.� ~ Teresa in Goldsboro, NC

Black Soap Kit M-P251 $18.22 20% savings! Purchase separately for $22.78.

Making a Difference In a very poor neighborhood of Brazzaville, Congo, your purchases from You pays for much needed groceries for over 300 orphan children. A few of them are shown here with Brice who has worked for about four years with these children.


Nigerian Dudu Osum


For skin and hair both

Dudu-Osum Softening Shampoo For Africa’s alternative to hair care! Enriched with softening honey, shea butter, and botanical ingredients. Heals irritated scalp, rids scalp of dandruff, cleanses, and gives hair an intense sheen. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-314 $8.98 each

Dudu-Osum Natural Moist Conditioner After using Dudu-Osum shampoo, condition your hair with this for added moisture, stronger hair, and no tangles! Made with shea butter and other natural ingredients. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S116 $8.98 each

Dudu-Osum Liquid Soap Get natural cleansing with the power of natural Nigerian ingredients including aloe, shea butter, honey, Osun (Camwood), and fragrant essential oils. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S506 $8.98 each

Dudu-Osum Oil Moisturizer This natural treatment is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil to soothe and heal hair, scalp, skin and nails. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S119 $8.98 each

Dudu-Osum Healing Raw Shea Butter Lotion Soften up with 100% natural shea but ter, aloe vera, ginseng and therapeutic herbs, botanical oils and more! 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S117 $8.98 each

Super Special

Get them all and save

Dudu-Osum Herbal Bath-Body-Hair Kit Collect all five. Bring Dudu-Osum to your bath tub with this bath, body, and hair kit. Comes with natural shampoo, raw shea butter lotion, African black soap, conditioner, and oil & moisturizer. M-P198 $39.90 Save $10.00

Dudu-Osum Virgin Coconut Oil Hair-Gro Cream Condition and stimulate hair growth with this herbal blend that repairs damaged hair, softens, and revives. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S118 $8.98 each

Dudu-Osum Anti-Itching Braiding Spray Conditions, moisturizes, eliminates itchy dry scalp, reduces breakage, and provides healthy sheen. Made in Nigeria M-S120 $8.98 each.

Dudu Osun Moisturizing Lotion - 13½ oz. M-P334 $9.90 $5.90

143 “All the orders that we have received this far have been exceptional! Thank you for exceptional products and customer service! ~ Rodney in Oklahoma City, OK Arruda Soap - 3½ oz. M-S622 $2.98

Argan Oil & Shea Butter Soap 5 oz. M-S462 $3.98

Shea Butter Black Soap 5 oz. M-S463 $3.98


White African Soap Ball 7-10 oz. M-S512 $4.98 $3.98

Aloe Vera Soap - 3½ oz. M-S614 $2.98

Organic Moisturizing Neem Soap - 3¾ oz. M-S540 $3.98

Organic Peppermint Soap 3¾ oz. M-S542 $3.98

Sandal & Musk Soap 3½ oz. M-S608 $2.98

Vanilla Soap 3½ oz. M-S610 $2.98

Chamomile Soap 3½ oz. M-S623: $2.98

Rose & Geranium Soap 3½ oz. M-S627 $2.98

Neem Soap - 3½ oz. M-S613 $2.98

Strawberry Soap 3½ oz. M-S609 $2.98

Lemongrass & Peppermint Soap 3½ oz. M-S617 $2.98

Cinnamon Soap 3½ oz. M-S624 $2.98

Orange & Aloe Vera Soap 3½ oz. M-S625 $2.98

Rosemary Soap 3½ oz. M-S628 $2.98


144 EST #1 B ing SELL soap

The most loved black soap Enriched with Shea Butter

Africa’s Most Powerful Healing Soap

All-Natural • Hand-Made The Famous African Recipe

Dudu-Osun Healing Soap We’ve had hundreds of customers telling us how this soap had helped to heal their psoriasis, eczema, and stretch marks and more it’s our #1 soap! Made with a unique blend of shea butter, tropical herbs, and native honey for the best in skin care. It’s the natural solution to all your skin care needs! 150 grams (approx. 5.25 oz.) Made in Nigeria.

5.25 oz. soap M-S501 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.33 each One Case of 48 bars M-S501C $144.00 ($3.00 each) (No free shipping on full cases of soap)

why you love it “I love this black soap as well as my customers. Soon as I order they are all gone. I make sure to have this soap on hand at all times. I love you.” ~ LaShundra in Cordova, TN

4 Reasons DuduOsun Sells the Best #1 - All Natural Ingredients Made with cocoa pod powder and honey that works to renew your skin.

#3 - Hand-Made in Nigeria Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients for the finest quality.

#2 - Intense Moisture Dudu-Osun is made with a rare blend of tropical honey that heals and moisturizes like no other soap.

#4 - Anti-Aging Power Rare tropical herbs work to tighten, moisturize, and firm your skin.

145 EST #2 B ing SELL soap

As Buttery As You Can Get

why you love it “This luscious bar of soap is like liquid silk. It makes your skin so soft instantly! The aroma is soft, sensual and yet the best clean you can imagine.”

Shea Butter Soap Bar Discover new luminous skin with this raw shea butter soap. Raw Shea butter moisturizes, while aloe heals and vitamin E strengthens your skin. Don’t wait one day to experience the skin you’ve always dreamed of! 5 oz.

• Helps stretch marks • Moisturizes chapped, dry skin • Fights away aging and scarring M-S455 $3.98 or 6 for $3.66 each or 12 for $3.33 each

~ Carol in Phoenix, AZ

Rectangular Soap Tray 4¼” x 2¾”. Made from juniper wood. M-404 $7.90

African Bone Soap Tray: Assorted Designs M-408 $7.90 each


Hand-Woven Fans Page 76

100% Natural African Shea Butter Pages 127

D’jembe Drums Page 68

30 new oils

O-A72 O-A73 O-A74 O-B26 O-B93 O-C26 O-C51 O-C83 O-D59 O-E63 O-G52 O-G53 O-I37 O-L56 O-L55 O-M92

Al-Rehab: Golden Sand (M) Type Angel: Muse (W) Type Atelier: Grand Neroli (M) Type Bath&BodyWorks: Winter Candy Apple Type Bond No.9: New Haarlam (M) Type Calvin Klein: Eternity (W) Type Carolina Herrera: Africa (W) Type Creed: Imperial Millesime (U) Type Diesel: Bad (M) Type Elizabeth Taylor: Gardenia (W) Type Gucci: Guilty Platinum (M) Type Gucci: Guilty Platinum (W) Type Issey Miyake: Noir Ambre (M) Type Louis Vuitton: Apogee (W) Type Louis Vuitton: Turbulences (W) Marc Jacobs: Decadence (W) Type

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Dudu-Osun Black Soap Page 144

O-M91 Michael Kors: Sexy Blossom (W) O-M93 Michael Kors: Turquoise (W) Type O-N30 Nautica: Voyage Sport (M) Type O-P96 Paco Rabanne: Olympea (W) Type O-R55 Rag & Bone: Amber (U) Type O-R56 Rihanna: Kiss (W) Type O-T45 Tom Ford: Cafe Rose (U) Type O-T46 Tory Burch: Love Relentlessly (W) Type O-T47 True Religion: Drifter (M) Type O-V59 Very Sexy: Platinum (M) Type O-V58 Victoria’s Secret: Intense (W) O-V60 Victoria’s Secret: Paris (W) Type O-Y18 Yves Saint Laurent: Supreme Bouquet (W) Type O-N29 Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type

Find these and over 700 other oils on pages 84-102

Making a Difference The waffles and orange juice were paid for from your orders with You. Each of the children shown here gets some extra love and attention from a caring adult who meets them with the food as well.

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