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The Opportunity Every individual deserves an equal opportunity to lead a healthy and whole life. That’s why LifeNet International works to provide sustainable, quality primary healthcare to Africa’s poor and heal health systems from the ground up. Life expectancy in Burundi is 54 years for women and 52 for men, and 139 babies out of every 1000 do not reach their fifth birthdays. Rural clinics are the population’s first line of defense against sickness and death, but they continue to be crippled by lack of equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical and administrative competence. They are Burundi’s opportunity for better health.

The Approach Through our conversion franchise platform, we provide clinics in our network with medical training, business training, pharmaceutical delivery, and loans to expand the scope of their services through additional programs and equipment. We do not provide handouts. Every pharmaceutical we deliver or piece of equipment we distribute is financed by our partner clinics themselves and paired with comprehensive, ongoing training. We know that local ownership creates sustainable impact. By strengthening local capacity in every link of the healthcare delivery chain, LifeNet is transforming primary care for Africa’s poor.


The Impact Within one year of rolling out our conversion franchise program, we expanded our network from 10 partner clinics to 40 partner clinics and hospitals in 14 provinces in Burundi together seeing over 600,000 patient visits a year. In the same year, our first cohort of partner clinics achieved 72% improvement in their quality of care; to date, they have achieved improvement of 112% – all at an average cost of 66 cents per patient visit. We measure this improvement with our Quality Score Card, a comprehensive 90-point metric our nursing and health specialists designed to evaluate the impact of our interventions on clinic performance. LifeNet is now improving the quality of care in our 42 partner clinics at an average cost of 33 cents per patient visit. By 2020, we plan to double the quality of care received in 10,000,000 patient visits to 1,000 franchised clinics operating in 10 East African countries.


From the Field Again and again in our monthly visits to our partner clinics, LifeNet staff hears stories of how highly our clinics value the training we provide in newborn resuscitation. 5-10% of babies born in health facilities need some assistance to begin breathing, and basic neonatal resuscitation can avert 30% of intrapartum-related neonatal deaths. Here’s what the nurses we train have to say about LifeNet lessons in resuscitation: “Thank you very much LN Nurse Trainers for teaching us how to resuscitate a newborn. Since you taught us this lesson in August, we have saved seven babies born with respiratory deficiency. As we received these cases simultaneously, we applied the techniques you taught us, and those babies were saved...After hearing how we are resuscitating babies, the nurses from Gitega’s main hospital are asking us to go and teach them how to do it. So we thank you very much for the good work you are doing for us.” -Nurse Yacinthe of Mariya Mwiza Clinic on 12 September 2012 “Since LifeNet taught us about the reanimation of the baby, we received two cases of babies whom we delivered being like half-dead. But as we applied the technique you taught us, we reanimated them, and they recovered their normal life. May God continue to bless you in what you are doing. If it was not for this knowledge you taught to us, these babies would have died, but even today, their mothers are meeting us at our church with much joy for having saved their babies.” -Sister Benigne of Kivoga Maternity on 2 February 2012



WHAT DOES RETURN ON INVESTMENT HAVE TO DO WITH HOLIDAY GIVING? You want your dollar to go as far as possible. Why should your donated dollar be any different? From November 1st through December 15th, LifeNet donors are triple-matching every single dollar you give to deliver desperately needed medical equipment to our partner clinics in Burundi. The equipment is ready to go. The missing piece is you. With $45,000, we can deliver the ultrasound machines, delivery room beds, microscopes, autoclaves, respirator, glucometer, x-ray machine and more that the rural health clinics we serve need to treat their patients, especially mothers and young children. And we have 45 days to reach our goal, starting November 1st. Find out how you can invest in our mission at – and for 45 days only, triple your gift to support LifeNet as we double the quality of care in our partner clinics and hospitals. This holiday season, don’t just give the gift that keeps on giving: give the gift that multiples. Our clinics are waiting.

Will you join us?

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LifeNet International 631b Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, DC 20003 +1 (407) 447-2071 cover image: Noadia Hatungimana has worked for two years in the maternity room at Nyavyamo Clinic where five of her thirteen grandchildren were born. photo by: Chad Bartlett

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