Giulia Ricci

Page 54

Finally, a note on the colour and the type of pigments used and the method of their application. These signal yet another point of departure from previous bodies of works. Unlike pens, which are applied with a linear progression, subject to variations due to the angle at which the pen nib draws and the pressure applied by the hand, the water-based pigments (watercolour and gouache) used in Alteration/Deviation are applied by the artist as discrete sections of uniform colour. Following the guides of a grid initially drawn by pencil, a very fine brush is used to delineate the three sides of each triangle; this brush outline works as a boundary that neatly contains the viscous liquidity of the paint filling which is subsequently applied with a second brush.

Alteration/Deviation, Gold No. 11, 2020 Gouache and pencil on paper 120.4 × 100.4 cm | 47 2/5 × 39 1/2 in