Giulia Ricci

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Over the past two years, Giulia Ricci has been working on a new suite of works entitled Alteration/ Deviation. Employing a triangular element organised within a grid and her preferred method of freehand drawing, these new works take on a considerably larger scale than her previous works on paper. This is also the first time the artist conceived a series by applying pigments with a brush rather than pens or mechanical tools. The composition of each work is in essence a repeat pattern of bold and clearly ordered geometric arrangement. These works exemplify the principle that a small change can generate unexpected consequences and cascading transformations, something which might resonate with wider events unfolding around us.

Alteration/Deviation, Red No. 1, 2019 Watercolour and pencil on paper 120.4 × 100.4 cm | 47 2/5 × 39 1/2 in