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The Robb Report Collection subscribers: • 3.8 homes on average • $1,923,000 is the average cost of their primary residence and they own approximately $4,374,000 worth of other real estate • 74% of the audience holds a portfolio over $1,000,000 • 77% of the Robb Report audience is managerial and 54% is top management • An average household income of $1,375,000. • An average value of household securities of $3,612,000. • Average household assets of $7,738,000. (Robb Report Subscriber Study conducted by MMR Spring 2006)

Sarasota Magazine subscribers: • Average net worth - $2.69 million • Average household income $355,000 • Average value of home $842,000 • 48% own a vacation home • Spend an hour with each issue • Keep each issue an average of 3.3 months 2006 Sarasota Magazine Subscriber Study MRI Market Solutions

Rates: $14,500 for inclusion in both publications: The Robb Report Collection (Northeast region only) and Sarasota Magazine.

Ad Close July 11, 2007 | Materials July 25, 2007 Photography and copywriting included. Please contact (941) 487-1109 to reserve your space.

Luxury Living in Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

Special Advertising Section

Closing Date: July 11, 2007 | Issue Date: october 2007



More new residents to Florida come from the Northeast than any other area in the world.

Sarasota Magazine and The Robb Report Collection present

Luxury Living in Sarasota and Surrounding Areas—a special advertising section showcasing spectacular real estate in Sarasota and surrounding areas.

—Florida Trend Archives




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š 27,000 Sarasota Magazine readers times a pass-along rate of three, plus 27,000 Northeastern Robb Report readers times a pass-along rate of 3

(941) 487-1100

330 S. Pineapple Ave., Suite 205, Sarasota, FL 34236 (800) 881-2394 • Fax: (941) 487-1138 •


A curtco media publication



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The top real estate agents and developers in Sarasota agree that the best strategy for marketing high-priced properties is to combine local and out-of-state advertising. Sarasota Magazine, together with The Robb Report Collection, presents a unique package designed to showcase individual listings alongside image ads. Your listing advertorial generates call-to-action, while the facing image ad establishes your brand as a luxury developer or full-service agent. In October, The Robb Report Collection will profile several key participating developments that are shaping the Sarasota skyline in a special section—also to run in Sarasota Magazine— entitled Luxury Living in Sarasota and Surrounding Areas. Offered only to real estate professionals and developers, a glossy, twopage spread in this section is your opportunity to reach 162,000š engaged loyal homebuyers in Sarasota and nine northeastern states. Your local and out-of-state advertising are bundled into one targeted buy to the super affluent.


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Northeast Region

About The Robb Report Collection Delivered with Robb Report to individual subscribers and fine newsstands in the U.S. and internationally, The Robb Report Collection reaches the wealthiest magazine readers in the world. With its inspirational combination of editorial and premium sales offerings, The Robb Report Collection is an integral part of the monthly upscale package that Robb Report readers desire.

27,000 paid circulation² 81,000 total readership³ • Maine • New Hampshire • Vermont • Massachusetts • Rhode Island • Connecticut • New York • New Jersey • Pennsylvania ²Source: June 2006 ABC Statement. ³Source: 2006 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey

One Acton Place, Acton, MA 01720 (978) 264-7500 • Fax: (978) 264-7502 • A curtco media publication


Sarasota Luxury

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