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Notes for Waste Collector Live! Terminal Installation. Wiring The installation of the in-cab unit is a simple 3 wire installation, requiring a power, ground and ignition sense connection. Main power requires a minimum current capacity of 0.65A, to be supplied through a 3A fuse. Ignition sense requires a 2A fuse.

Mounting The cab-computer is provided with a fixed ball joint attached to the rear for vehicle mounting. We have provided an additional ball and arm to allow the screen to be mounted within the vehicle cab. A suitable position must be chosen for the screen, this will depend on the type of cab and the space available. Installer must ensure that the ball mount is fitted securely to an appropriate mounting in the cab, using a spreader plate where necessary.

Additionally, a combined GPS/GPRS antenna is to be installed in or on the roof of the cab. The antenna has two, different connections which must be securely made to the rear of the unit. If the cab roof is of a fibreglass construction the supplied internal antennas need to be attached to the underside of the roof, with the side marked “this side to sky� facing up. If the cab roof is metal then external mount antennas will need to be supplied and suitable mounting/cable holes cut.

SMA Male

SMB Male


Ball mount

Strain relief of the cables connected to the screen must also be considered while still allowing screen to be moved as per drivers requirements. Please ensure that the cable cover is properly fitted to the unit immediately prior to mounting. Cab computers are normally supplied pre-configured with SIM card and flash memory card.

Waste Collector Installation Guide  
Waste Collector Installation Guide  

Wiring and installations guide for the Waste Collector Live! terminal