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The Barstow School Kansas City, MO Volume LX, Issue 7 April 2014

Religious movies and other spring entertainment.

Take a closer look at Barstow’s admission trends.

A review of the men’s and women’s Final Four.







Volume LX, Issue 7

T H E B - LI N E

The Barstow School 11511 State Line Road Kansas City, MO 64114

6-7 GOD IN CINEMA Get the necessary facts to understand the recent surge of religious films. 8-9 BARSTOW ADMISSIONS Take a closer look at Barstow’s admission strategies and future admission goals.

Preston Schwartz

E X E CU T I VE E D ITOR Sophia Mauro


LAYOUT ED I TOR Valerie Mombello Andrew Lloyd


Mahroosa Haideri


Daniel Kessler


Katherine Grabowsky Arman Javaheri Chloe Ketchmark Emma Krasnopoler Shivani Lokre Libby Rohr Ellie Schneider Anish Vadlamani Sarah Xu


Nicolas Shump



QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? SUBMISSIONS? Send letters, suggestions or submissions to preston.schwartz@ We reserve the right to edit any submission. ASPA First Place Winner with Special Merit 2005-2013



E D I TO R - I N- C H I EF


April 2014


10 EBOLA APPROACHES The current surge in cases of Ebola causes local fear and global concern. 11 ADVICE FOR SUCCESS Learn the steps to conquer testing and appeal to your special someone.

3 INVASION OF PRIVACY Check the Opinion page for insight on recent breaches in both citizen and governmental privacy. 4-5 CHANGING THE SAT See our News page for a preview of the new SAT.

SPRINGING INTO ALLERGIES EDITORIAL As the halls refilled themselves with overwhelmed students and empty bags of Snackimals after spring break, the B-Line revamped its tech savviness. Our staffers have added QR coding to articles with supplementary information, such as videos and photographs. Check out the Arts and Entertainment page, B-Line’s first trial of QR coding. The April issue also relabeled our Barstow News page, removing the limitation of solely concentrating on school news. Our newlydefined News page now fo-

cuses on school and national news. Standardized testing is also a news focus. With SAT subject, ACT and AP exams approaching, students become overwhelmed with testing. These tests, focusing on materials taught long before the exam, do not accurately gauge a student’s intelligence. This is, in the eyes of the B-Line Staff, the general case. Sadly, college admissions weight standardized testing heavily when reviewing an application. The tests go beyond admissions, even yielding scholarships and awards, such as National Merit recognition.

Students who receive the aforementioned awards and score well on standardized examinations deserve kudos, especially noting the necessary preparations to perform well. B-Line offers you essential advice to acheive your scoring goals and even win an award. To conclude, B-Line would like to invite students to join our 2014-2015 staff. Sadly, we are losing our beloved Camille O’Leary. Thus, we are looking for more bodies to join the B-Line team. Applications can be found in your in-box, as well as through our advisor, Nicolas Shump.



April 2014


The CIA and the Senate Face Off Over Surveillance Issues As publicity of the National Security Agency (NSA) phone privacy scandal has declined over the past few months, many Americans have gained a false sense of security about government spying, but recent incidents regarding another United States secret agency might make you reconsider. Early in March, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was accused of spying on several Senate members computers after the Senate began investigating the CIA’s interrogation methods. On March 11th, 2014, Senator Dianne Feinstein went public and declared that the CIA was attempting to intimidate the Senate and had broken several laws regarding privacy security. Feinstein heads the Senate’s Intelligence Committee and usually is what Michael McAuliff, a journalist at the Huffington Post, would call “a strong defender of the intelligence community.” Feinstein has often defended spying and surveillance as needed precautions for our country’s safety. After going up against the CIA, she’s turned to the other side. The real problem first arose when the CIA made allegations that members of the Senate were hacking CIA computers to obtain information regarding their methods of interrogation under the Bush Admistration, which some consider forms of torture. In response to this, Feinstein stepped up and made it clear that the CIA knew about

every measure that the Senate had taken and that the information in question had been knowingly provided by the CIA. Feinstein addressed this issue by saying, “Our staff involved in this matter have the appropriate clearances, handled the sensitive material according to estab-

6,000-page report on the activity at the CIA. Feinstein pushed to have the report released to the public. Feinstein said, “Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA search may have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as [an executive order],

Source: USGov’s Official Media Portraits

By Libby Rohr ‘17

From Left: Senator Dianne Feinstein and CIA Director John Brennan

lished procedures and practice to protect classified information, and were provided access to the [documents] by the CIA itself.” Feinstein and her Intelligence Committee were, in fact, investigating the CIA’s interrogation techniques when the uproar occurred. All of the fighting stems from an original agreement between CIA and the Senate allowing Feinstein’s Intelligence Committee to monitor the agency’s computers. The data obtained from using these computers allowed Senate Staff to compose what would become a

Excerpts from the Experts

Our staff involved in this matter have the appropriate clearances ... and were provided access to the [documents] by the CIA itself. - Diane Feinstein United States Senator

which bars the CIA from conducting domestic surveillance.” The Senate also directly accused the CIA of spying on the computers and e-mails of several members of the Senate. This information allegedly came from the computer searches and should have been included in the Intelligence Committee’s official report. CIA Director John Brennan spoke out in response, saying, “As far as allegations about CIA hacking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth. We wouldn’t do that.

That’s just beyond the scope of reason.” Brennan exerted maximum force to keep the Senate’s report from being made public. Since then, in Brennan’s official hearing, he confirmed that both he and the CIA are subject to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and that he is aware of the act. The relationship between the CIA and the Senate has been reasonably heated since this controversy. There is no official settlement on this issue. If the CIA, and therefore our government, may violate the values upheld by the Constitution, then we will no longer be able to distinguish what is acceptable or not within our current system. The more pardons we give our government, the more flexible laws become. Flexible laws honestly will not be sufficient to hold together the world superpower that is the United States. They undermine the government’s ability to effectively maintain control and order in our country. With no real supervision of those in power, Americans lose the fundamental tools to maintaining our democracy. It is true that this one incident alone will not dismantle our government on its own; however, the alarming frequency of these uproars should concern you. The evidence is stacking up against our surveillance system. It is up to American citizens to take notice of these unconstitutional practices and to refuse to let them continue. After all, if a government agency will spy on a power as strong as the the Senate, they would definitely be willing to spy on average American citizens.

As far as allegations about CIA hacking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth. We wouldn’t do that. - John Brennan CIA Director

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -Who watches the watchmen?

- Juvenal First Century Roman Poet


April 2014

Photo by Chloe Ketchmark


REDESIGNED SAT FOR 2016 By Shivani Lokre’16 The SAT experienced many changes, making sections easier for some students and taking out areas that generally cause problems for students. The SAT has been on the wane for years, since many colleges no longer require it for admission decisions and the competing ACT exam has become the favored choice of today’s students. From spring 2016 onwards, the SAT exam will undergo changes on subjects tested, scoring methods and the forms of test preparation. According to a College Board analysis, only 43 percent of the high school class of 2013 scored high enough to succeed in college. Since then, U.S. students have fallen behind their counterparts from other countries and as a result US concerns have risen.

College Board President and CEO David Coleman said, “Standardized tests have become far too disconnected from the work of our high schools. They’re too stressful for students, too filled with mystery and tricks to raise scores and aren’t necessarily creating more college-ready students.” The College Board is partnering with Khan Academy to provide free test preparation materials for students starting in spring 2015. Later, incomeeligible students will have the opportunity to receive waivers to apply to four colleges for free. In the new test, the reading and writing sections will include questions requiring students to use evidence in their answers and cite specific passages. The test will focus on analyzing literature, social studies and science passages, such as the Declaration of Independence,

the Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Students will no longer be asked to complete sentences with obscure vocabulary that they might have memorized from flash cards. Instead it will concentrate on words that are more relevant at the college level. In the math section, calculators will be banned from certain portions in order to assess students understanding of math concepts rather than their ability to “plug and chug.” The number of math topics tested will be reduced and focus on four main topics. The topics include problem solving, data analysis, algebra and advanced math. Also, the essay portion will be optional instead of mandatory. The new exam will be three hours, with an optional essay of 50 minutes. In addition, Coleman said, “We hope

you breathe a sigh of relief that this exam will be focused, useful, open, clear and aligned with the work you will do throughout high school.” Another major change includes a change in scoring. The former test score scale was out of 2400 but it will revert to 1600, and there will be no penalty for incorrect answers. Students used to get a one-fourthpoint deduction for incorrect answers but no points deducted for skipped answers. The College Board will be offering the SAT exam in print and digitally from 2016 onwards. The College Board is giving students and test providers a full two years to prepare for the changes. The redesigned SAT will focus less on obscure information and more on the aspects that matter to colleges.

April 2014

By Arman Javaheri ‘16 In recent years, college sports have become a profitable business and have even started receiving more money and attention than professional leagues, such as the National Basketball League and National Football League. The 2013 revenue from television alone surpassed $1 billion, more than the entire NFL postseason. College-level teams can earn millions by continuing into later rounds of the NCAA tournament and the NCAA itself earns over $6 billion annually. Due to all the earnings the schools are making, student athletes consider themselves school employees and are now starting to demand wages apart from their usual scholarships. For example, in order to demand wages, student athletes at Northwestern University plan to create a union. Student athletes risk their potential profes-

sional careers and health every time they step on their field or court. All this without pay, which is a dominant reason why many major college athletes leave after their freshman or sophomore year in order to pursue a professional career. Another discussion in the high-school and collegiate level athletics has been the eligibility of student athlete and how schools approach this. There have been cases of letting

students get by too easily in class, which is the reason for recent stricter rules, such as at the University of North Carolina. Basic core classes are required and a certain amount of credits must be completed both in high-school and college to be able to complete. Athletes must maintain a certain grade point average throughout their academic careers which generally has to remain above a 2.0. Recently UNC has come

under storm for allowing a student athlete to receive an A- on a paper that was clearly middle-school level in content and length. This has brought up the topic of colleges having fake classes that allow athletes to maintain the minimum GPA to compete in athletics. This remains to be in issue at both the high-school and collegiate levels.

Photo by

The NCAA Industry



UCONN wins a dramatic NCAA final.

Barstow Connections in Tasmania

Students Achieve Congressional Gold

Students Win Big at Science Fair

By Katherine Grabowsky ‘16

By Katherine Grabowsky ’16

By Katherine Grabowsky ’16

In the past few years, Barstow has gained connections all over the world, stretching from Japan, China, South Korea, Italy and now, Australia. Shane Foster, Head of School, has brought an interesting new program to the Barstow School. He has gained connections at a school in Launceston, Tasmania. Ten students visited from April 19-April 28 and stayed with host families while attending Barstow classes. They also had the opportunity to explore Kansas City on field trips and nighttime activities. This benefitted both Barstow students and the exchange students by mixing different cultures and customs. The Barstow students are able to learn about Australia while the Australian students are able to experience American culture first hand.

Barstow has honored eight students receiving the Congressional Gold Medal Award. This award involves 400 community service hours, 200 physical fitness hours, 200 personal development hours and a five-day exploration trip all within at least a 24-month period. The hours must be documented regularly and approved by the heads of the Congressional Award. The award takes time, dedication and ambition. Sophomores Lauren Bernard, Sophia Mauro, Emily Reed; Juniors Payal Desai, Jonah Elyachar, Mahroosa Haideri, and Kathryn Lundgren; and senior Jay Gillen will receive this honorable award. They will be noted for their outstanding achievements by receiving a medal, and will travel to Washington D.C. to be recognized.

Every year, Barstow Upper School, Middle School and Lower School students have the opportunity to compete in the Greater Kansas City Science Fair. This year, six Upper School students received special recognition, the most students since Barstow started competing at the fair. Students who received special recognition are freshmen Gia Colon, Emily Gustafson, Nikhil Kuppuswamy, Amelia Smith, Spencer Walz and junior Kathryn Lundgren. Middle School students who received special awards are Ryan MoHamadi, Nicolas Hansen, and Luke Oldryod. David Beier received a teaching award. Lower School students were fourth graders Walker Phillips and Sophie Yagan. These students displayed exceptional work on their science projects and are acknowledged for their accomplishments.


April 2014


ARTS & E NT E RTAI NMENT The Presence of Ecclesiastical Themes in Cinema

Featured Film:

Noah The film follows the biblical story of Noah and his Ark. The Bible defines the great flood as God’s judgement, purifying the earth of sin. Darren Aronofsky based his latest film, Noah, on the biblical tale of Noah. Russell Crowe assumes the role of the disciple, while Emma Watson and Anthony Collins fill the roles of antagonists to Noah. Check out the trailer below.

By Preston Schwartz ‘15 Lately, there has been a surge in religiously themed films, such as the recent Noah and God’s Not Dead. This growing trend of infusing God into films took Hollywood by surprise, leaving the directors of the aforementioned movies content with popularity and profit. Both Noah and God’s Not Dead targeted churchgoers in their marketing, editing their trailers to solely evoke JudeoChristian stories. The movie Noah did not entirely adhere to the Biblical tale of Noah, but rather created plots within the story. Regardless, the presence of God in Hollywood flicks is a step towards religious pop culture. God’s Not Dead did just that—the movie serves as a suggestive response to the modern question of the existence of a God, made contentious by

modern sciences that challenge Christian creation theories. The movie takes place in academia, where a professor, whom the student tries to convert into a God-beleiving man, condemns the student’s faith in Christ. This movie, like the many less-popu-

The Perfect Summer Playlist “Come With Me Now” The Kongos “Migraine” 21 Pilots “Suntan” Huey Mack “Come a Little Closer” Cage the Elephant “Pompeii” Bastille “Hey Brother” Avicii “Hand on Heart” Olly Murs “Out of My League” Fitz and the Tantrums

lar ones before it, suggests that academic thought isn’t entirely sensitive to religious individuals. Despite its volatility, this theme will appear on the big screen again on April 16 with Sony’s ecclesial film, Heaven is Real.

Tweets @thebarstowschool @LaurenSandness Lauren Sandness I doubt I’ll ever wash all of this hairspray out #promproblems 4/13/14, 11:51 AM

@SheaRush4 Shea Rush Solid season. Love my team like family. The show goes on 3/15/14, 7:41 PM

@libbysmith22 Libby Smith when Barstow Chinese wins 28 of 32 awards at the film festival >>> #winners 4/11/14, 1:53 PM

@je8nneinab0ttle Jeanne Brown Barstow with another win!! 3-2 in OT against Lawrence high school #stowsoccer 4/4/14, 9:34 PM

April 2014



On the Map: Explore KC

Apps to Tap

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The exhibit,“Roads of Arabia” at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is on display from April 30-July 6. The exhibit traces through 7,000 years of history of the Arabian Peninsula. one of the artifacts on display includes a Funerary Mask from Saudi Arabia From the 1st century C.E. (pictured left). Also come and view tombstones from the 9th century and statues from the 3rd century. Tickets are available online. Edgar Degas’s beautiful pastel paintings exhibit opened at the Nelson Atkins Museum on September 25, 2013. The exhibit comes to a close on July 20, 2014. Degas, famous for his participation in the Impressionis movement, created works depicting dancers or Parisian women. He was regularly criticized for painting unattractive women. The exhibit is free, so visit the Nelson to view After the Bath: Seated Woman Dying Herself and Little Milliners.


John Legend May 7 @ Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts The Wanted May 16 @ Uptown Center Foster the People May 17 @ Power & Light District

Heads Up! Try to guess the word on the screen with clues from your friends. Categories include celebrities, movies, animals, accents and characters.

Candy Crush Saga Slide pieces around until you match up the different colors of candy. Work through 560 levels and become the Candy Crush Champion.

Pandora Radio Discover new music quickly and easily with the click of a button. Mark which songs you like and dislike and Pandora will create a tailored station for your interests.

2048 Swipe numbered tiles until the box reaches 2048. When you reach 2048, achieve a new high score.

WhatsApp Messenger Use 3G or Wifi to message other smartphone users on this app. WhatsApp can receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages for free.

Facetune Never experience the struggle of taking a perfect selfie again with this app. Edit skin tone, make teeth brighter and add filters to enhance your selfie.

Hoodie Allen May 22 @ Czar Bar Vampire Weekend June 2 @ Crossroads Backstreet Boys June 7 @ Starlight Theatre



April 2014

ANALYZING ENROLLMENT Enrollment Distribution by Zip Code, 2013-2014

Key 0








a uri isso




State Line Rd.




64111 64109 64112

b 64113

66208 64114 66207





ch h h f




i dj 66211






66223 66062



Top Ten Transfer Schools, 2011-2014

a b c d e

Oakhill Day School Pembroke Hill School St. Thomas Aquinas Valley Park Elementary Academie Lafayette

f g h i j

Aubry Bend Middle School Corinth Elementary Goddard Schools Jewish Community Center Leawood Middle School



April 2014

Mapping Demographic Trends Barstow is witnessing a changing student body and increasing enrollment. What changed? By Valerie Mombello ‘16 and Sophia Mauro ‘16 Mary Barstow and Ada Brann, Barstow’s founders, would be understandably surprised if they could see what their school has become. From an urban location in downtown Kansas City with five female students in the graduating class of 1884, the school has grown to a co-educational student body of 724 on a sprawling suburban campus, with connections reaching literally around the world. The story of Barstow’s growth tracks Kansas City’s demographic trends, shifting education policies in Missouri and Kansas, and a strategic vision of the school to keep pace with this change. Since 2000, Barstow’s enrollment has increased over 27 percent. Part of this increase can be attributed to the continued challenges for school districts on both sides of the State Line. In Kansas City, Missouri, the fortunes of the school district reached a new low in October 2012, when the district lost accreditation. Although graduates continue to receive valid diplomas and maintain eligibility for scholarships and college, the State Board of Education no longer recognizes Kansas City Public Schools’ ability to produce an effective curriculum, acceptable student test scores, high attendance records and sufficient high school graduation rates. On the Kansas side, budget troubles and expanding enrollment have led to different problems. In Blue Valley, for example, 21,967 kids are enrolled in 34 schools, an increase of 16 percent over the last decade. Construction of new schools cannot keep pace with expanding population. Barstow’s prime location, small class sizes and exceptional teachers offer an attractive alternative to the public schools. While Barstow draws most heavily from the areas located near the school, the chart on the left shows that the students represent the entire metro area, with top feeder schools bringing students from north of the river, the Plaza area, and even Lawrence. Students live in 72 different zip codes in the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. While zip codes tell the physical locations of the school’s diverse population, many of the students also come to Barstow from 39 different countries. Since moving to its current State Line location in 1961, the campus has increased from 303 to 724 students. The school has instituted campus-wide adjustments and built new facilities in order to accommodate for the growing population, and a recent surge in admissions since 2000 promises even more change to keep up with a growing school. A renovation of the Lower School that concluded in 2006 included larger classrooms, pods for each division and a commons space in Price Hall for growing numbers of lower schoolers. During the summer of 2006, the Upper School library moved to the space next to the lunch room, allowing the school to add more classrooms and a new Commons area. Other construction projects taken on by the school include the installation of a new track, more space for parking and a baseball field.

As enrollment trends increased, the Board of Trustees was forced to make decisions about the future of the school and the ideal student population. They set a goal to reach a total of 750-800 students for the 2015-2016 school year, factoring in the limitations of the campus, number of teachers and continued value of a small, unique education for each student. As the deadline approaches, the school should reach this goal with a current enrollment of 724 students. To help sustain the school’s expansion and distinguish the Barstow community, the school has created many unique programs, such as the Hybrid Learning Program and Certificate of Emphasis Program for the upper schoolers and guitar instruction for the lower schoolers, as well as the extensive technology program throughout the whole school. Additionally, Barstow’s emphasis on global knowledge and individualized education in foreign languages and small class sizes have helped to set the school apart from others. These specialized programs solely available in the Barstow community have supported the school’s growth and will continue to do so until the student population reaches its maximum of 800. Ultimately, the exceptional educational environment and capable, caring teachers at Barstow enticed students and convinced parents to send their children to the school. For example, Michelle Martin, junior, came to Barstow for preschool and then returned in 6th grade. Her connection to the school runs in the family. She commented, “I attend Barstow because my dad came here for high school and my sister went here as well.” Alexa Birt, a sophomore, decided to come to Barstow from Sion in 9th grade. Ultimately, she says, “I chose Barstow because I was not interested in attending an all-girls high school and I had a wonderful shadow experience.” Jonah Elyachar, a lifer at Barstow, chose to attend the school because of all of the nice people. Director of admissions Kellye Crockett says, “Barstow’s best marketing tool would have to be the students and their parents. Their actions alone can vouch for the school, but their encouragement for others to join the community can be seen through clubs such as Kariessentes or by students simply wearing their Barstow t-shirt around town.” Whether students choose Barstow for its educational environment, the friendly community of teachers and staff, or the state of public schools in their community, they appreciate Barstow’s unique community. 2013 700



600 2000 500 400


300 1945

200 100

Total School Population, 1945-2013


April 2014



By Emma Krasnopoler ‘15 Since its discovery in 1976, there have been more than 25 outbreaks of the African Ebola, virus, however, few have reached the intensity of the most recent outbreak in Guinea, West Africa. Ebola originated and is naturally contained in Africa, and is typically found near tropical rainforests, like those of coastal Guinea. The highly contagious disease spreads through close contact of flesh and bodily fluids and kills 25-90 percent of its victims. Although rare, Ebola is one of the deadliest diseases in West Africa. Symptoms of the disease include severe fevers, internal and external bleeding and intense pain. The first cases of the recent Ebola outbreak were discovered in the city of Nzerekore in Guinea’s southern tropical region in January 2014. Since then, the disease has spread to Guinea’s capital, Conakry, as well as other neighboring cities. Nearby countries Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana and Senegal have reported cases and have closed their borders to Guinea in an effort to contain the disease for as long as possible. More than 100 cases of the disease have been confirmed, and the disease has been steadily killing victims. Panic has spread around West Africa as news of the severity of the virus has reached unprepared villages. With no cure or vaccination, there is little to be done for victims of the virus. Medical services from the Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) have been provided alongside national medical organizations in Guinea and Liberia where the disease is most threatening. Those infected with Ebola can attempt to survive if put on supported therapy, which includes stabilizing fluid levels in the body and managing blood pressure. However, most poor African communities have neither the resources nor the expertise to administer this complicated treatment to every infected person. Ebola, an overwhelming concern in Africa, often receives little coverage in Western news. Since the disease is not a threat to non-tropical communities, especially outside of the African continent, the severity of the situation is far too often overlooked by nations capable of providing aid. Ebola remains without a cure, in part because there is no strong economic advantage to finding one, and because of the difficulty in understanding the disease. As a relatively young disease, understanding Ebola proves to be one of the most challenging tasks facing scientists and medical professionals. Ebola’s mysterious contagion and relatively new, unknown origins terrify both doctors and victims as it sweeps through Western Africa. Despite its priority in Africa, Ebola does not have a huge international importance. Although floods of media coverage have spilled into all corners of the world, most people ignore the disease since its scope does not reach those outside of Africa. An opposite phenomenon occurred during the 1995 outbreak of the disease, when books and movies such as The Hot Zone by Richard Preston and Outbreak, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, instilled fear and frenzy throughout the Western hemisphere. People were adamant to find a cure for the threatening disease, yet as time went on, the world lost interest in Ebola. Now, Ebola’s return to global attention may be the driving force in finally understanding and treating the virus. Scientists have already begun the process of testing an experimental drug that has worked against the virus in mice, guinea pigs, and monkeys. The company that produced the drug, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, has implied that the drug may be in its final stages of animal testing and hope for humans afflicted with Ebola virus may not be far off.


Fruit bats are considered the natural hosts of the virus.

Direct exposure to blood of infected animals contaminates

Exposure to objects contaminated with infected secretions infects humans. Burial ceremonies when mourners are in direct contact with the deceased infect humans.

Map by

Confirmed Ebola Outbreaks (1976-2014)



April 2014

#BARSTOWPROM2014 On April 12, Barstow juniors and seniors enjoyed Prom at the Uptown Theatre



1 7




Photos by: 1. Ginny Epsten 2. Iris Dew 3. Premier Photobooth 4. Iris Dew 5. Premier Photobooth 6. Jennifer Adkins 7. Premier Photobooth

Cracking the Code to Finals Finals Advice that Works

By Camille O’Leary ‘14


Again - get enough sleep the night before, drink water and eat a good breakfast and lunch. If you are distracted by lack of sleep, hunger or thirst, your grade could take a big hit. Besides, it’s important to take care of yourself. Create mnemonics to help you keep your facts straight.


Ask your friends in English class what they use to remember vocab words; is there a word root or a rhyme you can exploit? Sometimes, you can study to the sound of one song on repeat, then listen to it again before you take the test. Creating links and associations like this helps your brain remember things.


Finally - don’t panic. Stay calm and do your best. Stressing out too much will only get in your way. If you are having trouble in a particular class, take the time to ask your teacher for help. They might have suggestions for things you can do to help your grade, or some extra time to explain a concept you’re struggling with. With the proper preparation, tests should be nothing to fear.

By Anirudh Vadlamani ‘16


Look over your notes just before going to sleep if there’s something you need to memorize, whether it’s vocabulary, a formula or just facts. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you more than pulling an all-nighter, and sleeping with the facts fresh in your mind helps you remember them later.

Junior Payal Desai studies for math

Sophomore Shivani Lokre reviews her notes before her test By Mahroosa Haideri ‘15


Get together with a friend to help you study. Make sure it’s someone who’ll keep you on track. Having another person around reduces the temptation to check your e-mail or Facebook just one more time, but make sure you pick a friend who is serious enough not to replace one distraction with another.

By Anirudh Vadlamani ‘16

Tests aren’t fun, but with the proper preparation, they’re nothing to fear. Here’s five basic tips to get yourself in top shape for everything from a quick history quiz to your SATs.

Sophomore Isabel Thomas works hard in the commons

12 When did you first start learning English? How long have you been in America? Do you keep in touch with your friends at your old school? My whole English learning started my pre-school year because I went to a English speaking pre-school. I also stayed in Canada during my 3rd and 4th grade elementary school years. It was pretty nice to be there, and I kept in contact with one of the friend till my 8th grade year but I have lost contact with him because too many things were going on. After my middle school graduation in Korea, I started studying in America and this is my second year in this country. I really miss Korea and all the things in Korea, and I am not sure how I am managing to do this.



burgers? Yep. They even made a burger with rice. But it is actually good. What kind of sports or clubs did you participate in Korea? I played a bit of soccer, golf, and a bit of baseball during my Korean middle school years. I am a whole lot better at them because Americans are tough to beat because of their big and muscular bodies, but I adapted to them. Do you have any interests or hobbies I do not have a lot of hobbies. I like playing soccer. I do not think a have a lot of talents. I am maybe good at soccer. Do you have a funny story? My funny story is that I got scared during a halloween event during my 4th grade elementary school year because the place was located in the corner, and it was dark with scary music and ornaments. I actually cried and ran away. The people who were preparing for the scare laughed. It was a good experience.

What sports do you enjoy watching or playing? I moved to Barstow after half a year at Bishop Miege and started my Barstow year by being part of a soccer team. It was pretty tough because the training and the matches were more intense than what I did in Korea. I enjoyed my soccer season. I can proudly say that it was one of the best moments of my life. And I just started golf. What is something that is different between Korea and America? School life in Korea and in the States is different. One major difference is that teachers come to our (the students’) classes and teach, in contrary to schools in the States where you (the students) walk to different classes. I really like the Korean way for this part because if there is a certain class, it is really easy to get along with your friends, and it creates kind of a class spirit that gets really intense in many events, especially soccer. Also, another different thing about Korea is that every-

April 2014

body takes the same classes instead of picking courses that interest you the most. For this part, I really like the U.S. way because everybody has their different interests, and they also have different studying levels. Oh, and Korea has crazy math that even Harvard students can not solve. I do not know how they do it.

lot of places to eat because the place is so compact. To be honest, there really not much to do in Kansas. And I really want all students to just at least try some of the Korean food because it really has a unique taste. The soups have deep taste and the spicy taste in Korea is pretty different from “Mexican spicy.”

What do you miss about Korea? Korea is really nice, and I miss that place. I really miss my family, friends, food, my dog, and so on. And there is a lot to do in Korea, such as pool rooms, karaoke rooms, computer game rooms and a

What is your favorite American food? My favorite food in America are burgers. Yes, I like all the pastas and all the Mexican food here but they are not really American food, so I just picked burgers. Oh, and did you know that Korea has rice

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show? My favorite movie would be The Dark Knight Batman movie with the Joker. Did you participate in any clubs in Korea? I was in a balloon crafting club in my first year of middle school, and I was in a golf club for the rest of the two years. Any other thoughts? Even though I kind of struggled before because of my immense homesickness, my overall Barstow life is really great. Even though I might leave, I am really going to miss everybody from Barstow, including my friends and the teachers who supported me throughout the whole year.



April 2014

A Month Ahead May

28 29 Monday


Tree Day. This is a long-running Girls’ Soccer. tradition at Barstow. The whole school gathers in the front circle, watches Barstow Singers perform and watch Seniors and Preschoolers plant a tree.

Girls’ compete against Spring Hill at Barstow. The game starts at 4:30 p.m., so make sure to come out and cheer them on.

Wednesday Thursday Knowledge Bowl. Knowledge Ice Cream Social. Grades Bowl will compete in sectionals with time and location to be determined.


Final Exams. Upper school

Final Exams. Upper school

Last Day of School. This

finals begin.

finals continue.

is the last day of school before Summer Break. Eighth grade Graduation ceremony will take place on this day in the auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

Upper School Commencement. The Senior commencement ceremony will take place at 8:00 p.m. with a reception to follow for families and friends.

District Semi-Finals. Girls’ soccer will compete in district semi-finals with time and location to be determined.

Memorial Day. Building closed. Soccer Sectionals. Girls will compete in sectionals with time and location to be determined.

Lower School

Middle School

21 28

Upper School

Friday Pretender’s Play.

High School students will 5-8 can participate in the ice put on the production of the cream social at the Middle School playground. The event will Pretender’s Play at 7:00 p.m. Come out and support the be from 3:15-3:45 p.m. students.

Annual Sports Award Ceremony. At 6:30 p.m. in

Middle School Honors and Awards. Middle School

the auditorium, all Upper School athletes who have won team or state level honors will be awarded.

students will be awarded for academic, sports and community achievements. This will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the auditorium.


District Finals.

Girls’ soccer will compete in district finals with time and location to be determined.

Tennis StateTournament. Boys will travel to Springfield at the Cooper Tennis Complex in order to compete in their state tournament.

All School

Upper School Awards/ Ring Ceremony. Upper School Award Ceremony will take place at 10:30 a.m. The Ring Ceremony will start at 12:00 p.m.

State Meet. Track and field will participate in the state meet at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. Come support the team as they compete for a state title.


Have events to add? Contact preston.schwartz@ Sports


As May approaches, seniors prepare to pack up and head off to college. Barstow maintains many graduation traditions. The first ceremonies are the Upper School Honors and Awards and the Junior/Senior Ring Ceremony on Friday, May 16th. Students who have done exceptionally well in sports, academics or community service recieve awards. After this, the juniors and seniors march to the Senior Circle to perform the ring ceremony. Girls dress in traditional white while boys wear suits with Barstow ties. Juniors sing “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You” while Seniors sing “Onward,” written by a Barstow alumnus. Both classes sing the “Senior Line Song.” Senior Seth Farrar remarks, “I’m excited to see the juniors fill the shoes of the seniors when both classes sing the Senior Line Song.” On May 18th and 19th, Senior graduation ceremonies begin. On May 18th, seniors and their families are invited to

the auditorium for the Baccalaureate ceremony. Girls dress in white graduation gowns, while the boys wear green gowns. After the students enter the stage, an important Barstow figure, Linda Collier, will give a speech to conclude the seniors’ time at Barstow. The students then head to the Senior Circle and participate in the traditional cap toss. On the 19th, Commencement takes place 8:00 p.m. outside the school on the front lawn. The beautiful ceremony invites all families, friends and teachers. Attire is formal and boys wear tuxedos while girls wear long, white wedding-style gowns. The ceremony begins with the Valedictorian and Salutatorian giving speeches and a speech from faculty member. Seniors are then called to the podium individually to recieve their diploma. This ceremony concludes with friends and families meeting the new alumni in the Senior circle to say congratulations and take pictures.

Photos by Todd Race

Barstow rounds up the 2013-2014 school year with many traditions, many as old as Barstow itself. Some of the more memorable traditions include the Junior/Senior Ring Ceremony and the senior Baccalaureate and Commencement cermonies.





By Anirudh Vadlamani ‘16 Yordano Ventura, an exciting prospect for the Royals, will get below a 3.40 ERA (earned run average), pitch over 150 innings this season and win the AL Rookie of the Year award. The young Dominican will have tough competition this season from the Royals current starter James Shields, but inside reports from Royals staff claim that he is one of the most promising pitchers in baseball.


Despite losing their first game of the regular season, the Royals will finish first in front of the Detroit Tigers in the Central Division and secure a playoff position. The Royals only strengthened the defense they had last year. Right-field acquisition Norichika Aoki has looked excellent making key stops last year for the Milwaukee Brewers. However, offensive issues have plagued the team for the last few seasons. The Royals will rely on Salvador Perez, Billy Butler and Alex Gordon to pull in runs this season as their infield is one of the top defenses in the league.


Giancarlo Stanton will lead the National League in home runs this season. Stanton is only 24, and he already boasts 117 longballs. Although he suffered from a hamstring injury last season, if Stanton stays healthy, he will be one of the power hitters of this year’s division. Stanton hit 37 home runs in 449 at bats in 2012. Granted he stays healthy and injury free this season, he will destroy last year’s total and hit more than 40 home runs.


Although Brazil is not coming in to the World Cup ranked number one, as Spain can say, they are still By Andrew Lloyd ‘15 located in the top ten and possibly have the best chance to take home Despite many struggles thus far in all the glory in 2014. They have a the production of FIFA World Cup in tremendous advantage in having Brazil, it has the potential to be one of the most memorable, especially for the World Cup held in their home country. The Brazilians also have the home country. After coming off a a full offensive and defensive historic Confederations Cup, which package with imagination, strength, also had a multitude of production and squad depth to make it disasters, the home country is set through group stages. Neymar, and ready to make a run for the Cup. whom recently transferred to With a commanding 3-0 victory over Barcelona, will be coming into the the reigning World Cup champions world stage flying, leading the front Spain, nothing stands in Brazil’s way to bringing the Cup to their passionate line for Brazil. Brazil is not the first host of country. Brazil also experienced a the World Cup looking to take the prolific scoring 2013, along with a cup at home, but might have a spectacular resumé, beating France, great chance to complete their Italy, Uruguay and Portugal over the goal. last few months of the international season.


Photo by Arman Javaheri

Six bold MLB predictions, including the Royals making it to the playoffs, Jason Heyward as team MVP and the outcome of the World Series.

April 2014

Jason Heyward will be the MVP of the National League. Jason Heyward was crippled by his injury last season. After a fantastic season in 2010, most Atlanta Braves fans’ are looking for the impressive season they know he is capable of. Jason Heyward is one of the pure heavy hitters and the Braves are one of the main competitors of the National League this season.


Barstow’s girls soccer team.

Starlin Castro will bounce back this season to become a National League All-Star for the third time in his career after finishing as the back to back MVP in 2011 and 2012. After a rough 2013 campaign, Castro will look to reclaim his title and bounce back by hitting more than 20 home runs and rounding it off with a .300 plus batting average. The Royals will get beaten by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. After contemplating the idea of a World Series matchup, I could only think of this pairing. The Royals will stage a revitalization in their play this season bringing together offense and defense, but they do not look as well rounded as the Los Angeles Dodgers who boast Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez, and Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers will win with a 4-2 record with the Royals winning their two games at home.


Barstow’s boys tennis team.

Photo by Mahroosa Haideri




April 2014



As the Final Four approached, the #1 seed Florida was favored to win. This is their best team since Joakim Noah played in 2007. But the recent spark in John Calipari’s Wildcats have made their fierce freshmen unstoppable. UConn’s Shabazz Napier is also trying to mimic Kemba Walker by leading his Huskies to another national title. The Wisconsin Badgers, although #2 seed, lead by seven foot Frank Kaminsky, proved to not show their full potential.

74-73 While there was a large difference in seeding, don’t be fooled. The Kentucky Wildcats, who were ranked number one overall to start the season, rose to the occasion. The young team struggled throughout the regular season, but jelled in time to advance to the Final Four. Aaron Harrison hit the game winning 3-pointer, leaving only 5.7 seconds for Wisconsin to come back. Wisconsin’s Traevon Jackson came up short when it mattered most. Right before Kentucky pulled ahead, Jackson was fouled on a 3-point attempt and only made two out of three of his free throws, which then allowed for Kentucky to win by one. The Wildcats were an eighth seed and will make history when taking on UConn, as the highest seed combination to play in the Division I National Championship game.



54 - 60


Going into the game, the Gators were favored, but the underdogs When Jim Calhoun retired, Kevin Ollie took over. Although five of Shaof Connecticut proved themselves bazz Napier’s teammates left, he chose to stay for his senior year. At with Shabazz Napier driving for the start of tournament, nobody predicted the #7 seed UConn would one more championship. The Husmeet the #8 seed, Kentucky, in the final (Kentucky was the #1 seed kies were the Gators most recent before the season, but struggled. They jelled in time for the tournaloss, when Shabazz Napier helped ment though). The difference between the two unpredictable teams UConn beat them in December. was that Kentucky was inexperienced but strong, while UConn had one But Shabazz was not the headof the best point guards in the nation and had grown together over 4 man, creating buzz on Saturday years. UConn never trailed throughout the game, but Kentucky cut the night. While Florida’s Patric Young lead down to one point several times. Unfortunately for Kentucky, they lead the Gators with 19 points missed 11 free throws while UConn was perfect, making all 10 of their and 5 rebounds, Connecticut’s free throws. James Young lead Kentucky with 20 points and 7 rebounds, DeAndre Daniels lead the Huskies while Julius Randle finished with 10 points and 6 rebounds. For Conwith 20 points and 10 rebounds. necticut, Shabazz Napier finished with 22 points and 6 rebounds while In the end, the Huskies came Ryan Boatright had 14 points and numerous steals. Boatright hurt out on top and Kevin Ollie helped his ankle late in the game, but after the timeout he played until the his team make history as the end. Later he expressed, “I’ve got a lot of heart, and I wasn’t coming first seventh seed to play in the out.” Shabazz Napier walked away with the Final Four Most Outstanding championship. Kentucky versus Player, which topped off his last game in college. After being banned by Connecticut is the highest seeding the NCAA tournament last season, and then playing in the new American game in NCAA history. Athletic Conference this season, the hungry Huskies won the trophy and the hearts of America.

Both UConn and Notre Dame were undefeated in the regular season, and the fierce rivals were expected to meet each other in the championship game. However, first UConn had to beat Stanford, lead by unanimous first-team All-American Chiney Ogwumike, and Notre Dame had to defeat the #4 seed Terrapins of Maryland in the semifinals. The Huskies were favored to win the championship, because they were the reigning champions, and are lead by seniors Stefanie Dolson and Bria Hartley. Coach Geno Auriemma was hoping for his ninth title to surpass Pat Summit’s record.

75-56 Although Breanna Stewart missed her first four shots, she lead the Huskies with 18 points. UConn got off to a slow start, but outscored the Cardinal, 47-32 in the second half where Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis scored all of her 15 points. Bria Hartley finished with 13 points and Stefanie Dolson and Moriah Jefferson had 10 each for the Huskies. Stanford’s senior star, Chiney Oqwumike had a hard time with UConn’s Dolson and Stokes guarding her, but still finished with 15 points. Amber Orrange had 16 points for the Cardinal, and Lili Tompson had a break-out game with 12 points. One advantage UConn had was their free throws. They hit 17-24 while Stanford was only 8-10. Although Stanford hit many amazing shots, the Huskies came out with the win and moved on to the finals.

79 - 58 The most anticipated game of the year ended with a record-breaking ninth title awarded to the University of Connecticut, making them 9-0 in championship games. Before the game, the press was less interested in talking about Notre Dame’s Natalie Achonwa’s ACL injury or Breanna Stewart’s slow start in the tournament than talking about the rivalry between coaches Geno Auriemma and Muffet McGraw. They both grew up near Philidelphia and were both assistant coaches at St. Joseph’s. While they respected each other, each was hungry for the title. Stephanie Dolson hit the first shot, which helped UConn lead the whole game. However, senior Kayla McBride and sophomore Jewell Loyd hit unbelievable shots to end the first half within seven points of the Huskies. After halftime, the Huskies dominated, and the Fighting Irish couldn’t keep up. The Huskies out rebounded the team 54-31, with the help of Stefanie Dolson’s 16 rebounds. Dolson also ended her college basketball career with 17 points and seven assists. Breanna Stewart, who won the AP player of the year and last year’s final four MOP, also claimed the MOP title this year, while finishing with 21 points, nine rebounds and four assists. Although the Huskies had a short bench, they had the most dominating starting five in women’s basketball. The Huskies’ win was their 40th of the season, completing their 5th undefeated season. UConn also won dual championships for the second time ever, a decade after UConn men and women won when Emeka Okafor and Diana Turasi lead the way. Storrs, Connecticut is once again the college basketball capital of the universe.

87-61 Although the Terrapins were within two after 12 minutes of the game, Notre Dame went on a 10-0 run that ignited senior star, Kayla McBride. Freshman Jewell Lloyd, also helped the Fighting Irish win. Maryland star Alyssa Thomas ended the game with 14 points, but McBride exceeded that with 28 points. Maryland has dominated the boards throughout the season; however, even without Natalie Achonwa, the Irish had 42 rebounds while Maryland only had 20. Finally, the biggest rivals in women’s basketball history meet on the biggest stage in the sport. After being defeated by UConn in the Final Four last year, McBride prepared to bring her A-game. But with three great bigs and Notre Dame down one big, UConn’s physicality will help beat the Irish.

April 2014



Spring Break 2014









During Spring Break, Barstow students enjoyed locations across the globe Photos by:

1. Turks and Caicos; Jonathan Felton 2. Naples, Florida; Tieg Brown 3. Iceland; Isabel Thomas 4. Turks and Caicos; Jonathan Felton

5. Oahu, Hawaii; Madison Coker 6. Nueva Vallarta, Mexico; Emily Reed 7. Washington, DC; Michelle Sand Mogensen 8. Kansas City, MO; Amanda Marvin

B-Line Issue 6: April 2014  
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