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The Barstow School Kansas City, MO Volume LX, Issue 2 October 2013



October 2013


The Barstow School 11511 State Line Road Kansas City, MO 64114

E D I TO R - I N- C H I EF Preston Schwartz

E X E CU T I VE E D ITOR Sophia Mauro


LAYOUT ED I TOR Valerie Mombello


PHOTO E D I TOR Mahroosa Haideri

WEB EDITOR Daniel Kessler

STAFF Katherine Grabowsky Arman Javaheri Chloe Ketchmark Emma Krasnopoler Shivani Lokre Libby Rohr Ellie Schneider Anish Vadlamani Sarah Xu

ADVISOR Nicolas Shump

Volume LX, Issue 2



Catching up with the Web We’ve joined the masses to please your technological cravings. Noticing an unhealthy attachment to screens stamped with apples, B-Line decided to create a Twitter feed, website and iPhone app. Now, you and Judy can have one-onones, you can read the paper on your phone or computer and you can check the paper’s status on Twitter, furthering your relationship with Siri.

your attention to the fact that Siri, who you are undeniably overly attached to, is cheating on you with the NSA. If you’re reading this on your phone, chances are the NSA is watching, hopefully noticing B-Line’s new involvment with social media and the world-wide web. By doing so, no matter how many issues you stampede over in the halls over or throw away, the B-Line will live forever online.

In this second issue, we offer a glimpse into the future with MLB predictions, we discuss the boy’s soccer campaign, Common Core State Standards and draw

Be sure to continue to accept and enjoy our printed issues, but check it out online and on your phone, too.

Sophia Mauro

Preston Schwartz

Executive Editor


B-Line Online

VISIT US @ barstowbline.

QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? SUBMISSIONS? Send letters, suggestions or submissions to preston.schwartz@ We reserve the right to edit any submission.

ASPA First Place Winner with Special Merit 2005-2013

This issue, we present our first online version of the paper with interactive website features and innovative elements.



October 2013

The Man in Your Phone The NSA’s Phone Records Scandal and Our Security

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. - Amendment IV of the Constitution

The NSA ordered Verizon to turn over millions of peoples’ phone records. This government agency now has all of Verizon’s phone records, which includes duration, location, and call destination. This report shows just a fraction of the NSA’s probable activity. They most likely have

Photo by Emma Krasnopoler

telephone records was prohibited. We were taught that only It [the FISA law] communist nations and dictais a critical tool in tors engaged in sugh practices. Because the Constitution was protecting the nation understood as valuing freedom from terrorist threats. and privacy over government -The Obama snooping, probable cause and a warrant were required before Administration such a search could be conducted against any individual.” Just how much surveillance, snooping and secrets do we need to keep us safe? Is the government overstepping boundaries? Is this widespread gathering of knowlege even ethical? Those are questions that every individual citizen must answer for themselves. Only we, as a country, can stand up against all of this. It is up to us to determine when enough is enough. Many people think that they are safe from all of this “1984 stuff,” but with the Internet all around us, there is no escaping it. Even at Barstow, all the teachers have the Find Me Now app on their portal. It allows the faculty to type anyone’s name An unsuspecting student chats on her monitored phone. into the box and figure out where hidden behind FISA. Go talk that student or teacher is supposed to be. All of our phones tool in protecting the nation from to Mr. O’Brein with any further constitutional questions. have location chips in them terrorist threats.” We only know about the which the government could Does this snooping violate NSA files because of Snowden’s easily tap into if they chose to. our constitutional rights? Many brave actions. Hacking into the With Facebook, our generation Americans think so. Amendserver is illegal, but do the ends documents every decision that ment IV in the US Constitution is the right “to be secure in their justify the means? Is Snowden a we make. We need to know what courageous vigilante or a danger- we agree to when we click okay persons, houses, papers and ous criminal? We predict that on those little pop ups. Make effects against unreasonable this debate will never be fully sure you know what you give up, searches and seizures” (USC settled. This whistleblower spent or risk getting wrapped up in a Bill of Rights, Amendment IV) In months flew from country to spy movie of your own. addition the courts are not able country, trying to prolong his life. to issue a warrant for search or With over 20 years of seizure without probable cause practicing law under her belt, The Constitution was and sufficient evidence. This Super-Lawyer Diane Breneman ammendment declares that the understood as valuing is the Treasurer of the Belli government cannot snoop withfreedom and privacy Board, an organization for distinout a suspicion good enough for over government a judge. Even though FISA allows guished lawyers. We asked her to comment on the NSA case. us to take this information from snooping. She responded, “When I took foreign agents and other foreign -Diane Breneman, powers, it does not extend to do- Constitutional Law 25 years ago, mass search and seizure of our Lawyer of 25 years mestic terrorism. Therefore, the citizens’ correspondence and NSA’s actions cannot be legally records of other cell phone carriers as well. This investigation should not be legal, but unfortunately, it is not a new phenomenon. According to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the government allowed this privilege with regards to foreign information since 1978. According to the Obama Administration, it is “a critical

We have all seen the spy movies with the fake passports, the car chases and the elaborate costumes. In the past few months, the National Security Agency (NSA), a government power in charge of decryption and foreign affairs, has been living an action packed plot of its own. Before this year, they were the least famous of the government agencies and then Edward Snowden, a computer expert, leaked secret NSA documents to The Guardian over the summer. The NSA was trying to hide these harder than kids with failing report cards. Why? They have been doing some serious cell phone snooping. So why should this drama matter to students? Most teenagers do not want their records to be public simply because of the he-said-she-said drama that would follow. Hopefully, the students at Barstow would not have anything of remote interest to the NSA, so who cares? People that are concerned about their constitutional rights should be pretty bothered by this, even though they might not have anything to hide.

By Libby Rohr ‘17


October 2013


Pep Club Boosts School Spirit cookout, bonfire and DJ. The western decor and activities will create a casual “hangout” feel. Cowboy boots will be encouraged and the Barstow students are sure to have an enjoyable night. The Stow looks forward to the different atmosphere and hope that their hard work pays off. Along with a renovated fall dance, The Stow has redesigned

their school spirit events. Partnering with the Booster Club, the club has created a new “All-Knight Tailgate” event. Students and parents came up to the school to watch different sports games and eat hot dogs. The school year will include three pep assemblies, and, in addition to spirit week, there will be two extra spirit days. These spirit days get the

This year, Barstow’s pep club looks to bring creative, new changes that will enhance the school spirit at Barstow. The club hopes for a fresh start, beginning with their new and improved title, “The Stow.” The club supports the Barstow community by encouraging students to attend sports games and cheer on their classmates. Along with school spirit, they plan the fall dance and motivate students to branch out and help the community. The Stow club increases the school pride and oversees major events in order to get students excited. Last year, the fall dance was transformed into a WPA (Women Pay All) dance, which garnered mixed approval from students. This year, the club hopes to change the theme and receive a better turn out of students. The students will gather for a The cheer team performs at the first pep rally of the year. western-themed party with a

Photo by Annie Grabowsky

By Katherine Grabowsky ‘16

school excited for an upcoming sports event or school function, for instance, the annual Homecoming basketball game and Homecoming dance. The special dress days could include, “Mathletes vs. Athletes”, “Twin Day”, “Spirit Day”, “Disney Day”, or maybe even new ideas. The students will also receive t-shirts and spirit items specially designed for their grade. Finally, The Stow will decorate posters and create locker decorations for sports and clubs. The Stow is enthusiastic about the many changes to the club. Madison Coker says they plan to go “above and beyond”. The members hope to bring a new ambiance to the school in order to get students excited about school spirit. With their new and improved events and spirit wear, the school will take on a more close-knit feel for the students.

By Camille O’Leary ‘14 If you have not been following the drama in the Upper School, here’s a summary: the physics teacher hired to replace the dearly beloved Mr. Adams resigned with little notice, throwing the science department into confusion. Although the administration hurried to find a replacement, Mr. Adams left some big shoes to fill. In addition to being one of the few teachers in the Kansas City area qualified to teach AP Physics, he also offered courses in Java programming and AP Computer Science. Once the school year started, it was difficult to find a good professor who had not already been hired. The temporary solution: Mr. Adams continues to teach, with a slight snag. He conducts AP Physics and Computer Science classes through Skype chats from his new home - in Arizona. The vagaries of time zones mean that Mr. Adams is two hours behind of those of us in

Kansas, and he needs to be awake and ready to teach computer science by six in the morning on the unlucky days when he has class first hour. So much for retirement. The new physics teacher, Mr. Roger Thuma, also teaches at Johnson County Community College, so he will not be here full-time. However, he has already begun to teach, and his appearance was greeted with relief by the science department. As for AP Computer Science and AP Physics Mr. Adams will continue to teach those classes for the time being. On behalf of the Barstow School, I would like to bid a warm welcome to Mr. Thuma. I have no doubt he will soon become an integral member of the Barstow community.

Photo by Emma Krasnapoler

Welcoming Physics Replacement

Mr. Adams teaches AP physics from an online video chat program.

October 2013



Photo by Chloe Ketchmark

Ms. Guldin demonstrates her teaching methods.

Barstow teacher, Matt Thurman, enthusiastically teaches classic algebra.

Not using [CCSS] gives

us focus on what is best for our students. -Matt Thurman

Common Core Curriculum By Chloe Ketchmark ‘16 and Emma Krasnopoler ‘15

We know its impact on public high schools, but how is the latest educational strategy affecting Barstow students?

A new educational advancement, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is being introduced around America to improve the quality and consistency of education. The CCSS regulates what students learn in order to prepare them for higher education and life after school setting specific goals for each grade level and putting focus on understanding and skill-learning. These standards will be fully implemented in forty states’ public school systems in the 2014-2015 school year. The standards deal with English/ Language Arts and Math curriculums. They map out what the teachers must accomplish by the end of the year, which led to complaints from teachers that it restricted their authority in the classroom. The CCSS faces limited funding and support, as well as controversy about its practicality in school systems. New and revised standards offer broader topics, giving teachers more freedom to

choose a lesson of their choice. As an independent school, Barstow teachers are not required to follow the CCSS. When asked why Barstow does not use the standards, math teacher Matt Thurman explains, “It would be a disservice to [the students] because we cover all the topics anyway, but we go beyond it and the stress isn’t there. Having them would be psychologically limiting. Not using them here gives us more flexibility and lets us focus on what is best for our students.” The Math and English curriculums at Barstow put a focus on individual student needs, and students can go above and beyond where the Common Core would hold them back. But will the common core standards last? Many teachers and politicians oppose them. Teachers feel as if their “autonomy and creativity in the classroom is being stifled,” as History teacher Angela Guldin remarks. The Missouri Coalition Against the Common Core joins

teachers, citizens, and politicians together to raise awareness and advocate against the CCSS becoming legislature in Missouri. The MCACC tries to protect Missouri children and their education and to restore control of local education to local communities. With people so mixed about the Common Core, its success as an educational system remains uncertain. Ms. Guldin explains, “If it’s really important, let’s fund it, let’s do it well. But I would say that is true with any educational fad, and right now it’s the Common Core. In five years, it will be something else. The pattern is, we’ll find something new and better and that’s how it always is.” The new Common Core standards aim to please teachers and help the students, but like any project it faces problems and opposition. Hopefully, these new standards will help improve the public educational system throughout America.

Photo by Ellie Schneider

If it’s really important, let’s fund it, let’s do it well. But I would say that is true with any educational fad, and right now it’s the Common Core. -Angela Guldin


October 2013


ARTS & E N T E R TAI N MEN T Culture in Columns

Madison Rudman and Abby Krause

Kate Walsworth and Francesca Mauro

Photo by Mahroosa Haideri

Photo by Ellie Schneider

Photo by Mahroosa Haideri


Zander Hansen and Cameron Simon

Striped Style Students demonstrated their fashion savvy this month, donning many varieties of stripes paired with colorful jeans or khakis. Some paired black and white stripes with colorful accessories while others went with bold streaks of color for a fashionable Fall style. ON THE MAP Explore KC


VSCO Cam Edit, process, share and increase your creative control with an app dubbed the standard of mobile photography.

Google Goggles Point your phone at a famous landmark, barcode, product, painting or popular image to search Google for information.

Geocaching Join a worldwide treasure hunt by unlocking exclusive coordinates of 2 million geocaching containers.

We Heart It Find beautiful and inspirational images every day, create a collection, share with others and finally, heart it.

Human Track your daily movement, set goals and receive positive encouragement in a simple and innovative interface.

Haunted Houses @ West Bottoms As Halloween nears, prepare to scream in fear and jump in surprise as you venture to the West Bottoms. Renowned for the scariest haunted houses in Kansas City, the West Bottoms contains The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Macabre Cinema, The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe, and Ghosts & Gangsters Tour. We recommend visiting late at night for the biggest scares.

Duck Dynasty Beard Booth Transform your kin and crew into Duck Dynasty’s very own Phil, Willie, Jase or Si and share the new hair with friends.

October 2013





How I Met Your Mother final season on September 23. The Mother We Share

By Ellie Schneider ‘17


The beloved TV show, How I Met Your Mother, is starting up its ninth and final season. The story line is a group of adults who go through life’s ups and downs together. The narrator, Ted, tells these stories to his kids, intertwined with the long story of meeting his wife. Last season, you met the mother, but this season is going to be one long wedding weekend. As you watch Robin and Barney tie the knot, Ted will meet his soul mate. TV Fanatic heard from the creators that there will be a death this season. Will HIMYM fans be satisfied with the final season? Find out and tune in on Monday, September 23rd at 7pm on CBS!

Young Fathers Typhoon

Undercover Martyn Two Door Cinema Club

Best Day of My Life American Authors

I’ll Be Your Man James Blunt

Speak in Rounds Grizzly Bear


Passion Pit: October 29 @ Midland Drake, Miguel, and Future: October 6 @ Sprint Center Paramore: October 29 @ Independence Events Vampire Weekend: October 8 @ Midland America’s Got Talent: October 29 @ Uptown City and Colour: October 25 @ Midland


Books to read before they hit the big screen.

FILM Gravity

Romeo and Juliet


A medical engineer and astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them tumbling into space. October 4.

This modern retelling of Shakespeare’s classic chronicles starcrossed lover’s fates and their ensuing forbidden love. October 11.

After surviving a plane crash, a young girl matures, leaving small town Montana and discovering paradise in Los Angeles. October 18.

Set in a dystopian society with five factions representing characteristics, Divergent follows a courageous teen who doesn’t fit a single faction. She is divergent.

An American tourist traveling with her family in England fights to survive, stay in hiding, and put the broken pieces of her life back together.



October 2013


erin answ

tly mos



en s be a e h to b . ast, i d s e u r e th ns nsid passio t en o a c c e d n be a-esqu love e e h t b m r nd will , ou ich her gra h w Judy , ck tions not mo s e u q do riate Please, p o r pp er. nt, a the pap a v e rel d into adde



WWW.BARSTOWBLINE.WORDPRESS.COM to worry now, because its available online and accessible to the public as well. The B-Line team strives to bring its readers the best and latest information in each issue. The B-Line team put in hard work to make this website line. It will allow more students, faculty and friends of Barstow to access the newspaper and see some of the great articles our staff has been writing. Also, articles and pictures from the staff and contributing writers not able to be included in the printed edition of the paper can now be obtained on-the-go.� The new website can be viewed instantly and has added new features, including past B-line issues, responding to the weekly poll, sending in inquiries to Miss Judy, the advice columnist, questions to answer, as well as a new Twitter feed, which often has updates on local happenings and upcoming events. Releasing the B-Line online now has improved communication for students, faculty, and parents to gain a deeper knowledge and better understanding of Barstow. B-Line is a creative force that thrives on reporting events in ways that not only inform, but also entertain.

DIT ION August 2013



A Month Ahead August and September

14 21 22 29 30 3 4 6 9 11 12 13

12 19 monday


Fall Varsity Night. Coaches,

athletes, and parents celebrate varsity athletics with speeches and introductions.

tuesday Middle and Upper School Orientation. Students furnish

their lockers, locate classrooms, and catch up with friends.


Lower School Sneak Peek.

trips for group bonding and team building.

Picture Day

Sponsored by the BPA, boys soccer, cross country, tennis, girls golf, volleyball, and cheer gather to eat pizza and celebrate.

Middle School back to school night.

Upper School back to school night.

Lower School back to school night.

Tailgate All KNIGHT!

Fans cheer on Barstow Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis, and Girls Volleyball teams in action from 4:30 to 7:30.

Kansas City Private High Schools College Fair.

Have events to add? Contact preston.schwartz@

Represents 130 colleges at Rockhurst from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Lower School


Upper School Retreats.

Freshmen participate in activities on campus while Sophomores,

Kickoff for Fall Athletes.

Labor Day. No school.


thur sday

Back to School

Lower schoolers preview the upcoming school year and meet their homeroom teachers.

Middle School

Upper School

All School

Say Cheese for the Camera This year on Friday, August 23, be prepared to smile until your mouth hurts and pose for the Walsworth publishing company pho-


Welcome Back!

tographers. Students from preschool through twelveth grade will wear nice clothes, comb their hair and smile for a picture perfect day.

This year at Barstow, many new faces will join the halls and many old ones will return. On August 15, the 92 days of summer will come to an end and the 189 packed days of school begin. Some students will return from their travels to far off places and others will wake up to their alarm clocks books are read, math packets are complete, and back to school shopping is done. Teachers will begin the process of learning names and meeting their students. Summer friends, academics, learning and fun.

Photo by The Barstow School



just read the feed for live updates.


The new website offers direct access to our Twitter feed. Check out the automatically-refreshing column to hear news about our paper, such as production status, feature ideas and classroom updates. The tweeting-bird also provides you with school news, especially sporting events. If you



Photo by The Barstow School

October 2013

One student says cheese for the camera during Picture Day 2012.

interactive, thanks to its presence on Issuu, which allows



October 2013

IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Pie Five Pizza Company around to find warm reds and cool greys. A line starts at the door, and as you wait a giant menu on the wall offers a myriad of pizza toppings. After reaching the front of the line, approach the preparation station where a friendly face is ready for your order. The main item on the menu is a nine-inch personal pizza. There are three crust options and many toppings. The pizzas can either be made with one of the restaurant’s many recipes, or you can customize it to your liking. Once the pizza has all of your ingredients, they place it in the oven and by the time you pay it is just about done. Your pizza is in your hands in less Located near 135th Street in the than five minutes. The menu also features Deer Creek Woods shopping censalads and desserts. The salter, Pie Five Pizza Company is a new, upbeat restaurant. Pie Five ads are served in a pizza crust bowl and can be your main meal Pizza is an assembly line where or just a side. If you have a you can eat a custom pizza sweet tooth and are not already designed by yourself. The idea has been brought to other cities, full, the cookie pies are great! but this is the first restaurant of The friendly staff is a pleasure its kind in the metropolitan area. and interacts with their customers, by cracking a joke or comThe rustic, yet modern vibe and plimenting their clothing. The interesting concept makes eating pizza even more fun. As you dining area is the perfect size with a variety of seating options walk through the door, you look

including an outdoor patio, TVs, restrooms, and free WiFi. Libby Rohr, a freshman, commented, “It’s the type of place I want to take my friends to hang out.” Pie Five Pizza’s

`economical prices ($6.79 for a signature pie) and tasty entrees make it a great choice for casual dinners with family and friends.

soft, buttery, flaky croissants, is my personal favorite. They also have a great selection of doughnuts, hole bunches, cinnamon rolls and other pastries. If you like McGriddles from McDonalds, you’ll love the griddle cakes that QuikTrip serves too. QuikTrip has a great selections of both coffee and automatic latte machines. The cream dispenser is loaded with dairy and non-dairy flavored creamers, as well as plain half&-half. They also serve specialty espresso based drinks, similar to McDonalds McCafe beverages. Their cups also insulate the heat well but don’t get too hot to hold. You place your specialty drink order on

an innovative touch screen, and you take a printed receipt to the register. The screens increase the efficiency of ordering your drinks. QuikTrip serves soft pretzels, with the options of regular salted pretzels, parmesan and herb covered pretzels or even cinnamon pretzels. They also offer cheese, marinara, and icing as complementary dipping sauces. The only critique I have of the pretzels is their lack of heat. I prefer my pretzels to be hot and fresh, not room temperature. On the plus side, QuikTrip serves great hot dogs and sausages, as well as corn dogs. The display constantly rotates them, keeping your snack hot and delicious.


Photo By Daniel Kessler

By Daniel Kessler ‘15

The line for the register moves quickly, so you won’t have to spend a long time waiting. The employees also promptly begin working on pretzel and drink orders, and you can pay while they make it to save even more time. They keep their hot breakfast sandwiches in a heated display, allowing you to simply grab and go. The center of the english muffin was good, but most of the bread was way too hard, almost painful to eat. The breakfast burrito was delicious, but it had the same hard bread problem that plagued the English muffin, although to a much lesser extent. Their croissant sandwich, sausage, egg and cheese between two

Photo By Ellie Schneider

Photo By Ellie Schneider

Photo By Ellie Schneider

By Ellie Schneider ‘17



October 2013

A Month Ahead October


tuesday BPA Parent Information Meeting. Parents gather to




30 3 7 8 9 11 15 18 21 22 23 25 28 29 30

Have events to add? Contact preston.schwartz@

meet the parents on BPA and learn about how they can get involved.

Knight at the Races. Sixth

Barstow 5K. On Saturday at 8:00, students, faculty, parents, and alumni get on their marks, get set and go off on a course across campus.

and seventh graders try their skills at racing CO2 cars by sanding, decorating, and finally constructing the race car.

NACAC National College Fair. Join hundreds of colleges

at the Kansas City Convention center on Thursday and Friday to greet admissions representatives.

Columbus Day. No school.

Grandparent Day. Lower

schoolers get the opportunity to introduce grandparents to teachers, perform at a special concert, and celebrate their loved ones.

PSAT. Sophomores and juniors Seventh Grade Trip to sharpen pencils, get a good Heifer. Students embark on a night’s sleep, and wake up early trip to Arkansas where they learn for the Practice SAT that counts about third world countries and for National Merit Scholarship spend the night in “countries.” competitions. Into the Woods. Stand

up and applaud for the high schoolers that have practiced for a month to perform this musical bringing fairy tales together into a mystical tale.

Book Fair. Lower schoolers have the opportunity to buy books and visit the library to browse for new favorites.

Lower School

Halloween Parties and Parade. Expect to see

ghosts, ghouls and witches at the annual Halloween parade through the school and in classroom parties.

Middle School

Upper School

Fall Conferences. No school for Lower and Middle school.

Fall Conferences. No


All School

Meet The Thinker


Were you excited when the organizers asked you to be part of the race? I told them I had to think about it.

You might have seen him posing thoughtfully or featured on the 5K logo. Meet the man behind the bright yellow shoes in an exclusive interview.

Why did they ask you to be the face of such an august event? I think it takes someone of stature to represent the “Mind. Body. Character. 5k.” You can have any mutt for a “Dog and Jog,” but this race is more of an existential, mind-body experience. Barstow has always honored the scholar/athlete. So, while I am primarily known as a thinker, my body is a wellchiseled form, and my creator imbued me with a character strong as steel.

Why do you run? People think I just sit around staring at the ground all day, but I much prefer to think on my feet. It also gives me a chance to stretch my body and my mind.

What do you think about while you are running? On shorter runs, I tend towards short stories like those of Shirley Jackson or Kafka. When I run long, I ruminate about Proust and Melville. Food, too - sometimes, I just think about the bagels waiting at the end. Photo by Todd Race

Do you get a serene runners high?

The Thinker thoughtfully poses at the starting line of the 5K.

For some, running clears the mind and they just enjoy the endorphins. I would say for me it is the opposite - my mind races faster than my feet. Sometimes a thought just overtakes me and I feel the need to sit down on a rock and ponder it. For example, last year it was bugs.

Have you ever thought about what hundreds of stomping feet in a 5k do to all the insects crossing the road? Tragic really. Hundreds of students improving their health, but at what cost to nature?


October 2013



Miss Judy is a member of Bline. She enjoys knitting, time with her cats, and watching soap operas. In her isolation, she tackles your questions, as she was once a high schooler, like you, well sort of.

It’s only September and I’m already struggling with all of my classes. How do I juggle so much work?

There are so many clubs; I don’t know which one to join. How do I choose?

When I was a schoolgirl, we had all of our classes in a one-room schoolhouse and there was only one teacher. You poor students these days have so much more to keep track of. I find that keeping a detailed timetable and making to-do lists can be very helpful. Spend less time on the World Wide Web and more time actually doing your work. Find a quiet space to be productive, like a library or a closet, and work your hardest.

A club should be something that you are interested in, something you want to spend a lot of your free time participating in. It’s a shame they don’t have a cat fanatics club or a knitting club. There is a club for (almost) everything, from helping others to learning a new language. Try a few and see if one is right for you. You should join a club that you will enjoy, even if your friends aren’t in it. Remember to keep an open mind.

I’m going to a Halloween party, but I don’t have any costume ideas. Any suggestions?

I don’t have friends in any of my classes and I’m miserable. It’s too late to switch, so what do I do?

Halloween is a great opportunity to show everyone how creative, original or terrifying you are. I always collect cat fur from my furniture and sweaters and knit an original cat costume. If you don’t have that much time, try to make or buy something funny or scary. Ghosts costumes are a classic and they are easy to make. Dressing up as a celebrity or an animal is also a great choice. Make sure that your costume is comfortable and won’t get in the way of bobbing for apples or dancing to “Monster Mash.”

Well, the simplest solution would be to make some new friends! People probably aren’t approaching you because of that frown on your face – turn it upside down and give your classmates a chance! Not seeing your “BFFs” every period will make the time you do spend with them even better. You’ve got to make do with what you’ve got, just like a cat and bowl of soymilk. So chin up and get to class.


Photo by Katherine Grabowsky

If your locker appears as though a tornado has destroyed all your books, then organization is not one of your skills. Make sure you keep your locker neat and tidy. Who knows, your grades might start rising when your locker is well-kept.

Photo by Katherine Grabowsky

If your locker looks as decorated as this one, then you are outgoing. Having a personalized locker might just boost your mood on a sad day. Have fun with your space but don’t drown in your decor.


Memorable If you have pictures covering every square inch on your locker, then you use your locker as a personal photo album. Have fun with your pictures but make sure you don’t overdo it to the point where you can’t see your walls!

If your locker looks as though it could be in a magazine, then you are doing it right. We give you two thumbs up and a gold star. Your tidy locker will lead to a clean start to the incoming school year.

Photo by Katherine Grabowsky


A guide to what the inside of your locker says about your personality.

Photo by Katherine Grabowsky



October 2013

Emily Koseck How is Barstow different from your school in your country? I used to go to a public school. Barstow isn’t harder or easier, but it is more work. Favorite American food? Chipotle Most interesting thing you’ve seen in America? There is so much food. Favorite American or International song? America and Canada have the same music, but I don’t have a favorite song. Any new stores that you like in America that don’t exist in your country? America has so many more stores than Canada, but the one thing Kansas City doesn’t have is Tim Horton’s! Favorite International celebrity? Jennifer Aniston

Won Jo Paik

How is Barstow different from your school in your country? Barstow has more freedom and stronger WiFi. In Korea, the teachers switch classrooms rather than the students moving, and the school promoted memorization while Barstow encourages critical thinking. Favorite American food? Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and pepperoni pizza Most interesting thing you’ve seen in America? The diversity of people surprised me, especially in Barstow. I’ve met so many people from all over the world. Favorite American or International song? I personally like the songs of Maroon 5. The lead singer’s voice is so unique. Any new stores that you like in America that don’t exist in your country? I can’t find Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, Walgreen’s, or Taco Bell in Korea. Favorite International celebrity? Definitely Jackie Chan. Looking past his incredible Kung Fu skills, I favor his “Asian who tries to speak” acting style.

Leonardo Benedetti How is Barstow different from your school in your country? Barstow is completely different from my Italian school, because of the different schedules. I have very little free time to study or do homework. For an exchange student, it is harder because English is my second language. Favorite American food? Burritos, fried chicken and hamburgers Most interesting thing you’ve seen in America? Downtown Kansas City Favorite American or International song? Detroit Rock City by Kiss Any new stores that you like in America that don’t exist in your country? Italy doesn’t have Banana Republic or Dillard’s. Favorite International celebrity? Cristiano Ronaldo, Kiss and Robert Downey Jr.

Cheryl Wu

How is Barstow different from your school in your country? At my old school, I had classes until 9:40 P.M., and the teachers switched classrooms, rather than the students. My biggest challenge has been overcoming the language barrier. Favorite American food? Steak Most interesting thing you’ve seen in America? So many parties; they are interesting and fun! Favorite American or International song? Can’t Hold Us By Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Any new stores that you like in America that don’t exist in your country? China doesn’t have Bo Lings or Panda Express. Favorite International celebrity? Lionel Messi, Macklemore, Keanu Reeves and Sheldon Cooper




October 2013

Batter Up: MLB Playoffs

By Anish Vadlamani ‘16

Spinning the Bat on Team Scores, Performance, and Strategy

The Rays led the Angels 5-1 after six innings but lost 6-5. Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays coach, says, “We’ve lost too The many times this year.” During San Franthe playoffs, the Rays will look to utilize the talcisco Giants ent of David DeJesus, are an impressive Evan Longoria, and team that performed most importantly, last year in the playoffs Chris Archer. The and look to continue their youngster Archer impressive form. Buster Posey was disappointing in the month of has been the name to say for The August, but he quite a long time now and will Cardinalsshould look look to have an impact boast the likes to retain his on Giants fans again role in the of Yadier Molina this year. team. (arguably one of the best

catchers in the MLB) and David Freese who despite beginning with a rocky start is a solid batter and consistent player for the Cardinals. Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez hope to give the team runs along with Bryce Harper who may be the most exciting player in the MLB, The The as a well rounded fielder Yankees Red and batter, right now. have the Sox will Nationals recently best postseason look to appointed Davey record out of any continue Johnson as manager to team in the MLB. their perincrease playoff Pressure will be on formances hopes. Captain Derek Jeter to lead in the playoffs his team from both offense and this season. defense. Rumors still continue on Manager John the Internet about star third baseFarrell will look for man Alex Rodriguez who tested his team to step positive on steroids and up to their legendary may be banned from status. Fenway Park is baseball. bustling with talent with the likes of David Ortiz, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Dustin Pedroia leading the offense and Jon Lester and Felix Doubront leading the defense.

The Cincinnati Reds look like underdogs in this year’s playoffs. The manager Dusty Baker The will be looking to impress Oakland the Cincinnati fans in Athletics had this year’s playoffs. This a fantastic season year, Baker will look tocoming second in the wards his star offenAmerican League West only sive man Joey Votto. to the Texas Rangers. An Votto was one of impressive playoffs perforthe impressive mance from Bob Melvin’s players along The team will round off a Pirates with his fellow good season. teammate may be in a Jay Allen favorable spot this Bruce. year. They had an incredible regular season coming first in the National League Central. Clint Hurdle will expect his team to continue their form from their regular season into the postseason. Andrew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez will be the centerpiece in the offense of the Pirates. The Tigers were a surprising team this year, securing the number one seed in the Amercan League. Coach Jim Leyland will look to The his star man Miguel Cabrera to help Atlanta the rest of the team through the The playoffs. However, Miguel Orioles Braves had an amazing Cabrera will not be are a season with Fredi alone in helping his team surprise Gonzalez, a manager in their post seateam this with a very impressive son. year securrecord, pulling his team ing the wild into the playoffs. Justin Upcard spot and, ton will look to carry his team according to cenduring the offseason, but there ter fielder Adam might be a surprise player in Jones, the team Andrelton Simmons who will look to impress emerged this year as an in the playoffs. Adam integral part of the Jones has boasts an Braves’ offense. impressive record and his performance may be the difference between surviving and getting knocked out.

October 2013



Boys’ Soccer Begins Campaign The Barstow Boys’ soccer team suffered back to back losses, before dominating Summit Christian Academy in a 7-0 win. The boys kicked off their season at home against Shawnee Mission North, but fell short in a 2-0 defeat in the heat and seemed to lack a finishing touch in the offensive third. The second loss, to Sacred Heart, was given up from a winning position, holding a 1-0 lead with seven minutes remaining, and disappointingly, lost in overtime from an opposing set piece. After two well-fought matches resulting in losses, the team needed a confidence boosting win. The boys put on an excellent team display and found the net seven times. Even after their convincing victory, the team

fell 2-1 to St. Paul Lutheran despite missing many opportunities. This marked a disappointing finale to the Barstow Tournament, but it still showed positive signs for the future. Needing another win, the boys traveled to Maranatha for their first away match. Although starting slowly, 1-0 at halftime, the team quickly pulled away and finished the game 5-0 with goals from Arman Javaheri, Andrew Lloyd, Jonathan Butch, Steven Ketchmark and Nick Dawar. Practices have been primarily tactical drills and set pieces in preparation for top competition. Although scrimmaging may be more enjoyable, the players understand the importance of each practice and listen closely to Coach Scott Huppe as he looks to prepare

this young team for a successful postseason. It will require teamwork and discipline, which the team has shown thus far. Although results haven’t gone completely their way, co-captain Nick Dawar believes that “giving 250% every game is needed to win.” The effort and hard work that the captains always put in rub off on the entire team. With a tough schedule, such as

the team’s current one, good leadership on the field is key to a winning season. The captains have been leading by example and leading the team since preseason, and they have gone out of their way to help every player. The team has to give their all and play for the team and only the team which Coach Huppe has been stressing since preseason.

Photo by Mahroosa Haideri

By Arman Javaheri ‘16

The Varsity Team prepares for an upcoming game.

Top Players for Top Price in Transfers This Summer Transfer Window, when players are allowed to move clubs, has been exciting with talents going in and out of soccer clubs. Here are the top four player transfers this summer: 1. Gareth Bale - Tottenham to Real Madrid: The rumors for the Wales international had been circulating throughout the entire summer, and it seemed as though a deal would never be completed. Whether it was too much money, or “not the right time,” neither team, Tottenham or Real Madrid, would reveal anything that had to do with a deal being in the making. The Wales international finished with 21 goals in the Barclays Premier League, coming in third to only Robin van Persie and Luis Suarez. Entering the last few days of the transfer window, the news of the world record transfer of Gareth Bale was finalized. The transfer fee for the clinical winger amounts to an astounding $124 million dollars. The already star-studded Real Madrid side will love having another player to complement Ronaldo. Gareth Bale is ready to take La

Liga by storm with his huge new paycheck. 2. Edinson Cavani - Napoli to Paris Saint-Germaine: Edinson Cavani is near the top of the list for sought after players. After a first-class season at Napoli last season in Serie A, recording 29 goals, leading the league, the Uruguayan striker was at the top of any team’s shortlist. After Monaco’s many summer signings to bolster the team before the season started, Paris Saint-Germaine felt obligated to do some heavy spending of their own with the purchase of Edinson Cavani from an above average Italian side from Naples. Already included in PSG’s roster is Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan, who has played on manyy world class European teams, including FC Barcelona and AC Milan, led the team to a league victory last year. Only time will tell if Cavani and “Ibra” can mesh, and if so, the combination could be deadly. 3. Radamel Falcao - Atletico Madrid to AS Monaco: Over the last year or so, the stock for Columbian striker has skyrocketed. At Falcao’s previous club, Atletico Madrid, he scored 28 goals in the 2012-13 season, leaving him third in scoring in

La Liga, only behind world class strikers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The French club AS Monaco were promoted to Ligue 1 after the completion of last season. With the increased competition, the club decided to increase their attacking prowess with an ambitious offer for Colombian star, Radamel Falcao. The striker fared $67.2 million for the French side. Monaco also added winger James Rodriguez from FC Porto for nearly $60 million. The combination of the two will prove to be effective. Also, the addition of Eric Abidal and Ricardo Cavalho in the defense will strengthen their back lines, each respectivly from FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. 4. Neymar - Santos to FC

Barcelona: Unlike other transfers over the summer, Neymar’s to Barcelona seemed to be completely out of the blue, if you listen to rumors. Early in the summer, a rumor indicated that Neymar was in talks with German supergiant, Bayern Munich. These rumors quickly subsided when the Santos star revealed to the media that he had no intentions of leaving his current club in Brazil. Only a few weeks later, the Brazilian winger was added to the already prodigious roster of Barcelona. Gerardo Martino, the current manager of FC Barcelona, expects to take his team to great heights with the new addition of the $75.1 million Brazilian nternational, adding speed, creativity and finesse to the left side of the pitch.

Photo by

By Andrew Lloyd’15

Bale signing for Real Madrid


Photo by Emma Krasnopoler All Photos by: Emma Krasnapoler

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