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Week 2 - Studio Journal

During this studio, we were instructed to construct a structure as high as possible with the use of a piece of cut up balsa wood. As a group we drew a plan that we believed would stand tall and not topple. Israr drew up a quick plan and shared it with the group whereas we all agreed it would be a good idea.

The first section we built was the base of the structure. A triangular base was chosen as a telephone tower-like structure was our goal. We added a brace in the middle of the brace to help maintain stability when the tower was complete. However, as the attachment of the balsa wood was uneven, it lead to a delay in our tower as we had to figure out how to attach the tower itself onto the base.

Throughout the studio, we were given folder binders in hopes of assisting in some way. We of course tried to use it to the best of our ability as being resourceful is important. I had the idea that the binders would latch onto the sticks and act as a bracer to strengthen the tower and enable us to build a stable and taller tower.

Week 2 - Studio Journal

This was our project half way done. We still had a large addition to add to this however, we soon began to realize that the braces of this structure were too weak to withhold the weight of the top layer and we needed to create longer and stronger braces rather than many short ones.

This was the complete height of our tower, it ended up reaching up to 1.9m.

If done next time, I would attach this form of brace to a structure. This way, longer solid braces are more reliant and efficient which leads to a lower amount of Balsa wood.

Constructing environments week 2  

Week 2 Studio Journal

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