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Flat 5, 103a Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JN Subway Realty Limited Chaston House Mill Court Hinton Way Great Shelford Cambridgeshire CB22 5LD 16th July 2010 Dear Sir / Madam In response to your recent statement that "following a strong demand from our Muslim customers, SUBWAY速 stores in the UK and ROI introduced certified Halal meats in specific stores", I wonder if you could tell me what people are supposed to do who don't want to eat Halal meat? Do you have non-Halal meats on the menu as well at the same stores? I think it is generally accepted in the scientific community (you know, the one that deals in facts) that Halal slaughter techniques cause unnecessary suffering to animals. In fact it has been proven (study: I personally don't want to be any part of that; If I really have to eat meat then I 'believe' that we should use the most modern and pain-less slaughter techniques available, rather than some archaic system of throat slitting and blood-letting. Perhaps in hot desert climates circa 2000BC it was critical to drain blood from carcasses as quickly as possible for obvious health reasons (in fact it was probably this mandated slaughter technique that was based purely on health that evolved into the religious dogma we see today) But I think our knowledge and techniques have moved on in the 4000 years since. It would appear that Subway has chosen the beliefs of one section of society (Muslims demanding Halal) as being more important than the rest (people who demand humane slaughter). Just because my beliefs aren't scribed into an ancient book does this make them less relevant? Clearly Subway thinks it does. On this evidence of your complete contempt for your customers, I will never buy anything from Subway ever again, and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will start a campaign via social media to encourage boycotting of all Subway stores until you offer non-Halal meats alongside Halal meats. I expect to garner a lot of support for what is an important issue for a lot of people. That said, I don't expect you'll give much of a toss about any of this. You probably did your sums and figured the non-Muslim proportion of people living in a predominantly Muslim area to be so small in that even all of them became aware of the cruelty they were buying into and decided to boycott the store, it would have a minimal impact on your profits. But I'll feel it's important to take this on as my crusade or perhaps my even Holy War against Subway (I guess you could call it my personal 'Jihad').

Yours Sincerely

Mr Barry Wang

Subway letter  
Subway letter  

Letter to Subway on the subject of Halal meats