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Precedents Environmental Energy Efficient Solar Sun Jar

Images 8-9

I drew a fairly detailed and abstract sketch of a flame (as shown below) and sketched it many times, each step will be a more simpler and more abstract than the previous. Instead of the holes made by ‘point offset borders’, I will cut holes in abstract shapes of flames. The holes can’t be too complex otherwise it would take a long time to cut. The first three images at the top are too detailed. The last four images are too abstract and simple; thus, doesn’t look like fire anymore. So I decided to use the shapes on the right.

The Environmental Energy Efficient Solar Sun Jar is built from specific materials that reduces the consumption of energy as well as protecting the environment. The main inspiration I got from this precedent is the colour of the lights and the shapes of the holes. Since my model is based around the nature of fire and will be made with black paper, I will wrap the LED lights with red transparent paper in order to achieve the red-coloured lighting.

Module 2  

module 2, paneling tools, prototypes, precendents, digitalising the model