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Precedents Diamond Tears Edge Headphone The collaboration between technology experts at Monster and engineer, songwriter, producer and actor, Park Jin Young, has allowed them to create a headphone that is high-class in sound and design. The product will be released in Australia at around June. The headphone comes in two colours: white and black. Each incongruent triangle were carefully calculated and positioned so that it reflects like at any angle it is seen from. Apart from the high-tech qualities of the headphones, the thing that strikes me is the design. The design is symmetrical and utilises incongruent triangles. So I will try to panelise my model with triangles whilst randomising the points on the model. Furthermore, I like the quote “Edgy like diamonds, smooth like tears” by Monster and JYP because it perfectly blends in two opposite textures.

Image 1


The BoxX panel was the closest in resembling the design of the headphones. Once I used the ‘point offset border’ function and the attractor point, the model looks similar to the previous one but not as ordered.

I used the feature ‘shuffle grid’ in hope to randomise the points and then panelise it so that it looks somewhat like the headphones; however, it was unsuccessful because panels were being formed with points on the other side of the model.

2D BoxX Panel With Point Offset Border + Attractor Point

Module 2  

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