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I am one of the biggest NBA fans on the planet. I have a favorite team but I watch every team as much as I can. With that said, I thought I would be very good at sports betting. Below I will list some of the tactics I used when betting and tell you how I fared. Betting on the Home Team Any sports fan knows that a team performs better at home than on the road. There are rare occurrences when a team's road record is better than their home record but this rarely, if ever, happens in the NBA. So this is my first betting tactic. Bet on the home team. I started betting simply on who would win the game but these bets did not pay well. For instance, if you put $100 on the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, (formerly the Seattle Supersonics, sad I know) you will probably only win $20 or so. This style of betting is certainly not a good way to make money. With the occasional upset, you're not making any money, in fact, your probably losing money. It happened to me. I would win 3 or 4 bets in a row than lose 1, and that bet lost me more money than winning the 3 bets made me. Betting the for Underdog This is when I started betting the underdog in the point spread. In the above example, the Lakers are probably favored by more than 10 points so I would bet on the Thunder losing by less than 10 points. This paid a lot better than betting on who would win the game. If I bet $100 on the Thunder and they lost by less than 10 points, I would win about $90 or so. I thought this was going to work brilliantly but once again, I lost money. Looking at Teams that played 2 nights in a row Next I tried betting against teams that played two nights in a row. I thought this would be successful because the teams playing two nights in a row would be tired and probably wouldn't play as well as they are capable of playing. Once again, I lost money. In conclusion, betting on NBA games is near impossible. I was losing money and I really wasn't sure what to do differently. I could bet the opposite of what my inclination was telling me but that is difficult to do over and over again. The Vegas people who set the scoring lines know what they are doing and do a great job. My experience of being a huge sports fan unable to win money betting on sports should be a lesson to all of you. Just because you know the players, the teams, the coaches, the injury report and the site of the game, just know that Vegas knows that too.

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==== ==== Discover The Explosive Sports Betting Secrets That Win 90% Of All System Bets - Check It Out ==== ====

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