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Treat Your Seasonal Depression With SAD Lights Therapy

The seasonal affective disorder can be found in many people in the months of winter as well as fall. As this is cause by lack of sunlight, the light therapy can provide the light which will help the people to have positive thoughts and emotions. There are many types of SAD lights available in the market that can assist you in overcoming the SAD. Many people are not aware of the concept of seasonal depression. It means that when the amount of daylight received by a person is not enough for him or her to be upbeat and positive, that person may feel depressed or sad. This type of depression is caused in winter months because of lack of adequate sun light. As this depression only occurs in the winter season, it is called as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This depression can be treated with a simple therapy that is called as SAD light therapy.

As we said earlier, lack of sunlight may have various effects on a person’s mind, and if the individual is not treated on time, then that can cause serious depression which may take an extended period to heal. Before we talk about the light therapy as a treatment for seasonal depression, we have to understand what is meant by seasonal depression. Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder • People suffering from SAD have trouble in concentrating on anything. • They also feel lethargic and don’t have the energy to do anything.

• These people always feel tired, even when they have not worked at all.

• Their appetite increases, and it results in weight gain. This sudden weight gain can also cause them to fell depressed. • People suffering from SAD don’t want to meet and socialize with other people; they just want to stay alone most of the time. • It seems that the patients of SAD need more sleep than others because they do not feel rested and fresh with the average amount of sleep.

According to experts, the less production of Serotonin is the reason for this seasonal depression, and the lack of adequate Serotonin is caused by some hormonal changes. As the Serotonin is the chemical that helps to generate positive feelings and emotions and regulate the moods of a human being, less production of it causes mood swings as depression. The SAD light therapy means certain lights that are called as SAD lights are used to provide the effects of sun light to your brain. If your brain receives enough sunlight, the Serotonin will be produced at normal levels, and there will be no depressing emotions. Using these lights for the prescribed period daily can be very useful for the patients suffering from SAD. Visit this website to learn more about seasonal affective disorder.

Treat Your Seasonal Depression With SAD Lights Therapy