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Scottish Youth Parliament Shetland Candidate


About Barry

My name  is  Barry  Meheut   and  I'm  almost  16  years  old.     My  hobbies  are  football  and   rugby.  I  am  very  interested  in   Interna;onal  and  local  poli;cs   and  issues.  I  came  to  sunny   Shetland  11  years  ago  and  I'm   loving  it!  I  a@end  Anderson   High  School,  where  I  am  an  ac;ve  member  in  the   school’s  Student  Representa;ve  Council.  I  am  also  a   member  of  Shetland  Youth  Voice  and  I  also  a@end   the  Parent  Council  Mee;ngs  at  the  Anderson  High   School.



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Youth Manifesto ‘VOTE BARRY’ Local topic of importance

International topic of importance

One local  topic  that  I  think  young  people  should  have  their  say  on,  and  their  views  and    opinions  listened   to  is  the  closure  of  the  Shetland  Coastguard  sta;on.  The  Coastguard  is  a  life  saver  for  everyone  in  the   Shetland  Islands  and  to  lose  this  would  be  a  disaster  for  them  and  for  everyone  young  and  old!  So  if  I   was  elected  I  would  work  hard  at  make  sure  that  the  future  of  our  coastguard  is  safe  for  years  to  come.     I  would  try  to  encourage  young  people  that  they  can  play  a  part  in  saving  our  Coastguard  Sta;on.

A major  issue  that  a  lot  of  us  here  about  is  Child  Poverty.  A  lot  of  Child  Poverty  happens  in  Africa  where   there  isn't  much  money  and  where  families  live  on  less  than  $2  a  day.  Do  you  know  that  more  than  50   percent  of  Africans  suffer  from  water-­‐related  diseases  such  as  cholera  and  also  every  year  six  million   children  die  from  malnutri;on  before  their  fiYh  birthday?  (source:  World  Health  Org.)      If  elected  I   would  like  to  personally  try  to  help  the  young  people  in  Africa  in  some  way,  because  they  have  a  life  to   live.    I  feel  we  are  very  lucky  to  live  in  this  country  and  I  would  like  to  help  the  children  in  African  so  they   too  can  live  a  healthy  and  happy  life  like  we  do.    If  elected  I  would  like  to  help  other  young  people  to  get   involved  in  this  issue  if  they  wanted  to.                                                                                                      

National topic of importance

A na;onal  topic  that  a  lot  of  young  people  have  maybe  heard  of  is  the  possibility  of  there  being  tui;on   fees  for  Scotland's  Universi;es.  This  could  be  a  huge  issue  for  you  and  maybe  everyone  in  Scotland  who   is  thinking  about  going  to  a  University.  If  elected  I  would  fight  my  hardest  to  make  sure  that  the  voices  of   young  people  are  heard  and  that  our  views  are  taken  into  account  that  we  don't  want  tui;on  fees  in   Scotland!


If I  am  elected  for  the  Sco_sh  Youth  Parliament,  I  will  try  my  hardest  to  achieve  and  do  the  things  I  said   in  this  manifesto.  Also  I  will  always  voice  the  opinions  of  young  people  if  there  is  any  concerns  that   ma@er  to  you  or  anyone  about  an  issue  in  Shetland.  Also  I  will  work  my  hardest  to  achieve  my  goals  and   I  hope  that  I  will  at  some  point  get  to  voice  your  opinions  or  issues  that  you  feel  strongly  about  for   Shetland.

Barry Meheut Manifesto  
Barry Meheut Manifesto  

This is my manifesto for the Shetland MSYP Election 2011