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Bath & Body Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream The Original Rash Free Shave Cream perfect for intimate shaving as well as all areas of the body. 4oz Oh So Original Slick Chic Pear Berry Naked Silk Green Tea Playful Plumeria Make Me Blush Feeling Sassy Tropical Tease Frosted Cake

CE1022-04 CE1023-04 CE1024-04 CE1026-04 CE1028-04 CE1030-04 CE1031-04 CE1032-04

8oz CE1022-08 CE1023-08 CE1024-08 CE1026-08 CE1028-08 CE1030-08 CE1031-08 CE1032-08

Coochy Protection Mist The perfect companion to Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream. Specifically formulated to form a protective barrier between newly shaven skin and clothing. Tightens pores and inhibits ingrown hairs. 4oz. CE1019-04

Coochy Protection Powder—Formulated with Aloe Vera to protect newly shaved skin & helps relieve itchiness associated with a fresh shave. Helps absorb moisture from perspiration to help keep intimate areas fresh as a daisy. CE1020-00

Body Dew After Bath Oil—Replenish sexuality! Allows skin to glow with sensuality. Pheromone attractant enhances sex appeal. 8 oz. Oh So Sexy Original Make Me Blush Tropical Tease Pearberry Feeling Sassy Frosted Cake

CE1008-08 CE1011-08 CE1013-08 CE1014-08 CE1015-08 CE1016-08

3 Naughty Secrets — Be bewitching, captivating & simply irresistible. Refreshes skin with fragrance & sensuality. A woman’s secret alibi to bait & captivate when on the prowl or anytime. Oh So Original CE1040-06 Tropical Tease CE1044-06 Make Me Blush CE1041-06 Pearberry CE1045-06 Feeling Sassy CE1043-06 Frosted Cake CE1046-06

Crazy Girl Body Mist—Tantalizing mist provided the ultimate sexual temptation. Infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal. Pink Cupcake Pretty Plumeria

CE7010-06 CE7011-06

Crazy Girl Dazzling Lotion—Moisturizing oil enriched formula provides softness and sparkle. Leaves skin tantalizing to the touch. Special shimmer light reflective micro flecks emphasize your best assets & sexy charms. Pink Cupcake Pretty Plumeria

CE7000-06 CE7001-06

Silky Sheets-Silky powder and fragrance combine with Pheromones to provide inviting, sexy bedding! Available in 4oz aerosol mist. The only mist for sheets that sprays on dry. Forbidden Fruit Sweet Blush Seductive Rose

CE1088-00 CE1088-01 CE1088-02

Black Lace Fresh Love

CE1088-03 CE1088-04

Crazy Girl Sexy Pheromone Lickable Diva Dust—The only shimmery body powder with pheromones. Now your favorite shimmer powder is lickable with a vivacious honey vanilla fragrance. Gives skin a sexy goddess glow. Use to accentuate sexy assets. Formulated with Pheromones for a sinful seduction. Re-designed jar features a built in sifter. CE7030-00 Golden Goddess CE7032-00 Blushing Beauty

CE7031-00 Silver Vixen

Shimmer Love Bubbles– Be the shining star with our new formulated bath or shower gel with shimmer. For those that sing in the bath or shower, you can now add sparkle to your song. This product is made with Vitamins E & B which will make your skin silky soft. It is pleasantly scented to enjoy your sparkling relaxation. 8 oz. KI1060


Glow In The Dark Bubble Bath— Bathing has never been so fun! Pour into warm running water and let the magic begin. A luminous experience. 8 oz. KI1050

Touch of Honey-This lightweight edible body dust is perfect for sensory exploration! Apply teasingly with the pink marabou feather then taste, kiss, and lick off of your partner. Made with real honey and pure edible ingredients. Passion Berry KI1011 Raspberry Chocolate KI1012 Shunga Sweet Snow Powder—Make a sweet dessert out of your partner. Sprinkle one of these exciting flavors all over your partner’s body. Softly, use the feather to tease and tickle and make your lover shutter all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert! SH3003 SH3000 SH3004 SH3001 SH3002

Honey of the Nymphs Blazing Cherry Strawberries & Champagne Raspberry Feeling Exotic Fruits

Shunga Oriental Crystals Scented Dead Sea Salts— Sky blue water salted with crystals from the Dead Sea, bubbles of velvet offered in a exotic shell, an aphrodisiac fragrance and a candle to match your mood. This rejuvenating experience is ready for you and your partner, to relax into sheer appeasement or soar into an even increasing arousal. Available in 3 great fragrances. SH6700 Aphrodisiac

SH6701 Ocean Breeze

SH6702 Lotus Flower

Shunga Bath & Shower Gel—For long and sensuous water-play, let things get steamy with this bath & shower gel made with vegetable oils and Vitamin E. Gently cleans the skin while intoxicating the mind and stimulating the senses with its delicate exotic fruit or sensual mint flavor. Smother each other with kisses without any bitter aftertaste. SH6500 Sensual Mint

SH6501 Exotic Fruit

Pure Instinct-A pheromone fragrance specifically formulated for seduction! Aromatic oils selected for their stimulating qualities are heavily laced with high quality pheromones. Blended to arouse sexual urges and enhance the natural sense of self-awareness. The possibilities are limitless. JP1 Bottle JP1-RO roll on


Moroccan Fusion—A melody of exotic mangosteen, acai berry and sweet musk ticked with crisp coconut and red currant and enhanced by a whisper of white lily and infused with a pheromone sex attractant to enhance sex appeal.

Love in Luxury Sugar Polish—Natural sugar crystals enhanced with skin rich ingredients. Polishes skin for sensual softness. Moroccan Fusion fragrance. CE1080-04

Love in Luxury Moisture Meringue—Unique whipped blend rich in emollients that moisturizes skin for sensual softness. Creates skin that is sensually intoxicating and unforgettable. Moroccan Fusion fragrance. CE1085-04

Love in Luxury Firming Bust Gel—Active firming complex combines with vitamins to enhance skin tone. Hydrolyzed silk, collagen and elastin to enhance and tone, reduce visible signs of aging for a more youthful appearance. Vitamins B5, A and E to help nourish bust and décolleté skin. Moroccan Argan Oil helps lock in hydration essential to skin care. A rare and miraculous oil rich in natural vitamin E and essential omega oils. Provides a life force nourishment to awaken skin Vitality. Moroccan Fusion fragrance. CE1090-01

Love in Luxury Powdery Bust Lotion– Unique breast moisture relief. Apply as a lotion and it dries to powdery silk. Designed to assist with moisture control, minimize chafing and provide freshness. Vitamins B5,A and E to nourish bust and décolleté skin. Light tapioca starch allows for comfort from chafing plus helps with moisture absorption. Vitamin E to soothe skin and help alleviate irritation and relax itch. CE1082-01


Simply Seductive Sparkling Body Fragrance GlossSeduction with a fragrant sexy sparkle. Glistens with warm vanilla, exotic jasmine and spring iris….a hint of soft white musk compliments this captivating scentuality.. CE2510-01

Simply Irresistible Brush on Shimmery Fragrance— Translucent shimmery dust that provides a fragrant, silky smooth sensation and a sexy sparkle to your skin. A fantasy of mandarin & freesia fuse into a sensual bouquet while musky, sugary vanilla & warm amber woods gently mingle for a simple yet complex dreamy scent to inspire sexuality. CE2515-00

Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Pheromone Potion #9—Black Orchid is the essence of desire distilled into a fragrant oil. Dangerous intentions of orchid interwine with dark violet to bewitch while muted amber & earthy musk complete a fragrance symphony of mysterious seduction. CE7600-01

Simply Sexy—Alluring, sensual fragrance infused with pheromones. Mixes with your own natural pheromones to give every woman their own sexual scent! Designed to entice and arouse while providing the ultimate sex appeal. 5oz glass bottle with atomizer. CE2500-00

Shunga Tenderness & Passion Collection—This collection is presented in a Japanese inspired box that contains all that is needed for romance and play that is sure to tease and excite lovers. Collection includes: Erotic Massage Oil (4 oz), Intimate kisses aphrodisiac oil (3.5 oz), Sweet Snow Body Powder (4 oz) and a Fluffy Feather. SH9500

Geisha’s Secrets Collection—This collection is perfect for romantic getaways, makes a great gift, or a good place to start if you want to try Shunga Products. Collection includes: Erotic Massage Oil (.35 oz,), Intimate Kisses aphrodisiac oil (.35 oz), Sensations Balm (.125 oz), Sweet Snow Body Powder (.125 oz), small feather. SH8000


Love Bath—Shunga is offering today’s lovers a pause in time to enjoy a unique bath experience. Pour pouch #1 to turn bath water into a luxurious gel. Pouch #2 will turn everything back to water. Ideal for foreplay before lovemaking. SH6800—Aphrodisia SH6802—Sensual Lotus

SH6801—Dragon Fruit

Massage Products Play Together Massage Oil Game—Sensual Massage Oil & Dice Game all in one! Fragranced massage oil for frisky foreplay fun! Flirtatious fragrance for sensory delight. Shake…..Play….Massage! Mini dice with sexy actions for spicy foreplay. Perfect touch for a wild sexual adventure or anytime! CE3505-04

Deluxe Massage Mitt-Now made in female friendly “lightweight” jelly for ease of use. Designed with hundreds of massage stimulators, each side delivers a different sensation. Generous size for men or women. Bulk packed in Poly Bag. CE1002-00 Purple

Pheromone Soy Massage Candles The melting wax made out of gentle, skin safe soy transform into a warm, deliciously scented massage oil. Each one has it’s own theme. CE4500-00 CE4500-01 CE4500-02 CE4500-03 CE4500-04 CE4500-05 CE4500-06

Sin in a Tin—Cinnamon Wish—Vanilla Sugar Foreplay—Strawberries and Champagne Burning Desire—Passion Fruit Blazin’ Bitch-Black Cherry Sex—Ripe & Ready Raspberry Horny—Hot ‘n Bothered Berry

Crazy Girl Wanna be Wild Seductive Massage Candle— Made with natural soy oil and other skin conditional oils for a skin conditioning, warm body massage. Provocative fragrances are pleasing to the scent. Does not clog pores and is compatible with all skin types. CE7800-04 Pink Cupcake CE7801-04 Pretty Plumeria


Luxury in Love Body Massage Candles—Made with natural soy and other skin conditioning oils. Extravagant formula liquefies into lavish essential oil body massages. Infused with a pheromone sex attractant to enhance sex appeal. CE1087-00 CE1087-01 CE1087-02 CE1087-03 CE1087-04

Forbidden Fruit Sweet Blush Seductive Rose Black Lace Fresh Love

Flavored Body Kiss—This rich and tasty cream is a jack of all trades! Enriched with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for an everyday body lotion. Edible and creamy for a sensuous massage. Can also be used as a water based lubricant which is silicone and condom friendly. KI0717 Orange Creamsicle

KI0715 Strawberry Kiss

Shunga Soft Moves Massage Cream—An edible massage cream that is silky smooth and leaves the skin tasting delicious for intense lovemaking without the unpleasant taste of perfume. Slides on easily and is long lasting. Leaves the skin feeling fresh. SH4000 Blazing Cherry SH4002 Sensual Mint

SH4001 Raspberry Feeling SH4003 Vanilla Fetish

Shunga Erotic Massage Oil—Ideal for giving or receiving a soothing massage intermingled with sensual caresses, this 100% natural oil with intoxicating fragrances glides easily on smoothly over the skin without leaving a greasy residue. NOT EDIBLE. SH1000 SH1002 SH1004 SH1006 SH1008

Aphrodisia/Rose SH1001 Desire/Vanilla Euphoria/Floral SH 1003 Excitation/Orange Libido/Exotic Fruit SH1005 Passion/Apples Sensation/Lavender SH1007 Stimulation/Peach Romance/Strawberries & Champagne

Crazy Girl Warming Body Massager—Massage with a Crazy Girl Twist. Add tantalizing warm enticement to Pampering and add the sweet seduction of heated passion to any body massage. Re-usable so each time is like the first time. 5” CE7905-00


Mini Crazy Girl Warming Body Massagers—Just like the 5” Warming Body Massager, this one offers a pack of 2 3” mini massagers CE7905-02

Lubes Encounter Pure—100% vegan . Pure Encounter lubricant mimics your natural body fluids to enhance pleasure. Formulated with Vitamin E and glycerin free, pure Encounter is safe, long lasting and gentle on the skin. 2oz pump BC EP02

Encounter Silicone Lubricant—Lasting Encounter Lubricant is specially formulated with silicone to never dry for long lasting intimate pleasure and lubrication. 2oz pump. BC EL02

Silk Encounter Lubricant—A Silicone Hybrid Formula. A unique blend of silicone and water that is creamy, white and luxurious for long lasting pleasure and lubrication. 2oz pump BC ES02

Encounter Delicious Flavored Lubricant—Female Lubricant that is specially formulated to meet the needs of the female body. Water based, Sugar Free, Paraben free and non—glycerin formula that is also 100% vegan. 2 oz. BC DEC02 BC DEW02 BC DES02

Cherry Watermelon Strawberry


Peach Vanilla

TOKO Personal Lubricant “Aroma” - Taste! Taste! Taste! .. It makes all the difference. TOKO Aroma has been created with one thing in mind: a delicious candy taste to excite and guide your senses; and an ultra long-lasting silky-smooth sensation to really feel your partner. SH6400 Blazing Cherry SH6402 Exotic Fruit SH6404 Tangerine Cream

SH6401 Stawberries & Champagne SH6403 Melon Mango SH6405 Sensual Grapes


TOKO Personal Lubricant AQUA—The next generation of personal lubricant, exclusively formulated to emulate natural lubrication, and facilitate penetration. This ultra-silky, long lasting, water based lubricant enhances bodily sensations during moments of intense sexual excitement. 5.5 oz. SH6200

TOKO Personal Lubricant SILICONE—It’s sumptuous velvety touch will amaze you….it’s never ending lubrication will astonish you! TOKO Silicone is in a class of its own, making all other silicone lubricants obsolete. Use it even under water or as a massage lotion to enjoy endless loving caresses all over your body. 5.5 oz. SH6300

Shunga Natural Contact Lubricant—Exclusively formulated to emulate natural lubrication and facilitate penetration, this ultrasilky personal lubricant enhances bodily sensations during moments of intense sexual excitement. Also ideal for adult toys. SH6000

Razzels Lubricant—Warm each other with these yummy flavored warming lubricants. Apply, rub, blow and dazzle your partner into ecstasy. Great for warming up foreplay, oral sex and intercourse. 2 oz. CF-RPG02 Green Apple CF-RKC02 Cherry CF-RSS-02 Strawberry

CF-RTT-02 Tropical Tease CF-RSO-02 Orange CF-RWW-02 Watermelon

Lotions and Potions Shunga Secret Garden –A natural and safe topical cream that, when applied to the genital area, acts as a stimulant and increases sensations. Penetrates the soft surface tissue creating an exhilarating, warming, cooling or tingling sensation. Ideal for premenopausal and menopausal women. SH5500


Shunga Aphrodisiac Oil—Use during foreplay to intensify sensations and prolong pleasure. Apply all over the body, including erogenous zones. Activated by the warm breath of soft intimate kisses. SH2000 SH2002 SH2004 SH2006 SH2008

Blazing Cherry SH2001 Aphrodisiac Chocolate Raspberry Feeling SH2003 Orange Fantasy Exotic Fruit SH2005 Sensual Mint Orgy of Grapes SH2007 Vanilla Fetish Strawberries & Champagne

Shunga Sensations Balm—To prolong a man’s pleasure and spare him the constant worry of holding back ejaculation. SH5000 Blazing Cherry

SH5001 Sensual Mint

Divine Oral Pleasures Lip Gloss—Apply the gloss to your or your lover’s lips and experience the joy of giving or receiving the divine sensations of oral pleasure. The warming-cooling effect of the gloss is designed to sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas, which maintains this stimulating sensation, right up to the point of orgasm. SH7900

Dragon Virility Cream—This exclusive formula made from all natural extracts and herbs, helps men from the very first application to unleash their power and energy from their manhood. Ideal for controlling sexual pleasure. The cream is applied prior to intercourse and the fire and ice sensation will take effect in minutes. SH5200

Rain of Love G Spot Arousal Cream– Discover the Rain of Love to learn how to localize the G Spot, spice up your love life and enjoy your G Spot and reach the ultimate orgasm pleasure. SH7500

Shunga Male Desensitizer—Reach complete control of your sex life with more sensations, more pleasure and long lasting results. Innovative formula that allows a gradual desensitizing cycle and helps men to synchronize their pleasure with their partner. Topical Pump Spray with benzocaine. Nice fruity flavor. .53 fl oz SH5100


Crazy Girl After Dark Libido Lift Serum –Commands any vaginal flower into full bloom explosive Pleasure. Invigoration potency of Rosemary, Cinnamon and Evening Primrose Oil for ultra stimulation. Sinfully tingles for sexual pleasure. CE7520-01

Kiss of Fire –Made from organically pure ingredients, Kiss of Fire is a deliciously flavored heating massage “oil” that is latex condom friendly for worry free play. Each lusty lick offers a yummy flavor and sexy warm sensation. 4 oz. KI0238 Strawberry Smoothie KI0239 Honey Butter Kiss

Nipple Nibblers This exquisite flavored cream tantalizes both of your mouths while it stimulates her nipples into high arousal for increased sensations. JP-NNSTR Strawberry, JP-NNMEL Watermelon, JP-NNRAZ Raspberry, JP-NNJG—Juicy Grape JP-NNBBG Bubble Gum, JP-NNBCI Buttercream, What Makes Mona Lisa Smile?—The big “O” Formulated with natural, yet fast acting effective ingredients to stimulate intimate female areas. Ginseng aides in increasing blood flow to sexual organs. In addition, it’s soothing lubricating effects will delight any woman. KI0460

Amazing Encounter Female Lubricant Clitoral/ G-Spot Gel— 100% vegan, pre Encounter Lubricant is infused with Arginine to heighten pleasure and sensation to clitoris and g-spot. Formulated with Vitamin E and glycerin free, amazing Encounter is safe, long lasting and gentle on the skin. BC EA02

Libido—Formulated to increase blood flow and stimulation, heightens sensitivity and increases orgasms, exhilarates arousal and intensifies pleasure. .50 tube CF LIB-B


Cleopatra’s Secret - enhances clitoral stimulation and intensifies orgasmic pleasure. 1oz pump bottle. CE1400-01 CE1401-01 CE1402-01 CE1403-01 CE1404-01

Very Berry Cherry Vanilla Cool Mint Strawberry Watermelon

Making Whoopie— Edible Stimulator for lovers! This unisex formula makes it safe and enjoyable for both partners. Heightens sensitivity while enhancing passion with our tasty and tingly cream. Creme Brulee flavor. KI0617 Crème Brulee

KI0618 Whipped Mint

Crazy Girl Naughty Nympho—Female Friendly formula to promote sexual arousal and pleasure. Go crazy for sex with 2 natural root extracts known to inspire sexual Libido. CE7500-01

Snuggles Lubricating Shrink Cream—tightens and lubricates the vaginal area to enhance arousal and pleasure. Made with 1.5% Alum to create a tightening sensation making the vaginal area feel tighter. 2oz. Tubes. CF SLK-B





Crazy Girl After Dark Sex Arousal Balm—Breathtaking Sexual Arousal. Exhilarating potency of Peppermint and Menthol for ultra stimulation. Thrilling flavor for foreplay intensity. Infused with an extra potent pheromone attractant for sexual arousal. CE7505-00

Happy Penis—A Thick ‘n Creamy Massage Delight. Enhances any “Penis Play” experience! Lickable with a pleasurable tingle! 4oz bottle. CE1110-04 Cherry Sucker CE1111-04 Raging Mint CE1112-04 Pina Colada CE1113-04 Big Banana

Dickalicious—Sure to ignite a “Fire” in your lovers libido! This amazing gel is preferred by customers the world over for its “Tingling” sensation and succulent flavor! Spread it on & lick it off and watch your lover “Grow Wild” with excitement. HP2027—Strawberry


HP2029—Pina Colada


Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip Nip Tingle—A sinfully sweet temptation to tease and please. Raw Sugar crystals mingle with a blast of mint to delight & excite. Enhanced with a potent lip plumper and thrilling flavor for foreplay intensity. CE7300-01 Rock Candy Rush

Masque—Scientifically proven to enhance oral sex by completely concealing the taste of semen, This is the only product of it’s kind. Once the paper thin gel strip dissolves on your tongue; the salts, bitters and protein flavors associated with oral sex are neutralized and are replaced with one of the sexual flavors. MAS001 Strawberry MAS002 Watermelon

Nipplicious—Stimulate your nipples to the extreme with this tingly, tasty nipple arouser. Spread it on and drive them wild! HP2581 HP2580

Cherry Pie Strawberry

HP2583 HP2582

Passion Fruit Watermelon

MAS003 Chocolate MAS004 Mango


Crazy Girl Wanna Be Aroused? - Makes giving and receiving oral pleasure more satisfying and enjoyable. Gel delivers a smooth lubrication for increased sensitivity. Paraben, sugar and sulfate free. It’s water soluble, greaseless and nonstaining. CE7501-01 Cotton Candy CE7512-01 Mint

CE7511-01 Strawberry

Forever Yours—Designed to make romance last! This favored and water soluble formula adds a hint of benzocaine temporarily desensitize him so that the precious moments last. Gentle yet effective. KI0602 Mint

On The Go Blo—Great way to “go deep” on your lover! You will have your partner rolling his eyes back in ecstasy with this tantalizing erotic numbing spray. HP2351 HP2468

Spearmint Strawberry

Toy Cleaners Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner—Now your intimate toys can be squeaky clean! Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner is a unique antibacterial cleanser. This concentrate will provide gently thorough cleaning, leaving a light fresh scent. Feel confident in knowing all your toys will be safe and clean for years of pleasure. 4 oz mist bottle. JP-TIDY Crazy Girl Toy Cleaner—Contains NO SOAP which could be harmful to your toys or you! Clean and rejuvenate adult toys with a sweet fragrance. Contains exclusively formulated antibacterial ingredients. CE7400-08

Before & After Toy Cleaner— Contains no soap which could be harmful to toys or you! Clean and rejuvenate adult toys with a sweet fragrance. Contains exclusively formulated anti-bacterial ingredients. CE1650-04 4 oz. CE1650-08 8 oz.


Bullets Silver Bullet—Single Silver Bullets powerful multispeed bullets CAP 130

Frisky Fingers— Feeling a little “Frisky”? You will be the Frisky Fingers Vibe. Slips onto any finger to sooth and caress your most intimate regions. Super soft sensuous silicone with raised “nubbies” to vibrate you into an erotic frenzy! Waterproof, with interchangeable batteries. HP2175

Light Up Frisky Finger— Light up your next encounter. Light up action for his and her pleasure. These fun little finger vibes not only caress your most intimate regions into erotic bliss, but also will Illuminate your intimate play in a fun new way which will have you exploring your most intimate sexual desires like never before! Super soft sensuous silicone with raised nubbies to vibrate you into an erotic frenzy! HP2706

12 Function Soft Feel Egg— Lined with our super-soft feel coating, this powerful little bullet is smooth to the touch, satisfying and ultra sleek. Go from a flutter to a throb with the push of a button and choose between 12 thrilling functions! The ergonomic controller fits comfortably in your hand CAP 135 10 Speed Wireless Egg— 10 vibrating functions, waterproof, quiet and discreet. Wireless operation and smooth velvet finish makes this a winner! 30—40 feet range and it even includes the batteries! CAP 120

Perfect Touch Excite Her Bullet—The most amazing little bullet on the market! Not only is the bullet waterproof, but the entire battery pack is as well. Features include: 100% Waterproof, 2 speeds, Soft touch one finger control. SYN2100001 Black SYN2100008 Pink

SYN2100006 Lavender SYN2100002 Blue


Delight 7 Function Bullet-Delight is a wonderful product that is beautifully designed and tastefully packaged. It’s bullet is powerful and has 7 vibrating functions. It features extremely powerful vibrations, smooth satiny finish, removable cord, waterproof (bullet only). BL BL-03530 Pink

BL BL-03531 Purple

Cutey Vibe—This little bullet packs a punch! Features include: lifetime warranty, 7 speeds, waterproof. Individually tested in our US facilities for quality. Available in pink or purple. BL BF-00110 BL BF-00111

Pink Purple

The Speeding Bullet with Promise Ring—Playfully stimulating of the universally designed finger rings offer the ultimate in control pleasure. Attached to discrete and powerful five function massager the ring gives you the power to determine the rate of heightened exhilaration. The perfect union of vibration and elation is just a fingertip away. Five stimulating functions. Easy attached pushbutton power control ring is a one size fits most includes two sets of batteries. Five-year warranty. EN-AI-0004-02

The Speeding Bullet— the waterproof speeding bullets armor piercing is ace precisely designed mini massager that offers the perfect combination of size and power its state-of-the-art file function motors whisper subtly as it takes you from zero to ecstasy in a moments notice. This pocketsized speeding bullet is covered in a satin finish and comes with two sets of batteries.. 5 Year Warranty. EN-AI-0001-02

Glass Pleasure Wands Bent Graduate—Measures approx 7” in length and 1” in diameter. Features include: graduated tip and an extreme curved shaft for your g-spot pleasure. . DW6864


Blue Nubby– The perfect size and shape. It measures approx. 8” in length and 1” in diameter. Features blue nubbies for your added pleasure. DW6821

Pink Deluxe Mushroom— This beautiful pink wand is accented with a blue swirl and an amber swirl halfway down the curved shaft, with blue nubbies on the bottom half. The 1.25” diameter wand features a 1.50” diameter clear real tip and its approx 7.5” in length. DW6971

Red Sweetheart Rocket—Approx. 7” in length and 1.5” diameter of raised red heart! This wand also features a stand up base for your added pleasure,. DW9851

Non Vibrating and other fun stuff! 24 kt. Pleasure Balls—The only pleasure balls of it’s kind. Perfectly weighted chromium steel balls. Enjoy intense internal stimulation with every move you make. May be worn during sex to enhance intimacy. Increases vaginal PC muscle strength. Durable and luxurious 24K gold plating that won’t chip, crack or peel. Includes velvet keepsake bag for storage. CE7900-00

5X Hard On—Made from our proprietary 5X blend of TPR . It feels soft and realistic. 8” in length and it features a sturdy suction cup base and it’s phthalate free! BL BL-52303 Natural

BL BL-52306 Brown


Geisha Duo Silicone Kegel Balls– Great for strengthening those kegel muscles. Weighted ben wa balls inside the silicone shell moves when you do providing you with pleasure as well as tightening those kegel muscles. CAP 600

X5 with Flexible Spine—The 7” veined shaft is firm and truly feels realistic. A flexible internal spine allows this dildo to remain erect for you at all times, so twist it or angle it to hit all the right spots. Perfectly sized for the beginner. BL-58703 w/balls BL-26753 7.5” w/o balls

Instructional Intro to Anal—The Intro to Anal Kit will put you right at ease with all the information and tools to make anal sex relaxing and fun. The kit includes Dr. Ava Cadell’s DVD guide to anal sex for women which offers live anal demonstrations that takes you from cleaning and preparation all to way to multiple orgasms. You will also find sex toys featured in the DVD: A black anal vibrator, anal beads, and an anal vibrator enhancer that turns any vibrator into a safe anal toy. Also included is a tube of anal lube and toy cleaner. EN-ZE-KT-5430-2

Getting and Giving Amazing Cunnilingus—Everything you need to blow her mind! This kit includes a vibrating Crossbones Oral Sex Buddy and a tongue vibrator to boost your performance, oral sex candy to add some flavorful fun, a deck of playing cards with 52 ways to please your gal and enhance your tongue and finger technique, not to mention a full hour DVD of live cunnilingus demonstrations narrated by sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell. EN-ZE-KT-5515-2

20 Giving and Getting Amazing Fellatio—Finally a kit that gives you everything you need to give or receive amazing fellatio. This kit includes the vibration Crossbones Oral Sex Buddy specifically designed toy with an angle tip that delivers a smooth application of pressure and pleasure nubs that increase sensation and vibration. You will also get Fellatio playing cards that feature 52 great ideas for oral sex, along with a DVD from Dr. Ava Cadell’s oral sex instructional video set, a cock ring and a bottle of great tasting fellatio aid: Oral Sex Candy. EN-ZE-KT-4461-2

Vibrating Toys! Vibe Me Petite—5” hard bodied vibrator that is designed around a powerful yet compact motor. This vibrator is the perfect size for someone looking for discreet fun, or possibly their first vibrator. Features include multi-speed and waterproof! SYN2400201 - Black SYN2400206 - Lavender

SYN2400202 - Blue SYN2400208 - Pink

Vibe Me—7.5” Hard bodied vibrator that is designed around a powerful yet compact motor. This vibrator is the perfect size for someone looking for discreet fun, or possibly their first vibrator. Features include multispeed and waterproof! SYN2400401 - Black SYN2400406 - Lavender

SYN2400402 - Blue SYN2400408 - Pink

Mini Delight Massager– Powerful best describes this mini vibrator. It’s waterproof, lighted, has a powerful motor and 4 different sensation attachments. CAP 105

Too Cute—Super mini pocket size pleasure. Put on your keychain or in your purse for a petite surprise wherever you go. Environmentally friendly because it charges with a USB cord (included). Just plug it into a computer. Soft phthalate free silicone head and a flexible neck for pinpoint stimulation and adjustable multispeed vibrations. Purple BL BL-41610


Cutey Wand—Who says great things don’t come in small packages? An Exceptionally powerful micro massager. Only4” in length, it’s high RPM vibrations are adjustable from mild to wild by a simple twist of the dial at the base. The massage head is sheathed in pure silicone and is attached to a flexible neck so you can hold it at any angle and still hit that spot just right. Batteries included. BL BL-41810

Bliss—Measuring just 4”, this pocket or purse vibe is the perfect travel pal and is ready to rapture you. The easy 1 touch push button on the base gives you the choice of two powerful vibrations. Super charged and turbo charged. Waterproof BL BL-61000

Pinkalicious—Shaped for pleasure and purpose. It’s delicious curves are designed for dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation and powered by intense vibrations. BL BL-35200 $35.00

Mambo—This stylish and sexy 9” Mambo vibe is hot, hot, hot! Enjoy multiple vibrations with this realistic penis vibe that is slightly curved for maximum stimulation, yet soft and flexible to hit all your sweet spots. Waterproof. BL BL-12010 Pink BL BL-12011 Purple BL BL-12012 Blue

Sexy Things G Spot Slim Vibe—Our most popular G. Spot vibe. A contour designed head delivers more power to the G-spot for earth shattering orgasms. The 6.5” easy to handle slimline shaft produces multi-speed vibrations, controlled by a simple twist of the base. Waterproof. BL BL-32310


Squirmy Touch Me—A smooth operator with an 8.5” flexible shaft and soft pliable balls. The Squirmy bends and holds it’s shape so that the vibrator tip hits just the right spot! Waterproof with Ultra-Gelle skin for superior comfort. Phthalate free. SYN2800106

Wavy Touch Me—They Wavy Touch Me Penis brings a textured, aggressive look to the party, but in reality it’s Ultra-Gelle skin is sensually soft and pliable. The 8 1/2” Wavy bends and holds its shape so the vibrator tip reaches just the right spot. Totally waterproof and Phthalate free. SYN2800208

Charmer—Shaped perfectly for g-spot stimulation and anal play with a sensual feel of the raised detailing all along the shaft to give you that extra pleasure needed to raise your erotic senses. Perfect for beginners or experienced used. 5 speeds and waterproof. BL BL-52700

Cockvibe #5—An 8.5” realistic vibrator with veins and a twist dial on the base for multi-speed vibrations. Created for the beginner. BL BL-10250 Pink BL BL-10251 Purple BL BL-10253 Natural

Eve’s Delight—It’s shape and size is specifically designed to dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation. It’s multi-speed vibrations are silent yet powerful. Soft and flexible, yet firm enough for the 2 vibrating points to deliver body shaking sensations. The gentle butterfly wings flutter softly while the rounded head massages just the right spot. BL BL-38200


Petite Butterfly—From flicker to erratic flutter, this micro sized butterfly packs a punch! Place the one size fits most straps around your waist and then your thighs, secure this fluttering butterfly on your clitoris, then tune the multi-speed dial to your favorite climatic vibrations. BL BL-92534

Bottle Rocket Orion—Senses will soar, as the diminutive yet powerful Bottle Rocket takes you on a celestial journey. The innovative design and satin smooth coating ensures the utmost heavenly experience while it’s waterproof composition guarantees a safe and satisfying splash down. Packed in a clear plastic bottle . 5yr warranty EN-AH-2286-2

Bottle Rocket Saturn—Senses will soar, as the diminutive yet powerful Bottle Rocket takes you on a celestial journey. The innovative design and satin smooth coating ensures the utmost heavenly experience while it’s waterproof composition guarantees a safe and satisfying splash down. Packed in a clear plastic bottle . 5yr warranty EN-AH-2248-2

G Vibe—Add some ‘G’ force to your G drive. 5 speeds of powerful vibrations, pulsation and escalation at the push of a button. Designed to provide intense vibrations to the g-spot. Waterproof. BL BL-92520 Pink BL BL-92522 Blue

Finger Tease—Our Finger tease makes your fingers an instrument of pleasure. Powerful vibrations are sent to your pleasure zones using 4 soft textured attachments, each creating a unique sensation. Multiple adjustable speeds and 5 unique vibrating patterns. BL BL-21110


Horny Honey Lipstick Vibe-Want to add some stimulation to your world anytime, anywhere the moment calls you? Play away with the Horny Honey Lipstick Vibe. No one will be the wiser while you stimulate yourself into erotic bliss anytime your little heart desires. Soft touch silicone tip, adjustable speeds and waterproof! Phthalate Free. HP2477

Hearts Desire— Elegant Style is hand crafted to stimulate your most intimate pleasure zones. Scientifically Contoured design promotes ultimate pleasure, Phthalate Free and Waterproof. 3 speed functionality— Seductive, Intense and Orgasmic. 6.5” HP2377

Splash Mango Blast– This vibe swells in a series of sensually widening curves. Experience the multi-speed vibrations whenever you choose. The motor is positioned near the tip for deep, satisfying sensations. Waterproof BL BL-84519

Splash Tropical Punch—The smooth shaft is flexible and swells sensually. The motor is positioned near the tip for deep satisfying sensations. Multi-speed and waterproof. BL BL-84508

Desire—Made with a revolutionary new material that is both Phthalates free and non-porous so it will not harbor bacteria. The shaft rotates silently and is independently controlled and offers a multi-speed clitoris stimulator. BL BL-40500


Eve’s Rabbit—The dashing visual appeal of Eve’s Rabbit could definitely distract a girl. Don’t let the soft, luscious body divert you from the decadence within. Your body will tremble from a multitude of erotic manipulations produced by this vibe. 100% phthalate free, latex free, 7 vibrating patterns, silicone, soft and sensual, LED display, powerful, multiple levels of intensity, silent motor, BL BL-37850

Butterfly Stroker-our newest addition to our Sexy Things line. The Butterfly Stroker has the following features: Phthalate free, 7 vibrating function clit stimulator, 7 thrusting and rotating speeds and quiet motors. Requires 4 AA batteries. BL BL-29530

Hunni Bunni—Made with a revolutionary new material that is both Phthalates free and non-porous so it will not harbor bacteria. The shaft rotates silently and is independently controlled and offers a multi-speed clitoris stimulator. 9”, 4.5” insertable shaft BL BL-40701

Flutter—The sleek and streamlined Slenders edition is the perfect blend of subtle, understated design and maximum sensory satisfaction. Slim, sophisticated and waterproof, the sexy, ergonomic shape exhilarates while it’s powerful yet whisper quiet, three speed dual motors ensure a mind altering experience. Beautifully packaged in a tin reusable storage case. 5 yr warranty EN-AG-1102-21-2

Fleur-De-Lis Seduction—Form follows fashion, styles blend simplicity and femininity and please dictates every design decision. Stylish, sensuous and seductive. 7.5” in length. 5yr warranty EN-AA-0002-02-2


Fleur-De-Lis Bliss—Choose the Evolved Bliss for it’s undulated ribbed shape that brings a note of spontaneity to your pleasure 7.25” in length. 5yr warranty EN-AA-0005-02-2

All Evolved Product purchases are protected by a five year manufactures warranty.

Fleur-De-Lis Silky G—Stylish, sensuous and seductive. Technology has evolved, shouldn’t your massager? With the Silky G, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to stimulate the g-spot for a whole new level of experience. 7.5” length. 5yr warranty EN-AA-0004-01-2

Evolved massagers are manufactured from the highest quality, safest, non-toxic Phthalate-free and latex-free materials available and are 100% Waterproof. Evolved Novelties also offers the strongest warranty in the industry, and adheres to the highest standard for product testing in the market.

Duo Obsession Lavish– Prepare to be captivated by the sleek lines and sheer power of the Duo Obsessions Edition. With a master onoff switch, independent motor controls, 9 speed combinations, cobalt blue LED lights and 2 powerful motors, the Duo Obsessions are truly state-of-the-art!”The Lavish also excels in its basic design with a simple curved form that is specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot and deliver added waves of joy and pleasure! Packaged in a tin storage box. 5 yr warranty EN-AK-0001-01-2

Dream Maker—Lunar Rabbit—Fantasies become reality with the powerful, yet soothing Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit. It’s erotically sophisticated, state of the art design and multiple function capabilities , serve as conduit to a state of nirvana. Over 600 combinations of speed and function independent clitoral and shaft control illuminated with sapphire blue LED lights. Strategically placed clitoral stimulator, It’s gentle rabbit ears work wonders for clitoral stimulation while the smooth pearly beads inside the shaft bring extra internal inspiration. Packaged in a tin storage box. 5 yr warranty EN-BA-1104-21-2


Bendable Touch Flexem—Style meets function as the Bendable Flexems avant-garde design ensures maximum stimulation. Soft and pliable, the Flexems bend and maintain your desired shape. This universal morphing feature allows the Flexem to follow the contours of each unique human form, while it’s three hypnotic and dynamic speeds ensure the ultimate erogenous experience. Packaged in a tin storage box. 5yr warranty. EN-AL-1101-22

Euphoriabliss—This sophisticated vibrator is made of pure body-safe silicone and has a silky smooth finish that glides over your skin. Euphorabliss has simple controls and seven vibrating setting that are whisper quiet. The smooth clitoral stimulator is incredibly soft and flexible to bend to your body. You won’t have to worry about batteries because Euphorabliss is completely rechargeable. BL BL-38800

Emerald G- Emerald G Rabbit provides pure ecstasy. Enjoy a huge variety of pleasure with 7 vibrating functions (controlling the rabbit and g-spot bullet) and 3 speeds of rotation. It is a smarter breed of a classic. Curved head is perfect for g-spot stimulation. Additional g-spot mini bullet. 3 speed multi-directional rotating pleasure beads. Phthalate free. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included. Vibrator measures 10.25 inches long. BL BL-73022

Revive Rabbit—This bunny is ready to go with it’s modern, waterproof design, dual vibration points, dual motors and sensual silky finish pure silicone. Waterproof and best of all they never need batteries! Totally re-chargeable and comes with a wall and USB charger as well as a soft microfiber lint-free storage pouch. BL BL-84601

Lotus Flutter—Explore 10 different speeds and patterns of vibration . With simple controls on the sleek handle, the soft butterfly stimulator is powered by an independent motor and has a wonderfully rounded head for g-spot pleasure. This minimal style is perfect for those who desire dual point stimulation without the mechanical appearance of many rabbit vibrators. Offers a discreet appearance and whisper quiet motor. BL BL-71122


For Him

Max Head Flavored Oral Sex Gel—Maximum satisfaction for men! Made with lubricious ingredients to produce a smooth satisfying action. Paraben, sugar and sulfate free, water soluble, greaseless and non-staining. Adult toy and latex friendly. CE8510-01 Cotton Candy CE8511-01 Strawberry CE8512-01 Mint

Max Blast Off Sex Stimulating Balm—Formulated to stimulate a man’s pleasure. Exciting Mint Mojito flavor to electrify your partner. Producing arousing tingle of excitement. For use on penis or any other erogenous area. Formulated with a blast of peppermint oil and menthol that produces a stimulating coolwarm tingle sensation for arousal and excitement. Sugar free, body friendly and water soluble. CE8400-01

Max Shave Total Body Shave Cream—The only Pheromone full body shave cream for men. Smoothest, closest shave and helps prevent shave bumps and ingrown hair. Lanolin, Jojoba and Vitamin E for skin conditioning. 4 oz. tube. CE8020-04 Fresh Scent CE8021-04 Bamboo Scent

Balls N All Shave Cream—The only pheromone infused sensitive shave cream for men. Smoothest shave for sensitive areas. Helps prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. Contains oatmeal conditioning agents. Unscented 2 oz. tube CE8029-02

Balls N All Max Protect Moisture Control Balm—Soothing moisture control balm for sensitive areas. Applies as a liquid then converts to a powdery moisture control shield. Vitamin E soothes and moisturizes while protecting skin from itchiness. Unscented 2 oz tube. CE8030-02


Max Attract—Designed as a sex attractant for him for maximum sexual magnetism. Pheromone mix with each man’s natural pH balance to develop his natural sexual scent. Made with a cologne base for a lasting scent. 1 oz. spray bottle. CE8010-01

Max Arousal—Specifically designed to increase penis arousal for exciting sexual pleasure. Helps to increase male libido. Formulated with L’Arginine, Niacin, peppermint oil and menthol known to maximize arousal and pleasure. NOTE: Should not be used by persons with aspirin allergies or liver disease, on prescribed blood thinners or have an STD. 1 oz. pump bottle CE8503-01

Max G Male Sex Prostate Gel—Assists with increased sexual intensity. Formulated with Niacin and clove oil known to maximize sexual intensity. .5oz. airless pump bottle. CE8500-01

Max Vitality—Technologically advanced formula designed to maximize penis volume. Enhances penis stamina and invigorate sexual performance. 2 oz tube. CE8524-02

Max Control Prolong Gel—Ejaculation delay gel to help extend erections formulated with Lidocaine, a fast acting desensitizing agent. Reduces male sensitivity. .5 oz. tube CE8501-01


Rub One Out Masturbation Cream—Smooth lubrication for increased sensitivity. Instills firm gripping action and delivers long lasting performance. Non-sticky formula. 4 oz. tube. CE8520-04 $17.00

Max Drive Hybrid Lube—This water based plus silicone lube is made with L’Arginine, Butea Surerba, Maca Root and Niacin which is known to maximize sexual intensity and energize sexual drive. 4 oz. tube. CE8200-04

The Pump-Quality Pump with Good Suction. Features 4 attachments, easy release valve, X5 (TPR material similar to silicone) vaginal pump insert, lubricant. BL BL-09037

Sweet Jasmine Love Doll—Jasmine is always ready for you to blow her up and release all your pressure. She can handle up to 200 lbs. 3 entrances ,: anus, vagina and mouth BL BM-15005

Fantasy Football Stroker—Now he can experience football in a whole new way! Both ends screw off to reveal an anus on one end and a vagina on the other. Super soft silicone skin on the inside. A great toy for a man who really loves football! HP2721


Bull Ring—This strong and stretchy ring is just waiting to wrap around your man horn and vibrate both parties to a hot session of taking the bull by the horns. Not only will it help him to stay harder longer. It also assists in giving girth as it slightly restricts the blood flow as the vibrating clit stimulator rubs her in all the right ways. 7 speeds of vibration, waterproof. BL BL-77012

Prostimulator VX1—Prostate massage is an age old form of procuring a healthy prostate and achieving deeper orgasmic pleasure for men by helping him reach a male g-spot orgasm. Black BL BL-40095

The Snatch—Lined with 5 pearls of pleasure and a ribbed tunnel for extra stimulation. Super soft for an erotic feel. BL BL-06420—Pink BL BL-06423—Natural

BL BL-06422—Clear BL BL-06424—Brown

Sleeves and Rings

Mega Powered 7 speed Tongue—Powered with a 7 function bullet. It’s thick ring will keep the penis hard. The outer ring can be used to strap behind the scrotum to delay ejaculation while the vibrations from the tongue will stimulate both partners. Waterproof. BL BL-66002

Super Penis Rings—package contains 3 rings. Phthalates free, beaded texture. Strong. BL BL-00015


Pleasure Stars—Jelly Stars Cock Rings are the “Perfect Fit” to keep you hard all night long for your next Intimate encounter! Super soft silicone. Stretchy band fits any man! HP2336

Tongue Dinger—Specifically designed to provide MAXIMUM PLEASURE by use of the Tongue! Comes with a Super powerful motor and sensuous stretchy silicone, which is sure to please and tease both partners during intimate play time! Don't be fooled by the rest..Stick with the Best! Fits Snug on to any Tongue. WARNING: May Cause Intense Screams of Pleasure!! Use With Caution! HP2171

Tongue Teaser—Worlds first tongue shaped vibrating tongue ring. It literally takes your partner into erotic overdrive! Comes with a super powerful motor and sensuous stretchy silicone, which is sure to please and tease both partners during intimate playtime. HP2226

Vibrating Penis Ring—Made from safe Phthalates free silicone. Stretchable and durable with strong vibrations to stimulate both him and her. Batteries (included) last approx. 25—30 minutes. Use it and throw it away. CAP 101

Anal Products

Ribbed Rose Elegant Style is hand crafted to stimulate your most intimate pleasure zones. Scientifically Contoured design promotes ultimate pleasure, Phthalate Free and Waterproof. 3 speed functionality— Seductive, Intense and Orgasmic. 6.5” HP2370


Sassy Anal Plug—Shaped to stay in when inserted. A hole in the base allows for insertion of one of our Cutey Vibe page 17. BL BL-24162—Blue

BL BL-24110—Pink

Sassy Anal Beads– Graduated beads in a soft jelly material. Great for anal or vaginal play. BL BL-23110 Pink

BL BL-23162 Blue

Encounter Ultimate Anal Lubricant—100% vegan, ultimate Encounter lubricant is specially formulated thick and slick for anal pleasure. Infused with mint extract to relax the sphincter and gentle on the skin. BC EU02

Crazy Girl Anal Ease Gel-Desensitizing formula designed for Ease of Anal Intimacy. Formulated with Lidocaine, a gently yet effective desensitizing agent. Wild Cherry flavor, non— staining, water soluble, condom friendly. Intended for use with a personal lubricant. CE7501-01

Tushy Teaser—A Little Naughty “Butt” so much fun! For Diva’s and couples, petite friendly design for a sensual tickle of stimulation. Enhances sexual pleasure. May be worn during sex to enhance intimacy and to intensify orgasms. CE7901-00


Just for Fun Furry Cuffs—With locks on both cuffs and each containing a safety release lever and two working keys, these sexy cuffs are a great way to add fun in your bedroom or any play time! Pink BL BL-55210

Horny Honey Bondage Tape—Wrap up your honey and tease their mounting desires! Non sticky tape only binds to itself for a no mess kinky fun fantasy. Turn an ordinary night into a sexy bondage playtime! HP2424

Dirty Dice—The infamous “Little Pink Dice” in the “Little Pink Package”! A fun and sensual way to “get acquainted!” Roll the dice for unpredictable foreplay adventures. CE5146-01

Shunga Body Paint– Just for fun, lovers can let their imagination run wild, and then enjoy a delicious dessert. Apply all over the body, including erogenous zones. Tastes exquisite. Made from premium ingredients, leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Non staining and contains no artificial coloring. Brush included. SH7000—Aphrodisiac Chocolate SH7001—Vanilla & Chocolate Temptation SH7002—Champagne & Strawberries

Edible Body Paints-Create your own masterpiece! Water soluble and made from all pure edible ingredients. Romantic, tasteful and colorful. Each box includes 4 colors/flavors, soft brush and a heart stencil. KI0620


Dicky Chug Sports Bottle—When you're at a party, make sure you are carrying the Big Dicky Chug penis shaped sports bottle. Sure to cause hilarious laughter at any party. HP2352

Weenie Chews—Penis shaped assorted fruit candy. 125 pc. Bag HP2120

Male Playing Cards—Get yourself or the sexy women on your list. This saucy deck of provocative playing cards. There’s a different handsome hunk on each card and for maximum enjoyment. EN-PC-3801-2

Edible Undies—One pair of edible female panties with red licorice ties. KI0015 Female KI0005 Men

Wheels of Desire—Looking for a fun and playful way to spice up your sex life? A great spinning game for couples or groups! Eight games in one—every new disc gives you a whole new set of options—A Mild Romance to Crazy Cunnilingus! Requires 2AA batteries—5 yr warranty EN-SP-2958-2

Dicklicks—Penis shaped gum. Blowin bubbles takes on a whole new meaning. HP0670—Strawberry HP0673 – Spearmint

HP0672— Cinnamon HP0674—Peppermint

Peckermints—Penis shaped breath mints HP2660



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