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Australian Owned ISP Over NBN After the introduction of NBN and IP internet plans in Australia, the internet face of the country changed drastically with positive results. With years of effort by the Australian Government into the broadband service sector, now people are not bound to the monopolies of Telstra, Optus or Virgin. Now the Australian broadband consumers are enjoying more than 30 internet service providers with lots of benefits and internet plans. Some of the Australian owned ISP companies are: Bendigo bank Telco, Exetel, Amaysim, Dodo, and Internode etc. You will be surprised that even a Bank in Australia stepped into the business of providing internet services to the consumers. Yes, Bendigo Bank one of the oldest banks of Australia came into the world of Telco and is providing competitive four postpaid plans. One more company known as Australian owned ISP is West net from Perth city. This company came into existence due to the urge of better internet services to the Australian consumers. The approach towards the Australian made or owned internet plan was positive and the adaptability by the consumer was also high. Although there are Foreign Service providers who are giving internet services in Australia but consumers understood the benefits of country-owned services or products. The benefit of Australian owned ISP was offering internet speed of 1,000 Mbps to every broadband user. This surpassed the 5 tier NBN plans and provides multiple times faster internet as compare to the ADSL2 service provider. The home users are also benefitted by the services at affordable prices.

Australian Owned ISP Over NBN  
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