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Presentation of Architectural Qualifactions Mission Critical Facilities

The M Group Architects & Interior Architects

We’re pleased to have the opportunity to introduce The M Group, Incorporated, Architects + Interior Architects.

The M Group was established in 1987 as a full service Architectural Firm. While specializing in Commercial Architecture & Interior Architecture, our services have focused on a realistic approach to quality design. This attitude has translated into a consistent record of innovative work, completed within real world schedule and budget constraints. With projects in nearly twenty states, the majority of our work takes place in the National Capital Region. The M Group exists to produce excellent architectural design. To the extent that we are successful, our superior product supports our clients in achieving their business goals. Our purpose is accomplished by; An awareness that good design process is the foundation of both a successful project and a long - term relationship. Our understanding that good design is good for our client’s business. Architecture promotes efficiency, attracts talent and helps retain employees.

Being conscious that design decisions can and will have an impact on how our clients are viewed by their clients.

to participate in the lead role in traditional design/bid/build, or as a team member in a design/build delivery process. A more indepth list is included at the end of this brochure.

Taking possession of and interest in each project as if it were being designed for our own personal environment. With our core expertise in the design of commercial buildings and commercial interiors, our clients include tech companies, government contractors, corporations, designbuild contractors, associations, developers and institutional owners. Furthermore, over time we have demostrated a willingness


The M Group

for commercial, government or military clients, mission critical facilities play a pivotal role in the daily functioning of our modern world. Yet forces of nature, accidents, organized terrorist groups or sophisticated criminals are ready to take full advantage of a vulnerable soft target.

Over the past decade, The M Group has become a leading designer of mission critical facilities. Project experience ranges from small SCIF spaces that are an integrated part of a much larger interior-tenant design to complete secure-campus master-planning and large, dedicated stand-alone data center buildings. Each project presents a unique combination of program requirements—and each requirement demands a unique set of solutions. The M Group’s years of experience in this sector guide its personnel to fully understand the Client’s needs and to craft an appropriate, unique solution.

The professionals at The M Group understand the complex requirements of hardened, mission critical facilities. Drawing from many disciplines, M Group staff bring their individual knowledge and experiences to bear on such multidimensional projects. Their ability to assemble and coordinate an appropriate team of experts produces


consistently successful design results. No one task force functions without the others, and all are governed by the individual design needs of the Client.


Uninterrupted power, consistent cooling capacity, data connectivity and physical security are vital assets in the twenty-first century. Whether


Mission Critical


Architects & Interior Architects


The M Group Architects & Interior Architects

NAP of the Capital Region Culpeper, Virginia

In late 2006, Terremark Technologies, Inc. hired The M Group to plan a secure data center campus on a 30-acre site 60 miles from Washington, DC. The campus needed to provide mission-critical, co-location space, leasable to diverse users. The project called for an enhanced security protocol, designed to protect both sensitive data and users. Each structure would be built as a secure bunker, with security staff, sophisticated surveillance systems, biometric scanners, and secured areas for processing of staff, customers, and visitors. Terremark divided construction into two phases. Phase 1 (August 2007-2008) included: • A secure perimeter, including earth berm and fencing • Data Center A, built to a level of 160 watts/sf at Tier 3+
 • A generator building supporting Data Center A
 • A visitor center and guardhouse 
 • A shipping/receiving building
 • Two “Meet Point” rooms

Phase 2, begun in early 2009, includes: • Data Centers B and C, designed to 160 watts/sf at Tier 3+
 • Generator buildings for Data Centers B and C • Administration building (72,000 sq ft)

Data Center B and Generator Building B were completed in late 2009. Data Center C and Generator Building C are currently under construction. The headquarters building opened in spring 2010 and includes a 100+ seat auditorium with integrated lighting and AV controls built to the Federal government's Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and has approximately 50,000 sq ft of Class A office space customizable to SCIF specifications.

NCR's headquarters building is home to Terremark's state-of-the-art Network Operations. The building also houses Terremark’s on-campus staff and is equipped with fully redundant backup systems for power and cooling infrastructure. When completed, the NAP of the Capital Region campus will consist of five data center buildings, housing approximately 670,000 sq ft of developed space and providing one of the most secure and sophisticated data centers on the East Coast.


The M Group Architects & Interior Architects

Cabot Tech Herndon, Virginia

Born out of the wreckage of September 11, 2001, this client consists of two components of a federal agency tasked with both monitoring and crisis management of national transportation issues and the daily scheduling and dispatch of the federal air marshal force on a national level. Our mandate was to provide a secure 24/7 mission critical crisis center to support these two components in separate Network Operations Centers, along with office and other support functions. The single story high-bay building selected for the tenant had to be extensively modified to achieve the extreme level of security and reliability necessary to fulfill this vital mission. Due to the critical need for this headquarters operation, construction of the facility was begun before the plans were complete, and plans were begun before the Tenant’s program was complete. This extreme fasttrack process introduced numerous challenges, not the least of which was procurement of the infrastructure equipment necessary to provide a full N+1 configuration.

The facility features traditional hard-wall offices and open workstation environments, a fitness facility with showers and lockers, multipurpose rooms, pantries and cafĂŠ areas to support round-the-clock crisis operations. Additionally there are multiple LAN and data centers, and several SCIF areas in support of the overall secure nature of the facility. Recently,

Our mandate was to provide a secure 24/7 mission critical facility to support these two components in separate Network Operations Centers, as part of a second phase of the design/ build project, we designed a large, full-feature tiered auditorium with break-out conference rooms. The power infrastructure for the mission critical portion of the design consists of four paralleled redundant 500 KVA UPS modules, two 2000 KW paralleled generators, and three 120 ton air-cooled chillers


The M Group Architects & Interior Architects

T Rowe Price Hagerstown, Maryland

Located 70 miles from their home office in Baltimore, this remote site located in Hagerstown, Maryland, will mirror the IT functions of the central facility and provide for emergency recovery and continuity of operations in the event of any disaster. Although the building and site will normally function on a skeleton staff of less than 20, this 60,000 sf single story tilt-up building

This remote site located in Hagerstown, Maryland, will mirror the IT functions of the central facility and provide for emergency recovery and continuity of operations in the event of any disaster. houses 20,000 sf of raised floor data center plus additional facilities to support 130 employees and security personnel on a 24/7 operational basis. Included is office space, conference facilities, a Command Center (NOC), and engineering services, as well as locker rooms, showers and sleeping

facilities for extended stay missions. The electrical design system provides an initial 75w/SF of critical power density upgradable to 120w/SF with Tier IV classification and dual stand-by generators each with a capacity of 2000KW. The UPS modules feed switchboards, which distribute branch circuit power via 300 KVA Power Distribution Units (PDU’s). The mechanical system is designed as N+2 redundancy to meet Tier IV requirements. The central plant is equipped with a free-

cooling sub-plant for energy conservation during suitable outdoor conditions. A dual loop chilled water piping system serves the data center below the raised floor. The domestic water service has dual exterior water storage tanks with associated pumps to assist during low water supply situations. The fire detection has not only a pre-action sprinkler system but also an FM 200 gaseous system. The building, when completed in June 2010, is expected to obtain LEED Gold certification.


The M Group Architects & Interior Architects

SAMPLE PROJECT HISTORY NAP of the CAPITAL REGION Location: Culpeper, Virginia Size: Site 1 - Approx 850,000sf in (8) Buildings on 30 acres Site 2 - Approx 780,000sf in (6) Buildings on 28 acres Description: Master planning and design of a highly secure Co-Lo facility on a semi-rural site. The third of five data centers is currently under construction. The forth data center is in the design document phase. Support buildings include a guard house/ security building, shipping/ receiving building, a 2 story, 70,000sf office building


Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP



CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT Location: Stafford, Virginia Size: 310,000sf Description: Complex manufacturing and office buildings on a large service site. Services: Design/Build contract, including Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 21M

T ROWE PRICE Location: Hagerstown, MD Size: 60,000sf Description: Design for phase one of a single story concrete structure will serve as a disaster recovery facility. Phase one to be completed summer 2010. The building houses state of the art data center pods, offices, sleeping and dining areas for extended operations Services: Architecture (Structural and MEP – design/build Confidential Budget:

BEAUMEADE CORPORATE PARK Location: Loudoun County, Virginia Size: 540,000sf Description: Design of tilt-up concrete structures for a seven building complex. Clear heights range from eighteen to thirty-two feet. Multiple office, lab, secure and tech users. Services: Architecture (Structural and MEP – design/build with owner) Budget: Approx. 24.5M

CABOT TECH Location: Herndon,Virginia Size: 110,000 Square Feet Description: Crisis Center for TSA and FAM government agencies. Technical, data center and general office spaces, plus areas for visiting dignitaries, and press. Services: Architecture and Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 11M


The M Group AEROASTRO Location: Loudoun County, Virginia Architects & Interior Size: 30,000 Square Feet Architects Description: Production and office facility for this designer of small satellites. Spaces include class 10,000 clean rooms, machine shop, metals shop and wood shop. Services: Interior Architecture and MEP Budget: Approx. 1.9M

ROCKWELL COLLINS Location: Loudoun County, Virginia Size: Approx 150,000 Square Feet Description: Multiple phases over about ten years. HIghbay space for aircraft simulators, general office space, and development labs. Services: Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 8M

BOEING CORPORATION (designed for Hughes Aircraft) Location: Herndon, Virginia Size: 80,000 Square Feet Description: HIghbay space for aircraft simulators, general office space, and computer labs. Services: Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 4M

ALBEMARLE POINT Location: Fairfax, Virginia Size: 290,000 Square Feet Description: Master planning for a six building complex. Buildings include a mix of flex space, single-story office, and two-story office. Multiple office, technical and secure users. Services: Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 24M

ORBITAL SCIENCES Location: Loudoun County, Virginia Size: 215,000sf Description: Master planning and Architecture for a four building complex. Currently completed is Building A, which is a two-story building containing computer labs, and general office spaces. Services: Architecture and Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 21M

SKYLINE DISPLAY Location: Winchester, Virginia and Chantilly, Virginia Size: 80,000 Square Feet at each location Description: General office and production facilities for a graphic design and display production company. HIghbay space fabric shop, wood shop, metals shop and display assembly / training Services: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Structural and MEP Budget: Approx. 14M


Mission Critial Facilities  

The M Group's approach and experience with Mission Critical Facilities.