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Barry Andrews Homes, LLC 8 Clematis Way Conowingo, MD 21918 Phone: 443-987-8325 FAX: 443-731-1801 Email: Facebook:


“Well it has been a year since Al and I moved into Murphy’s Run. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I truly have never been happier. You, Barry, Brian and your staff have been absolutely terrific. I can't believe we found such a wonderful community to live in. Thank you again for building my dream house! You guys are the BEST!” -

Jacki Bader

“Barry & Eve, On a sunny day we drove by and discovered a very special place (Murphy’s Run). Thanks to you two for helping make our happily ever after.” -

The Collins Family

“Barry, Eve and Staff, What an absolute pleasure it has been working with you for the building of our home. Everyone we have dealt with has been fantastic and it has been a very enjoyable experience.” -

Eric, Laura, Olivia and Ava

“Barry & Eve, Words just can’t tell you how happy and blessed we are to be able to live in one of your homes.” -

Diane and Larry

TIPS FOR SELLING YOUR HOME Secret # 10: Price your property 15-20 % lesser than what it's worth. This will trigger buyers to line up in droves and begin a bidding war, which will certainly lead the cost to market value and even over market value. This is a dangerous and vigorous method, but in today's market, it's one of the most effective techniques.

Secret # 9: Purge your closets. Storage is everything and if it appears like you have greater than you need; it's a wonderful selling attribute.

Secret # 8: Lighting is EVERYTHING. Purchasers are always planning to make certain they have enough lighting. In order to see to it you have sufficient natural light, clean your windows, open up the drapes, cut the shrubberies. Interior lighting is crucial also. Make certain you have the highest wattage your light could hold.

Secret # 7: Hire the best Realtor. It's important to tap the services of somebody that will help you, not her/his commission. Ask about and you'll locate the suitable person that will certainly help you and pay attention to your needs.

Secret # 6: Hide the pets. If you are like me, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pet. Not everybody enjoys animals when it comes to selling your home. Prior to the showing/open property, be sure to put away all animal materiel.

Secret # 5: Small Fixes are OKAY ... yet significant makeovers are not advised.

Secret # 4: Your home is just that, Yours. When selling, you should make it a lot more neutral, so others could see themselves living there. It might take away from the buyer understanding of what's right for them if you have too much personality in your property when marketing.

Secret # 3: The kitchen area is where it goes to. You may wonder if it's worth upgrading your kitchen area prior to offering ... the solution is YES. The most return on a residence restoration is the cooking area and restrooms. If your kitchen area is not updated, a purchaser may request for a decrease in cost to cover the cost of renovating the area. But, if you spruce it up with freshly decorated cupboards, new hardware and a modern-day counter best, it will boost the value of the residence and customers will certainly be delighted. If you've acquired the cash, include new stainless steel appliances.

Secret #2: Get ready in an instant. Always have your house in order and prepared for a showing, even at the last min. It's a bear to take care of, especially if you have youngsters ... no concern what age:) Being ready will allow the most adaptability for those who have a tight timetable and should visit and see exactly what you have to supply.

Secret # 1: No second chance around for first impressions. Despite the amount of money, time, electricity and initiative you spend on making sure the inside of your house is perfect, it is absolutely nothing if your front yard and access methods are not cleaned up too. Make certain you have some fresh growing, vibrantly colored flowers lining your pathway to the well lit frontal doorway. Ensure your house is as welcoming as possible.

Green Homes Construction Our Current Model Homes

WELCOME TO BARRY ANDREWS HOMES, LLC Trusted and Recognized as a Quality Builder since 1983! Your family’s life revolves around your home. It’s where you raise your children, where you keep them safe. It’s where you gather, where you cook up holiday meals, where you laugh. Your home is where you make many of the memories and traditions that you will past down to generations to come.

Choosing a builder is crucial when looking to build your families dream home. There is no room for error when putting together the space that will define your family. And because the Barry Andrews Homes team builds each home like its own, you can rest assure your finished product will be nothing short of perfection. When building with our family, we will all be committing to build an environmentally sustainable home. Our team uses Energy Star labeled products and Energy Star appliances. Plus Energy Star approved light fixtures, CFL bulbs and water efficient fixtures. Our heating and cooling units are properly sized for your comfort and for air quality. Barry Andrews Homes always uses green products, such as low VOC paint and adds plenty of windows for natural light, reducing the use of artificial light through the day. We also use native plants and vegetation for landscaping. Going green means saving green – and a green Barry Andrews home means savings each month, an investment that will keep your family happy for a lifetime.

Where are we building? "Cecil County Maryland can best be described as the best of both worlds" The beauty of the country-sides and the accessibility of being right off of I-95. Located along the upper banks of the Chesapeake Bay. Once you have boated and drove around and sampled some of the fruits from the local orchards, fresh poultry and dairy products from our local farms we are sure you will agree... this is a wonderful place to raise a family.

The Barry Andrews Homes Team has Moved! This week, we've moved our model home from Murphy's Run to our newest Cecil County community, The Woods at Spring House Station. Come check out the fabulous, fully decorated model to see the amazing features our award winning company has to offer. Open Daily Noon - 5:00 p.m. *Appointments Recommended* 8 Clematis Way Conowingo, MD 21918 Contact Eve for Details at or call 443.987.8325.

Over the river and through the woods...

The Woods at Spring House Station that is! Come check out Barry Andrews Homes' new groundbreaking community in Cecil County, MD. Just minutes from I-95! Hook up the horse and jump in the sleigh! Head to The Woods at Spring House today! At this time, four lots are available. The largest lot is more than three acres. To check out the lots, or to reserve one, contact Eve at 443.987.8325 or

Contact Information Barry Andrews Homes, LLC 8 Clematis Way Conowingo, MD 21918 Phone: 443-987-8325 FAX: 443-731-1801 Email: Facebook:

Green Homes Construction  

Choosing a builder is crucial when looking to build your families dream home. There is no room for error when putting together the space tha...

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