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Servicing the Rail Aftermarket

Valve Repairs

Tidyco Ltd Unit 2 Pentagon Island Nottingham Road Derby DE21 6BW United Kingdom T: + + @44 (0) 1332 851 300 E:

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Tidyco repairs and overhauls a wide range of train parts, from valves to keep a trains toilet system working to safety critical braking equipment. All repairs are performed to exacting standards, ensuring quality and reliability is maintained, whilst extending service life and reducing overall life cycle costs.

Discharge Valves

Forming part of a trains effluent system a discharge valve is used to switch the emptying of the trains effluent tank. These valves are periodically removed from the train and sent to Tidyco for overhaul. The overhaul procedure briefly consists of stripping and cleaning all parts, replacing all seals, rebuilding and testing.

Manifold Blocks

Tidyco overhaul various different manifolds such as the manifold blocks that control the tilting angle on high speed trains to enable safer, faster cornering on high speed trains. Adhering to strict overhaul procedures for safety critical railway items, the manifolds are stripped down, all the seals are removed and the blocks are then cleaned and subjected to a thorough inspection for wear and tear. Any damaged blocks are discarded and replaced while those passing inspection are fitted with new seals, re-assembled and fully tested before refitting to the vehicle.

Supplying the Rail OEM Market:

Hydraulic Hoses Pneumatic Hoses Silicone Hoses Rigid Pipework Systems Clamps, Couplers and Fittings Fuel, Oil, Air & Water Filters

Servicing the Rail Aftermarket:

Brake Pipes & Coupling Cocks Hose and Pipework Installation Hydrostatic System Overhaul Train Coolant System Overhaul Valve Repairs & Cylinder Reseals Oil & Fuel System Polishing

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Tidyco Ltd Unit 2 Pentagon Island Nottingham Road Derby DE21 6BW United Kingdom T: + + @44 (0) 1332 851 300 E:

Tidyco Valve Repairs  

Based in Derby (UK), Tidyco has over 40 years experience in the rail industry.

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