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Servicing the Rail Aftermarket

Oil & Fuel System Flushing/Polishing

Tidyco Ltd Unit 2 Pentagon Island Nottingham Road Derby DE21 6BW United Kingdom T: + + @44 (0) 1332 851 300 E:

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Tidyco’s team of engineers can offer a full on-site Polishing Service from 1000Ltr on-board tanks to 100,000Ltr’s bulk storage for both Oil & Fuel. Diesel Defence fuel polishing systems are designed to preserve the quality of stored diesel fuel for critical applications such as diesel powered vehicles, standby generators, fire pumps and many more. Operating independently through a pre-set in-built timer, they constantly re-circulate fuel through a series of filtration stages removing water and solid particle contamination. We can custom build to suit your particular needs. The Tidyco fuel polishing buggies are lightweight mobile units designed for on-site cleaning of fuel tanks, drums and bowsers and incorporate a state-of-the-art fuel filter separator element to remove potentially damaging particulate contaminants and water from the diesel fuel. The units help protect engines from failure and unscheduled shut downs and offer a high flow rate to ensure quick and effective filtration.

Save money by avoiding wasted fuel

High flow rates and effective filtration

Lightweight and easily moved from location to location

Filters fuel quickly with a high flow rate

Easy to use and ‘foolproof’ in functionality

Easily and tidily stored when not in use

Reliable and consistent fuel filtration to prevent engine failure

Reduction in down time and associated call-out charges

Save money by avoiding wastage of contaminated fuel

Standard unit comes supplied with a 25 micron filter

Replacement filter elements are available in 5, 10 and 25 microns

Supplying the Rail OEM Market:

Hydraulic Hoses Pneumatic Hoses Silicone Hoses Rigid Pipework Systems Clamps, Couplers and Fittings Fuel, Oil, Air & Water Filters

Servicing the Rail Aftermarket:

Brake Pipes & Coupling Cocks Hose and Pipework Installation Hydrostatic System Overhaul Train Coolant System Overhaul Valve Repairs & Cylinder Reseals Oil & Fuel System Polishing

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Tidyco Ltd Unit 2 Pentagon Island Nottingham Road Derby DE21 6BW United Kingdom T: + + @44 (0) 1332 851 300 E:

Tidyco Oil & Fuel System Flushing and Polishing  

Based in Derby (UK), Tidyco has over 40 years experience in the rail industry.

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