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NEWS BITES FROM BARRY Official Newsletter of PA Key Club Division 18 South


Volume 1, Issue 3

June 2013


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At the start of ICON, Pennsylvania Key Clubbers met other Key Clubbers from not only around the country but around the world. They learned valuable information at various workshops and learned more about ELIMINATE!

There was a service fair for all Key Club members. Pennsylvania showed off their YSY Project, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Key Club ICON was a life changing experience as a Key Clubber and as a person. I encourage all you to consider signing up for next year’s ICON in Anaheim, CA! To find pictures of ICON, friend me, Barry Seng, on Facebook or follow the divisional Instagram account @Div18SKeyClub.

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• The Pennsylvania District of Key Club was just in Washington, DC the past week for the 2013 Key Club International Convention! Key Clubbers had a great time touring the nation’s capitol building, the Library of Congress, the National Archives, Smithsonian Museum, the Mall, and all the Monuments.



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The PA Key Club posing outside the US Capitol Building. More pictures are on the divisional Instagram @Div18SKeyClub.

Kiwanis Family Relations Committee The Kiwanis Family Relations Committee is a district committee that I am a member of that aims to improve communication amongst the Kiwanis Family Network. The K-Family Committee’s other main objective is to provide other Lieutenant Governors and clubs information about chartering new Kiwanis related clubs. This month the committee focused on how to charter a K-Kids club. We produced a newsletter that will accompany this newsletter. Feel free to show this K-Kids newsletter to anyone and contact me if you are interested in chartering a K-Kids Club! K-Kids is a program that allows elementary age children to learn leadership through service.

There are several ways Key Clubs can become involved with K-Kids. Ways to get involve include performing joint ventures such as Kiwanis Service Initiative Projects and attending meetings. Spending time with K-Kids is a great way to increase future Key Club membership. If there are no K-Kids near your Key Club, they are simple to start. First you need to find a meeting place such as an elementary school, advisers and a sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Next the club needs to be promoted and start meeting. The club should elect officers and form committees. All that’s left is service! Be sure to work with Kiwanis International through this process to make sure the club is properly chartered.

Official Newsletter of PA Key Club Division 18 South

Barry’s Tips for Success Are your club meetings boring? Do you need help retaining members? Do you need fresh ideas for the upcoming school year? You came to the right place, Barry’s Tips for Success! This will be an ongoing column that features tips, activities, and ice breakers for clubs that lost their fizzle. Here is our first game to get everyone on the move and energized on boring days: Newspaper Crumble! Separate your club into two equal teams divided by a rope. Give each team a stack of newspapers. Their objective is to crumble it up and throw it onto the opposing team’s territory. After two minutes, the team with the least amount of newspaper on their territory wins! Be sure to recycle!

Service Committee The Service Committee is another district committee that I am a member of for this year. Our main objectives is to create resources for all of you, think of new fundraising ideas, and contact the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At ICON, there was a service fair and the PA district proudly displayed LLS. Many Key Clubbers from around the world were very interested in what we are doing for our YSY. We will be producing a newsletter soon to send to all of them and to you. If you have any ideas or service projects, send them to me at

Coming soon to a theater near you is a movie that will fundraise for the LLS. This is a great and easy opportunity for the division to raise money for our YSY. More details to come!

The New Service Hour ATTENTION! ATTENTION! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Key Club International has changed some rules about service hours. Don’t worry; it’s for the better! This new rule allows for you to add a single service hour for planning an event. You only may record one service hour of planning per event. The planning portion must be an hour in order to be recorded. Keep this in mind when you are planning events! If you would like to add hours from previously planned events, add them to the next monthly report.

Officer Council Meetings Officer Council Meetings are a meeting for all club officers in the division. The purpose of these OCMs is to discuss new ideas, programs, communications, and obstacles. We will be having many OCMs throughout the year to make sure everyone is on the same page. The first or second OCM will give us the opportunity to train the officers who couldn’t attend district convention. This year, club officer training has been changed to an online format to make our lives easier. Once the online training is ready, we can begin. OCMs is a great opportunity for you to meet and talk to other club officers in your area! You will also have a chance to meet our Kiwanis Zone Administrator, Sgt. Coolbaugh. A representative from our YSY,

Youth Serving Youth Project, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will be in attendance at some OCMs. The representative will explain LLS and different service project ideas. I am still in the middle of planning OCMs for the upcoming school year, so check your emails readily! I will be sending out a list of all the OCM dates in the very near future. You all should attend all of the OCMs but if conflicts arise, please tell me!

New Club Monthly Reports Breaking news! The new club monthly reports are here! There has been a new format created that is supposed to make your life and my life much easier. At least I hope so. I emailed all the club officers whose contact information I had the new format. The new monthly report should be featured on the website, but we are having difficulties with the website because it was recently hacked! If you didn’t get the new report, email me at This new monthly report must be used for all new reports. The months of June, July, and August are combined into one report that is due September 5th.

The Latest and Greatest Columnist, YOU! You have the opportunity to be featured in this world renowned newsletter! This is your chance to write a small article and become a published author! I will feature a new article from anyone in Division 18 South, club adviser, club officer, or club member every month. I will give everyone a Key Club related prompt for the article for the next month that can be found in this column. The article should be about the length of this one. It can be shorter or longer. In order to be considered to be published, you must follow the prompt and email me the article by the 1st of the month. An example would be; you would have to email me a brief article about the prompt for the July newsletter by August 1st.

The prompt for the month of July will be the same as the Oratorical contests for Pennsylvania Key Club District Convention and Key Club International Convention. The Prompt is “How do people know you are a Key Clubber?� Get those thinking caps on and those creative juices flowing! Articles are due by August 1st and the most creative article or two will be featured in my July newsletter. Good luck to all the writers out there!

Social Media Division 18 South has just gone viral! We are now on Twitter and Instagram! I revamped the Facebook page and created a Facebook group solely for the club officers in the division. You can use these useful tools of communication to find important updates about the division. All ICON information was posted on the Twitter and Instagram account for everyone to see! This is a great way to experience ICON at home! If you have any service projects, pictures, or ideas that you want to be shared with the division, follow us! For more updates, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Div18SKeyClub and like us on Facebook, Division 18S of Pennsylvania Key Club! Coming soon: a divisional website!

Club Feedback Starting this month, I will be sending all of your club monthly reports. These reports will tell you all the good things you have been doing and the areas where you need improvement. I am hoping this new form of communication is easier for everyone so all the officers know what they need to do. Also, everyone loves when their club gets complimented!

At the end of the report, you will have the opportunity to evaluate me! I know you do that during your club monthly reports but this is your chance to tell me directly, to be in depth, and to be completely honest. You still have to evaluate me in your club monthly reports! The feedback for your club will be emailed to you all at the 25th of every month starting July 25th!

The New International Board Goodbye to the old International Board and a job well done! Congratulations to the new International Board who were inducted at Key Club International Convention in Washington, DC. International President: Raeford Penny International Vice President: Rachel Benoit International Trustees: Casey O’Neill, Alberto Berrizbeitia, Roshni Chandwani, Renisha Daley, Avery Hitchcock, Kelsie Hoppes, Madison Kemker, Maria Palazzolo, Michelle Peterson, Zachary Waldorf, and Eric Yoon.

Ask Barry Do you have a burning question about Key Club, the duties of a Lieutenant Governor, or just life in general? Well you came to the right place because I have all the answers! Actually, I don’t but I can help! This column is made for you; club advisers, officers, and members. Send in your comments, questions, concerns to or (484) 661-9120. You have the option to remain completely anonymous or you can reveal your first name and club. Don’t be shy! Everyone has a question that needs to be answered!

PA Key Club Division 18S June Newsletter