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THANK YOU The Barron Arts Center Staff wishes to thank the following Woodbridge Township Departments and everyone for their help in making this year’s BarronFest a success: Department of Public Safety The Woodbridge Township Cultural Arts Commission Township Administration

Department of Parks & Public Works Department of Buildings and Grounds Department of Recreation

Participating Artists Barron Arts Center Volunteers and Friends and thanks to our public guests for attending BarronFest 2021.

Township of Woodbridge Office of the Mayor John E. McCormac, Mayor One Main Street ∙ Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 Tel: (732) 602-6015 Fax: (732) 602-6016 Welcome to BarronFest 2021: The 14th Annual BarronFest Fine Arts & Crafts Festival returns on October 9, 2021 as the region’s most attended local “artisan” event as juried artists gather to display the finest in arts and crafts. Due to current social gathering restrictions and guidelines, BarronFest 2021 will display at a new location - Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park located at 529 Cliff Road in the Sewaren section of the Township. The BarronFest fine art and craft gallery features original art work and hand-made items, including oils/acrylics, watercolor, photography, sculpture, graphic drawings and pastels, mixed media, pottery, jewelry, glassworks and ceramics, fabric art and basketry, hand-crafted toys and an almost infinite variety of art objects and items. In fact, many of the exhibitors and artists conduct live demonstrations that depict the intricacy of their artwork. On a personal note, we sincerely thank Cynthia Knight and the staff of The Barron Arts Center and the Woodbridge Township Cultural Arts Commission for their continuing efforts in presenting the very best in concerts, exhibits and displays that highlight our local arts community.

Whether it’s the annual BarronFest, the Taste-of-the-Arts Lecture Series, exhibitions by local artists, new and returning art classes and workshops, the ever-popular Poets Wednesday or the annual holiday train display, the Barron Arts Center is the “Heart-and-Soul” of the Woodbridge Township arts community. I encourage everyone to stop by and enjoy the very special 14th Anniversary BarronFest… browse the shops, booths, and displays… maybe even purchase original art which will last forever. See you at the BarronFest. Best regards,

John E. McCormac Mayor Woodbridge Township

WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP CULTURAL ARTS COMMISSION The Woodbridge Township Cultural Arts Commission was established in 1977 to foster cultural activities in Woodbridge Township. The Commission supports a varied program, from concerts to art exhibits to poetry readings to lectures. Arts classes for children and adults are also offered. The Center has been fortunate to receive grant monies from a variety of sources—the County, the State, the Freeholders and business supporters. The additional funding has allowed for continued programming as well as maintenance and restoration of the Barron building. Along with the staff and the Commission, the Friends of the Arts, a volunteer group, assists in many ways. In addition to acting as hosts and hostesses for regular programs and receptions, the Friends help with mailings, fund raising and other areas where their help is needed. With the help of the Friends, the Barron Arts Center will continue to provide excellent cultural programs for the Woodbridge township community as well as for people from around the County and the State.

Commission Members Dr. Dolores Capraro Gioffre, Chair Jeffrey Cohen Constance A. Elek Dr. Geri Fee Ryan Michelson Sonal Gadhavi Carol Rebovich

Antonia A. Pancel-Cipric Taylor Freeman Beth Schreier Bernadette M. Sohler Fr. William Smith Sonya Zarestky Raymond Zirpolo

Staff Cynthia Knight, Director Brandon Powell, Program Coordinator

The Woodbridge Township Historic Preservation Commission salutes the Barron Arts Center and the Woodbridge Township Cultural Arts Commission on the

2021 BarronFest and invites you to participate in the preservation of Woodbridge, the oldest incorporated township in the State of New Jersey. For more information, see our website or email to


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For Your Unwavering Support of the Arts and the Barron Arts Center.

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Dawn Arena

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Influenced by natural elements, my art is a reflection of the environment in which I live. Using organic and recycled materials– bone, driftwood, scrap metal, etc, my sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness. The upcycled work I create is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources, so that the environment which we live will continue to be a environment in which we desire to live. My goal as an artist is to make artwork unlike art people have seen, while at the same time recognizable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born.

Prices Available Upon Request Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Dawn Arena Artist’s Medium: Metal Sculpture Email: Instagram: Sculptor_DawnArena Available for Commissions

Lauren Aretakis

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Untitled Piece 1: $50

Untitled Piece 2: $68

Untitled Piece 3: $50

Untitled Piece 4: $40

Untitled Piece 5: $55

Untitled Piece 6: $45

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Lauren Aretakis Artist’s Medium: Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

Email: Phone: 732-406-3636 Web Presence: Pinterest under Lauren Aretakis or kittycatgirl413

Available for Commissions

About the Artist My name is Lauren Aretakis. I make necklaces from vintage jewelry pieces. I started creating necklaces from vintage jewelry pieces about 10 years ago. I was always attracted to vintage pins, earrings, beads and other jewelry bits and parts at garage and estate sales. I love purchasing old, broken and no longer wanted items and repurposing them to give them a new life so they may be loved and appreciated once again. I prefer to use what’s already out there instead of purchasing mass market items. All of my necklaces are one of a kind. I can also design a commissioned necklace by either pieces given to me by someone or by their color choices and ideas.

Marty Baumgartner

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Marty Baumgartner Artist’s Medium: Handmade Wood Carvings, Chainsaw Carvings, Hand Painted Ceramics, Sawblades and other items. Email:

Jan ten Broeke

Artwork Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Jan ten Broeke was born in Over Ijssel, Netherlands, and painted and studied art since childhood. Ten's exhibitions New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, the British West Indies, Germany, and Canada. Aside from art and art history, Ten also gained inspiration from the origin of life, prehistory, anthropology, geology, and astrology. Ten's work is titled with his name and date of execution instead of titling them. This is because he believed it confused the audiences’ perception of his paintings rather than clarifying it. Drawing inspiration from nature, biology, and history, these elements are reflected in the abstract forms of Ten’s work. His work is characterized by biomorphic shapes and evolutionary forces, combining structures with forms typically found in nature. The fluidity of the shapes as they push and pull against each other gives it a lifelike appearance of organisms from a prehistoric time. The colors that are utilized also indicate the tension between construction and biology. The smoky, hazy darkness in conjunction with the undulating forms gives Ten’s work a bleak atmosphere. However, within this smoky hue, this natural color of blues and greens illustrates organic forces.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Jan ten Broeke, a.k.a. Ten, 1930-2019, Dutch American New Jersey Artist Presented by: Barabara ten Broeke Artist’s Medium: Painting, Oil on canvas or panel Email: Websites: Phone: 732-930-1776

Prices Available Upon Request

Carriage Trade Violin Repair

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Carriage Trade Violin Repair, Metuchen NJ Proprietors: Gary Bulwicz & Jennifer Moore Email: Phone: 732-596-7252 Website:

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Unearth Your Desires


Appearing at BarronFest 2021






#1 SS triangle pendant w/ petrified palm root and fac. blk. Spinel

#5 Bronze Filigree Star pendant with garnet on brass chain

#2 SS filigree fan pendant with Ethiopian opal

#6 Semi precious gemstone necklaces; from left to right 1a ss leaf with pink opal, rose qtz, and swv 2b pyrite heart w/ fac aquamarine, fac clear qtz., and fac. blk. spinel 3c green onyx fac. blk. spinel (2) on ss chain 4d SS large imperial jasper pendant with fac. garnet pyrie coins and swv

#3 SS oval Turquoise swirl pendant #4 Gemstone wire wrapped pendants

Artist Contact Information

About the Artist

Artist Name: Unearth Your Desires

My Name is Chelsea Caracci and I am a Jewelry Artist from New Jersey.

Artist’s Medium: Jewelry Artist Email: Phone: 732-318-0297 Website:


Available for commissions Prices Available on Request

I have been making Jewelry for fifteen years. The name of my business is called Unearth Your Desires. I create designs using mainly Gemstones and materials that come from the earth. I create many different styles of Jewelry including Beadwork, Copper Enamel, Fold Forming, Wire work, Resin, and Silversmithing. My main focus is to concentrate on creating Silversmithing pieces in the future. I strive to create fine art through Jewelry. My Silversmithing pieces are unique and one of a kind. I choose to make only one of each design. My Jewelry is inspired by elements of nature. I focus on the healing properties of gemstones through my work. The gemstones that I put together are not just for aesthetic purposes but because they have a purpose. I have sold my Jewelry in local stores for over 10 years. I have done craft fairs and arts festivals for the same amount of time. I also design custom orders for my customers. I studied at Ducret school of Arts for Jewelry Design for many years.

In the past I have done printmaking, encaustic, fluid painting, alcohol inks, bookmarks, key chains and greeting cards. I love to learn new ways to express myself through different mediums.

Jessica Carraturo


Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Mixed Media Crafts

Gourmet Pet Treats

Pet Accessories! Prices Available Upon Request.

About the Artist Jessica Carraturo graduated form Monmouth University in 2008 with a BA in Graphic Design. In 2011 I started Spotted Dog Gourmet Pet Treats LLC in honor of my Aussie Cattle Dog, Pepper. Besides baking natural dog treats she also works with a number of mixed mediums.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Jessica Carraturo Artist’s Medium: Photography / Mixed Media / Crafts Available for Commissions Email: Phone: 732-257-3340 or 732-619-9880


Jeff Cohen

“Brass Dragon”- Pastel

“Saint George– 9 Minutes 29 Seconds” - Collage

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

“A World Worth Saving”- Acrylic on Recycled Crate Wood

“The Red Apron”- Acrylic

“La Marketa”- Acrylic

Prices Available Upon Request About the Artist

Jeff Cohen is an award-winning painter and sculptor. He earned a BA in art at Upsala College, then did graduate work at New York University. He teaches art classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University and the Barron Art Center, where he is a commissioner. Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Jeff Cohen Artist’s Medium: Painting / Pastel / Mixed Media (Collage) “In the Attic” -Acrylic

Email: Available for Commissions

Lauren Curtis

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

Shown are examples the artist’s watercolor/pen & ink pet portraits and architectural commissions. Prices range from $135-$500 depending on size and framing options Available for Commissions

About the Artist Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Lauren Curtis Artist’s Medium: Painting Email: Phone: 732-501-0467 Online Stores:

Available for Commissions

Lauren Curtis was graduated with a BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, in 1988. She’s been creating ever since and now, as a full time artist, enjoys working in a variety of media, including oils, collage, pen & ink, watercolor and photography. The artist is happiest when creating pieces that represent her love of nature, wildlife, travel and spiritual subject matter. The symbolism and mythology of ancient cultures are fused with the symbols from modern -day , natural spiritual practices, to form a unique and eclectic style. These images are often portrayed through the woman’s perspective, showing the importance of “The Feminine” , which is sometimes over-looked. Travel is another major influence in Lauren’s work and the pieces, usually photographs, created from these journeys helps the artist to convey the beauty found in diversity, as well as in the similarities, that run through various cultural belief-systems. Lauren has had artwork and poetry published by greeting card and crafter companies, magazines, children’s books and historical organizations, including the Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission. One of her pieces was selected for the permanent collection of the Joyce Kilmer Library in central NJ. Her work has been displayed in private collections, healthcare centers and galleries and was selected for a solo exhibit at Johnson &Johnson World Headquarters, July-August, 2009. She was a featured artist on the Science Channel‘s TV show Oddities (2011-2012), was also featured on Germany’s TAFF TV (2015), several NJ/NYC cable /YouTube TV shows and has done radio interviews as well. Lauren has participated in over 100 solo, group & juried exhibitions, won multiple awards and is a member of NJ Arts organizations. Her artwork has been sold throughout the US and abroad and she exhibits her work monthly in gallery shows, art fests and cultural events. To keep updated on Lauren’s art schedule, please visit where you can also sign her email list.

Paul DeSaro

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request About the Artist I've been a woodworker for over 40 years building hobby horses, exotic bird houses, refinishing wood furniture, etc. Over the past 10 years I've been involved in creating exotic wood pens selected from wood all over the globe. Wood is obtained from Israel, Africa, South and Central America, India, Indonesia, as well as domestic wood such as Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, etc.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Paul DeSaro Artist’s Medium: Exotic Wood Pens Email: Phone: 732-241-4799

All pens are individually shaped on a wood lathe, and sanded to a fine finish. 6 coats of acrylic finish is applied to each pen to protect the wood from discoloration and damage. Finally, the pen is buffed with a jeweler's blue rouge to give it an extra sheen. My signature pens are wood from the original deck of the Battleship NJ, the most decorated ship in U S Naval history. The ship is still afloat and is currently being restored in Camden , NJ.

Nitu Pilania Dahiya (NITU ARTS)

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist My name is Nitu Pilania Dahiya and I am a self-taught Indian artist currently based in New Jersey. I am naturally gifted with the ability to draw and have been doing so since I was young. My oil and acrylic artwork are primarily centered around contemporary and abstract styles. My paintings revolve around nature and animals, with bold and vibrant colors. As much as I enjoy picking up a paintbrush, I also enjoy using graphite charcoal pencils. Over the last two years, I have been working on my paintings and concentrating on drawing. I love art and being artistic - I feel it is what I am called to do and gives me immense pleasure.

Prices Available Upon Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Nitu Pilania Dahiya (NITU ARTS) Artist’s Medium: Painting– Acrylic / Oil Email: Phone: 925-725-5213 Social Media: Instagram @nituarts

Jessica Lindsey Designs

About the Artist

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available on Request

Jessica Edelson was raised and resides in East Brunswick, New Jersey and has had a fascination with rocks and minerals at an early age. She has been interested in making and designing jewelry for many years starting in her teenage years. Further, she studied art and jewelry design at Rowan University and continues to take jewelry classes at Ducret School of Art in South Plainfield. While she enjoys painting and other media, jewelry design has remained her favorite medium to pursue creatively. Additionally, she prefers to work in sterling silver and to use the casting technique to create unique pieces. Most of her work is abstract so her pieces are in freeform organic shapes. Although health issues have impacted her life, she has always found ways to continue to pursue further education in order to learn new jewelry techniques and to continue to create unique pieces of jewelry.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Jessica Edelson (Jessica Lindsey Designs) Artist’s Medium: Fine Jewelry Phone: 732-628-6014 Email: Available for Commissions

Constance A. Elek

Saggar Fired Vase


Saggar Fired Vase

Appearing at BarronFest 2021


Other Prices Available Upon Request

About the Artist Connie Elek is a studio artist who splits her time between New Jersey and the Florida Keys. She creates ceramic art. Her love of nature transforms clay into beautiful functional works spanning teapots, bowls, mugs, plates, soup tureens, goblets, and birdbaths. Her portfolio of non-functional and decorative pieces illustrates a unique display of handcrafted sculptures and urns. Nonfunctional work is created using various methods and materials. The colors and designs are formed by horsehair, feathers, seaweed, "found objects" metal shavings, pine cones and whatever else may be in the area. She also creates unique fruit and cheese plates from recycled glass bottles which are "slumped" in her kiln. In the last few years, she has painted on glassware and canvas. Her canvas work features vibrant underwater scenes from nature.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Constance A. Elek Artist’s Medium: Ceramics Websites:

Robin Freeman

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

11” Halloween Wreath $12.00

18” Halloween Tower $30.00

8” Holiday Cylinder $15.00

8” Fall Cylinder $15.00

14” Fall Wreath $15.00

22” Holiday Wreath $20.00

Artist Contact Information

About the Artist

Artist Name: Robin Freeman

Robin Freeman is a resident of Woodbridge Township and has been doing crafting for over 25 years. She was a fine arts major in college and had been making unique wreaths, glass cylinders and towers based on holiday themes.

(Crafts by Robin) Artist’s Medium: Crafts / Wreaths & Glass Cylinders & Towers Email:

Lucyna Filipiak



Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist



“Fairy Forest”

About the Artist Lucyna Filipiak was born in Strzyzow, Poland. She has earned a Master of Science degree in Physics and worked as a teacher. After moving to the United States, Lucyna started painting watercolor in 2010. Two years later she picked up oil paint on canvas. Ever since then ,painting has become her biggest passion. She enjoys laying on canvas natural landscape scenery but has also picked up portraits and animals.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Lucyna Filipiak Artist’s Medium: Painting Oils Email: Facebook –Lucyna Filipiak Available for Commissions Prices Available Upon Request

“Fishing at Dawn”

Lois Griffin (Griffin Wear Bohemian Elegance) Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Lois Griffin has been creating wearable items and decorative art using hooks, needles, yarn, thread, beads and just about anything that can be stitched down, around or through for over 50 years. Her art has been featured in numerous publications including books, magazines and newspapers and she was artist in residence at the Newark Museum Arts Workshop in 1997. Lois has also taught fiber arts workshops and classes throughout the NY/NJ/PA area for the last 40 years.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Lois Griffin of Griffin Wear Bohemian Elegance Artist’s Medium: One-of-a-Kind Opulent Bohemian Accessories Email: Available for Commissions Prices Available Upon Request

Nancie Gunkelman

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

“No Direction Home”


“Mysteries Without Clues”

“Mind Over Matter”

“In Memory of Kenyan Friends”

About the Artist Although I have painted in oil and watercolor for many years, during the pandemic, I explored new media to better express intense emotions. I turned to collage and mixed media , in order to rejuvenate my spirits, and find new avenues of creativity. What resulted was a collection of large intensely colored , very personal, abstractions.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Nancie Gunkelman Artist’s Medium: Mixed Media Email: Prices Available Upon Request (all pieces shown are 30”x40”) “Fractured”

“Ceramic Cellar & Crafts” Mary Madison-Guttridge & Leslie Madison Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Mary Madison-Guttridge & Leslie Madison Artist’s Medium: Ceramics, Jewelry, Sea Glass, Wood. Email: Phone: 732-308-9081

About the Artist My mother (Mary) has been doing ceramics since the 1960’s. When I was born I was constantly by her side playing with the clay. As I got older I realized I enjoy not only ceramics but all types of mediums such as wood, glass, fabric anything that will keep me busy. We continue to concentrate on ceramics as our main medium but still incorporate many other things into our shows.

Nina Hons

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Nina Hons Artist’s Medium: Mixed Media Email: Phone: 571-242-7573 Website: Available for Commissions Prices Available Upon Request

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Nina's artistic talents were first developed at a very young age at a private Art School in Sopot, Poland. Her interest turned to making original tapestries by weaving strands of dyed sisal. She quickly turned professional artist and remained so for more than 30 years. Nina now oftentimes combines more than one art medium together in a fascinating collage. Nina's artworks have graced the homes and establishments in numerous countries. Many of her modern day pieces continue to grace homes in the United States, Norway, Austria, Germany, and of course her native homeland Poland.

Robert Hopkins

“Laura’s Rose”


“Tree on the Corner”

“Garden Flowers, Lake George NY”


Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Robert Hopkins Artist’s Medium: Photography Email: Website: Prices Available Upon Request

Appearing at BarronFest 2021


“Lace #3”

“Form of Tyranny”



About the Artist I am an amateur photographer and have been photographing for about 20 years. Most of my work is done in black and white and includes landscapes, florals, still life and figure studies. My landscape and still life images have been exhibited at the Rotunda, Transformations, and Nails in the Wall Galleries, and I have participated in the Junebug Artfest, East Brunswick Art Festival, Highland Park Arts in the Park, and BarronFest 2019. My studio work and figure studies, often inspired by classic photographers such as Ruth Bernhard, Edward Weston and Leonard Nimoy, havebeen exhibited in galleries in Illinois, Vermont and Oregon, have been featured in several magazines and a photography anthology.

“Dancer at Rest #2”


Destiny Jure

“Blazing Galaxy”


“Under the Lights”

Appearing at BarronFest 2021


“Dark Side”

About the Artist Hello, my name is Destiny Jure! I am a fine art major at Kean University. My dream has always been to become an artist. I love to create paintings, sculptures, and drawings. With the art I create I hope to bring joy to others’ lives, as much as art has brought joy to mine.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Destiny Jure Artist’s Medium: Painting in Acrylic & Watercolor, Sculpture, Drawing Email: Website: Prices Available Upon Request Available for Commissions

With my art, I am never afraid to try new things. I always love exploring new artistic methods, media, and techniques. The reason why I love art so much is because of the feeling it gives me. Every time I create something I feel free. It allows me to express myself through my work and make anything I envision become a reality.

Demon Slayer Fan Art

Deepmala Kardam

Prices Available on Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Deepmala Kardam Artist’s Medium: Clay & Paper Crafts, Personalized Cards & Paintings Email: Phone: 848-203-5705 Website:

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Roberta Katlack “Create-a-Candle”

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Artist Contact Information

Artist Name: Create-A-Candle Artist’s Medium: Wax Art Email:

My craft is called Create A Candle (wax art) It is similar to sand art but it is done with wax ...whereas people would be able to make their own scented candles. I provide the wick, wax, and scent and they pay for the jar.

Gina Krehel “JeweledArt”

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request

About the Artist

“Tree on the Corner”


As a lifelong artist, Gina always is involved in different types of design and art. From drawing to interior design; to fashion and painting using several different mediums. About 10 years ago, she started to take an interest in designing and handcrafting jewelry which is how JeweledArt came into fruition. JeweledArt jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Born in NJ and raised in a small town, Gina always found the need to branch off and be and do something different than others. She would always find a way to become involved in art. Gina also at one point was commissioned to paint custom art for residential spaces.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Gina Krehel “JeweledArt” Artist’s Medium: Fine Handmade Jewelry Email: Website: Available for Commissions

Working full time for an architecture and interior design firm based in NYC, Gina still finds time to paint, make jewelry and be the lead singer in a classic rock and blues cover band.

Elizabeth Kozub

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Elizabeth Kozub

Artist’s Medium: Cross Stitch & Knitting Email:

Prices Available Upon Request

Martha Landy

“Love is All You Need”


“Stair Steps”

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

“Yellow Brick Road”

Prices Available on Request. Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Martha Landy Artist’s Medium: Fabric Art Email: Phone: 732-208-7342 Online Stores:

“Coffee Time”

“Purple Pathway”

About the Artist Martha Landy has been sewing since she was old enough to hold a needle. She learned from her grandmother, mother and aunts. In the spirit of original recycling Martha uses scraps of fabrics to create her designs. She bases her designs on traditional patch work patterns and adds her own modifications. She works exclusively in 100% cotton fabric. Although her items are useful, they are also decorative. A quilt that can be on the lap of someone in a wheelchair can also be wall hanging or a sofa throw. It brings Martha joy to see someone appreciating and using her work.

Heda Matiejunas

“Red Mill” $275 14x11

“Cape May Path to the Beach” $210 10x8

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

“White and Blue Bowl with Apricots” $225 12x9

“White Hydrangeas in Brass” $265 14x11

“Southside Survivor” $265 11x14

“Japanese Jar with Fall Berries” $350 10x20 About the Artist Heda lives by the belief that painting is like meditation for the heart and soul: we lose ourselves in the things we love, and we find our innermost yearnings there as well. Heda graduated from the competitive Industrial School for Art Design in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, one of an elite group of 30 students in the country that year, to complete the program. Socialism requires students to work immediately upon graduation, so Heda landed a job as a graphic design artist applying her foundation skills to art in everyday living. She handdesigned wallpaper motifs, labels, vignettes, wedding invitations, and packaging for mass production, and delighted to see her creations on store shelves in her town. Always seeking life fulfillment, but without family or friends, Heda immigrated to the United States in 1995 and set about learning English. In 2004, while working full-time as a caretaker for the elderly in the private sector, Heda earned a certificate in print media and prepress and began drawing portraits, focusing on the spirit and personality of each person. In 2008, under the supervision of local artist Paul Cassale, she immersed herself in working with oil paint media. She has studied the application of still life under Patty Nebbeling, and currently is attending Ridgewood Art Institute, expanding her abilities under Murray Smith and Rick Perez.. Artist Name: Heda Matiejunas Heda works primarily with pencil and oils, and continues to learn naturalism in oil. Her subject matter is varied and includes landscapes, portraits, florals and animals. She reflects humanity and passion in her work, with a goal of capturing rich, rewarding and Artist’s Medium: Oil Paintings flamboyant colors. In this way, she is able to display her creative imagination through innovative expression, and is growing continuously as an artist. Available for Commissions

Artist Contact Information

Every person has a different opinion of what is beautiful and likeable, and what is not. Come! Take a look for yourself – and see how she’s doing!

Email: Website:

Joe Messick

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

Artist Contact Information

About the Artist

Artist Name: Joseph Messick

I first started working with live edge lumber in New England about 10 years ago, when I worked with artisans in the region who specialized in this material. From there I developed my own designs, and techniques to best honor the individuality of each slab. I start my process usually with a detailed design for a product, but instead of having the material conform to the design, I allow the material- the wood slab to inform the design, and allow it to change for the best use of the slab. As a result, no 2 pieces are the same. My education includes a 3-1/2 year master in Architecture, Further studies in CAD, and Revit, and recently, attended the 3 month Furniture intensive program at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.

Artist’s Medium: Fine Furniture / Housewares Email: Phone: 716-316-9098

Lisa & Cali Molis

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information

About the Artist

Artist Name: Lisa & Cali Molis

I have been teaching my granddaughter Cali to sew since she was three years old. Together for the past year we have been making tote bags, masks, wine bottle covers and various other projects. Cali takes the lead in the design and sewing of the projects.

Artist’s Medium: Hand Made Sewing Crafts Email: Phone: 732-742-7707

Lorraine J. Mraz

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information


Artist Name: Lorraine J. Mraz

Towels: $3.50 each or 3 for $10.00

Artist’s Medium: Crochet Towel Toppers & Neck Warmers

Neck Warmers: $3.00 each


Andy Nagy

“Late Winter Sun”

“Fall’s Many Colors”

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Andy Nagy Artist’s Medium: Photography Email:

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

“Springtime Beauty”

Prices Available Upon Request

About the Artist I've been photographing landscapes, fine art, nature and wildlife for the past 30 years. Many images at the Barronfest have been shot in the Central NJ area or New York City. Prior to digital, I shot with both 35mm and medium format cameras using color, b/w, and slide film. I hope that you see something that interests you at the show today.

Margarete Naperski

“Matus Class” 16”x8” sculptural collage on wood; acrylic paint and inks

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

“Bird House” acrylic print 6”x9”

“Blue House 2” 18”x24” sculptured & collaged fiberboard panel $200

About the Artist Born into an immigrant family from Austria, Margarete spent time learning from her father’s commercial art business in New Jersey, learning to be a sign artist at his side, helping prep substrates, assisting in layouts and in later years working at the family’s Central Art & Engineering in New Egypt, NJ.

“Blue House Wall Panel” 10”x6” acrylic collage on recycled barnwood

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Marge Naperski Artist’s Medium: Mixed media paintings and collages on canvas, wood and slate; sculptural and functional pottery; decoupaged wood boxes; altered and handmade books Email: Available for Commissions & Classes

Margarete spent years perfecting pottery skills pursuing a Fine Arts degree at Mercer County College. She began painting and collaging later in life, benefiting from instruction via many teaching artists and art organizations. Her education still includes ongoing workshops and personal study, while teaching collage, assemblage and clay classes. Now, she juggles time as a mixed-media artist creating from recycled materials and is also active in the dance community teaching and performing with her students as Tehani MidEast and Polynesian Dance Co. “Everything has a story, and collage is a favorite way to visually tell stories. My work asks the viewer to look past the obvious surface, to scratch beneath layers and let the accumulated bits speak.”

Inah Nomorosa

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Inah Nomorosa Artist’s Medium: Beaded Jewelry & Silversmith Email:

Patel Jyotindra Ambalal

“We Two, Our Two” $355

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist

“Enjoy Nature with the Help of God” $355

“Paterson Great Falls” $355

“Bear” $355

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Patel Jyotindra Ambalal Artist’s Medium: Painting Email:

“Friendship” $355

“Child with Parent” $355

Karen Pedone


Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request

About the Artist Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Karen S. Pedone Artist’s Medium: Beaded Jewelry Email: Available for Commissions

I’ve been creating beaded jewelry for many years. I had received a little clear egg from a bubblegum type machine when I was a teen. It had a needle, thread and little beads. I’ve been in love with the craft ever since.

Mary Anne Picca

Prices Available Upon Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Mary Anne Picca Artist’s Medium: Crafts Email:

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Mary Anne Picca has carried on the artistic creations her mother, Julianna of Julianna's Joys who started creative recycling 20 years ago. As a skilled seamstress remnants of vintage laces, ribbons and jewelry were used to design one of a kind jewelry boxes, Christmas ornaments and other artifacts. Mary Anne has added a new touch by making miniature shell flowers and incorporating them into her new pieces. These items have been shown through NJ at many juried shows.

Marli Poisler

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Prices Available Upon Request

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Marli Poisler “Jewelry by Marli” Artist’s Medium: Jewelry Email:

Gabriella Rodriguez

Appearing at Barronfest 2021

About the Artist

I have been practicing different mediums of art for the past 11 years I am now 27 year old working with acrylic and oil paint. Currently working on getting into Nursing school and I enjoy creating fun, vibrant art on my time off. I have been participating in the Barronfest since I was about 17 years old and also had some of my pieces of art on display at the local Woodbridge Artisan Guild .

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Gabriella Rodriquez Artist’s Medium: Handmade Paintings on canvas with acrylic & oil paint Email:

The work of Rocky Nardone

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Adopt a

“Shelf Talker!” Make em’ Family!

About the Artist

Artist Name: Rocky Nardone (1954-1997) Represented by Anthony Russo A Creative Carpenter Craftsman who could nail any job hammer out the details and be a cut above the rest. One-of-a-Kind-Finds! Furniture that entertains! Themes-R-Us! Butler, Maid, Chef, Animals, etc. For Inquiries Contact:

Jennifer Salerno

Jetta Sky

Appearing at Barronfest 2021

Artist Contact Information About the Artist

Artist Name: Jennifer Salerno

JETTA SKY consists of jewelry and fine art. The philosophy be- Artist’s Medium: Fine Art (etchings and oil painting) Hand hind JETTA SKY is that each design offers a sense of positive Crafted Jewelry energy as it enhances and illuminates in a friendly way. Email: Creations are made by owner Jennifer Salerno. All jewelry pieces are unique, One of a kind and limited edition pieces are Phone: 917-519-2199 available. Most jewelry comes with a customized description Website: card. Available for Commissions

Beth Schreier

Coastin’ with Beth

Appearing at Barronfest 2021

About the Artist Beth Schreier is an accomplished wildlife and landscape photographer with a love for the beauty and diversity of our nation's coastlines and wetlands. Her work has been shown at galleries around New Jersey and has developed quite a social media following. Beth was winner of Peoples Choice Award at the “woodBRIDGE to ART” exhibition at the Woodbridge Township, NJ 350th Anniversary Celebration. Currently, her time is split between the quaint little shore towns of New Jersey and the odd little chain of islands known as the Florida Keys. Photo prints are available for purchase in a wide variety of formats for both indoor and outdoor display. Please contact Beth if you would like to discuss what might work best in your environment.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Beth Scheier Artist’s Medium: Photography/Graphic Design

Email: Website: Phone: 732-259-5444

JoAnn Telemdschinow

Virtual Catalogue Exclusive Artist


“Gazebo With Roses”

“Landscape in Purple”

“Thought of Things Past”

“The Sisters”

About the Artist

“Side Porch Steps”


JoAnn Telemdschinow has always loved and been fascinated by visual art. She received an M.A. in Art History from Rutgers University in 1998, but kept searching for a medium to express her imaginative inclinations. In 2014, she discovered Photoshop Elements and started to create digital collages. Since then, she’s been combining old writing, vintage images and textures to create her unique pieces. Her collages are influenced by her love of the art and architecture of the past, as well as travel, history and mythology. She seeks to make them both visually appealing and expressive of a specific mood or atmosphere. JoAnn has also started taking her own photographs, often of nature and travel scenes. She has displayed her work in galleries and exhibitions in New Jersey and other states, and has won awards in juried shows. She has also sold a number of her pieces to private collectors. Artist Contact Information


Artist Name: JoAnn Telemdschinow

Artist’s Medium: Digital Collage


“Radiant Mask” Matted art prints. $30, including s/h in continental US. Other items, POR.

Phone: 848-264-2605

Anisha Thind

Small Drip Paintings: $10.00 each All other Items: Price on Request

About the Artist

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Anisha Thind

Artist’s Medium: Sculpture/Print/ Anisha Thind has received her associates Painting/ Hand Painted Tote Bags in Fine Arts at Middlesex county college and is a current undergraduate at Rutgers Email: University Mason Gross. She works in a Phone: 732-881-1732 variety of mediums such as sculpture, print, and painting. Anisha is from Edison, New Jersey and has been a visual artist for a couple of years.

Mario Torres

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Mario Torres Artist’s Medium: Woodwork Email: Phone: 732-857-0992 Available for Commissions

About the Artist Mario is a skilled craftsman in handmade woodwork. After extensive training he has devoted his creativity and craftmanship to many magnificent pieces in a variety of woods. For sale at the Barronfest will be a number of handmade wood cutting boards. Each unique in their design and type of wood. He will also have a catalogue for attendees to view and place orders.

Shawn Tortoriello

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist I create journals for family trees and some of my packages include hand painted trees with the first 5 generations of your family printed on them.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Shawn Tortoriello Artist’s Medium: Genealogy / Family Trees Email: Phone: 732-841-4432 Available for Commissions Website:

Now accepting check, cash, Facebook Pay, and Venmo!

Phyllis Wilkinson

Prices Available on Request.

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Phyllis Wilkinson Artist’s Medium: Glass Email: Phone: 732-283-3224 Online Stores:

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

About the Artist Kiln-formed glass is the process of layering separate pieces of glass, firing it in a kiln until the pieces are fused as one. “I like to explore and create designs that force one to see the intense color and textures of glass. Inspiration comes from nature, and just about everything I see. Transforming these ideas into glass is exciting and challenging. Glass sometimes undergoes changes in the kiln, which offers the element of surprise. These glass pieces are hand-crafted, unique designs. They are created using a variety of brilliantly colored glass, transparent, opaque, or textured glass. Some designs are enhanced with copper, wire, various metals, gold and silver leaf. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Phyllis studied art, primarily, in New York City and learned glass fusing techniques from a glass artist in Great Britain. Phyllis has exhibited work in Euphemia Gallery, Spring Lake, NJ. She has also exhibited in Red Bank, East Brunswick, Metuchen, Chester, and has participated each year in the BarronFest Fall Festival in Woodbridge.

Kenneth Witkowski

Appearing at BarronFest 2021

“The Leaky Tiki”

“The Grove”

“Sandy Hook Crane”

“Cow in Field”

About the Artist I am a lifelong resident of Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. I was born in 1957 and attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York as an illustration major. Deciding I liked the fine art aspect more, I settled on pastels as a medium because I was tired of carrying wet canvases across campus. Sewaren is the subject of some of my paintings. I like to call them industrial landscapes.

“Trade Winds”

Artist Contact Information Artist Name: Kenneth Witkowski Artist’s Medium: Pastel Email: Prices Available on Request.

Realizing it was unlikely that I could sustain a living as a painter, I left Pratt to work at a retail frame shop and gallery, just to be around art. I painted recreationally and was occasionally commissioned. I always liked the challenges that pastels presented and enjoyed the ability to leave a painting for extended periods. I painted for a few years until family and work took control of my life, so I put away the pastels for about 28 years. About 2013, I made friend with an individual who I later learned attended Pratt about the same time. We were talking and I revealed that I also attended Pratt. I said to him “Yeah, I used to paint!” to which he replied, “Used to?”; “you either paint or you don’t, there’s no “used to!””. The following week, he gifted me a brush and three 2” x 2” canvases and said; “Here you go, start small!” I’ve been painting ever since, “Hydrangeas” when time allows.