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Let's start the day with NESHA TE'REE. What does your day consist of as a family woman and a artist ? EBM : How did your venture in music began? NESHA: My dad is a musician by profession, so I’m no stranger to music. I began expressing my music ability at around the age of 9, then I continued doing it on and off up to about 16. Then finally decided at 23 that I wanted to do it seriously.

EBM: Explain to us how it was growing up in the Virgin Island?

EBM: Growing up as a child what's was the most popular music or artists you grew up on listening As a young girl?

NESHA: I love my home. Growing up here is a family feel. It’s a 32 sq. mile island. Because of it being so small everyone knows who you are, who your family is ect. I’m proud to be a Virgin Islander. Growing up here defiantly made me grounded, successful and humble. The Virgin Islands

NESHA: Growing up I remember listening to Salt n Peppa, Boys II Men, Missy Elliot, Rod Stewart, 2 Pac and much more. I am a lover of music.

is like a small America with a Caribbean twist. However, sometimes for a big dreamer like me

EBM: What grammar school you attended to as a young girl?

the size drives me crazy!(laughing) I wanna see more other than what’s here, but I’m not complaining, I live in paradise.

NESHA: I went to a private school called Wesleyan, and then another called Moravian both was private religious schools. EBM: What high school you graduated from? NESHA: I graduated from Charlotte Amalie High School. Home of the Mighty Chicken Hawks! EBM: What are some of your most challenging moments you had growing up? NESHA: The most challenging thing I had to deal with believing in myself not being discouraged by others. EBM: Being involved in music and growing up in musically inclined atmosphere. How and why you wanted to rap instead of being the next female dancehall or soca artist? NESHA: Honestly, I have always been a fan of rap music, It’s so influential… soca and dancehall, I love but that genre of music wasn’t my forte’ I tried it but it didn’t feel natural but rap did. maybe one day I might take a stab at some soca & dancehall.

EBM: What part of the Virgin Islands you are from? NESHA: There are 4 islands that make up the U.S. Virgin islands: St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and Water Island. To make it clear I am a U.S. Citizen…people tend to think I am a foreigner. I live on the capital island St. Thomas. EBM: Not only your an artist but a family woman. How do you manage this title as a professional in music, a mother, BA college graduate, certification in real estate sales and the list goes on how do you maintain this status ? NESHA: Honestly, I don’t think about it I just do it! Just reading the list makes me tiered… lol. I have always been a “Go Getter”. But by far being a mother is my most important role. My son is my inspiration for doing “everything” I do. I really want to be able to tell my son one day…. “Never say you can’t, cuz mommy did”. EBM: Not only smart but talented in what you do how did you decided to follow your dream in music than working in a office day to day? NESHA: I always had that extra little spark. Being an assistant research analyst is ok, but its not my career choice, you know? I wanna do something that makes me happy. Music is something I been doing from since I could remember, I love it. I was always writing poems and songs as a kid. I thought as I got older I would grow out of this dream, but I didn’t and a desk job wasn’t cutting it in my happy department (smiling). I know most people

department (smiling). I know most people don’t get that privilege in life to love what you do. But I figured why not try. I finished college, have a good job and I had my son. So the only thing left to do is chase my dreams and fulfill all my urges to succeed further in life and that dream happens to be “Music” EBM: Have you did any collaboration with other artists ? NESHA: I did collaboration with another local artist called Young World on my track “Keep it 100” off my upcoming mixtape ANGER MANGMENT. I do look forward to doing more collaborations with other artists in the future. EBM: What was your recent hit single off what album or mixtape? NESHA: My Recent hit single is “Trance 9 (Party & Bullshit)”. It’s a party track and I am proud of it. It’s on my upcoming mixtape ANGER MANGMENT. EBM: Are you a mixtape artist or you more focus on releasing albums than doing mixtapes? NESHA: That’s a good question. I never thought about that. For now, I’m ok with making mixtapes. I like the hype of the “come up” and I love that underground scene. Also the closeness I have with my fans. Right now, I’m focusing on what’s happening now and I am content with my current position coming into the game, “For now”. (wink)

EBM: What is your insight on the independent label and artists making the mark in the music industry? NESHA: I like what im seeing. I like would like to sign to an independent label one day. I would like the opportunity to be a part of something small and make it big. I wouldn’t mind being part of that movement. EBM: Are you with a indie label? If so what's the name of the label? NESHA: No, right now I am currently unsigned. EBM: Do you have a mixtape or album dropping this year? NESHA: Yes, I have a mixtape dropping in May 2012, called ANGER MANGMENT. EBM: How long have you been in the music industry? NESHA: I am brand new babe, I been in for about almost two years, this year being year 2. EBM: What do you have plan for this year? NESHA: This year it’s all about getting to know who Nesha Te’ree is. I wanna make some noise this year and be heard. I will be traveling and doing different performances, more magazines and a behind the scenes “ On come up” web series, so look out for that.

EBM: The most popular music is Calypso or it's a mixture of different music? NESHA: The most popular music down here is Calypso/Soca and reggae. Mainstream American music is also accepted but most artists that come from here normally enter the soca, reggae or calypso realm. EBM: You also talked about your disappoint times getting into the music industry. Tell us more about this roller coaster ride you was going thru? NESHA: When I was about 13 or so that’s when I started rapping. I met this rap group. Now, most people asked the same question you did “why not calypso like your dad?” but I found that I could express myself better in rap music and that happened to be the specialty of the group I joined. I felt like finally someone understood. I went to radio stations, studio sessions all kinda stuff with this group and later on we found out that the guy was just selling dreams and lied about all his so called connects to the industry and was stringing all of us along. That was one disappointments that detoured me from music for a while.

EBM: You mention about your father being in a Calypso band lets talk a little more about his career? How long was he in the band, and what was the group band name? NESHA: My dad is a calypsonian and he has his own band called “Top Notch”. My dad has been an entertainer all his life he had the band for about 12years and going strong. I never saw my dad work for anyone but himself. I always admired that he built his life based on raw talent. My dad provides entertainment at various hotels, off island gigs for weddings and parties, and much more. My sister is a lead singer in my dad’s band also and I have a brother that deejay’s. What can I say; I come from a musical family. I got some big shoes to fill.


EBM: Have any major labels made you offers yet? NESHA: No, I have not gotten any label offers as yet. EBM: Who and what are the major labels in the Virgin Island? NESHA: Currently there is not one major record label down here. All are Independent studios. EBM: Have you perform in concerts or did tours yet. And if not will this be a part of your projects for this year? NESHA: I have not yet began performing, but I will be later on this year after the official release of my mixtape ANGER MANAGEMENT.

NESHA: Unfortunately, I don’t have any features on my mixtape at this time. Or, with other artists as yet. EBM: Who produces your tracks and how did the connection started for Miss NESHA TE'REE ? NESHA: Rob Camps, of Epic Taste Music produces all of my beats. David Gideon of “Gideon house music” engineered Trance 9 (Party & Bullshit) my first single and “The Messiah” (J’ylissa) out of Las Vegas engineered my follow up track “Becky’s”. Then other people in the industry started showing me more and more love. And here I am today.

EBM: What's the name of your label or manager? NESHA: The name of my Management team is Caribbean Heat it is a Virgin islands based management company for artist like myself especially from the Virgin Islands that needs assistance in coming up in the industry.

EBM: Have you been here to the states before? NESHA: Yes, I have. Most recently is October 2011

EBM: Who are a few of your favorite artists you like to listen to today? NESHA: Some of my favorite artists are Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Adele. EBM: Out of the artists you like to listen to. Who do you tend to build your Style to? NESHA: I am inspired by many artists, so there is no specific artist. I try to be myself in everything I do and sometimes incorporate those influences with my own take on it. I am build my style to reach out to the unconventional, go getter, independent woman of today. Reaching out to Women that’s going through the same struggles as I am, coming up as a young woman in this world, aspiring for success in a man’s world. EBM: Are there any special features on your album, If so who?


EBM: Have you been here to the states before, If so when and for what's occasion? NESHA: Yes, I have. Most recently is October 2011. I went to South beach, Miami. I had a blast! I went to get the South Beach experience… I wanted to party and that’s exactly what I did. The occasion was to celebrate me graduating with my BA in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. EBM: So when we going to start the NESHA TE'REE CAMPAIGN ? NESHA: The Nesha Te’ree campaign starting in May along with the release of my mix tape “ANGER MANAGEMENT” . EBM: Breaking down all the barriers what keeps you so mind strong in this business? NESHA: Putting God and my son first keeps me steady and focused. Also, having family and friends that keeps me grounded helps a lot. They always remind me to “stay true to who I am”. EBM: Your promoter tends to speak very highly about you and your success in your music career. Who are the people in your camp to make NESHA TE'REE possible ? NESHA: My mangers Donovan & Lester made all this possible. They really believe in me and I believe in them. If they didn’t have my back the way they do now, I would never be doing this interview with you. I am a very lucky girl to have them in my corner. Also Rob camps my producer he is amazing. Digitak Films, TBL, Selecta Benz, Kenrick Williams and my family & friends also contributed in which ever ways they could. Much appreciated. EBM: We hear your being featured in another magazine besides El BARRIO MAGAZINE what's the name of the magazine and where are they from? NESHA: I am also in True-magazine and LA Based magazine I am proud to be a part of EL BARRIO HIP HOP MAGAZINE and TRUE MAGAZINE. I am truly honored. EBM: What makes your music different from others in the rap industry as a female?

NESHA: My music is raw and it can’t exactly be placed to a particular genre. its hones and fun. Sometimes I can be sexy, sometimes I can be a little gangsta (laughing) sometimes I can get cocky; it all depends on my mood. I don’t try to stick to a particular persona, I’m me. It’s a genuine reflection of who I am. EBM: A lot of females are making a lot of noise in this rap game. How do you feel about the female movement in the rap entertainment business? NESHA: I am privileged to being coming up during this era for hip hop. I am proud, the female rap game has been quiet for too long. Ladies Stand up! EBM: I know this might be later on in the future but are you planning to get into the movie any time in your career? NESHA: Yes defiantly, it has always been one of my dreams to act on a soap opera like General (I’m such a girl). EBM: When your not in the studio creating music how you and your family spend time? NESHA: I am a single mom, so it’s just me and my son; he is my king (smiling). We do things together all the time. He is my “Road dawg” (laughing).Then when he is sleeping, I go to the studio late night and work. When you’re a mom you tend always find ways to make it work. EBM: Do you have any final comments you would like to add NESHA: I would like to thank the entire EL BARRIO HIP HOP MAGAZINE Family for having me and giving me this opportunity to be heard. Thank you, I wish you continued success for EL BARRIO HIP HOP MAGAZINE and I hope to do another interview with you guys in the future as a certified “Star”. Xoxo –Nesha Te’ree That does it keep your eyes out for the rising star NESHA TE'REE WHILE SHE BURNS THE CHARTS UP STARTING THE NEW YEAR OFF WITH A BANG!

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EMB: where was you born and raised? JAYSIN: I was born in the Bay, raised in San Jose, Cali EBM: You have any brothers and sisters or your the only child, explain to us how difficult it was being the only child and what obstacles you have face? JAYSIN: Well, my parents moved to the Bay Area cause of my pops being in the military. It was difficult cause as an Artist, most ppl don't feel like that is a REAL career choice! Ya kno?? But for me Musik = Blood! Somethin I felt in the Bay hustle! EBM: Where are you from? JAYSIN: The Bay Area, also 1st generation German/Creole EBM: Who are some of your famous artists you listen to back in the days? JAYSIN: I love me some Prince, George Michael, and R Kelly. I also grew up checkin out old videos of Bobby Brown, Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson…all were amazing performers and crossed over genres, blazin their own path! EBM: What school did you attend to during Gramma school? JAYSIN: was at San Jose Unified EBM: What high school did you graduate from and what year? JAYSIN: I went to Mission SJ, graduated in 04 EBM: Did you play any sports during your junior years and or high school ? If so what sports were you playing and what was the name of the school team?

JAYSIN: All 4 years I was busy with sports, playing football, soccer and baseball and got my letter. EBM: How

was your child hood growing up?

JAYSIN: Childhood was kuhl, Ma and Pa did the best they could but Cali is hella expensive so we didn't have a lot of shit my friends had. EBM: Did you every decided to get into any gangs related activities? JAYSIN: Nah, well…some of my friends was in some shit, but they never like pressured me or nuthin. We just would party and do our thang anddidn't really worry about other shit. I was always about my musik andgurlys then on sum drama. EBM: what kind of influence you believe you have on the younger generation? JAYSIN: Ummm, well that's a good question. I think I am a kuhl ass mix of what is proper and what is dirty as shit, and I always stay true. I think too much is fake these days, fake celebrities, fake shows, and fake singers, so I lways keep my shit real, notricks—just talent. I feel lucky to had been raised by the Bay, cause everything was real there and ppl were always on their musik grind!! Lemme tell ya, there's some bad azz ppl on their musik grind in the Bay!!! Still, I got love for the East cause I respect the hustle, it’s a lot like the Bay hustle. EBM: What was the most popular thing that influence you in the hood as a child growing ? JAYSIN: My friends and my sis influenced me most. We'd get together at Ricky’s and chill as folks from around would stop by. Rick and I were tight, his brother rapped, his friend DJ'd and we'd always set up some kind of show or park event or whatever jus to be doin musik and partyin! 40s and Pork rinds, jyeeeaah!

EBM: How Did You Get into the music business? JAYSIN: Well, in high school I entered this vocal contest at a local hotel and won…then, they checked my ID and I couldn't claim my prize. It sucked, but even though I had been singing in church since I was 6…I didn’t know till that night at the hotel, that ppl were feelin me and I could get paid! The next week I hollerd at one of my friends in Oakland, and we got to work in the studio! EBM: How long have you been in the industry? JAYSIN: Almost 5 years now. Moved to L.A. after college EBM: When did you start to realize that you had the talent to pursue your music skills?

EBM: Who are some of the artists you have worked with on projects? JAYSIN: I have worked with Big Sloan of the Dogg Pound, Qwes of Konvict Muzik Group with Akon and the whole Konvict Muzik Global crew, J Black, Creeze from my Kentucky fam, Glisten in Miami, DJ Ground Beef, Nice, 2 Red, and B Mac just to name a few haha! I love to collab, so Im constantly working with new artists and getting tha word out. EBM: In your music what is it you want your fans to hear when they buy your music?

EBM: What was your first Mixtape or album you dropped. and in what year?

JAYSIN: strive to make POP kuhl again…to add sum edge and lyrics with substance! Put sum stank on it!! Just cause u in the club goin crazeee to my latest cut doesn't mean the lyrics can't have some meaning and expression as u grindin! I grew up listening to a lot of Artists who were songsters and amazin lyric writers, since so many don't even write their own shit these days, I wanna make the words important again, not just the music! To be a true Artist, you gotta write your own shit. #realtalk

JAYSIN: I dropped my first EP “My Show” in 2009, it was well received and got some airplay in the East and oversees. Recently Music Connection Magazine named me TOP 25 ARTIST OF THE YEAR!

EBM: What was the highest views and downloads you have received? And what was the hitsong or songs?

JAYSIN: Well, I knew as a youngsta I was talented and had the ability to rock a stage haha! Still, it wasn't until the contest in high school that I thought I could get paid doin my thang! Musik has always been Blood to me since I was born, I just needed tolearn the musik Business.

EBM: Are you a unsigned artist? JAYSIN: Yes. only for a few tho.. EBM: Thru out your experience in this music business what are some of the down falls you have went thru as a artist that you can share with our readers? JAYSIN: Well, as an artist I have had to make a lot of hard decisions of who has got my back, who should I pay, or who is just fakin!! Fo real, I actually wrote my song "2Faced" cause of sum the shit I was dealing with recently with backstabbers and haters! Ya kno? I just wanna say to the readers and fans that Musik is a TEAM Sport, not an Individual sport and that's real! Its been a hard road at times, u can’t be soft in this biz since a lotta hatters try to hold u down, but Im fearless when it comes to this musik shit, and I love rockin a mic!

JAYSIN: I dunno, I have gotten over 100,000 hits on Youtube, but really trying to market and push my iTunes and other download sites. The hitsongs so far have been “My Show”, “Goddy Body”, and “She Said”. But also look out for “Shake That Candy” with my boy Creeze and RTC. EBM: What was your first hit single that put you on the map in the industry? JAYSIN: "MY SHOW" has gotten the best reviews from critics and LA Music Awards nominated it for best Pop. Still, my nieces LOOOOVE "2 FACED" and "SHE SAID"! EBM: How has being this popular icon for the new hip hop industry change your life?

Jaysin: Uh, well its been kuhl, Im now getting to work with a lotta well-known people in the industry like Kynne who is an amazing producer and Artist with crazeee connects, Matt Graber and Evran Goknar of Capitol, Lora Ducat over at WB, and many more talented ppl that I am looking forward to being in business with in 2012. Its lookin like just the beginning. EBM: Have you gotten any offers or record deals during your career? JAYSIN: I signed an Indie deal outta high school and it taught me some big lessons about the industry and how it works. Since then I have turned down a few deals because now as I perfect my sound I wanna find a deal thatmakes sense for me. Too many Artists jump at any opportunity through TV shows, other golden contracts which is weak! I think it’s important to say that WE run this musik shit, the Artists and the Fans, the business only profits from our Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

EBM: The controversial topic in the music industry today who's fake and who's real. How do you rate yourself as a artist and why? And do feel you are as real as itcome and why? JAYSIN: Well, if ur talking about REAL vs Fake… Im Real!!!!!!!!! That's all that needs to be said. When u listen to my shit, there is NOOO special tricks or enhancements! I do feel I am as real as Singers get right now cause I haven't had that "Million-Dollar-Touch" yet like so many on the Radio! Seriously, iv heard a few famous ppl in person ( I won't name names ha! ) but when I heard them WITHOUT the studio tricks, I KNEW I could own this musik shit because of what I do naturally!! The Bay taught me the hustle and it taught be to real about ur talent cause u can get called out anytime! I learned on stages with bad mics, no monitors, and shitty sound…sometimes no stage at all! When u learn ur craft like that, u have u be REAL, there aint no safety net, u feel me? I have much respect for those doin it raw, no tricks, cause that’s proof of what they can do. The Bay taught me well and so now in L.A….. Im representin! EBM: Many people love to hear new music. What makes your music differ from other unsigned artists today? JAYSIN: I see it like this…Even without all the studio tricks and "Million-Dollar-Touch" that u hear on Radio right now, I'm still huge competition!! I meet a lot of unsigned cats doin their thing in L.A., I mean it's the mecca…and still I know Im on a whole nuther level! My lyrics have got edge and artistry, the musik production is blazin, and this new shit is gonna soar! Look out for the Full Length this year, for the latest goto EBM: Do you have a new album, mixtape or single coming out for the new year? JAYSIN: Yeh, I got 2 more cuts to put on the new album and then we’ll release, a couple singles will be droppin so check those out at, and I’m lookin forward to the El Barrio Mixtape comin real soon

EBM: What are your next projects you have lined up for 2012?

JAYSIN:I will be completing a few hits with Kynne, and also a few collabs for this mixtape in Miami. I also have plans to work with Creeze on another smash and team up with Nicky Boss outta Jersey. On anutha tip, there are so many upcoming projects…shows, tour, sponsors, domination! EBM: What are some of your hit song that did well in 2011? JAYSIN: In 2011, I did an early release for “She Said” and “2 Faced” which got me a whole bunch of younger fans, like Justin Bieber style. I don’t usually write for that audience so it’s funny, but I don’t mind pullin fans from Bieber ha! Also, “Shake That Candy” has gotten a lot of club love so we busy doin a re-mix right now to get it out to more markets. EBM: Are you up under any record label. If so what is the name of the record label? If not who is your promoter ? And how long have you been with your promoter?

JAYSIN: Man, I’m probably the best kept secret in Pop/Hip-Hop right now! Seriously, I get a lot of ppl offering to manage me or promote, but they don’t understand, this business is HARD MF WORK!! Ya kno? I know all tha artists out there who are on their hustle know what I’m sayin! I have my publicist Laura Rodsen, and I got a few other ppl I’m chattin with like Dennis Rubenstein and connects over at LiveNation, so Ima see what they bring to the table before we sign any paper, feel me? EBM: Being and Independent Artist what are your goals and future becoming a successful hip hop artists in this industry? JAYSIN: My goals are really just to make stacks of cash doin what I love doin and workin with some of the best musicians on this planet! My hope is receive AMAs and Grammys, but really its all about getting mad luv from my fans and seeing the world from a 120 x 80 stage!

EBM: Will you be forming your own record label, Has that been a thought that came across your mind for the future? JAYSIN: Nah, not really. As you know, its usually a good idea to have ur own label to handle ur money, but I don’t think I will be openin up shop and bringin other Artists on. I’m just way too busy right now. EBM: Going

further. Tell us how your career change your life? JAYSIN: never really look at musik as a career, it’s a Passion, musik is a way of life. I guess some of the ways it has changed my life tho are like I’m more confident and outspoken, I take risks and don’t care what ppl say. I know who I am because of my musik and it has made me stronger. My musik focuses and inspires me. I am driven. EBM: Has there ever been a time you regret anything in your life. If so what are they? JAYSIN: Regret? Man, life is full or choices, I feel whatever I have done up to this point has made me who I am. It’s gotten me great reviews for musik, a growing loyal fanbase, and the blessing of being the cover story for El Barrio Magazine. I aint got time for lookin back and regret, I’m only lookin forward! EBM: How did you do in 2011 music wise? JAYSIN: 2011 was a good year. My twitter and facebook has started to blow up ( make sure u add me at ), shared the stage with other very talented musicians, and got my dollars up. 2012 is starting out to be even better! I’m ready, So Le’go !

EBM: What are we looking forward from you for this new year? JAYSIN: Honestly…what AREN’T you lookin for? Like I said, I’m probably the BEST kept secret right now because I’ve always been real with it and ppl are starting to see that! I’m a singer that loves to collab with hot, upcoming rappers that got tha skills to be BIG, but like me, just haven’t got the props yet! I always do what I say and I stay ready, so I think the industry is desperate for anArtist like me! You can expect to see me on a bunch more mags and rags, on-air spreadin my seed, and rockin as many stages as my pipes will let me. #teamjaysin #teamreverb in the 2012 takin over! El Barrio Magazine thanks you for this interview

Guanaco did not look back,and on July 2008 they practically lived in the studio recording song after song trying to bring something new to the table. Guanaco’s debut CD entitled “Amor Pa Todo El Mundo” is a concept based on showing love to Latin America and the world in general. Guanaco brings positive messages with an eclectic style of music and a hypnotizing flow that’s never predictable. The music derives from the influences of samba, reggaeton, reggae, hip hop, rock, salsa, metal, huayno, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and classics. Guanaco just recently did interviews with Telemundo,Azteca America and Telefutura which will be airing this month and he has supported acts like Don Omar 4 times, Ivy Queen, Big Boy, Nicky Jam, Fulanito, Oro Solido, Grupo 5, Bareto, Grupo, Aventura, Extreme and Marcy Place…. Guanaco is getting internet radio airplay in El Salvador, Nicaragua, internet radio Estilo Fino, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium and USA, Panama, Peru, Brasil and many more. Guanaco has an international style that brings different aspects of music together and give him his own unique sound. The debut cd “Amor Pa Todo El Mundo” is released along with his debut video for the song “Te Amo Peru.” Guanaco has featured local and international artist on the CD including Latin Grammy Winning Artist from Brasil Cabal, and much more good news to come, but we choose to be clandestine for the moment to give the fans something to look forward to.

The reggaeton artist Guanaco was born in Aguilares El Salvador and grew up in The Bay Area California, West Oakland since the age of 6. At a very young age he rapped to various styles of music and rhythms which gave him an open mind when he started doing music. He began rapping in front of family and friends to gain more experience and prepared himself for an opportunity whenever it should arrived. That opportunity came when the former lead singer and writer for various rock groups now composer Abby-G invited Guanaco to sing on the song “Tu Pasion.” Abby-G was overwhelmed with the innate raw talent that the youth possessed and was very interested in working with him on a project. A few weeks later Abby-G started the independent record label Guanama Records and invited Guanaco to not only be an artist but also a partner for Guanama Records.

In closing, we would like to say thank You, Gracias, Arigato Gozaimasu, Obrigado and Grazie for the support, locally and worldwide. We could not do any of this with out you…

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Senorita Independiente: a9g9uigke2px Tu Amor: BY DAREALBIX.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM

LOGIC & LAST RESORT iTunes Pre-Order Link – id477199020 Twitter: @LogicArmy @lastresortuk @OverstandMusic Web: /

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Gina Montana the Brooklyn representer strikes the hood with her lyrical metaphoric style

and attitude to the game. The 24 year old veteran crystallize the game to her own world. Gina Montana is known as the raw and uncut breed to shake the rap industry by storm. When you listen to Gina Montana trust me it's like your hearing the lion raw in her jungle. We are looking forward to Gina Montana this year. So Let's hear a little more from Gina Montana her self. EBM: What's going on Gina your young, sexy and well talented what do you have plan for 2012?

EBM: we hear that you have a Mixtape coming soon what's the name of it?

GINA : 2012 i will be releasing my first mixtape along with many other tracks, vids, slides and more , some features, some originals, just a big delivery for all the GINA MONTANA fans!

GINA: the mix tape coming out this year is called "montana realty" this mix tape is more then music, its a story, all the scarface fans of the world should definitely cop this work of art and support, we have many awesome surprises to come, "montana realty" is just the introduction!

EBM: What is your nationality? GINA: I’m 100% Puerto Rock baby!!! But i was born and raised in CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn,NY. SO , so, when people say "what are you... u dont look puerto rican, and dam for sure dont sound puerto rican, i tell them "that's cause I'm really BROOKLYN"! EBM: How long have you been grinding, working on your career as a artist? GINA: i started rapping when i was 12 years old. i recorded my first track at 16 years old with my brother "george burnz" after that i just would spit for fun, and do it cause i knew i was good at it.. but it wasn't until 2009 when i made a conscious decision to show the world what i got, and its been poppin ever

EBM: Has an release date been established yet for the Mixtape ? GINA: release date is still undecided because i keep making so many new tracks i want to but buy spring 2012 GINA MONTANAS "MONTANA REALTY" WILL BE AL OVER THE STREET... there is a promo cd. out now, 3 exclusive tracks off the montana realty mix tape are on this promo.. EBM: Any special features on this Mixtape we should know about or it's just all you ? GINA: well yes.... I deff have been linking with some awesome talent ranging from the industry legends to street legends in this rap game...but i wanna keep it a secret until we are ready to release "montana realty" but I'm sure the people will be impressed!

EBM: Who's all in Gina Montana's camp?

EBM: Who produce your tracks?

GINA: My camp is made up of the most loyal group of ppl! i get so much love and support from my mentor who i will leave nameless at the moment, but he knows who he is and with out him i would never be where i am today or where I'm heading! but I'm one of the original members of the "fuck your lyfe" click that started in coney island which is made up of "Nems, George Burnz (Gina's biological brother), OTR , and a few others. but from doing music for so long since a kid, i have met and taken to so many new talents who became my family, i am lucky to be surrounded by a numerous amount of super talented and blessed individuals that make up my whole support system from rapers to producers to my camera people, here are some just to name a few " damanilz, daarrya, soze , azblaze, mgeez, victoria holt (photography), adrian luke sinclair (videographer) and last but not least NOM. there is a bunch more , but I'll be here forever.

GINA: on the Montana realty Mix tape, i have a whole bunch of producers from jahlil beats, to soze productions, but i can tell you this much, the beat selection is appealing, but it ranges.. i like to use different beats from different places all over the globe. there is so much talent all over it amazes me, i like to be a part of it all somehow.

EBM: What's the name of your label?

GINA: my mentor/partner and i opened up MULLERJ7. MJ7 is a new name, but packed with oL'gz! lol.. we rep the real deal street shit ppl have to live everyday. under MJ7 WE HAVE "HOO U KNOW" where everyone u know; knows someone else who will bring u to where u need to be! let it be known, "if it aint ya doe, its hoo u know" ~ G.Montana MULLERJ7 REPRESENTS THE TIME WE ARE IN, AND WHAT IT COST TO RUN WITH BOSSES LIKE THESE!

EBM: How do you based your material for your music. Like; what I mean is ..... What gives you the substance or base to create your music? GINA: oooh nice, ok well raw emotion. what i feel. what i think, my experiences, my surroundings.. coming up in a oppressed community and being looked at like a "white girl" caused me to have a complex about being tough, so i recall coming up as a child having to fight a lot, (which i liked)... and it caused me to become this very demanding persona.

but now as an adult and truly applying my self to this craft i must say that my sound is pure emotion. i can connect my self to any situation, plant my feet in it and relate, creating a sound for my people (fanz) to vent out to and know that being hard is needed to survive the curve balls being thrown at us by every day life.

EBM: As an up and coming female what inspired you to get into the rap game? GINA: I been inspired by other females in the game. no only in the rap game tho, like lauren hill, her message is so deep, and underrated, I had to show my talent... and like sade, she is so awesome and she soothes souls,giving hope thru poetry and sweet metaphors i wanted to have that ability as well. pink, who is super tough and hard but still sexy and womanly, i felt i had a piece of them all in me, mixed with some real gangsta street shit from my own experience, to me that's what made me such a dynamic person, the ability to bring it all out in music. also what inspired me a lot too was the young females growing up around me. i come from a place where most woman depend on the government to provide for them and their families, and many men do nothing to build them and so they wind up loosing their selves and never really having a chance to search them selves for their talents and gifts that god gave them, instead they settle for nothing and i was noticing the behavior in females all around the globe, they been just excepting what men in "hip hop" been saying bout them... u know, like "shorty got red bottoms"... then u see some project chick selling her ass for a pair. or niggas rapping about shortys being just "fuck buddies" and chicks lying to themselves "like yea , we just fucking"... what I'm saying is, this inspired me to make music where we as woman are AWARE of the "LAW OF MAN" however my music empowers woman to know their worth and not stand for anything less, even if it causes her to crack some bodies head wide open for thinking shit was sweet.

EBM: What else you have going on for your self. Any new projects or tours on your agenda that we should know about? GINA: I have A WHOLE BUNCH of things u guys can start looking out for, everything is all being organized as things are rapidly happening for me... but I like to make sure they are all set in stone before i start telling, but yes u can expect gina montana in everything everywhere real soon! i also direct and edit my own music videos, i been taking some notes from some great videographers and editors, and I'm building that resume. you can definitely expect GINA MONTANA in and around film in the near future! EBM: What should we know about the infamous Gina Montana ? GINA: the infamous GINA MONTANA....IM A VERY STRONG MINDED CHICK. I LOVE MY FAMILY, MY FANS,, AND FRIENDS ALIKE... but the artist Gina is "not 2 be fucked with" lol.. gina montana is the stage name i chose because it represented a loved, respected, protected latin female... but i twisted it up this time, i don't wanna give away any secrets but my name goes with a story i promise the world will never forget! but u have to buy the mix tape for part one of the INFAMOUS GINA MONTANA STORY. other then that , GINA, the girl from Brooklyn is super cool, i love writing, I write poetry, plays, books, which will all be available to u guys in the future. I'm very laid back, but only cause I'm watching close to what's is going on around me at all times. but when its time to shine, "GINA GLOWS"

EBM: A lot of major hip hop artists we know comes from Brooklyn like Puffy, Biggie, Busta Rhymes,Lil Kim, Jay-Z and many others. Is Gina Montana the next General to make a mark? GINA: oh of course!!!! I couldn't stop that if I wanted to, there's just something about me that leaves an impression on people, so there is no question that GINA MONTANA will be big and rep BROOKLYN as hard as all the names u mentioned. those are all greats i came up listening to. I'm doing this for them as well as tribute to their work! they left a legacy in my streets and in honor of them i will keep that REAL BROOKLYN SHIT GOING!!!! SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO :HEADBOPMUSIC, (@POCHO923) AND THE WEEBEFOOLISH CAMP. THANK YOU FOR THIS TIME AND ENERGY, POCHO; YOU ALL AT ELBARRIOHIPHOP MAG. FOR GIVING GINA MONTANA AND THE MJ7 (HOO U KNO) CAMP THIS EXPOSURE. I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR YOU GUYS HELPING ME GET OUT TO THE WORLD!!! MUCH LOVE TO U ALL!!! XOXOXOXOXXOOXOXOXOXOXO GINA LOVES U BABY!


PG 9

Brandon ‘BUZY” Edgerson born January 11,1982. Native of New Oleans, in the downtown area. 1993 he decided to learn how to rap by the late 90’s he began to master his craft. Buzy began performing in jr high school talent shows up to high school. There was a rap battle contest on the local radio station Q93 called ‘Da 9-O’Clock props “, where people would call up the station to rap battler over the phone. By doing that segment of that show Brandon aka Buzy began to make a name for himself around his city. He was labeled the “ King Of The Props”. He begin to take rapping seriously in 2001,and as a result of that he teamed up with a group called “ Da Outfittaz”. In the mid 2001 Da Outfitterz put out their first mixtape rapping over all industry tracks. The group released three mixtapes in 2001 but in the end the group didn’t workout. BUZY decided to pursue his career solo by 2005he release his first mixtape titled “ Da intaview 2 Tru Stories “. But sadly the mixtape did not do well do to the most dangerous hurricane Katrina. After everything settled in the city of New Orleans Brandon got back into the music. In 2008 a devastating moment happened to the striving young artist 3 years later lost his mother after hurricane Katrina. Now 3 years later Buzy returned back into he industry again releasing his latest mixtape “ Neva 2 Buzy”. BUZY going all over the south region doing shows getting his name out and striving for a successful career.

PG 5

Born Anthony Johnson, aka. Prince Gudda grew up in Miami Fl. He was the first son of seven kids, and learned what it was to struggle early. His love of music began early. He had sung as a child with a few of his family members in a group called Johnson and Christ, however, at that time he wasn't pursuing music very heavily. As he got older his love for music grew and he became an active member of his middle school band. As he played in the band, he also began writing his first lyrical rhymes. He decided then that rapping could be a great outlet for him and began to write more proficiently as time went on. He worked here and there with various independent labels, and began to start recording in more professional studio settings. By the time he reached high school, he recieved a record deal with Powerhouzz Pro Entertainment, and was a gospel rapper with the group X-thuggs. The group played several big venues, from the Martin Luther King Parade, to Club Angels in Miami, Fl. However as the success mounted, things began to so sour with his management, and the group slowly fell apart. He continued at that time to play in his high school band, playing tuba, snare, and other percussion instruments. Fortunately, Prince Gudda never let his love for music die. He moved to Tallahassee, Fl, purchased his own recording equipment, and proceeded to start his own record label, Guttaville Music Entertainment LLC. He had been working hard, performing at various venues in Miami, Fl, such as Universe Cafe. He moved on to work as the head engineer at Nomad Recording Studio, and business affiliate with ASB Music Group. Several musical releases have continued throughout his career. Prince Gudda released a mixtape in September 2009 with a group called Daville. He followed in 2009 850s Hottest mixtape, released by ASB Music Group. From there, the realease of the single "So Alone" followed in 2009, before the release of the mixtape "Last Man Standing Vol. 1" in 2010, as well as the single "Droppin Down" (2010) on iTunes and in other online storefronts. Recently Prince Gudda released a single "First 48" featuring No Limit Forever Records artist Oaktree, signed a non -exclusive distribution deal, as well as the released the album "First Stop 2 Fame" earlier this year. Prince Gudda is curently in Atlanta Ga, and is expanding both his catologue and his brand.



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