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Official Barrington Borough News Fall Issue, 2015

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Small-Town Patriotism Flourishes In Borough There are larger towns than Barrington, and they may have impressive observances of Memorial Day and Independence Day, but they would be hard-pressed to match the patriotism and enthusiasm displayed by our citizens on these meaningful holidays. Some may call it “small town America,” but there’s no other place on earth to be when they strike up the band. The band, of course, is the Barrington Band, our ambassadors of good will throughout the region. As usual, they were on hand and in tune for both events. Memorial Day The day began on a more solemn note at the Fire House, where Fire Company No. 1’s members lined up in dress uniform to honor First Responders everywhere, and to remember local volunteers who have passed away. After the placing of wreaths, the participants made their way to Borough Hall for the town’s War Memorial Services. After the raising of the flag by Boy Scout Troop 96, and the playing of the National Anthem by the Barrington Band, the assembled crowd was greeted by Mayor Robert Klaus. The Mayor introduced our Guest Speaker, State Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, herself a Barrington resident and US Army Veteran. In an impassioned plea, she urged all present to remember those who have served to protect our freedoms. (Continued on Page 9)

For Current Borough Information, please visit our website at or tune in to cable Channel 19 / 33. You can also view Channel 19 postings on our website by clicking on View Current Borough News.

Annual Harvest Festival Is Big Local Favorite

Barrington’s 18th Annual Harvest Festival is set for Saturday, October 11th. The event takes over Clements Bridge Road from the railroad tracks at Atlantic Avenue to the traffic light at Gloucester Pike. As usual, the committee has an extraordinary day planned, full of the traditions that have made the event such a favorite for everyone. For more details, go to the web page at Craft and Food Vendors Invited There will be blocks and blocks of arts and crafts, gifts, food, novelties, a wandering juggler and socializing galore. As in the past, there will be more than 200 different vendors, so there is sure to be something for everyone including Halloween items, jewelry, Autumn merchandise, local organizations and businesses, and a wide variety of snacks and desserts —with two separate food court areas to sit, relax and enjoy a beautiful fall day. If you would like to be a vendor, go to the Festival’s website to register: Parking will be provided off-site at Edmund Optical with free shuttle bus transportation to the Festival. There will be so much for people of all ages to see and do, you won’t want to miss it! Live Entertainment All Day There will be live entertainment on three stages spread throughout the Festival. Local rock groups will perform and the Children’s Stage (Continued on Page 9)


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The Mayor’s Desk

Robert Klaus, Mayor

Greetings Neighbors and Friends and Happy Autumn! Well we survived the summer heat and are looking forward to the cool breezes of the fall. All in all it has been a great summer here in the Borough of Barrington. There have been a number of projects and

events since last time we communicated in the BOT so let’s go through a little rundown. Barrington Day was a great day as always and was well attended. There were plenty of activities and entertainment for kids and adults alike and I would like to thank those groups, organizations and volunteers for their participation in helping to make the day a success. Woodland School 8th grade graduation was a very enjoyable evening celebrating the moving on to high school with the graduates and their families. Congratulations to a great group of high school students. Go Warriors!

Barrington A.B.L.E. Group--this group of volunteers is made up of residents whose sole purpose is to assist their friends and neighbors in need. Answers, Benevolence, Liberation and Education– we help those in need to achieve each of these goals while on their way back to a normal living situation. We are currently extremely low in our food inventory. (See Page 15.) Also if you are able to help, we desperately need donations of gift certificates from local grocery stores (Shop Rite, Wal-mart, Rite Aid, Dollar General, etc.) just to name a few. If at all possible, denominations of $10 or $20 dollars will go a long way with the bags of food we are distributing.

If you are in need of assistance please don’t hesitate to call (856) 547-8585. The USDA funded infrastructure project on Kingston and Thomas Avenues involved replacement of the sewer mains under those streets as well as roadway reconstruction. This is a project for which we received a low-interest loan of more than two million dollars from the USDA “Rural Development” program that allows us to perform sorely needed sewer infrastructure upgrades. This project also includes abandonment of the Willows pump station. These projects are very nearly complete and we would sincerely like to thank our residents for their patience during construction—we

Do You Need the Fall “Function Better Program”? Each fall, many folks enjoy activities such as going for cool afternoon walks as the leaves are falling, attending football or soccer games, raking leaves, picking pumpkins, tending to some gardening prior to winter and even doing some early Christmas shopping in town. If you find yourself in a position where the bending, endurance, balance, standing, walking and climbing requirements of these activities may be too difficult, too painful or even impossible, the “Function Better Program” at WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY may be just what you need in order to have a fantastic fall season! The “Function Better Program” at WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY emphasizes muscle strengthening and stretching exercises, activities to decrease pain, conditioning exercises on equipment as well as personalized instruction to promote safe and independent function. After completion of the “Function Better Program”, many people report that they are pain free and able to lead a more active and independent lifestyle. WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY is conveniently located at 135 East Atlantic Avenue in Haddon Heights (just off Station Avenue). Due to high demand, slots for the upcoming fall session of the “Function Better Program” are limited and filling quickly. To reserve a slot for the program, call (856) 546-0377.

At WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY, you will find that:

FALL, 2015

know it was very disruptive. We will continue to upgrade our infrastructure through the best funding programs available for our residents and our budget. Our Independence Day Celebrations were again a great success, from the parade which takes place the evening before the 4th of July and the fireworks which followed at dusk. The parade, which traveled down Clements Bridge Road to Gloucester Pike and turned into the “Old Gardens” section, seemed to last forever. Congratulations to the winners of the float contest, Community Bible Church and Barrington Girls Softball. Each of the events were very (Continued on Page 9)



• Individual attention is provided by a licensed physical therapist during the entire treatment session. • The treatment sessions are provided in a friendly and professional environment. • Individuals of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. • Free transportation is provided

for local seniors.

• Medical monitoring is provided during treatment to ensure patient safety.

TreaTiNg • Low endurance • Knee replacements • Balance Problems • Walking Problems • Pain Problems • arthritis issues Jim Clements, PT, DPT, MS is the Director of WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY in Haddon Heights. Dr. Clements completed his physical therapy training at Thomas Jefferson University and went on to receive a Doctoral degree from Boston University as well as a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Need a PeP-UP? Call WOrK-UP at

Lic. # 40QA00472300

(856) 546-0377!

For appointments at the Haddon Heights office, call:

(856) 546-0377 Medicare and most other insurances are accepted.

FALL, 2015


Fifth Graders Complete D.A.R.E. Course

The 2014-2015 Barrington fifth graders had reason to celebrate. They completed a year-long “Too Good for Drugs” curriculum taught by Detective Kelly of Barrington Police. The Woodland School and Castle Academy students not only learned about the hazards of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs use but they learned the importance of confidence, developed decision making skills, and practiced conflict resolution. The lessons are fun, full of information, and practical skills needed to tackle the obstacles facing them in upcoming years. During the year, a bond forms between the students, the schools, and the police that make them partners for a life time in making the community a better, safer place. To honor all their hard work and cooperation graduations were held. These graduations were full of fun, food, awards, and give aways. All of this is possible with sponsorships and donations from the Barrington Drug Alliance, The Little Tuna of Haddonfield, and Deluxe Bakery of Runnemede.


Pork & Beef Ribs, Chopped BBQ and much more! Try our “Are You Kid’n Me!!!” Buffalo Wings And Like Us On Facebook!

Rochester’s Barbeque & Grill 130 N. Whitehorse Pike, Lawnside NJ 08045 (Next to the new ShopRite)

(856) 547-RIBS (7427)


     SATURDAY, OCT. 3, 2015, 8am - 2pm RAIN DATE SUNDAY, OCT. 4 FALL IS THE TIME TO GET RID OF ITEMS YOU NO LONGER NEED AND MAKE A FEW EXTRA DOLLARS!

Featuring the sounds of Michael Corman on Piano



Registration must be received by 9/25/15 at the Municipal Building or by mail List of participating addresses will be available at Borough Hall and on the website at

Fee of $10.00 will be donated to benefit the Trap, Neuter, Release Program for cats and kittens.

Auto & Truck Repair Citgo Service Station Towing & Recovery

Name _______________________________________ 700 Clements Bridge Road

Address _____________________________________ Fee Paid _______________ Cash____ or Check____






Borough Bulletin This feature is in every issue of “Barrington’s On This feature is in every issue of “Barrington on Track” where we try to keep you informed about upcoming meetings as well as recap business that has transpired at prior meetings. Our goal is to keep our residents as informed as possible about borough business. You can also visit our website at www. for full copies of meeting minutes, resolutions and ordinances. Also, we post public hearing notices on ordinances that are being considered for adoption in the Retrospect and/or Courier Post and on Channels 19 (Comcast) and 33 (Verizon). The channel postings can also be viewed on the website. For full copies of any ordinance you can e-mail the borough clerk at Upcoming meetings: Caucus meetings: June 2, July 7, Aug, 4 Council meetings: June 9, July 14, Aug. 11 Caucus and Council meetings both begin at 6pm. RECENTLY ADOPTED ORDINANCES ●Ord. 1034, Calendar Year 2015 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriations and Establish a CAP Bank (this ordinance accompanies the Municipal Budget). ●Ord. 1036, Amending Chapter 48, Animals, in the Borough Code (this ordinance allows the keeping of backyard chickens in the Borough with an approved permit). ●Ord. 1037, 2015 Salary Ordinance for Non-union Employees and Officials ●Ord. 1038, Amending Chapter 46, Alcoholic

inception. In addition, the program rescued, fostered, socialized and found adoptive homes for an equal number of kittens born to these ferals. The program also includes building adequate insulated shelters and provides regular feeding and monitoring of our established colonies. We have a great need for volunteers and welcome anyone interested in participating in this very worthy program. Volunteers may participate in any one of a number of program activities which include: trapping, transport to and from clinic, assisting in surgical recovery, feeding & monitoring colonies, fostering and assisting in building shelters! You may choose to volunteer for one or all facets of this program. Any prospective volunteer would be trained and work alongside a seasoned volunteer. If interested you may contact: tshannon@ or call 856-547-0706 and ask for Terry.

Beverages, in the Borough Code (this ordinance raises liquor license fees). Copies of the full ordinances can be requested via email to Borough offices are open until 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings for your convenience. The Tax Assessor is available in-person on Thursdays from 4:45pm5:45pm. For more information on the Backyard Chicken ordinance, contact the Clerk, Terry Shannon, at 856-5470706 or via email to

HOMESTEAD REBATES The State of New Jersey has notified us that 2013 Homestead Benefit applications were mailed out the week of August 28, 2015. The deadline to file an application will be October 30, 2015. To be eligible you must have owned and occupied a home in New Jersey that was your principal residence as of October 1, 2013, had a New Jersey gross income for 2013 that was not more than $150,000 for homeowners who were 65 or older or disabled and not more than $75,000 for homeowners who were under age 65 and not disabled, and your home had to be subject to local property taxes and paid for 2013. If you have any questions or did not receive an application and believe you qualify please call (888) 238-1233. Kristy Emmett, CTC Tax/Sewer Rent Collector

Have you seen a cat whose left ear is flat on top like this one? This is called ear-tipping and means this cat has already been spayed or neutered.

BARRINGTON’S TRAP-NEUTERRELEASE PROGRAM Barrington TNR Program is rapidly approaching its third year since the program began and we are pleased to announce it has been a great success. Our dedicated volunteers have trapped and spayed/ neutered well over 100 feral cats in our community since the program’s





 ♦ Private
 ♦ Civic
 Winter will shortly be upon us and as always, 
 Barrington TNR is in great All
 need of canned food donations. There is a permanent deposit.


 donation box conveniently 
 located at the entrance of the Municipal Building. Daily

 All donations are greatly $25.00
 For more information email:
 or call 856-982-8058 call

FALL, 2015

REGISTRAR OF VITAL STATISTICS HOURS Mon - Wed - Thurs - Fri: 9:30 am - 3:45 pm Tuesday: 12:45 pm - 6:00 pm Marriage License Application: By Appointment Call 856/547-8585 Certified Copy of Birth or Marriage Record: $10 each Certified Copy of a Death Certificate: $25 for the first; $2 for each subsequent ordered at same time AN APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE A CERTIFIED COPY OF A VITAL RECORD. PHOTO ID WITH CURRENT ADDRESS AND/OR 2 PIECES OF MAIL WITH CURRENT ADDRESS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH RECORD REQUEST.

Attention All Residents and Businesses!

Would you like to receive town notifications via e-mail? We are developing a database of e-mail addresses so we can send out e-mail ”blasts” about things that are going on in town. If you would like to receive these notices, send an e-mail to residentinfo with your name, postal address and e-mail address and we will add you to the list!


Stickers are for sale in the Tax Office for $2.00 each and can be put on your recycling and/or trash cans. If everyone has a sticker displayed, it may have an impact on drivers. The fee just covers the printing.

FALL, 2015

In The Zone Chapters128 (Zoning), 85 (Off-street Parking), and 95 (Property Maintenance) Rev. 10/15/2013

To: All Property Owners and Residents; If you have any Zoning or proposed construction questions contact George Jones, Zoning Administrator at 856-547-4040, Zoning Application has a fee of $40.00. There is no fee for handicap ramps; but a Zoning Application must be made before you build.. Ramps are temporary in nature and shall be removed when no longer required. If you rent out your house, you must register with the Borough of Barrington. Important Info for 2015: The intent of zoning is to protect your property

1. That you must complete a Zoning Application along with a copy of your plot plan (survey) to secure authorization and/or permits to: (applies to all commercial & residential districts) [Prior to any construction projects]

A. Erect a fence on your property; to include new or replacement of old fencing. B. Construct or erect a swimming pool {pools must in a fenced yard, fence height four (4) feet (minimum) with self closing, self latching, lockable gates. Pools must be ten [10] feet from any property line or any structure C. To build an addition to your home.* All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan & escrow. D. To add a deck to your home..* All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan & escrow E. Build, replace or rebuild your front porch, patios or steps, or add a handicap ramp. F. Erect a shed in your rear yard. Includes new or replacement Must be five [5] feet from property lines G. Build a garage or accessory building or structure .* All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan & escrow fees.

❧ Auto Accidents ❧ General Litigation ❧ Wills & Estates ❧ Insurance Claims ❧ Juvenile Matters ❧ Personal Injury / All Types ❧ Traffic Offenses & DWI ❧ Real Estate Matters ❧ Family Law ❧ Social Security



H. Erect signs in a commercial zoning district (include color drawings) This includes replacing old signs. [Contractors signs must be removed as soon as work is completed.] I. Construct open or covered patios J. Construct driveways and aprons K. Operate a business in your home L. All Businesses must register at Municipal Building. For info call 856547-0706 M. Lot coverage is limited to 40% of the lot, includes all structures, pools, sheds, driveways & walk ways

D. Boats, trucks, or trailers can be parked on driveway, beyond front corner of the house, in front yard area; but not parked in the streets E. Off premises directional signs for a commercial business F. Business or commercial equipment parked or stored on streets in any district, must be behind the front corner of the building or house G. Operating a business in a residential district that has signs, more than one employee (this means property owner), and traffic to the property H. Sheds garages or other structures in the front or side yards

2. That the following are not permitted in any Zoning District, of the Borough of Barrington A. The parking of vehicles in front, side or rear yards on unpaved impervious surfaces [Chapter 85] B. Keeping unlicensed or unregistered vehicles on your property in any residential or commercial districts [Chapter 95] C. Signs of any commercial venture or business in a residential zoning district (except for a real estate sign on the premises, the maximum size is six [6] square feet

3. Under 128-13. Definitions. Family; Five (5) or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption, occupying a dwelling unit, living together and maintaining a common household, including not more than one (1) boarder, roomer or lodger. Not more than three (3) unrelated persons are permitted to occupy a dwelling unit; living together and maintaining a common household.


ATTORNEY AT LAW *Licensed in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Free Initial Consultation (P.I. & Municipal Court Cases) Evening & Weekend Hours Available 413 CLEMENTS BRIDGE ROAD BARRINGTON, NJ 08007




Public Works Department HAZARDOUS WASTE: Camden County Household Special Waste Collection dates: Sept. 19th Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill, October 17th Lindenwold Public Works Complex, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm, for more information on these events, call the Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs at: (856) 858-5241. BOROUGH ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: Residents can bring their E-waste to the DPW yard for disposal. Hours for drop off are Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The following items can be disposed of

as E-Waste: • 15, 17, 19, 21 Inch Monitors, Flat Screens and All-InOnes • Towers, Desktops and Laptops • Uninterrupted Power Supply • Keyboards, Mouse and Speakers • All Type of Wire • Gold Clip Ends • Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Modems, Copy Machines • All Type of Memory • Any Hard Drives • Fans and Power Supplies • Mother, B, C, Tweeter and Finger Boards • AC Adaptors, Yokes and Motors • Plastic, Baled or Loose • Aluminum, Brass, Light Iron and Copper

• Metals, Baled or Loose • Any and All Related Computer Parts • Phones, Cell Phones, Cell Phone and Laptop Batteries • PC Scrap and Stereos (No Wood) • VCR’s, DVD’s, CD Players, Boom Boxes • Any Audio and Visual Equipment • Scanners and Pagers • Cash Registers and Scales (Electronic or Mechanical) • Rechargeable Batteries • Household Appliance Not Containing Compressors • Televisions As of January 1, 2011 it is now mandatory to recycle covered electronic devices according to State law entitled “The Electronic Waste

Management Act”. The Borough of Barrington DPW began accepting electronics in 2010. If residents have electronic items such as televisions that are to heavy or burdensome to drop off to the DPW please call and we will make arrangements to pick up curbside Please be advised that any electronic items put to the curb for trash will not be picked up. For more information on electronic recycling you can go to the NJDEP website at: hhtp://www.state. electronicwaste/index.html or the Borough electronic waste vendor website at www.

TEXTILE DONATIONS: The Borough has (2) textile donation containers, (1) located at the Borough Hall parking lot and (1) located at the entrance gate to the DPW. Residents may drop off clothing, shoes, blankets, draperies, sheets, and any other type of textiles. Please do not drop off any items that are contaminated, meaning items that are wet, soiled, etc. Items other than those mentioned are not acceptable.

CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: Homeowner’s are limited to (5) containers per week. Please do not pile debris at

FALL, 2015

the curb because it will not be picked up unless it is in a container. If you are remodeling yourself or using a private contractor and will be in excess of the amount described herein you will need to arrange for private disposal.

VEGETATIVE WASTE PICK UP: Vegetative waste pick up is every Monday, April thru December. Vegetative waste is defined as grass clippings, sticker balls, acorns, pinecones and viney type materials such as ivy, honey suckle, poison ivy, laurel and plant clippings. Vegetative waste can be put in 30-gallon containers not weighing more than 50 lbs. and/or contractor grade trash bags weighing not more than 25 lbs., please leave plastic bags untied it will allow the crews to move along much quicker. Please no dirt or sod. Vegetative waste containers can be obtained at the Borough Hall for a nominal fee. Due to the heavy volume your pick up may not be completed on the scheduled pickup day, just leave at curb and it will be picked up the following day. Vegetative Waste pick up will continue on Mondays during leaf season, September thru December. You can put out your bagged or containerized

Borough of Barrington Shred Day Event

Reduce clutter—clean out and purge your personal records!

When: September 19 1:30pm to 4:30pm Where: Barrington Public Works Dept, 100 Reamer Dr.

FALL, 2015

LEAF COLLECTION SEASON 2015 Beginning with the week of October 5th 2015, the Borough will be divided into 3 districts for the purpose of leaf collection. Each district will receive one collection per week. The districts, and the scheduled collection dates are listed below. Week of: 10-05, 10-26 11-16, 12-14 DISTRICT #1 Adams Avenue Ashley Court Alyse Court Barr Drive Beaver Drive Cedar Avenue Clark Drive Clements Bridge Road (Glouc. Pike to Runn. Brdr.) Center Street Cleveland Avenue Commerce Drive Courtney Drive Davis Road Edwards Avenue Enders Drive Gloucester Pike (all) Hearne Drive Lauren Lane Lenton Avenue Little Lane Lott Avenue Madison Avenue Richards Avenue Russell Avenue Schiena Lane Shreve Avenue S. Moore Avenue Timber Drive Trinity Place Williams Avenue E & W Willmont Avenue

10-12, 11-02 11-30, 12-21

10-19, 11-09 12-07, 12-28



Albany Avenue Albertson Avenue Ashland Avenue Atlantic Avenue Austin Avenue Barrington Avenue Clements Bridge Road (WHP to Glouc. Pike) Charles Avenue Dubois Avenue Erie Avenue Haines Avenue Kingston Avenue Lawrence Avenue Moore Avenue Newton Avenue Page Avenue Reading Avenue Thomas Avenue Trenton Avenue White Horse Pike Woodland Avenue 2nd Avenue 3rd Avenue 4th Avenue 5th Avenue W. 1st Avenue W. 2nd Avenue W. 3rd Avenue W. 4th Avenue W. 5th Avenue

Avon Road Baptiste Avenue Bell Avenue Chesterfield Road Clinton Road Copley Road Copley Place N & S Devon Road Farragut Avenue Highland Avenue Hobart Drive Hutchinson Avenue Kent Avenue Letitia Lane Mercer Drive Nassau Drive N & S Oak Avenue Oakwood Road Peltoma Road Pomona Road Princeton Road Tavistock Blvd. Warwick Road Wayne Road Whitman Drive

leaves along with your vegetative waste at the same time for pick up.

CAR BATTERIES: Can be disposed of at most local auto part stores for a nominal fee or can be disposed of at Camden County Hazardous waste drop off sites. For dates and times please call the CCDEA at 856-858-5241. Do not put curbside for recycling or trash pickup, it will not be picked up.

TIRES - RESIDENTIAL: Two (2) tires per week per household, must be off the rims and can be put to curb for trash pickup. If tires are on the rims they will not be picked up.

CONCRETE: The Borough provides a pick up on Thursdays of small amounts. Pick up by the Borough must be called into the DPW office prior to Thursday by calling 547-2486 ext. 105. If you or a contractor are replacing your sidewalk and/ or driveway or any other type of renovation work you will need to arrange for private disposal.

BRUSH PICK UP: The Borough provides a pick up on Mondays. Includes tree limbs and trimmings, brush with roots removed and stumps not more than twelve (12) inches in diameter. Brush, limbs and stumps should be no longer than 4ft. and stacked neatly curbside so not to protrude

into the street or block the sidewalk. If stumps are more than 12” in diameter call the DPW office for special pick up, prior to Thursday. Any tree work done by a contractor is the responsibility of the contractor to dispose of debris. Any tree removal work done by a homeowner is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of all resulting debris. Place brush, limbs, stumps, curbside the night before collection but no earlier than 1:00 p.m. the day preceding collection to ensure that your brush, limbs, stumps, will be picked up. Do not place brush, limbs, stumps, in the street, as this is a dangerous practice that may cause a liability problem. Brush, limbs, stumps, placed on the park strip will not harm the grass. Due to the heavy volume your pick up may not be completed on the scheduled pickup day, just leave at the curb and it will be picked up the following day.

STUMP PICK UP: The Borough provides a pick up on Thursdays of small amounts. Pick up by the Borough must be called into the DPW Office prior to Thursday by calling 547-2486 ext 105. If a resident has a contractor do any tree work the contractor is responsible for removing all debris


to put out items to the curb, you can also bring your scrap metal items to the DPW yard Monday thru Friday during normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., for disposal in our scrap metal dumpster, or if you can contact the DPW ahead of time and we may be able to make arrangements for a pick up prior to your regularly scheduled pick up date if our schedule and manpower allows. If you need a pick up please call the DPW office prior to Friday by calling 5472486 ext. 105.

TRASH AND RECYCLING: Must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection but no sooner than 1:00 p.m. the day preceding collection. A copy of the trash and recycling regulations can be obtained at the Borough Hall or online at Please remember to secure your trash properly, the Borough frequently receives complaints about unsecured trash littering the streets on windy days.

DIG SAFELY: Homeowners are reminded that prior to any type of excavation work you are required to call the New Jersey One Call Center at 1-800-2721000 or 811 to request a mark out of all underground utilities. This is the law in New Jersey and is for your safety.



Examples of excavation could be but are not limited to landscaping, irrigation systems, fence installations, concrete work, etc. If you have a contractor doing your work the contractor should be aware of this requirement also. If you see colored paint markings in the road or colored flags on your property, these are utility markings. Yellow = Gas, Red = Electric, Orange = Communication/ CATV, Blue = Water, Green = Sanitary Sewer, White = Proposed excavation area.

STREET SWEEPER The following is the schedule for September: District #1 week of 8/10, District #2 week of 8/17, District #3 week of 8/24. We will advertise on the Borough cable channel 19/33 and post signs in your district the week prior. In order to provide a more efficient job, residents will need to move their cars off the street on your scheduled week. Every effort will be made to stay on schedule but delays can happen due to manpower, breakdowns, weather, etc. If anyone should have any question in regards to this article or any other Public Works related issues please call Mike Ciocco, Supt. of Public Works at 547-2486 ext.101.

The Borough provides a pickup of small amounts that should be no longer than 4’ and limited to no more than 10 pieces per week. Pick up by the Borough will be on Fridays and is to be put curbside for trash pickup. If a contractor is doing the work the contractor is responsible for disposing of the debris.

WASTE OIL: Waste oil may be brought to the Public Works Garage Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please do not drop off after hours and leave at gate. Proof of residency required.

SCRAP METAL Over the past few years the Borough has seen a steady decline in our recycling rate for scrap metal due to scavengers. In an effort to curb scavengers residents are asked to wait until the morning of pick up


Our recycling center has recently had employees injured by discarded syringes/needles that were put into recycling bins. When an employee at the recycling center is injured, it stops the entire operation and that employee has to be sent for immediate medical treatment. Used needles and/or syringes CANNOT be put out with recycling. They are to be put into capped soft drink bottles and thrown in the TRASH. For information on how to dispose of used needles properly, visit PLEASE KEEP NEEDLES OUT OF THE RECYCLING BIN.



FALL, 2015

The Mayor’s Desk, Continued well attended and this was the fireworks show was the best around (of course I’m a little impartial). Thank you to Councilwoman Nicholson, our Police Department, our Public Works Department and to our Fire Marshall, Steve DePierri, for making this year’s celebration a great success. Public Works was very busy this summer maintaining vacant properties throughout town in addition to maintaining our parks and borough facilities and all their normal recycling and highway duties. Maintaining vacant properties is becoming an increasingly difficult problem. We don’t always know when there is a property maintenance issue unless it is reported to us by our residents so please let us know if you see a property that needs attention. Wish Upon a Star Playground was built in 1996 and is showing its age. The wooden playground structures need to be replaced. We met with General Recreation and they have provided three different plans for replacement of the playground. We are currently reviewing available funding and will be holding public meetings so our residents can have input on which plan is selected. More information to come. The White Horse Pike - It is my great pleasure to thank Council President Popiolek for his perseverance and hard work in seeing the White Horse Pike Redevelopment Project finally come to fruition! If you drive on the Pike, you will see the Wawa going up very quickly. It took a long time to get here but it is finally happening and is very exciting to see.

Hopefully, sometime next year we will see the final phase of the project, construction of a restaurant, also come to fruition thus finally completing this major redevelopment project. We also thank all of our professionals and Borough staff for all their work on this ten-year project. Centennial Committee - It sounds funny to hear that this municipality will be incorporated 100 years very soon. As a matter of fact, we will celebrate the centennial in 2017. That is not so far away and we are seeking individuals and organizations, as well as businesses, which are interested in being involved in the “Centennial Committee”. We had our kickoff meeting this spring and will be meeting again on October 21, 2015, at 6:30pm at Borough Hall. Those interested are asked to contact the Mayor’s office at (856) 547-8585 and leave your name, address and phone number (or email address) and we will include you on the contact list for upcoming meetings. Autumn Activities - We are looking forward to the fall activities such as fall sports (soccer, football, etc.), and who can resist our own Civic Association’s “Harvest Fest”! This is our signature event and draws more than 15,000 people to our municipality. This event has something for everyone and is a great day for kids and adults alike. Keep a lookout for news of events. Please be careful when driving on our streets, especially since our kids are back to school, and we look forward to seeing everyone during our great fall activities. Be happy and be safe.

Are You Eligible For a No-Interest, No-MonthlyPayment Home Rehabilitation Loan? Mayor and Council of the Borough of Barrington, in conjunction with Camden County Improvement Authority and their “Housing Rehabilitation Program” offers Barrington Residents a Home Improvement Program with a “Deferred Payment Loan” to assist homeowners with Home Rehabilitation Repairs to their home. The program addresses such items as leaking roofs, faulty plumbing, heat, electrical, as well as Rehabilitation Code items affecting the safety of the Home. A homeowner must be income-eligible (this varies according to gross income and household size), and they must reside in the property for at least one year. Also, the property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and mortgage must be current.  Right now there is a waiting list for applicants, and we anticipate you would receive an application in 6/8 weeks. If you would like to add your name to the list please call 856-751-2242. Sponsored By: CAMDEN COUNTY IMPROVEMENT AUTHORITY Mayor and Council BOROUGH OF BARRINGTON Louis Capelli Freeholder Director Liaison James P. Blanda – Executive Director Gino A. LewisDirector Housing (HIP)

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FALL, 2015

Patriotism, Continued

Harvest Festival, Continued

Members of the VFW and VFW Auxiliary then placed wreaths at the War Memorials. A few short weeks later, Independence Day dawned warm and clear as participants prepared for our annual parade. Our Police, Firefighters, and Ambulance Volunteers shined up their vehicles and waited to be joined at 6:30 pm by our local sports teams, elected officials, and civic organizations. A long line of antique cars and roadsters added some flavor. Our Parade Marshal was Rachel McCleary, who is the sister of two of our Volunteer Firefighters. She is under treatment for ovarian cancer, and we wish her well. Music was provided by the Hegeman String Band and the marching band and drill team from Camden High School. The Governing Body’s decision a couple of years ago to hold the parade and fireworks the day before the Fourth has met with favorable reaction. By starting the festivities on the evening of the Third, spectators are able to enjoy cooler temperatures and view the parade in comfort. Most then gather up their chairs and head to Woodland School for a concert by the Barrington Band leading up to the ever-popular fireworks display. The idea has become so popular, in fact, that the Borough of Runnemede contributes to the cost of the fireworks so that their residents could be welcomed to join us. At dusk, the crowd was treated to a spectacular show of dazzling colors and effects that added to the patriotic feeling of the season.

in front of the Old Rail Tavern, and the main stage in front of the B-Corner Market will feature a variety of acts, on Second Avenue will feature a Petting Zoo and entertainment for the little ones. The committee is grateful to their Gold Sponsors PBA Local 328 and Colonial National Bank for their sponsorship of the event. Kids’ Section The Kids’ Section will be located in the municipal parking area at 2d & Trenton Avenue, behind the First Methodist Church. The inflatable bounces are always a big hit and will be back again. You will also find the traditions that have been favorites for many years – petting zoo, hayride, pony rides, rock climb, and other fun activities. There will be a new event this year, also. It’s a Kids’ Cupcake Bake-Off. You can get details at the website:

Basket Auction There will be an even bigger and better Basket Auction this year with lots of fantastic prizes. Clubs and organizations, as well as the Festival vendors, participate by donating valuable prizes of all kinds. The prizes are gathered into gift bags, and you drop your tickets into numbered buckets to win one. For More Information: For general information, please check out the new website at You can email organizers at, and you can also check out the Harvest Festival’s Facebook page with photos from past years, too! (https://www. Be sure to come to Clements Bridge Road in Barrington on Saturday, October 10th and enjoy the fun! The rain date is Sunday, October 11th.


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Beer & Food Garden The Barrington Fire Co. #1 will be hosting their popular beer and food garden on the grounds of the firehouse at 2nd & Haines Avenue from noon till 8:00 pm. The Bar-B-Q Contest is making a return this year, so go to the website (www. for details. Classic Car Show For the 10th year, Clements Bridge Road from Gloucester Pike to Lawrence Avenue will be a walk down memory lane as eye-popping restored and customized cars from down through the years will be on display. Just to add to the flavor, a DJ will be spinning oldies for the onlookers.


PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!! Pictured are DPW employees Frank D’Intino and Sam Egnatuk installing a new speed check unit on Copley Road in August. This unit was installed just prior to the opening of schools in the hopes that it makes motorists aware of their speed and to remind them to please slow down, since kids are once again walking to and from school.



Bright Lights

Marissa Beebe Steps Up

Marissa Beebe has had quite the summer. Upon completing her junior year at Haddon Heights High School, Marissa headed straight to Georgian Court College to attend New Jersey Girls State. This is a distinguished accomplishment as Marissa had to be nominated by staff at HHHS, interviewed and accepted by the VFW Post 38 members, and make a commitment to attend the week long festivities that provide a solid foundation of our government and its impact on youth in America. After her time at Girls State, Marissa stepped up to the plate with her travel softball team playing games across the east coast and as far south as Myrtle Beach. Marissa is a two sport athlete at Heights, also playing basketball, and hopes to wrap up her excellent career at Heights with playoff appearances for both teams.

Nick Sciortino plays Summer Ball in Cape Cod League

Barrington Little League graduate as well as Haddon Heights High School graduate Nick Sciortino is

about to enter his junior year at Boston College where he is a catcher for the Eagles. This summer Nick played in the esteemed Cape Cod League and performed quite well. Nick has worked hard, honing his skills, and it is possible he will be considered in next Spring’s Major League Baseball draft. If you are on twitter you can follow his progress by searching for the Boston College Baseball program…Nick had a distinguished career at Heights, finishing with over 100 hits, and was in attendance this past May as Heights claimed a SJ Group 1 championship.

Dean Wilson Signs Deal

Another Barrington Little League graduate, as well as Haddon Heights High School graduate, Dean Wilson recently signed a professional contract to play baseball for the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League. In the spring Dean graduated from Oral Roberts University, and waited to see if his name would be called in the MLB draft. When it wasn’t Dean took the next step, signing with Evansville where he is expected to play at shortstop, third base as well as second base.

Dean has his average up to .280 and says the ball is great but those bus rides on road trips can test any one’s patience. If you are interested in keeping up with Dean’s progress, google up Evansville Otters baseball or Frontier League Baseball.

11-0 in game #2 at Washington Township to win the Championship! Overall record was 13-4-1. This is the 3rd Championship for this group of girls over the past 5 seasons. Barrington is very proud of all our young ladies.

Girls’ Softball Team Wins GSA Junior National Title

Congratulations to the Barrington Girls Softball League’s U15 GSA Travel Team for winning the South Jersey GSA Softball Junior National Championship this past softball season. The girls played well throughout the regular season going 9-4-1 and entered the playoffs a #3 seed. They played hard and beat #2 seed Gloucester Township 6-3 in game #1, and 6-4 in game #2 to advance to the Championship. The bats were healthy, and the pitching was tight as the ‘Barrington Brawlers’ beat #1 seed Washington Township 9-7 in game #1 at home and then, on the road completely shut down WT

FALL, 2015

The team consisted of: Coaches: Ken Carmack, Ron Oppermann, George Duganitz, Jim O’Donnell Players: Kelly O’Donnell, Emma Bailey, Andrea Holton , Mattie Whalen ,Taylor Carmack, Maria Velasco, Angelica Oppermann, Emily Hughes, Rachel White, Morgan Hearn, Nicole Angelo, Hannah Duganitz (not pictured), Peyton Klopp (not pictured).

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FALL, 2015


Independence Day & NATIONAL night OUT

This year, Barrington participated in the National Night Out event, designed to promote all that Barrington has to offer! National Night Out was held on August 4th at the Girls’ Softball Fields, Wish Upon A Star Park and the Basketball courts. Members of our community including the police and fire departments, sports teams, community organizations and Barrington businesses participated to provide an evening of fun for our residents!



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FALL, 2015

If you are a business owner who is located in Barrington, or doing commerce here, you are invited to join the BBA. Dues are just $25 per year. Call John Hargrave at 856-547-6500 or e-mail him at



FALL, 2015

Young At Heart No Matter How You Feel: Get Up – Dress Up – Show Up! BARRINGTON YOUNG AT HEART SENIORS: monthly meetings the 3rd Monday of each month at 1 pm in the Barrington Senior Center! Young at Heart Dues are $12 per year for NEW members to join. When you become a member of the Barrington YAH Seniors you are entitled to attend our festive Christmas Party at Auletto’s Catering in December. We are happy to announce the date of the party for 2015 is Friday, December 4TH. Get together with some of your friends and neighbors and JOIN the Young at Heart Seniors for some great fun, food and entertainment. Even if you just want to join so you can have a great afternoon out with friends and neighbors for the Christmas holiday we are glad to have you! The Barrington Senior Recreation Center is open for all of our seniors to meet from noon to 3:00 pm every Mon, Wed and Fri (no dues - just fun), AGE 55 AND OVER ARE WELCOME. If you wish to participate, we celebrate monthly birthdays with a pizza luncheon on the last Friday of every month - $5 per person; signups and payment are requested by the Wednesday before the pizza lunch.

Movie Night L to R: Arthur & Dolores Bantle, Anne Weller, Charlotte Blizzard, Joyce Vincent, Anne Whitaker & Evelyn Andrews

UPCOMING EVENTS SEPTEMBER Mon 21st – YAH meeting at 1 pm; Guest Entertainers: The Singing Angels – a free will offering will be collected for our entertainers Fri 25th – Birthday lunch at noon – Pizza, $5 per person. Please sign up & pay by Wed 23rd .

July Birthdays: Joyce Vincent, George Atkins & Hilda Miller April Birthday: (Left) Anne Whitaker June Birthdays (Above) Sabina Moyer Happy 85th to Louise Catona

OCTOBER Mon 19th - YAH meeting at 1 pm; Guest Speaker: Barrington Fire Company for Fire Prevention Month. Fri 30th - Birthday lunch at noon – Pizza, $5 per person. Please sign up & pay by Wed 28th NOVEMBER Mon 16th - YAH meeting at 1 pm; Guest Speaker: Beth Powell will speak about navigating senior insurance Fri 20th - Birthday lunch at noon – Pizza, $5 per person. Please sign up & pay by Wed 18th DECEMBER Fri 4th - Christmas Luncheon at Auletto’s Catering at noon. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND. Fri 18th - Birthday lunch at noon – Pizza $5 per person. Please sign up & pay by Wed 16th Mon 21st - YAH meeting at 1 pm. NO speaker – let’s just eat a provided lunch and have fun!!! WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF NEW, UNUSED ITEMS TO BE USED AS DOOR PRIZES FOR OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING YOU WISH TO DONATE PLEASE BRING TO EILEEN IN THE MAYOR’S OFFICE. THANK YOU! PLEASE CHECK THE BOROUGH WEBSITE FOR UPDATES or call Eileen Eckert Holcombe at 856/547-8585. Information is also posted on the Senior Rec Center doors.

CAMDEN COUNTY PROVIDES LOTS OF FREE ACTIVITIES FOR SENIORS Please check the county website: http://www. and click on “JUST FOR SENIORS” UPCOMING COUNTY EVENTS: “JUST FOR SENIORS”: Line Dancing, Billiards & Bowling, Fall Fling Senior Dance, Fun in Fall Senior Bingo, Tai Chi for Seniors, 2015 Grandparents Day at the Adventure Aquarium. For further information on these events call 856/858-2986 SENIOR SERVICES – ENTITLEMENTS: ARE YOU A SENIOR CITIZEN? You May Be Entitled to various Services, Programs and discounts. Please contact Eileen for a list she will email to you. The list is also available at the Municipal Building. SOME IMPORTANT AND USEFUL CAMDEN COUNTY NUMBERS FOR SENIORS: - Senior Citizen Information -1-800/955-2446 or 856/858-3220 - Senior/Disabled Legal Workshop – 856/566-2920 - Disabled Citizen Services - 1-800/955-2446 - Senior Transport (SCUCS) Sen-Han Transit - 856/456-3344 - SCUCS also runs trips and provides other services 856/456-1121 or check their website:

FALL, 2015


Barrington Students Ready To Help The Needy Again

In past years, students at Avon and Woodland Schools have been encouraged to show their community spirit by helping to feed local people in need. They have always done a commendable job. It may be easier than you think to bring some Holiday Joy and a good meal to a deserving person. The items below can be easily purchased at the grocery store, require no refrigeration, and can be quickly prepared for a hearty dinner. Our Barrington School Children will be lending a hand in putting these packages together once again. You can join in by bringing some of these items to Borough Hall or donating them to the Boy Scouts’ “Scouting For Food” Drive at Thanksgiving. Thanks to previous Food Drives by the Mail Carriers and the Boy Scouts, we have an ample supply of vegetables and soup in our A.B.L.E. food pantry. Here are the items we need: Canned Turkey or Chicken Spam, Swanson, etc. (8th Grade) Instant Mashed Potatoes (7th Grade) Turkey or Chicken Gravy (6th Grade) Turkey or Chicken Stuffing (5th Grade) Cranberry Sauce (4th Grade) Brownie Mix (3rd Grade) Biscuit Mix (2nd Grade) Liquid Dish Soap (1st Grade) Please make your donations by October 30th so we have time to pack them for distribution. Please, no perishable or refrigerated items. We thank you for your past support in our efforts to help the needy in our neighborhoods!


SENIOR SERVICES – ENTITLEMENTS: ARE YOU A SENIOR CITIZEN? You May Be Entitled to the Following Services and Program at Specific Ages: 55 YEARS: EMPLOYMENT: Senior Community Service Employment Program; Paid on the job training; Free job placement; Classroom training TAXES/TAX BENEFITS: When selling principal place of residence, up to $125,000 of capital gain is tax-free on federal and New Jersey income taxes. Property tax deduction of $250 for widow(er) of property owner. VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS: Retired and

Senior Volunteer Program: helping community agencies (Out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed) 60 YEARS AREA AGENCY ON AGING: Services Provided under Older Americans Act; Congregate and HomeDelivered Meals; In-Home services; Transportation; Legal Assistance; Information and Referral Assistance NOTE: Income or other eligibility requirement INCOME MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS: Partial Social Security/ Railroad Retirement survivor benefits for widow(er); For widow(er)s remarrying, retention of Social Security benefits. Continued on Page 21


3D’s Lawn Service & Landscaping 856-979-1303



The First United Methodist Church of Barrington 140 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington, NJ 08007

We would like to thank everyone who showed their concerns about our church and the water damage we

had early this year. It took a while to get everything back up and running but we are happy to say that all has been fixed and our functions are starting up again. The women of our church will once again be selling baked goods at the Barrington Harvest Festival in October. Our church will be open during the festival for those that would like to stop in and see our church.

Please check our notice board on the front lawn of the church for any activity or special service that we will be holding. With Christmas approaching, we will be having a Christmas service and a notice will be posted on the board as to the date and time. We hope to see you there. Our regular Sunday service starts at 10 am. So please stop in, we would love to see you. We are always looking for new people to worship with. This is God’s house and we are all His children. So stop in, He would love to see and hear from you. In closing, we hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe summer season. God bless you all.

COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH 321 Kingston Ave., Barrington, NJ 08007 Voice (856) 546-6514 Pastor: Rich Archut

Have you ever told yourself, “Someday I’ll go to church?” If so you are invited to our “Someday Sunday,” September 20 at Community Bible Church. Worship with your neighbors and meet new friends. The service begins at 11 a.m. For those who have difficulty with stairs Community Bible Church has a stair lift. We want to thank our neighbors and everyone who made our Vacation Bible School, “The Bible from A to Zoo,” a success. If you missed this year’s VBS, plan now to attend next year’s! Be watching this publication for the dates. Schedule: Sunday 9:45 a.m. Sunday School and Adult Bible Study 11:00 a.m. Morning

WORSHIP DIRECTORY ASCENSION LUTHERAN Pastor George Dietrich: 534 Fourth Avenue • Haddon Hts., 08035 856/547-6669 COMMUNITY BIBLE Pastor Richard Archut 321 Kingston Avenue 856/546-6514 • FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rev. Alaina Vasta Walton, Pastor 401 Clements Bridge Road CONTACT: Patti Pawling 856/547-1381 • FIRST UNITED METHODIST Pastor W. R. Chew 856/287-7561 140 Clements Bridge Road Contact: Bob Golas GOSPEL HALL 14 Barrington Avenue

GRACE BIBLE Pastor James Detwiler 887 Clements Bridge Road 856/546-4885 CONTACT: Patti Smith GOOD NEWS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER 501 Commerce Dr 856/672-9555 Pastor(s) Ray and Carol Shannon PO Box 87 • Glendora, NJ 08029 856-672-9555 • ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH 800 Kings Highway Haddon Heights, NJ 08035-1397 Pastor: Rev. Joseph Byerley 856/547-0564

Worship Service 6:00 p.m. Evening Worship Service Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Bible Study and Prayer Meeting For more information, visit our website at www. or call the church at 546-6514. ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH 300 Kings Highway Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

The students and faculty of St. Rose of Lima School students were welcomed to the first day of school on September 2nd by our new principal, Mr. William Stonis and Father Joseph Byerley, Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish. We are excited to have Mr. Stonis as our new principal. He has many years of administrative and teaching experience, most recently as Superintendent of Schools for the Cumberland Regional School District. He is looking forward to great school year!

FALL, 2015

The Rosebud Academy had their first opening day of school on September 8th. Mrs. Maureen Mattson, our Preschool Director, greeted our youngest students for the inaugural opening of Rosebud Academy. The preschool is located at our satellite campus on 102 W. Gloucester Pike in Barrington. The preschool offers programs for 3 year olds, 4 year olds and transitional kindergarten. For information about the preschool programs or registration, please contact Mrs. Mattson at preschool@ St. Rose of Lima School and Parish will be hosting several events in the coming months. The Parish will be hosting a Parish BBQ/Block Party on Green Street from 2:00 – 5:00 pm on Sunday, October 4thThe St. Rose PTA will be hosting Ladies Coach Bingo on Saturday, October 17th (location TBD). It will be a fun afternoon of great food, friends and fabulous prizes! Our Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held on Friday, November 6th from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm,

FALL, 2015

in the school gym. Please stop by and enjoy delicious food, granny’s attic and wonderful prizes, including a Mega 50/50 raffle. Mega 50/50 raffle tickets can be purchased at the St. Rose rectory office. Our Fall Open House will be held on Wednesday, October 7th from 9:00 – 11:00 am. This is a great opportunity to see the school and visit the classrooms. Applications for the 2016-17 school year will be accepted at the Open House. Our students learn lifelong lessons, make lasting friendships and experience Catholic identity on a daily basis, all while getting a great education. St. Rose offers a full-day Kindergarten Program. Please call the Advancement Office at 856-5466166, ext. 309 to schedule a personal tour or for additional information. For additional information about our upcoming events or school registration, please contact the Advancement Office at 856-546-6166 (ext.309). Please visit our website at, click on school link. Our latest version of the Alumni Newsletter is available on the school website. Stay up to date with our events by liking our pages on Facebook at St. Rose of Lima School and Alumni Association and Rosebud Academy Preschool. Looking for St. Rose Alumni! If you are a graduate of St. Rose of Lima School, please register your name and contact information with the Advancement Office. We will send you

periodic alumni updates and the alumni newsletter. Please send your information to strosealumni@ Also, Like our page on Facebook: St. Rose of Lima School and Alumni


Group Hosts Prom For Special Needs Students Fantastic Friends is an organization which gives people with special needs the opportunity to socialize with their neuro-typical peers and peers who have similar or different needs. Their teen-lead chapters help people with special needs gain confidence about being in a group while sharing ideas hopes,

ticipated in the Fantastic Friends Candyland themed prom. Molly and Jake each had prom ‘dates’. They took prom pictures, ate dinner and danced the night away. They also assisted their ‘dates’ into the candy room for a bit of a sweet treat to take home. On the way home, Jake told us ‘I really need to do this more

and dreams in an accepting environment. On Friday, June 12th, 2015, Fantastic Friends held a Candyland themed prom at the Mansion in Voorhees NJ. Barrington residents, Jake and Molly Barr, par-

often’. Both he and Molly felt a sense of ‘giving’ to the community. They became involved in Fantastic Friends through Molly’s

dance friend whose brother is part of Fantastic Friends community. Fantastic Friends hosts monthly social functions for friends (members with special needs) and volunteer friends (peer volunteers). Our events are different and always fun, new and exciting! Friends in Fantastic Friends are

St. Rose of Lima Church Pastor, Father Joseph Byerley welcomes the new principal of St. Rose of Lima School, Mr. William Stonis. Association. The alumni office is also looking for old photos or memorabilia. If you have any that you would like to share, please send it to the school office Attn: Advancement Office, St. Rose of Lima School, 300 Kings Highway, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035, or email them to We will return any photos to you. Events October 4th– Parish BBQ/Block Party 2:30 – 5:00 pm October 7th – School Open House 9:00 - 11:00 am October 17th - PTA Ladies Coach Bingo 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm (location TBD) November 6th – Annual Christmas Bazaar 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

forever and the good times are never ending! If you are interested in signing your child up for social outings or volunteering for fantastic friends, please contact Marissa Hacker at fantasticfriendssocialgroup@gmail. com.



Barrington Band

By: Jaclyn E McKeever, Percussion, Vocalist and Recording Secretary Barrington Band is a community band that consists of volunteers from Barrington and the Southern Jersey Area. We love to play classic band music and are currently offering three programs this Season; our Patriotic Set, our Animal Theme Set and ending in December with our Holiday Set. We are approximately a 40piece band and offer Brass and Woodwind Sections, in addition to our Percussion Section, which currently holds our newest and youngest members of our band, two are 10 and one is 12 years old, and play our Percussion Instruments. We are very proud of all of our members, but especially our youngest, as they are the next generation of the Barrington Band. We are currently beginning our next hundred years of service (although most of us won’t be around to witness the wonderful longevity)! We celebrated our first Centennial Anniversary a few years ago. One of our Concerts this summer was in Cape May on June 6th, our annual Concert in the Gazebo near the Mall. Some of us were

able to enjoy the beautiful ocean (although a bit cold yet) before our Concert at 8pm. We played our Animal Theme Concert and had quite an audience laughing at our bear growls and cat meows. We also took out our dog barks and wind whistled our way through some of our songs. Our Auxiliary Percussion Section (our youngest and brightest) had quite a bit of fun. A few of our other concerts this summer included June 23rd at Collingswood Manor, the Annual Fireworks Show behind Woodland School on July 3rd, Riverview Estates on July 7th, National Night Out on August 4th, and most recently a new venue: The Fountains at Cedar Parke in Atco on August 25th. Our last performance of the current program is Wiley Christian Retirement Community in Marlton on September 8th. It will complete our Spring to Fall Season, as we look forward to our Holiday Concerts. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming concerts, beginning at 7pm! If anyone is interested in joining our band, please contact our faithful and dedicated Conductor, Penny Teter, at pennyteter@ . We always welcome new members! We rehearse on Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the Barrington Senior

FALL, 2015

Way Back When

As we get ready to observe our town’s Centennial, this is the 200 block of Clements Bridge Road about a hundred years ago and today. Note the stylish sash and bow on the young lady.

Room, right next to the Borough Hall, when we do not have a Concert. Any other information can be found at our website: http:// BB_Index.html .


FALL, 2015

BARRINGTON BAND Contact: Penny Teter, Director **Meets Tues 7:00 pm Senior Center BARRINGTON BUSINESS ASSOC. (BBA) Contact: John Hargrave John Hargrave & Assoc. 117 Clements Bridge Road 856/547-6500 Contact: Christine Liss, General Store 200 Clements Bridge Road 856/547-3366 BARRINGTON CARES Contact: Beth Powell 856/323-8493 BARRINGTON ROD & REEL: President: Mark Gosewisch Contact: Darryl Hunt BARRINGTON TEEN CENTER Contact: Phylicia Robenolt BARRINGTON WOMEN’S LEAGUE President: Mandi Hawkins BARRINGTON PRE-K: Contact: Jessica Emmons P O Box 36, Barrington 856/375-5556 BASKETBALL LEAGUE Contact: Mike Drumm 856/718-1656 BOY SCOUTS TROOP #96 Contact: Bill Oberle 856/216-0758 Contact: Joe Connuli 856/655-9411 Contact: Joe Morin 856/780-2644 **Meets most Sundays at 7 pm at Barrington Senior Center CUB SCOUT PACK 96 Contact: Scott & Ruth Ross 917/538-4294 Ruth Ross - Cubmaster Scott Ross - Den Leader **Meets most Sundays 6:00 pm VFW

Clubs, Organizations, Schools, and Churches BROWNIE TROOP #30014 Contact: Sandra Duganitz 856/904-6586 **Meets 2nd & 4th Thurs Sept thru May - SRC 6:30 pm CIVIC ASSOCIATION President: Barbara Hanson Contact: Meg O’Donnell CIVIC ASSO. HARVEST FESTIVAL Contact: Mindy Berwick DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM Domestic Violence Response Team Coordinator - Hilda Hotline 856-227-1234 Camden County Women’s Center In an emergency call 911 immediately DRUG ALLIANCE Contact: Kristin Flowers 856/547-8402 x-220 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR Contact: Michael DePierri 856/547-0706 (W) EMS/AMBULANCE SQUAD President: Michael Grasso Contact: Barbara Willson, Chief FIRE COMPANY #1 Fire Company: 856/546-7555 Chief: Jason Houck President: Dave Ehrman **Meets 2nd Monday of ea. month 7pm Fire Station FIRE COMPANY #1 AUXILIARY President: Tracy DeCant **Meets 4th Monday each month except Dec, July & August, 7:30 pm Fire Station

GARNET YOUTH FOOTBALL & CHEERLEADING Contact: Dara Riggs – Football Dionna Ward - Cheerleading GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE President: Josh Haas GIRLS’ SOFTBALL LEAGUE AUX. Contact: Kim Kellogg 215-964-5451 GREEN TEAM Contact: Wayne Robenolt, Councilman 856/547-0706 **Meets 2nd Tues month 6:30 pm in Mayor’s Office HADDON HGTS/BARR/LAWNSIDE WRESTLING Contact: Rocky Riley 856/547-2569 Contact: Bill Dzurenda LITTLE LEAGUE Contact: Lindsey Gray PO Box 33, Barrington, NJ 08007 LITTLE LEAGUE WOMEN’S AUX BLLConcessions@ President: Brenda Martinelli 856/986-7976 - C HISTORICAL SOCIETY President: Janis Stuart 856/546-5239 (H) Contact: Sylvia Hearne, Corresp. Sec. JR. GIRL SCOUT TROOP # 30189 Contact: Becky Bogina 856/310-1323 (H) **Meets 3rd Thurs of month 6:30pm SRC

GOVERNMENT PHONE NUMBERS: STATE, COUNTY & LOCAL State, Camden County and Local phone numbers you can call for assistance NEW JERSEY STATE & FEDERAL: US Senator Robert Menendez 856/757-5353 US Senator Cory Booker 856/338-8922 Congressman Donald Norcross 856/546-5100 Governor Chris Christie 609/292-6000 State Senator Donald Norcross 856/547-4800 Assemblyman Angel Fuentes 856/547-4800 Assemblyman Whip Wilson 856/547-4800 LOCAL NUMBERS: Emergency -----------911 Police Dept. --547-4333 (Non-emergency) Fire Dept. -- 933-1234 (Non-emergency) Ambulance – 933-1234 (Non-emergency) Borough Hall -- 547-0706 Mayors Office – 547-8585 Court –547-1550 Construction Office-547-0706 Public Works -- 547-2486

CAMDEN COUNTY CC Social Services --225-5143 or 225-8800 Welfare to Work 427-0988 WIC --225-5155 Health & Human Services 374-6300 Division for Children 374-6376 Food Stamps-- 225-7789 Mosquito Control 566-2945 or 2949 Alcohol & Substance Abuse --374-6316 Office of Economic Opportunities 910-1180 Veterans Affairs –613-1199 One Stop Resource Center 968-4200 Parks & Recreation – 216-2130 Public Works (county) 566-2980 Senior and Disabled Services -858-3220 Surrogate 225-7282 Sheriff’s Dept. -225-5473 Rental Assistance 614-3300 Homeless Prevention 614-3318 Catholic Charities 663-9800 PSE&G 866-657-4273

SOCCER LEAGUE Contact: Harry “Buddy” Hart

CHURCHES: ASCENSION LUTHERAN Contact: Pastor George Dietrich 534 Fourth Avenue, Haddon Hts, NJ 08035

SUVIVORS OF SUICIDE SUPPORT GROUP Contact: Gail Dohrn 215/545-2242 – Group Voice Mail **Meets 2nd Tues each month 7 pm Municipal Bldg 2nd Fl Comm. Center

COMMUNITY BIBLE Contact: Pastor Richard Archut 321 Kingston Avenue 856/546-6514

YOUNG AT HEART (SENIORS) Senior Recreation Center Coordinator: Eileen Eckert Holcombe 856/547-1930 (SRC) 856/547-8585 - W **Meeting 3rd Monday of ea. Month- 1PM **SRC open every M-W-F 12-3:00pm

SCHOOLS BARRINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION 311 Reading Ave. Anthony Arcodia, Superintendent of Schools 856/547-8467, Ext. 113 856/547-5533 (F) BARRINGTON SCHOOLS PTA:AVON PARENT TEACHER GROUP (APT) President: Holly McCauley WOODLAND PARENT TEACHER GROUP President: Carol Nasuti 856/656-0522 CASTLE ACADEMY PTA Contact: Maureen Lenahan 856/546-5901 ROSEBUD ACADEMY PRESCHOOL Director: Maureen Matson 856/473-0971

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Contact: Pastor Alaina Vasta Walton 401 Clements Bridge Road 856/547-1381 RevAVW@FPCBarrington. FIRST UNITED METHODIST Contact: Pastor W. R. Chew 140 Clements Bridge Road Contact: Bob Golas

GOSPEL HALL 14 Barrington Avenue Contact: A.J. Higgins GOOD NEWS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER Contact: Pastor(s) Ray and Carol Shannon 501 Commerce Dr 856/672-9555 PO Box 87, Glendora, NJ 08029 GRACE BIBLE Contact: Pastor Tony Cuellar 887 Clements Bridge Road 856/546-4885 Contact: Patti Smith ST. ROSE OF LIMA Contact: Fr. Joseph Byerly 300 Kings Highway Haddon Heights, NJ 08035-1397 (856) 547-0564 Contact: Kathy Miller:

2-1-1 FIRST CALL FOR HELP If you need help right now, pick up the phone and dial 2-1-1 to reach the Camden County information and referral hotline operated by the Union Organization for Social Service. You can also visit their searchable Community Information System website: 2-1-1 provides callers in need with information about and referrals to human services such as: Basic Human Needs Resources: food banks, clothing closets, shelters, rent assistance, utility assistance. Physical and Mental Health Resources: health insurance programs, Medicaid and intervention services, support groups, counseling, drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation. Work Support: financial assistance, job training, transportation assistance and education programs. Support for Older Americans and People with Disabilities: adult day care, congregate meals, Meals on Wheels, respite care, home health care, transportation, homemaker services. Children, Youth & Family Supports: child care, after school programs, Head Start, family resource centers, summer camps and recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring and protective services.



FALL, 2015

Around The Town BBA Seeks Barrington New Members, Residents New Ideas Open Unusual

The Barrington Business Association meets monthly to foster co-operation among the local businesses and government. Topics of discussion often include how technology can help small businesses, and how the BBA can work together to promote events to stimulate the local economy. New members and new ideas are always welcome. Annual dues are just $25, and include listings published in Barrington’s On Track and participation in events like Barrington Day and the Harvest Festival. Meetings are scheduled at a variety of times so business owners can attend more easily. Some are held early in the morning, some in the late afternoon, and others in the evening. If you have an interest in attending, send your e-mail address to Amanda Hunt at Novella’s Ice Creamery (novellas312@hotmail. com) to be notified about dates and times.

Shop In Atlantic City

Randy & Lynn Giandonato and business partner and longtime friend, Richard Kromer have opened The Beef Jerky Outlet, a specialty retail store with wall-to-wall jerky in over 200 flavors and varieties from mild to wild. They also carry gourmet popcorn, sauces, seasonings, marinades and so much more. Lynn and Randy first saw a beef jerky outlet in Ashland, Va, when their son, Dominic,

was playing in a baseball tournament for his travel team, the SJ Bulldogs. They immediately fell in love with the store when they walked in because it had everything they loved, from all the varieties of jerky and dry rubs, hot sauces to popcorn. They discovered it was a franchise and decided to look into it. They also took the idea to Kromer. “We’ve known Rick

since 5th grade and have stayed in touch after all these years. Rick is very businessoriented and also owns his own business. So when we ran the idea past him, he was curious. He was sold on the business when he saw them at the franchise expo in NY and how popular they were. After we sat down and did our business and financial plan, we agreed this would be a business we could definitely do.” They signed their lease with Tanger in May, and

opened on Friday, July 17, 2015. Recently, they were featured on Channel 6 News. They are also a proud sponsor of Haddon Heights Baseball. Beef Jerky Outlet is at the Tanger Outlets in Atlantic City, across from the new Bass Pro Shop. 9 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ 08401

S EE THE FINE PRINT Joseph M. Kamerling, M.D. Board Certified General Ophthalmologist

Paul Speesler, O.D. Optometrist (NJ Lic# OA003994)

SOUTH JERSEY VISION CENTER Comprehensive Eye Exams • Contact Lenses Laser Vision Correction • Cataract Surgery Diabetic Eye Care • Glaucoma Management Full Service Optical Department

Co-Care Affiliate of Kremer TLC Laser Eye Centers

Now Accepting New Patients ~ Most Insurance Accepted

Call For Appointment


423 Clements Bridge Road • Barrington, New Jersey


FALL, 2015

Garnet Youth Football SENIOR SERVICES – ENTITLEMENTS: ARE YOU A SENIOR CITIZEN? You May Be Entitled to the Following Services and Program at Specific Ages:

Dear Business Owner: We’re writing you this letter in order to introduce you to our organization, Garnet Youth Football. Our organization is comprised of kids aged five to fourteen from the towns of Barrington, Haddon Heights and Lawnside. We compete in the South Jersey Independent Youth Football Association. Last year our 80, 95 and 110 pound teams had very successful seasons and all of them made the League Championship game and our 65 pound team finished undefeated. We’re hoping for continued success this season. As you probably know, organizations such as ours regularly need to raise funds to help out with operating expenses such as insurance, equipment, uniforms and also to help out with some youths who can’t afford the registration fees associated with joining one of our teams. So, from time to time, we ask companies such as yours to consider lending some financial support through our numerous sponsorship opportunities. On a separate page there is a description of some sponsorship levels we have predefined. We are of course open to other levels of support as well. Please note we are a fully insured non-profit organization and can provide additional information if needed. We hope you consider helping us in our fundraising efforts and thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Tom Dinella, Treasurer, Garnet Youth Football

PLEASE CHECK THE BOROUGH WEBSITE FOR UPDATES www. or call Eileen Eckert Holcombe at 856/547-8585; info is also posted on the Senior Rec Center doors

certain health facilities and investigation of complaints of abuse. PUBLIC GUARDIAN FOR ELDERLY ADULTS: Guardian or conservator of last resort for elderly adults with no willing or responsible family members or friends who can serve in those capacities. TAXES/BENEFITS: Assistance with preparation of federal and New Jersey income tax returns by trained tax volunteers at neighborhood locations.

CAMDEN COUNTY PROVIDES LOTS OF FREE ACTIVITIES FOR SENIORS Please check the county VOLUNTEER PROwebsite: http://www.camGRAMS: Foster and click on parents Program: helping “JUST FOR SENIORS” children with disabilities (small weekly stipend). OMBUDSMAN FOR Senior Companion ProTHE INSTITUTIONALgram: assisting frail elderly IZED ELDERLY: Protec (small cash allowance). tion of rights for people in

SCHOOL INFORMATION SNOW CLOSING NUMBERS: Barrington: #565 Haddon Hts.: #563 Pope Paul VI: #568 St. Rose of Lima: Register for SchoolReach St. Teresa: #552 BARRINGTON SCHOOLS

Advertise in Barrington’s On Track! For rates and schedules, call Bill Patton at 856-546-7267

Or call the Municipal Office at 856-547-0706

CASTLE ACADEMY PTA 856/546-5901 60 E. Gloucester Pike



Have your events, fund raisers, and activities featured here. Reach the entire community by submitting your events and notices to:

BARRINGTON SCHOOLS PARENT/TEACHER GROUP (PTG) President: Tracy Duganitz 856/672-9561



Barrington Pre-K has spots available in our afternoon classes from 12:00-2:30pm. For more information, visit our website at or contact Jessica at 856-375-5556.



Family Fun Night!

Sponsored by The Barrington Drug Alliance

September 2nd. Thanks Everybody!

More Family Fun!

Mark your calendar for October 10th

and get ready for the Harvest Festival!

FALL, 2015

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices Fox & Roach REATORS® “Kathy McDonald” Haddonfield Office #1 Agent

Barrington’s #1 Agent

Top 1/2% of Realtors Nationwide

2014 Best of “Trulia” Top Agent Award Kathleen McDonald, Broker/Associate Cell: 609-519-6418

219 Adams Avenue $120,000

334 Reading Avenue

Under Contract

I can help you with the answer! 1 Clark Drive $140,000

308 Austin Avenue

Call me to learn why today’s market offers you a unique opportunity to sell.

240 Edwards Avenue $152,900

515 Clements Bridge Road $189,000

114 Woodland Avenue

Under Contract

41 S. Haddon Avenue • Haddonfield, NJ 08033 • 856-428-2600 •

Under Contract

518 Thomas Avenue

Under Contract

230 S. Moore Avenue

Under Contract

Lisa McDonald Team Member Cell: 856-220-8336

Kyle Rodgers Christopher Fellman Team Member Team Member Cell: 856-266-7343 Cell: 856-840-5929


A Barrington Tradition... F

or more than a half-century, families in the Barrington area have turned to the stately white home on Clements Bridge Road in their times of sorrow. Following in the footsteps of the respected proprietors of this iconic funeral home, Kirk Popiolek has gained the trust and confidence of local residents both through his professionalism and his community involvement. Kirk works tirelesssly to help create an attractive and energetic environment for people to raise their families and prosper in the community. Under his leadership for the past decade, Popiolek Funeral Home has been host to the final respects paid to some of the community’s most prominent citizens. Kirk stands ready day or night to assist you with making arrangements, whether it be immediate or planning for the future. You can feel free to call us at any time for more information and neighborly advice.

Pre-planning a funeral now assures that every little detail will follow your wishes. It is human nature to put it off, but planning a funeral in advance may be just about the most considerate thing that you can do for your family and loved ones. The decisions that must be made for a funeral can be complex and confusing. Worse, in a time of grief and stress, a family may overspend. Pre-planning now relieves your family of the burden of making those decisions, as well as the uncertainty of trying to guess what you would have wanted. You can also choose to pre-pay your plan and spare them the financial hardship, as well. We would be pleased to meet with you in your own home or in our office to discuss the details. It costs nothing to talk about it, and the peace of mind you will gain is beyond measure.

PoPiolek Funeral Home

Kirk A. Popiolek, Owner/Manager, NJ Licence Number 4310 400 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington, NJ 08007 Call Day or Night: 856-546-9040 or visit

Barrington's On Track Newsletter Fall 2015  

Newsletter of Barrington, New Jersey (NJ), Fall 2015

Barrington's On Track Newsletter Fall 2015  

Newsletter of Barrington, New Jersey (NJ), Fall 2015