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Leon Fowler Jr., DDS Michael Goodmon Willa Kane Ken Shivar Dennis H. Parnell, MSW Executive Director

stress, it seems that somehow hope has emerged from our struggles and, once again, reigns triumphant. It strikes me that this very same sense of hope makes

difficult and uncertain economic times. As much as we believe in our clients, we also believe in you, our contributors and supporters. We trust that you will

and a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with joy and hope!


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ThePartnering newsletter of The Place of Wake County for Success . . . Healing 2


Michael Painter

Curt C. Brewer, IV Chairman Vice Chairman

MEN’S FACILITY AND CurtSusanne C. Brewer, IV Hayes ADMINISTRATION Past Chairman Vice Chairman 1251 Goode Street Kyle Szulik Raleigh, NC 27603 Secretary Susanne Hayes 919 838 9800 Past Chairman Ron Barbee Fax 919Treasurer 834 1473 Kyle Szulik Tom Bonfield Secretary WOMEN’S FACILITY Mary Laurie Cece 3304 Glen Royal Road Drew Fish Ron Barbee Bonnie NC Gaylord Raleigh, 27617 Treasurer Michael Goodmon 919 865 2550 Honorable Hayes Robert Bilbro, MD Fax Robin 919 782 6728 Willa Kane Tom Bonfield Dave King Drew Fish Avery Sloan Knight ChrisJr., Matton Leon Fowler DDS Scott Mauzy

Michael DickGoodmon McGann Dr. Tammi L.Willa Stephens Kane


Board of Trustees. . . . . . . 2 TB Testing . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Facts at a Glance. . . . . . . 3 Holiday Wish List. . . . . . . 4 The Chef’s Corner . . . . . . 4 Betsy Johnson . . . . . . . . . 5 understand that age is. .a5 Naming Opportunities factor, butBack each year I prime Am Able to Give .6 seems to pass Reunification . . .more . . . . .quickly ..6 than the one before. Healing Place ChoirThis . . . .year, . 7 in particular, NC Statehas Fairbeen 2008an . . eventful ...7 one for each of us in the USA and even the entire world. The presidential and local elections took center stage in a whirlwind of economic stress, fluctuating gas prices, bank failures, world strife, and political division in finding real answers to our problems. Despite all of the turmoil and stress, it seems that somehow hope has emerged from our struggles and, once again, reigns triumphant. It strikes me that this very same sense of hope makes


Innovative recovery and rehabilitation for homeless, alcoholic or chemically dependent men and women through a continuing mutual-help program which sustains their desire to return to a meaningful and productive life.

Fred Barber Dr. Jerry Bernstein Barbara Goodmon Bob Goodale Robert C. Hayes, Jr. Matthew Szulik

Dennis H. Parnell MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS MEN’S FACILITY AND President, CEO ADMINISTRATION 1251 Goode Street Raleigh, NC 27603 MEN’S FACILITY AND 919 838 9800 ADMINISTRATION Fax 919 834Street 1473 1251 Goode Raleigh, NC 27603 WOMEN’S FACILITY 919 838 9800 919Royal 834 1473 3304fax Glen Road Raleigh, NC 27617 WOMEN’S FACILITY 919Royal 865 Road 2550 3304 Glen Raleigh, NC 27617 Fax 919 782 6728 919 865 2550 919 782 6728

In This Issue In This Issue So Much to be Grateful For 2 Partnering Client Anniversaries for Success . . . 2 2,6 PaulofMeares 3 Board Trustees. . . . . . . 2 3 TB Congressman Testing . . . . . .Etheridge ......3 New Members 3 Facts at Board a Glance. ......3 Special Thanks 3 Holiday Wish List. . . . . . . 4 The Chef’s Corner 4 The Chef’s Corner . . . . . . 4 Calendar 4 Betsy Johnson . . . . . . . . . 5 The Healing Place Campaign 5 Naming Opportunities . . 5 Children’s Book Contest 6 I Am Able to Give Back . 6 2009 Donors 7-10 Reunification . . . . . . . . . . 6 Wish Place List Choir . . . . . 7 10 Healing Volunteer Spotlight 11 NC State Fair 2008 . . . . . 7 In Memoriam 11 Andrew’s Story 12

And, so it is with The Healing Place Model. This efficient model of providing homeless men and women with effective rehabilitative services to bring them back from the ravages of alcoholism and drug addiction has a long and proven track record of success. With homelessness on the rise across the U.S., it is a logical conclusion that something so successful should be shared with

working with us include, Norfolk, Virginia, Lynchburg, Virginia, and Fayetteville, NC. The interest is widening and the excitement is growing! Watch for future developments and join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our local community in significantly reducing homelessness. More is better! Dennis Parnell President, CEO Dennis Parnell

Provide innovative and rehabilitation for homeless, Innovative recoveryrecovery and rehabilitation for homeless, alcoholic or alcoholic or chemically dependent men and women through a chemically dependent men and women through a continuing continuing mutual-help program which sustains their desire mutual-help program which sustains their desire to return to to return to a meaningful and productive life. a meaningful and productive life.


Vice Chairman


continue to give generously of up the base of the corefter mission other communities across eating talent, and money to of The Healing Place. something thatyour time, the country. reach down and help those that In the midst of emotional, my father thought in this need…and we need spiritual, and was financial turmoil, With goal in mind, especially delicious,are most your help more than ever! we help men he andwould women who The Healing Place of Wake regularly pose I wish to take opportunity have lost hopetheregain most to Dennis Parnell County hasthis partnered with samethat question valuable perspective. It is at this to genuinely thank you for Place all the the original Healing me and my siblings: “Do very juncture you that all theknow true startyou have given in Kentucky. the model in Louisville, what that support ing point of productive and past years. We ask that you By combining forces we will tasted like?” In unison, meaningful change occurs. Weall answer continue keep us in your our be to able to maximize we would then minds and hearts as we finish “help people with find their way resources and realize this the expected and this pivotal year and look togethback”. dream more efficiently and all too familiar response: As an organization, er towards betterthan timeswe in could the effectively “MORE!”we also comingseparately. years. Our The sincere wishes maintain that same hope for our planning for a wonderful Holiday Season most important work in spite of process is now in full motion My father has passed on Happy and cities Healthy difficult and uncertain economic major thatNew have but his words and ideasand a and Year filled with joy and times. As much as we believe in expressed interesthope! include still ring true with me our clients, wetoday. also believe in Chicago and New York When something you, our contributors and CityParnell among others. Nearby is very good it is natural Dennis supporters. Wethat trust that you will Executive Director communities that are already we will want more.

Scott Burkhead Chairman

Dennis H. Parnell, MSW Dr. Robert Bilbro Executive Director

Winter 2008 Spring/Summer 2010

AMessage Message from from our President,Director CEO: Dennis Parnell Executive More is Better!



Dennis Parnell

Executive Director

“Helping people find their way back”


Clients Celebrate Recovery Anniversaries We congratulate the men and women on their sobriety dates: Randy C. April 11, 2001 Ronnie H. April 15, 2001 Andrew F. April 16, 2001 Jeff L. April 26, 2001 Lawrence E. April 27, 2001 Corbett S. May 9, 2001 Lee D. May 12, 2001 David E. May 25, 2001 Dwight J. May 31, 2001 Marvin B. July 12, 2001 Rob T. March 8, 2002 Robert M. March 18, 2002 Billy B. April 11, 2002 Eric T. May 14, 2002 Donnell S. March 10, 2003 Phil J. March 10, 2003 Kimothy J. May 1, 2003 Burt S. May 7, 2003 Timothy M. May 11, 2003 Charles H. June 29, 2003 John H. March 8, 2004 Scott F. March 8, 2004 Patrick S. April 23, 2004 Roy W. July 29, 2004 Maurice D. March 11, 2005 Jerry W. April 4, 2005 Sean M. April 20, 2005 Chris C. May 7, 2005 Brian S. May 25, 2005 Emanuel S. June 13, 2005 Jason E. July 5, 2005 Thomas T. July 24, 2005 Ray C. March 1, 2006 Bill F. March 15, 2006 Ronald S. March 20, 2006 Julie A. March 30, 2006 Joshua J. April 3, 2006 Charles S. April 17, 2006 Kathy G. July 18, 2006 Continued on p.6


Spring/Summer 2010

So Much to be Grateful For


here are a lot of wonderful things that occur in the spring time each year! One of the most important things for us at The Healing Place is that it gives us an opportunity to once again thank all of our supporters for providing the funds to allow us to help people find their way back from the devastating effects of addiction and homelessness. As we thank all of our volunteers and financial supporters, we wanted to provide some brief highlights of 2009 funding: •

Approximately 1,075 donors gave over $2,500,000 to cover the yearly operating cost of our public-private partnership.

These generous contributions came to The Healing Place from a variety of sources: 55 businesses, 41 civic and faith-based organizations and 29 family foundations.

Three major foundations (A.J. Fletcher, John Rex, and the Stewards Fund) contributed approximately $250,000).

these private sources. •

Last year, 65% ($1,650,000) of our funding came from local government sources: the Wake County ABC Board, Wake County, and the City of Raleigh.

The public agency providing the most funding was the Wake County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ($900,000).

For the second year in a row, the Nationwide Foundation granted The Healing Place $25,000.

In addition to Nationwide Foundation, other businesses providing significant resources in 2009 included SAS Institute, IBM, K & L Gates LLP, D-Wise Technologies, Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc., Research Triangle Institute, Redwoods Group, Inc., Waste Industries Foundation, Biogen Idec Foundation and Bryant Restaurants, Inc.

The faith-based community was both a solid source of volunteers plus a number of congregations provided significant monetary donations and/or contributions throughout the year including Crossroads Fellowship, Hillyer Memorial Christian Church, Highland United Methodist Church, White Memorial Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Michaels Episcopal Church, Baptist Grove Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church, Baptist Grove Church, Hayes Barton United Methodist Church, Inwood Baptist Church and Millbrook UMC-New Perspective Sunday School Class.

The Healing Place received 1,339 in-kind donations (items such as furniture, toiletries, clothing, household goods, business supplies and books).

Special donations were provided by a number of businesses including food from Daylights Doughnuts, technology from SAS Institute, and coffee from Counter Culture.

Over 950 individuals contributed $350,000 last year towards the operation of The Healing Place. When you combine this with the funds received from family foundations, it reveals that a significant portion ($500,000) of the budget is raised from

The Healing Place is truly a community based organization with strong support from the entire triangle area. The Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, Board of Trustees, clients and staff of The Healing Place would like to recognize and thank all our 2009 supporters. You have truly made a difference; and are “Helping people find their way back.”n


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

Welcome New Board Members Bonnie Gaylord Honorable Robin Hayes Dave King Dick McGann Dr. Tammi L. Stephens

Getting to Know Paul Meares: Taking the Word of Recovery to Video Conferencing


he Healing Place is happy to welcome Paul Meares as our Online Enterprises Coordinator whose main focus is to develop the Recovery Dynamics Curriculum for online interactive use in remote classrooms. “This will help to remove geographic boundaries and reach many more individuals that are in need of support”, says Paul. He comes to us with extensive experience in sales and marketing and with a strong faith. Paul has been in recovery “by the grace of God” for over 25 years. He is a husband and loving father to two daughters and feels that his purpose for being here is to reinforce the mission and vision of the peer to peer recovery model used at The Healing Place. n

Special Thanks...

Congressman Bob Etheridge visits The Healing Place

The Healing Place would like to give a special thank you to:


• Board of Director Ken Shriver. • Board of Trustee Burley Mitchell. Our sincere thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of The Healing Place. n

.S. Congressman Bob Etheridge and members of his staff visited and toured the men’s facility of The Healing Place on June 2, 2009. The Congressman was provided an update on the The Healing Place program by Vice President Chris Budnick and other Healing Place staff. Mr. Etheridge represents North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. A relatively high percentage of Healing Place clients were born or lived for a time in that district which includes all or parts of Chatham, Cumberland, Franklin, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Nash, Sampson, Vance, and Wake counties. “The Healing Place,” said Congressman Etheridge,”represents

a public-private partnership that truly works.” Scott Mauzy, who serves as chairman of The Healing Place Board’s Government Committee said, “We were so pleased that Congressman Etheridge took the time to tour the Men’s

Facility. Based on our discussion, the Congressman had a solid working understanding of The Healing Place and our mission. Because of the success rate of The Healing Place program, we have strong support from both sides of the political aisle. n



Spring/Summer 2010

The Chef’s Corner By Chef Rob, Director of Food Services


urray! Spring has finally sprung. The local flowering trees are all ablaze with their colorful blooms. Dogwoods, Bradford Pear, Cherry and Azalea. Each one more brilliant than the other. It is as if they are announcing “The time for cookouts is here!” Nothing excites the senses more than that first whiff of burning charcoal and the smell of hickory smoke. It is time again for my Spring edition of Chef’s corner. I am Chef Rob the Executive Chef at The Healing Place of Wake County, and this is my quarterly recipe and cooking tip for this month’s newsletter. I am going to let you in on a little secret, “I love cooking outdoors!” I love hosting for house guests on my deck with the grill on and the steaks sizzling. Nothing welcomes the emergence of Spring more than sharing a delicious meal that was cooked outdoors over the grill. I have personally experimented with all kinds of grilled delights. I have cooked my fare share of the staples; hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers. But some other ideas you may not have heard of such as Grilled Pizza. Yep I said Grilled Pizza! Who says to enjoy pizza you either have to order from your favorite takeout or kick on your oven inside the house. Ha, not me! Pizza can be enjoyed out on your deck with everyone participating on creating their own personal masterpieces. I did this for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. I made the dough using my absolute favorite dough recipe. Mollie Katzen is the artist who created the Moosewood Cookbook: a staple for any aspiring cooks’ library. This pizza dough is by far the best and most foolproof one I have ever used. After making each girl at the party their own mini pizza they went to work putting on their own ingredients, creating a personal masterpiece! So fire up that grill! And invite your friends over to enjoy this seasons wonderful spring, with two friend-bonding recipes that will kick your grilling season off and will be sure fire hit. n

This Quarter’s Kitchen Tip! When grilling your shish-ka-bobs this summer it is important to soak your skewers for 30 min before you assemble them. I use a ceramic olive boat to soak my skewers, it’s long, shallow shape is perfect for holding the skewers. n

GRILLED PIZZA 1 Batch of Pizza dough 16 oz jar of Pizza Sauce Extra Virgin Olive Oil Assorted pizza ingredients enough for 2 medium sized pizzas: Preheat half of your grill. If you are using a charcoal Webber type grill, just add coals to one side of your grill. If using a gas grill only light one burner side. Once your grill is hot, divide dough in half and stretch out 2 medium sized pizzas. Try not to make them perfectly round, this will add to the uniqueness of the pizza. Generously brush the top side of each pizza with olive oil. Open lid on preheated grill and place pizza, oil side down, over the side of the lit grill. Leave lid up and let dough grill for 60 seconds. Rotate pizza 90 degrees and let grill for another 60 seconds. Remove pizza. Add sauce and favorite ingredients to the top (not grilled side) of the pizza. Return prepared pizzas to the grill, this time place them on the half of the grill that is not turned on. Close lid and let “bake” until edges become golden brown, depending on the amount of ingredients you used this should take about 15 minutes. Remove pizza and cut. Serve immediately. Serves 4

Calendar Thursday, May 20 Transitional Ceremony, Women’s Facility Saturday, June 5 Yard Sale, Women’s Facility Thursday, June 17 Transitional Ceremony, Men’s Facility Thursday, July 15 Transition Ceremony, Women’s Facility Thursday, August 19 Transitional Ceremony, Men’s Facility Thursday, September 16 Transition Ceremony, Women’s Facility Thursday, October 21 Transition Ceremony, Women’s Facility Thursday, November 18 Transition Ceremony, Women’s Facility Thursday, December Holiday Open House & Transition Ceremony, Men’s Facility


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

The Healing Place Awareness Campaign Receives Gold, Bronze and Silver ADDYs


n the world of advertising, receiving an ADDY®—an award sponsored by the American Advertising Federation—is one of the highest honors those in that industry can receive. This year, The Healing Place’s “Turn the Corner” awareness campaign—which was developed by MicroMass Communications, Inc.—received three gold ADDYs in the Public Service award category and a bronze ADDY for its logo. The awards were presented to the agency during the AAF-RDU 2010 ADDY Awards Gala on February 26. At the district level, the campaign won a silver ADDY in the Public Service, Mixed Media category. The “Turn the Corner” campaign is successfully heightening community awareness regarding the ever increasing homelessness issues that we are facing. “Motivating positive behavior change is our agency’s greatest strength,” said Jamie Cobb, Executive Creative Director at MicroMass. “So, it’s especially gratifying to have a campaign like ‘Turn the Corner’ recognized in such a

The majority of the homeless are there because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. We give them shelter, but we also give them the tools they need to get clean and stay that way. Twelve months after graduating, more than 68% of our people are still clean and sober. That’s an amazing number, but then, these are amazing people. Our program works because they work.

Help the next group of Raleigh’s homeless turn the corner and take that next step to a better life.

public way. We are thrilled that we were able to assist The Healing Place in its mission to help end homelessness”.

The majority of the homeless are there because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. We give them shelter, but we also give them the tools they need to get clean and stay that way. Twelve months after graduating, more than 68% of our people are still clean and sober. That’s an amazing number, but then, these are amazing people. Our program works because they work.

Help the next group of Raleigh’s homeless turn the corner and take that next step to a better life.

On behalf of The Healing Place of Wake County Boards, staff and clients, we would like to congratulate MicroMass for their outstanding work and thank them for their commitment to telling our story in such a compelling way. Based in Cary, NC, MicroMass is a marketing communications agency that’s committed to driving change that really matters. Change that directly impacts the way brands connect with their audiences—delivering messages delivered through multiple channels and based firmly on a foundation of behavioral insight. You can learn more about the agency at n

The majority of the homeless are there because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. We give them shelter, but we also give them the tools they need to get clean and stay that way. Twelve months after graduating, more than 68% of our people are still clean and sober. That’s an amazing number, but then, these are amazing people. Our program works because they work.

Help the next group of Raleigh’s homeless turn the corner and take that next step to a better life.


Clients Celebrate Recovery Anniversaries Continued from p.2

Theodore M. July 22, 2006 Larry S. July 25, 2006 Melvin B. July 30, 2006 Mike H. March 6, 2007 Dwayne C. March 10, 2007 Gary P. March 16, 2007 Jon H. March 17, 2007 Tina T. March 30, 2007 Don J. May 3, 2007 Zachary M. May 7, 2007 Michael M. May 8, 2007 Scott P. May 15, 2007 Daniel M. June 3, 2007 Calvin M. June 8, 2007 Debra T. June 10, 2007 Dwight S. June 21, 2007 Victor S. July 12, 2007 Allan W. July 18, 2007 Paula L. July 27, 2007 James T. March 6, 2008 Ta’Ron B. March 28, 2008 Dwight S. April 1, 2008 Todd C. April 5, 2008 Leonard W. April 13, 2008 Ray R. April 13, 2008 Xuan T. May 5, 2008 Dorinda P. May 20, 2008 Chris P. June 5, 2008 Mark C. June 10, 2008 Abraham C. June 14, 2008 Kathy M. June 22, 2008 Dellie S. June 23, 2008 Sharon D. July 6, 2008 Joe “Lex” L. July 10, 2008 Brandon S. July 23, 2008 Ginger F. July 23, 2008 Joshua J. August 5, 2008 Kelli T. March 5, 2009 Brenda I. March 24, 2009 Maya B. April 2, 2009 Eric W. April 3, 2009 Gina H. April 7, 2009


SpringSummer 2010

Children’s Book Contest


he Healing Place held a Book Contest for pre and middle/high school ages in which they were given 3 weeks to read 5 books and the task for the middle/high school readers was to write an essay or poem from one of their selected books. “We wanted to orchestrate an event that would give the children a strong educational foundation but it would also be fun as well”, stated Ann Hoo, Child Care Specialist for The Healing Place. For their participation the pre-school kids received a back pack filled with books. And for Destiny Sanders who won the middle/high school contest writing a poem about “My Skin”, based upon a book written by Sharon G. Flake called “The Skin I’m In”, Destiny was awarded a laptop computer. “Our hopes are that children transfer the fun they had with this reading contest and apply that to their education and we wanted to show them that they can learn and have fun at the same time, we believe that we accomplished that goal”, says Ann Hoo.

My Skin By Destiny Sanders Will a boy accept me for who I am? All my flaws, my main flaw; my skin. Can I even learn to accept the skin that I’m in? My skin is fine, brown soil that grows the finest grass, millions short and thin, Fills me with insecurity, that’s the power of my skin; The power it has over who I really am. I’m tired of the remarks, I’m tired of my tears, I’m sick of the comments I’ve gotten over the years. For the last time, I GET IT! But the insults stop here. Look at it like this, I am a child of the most high God. I was made in His image, His masterpiece that He applauds. Still I hope one day, one day when a boy will accept all of me, and pay no mind to the content of my skin. When you look at me, judge me mainly by the beauty within, My sweetness and love, Not my skin. Fine, brown soil that grows the finest grass. I can cut it, but only for it to sprout again. So learn to accept the skin that I’m in.

The Healing Place would like to thank Destiny for participating with this event and on writing such a beautiful and memorable poem.


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

2009 Donors - With Heartfelt Thanks INdIVIdUAlS

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Abrams Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Adams Mr. Larry Adams Ms. Jenny L. Addison Mr. & Mrs. James T. Ahler Mr. & Mrs. William J. Alberty Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Aldrich Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Alexander Mr. & Mrs. William M. Allen Mr. Earnest Allen Mr. John Allen Mr. Michael Allen Ms. Julia B. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Dewey E. Alley Mr. John Alley Ms. Marsha Altemus Ms. Ann-Cabell Andersen Dr. & Mrs. Wallace F. Andrews, Jr. Ms. Phyllis A. Andrews Mr. Ryan Applegate Mr. & Mrs. Thad W. Armbruster Mr. Martin Armes Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Arnold Ms. Susan Arrendell Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arsenault Ms. Mary Maclean Asbill Mr. & Mrs. James Calvin Atkins Mr. Winston Atkins Ms. Betty E. Atkinson Ms. Melinda N. Augusto Mr. Robert M. Auman Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Austin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. M. Kenneth Ayre Mr. Francis Cocke Bagbey Mr. T. Ed Bailey Ms. Mary C. Bailey Mr. Julian T. Baker Mr. C. Lynn Banks Mr. & Mrs. Rolly Bannister, Jr. Ms. Barbara Baranski Mr. R. Brooks Barbee Mrs. Allison Barbee Mrs. Jan B. Barbee Mr. & Mrs. Eric Barber Mr. & Mrs. Fred Barber Ms. Dolores C. Barber Mr. Bat Barbes Mr. F. Scott Barker Ms. Mary E. Barrett Ms. Donna Bartlett Mrs. Theresa Barton-Barrett Mr. & Mrs. George Bason Mr. & Mrs. Bret A. Batchelder Mr. Brian Baucom Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Beacham Ms. Melissa R. Beasley Mrs. Edna S. Beaver Dr. James E. Bellard Mr. Stuart Berde Ms. Diane Williams Bergner Ms. Claire Berngartt Dr. & Mrs. Jerry C. Bernstein Mrs. Linda B. Berry Ms. Patricia Berryman Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Bethel Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bigelow Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bilbro Mrs. Linda L. Birk Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Blann Mr. Peter Bleau Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Board Mr. John Bogumil Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bolding L. Worth Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Bolton

Mr. & Mrs.Tom Bonfield Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Boone, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Boone Mr. & Mrs. Shane Boosey Mr. & Mrs. John Booth Mr. Larry Borchert Mr. Scott H. Shore (Rebecca Boston) Ms. Jean C. Bowen Mr. James Scarboro Bowman, III Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Ted D. Boyse Ms. Ann E. Bradley Mr. & Mrs. James B. Brame, Jr. Ms. Jenny P. Breeden Mr. Jonathon Mark Brennan Mrs. Barrett Brewer Mr. Curtis C. Brewer IV Mr. & Mrs. Curtis C. Brewer, III Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Brice Mr. & Mrs. Bill Brideson Mr. & Mrs. Mickey G. Bridgers Mr. & Mrs. Roy M Bridges Mrs. J. M. Bridges Mr. Andy Brim Mr. & Mrs. Clifton W. Britt Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Brockwell Mrs. Marilyn R. Brodd Mr. Jerome S. Broder Mrs. Beth Brody Mr. & Mrs. Micheal D. Brooks Mr. L. Howard Brooks, Jr. Ms. June Brotherton Ms, Sumner P. Broughton Honorable Charlotte Brown Mr. & Mrs. Travis H. Brown Ms. Beverly Brown Ms. Shipra Brummeyer Mrs. Louise M. Bryan Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bryant Mr. Taron Bryant Mrs. Dawn S. Bryant Mr. & Mrs. David L. Buchin Mr. & Mrs. Frank Budnick Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Budnick Mr. Christopher K. Budnick Ms. Kerry Budnick Ms. Elizabeth Buford Dr. Timothy P. Bukowski Ms. Betty A. Bunn Ms. Florence K. Burau Mr. Brent Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Burkhart Mr. Scott Burkhead Mr. & Mrs. F. Kent Burns Mr. James A. Bustrack Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Butterfield Mr. Chad Buus Mr. & Mrs. John A. Buyarski Mr. & Mrs. David J. Byerley Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Byrne Ms. Amy C. Cabig Mr. Reginald Campbell Ms. Jessica Lee Campbell Mr. Brandon Carl Mr. Kevin Carlin Ms. Lorrie Carpenter Dr. & Mrs. Michael Carr Mr. Bobby Carraway Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. William Eric Carson Ms. Jazmine Carson Ms. Linda B. Carter Mr. & Mrs. David Cashwell Mr. William L. Cassell

Mr. Tom E. Castelloe Dr. Frank D. Castlebury Mrs. Alyce C. Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary Laurie Cece Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey H. Cederholm Mr. & Mrs. William P. Cerame Mr. John Cheek Mr. Lewis A. Cheek Ms. Eoline T. Cheek Ms. Agnes Cherry Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Randy Chesson Dr. Cherry Chevy Mr. & Mrs. John Chiavetta Dr. & Mrs. John T. Chiles Ms. Andrea Chiles Mr. Bill Chism Ms. Anna Choi Mr. & Mrs. Kent F. Christison Dr. & Mrs. James R. Chromy Mrs. Marion L. Johnson Church Ms. Loree W. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Talmage Clements Mrs. Ruby Lou Clements Mr. Thomas A. Clemmer Mr. Will Close Mr. Millard H. Coe Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Coggins Ms. Sue Colangelo Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Coleman Mr. & Mrs. William K. Collins Mr. Michael G. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Hobert Warren Combs Ms. Margret Ann Comer Ms. Katherine Connell Ms. Terri Conyers Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wells Cooper Dr. Dana D. Copeland Mrs. Sherie Y. Cordell Ms. Hazel Cordle Ms. Deborah A. Cortner Mr. Robert Cosby Ms. Lib Craft Ms. Gail Craig-Jager Mr. Mark Cramer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Craven Mr. James V. Creasy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alexander B. Credle, Jr. Ms. Mary Jane Cronin Ms. Jeanne M. Cross Mr. & Mrs. Dan Crowson Mr. William B. Crumpler Mr. Abraham Cruz Mr. & Mrs. Archie D. Cumbee Dr. & Mrs. Ben F. Currin Mrs. Laura Urich Daly Mr. & Mrs. David B. Danyluk Ms. Dehorah Danzeiser Mr. Hugh Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Davidian Mr. & Mrs. William K. Davis Ms. Cecelia M. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jay Davis, II Ms. Amaryllis G. Dawes Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Dawson, Jr. Dr. Elizabeth Day Mrs. Marlene Day Ms. Marie de Jong Ms. Margaret Deans Ms. Patricia Turlington Dees Mr. John DeLuise Mr. & Mrs. William W. Demeritt, IV Mr. & Mrs. Charles Denning Mr. John Michael Dickinson Ms. Mary D. Diener Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dixon Mr. Jeffrey Dombcik

Mr. & Mrs. Joe K. Donaldson Mr. & Mrs. David W. Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Stuart B. Dorsett Ms. Mary G. Douglass Ms. Sharon Dowdy Mr. Harry E. Druck, Jr. Mrs. Mildred C. Duke Dr. William M. Dunlap Mr. Allen R. Dunn Ms. Charlotte B. Dunn Mr. Brett Dye Ms. Sue W. Dye Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Dyer, Jr. Ms. Elsie Eads Ms. Susan Galley Eagle Ms. Lois J. Eakes Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Earp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edwards Ms. Catherine Edwards Ms. Ellen J. Eissler Mr. Bill Ellington Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Daniels Ellis Mr. Justin Ellis Ms. Karen Embry Ms. Cynthia Emery Ms. Susan P. Emmerson Mrs. Arlene W. Engebretson Mr. & Mrs. James H. Epps Mr. & Mrs. David E. Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Joel B. Escala Mr. Marco Espindola Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Espinosa Ms. Sherry Essig Mr. & Mrs. Santiago M. Estrada Ms. Janell Etheredge Mr. Kenneth L. Eudy Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Evans Mr. & Mrs. David D. Evans Ms. Judy E. Evans Mrs. Rita Faison Ms. Edna E. Faison Mr. Victor Farah Mr. & Mrs. Patrick K. Farley Mr. Joel Farmer Ms. Allison Farmer Ms. Sherree Lynn Farmer Mr. Zakaryae Fathi Ms. Ellen S. Fauver Ms. Carolyn Filo Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Fischer Mr. Drew Fish Ms. Margaret Fish Ms. Martha R. Fish Mr. Anthony Fisher Ms. Lilian H. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Frank O. Fitzgerald, III Ms. Mary B. Flowe Mr. Dominic Flumara Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Foley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Fonville Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Russell P. A. Ford Ms. Natasha Foreman Ms. Ellen R. Fortenberry Mr. Wic Fox Mr. & Mrs. John A. Francioni, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Franzel Mr. Stephen Frechette Mr. Bill French Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Friedrich Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Friend Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Frye Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott Fuller Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gagnon Ms. Mary T. Gallagher Dr. Oswald H. Ganley



Spring/Summer 2010

2009 Donors - With Heartfelt Thanks Ms. Donna Garrison Dr. & Mrs. Blake Garside Mrs. Melinda W. Gause Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Gay Ms. Patricia H. Gay Mr. Britain Gaylord Mrs. Bonnie W. Gaylord Mr. & Mrs. Albert Genovesi Mrs. Rebecca F. Gentry Mr. & Mrs. Charles George, Jr. Ms. Helen George Mrs. Dorothy M. Gibbons Ms. Becky Gibbons Mr. & Mrs. Gary H. Gigsbee Ms. Sylvia F. Gill Mr. & Mrs. J. Conrad Glass, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John C. Glover Ms. Susan K. Glover Mr. Derek Pierce Glunz Ms. Pamela N. Gobel Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Goeckerman Mr. & Mrs. Horace Goff Mr. & Mrs. Johnny E. Goff Mr. Robert S. Goodale Mr. & Mrs. James F. Goodmon Mrs. Virginia Lee Goodmon Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Goodmon, III Ms. Brandie Gordon Mr. John Grace Ms. Karen Graham Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Gravel Ms. Millicent J. Gravel Mr. & Mrs. R. Frank Gray Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Green Ms. Jane Green Mr. & Mrs. George Don Greene Mrs. Bettye W. Greger Mr. Glen A. Grimme Mr. & Mrs. James V. Gudaitis Mr. Michek Anthony Habit Mr. Evan Hager Ms. Elizabeth Hahn Ms. Carolyn Haines Ms. Margaret A. Hale Ms. Crystal D. Hall Mr. Robert Hambrick Ms. Melanie Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Hammerstein Mr. Mike Hanna Mr. James Stillman Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Hardy Ms. Kathy Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Dean Harmon Mr. Clyde Harris Ms. Helen N. Harris Ms. Verline P. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Les W. Harrison Mrs. Janelle Haseman Mr. & Mrs. Bobby G. Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Reid A. Hawkins Mr. Richard Y. Hayes Mrs. Susanne Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Haywood Mr. Emmett B. Haywood Mrs. Alice C. Haywood Dr. Cynthia Hazen Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Heck Ms. Eloise T. Helms Dr. Paul M. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Hendren Mrs. Barbara L. Hennrich Mr. Michael Hensley Mr. & Mrs. Barlow Herget Ms. Nancy E. Herje Ms. Angela Hersh Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hess

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The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

2009 Donors - With Heartfelt Thanks Mrs. Frances W. Nipper Ms. Deborah L. Holt Noel Mr. Jesse Nordan Ms. Cary Nordan Mr. & Mrs. L. Bayne Norris, Jr. Ms. Rita Norris Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Nugent Mr. Robert B. Oakes Ms. Christine M. Olenik Ms. Rhonda Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Olson Mr. Chris Olson Mr. George C. Openshaw Mr. Mino O. Osterkamp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy K. Otto Mr. Steven Overton Mrs. Robin A. Owen Ms. Betty Ann Packler Mr. & Mrs. Michael Painter Mr. George Painter Ms. Patricia G. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Theodore G. Pappas Ms. Harriett D. Pappas Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey V. Parker, Jr. Mrs. Phyllis Parker Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Parker Mr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Parnell Dr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Parnell, II Mrs. Britt Parrish Ms. Mary Belle Pate Mr. & Mrs. Greg Patterson Mrs. Beverly Patterson David Paulson, Jr., Esq. Ms. Martha B. Pearson Mr. Gary Pendleton Mr. Scott Penick Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Penny Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy W. Perry Mrs. Nicholas M. Perry Ms. Cleo G. Perry Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Peters Mr. & Mrs. Elmor L. Peterson Ms. Joyce E. Petzka Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Pfister Mr. Chris Philyaw Ms. Judy M. Pierce Ms. Marjorie A. Pipkin Mr. & Mrs. John C. Platt Mr. E. Craig Pleasants Mr. & Mrs. David W. Pletcher III Mr. J. Gregory Poole, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Porrett Mr. Stephen Porterfield Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Calvin Poteat Mr. & Mrs. David Potter Mrs. Katherine S. Pretzer Mr. Alfred L. Purrington, III Mr. & Mrs. William Witt Putney, II Mr. Terry Stains Queen Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Query Dr. Milton D. Quigless, Jr. Mrs. Joan A. Quinn Ms. Merry Rabb Ms. Deborah L. Radisch Mr. Steve Rafferty Ms. Mary Lou Ragan Mr. William Trent Ragland, Jr. Ms. Colleen D. Raper Nuzhat A. Rawn Mr. Warren Raybould Mr. & Mrs. Roy Max Raynor, Sr. Ms. Carolyn Y. Raynor Ms. Carol H. Reaves Ms. Lena Menefee Reavis Mr. & Mrs. John Rees Ms. Patricia Reid Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Reynolds

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Our 2010 Wish List Agency-wide Needs: Besides our continuing needs for clothes and toiletries, here are some unique needs as well: n Copy paper n Desk trash cans n Dry-ease markers n Highlighters, Paper clips, Pens, Pencils n Letter & legal file folders n Post-It Notes, all sizes n Writing tablets IT Needs n Software with licenses n High end server n Current technology laptops/desktops n Flat screens n Windows XP or greater Kitchen Needs n Baseball caps-plain or company logos n Cereal & salad dressing n Coffee maker n Wide masking tape Men & Women’s Facilities n AA Big Books n Bathroom suppliesbath mats, hand towels, towels, washcloths, vinyl shower curtains n Bed linens- bed spreads, mattress protectors, pillows, pillowcases, sheets n Bug repellant spray n Bus tickets n Cat food & Cat litter n Desk lamps n Fish food n Fish tank cleaner n Pictures & photographs for walls n Reading lamps & rugs n Undergarments & warm socks Clinic Needs n Tylenol n Ibuprofen n Claritin n Bandages n Glucose Test Strips n Ace Wraps n Cotton Balls n Reading Glasses


Spring/Summer 2010

2009 Donors - With Heartfelt Thanks Ms. Reba J. Witwer Mr. & Mrs. David Wolf Ms. Penny J. Womble Dr. John C. Woodall Mr. & Mrs. Terry Woodard Mr. Ronald W. Woodard Mr. & Mrs. Nathan M. Woodlief Ms. Susan W. Woodling Dr. & Mrs. Leon F. Woodruff, Jr. Ms. Griselle Gholson Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Earl Wooten Mr. Robert E. Wooten Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Worsham Ms. Kenie Wrenn Mr. Christopher Wright Mr. Patrick Wynn Ms. Carolyn D. Wynn Ms.Tina Yantes Mr. & Mrs. Smedes York Ms. Christine Zaineddin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Zucker City of Raleigh Combined Campaign Network For Good State Employees Combined Statewide Campaign Triangle United Way


2001 Group BPO Does Raleigh Drove # 168 Coley Forest Garden Club Emmaus House Home Economic Pace Setters Group Peace College SKAL International Raleigh/Durham South Raleigh Civitan Club


Accent Imaging, Inc. Advanced Instructional Systems, Inc. Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Biogen Idec Foundation Brooks Barbee Agency, LLC Bryant Restaurants, Inc. Carey Hill Consulting, Inc. Cary Oil Foundation Chapman Insurance Agency, Inc. Cherry, Bekaert, & Holland, L.L.P. Committee to Elect Manning to Superior Court Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation Cornerstone Bank D-Wise Technologies EMS Management & Consultants Engineered Construction Company Fair View Trucking, Inc. First Citizens Bank GE Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Gontram Architecture, Inc. Haven, Inc. The IBM IIC Corporation Jamaica Joe’s Jay’s Financial Service Inc. Jernigan Studios, LLC John R. Horton Enterprises, Inc. Jones Lang Lasalle Americas K & L Gates LLP Kane Realty Corporation KRC Magnolia Glen, LLC Martin Marietta Materials Montgomery Insurance Morris & Associates

M-pact Marketing. LLC Nationwide Insurance Nationwide Insurance Foundation News & Observer Patients Choice Inc. Principles Technologies, Inc. Progress Energy Raleigh Medical Group Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, P.A. RBC Bank Redwoods Group, Inc. Research Triangle Institute Sunstates Security LLC TriSure Corporation Vanguard Class of Raleigh, Inc. Verizon Foundation Wachovia Bank Waste Industries Foundation West End Bowl, LLC Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice Yates, McLamb & Weyher, L.L.P. Zeldis Research Associates, Inc.


Avent Ferry United Methodist Church Baptist Grove Church Carolina Pines Baptist Church Church of Our Lady of Lourdes Church Women United-Raleigh/Wake County Crossroads Fellowship Foundation Edenton Street United Methodist Church First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church of Cary Fuquay-Varina Presbyterian Church Hayes Barton Methodist Church Hayes Barton United Methodist Church Highland United Methodist Church Hillyer Memorial Christian Church Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church Inwood Baptist Church Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Longview United Methodist Church Martin Street Baptist Church Millbrook UMC-New Perspective Sunday School Class North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Raleigh Moravian Womens Ministries Riley Hill Baptist Church St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church St. Francis of Assisi Church St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church of Windsor Inc. St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Church St. Michaels Episcopal Church St. Paul’s Christian Church Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship Social Action United Methodist Women Fairmont United Methodist Church Unity Church of Raleigh West Raleigh Presbyterian Women White Memorial Presbyterian Church WMU Bible Study


Anonymous Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Aon Foundation Asha and Sajjan Agarwl Foundation The Bill Mecklenburg & Christine Condino-Mecklenburg Family Fund Bobby & Gloria Martin Foundation Bruce & Edith Bostick Memorial Fund C. Hamilton Sloan Foundation

Carol C. & O. Temple Sloan, Jr. Foundation Charles W. Marschall Fund of The Columbus Foundation Cozart Foundation, Inc. David & Claudia Reich Family Foundation Debra J. Buck Chartiable Fund Foster Family Foundation Frances W. Nipper Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Hayes Family Family Charitable Trust James F. Goodmon Family Fund- Triangle Community Foundation John and Virginia Beaman Charitable FundTriangle Comm. John F. Philips Foundation John P. McConnell Family FoundationWachovia Bank Josephus Daniels Charitable Fund-Triangle Community Foundation Lane Family Foundation, Inc. Margaret J. Lear Charitable Lead Unitrust Marshall Institute Miller Family Foundation of Wake County North Carolina Community Foundation, Inc. Painter Family Foundation Ransdell-Selby Foundation Robert P. Holding Foundation, Inc. Seby B. Jones Family Foundation Tofias PC Charitable Foundation Victor E. Bell Jr & Jane McNair Bell Family Foundation William C. Ethridge Foundation, Inc.


A.J. Fletcher Foundation John Rex Endowment Kappa Charitable Trust Fund, Inc. Stewards Fund


City of Raleigh North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Wake County Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control Wake County Finance Office

We would also like to thank those that have donated goods and services.


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

In Memoriam

John Thomas “John T.” Miller Sober-August 7, 2001 SC #53


n the quietude of Friday, March 19, 2010 our loved brother, John Thomas Miller was transformed in our absence. John T.’s inspiration and the imprint of his service have left a community and other recipients with a caring and sharing spirit. We find ourselves resigned to this void, for John was a good friend and role model. He was loved and respected by many and clients and staff of The Healing Place thank God for permitting us to be amongst his benefactors. Healing Place hands with John T.’s name have now been added to the “In Loving Memory” memorial board in the lobby of the Men’s Facility. We send our thoughts and prayers to John T.’s family. Chris Budnick Vice President, Programs

Leadership at it’s best as a Community of Professionals come Together to Volunteer


e are always grateful to the giving circles in our community and one fine example is Leadership Raleigh which has become a key component to the success of our volunteer program at both our men’s and women’s facilities. We have benefited from many projects that they have adopted through the years, and when a collective group comes together with a purpose to make a difference only positive impacts can be felt.

Leadership Raleigh Class #25

So each year the Leadership Raleigh project teams select projects based upon the interests and skills of team members. The non-profit projects help participants learn how to pull their leadership styles together in a collective effort to support the needs of one of the area’s community organizations. Leadership Raleigh teams have enjoyed working with The Healing Place because they have been able to see their efforts come to life and to support needs of an organization that is doing great work for Wake County”, says Greg McNamara, Educational Programs Manager of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. n


Nonprofit Nonprofit Organization Organization U.S. Postage U.S. Postage PAID PAID Raleigh,NC NC As you visit TheRaleigh, Healing Permit #2283 Permit #2283 Place, please take time to

New Staff

Thursday, Jan. 15 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility 1251 Goode Street

Thursday, Apr. 16 Transitional Ceremony Men’s Facility

Raleigh, NC 27603

Thursday, Feb. 19 Transitional Ceremony Men’s Facility

Thursday, May 21 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility

It’s more than a shelter…

Thursday, Mar. 19 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility

Telephone Service Notice


he Healing Place’s telephone system will change as of January 15, 2009. Please bear with us during the weeks prior to and after that date. You may receive a disconnect or a busy signal up until the weekend of January

24th. We urge you to use our e-mail system during this period by using the first initial and last name of the person you need to contact followed by our address. For example, for Lisa Rousseau, use

…it’s a place where we help people find

introduce yourself to our new staff: ■ Terri Conyers, Development Associate ■ Monique Dennison, Building & Grounds, Women’s Faciilty ■ Allison Farmer, Generalist ■ Chris Lawrence, Sous Chef, Men’s Facility ■ Kathy Long, Sous Chef, Women’s Facility ■ Daniel Mauldin, Receptionist, Men’s Facility

Don’t forget your end-of-the-year, tax-free donation to their The way back. Healing Place!

From Serving My Country to Being Homeless 1251 Goode Street Raleigh, NC 27603

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Raleigh, NC Catholic Permithome #2283

By Andrew am a peer mentor at The Healing Place. I grew up in a with loving and caring parents and I went to church every Saturday evening. I went to a technical High School and lettered on the Varsity Soccer Team. After High School graduation I joined the US Navy and served 4 years on board the USS Antietam CG54 stationed out of San Diego, California where I was an engineer testing fuels and refueling ships and helo’s (helicopters). I completed 3 tours to the Persian Gulf from 2001 to 2005.


It’s more than a shelter…

While in the Navy, alcohol was a way of life. We worked hard and played even harder. I spent many nights having fun drinking at first, but my drinking got carried away and things got bad. I was discharged out of the Navy in 2005. I had become a full fledged alcoholic. Things got so bad that I couldn’t even hold a job and became homeless. After hearing about The Healing Place and having no more options, I decided to take advantage of a place that didn’t want a dime in return except for my willingness to work on my recovery. By this time I was scared and willing to do anything to get my life back. The program works because we work for it. So in return I get to give back what was so freely given to me; my life, and today I am saving money and moving towards becoming a productive member of society. n

© 2010 The Healing Place of Wake County

…it’s 1251 a place we help peopleUSA. find theirreserved. way back. Goodewhere Street • Raleigh, NC 27603, All rights

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Phoenix Summer 2010 Newsletter  

Newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County Summer 2010

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