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Leon Fowler Jr., DDS Michael Goodmon Willa Kane Ken Shivar Dennis H. Parnell, MSW Executive Director

stress, it seems that somehow hope has emerged from our struggles and, once again, reigns triumphant. It strikes me that this very same sense of hope makes

difficult and uncertain economic times. As much as we believe in our clients, we also believe in you, our contributors and supporters. We trust that you will


Chris Matton Dennis H. Parnell, MSW Scott Mauzy Executive Director Ken Shivar Dennis H. Parnell MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS President, CEO

MEN’S MEN’SFACILITY FACILITY AND ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION 1251 Goode Goode Street Street 1251 Raleigh, NC 27603 Raleigh, NC 27603 919 838 838 9800 9800 919 Fax919 919 834 834 1473 1473 fax WOMEN’S FACILITY WOMEN’S FACILITY 3304 Glen Royal Road 3304 Glen Royal Road Raleigh, NC 27617 Raleigh, NC 27617 919 865 2550 919 865 2550 Fax 919 782 6728 fax 919 782 6728

Winter 2009 2008 Summer

Board of Trustees. . . . . . . 2 TB Testing . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Facts at a Glance. . . . . . . 3 Holiday Wish List. . . . . . . 4 The Chef’s Corner . . . . . . 4 Betsy Johnson . . . . . . . . . 5 continue to give generously of understand that age is. .a5 up the base of the core mission Naming Opportunities t is Able that special time that skillstalent, and other resources on to flower and produce your time, and money to factor, butBack eachofyear The Healing Place. I prime Am to Give . 6the year of we enjoy homegrown tomatoes, to assist and lift up the wonderful fruit. reach down and help those that seems to pass In the midst of emotional, Reunification . . .more . . . . .quickly ..6 cucumbers, and other fresh and financial turmoil, lessinfortunate in our are most need…and we clinics. need than the one before. This Healing Place Choir . . . .year, .vegetables 7 in spiritual, from our gardens. There is nothing like it, is There are also teachers, I can’t help but be reminded your help more than ever! particular, we help men and women who NC Statehas Fairbeen 2008an . . eventful ...7 there? theofsummer wears I enjoy office workers, master Parnell of the importance of differentI wish to take this opportunity one forAs each us in the USAon and have lost hope regain that most Dennis these tasty treats, I am reminded of the gardeners, carpenters, group of volunteers that valuable perspective. It is at this to genuinely thank you for all the and even the entire world. The humble beginnings of these now towering artists and scores of the others come their own very juncture thatforward the trueon startsupport you have given in presidential and local elections fruit laden plants. I have noticed that each who enrich the lives and give their time, energy past years. We ask that you took center stage in a whirlwind ing point of productive and year that a group of fluctuating plants “volunteer” of others resources become continue meaningfuland change occurs.toWe to keepbyusproviding in your of economic stress, from the seeds of last years fruit and go their valuable part of the overall success minds and hearts as services we finish gas prices, bank failures, world “help people find their way unselfishly to others. The of non-profit organizations this pivotal year and look togethstrife, and political division in back”. list goes on and on and across this great country of As an organization, we also er towards better times in the finding real answers to our includes organizations ours. Here at The Healing coming years. Our sincere wishes maintain that same hope for our problems. and local as Place this is certainly true. for a wonderful companies Holiday Season most important work in spite of Despite all of the turmoil and well as individuals. These The importance of volunteers and a Happy and Healthy New difficult and uncertain economic stress, it seems that somehow are people cannot be overemphasized. Year filled with joywho andinstead hope! times. As much as we believe in hope has emerged from our of complaining about the They help save money, bring our clients, we also believe in struggles and, once again, reigns problem decide to become new ideasand and serve as Dennis Parnell you, our contributors triumphant. It strikes me that this part of the solution. role models for our clients. supporters. We trust that you will very same sense of hope makes Executive Director A prime example is our In talking with these folks Board of Directors. These the consistent message I individuals are prominent In This Issue hear is that they get more business and community In This Issue out of the experience than advocates who selflessly Turn the Corner on Homelessness 2 they give. If this is true, dedicate countless hours Partnering for Success . . . 2 Client Anniversaries 2,8 then they must be truly to the gargantuan task Board Trustees. . . . . . . 2 MikeofStroud 3 blessed! The “fruits” of The of raising the millions of TBWhat Testing . . . .like ........3 it was 3 Healing Place pay tribute dollars it takes to run this Facts at a Glance. . . . . . . 3 Facts at a Glance 3 to this wonderful group of organization each and every Holiday Wish List. . . . . . . 4 The Chef’s Corner 4 volunteers and we can never year. The Chef’s Corner . . . . . . 4 2009 Wish List 4 be grateful enough for their Betsy Johnson . . . . . . . . . 5 Happenings at THP 5 service. How about you? Then there are the medical Naming Opportunities . . 5 Calendar 5 Are you ready to become personnel. The doctors, I Am Able to Give Back . 6 part of the solution? physician’s assistants, Courtyard Committee 6 Reunification . . . . . . . . . . 6 Dennis Parnell dentists, nurse practitioners, Volunteer 6 Healing PlaceFocus Choir . . . . . 7 President, CEO nurses and many others NCTHP State Fair 2008 Project .....7 Photovoice 7 that bring their talents, Dennis Parnell Recovery has no Borders 7

AMessage Message from from our President,Director CEO: Dennis Parnell Executive Volunteerism - This gift that keeps on giving



Innovative recovery and rehabilitation for homeless, alcoholic or chemically dependent men and women through a continuing mutual-help program which sustains their desire to return to a meaningful and productive life.

Provide innovative and rehabilitation for homeless, Innovative recoveryrecovery and rehabilitation for homeless, alcoholic or alcoholic or chemically dependent men and women through a chemically dependent men and women through a continuing continuing mutual-help program which sustains their desire mutual-help program which sustains their desire to return to to return to a meaningful and productive life. a meaningful and productive life.


Michael Goodmon Michael Goodmon Willa Kane Willa Kane Ken Shivar Avery Sloan Knight

Dennis Parnell

Executive Director

In This Issue

ThePartnering newsletter of The Place of Wake County for Success . . .Healing 2

BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Michael Painter Michael Painter Chairman Chairman Curt C.FACILITY Brewer, IV MEN’S Curt C. Brewer, AND IV Vice Chairman ADMINISTRATION Vice Chairman 1251 Goode Street Susanne Hayes Raleigh, NCHayes 27603 Susanne Past Chairman 919 838 9800 Past Chairman Fax 919 834 1473 Kyle Szulik Kyle Szulik Secretary WOMEN’SSecretary FACILITY 3304 Glen Royal Road Ron Barbee Ron Barbee Raleigh, Treasurer NC 27617 Treasurer 919 865 2550 Robert Bilbro, Bonfield FaxTom 919 782MD 6728 Tom Bonfield Mary Laurie Cece Drew Fish Fish Drew LeonFowler, Fowler Jr., Jr., DDS DDS Leon

and a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with joy and hope!

“Helping people find their way back”


Clients Celebrate Recovery Anniversaries


Turn the Corner on Homelessness Campaign Factors come together for a successful spring fundraiser: a wide range of materials to support the campaign including posters, presentations, brochures and little sticky things you put in your windows. The turn the corner on homelessness materials were designed specifically for this campaign through a project of MicroMass Communications under the leadership of Jamie Cobb, Executive Creative Director.

We congratulate the men and women who have celebrated their sobriety since the last newsletter: Randy C.


Ronnie H.


Drew F.


Jeff L.


Lawrence E.


Corbett S.


Lee D.


David E.


Dwight J.


Marvin B.


Garland B.


Rob T.


Rob M.


Billy B.


Eric T.


Phil J.


Donnell S.


Kimothy J.


Burt S.


Timothy M.


Charles H.


Larry S.


Scott F.


John H.


Patrick S.


Thomas W.


Maurice D.

3/11/2005 Continued on p.8

Summer 2009

Not only was the campaign successful and specifically bringing into the organization needed operating funds, it had the added benefit of introducing The Healing Place and the recovery program to a variety of Triangle citizens.


hat do you get when you combine a very successful program, committed volunteer fundraisers and a highly involved board? Well, if you bring these resources together for The Healing Place, you have an incredibly successful spring fundraiser campaign! As with all projects, a number of factors must come together to ensure a high level of success. The first thing you need is a truly dedicated individual to spearhead the campaign. The Healing Place was truly blessed to have Mr. Curt Brewer, IV of K&L Gates law firm (and Vice Chairman of The Healing Place Board of Directors) to serve as campaign chairperson. “As I assess the Turn The Corner campaign, I know that having a strong group of team captains was instrumental in reaching our goal of raising $50,000 for The Healing Place,” said Curt. “In fact, our teams blew past that target and raised over $80,000. Because of this success, we were eligible for a $50,000 matching grant provided by a local family foundation. Raising over $130,000 in a new campaign and primarily from brand new revenue sources is truly amazing. By the end of the campaign, over 300 people and organizations had contributed to The Healing Place. These donors were identified by an exceptional group of team captains: Barrett Brewer, Curt Brewer, IV, Michael Painter, Avery Sloan, Reid Tracy, Henry Tanner, Tom Bonfield, Chris Matton, and Brad McCorkle.

Campaign kickoff luncheon sponsored by the Leadership Raleigh team (David Byerley, Kathy White, Catherine Otto, Scott Hurst and T. Naylor) at marbles museum At the closing event of the Turn The Corner campaign, Dennis Parnell, The Healing Place CEO, Dennis Parnell, acknowledged the significant contribution of the Greater of Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Leadership Raleigh team that worked with and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) organization under the leadership of David Diaz. These two organizations sponsored the campaign kickoff luncheon where over 50 representatives of downtown businesses heard The Healing Place story. As part of this fundraiser, the staff of The Healing Place also formed a team and raised funds primarily through a series of activities including holding a yard sale as well as an selling raffle tickets, candy bars, and ice cream. Along with direct contributions a number of outside events were held by the team including Scott Mauzy coordinating a bowling night at The Western Lanes Bowling Center.

“We are not sure what type of campaign we will “Also making this campaign so special, “said run next year, “said Curt Brewer, IV” but we will do Michael Painter, The Healing Place chairman of the everything within our power to make it as fun and board, “was the outstanding work contributed by successful as it was this year!” n MicroMass Communications of Cary NC (http:// Submitted by:, At the kickoff event for the Barrett Joyner campaign, the communications team had prepared Director, Development


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

Facts at a Glance In 2008, The Healing Place provided 77,705 beds of shelter. n On average on any given day in 2008, 213 individuals were active in the recovery program at the Healing Place (147 men and 66 women). n The Healing Place served over 182,000 meals in 2008. n On average, clients were at The Healing Place 240 days to complete the recovery phase of the program (called Phase I). n The Health Care Facilities at The Healing Place held 205 clinics with 1424 appointments in 2008. n The Health Care Facilities screened 759 clients for TB. n The Healing Place supported 6 pro bono legal clinics provided by area attorneys for clients. n

Getting to Know Mike Stroud: Computer Expert Extraordinaire


elp! My computer is making a funny noise, so who do you call? Well, for The Healing Place staff it’s Mike Stroud, Director of Information Technology and computer expert extraordinaire! Since June 2001 Mike has been the one that answers the call for all of our technological needs. As a teacher in his previous career Mike brings with him a calm and methodical approach to any situation and a demeanor that will bring ease to anyone that is in a state of panic-especially when you accidentally hit the delete button instead of selecting the save button! When asked why Mike decided to leave the academic and corporate sector his response fits the overall passion of everyone at The Healing Place, “It brings me

great joy to fix what’s broken”. Here at The Healing Place many individuals arrive here with a sense that their lives are in many pieces and my greatest joy is to see them work on repairing that

to where they are whole again”. Mike is one of many that set the standards of ensuring that this organization will be here for many years to come. n

Mike Stroud, Director, IT

What it was like By Christine


My addiction started when I was very young at the age of 13. There were a lot of years I don’t recall. I was sexually abused when I was six or seven. I was not close to my family and had a lot of fear. When I first tasted alcohol. I liked it. I liked how it made me feel. It numbed the pain I had. It was my answer to my problems. I was living on the edge.

I left home at 13, then I came back. I married my first husband in 1979 and had four children, I was using when I had the fourth one. She died, and I thought I would stop. But I didn’t. I was in an abusive relationship and finally left him. I moved to Virginia and got married in 1990. My second husband was a very caring man, but my addiction progressively got worse. I divorced him and partied until I lost everything I had. I went to treatment in 2002 and moved to Hickory, NC. I stayed at a half way house for 15 months. I got a car, then moved into an apartment and worked on getting my CNA license. Then I thought I could live normally. But I quit doing what I was supposed to do. I relapsed. I am here at The Healing Place now. It has taught me willingness and humility. And, by working the 12-Steps, I am living a better life today. The Healing Place is giving me a foundation. I am learning how to love myself and am able to help others today. For 35 years I have lived in darkness. Even when I was sober for three years, I still was not happy. I am so grateful to The Healing Place. God has given me another chance, and this program and my recovery has changed me. And I am so thankful today. This program has given me the opportunity to change everything about me and be able to live a happy, joyous, and free life. n


Our 2009 Wish List Agency-wide Needs: Besides our continuing needs for clothes and toiletries, here are some unique needs as well: n Copy paper n Desk trash cans n Dry-ease markers n Highlighters, paper clips, pens, pencils n Letter & legal file folders n Post-It Notes, all sizes n Writing tablets IT Needs n Software with licenses n High End Server n Current technology laptops/desktops n Flat Screens n Windows XP or greater Kitchen Needs n Baseball caps-plain or company logos n Cereal & salad dressing n Coffee Maker n Wide masking tape Men & Women’s Facilities n AA Big Books n Bathroom suppliesbath mats, hand towels, towels, washcloths, vinyl shower curtains n Bed linens- bed spreads, mattress protectors, pillows, pillowcases, sheets n Bug Repellant Spray n Bus tickets n Cat Food & Cat Litter n Desk lamps n Fish Food n Fish Tank Cleaner n Pictures & photographs for walls n Reading lamps & rugs n Undergarments & warm socks


Summer 2009

The Chef’s Corner By Chef Rob, Director of Food Services 7,500 varieties of this plump treasure throughout the world. And in Spain, they have developed a brilliant dish which pays homage to the tomato, as well as a cool delight for those hot summer afternoons we have in North Carolina. Gazpacho! I have chosen a very traditional Spanish version for my Gazpacho recipe. It is a basic recipe, but it offers the opportunity to “kick it up a notch” using your own potpourri of tomato varieties that happen to be ripe from your garden on the day you make this dish. Enjoy!


ig Boy”, “Whopper”, “Green Zebra”, “Heirloom”. No, these are not secret passwords to gain access to my 9 year old daughter’s clubhouse. They are types of tomatoes that I have planted in my garden this spring, and they are starting to emerge on my dinner table. Hello, I am Chef Rob and it is “TOMATO TIME” in my Chef’s Corner this month. As I walk out to my garden, I am starting to reap the harvest of the tomatoes I planted early this spring. Tomatoes are a staple of many North Carolinians’ gardens. This particular climate is perfect for producing a very broad variety of this well loved vegetable. So I am dedicating this installment of “Chef’s Corner” to the tomato. We’ll leave the “Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” discussion for later. For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume it is a vegetable. The tomato is an herbaceous plant from the “nightshade” family. The nightshade family includes the very poisonous belladonna. The first American colonists thought the tomato was a poisonous vegetable for a very long time, because of its deadly cousin. That was until Thomas Jefferson brought some seeds back to the colonies after eating tomatoes in Paris in 1710. Now there are over

Ingredients 4 slices of crust less white bread soaked in water for 5 min. 21 oz of medium diced red colored tomatoes 2 cloves of peeled garlic 1 yellow onion, chopped 1 red onion, chopped 2 small red and green peppers, diced (deseeded & white ribs removed) 1 small English (seedless) cucumber, diced 7 T. extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) 2 T. red wine vinegar 1 cup of cold water 1 tsp. cumin seed (1/2 tsp ground cumin) Preparation Use a mortar and mash the cumin seed with the garlic and the soaked bread. If you don’t have a mortar, use a heavy spoon in a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl mix the chopped onion, the chopped tomato, the olive oil, the vinegar, the salt and the contents of the mortar. Using a stick blender or a Cuisinart and the cold water, pulse or blend the contents until smooth. Add salt to taste and strain. Keep in fridge until service. Add cucumber, peppers and a few extra diced fresh colorful tomatoes to each bowl and pour strained mixture over top. Garnish with 3 or 4 croutons. Bon Appetite!!!

This Quarter’s Kitchen Tip! How to concassé a tomato: Bring a 4 quart sauce pot of water to a rolling boil. In another mixing bowl have 3 quarts of cold water and 1 quart of ice. On the bottom of a large tomato, cut a tiny “X”. Lower each tomato into the boiling water with a slotted spoon one at a time. Let sit for 30 seconds. Immediately remove and plunge tomatoes into the ice water bath. Remove the tomato. On the bottom where you cut the tiny “X”, the skin will have buckled and will now be easy to peel off. Cut the tomato in half and remove all the seeds. Now you can small dice, or concassé, your tomato. n


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

Happenings at THP


= We have reached our 500th Phase II client.

Saturday, August 1 Yard Sale - Women’s Facility

= Congratulations to Alumni Chef Derek who recently graduated and was designated Valedictorian from the Culinary Job Training Program sponsored by the Food Shuttle.

= Thanks to The Hunting Hawks Father and Son organization for adopting Meditation Step #11 at the Women’s Facility.

= Congratulations to Josh Jacobs, Planning Room Assistant and Jenny Posedel on the blessed arrival of their son Cameron James Jacob, born on July 30th, at 4:03am, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches.

= Congratulations to Chanda Scott, Office Operations Assistant for receiving her Associates Degree in Office Systems Technology and Legal Concentration from Nash Community College in May.

= Congratulations to Melissa Mizelle, Director, Specialized Services for being awarded from North Carolina State University Department of Social Work as the 2009 Outstanding Masters of Social Work Alumna.

= During our Homeless Awareness Campaign we had a raffle and the following are the lucky winners: Angus Barn: USA Automotive:

Todd Chriscoe Ben Whitley Dennis Parnell Joe Thomas Reba Chavis Angie Lamm Beulah Meekins J&F Gemilli’s Hair Salon: Wendy Philyaw Margaux’s : Julie Atkins Casa Carbone Ristorante: Jeri Radki Golden Corral: Carolyn Haines Whole Foods: Ben Whitley Big Ed’s: Derrick Wagner S. McFarlane TK Tripps: Jerrie Farmer Alliette Jones Hungry Howie’s Pizza: Daniel Mauldin Carrabba’s Italian Grille: Mike Stroud Knightdale Seafood: Hashim Hooks Colony Tires: Linda Owens Shrine Circus: Joe and Beth Thomas CiCi’s Pizza: Alan Wade Ten Thousand Villages: Susan Hayes Classy Hair, Jewerly: Helen Tomkins Whole Foods – Cooking Class: Ann Hoo Essentials Downtown RaleighSalon & Spa Facial: C. Buell Food Lion: Bill Cheesecake Factory: Michael Collins Eric Krebs Congratulations and Thank You to all the businesses that donated items.

Tuesday, August 11 Book Signing Event with Oie Osterkamp - Being a Sharefish in a Selfish World, Men’s Facility Thursday, August 20 Transitional Ceremony, Men’s Facility Saturday, September 5 Yard Sale – Women’s Facility Thursday, September 17 Transitional Ceremony, Women’s Facility Thursday, October 1 Faith Based Seminar, Men’s Facility Saturday, October 3 Yard Sale – Women’s Facility Thursday, October 15 Transitional Ceremony, Men’s Facility October 15- 25 State Fair – Visit our Concession Wagon (located in the Kiddie section) Saturday, November 7 Yard Sale, Women’s Facility Thursday, November 13 Transitional Ceremony, Women’s Facility

“The Healing Place has given me back my life and my family” Alumni

Thank you for your support of The Healing Place and for helping people find their way back!



Summer 2009

Courtyard Committee Honored with Plaque Unveiling A healing space within The Healing Place


t was a beautiful sunny morning in May when the ladies of The Healing Place Courtyard Committee along with local renowned sculptor Thomas Sayre gathered at the Men’s Facility to be honored for their time and creative vision with a plaque unveiling. Carol Bilbro, who chaired the committee spoke on behalf of the group and commented that, “When people are fighting an illness or a disease, being surrounded by a positive, peaceful atmosphere can usually contribute to their recovery. This courtyard is a place where recovering residents can sit, study and reflect around a beautiful fountain of healing water”.

Thanks to the members of the courtyard committee: Carol Williams Bilbro (Chair), Lilly Skok Bunch, Lou Anne Crumpler, Dianne Davidian, Judy F. Easley, Judith Carroll Gardner, Judith LeGrand, Agnes Fitts Marshall, Barbara McGuire, Emily Meymandi, Claire Poole, Lisa Reid, Cece Scott, Travis B. Tracy, Helen H. White and Thomas G. Sayre, Sculptor

“Our goal was to create a healing space within The Healing Place ---providing another way to help people find their way back”. n

Al Friedrich: Paying it forward through volunteering


f you took a poll amongst nonprofits you would undoubtedly come up with the same response from each one and that would be, “that volunteers are one of the main arteries that keeps the organization pumping”, and with that said our focus in this issue is on Al Friedrich, Esq. Al is originally from New York and obtained a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering form NYU and a Master of Science (Engineering Administration) from Syracuse University. He worked with IBM in various engineering and programming positions and upon retirement attended UNC-CH Law School and was admitted to the NC Bar in 1994. “My practice was almost entirely

in criminal and juvenile delinquency defense”, Al says. The Healing Place offers legal assistance via volunteer attorneys to Phase II clients and Silver Chip Alumni in good standing. Al has volunteered to serve as our Pro Bono Legal Coordinator for both the men and women’s facilities and has taken on this role since 2002. “I was introduced to THP through Susanne Hayes, Past Chair and it is really a pleasure working with The Healing Place clients and helping them get back on track”, he says. We are so grateful to the many volunteers who dedicate their time and professional skills to help our clients work towards a meaningful and productive life. n


The newsletter of The Healing Place of Wake County

The Healing Place Photovoice Project


he UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health requested the assistance of The Healing Place of Wake County for a community based participatory project called Photovoice.

The project engaged several alumni by documenting their life experiences to generate a common understanding of issues surrounding homelessness, addiction and recovery. During the four week projects, participants agreed on one topic per week and photographed objects they related to the topic. The group met weekly to discuss their photos and together chose one photo that captured the essence of a particular topic. Topics discussed were “Where the Journey Began”, “Societal Ignorance”, “The Journey to Recovery”, “How Life has Changed Today” and “How to Stay in the Solution”. By participating in the Photovoice project the outcome enabled people to document a community’s strengths and concerns to promote critical dialogue and knowledge on community issues and eventually reach policymakers. The alumni shared their experience and knowledge and in return were given an opportunity to grow individually and reach out to others facing the same challenges. n

Submitted by:

Terri Conyers Development Associate

Hamed Abdel Ghaffar Recovery has no borders


hen struggling with alcohol and other drug addictions there are no borders between countries and the issues are all the same. Sometimes the search for answers can come from as far away as the Middle East. Hamed Abdel Ghaffar, a native of Cairo, Egypt, shares his remarkable story with us. As a Director and part owner of the Aldar Rehabilitation Center in Helwan, Cairo, Hamed is in the process of completing an internship program with The Healing Place. Through the Willingway Foundation under the direction of Dr. Al Mooney which is supporting treatment outside of the US through their Reach Out program. “The objective is to exchange experiences and

enhance treatment in the Middle East region from the perspective of methodology and management”, Hamed says. First, Hamid sat for his counseling certification in addiction. After successfully completing his studies in June, he arrived here at THP to start an internship under Chris Budnick’s (Vice President, Programs) directive and to, “Experience the program from a clients perspective and to learn how things are done through the THP way”, Hamed said. Hamed is glad to be introduced to one of the best models of nonprofit treatment based on many other models of approach that address or treat addiction “But THP is the best by far that I have been introduced to as an educational and behavior treatment accompanied with strong peer support”, Hamid says, He also enjoys being in the United States and will complete his internship by the end of the summer. His plans are to return back to Egypt to initiate the profession of counseling with the Egyptian government as well as establishing a Board of Ethics to enhance substance abuse treatment in the Middle Eastern region. Asked about one of his memorable moments he replied, “Taking in a Durham Bulls baseball game with members of the Alumni Association”. n

Nonprofit Nonprofit Organization Organization U.S. Postage U.S. Postage PAID PAID Raleigh,NC NC As you visit TheRaleigh, Healing Permit #2283 Permit #2283 Place, please take time to

Calendar Thursday, Jan. 15 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility 1251 Goode Street Raleigh, NC 27603

Thursday, Feb. 19 Transitional Ceremony Men’s Facility

New Staff Thursday, Apr. 16 Transitional Ceremony Men’s Facility

introduce yourself to our new staff: � Terri Conyers, Development Associate � Monique Dennison, Building & Grounds, Women’s Faciilty � Allison Farmer, Generalist � Chris Lawrence, Sous Chef, Men’s Facility � Kathy Long, Sous Chef, Women’s Facility � Daniel Mauldin, Receptionist, Men’s Facility

Thursday, May 21 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility

It’s more than a shelter…

Thursday, Mar. 19 Transitional Ceremony Women’s Facility

Telephone Service Notice


he Healing Place’s telephone system will change as of January 15, 2009. Please bear with us during the weeks prior to and after that date. You may receive a disconnect or a busy signal up until the weekend of January

24th. We urge you to use our e-mail system during this period by using the first initial and last name of the person you need to contact followed by our address. For example, for Lisa Rousseau, use

…it’s a place where we help people find

Don’t forget your end-of-the-year, tax-free donation to their The way back. Healing Place!

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Clients Celebrate Recovery Anniversaries Derwin B.

Dwayne C.


Allan W.

Jerry W.NC 27603 4/4/2005 Raleigh,

Gary P.


Todd C.


Sean M.


Jon H.


Lenny W.


Chris C.


Tina T.


Dorinda P.


Brian S.


Pat G.


Graydon M.


Emanuel S.


Donvesjes J.


Ronald V.



Zachary M.


Mathew M.


Bill F.


Michael M.


Kathy M.


Ronald S.


Scott P.

Julie A.


Daniel M.


Joshua J.


Calvin M.


Charles S.


Debra T.


Kathy G.


Dwight S.


Mike H.


Victor S.


1251 Goode Street

It’s more than a shelter…

Jason E.


Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Raleigh, NC Permit #2283



“Recovery has offered me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined” -Allison

…it’s a place where we help people find their way back.

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The Healing Place of Wake County Newsletter Summer 2009  
The Healing Place of Wake County Newsletter Summer 2009  

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